July 24th, 2006

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Anyone have any good websites where I can find desktop wallpapers?

I'm not even so much interested in actual wallpapers as I am great, colorful images. I love photographs and abstract art the most. Any good sources?
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Okay so my friend just heard a song on the radio. She said that the dj said the song was called "Misses" and it was done by a female artist (maybe a female group?). She says that she believes some of the lyrics to be "You make me want to sing you a love song."

Any ideas as to who the artist might be?
Thank you in advance. =)
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1.) When you were younger, did you ever have to go to a summer camp? And what kind was it?
For some reason, when I was about 11 my mom decided to send me to a horse camp. I will say 2 things: I was never exactly the child to ask Santa for a pony, and I live in southwest Florida. I think this was perhaps the worst experience of my childhood, hah.

2.) Do you like looking a people's journals that are mostly photography?
I do even though I don't know the people or their lives. I'm nosy? Haha And my journal is mostly photography as well. If you like to give positive criticism, or if you want positive criticism, let me know! (Addies welcome and all that jazz.)

3.) How much time do you need in the morning to not be grumpy/function properly before you start your day?
On days where I need to get up in the morning, I need atleast 2 hours. And hour to wake up, check email, watch tv, eat breakfast...ect. And an hour to get ready. Without that first hour, (waking up late) the entire day is a mess.
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hay guyz

I just bleached my white shirts in a bucket (okay, it's a trashcan). However, I had forgotten that too much bleach on a white shirt will turn it cream-colored. (I think I used half a cup to two gallons. Stupid.)

Are my shirts ruined, or can I restore them to their former whiteness?
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Do you have a specific pillow(s) that you always use when you sleep, or do you use any pillow you can find? 

I use a cheap memory-foam pillow that I can't sleep without.  I also usually hug one pillow, but it doesn't really matter what type it is, as long as it's decently huggable. 

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I was watching the Brady Bunch today (yesss 48-hour marathon) and was thinking about how on earth everybody was so close after only three years of Carol and Mike being married.

If you have ever "gained" a parent (or two), do you feel as though they are entirely your parent(s)? If so, how long did it take for you to feel that way? What about step sisters and brothers?
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1) Why am I getting sarah.harrington@gmail.com's spam mail? Also, why am I getting pumperg and physed21 both @gmail.com's spam mail as well? Are they getting mine?

2) Does anyone else think it's completely stupid that username@gmail.com is now the same as user.name@gmail.com or even u.s.e.r.name@gmail.com?
I think it's stupid because I'm now getting 50 odd spam messages a day and most of them are to my email with the dot in the middle.


1. I have two half grown in wisdom teeth on the bottom of my mouth and two full grown ones on the top. The one on the bottom left has a bubble on the gum near it. Its not that large, but isn't a canker sore. Its the same color as the surrounding area, and feels like its full of fluid. It doesn't hurt at all. I discovered it picking something out of my teeth.
Any ideas on what it is?
Does it sound ominous to you?

2. What happens to impacted wisdom teeth that aren't removed?

3. Does you skin ever break out when you're stressed or angry?
I have very clear skin, but had a very bad night tonight, and came home with Pimplepalooza growing on my face. Cute.
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Which of these kids is gonna be more screwed up?

These two women at my work were talking about their kids and one said that her 7 or 8 y.o. son got in trouble for hitting a girl because she wouldnt give him a kiss. And he thought that was a totally normal response.
The other one responded by sharing that her daughter (5 or 6) doesnt kiss boys because she has been told (by the mother) that if she kisses boys or lets them kiss her, she'll die. And the girl believes that.

I didnt say anything, but being a psychology student, I was silently horrified at both stories. It seems that both of these kids are bound to have issues in the future.

Your opinion, which is worse/more likely to have issues?

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Can I go into any bank and cash a check that I wrote to myself? I know this answer should be obvious, but its early and my mind is tired of overthinking things.

What is the most outrageous spur of the moment thing you have done?

I think Ive watched too many movies, but the stuff like fly cross country to fix a relationship, just pick up and drive for days just because you needed to get away, sorta...mini personal adventures if you will. Stuff like that?

