July 23rd, 2006

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I work for a company that deals with cash drawers. When a person who uses a drawer is short, the manger requires them to pay the amount that is short from their pocket. My question is, can a company do this to an employee?
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Okay, lets say your favorite stations are (in this order) 95.5, 88.7, and 96.3.
How do you program your presets?
a) 88.7, 95.5, 96.3 because thats numerical order
b) 95.5, 88.7, 96.3 because its the order of your favorites?

It makes more sense to me to do it in numerical order, but I've come across a few people who opt for b instead. Just curious how many do it b-style.
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do you like the name Ephram? why or why not?

what's that website where you can type in some lyrics and it'll tell you what song it's from? and i don't mean google. but thanks anyway.

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For those of you who have seen the movie "Day After Tomorrow", there is a scene about mid-way through the movie that is set in the NYC public library. In this scene, the people who are in the library see that there are other people outside walking in the snow and a cop tells everyone they should bundle up, go outside, and start heading south. But Jake Gyllenhaal's character tells everyone that is father is a climatologist who works for the gov't and that his dad has told him that the storm is going to get worse and that everyone who goes outside will end up freezing. More people follow the cop out than stay in the library.

My question is: What would you do with only that information? Would you try to walk south over the frozen ground or would you stay in the library and to try wait things out until help came?
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1. Do you tip the carhop at the Sonic Drive-In? How much if you do?

2. Have you ever left a restaurant without tipping? How come? Bad service, low on funds, ...?

3. How much have you increased a tip for outstanding service?
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Games (and bugs)

1. What are some other good web games like Kingdom of Loathing? (Not Urban Dead, already playing that!)

2. My nephew wants to make his own computer games. The catch is, he's 5. Does anyone know of any software for kids to make or customize their own simple games? Particularly Flash games that you can put on the web? Something that lets them input their own choices into various templates, input or colour their own graphics or something. Or, know of any good places I should ask this question?

3. What are some good natural insect repellants, particularly stuff I might have around the house - essential oils, garlic, that kind of thing?

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What events in your life have you considered to be "meaningful"? Looking back, did you expect them to be this way, and if you did, did you go into it trying to experience it to its utmost? Have some of the experiences you've had been meaningful, but you didn't realize it until years later?

Collapse )

What was college like for you? Was it what you'd expected it to be?

Bic Runga

1. Anyone hear of Bic Runga? She's a relatively unknown singer/songwriter from New Zealand i think and she has amazing songs and just thought I would spread the word about her .. Shes kind of blues/indie/folk music ... 


2. How do you pronounce Bic? I know she says it herself to be pronounced more like 'beck' than 'bick' I was just wondering because diffrent people i have met have a different interpretation of the name .. 

3. Spread the love of some other lesser known music loves all u guys have ;) ...
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Where can you find make-up kits specifically designed to achieve a dead appearance? Must you want until the Halloween season? If anyone knows the answers for Phoenix, AZ specifically, that would be best. Thanks.

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I need to buy a plane ticket tonight. There is one I can actually afford and I want to jump on it now, however if you remember, my wallet was stolen on .. tuesday, so all of my plastic has been cancelled.

Ive tried asking expedia if I can pay by giving them my bank account number and all that but they say no.

Is there any way to, apply for a credit card and get like a temp. # and all that, online? That probably sounds very dumb, but Im desperate.

or is there some other way that Im just not seeing?
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1. I'm a 20yo female that has to perform the part of a male in a play soon. There's little direction as to how to make said transformation, so what should I strive for/change when playing the part of a male? In other words, how does a male's gestures/walk/movements differ from a female's?

2. Where can I find a quality replica of Keira Knightl's frock coat (the red coat) from POTC: DMC? Or a quality (read: good leather) replica of her or Johnny Depp's cocked hat?
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mp3 player question

I ordered a Samsung YP-U1 mp3 player and received it a few days ago. I really enjoyed having it for the first couple of days. Today when I turned it on, I found that I could not scroll through the songs or use the play/pause/power button... using the buttons just restarted the player and it would continue to play from where it left off last night. So now I cannot select the songs I want to play and I cannot turn the player off. I tried resetting it, but it didn't work. So now it's just on and playing and there's nothing I can do about it.