How do you keep yourself from backing out of something (kinda like above) because your scared, mostly of financial stuff even though there is no reason?
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Food and reality

If you like potato salad, how do you like your potato salad? 
I like it with red potatoes, and a mayonnaise-based dressing, but not the mustard-mayo mixture that is so popular in my area. And no eggs, either.

What is your favorite pie filling? 
I'm boring: apple crumb!

If you could be on any reality show, which one would it be?
I would want to be on The Next Food Network Star. I think having my own cooking show would be awesome.
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I'm looking for a moderately high end skincare regimen, preferably a system, like Clinique's 3 step, which I'm considering, but individual products are fine, as well. I've got around $100-150 to spend.

I'm 20. My skin tone is moderately fair. Judging by the breakouts in my forehead, nose and chin areas, I have combination skin.
Big concerns are:

large pores, blackheads, undereye circles, slight uneven tone, and the beginning of fine lines.

Any suggestions?
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Heart vs. head- when you're making decisions, which one do you go with?

(Heck, I'd suggest both, seeing as how you need the head to think and the heart to pump life-giving blood and keep you alive and whatnot... but you probably know what I'm trying to ask.)
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honesty the best policy?

So if you are dating more than one person (early stages mind you, like been on less than 3 days with each) is there a point you tell them about the others? Do you just keep that fact out of conversations?

Recognize this?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Does anyone recognize this picture, from a book, a movie anything?
I'm just wondering what it means and where it's from, because I'm thinking of getting it as a tattoo, but not until I know everything about it.
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Thank-you note, schnapps, and shoes

The first question requires a bit of backstory. Apologies in advance.

1. I'm transferring to a new university next month. I used to be a philosophy major at a tiny private liberal arts college. There were three philosophy professors, and all three are really great guys. One of them, Matt, was my advisor. I never did tell him I was possibly transferring (in fact, only one prof ever knew) because I just declared my major last semester and I never had time to sit down and chat with him for very long. Plus I wasn't sure I'd be transferring, anyway. Matt and I aren't really close. In fact, according to a mutual friend (another student who is pretty close to him), he thinks I'm painfully shy. Which I am. But he's the one who introduced me to philosophy and inspired me to major in it. So...should I write him an email or letter explaining my transfer and thanking him for being a great professor and academic advisor? I don't know if it's appropriate or not. I wrote a thank-you letter to the one prof who knew I was leaving, since he helped me with it via recommendations and all. But I'm not sure if I should personally write to Matt since I don't know him that well and he wasn't my ac-advisor for very long.

2. Favorite schnapps flavor? I like peach schnapps the most.

3. Am I the only one who absolutely hates these wedge shoes? For an example: http://images.google.com.eg/images?q=wedge+%2B+shoes&hl=en

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guys and the girls:

How would you ask someone out if you just happened to meet them at the university you will transfer to in a year?

I met this girl who worked at the receptionist desk in the math dept and I didn't realize until after I left that she was interested.



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Can one delete songs off of their Ipod if they no longer want the songs on there? I've read the booklet and gone on apple's website about 50 million times and I have yet to find an answer. And also, can I transfer songs from my Ipod to a computer? I just got a new laptop and I was hoping that I wouldn't have to re-download all of the songs or burn them onto a cd.

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car questions...

Why does it seem like the last half tank of gas goes much faster than the first half does?
Every car I've had does this.

What is currently wrong with your car?
Mine needs new front tires, the front bumper repainted, and I need a new hatch cover. It also makes an odd noise on starting sometimes, and sometimes second gear is REALLY clunky. But my mechanic checked it out before I got it, so it might just be me.

Do you like your car or not?
Yeah, I love it!

How did you get it?
Found it in a credit union swap sheet.

What's something you DON'T like about your car?
It's really low to the ground and the radio display alternates between bright and dim and it's really distracting, especially at night.

Year, make, model, color?
1994 Mazda MX-3, red.

BONUS! question: without Googling, do you know what RAGBRAI is?
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There's this dog at my in-law's family house, a pomeranian. Every time I go over there that dog follows me around barking like crazy. Nobody does anything to stop it. It was tolerable the first 10 Sunday dinners but now it's getting really old. 

Every Sunday I have to tolerate eating dinner with the dog at my chair yapping at me. If I go to the bathroom the dog yaps outside the door until I come back out again. From the moment we arrive to the moment we leave, that dog is YAP YAP YAP YAP YAP.

Yesterday at dinner I was irritated because the dog was following me around the kitchen, yapping at me constantly, so I lifted my foot to shove it away, NOT KICK. My husband got mad at me for doing that and says I should ignore the dog. I CANT IGNORE THE LITTLE SHITHEAD ANYMORE. I say his family should put the fucking dog away while I'm over. I'm even threatening to not go to Sunday dinners anymore.

What can I do? What would you do? In your rational state (I'm going crazy right now), what is the best thing to do?
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Dumb computer question of the day

How do you stop a Norton 'LiveUpdate' from running in the background? It gave me a message at 4:30am this morning when I notice the alert on the toolbar said 'attention required'... but when I clicked 'fix' it says 'LiveUpdate is running in the background, wait for it to finish'..yadda yadda...so I just now tried 'fix' again and it's the same thing... and just for kicks I re-booted... and get the same message.

I'm confused.

(FYI: I have Norton Antivirus 2006 via the subscription via the website, not a disc... also have Windows XP. The virus scan is weekly and that's never a problem, only this 'live update' crap)
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Ive decided that I need to get out and do more stuff. I don't wanna spend much money though. Can anyone recommend some good cheap or free entertainment?

I live near Minneapolis, Minnesota, so if you have any area specific suggestions I would appreciate those too.

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Where can I get a picture of Miss USA competing in the evening gown competition of the Miss Universe pagent?

(I cannot believe I'm asking this, but it was designed by Project Runway, and I have an unhealthy addiction to that show.)


Think of your deepest secret(s).. why do you keep that stuff a secret? Like, what would happen or what would be different if it got out? I'm not asking about the secrets (obviously, they're secrets for a reason) - I'm more concerned with the reason. ;) Thanks.

I don't keep much secret, but one of the bigger things would alienate a few close friends and make them think I'm a serious mental case (which may be the case, lol).

Renting a Car

Ok, so I need to rent a car but I'm having a problem. Almost every major rental company requires the renter to provide a credit card in the driver's name in order to pick up the car. It might sound stupid, but I don't have a credit card OR a debit card. All I have is a pre-paid card. Do any of you know of a car-rental place in the U.S. that will accept pre-paid to check out a rental car?

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looking for a quote

I'm trying to find this great, but somewhat long quote about how it doesn't serve us or the universe to be small (as in being afraid instead of choosing to shine). I'm pretty sure it's by Maya Angelou but I wasn't able to find it when I googled for Maya quotes. Does anyone know the quote I'm talking about and where to find it?

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I work in Merle Norman Cosmetics at the mall. Our store is pretty fancy (atleast it tries to be). However, most mothers don't seem to notice that and constantly allow their kids to spill slurpees and make chocolate chip cookie hand prints all over our mirrors. Never, ever do they clean it. The other day I was left with chocolate foot prints leading out the door, it looked like someone shattt all over the damn place. It's soooo disrespectful and rude, and I can't stand it because I'm always the one that has to clean it.

So I made a small sign near the front door with happy little kids on it that says, "We ask that your child does not bring food into the store please, Thank You!"

I cannot say, "no food or drinks", because almost ALL of our nail and hair clients come in with coffee from Barnies. And they are not the problem. Plus those of us that work there are eating constantly.

Also, my manager would have a heart attack if I made a sign that said that, because we're dead enough as it is and that's basically telling the customers to finish what they're eating first, which means they most likely won't remember to come back when they're done.

The issue here, is that after I put the sign outside, a coworker of mine said she doesn't think a sign like that is allowed because it's discrimination.

Personally, I don't think so. It's a simple REQUEST being that everyone knows children 12 and under are complete slobs, hah.

So my question is:

Do you think the sign is discriminatory - should it stay, or should it go?

How do you save money?

I desperately need to save the money I'm making at work, but have never been able to. I've always held more than one job at a time, so i should be rolling in dough by now, but I've got no money and nothing to show for it. I have no idea where it goes.
What do you do to save?
Is there some awesome investment idea that someone can recommend, or at least somewhere that I can put some money where I wont be allowed to touch it for a while? Otherwise I'll spend it.
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I'm in the midst of rewriting my resume. I'm 20 years old, and graduated high school in 2004, but took a few years off, then went to a community college and received 6 credits last fall. I don't plan on returning back to school until next spring when I take some online courses, and maybe to a "real" school the following fall. I want my education completed, but haven't yet for various reasons.

So I'm including a rundown of the high schools and programs I've done, and the semester at the CC, but should I say anything about future plans? I don't want it to look like I'm a drop-out.

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I have the left side of my nose pierced. I always wear a stud in it. I've been thinking of getting my lip pierced, and having a stud put in that as well. Question is, with the left side of my nose being pierced, which side of my lip should I get done? Left or right?

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I was just reading one of those "You know you're from Jersey when..." things and I feel kind of dumb/confused/WTF'ed. I was born and raised in New Jersey and I have NO idea what a "Piney" is nor do I know how to "properly negotiate a circle". 

What is a piney and how does one properly negotiate a circle? 

**EDIT** Are people from New Jersey really the only ones who when asked  how far something is, respond by telling them how long it will take to get there (e.g., How far is it to the Mall? Oh about twenty minutes.)?

**DOUBLE EDIT** Please refrain from the "New Jersey SUCKS omg rof!!" comments. They're old. : /
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What makes you happy??
Post a pic of what makes you happy... if possible.

If you and S.O. have an "OUR SONG", what is it??
Think of love songs. Think of Mushy songs. Think of songs that make you think of your S.O.
Name yout top 5-10 songs.
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Did starting a birth control pill have any effect on your mood? I know about the potential physical effects but I'm just wondering if it changed your disposition any that you noticed (or that others noticed), and if/when it went away or you got used to it.
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So, I'm making my boyfriend a "Love in a box" gift for our 1 1/2 year anniversary that's coming up next month. I just want to put random stuff in there that's kind of cheesy and such. And some sort of Random goofy stuff as well so if you know of somewhere online that sells some weird stuff let me knw. For recommendational purposes we are both still virgins and intend on staying that way for a while so gifts of a sexual nature aren't what I'm really looking for. Thanks.

What do you think that I should put in there?

What I have so far:
1: A coupon book

cough cough hack hack

In order to save money, I want to start buying my own cigarette tobacco and rolling cigarettes myself.

Does anyone know of any good tasting, fairly cheap loose tobacco that I can buy? Is that Top brand stuff you see at most tobacco stores any good? I've never bought loose tobacco before, so go crazy. I prefer menthol, though.

(And no, I'm not going to quit, so please, none of that.)

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A friend of mine invited me to go along with him in August to his friend's wedding. I don't know anyone in the wedding at all. When it comes to a gift, does the guest of the guest usually pitch in, even if they don't know the people getting married?
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Does minesweeper ever lie to you? Like, have a 2 when really there's three or four mines. I was bitching about it to my dad, and he didn't believe me, but I can't be the only one.

ETA: Look, I found a picture, and circled the lie! ... And I don't know why it's gone so small, but I think it's still visible.
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I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to computers.

Could someone smart help me out here? I have iTunes and am connected to the Internet on a DSL connection. Yet, when I try to open the Music Store, it tells me "iTunes could not connect to the Music Store. The network connection was refused. Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, then try again." I obviously have an Internet connection, so what's going on here?

Tying into this problem, I want to make a last.fm, but I can't sign in once I've installed the program because it can't connect to the Internet.

Thank you so much!

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So myself and another girl are applying for a full-time position at the same job we currently work part-time at. I know there are others who deserve position, and she deserves it for she's worked hard.

Should I still apply for it, because I do want her to have it, but I also think I deserve it.. should I just let the best man win? There's a temp position avaliable for a few months at another job I would like as well. This second job I could only take if I stayed with the part-time position, and there may be another full-time position aopening later next year, but that's a maybe.

Should I apply or not? (She's a good friend of mine, as well.)
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What are some quick, tasty, easy-peesy recipes involving sun-dried tomatoes? Preferably something that feeds 1-2 people 'cause I'm the only one in the house that likes them.

What would be another good question to put here? I don't like to post with just one, but I'm out of ideas. =P
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Hi folks,

Is anyone aware of a relatively simple formula for cost of living?


Edit: Just to clarify, I'm trying to compare cost of living between two different countries. And don't have bill information for the other country. I'm wondering if there's a formula that gives a close approximation based on a few easy-to-get prices (loaf of bread, small car etc.).
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Edit: I cut it down to 1". It looks pretty cute, IMO. Infinately better than the haircut.

Bald chicks - hot or not?
What if they're fat bald chicks?
Should I just shave my head and not give a shit what anyone else thinks?

I've always taken pride in my hair, and I got a total hackjob today. I've never shed a tear over a haircut before, but I cannot stop crying over this, and I'm not one to cry over stupid shit. I look like a total joke. I'd just shave my head, but I'm not exactly built like a pixie. I'm short and heavy-set, and I'm afraid of looking too masculine. However, I own plenty of skirts, have a nice rack, and I'm good with makeup.
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1. Do you go the library? How often?

2. What is a good, cheap(preferrably under $700) laptop to get?

3. Do you think you could do a better job of hosting What Not To Wear than Stacy & Clinton?

4. What is your favorite flower?

5. How many times have you been to the pool this summer?

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I recently started working at Starbucks. I got hired during the last 2 weeks of my Spring semester so I couldn't spend a whole lot of time training during those 2 weeks. Another girl got hired like a day or two before me and she did all her training in those 2 weeks. I guess that's really impressive because everyone was amazed by how fast she learned everything. When I was finally able to start my training, my manager had to leave on a family emergency and hasn't been back since. It's been about a month and no one wants to train me bc they think it's the manager's job. So now this girl that's already trained thinks she's better than me and loves to tell me what to do. She'll give me a list. She acts like my supervisor even though she's just a barista. The fact that she's only 16 is just another little detail that bothers me. I don't really know what to do about her bc the manager isn't around and the supervisors/assistant manager doesn't care.

One of my male coworkers always picks on me. I just realized that he does it because he likes me. I told him I have a boyfriend but he doesn't seem to stop. It's gotten to the point where I just ignore him. This hasn't stopped him either. I've complained about him, but management doesn't care. I really don't know what else to do. help?

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ohhh newspapers

does your town/city's newspaper put the strangest BS on the cover page? what're some recent headlines?

when i was home in buffalo, they had a story about some guy making an online petition to protest the new sabres' logo and a story about ani difrancoverrated being pregnant, with the BIG OLD WAR getting a smaller side column. oh, and they also had a cover story earlier about how the proprietor of a local titty bar was selling his house cause the social elite of buffalo weren't very welcoming towards him. you know, in case there aren't more important things going on in the world. i mean, buffalo's a decent-sized metropolitan area; i have no idea why they can't put real news on the cover.
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1. What's the most pain you've ever been in? (Physical, please.)
I slammed my pinky in the trunk of my car today, tried to yank it out, only to find that the trunk LOCKED on it, so I had to search for my keys to open the trunk and free my finger.  I now have a broken pinky ='(
2. What was the most dangerous/daring dare you've ever done?
I'm too chicken to do dares
3. Will you eat leftover food?
4. What's your favorite Yankee candle scent?
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Do you know anyone who has ever suffered from TSS?
How long were they sick for?
Were they hospitalized?

What's your favorite sport?
Most recent favorite song?
Countries/towns you've visited (or that you live in) that you reccomend me visiting?
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Have you read Life of Pi by Yann Martel?
What did you think of it?
Which story did you choose to believe?

(Don't read this post if you plan on reading the book..I'm sure there'll be spoilers.)

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OK, those of you who like Friends (the TV show), I'm looking to buy a season on DVD. Which season would you recommend as a MUST-OWN?

I wasn't a loyal Friends watcher until it went off the air, and although I've seen quite a few episodes, I haven't seen a good 75 percent of all of them. My goal is to eventually own all of them.
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Student Aid


I am newly going back to school at 29. As such I applied for, and got, finical aid.

My question is this. The amount they have decided to give me is FAR more than I need (like 2.5 per quarter), what can I do with this?

Can I take it out and get things for school or things that could be used for school (laptop).

Yes I plan on asking the financial aid office. . . I just wanted to see if anyone knew before I bring it to their attention and, perhaps, get the amount lowered.