Any ideas on how to make it work? The instructions are at home (and I'm not), but they were pretty vague to begin with.
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face wash and breakouts be gone!

Now that I've finally made the switch from traditional makeup (yay bare minerals!), my face has cleared up drastically. I still have the monthly breakout, but it's not as bad, and I've come to the conclusion that using a face cleanser with salicylic acid in it all the time is not a good plan because it dries my face out, causing more zits. I've been using another cleanser with triclosan in it most of the time and it seems to be working pretty well, but I was just wondering -- would it be beneficial to switch to an unmedicated cleanser to use when medication just isn't necessary? I'm wondering if cutting out the medicine altogether will eliminate the little mini breakouts I have now. And if I should, what should I use/try? Bonus points if I can find it at Walmart/Walgreens/CVS and if it's good on extremely sensitive skin.

For what it's worth, I've been using Avon's Clearskin system.

digital photos

I just got some digital photos printed out and I'm now a bit curious about something.

i have a 6mp camera and the pics look great and really sharp on the camera and on my comp but when printed out some of them seemed a bit blurry almost. Others were fine and one that I had thought looked blurry on the computer and not as good, was probably the best quality of the lot. Totally weird!

Has anyone else found this? That their pics [particulalry of that size of mega pixels]  didn't come out as good quality when printed?  

Is it even possible that the quality is TOO GOOD to print?! That sounds silly but I expected them to be better than my old 2mp camera and on screen they ARE a lot better.  Just not so much on paper. 

EDIT:  To clarify, I had them printed in a shop, I didn't do it myself as my printer isn't suitable for that

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Alrighty, indulge my early-morning dream that I've been pondering as an interesting fantasy all day.

retail websites, pictures, art, something you've been wanting to show off, whatever. it's a dream world so money is no object.

I need:

--beautiful/elegant clothing- mostly feminine, some guy clothes too, varying sizes
--beatiful plants and flowers, and a lot of them, which can survive in the same temperate zone as many many cherry-blossom trees, and within sight distance of a beach
--pretty art, mostly in the forms of paintings and non-abstract (is it a bench? is it a bike rack? no! it's 3 people playing guitars!) sculptures
--and lastly, beautiful architecture to the tune of sweeping marble staircases and columns and such. (to be a world of warcraft nerd here, I'd kind of compare it to the temple of the moon in darnassus crossed with Stormwind Keep.)


also: ahs anyone else been having a problem with zomg teh huge amount of spam lately?

completely unrelated

1. what do you think is the best way to deal with a blister? do you pop them, drain them, or leave them alone?

2. when your s.o. told you he/she loved you for the first time, how did you react? did those words scare you or were you happy?

bob dylan fans

 what happened to bob in the mid 70s?
I was listening and burned rolling thunder revue and he sounds like he is on the brink of destruction.

tv sucks soo expect more vh1 posts..
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Please take the time to fill out this poll! I'm trying to find out some stuff for a paper and would greaty appreciate it. Thank you dears :] Please note: no names or journals will be revealed in the final product so you will remain anonymous.

How well do you feel you understand the topic of Net neutrality?

Not at all
Very little
Very well

How many sources were used while forming your conclusion on Net neutrality?

Only one.

Approximately how much time was spent researching Net neutrality?

Less than fifteen minutes.
15 minutes
30 minutes
1 hour
2-5 hours
5+ hours

Do you consider yourself

FOR Net neutrality
AGAINST Net neutrality

How strongly would you rate your feelings about the issue? 5 being the most passionate and 0 being apathetic.


OPTIONALLY: Please list the main sites or sources used in the research process of forming your opinion.
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What's the funniest mispronunciation of a word you've ever heard?

Mine is "beribboned" in junior high. We were doing oral reading in Language Arts and a friend read it as bear-reh-boned. I still laugh each time I think of it because I had never seen the word before either and I could just imagine what would have had come out of my mouth if I had had to read it. But as it were, our class laughed for quite a while at that.

Oh, and I just remembered: This is a 'you had to be there' one. My friends and I were having lunch at school and I meant to say tofu, but instead it came out as t-o-f-fuu. We laughed for days after that. XP


Someone that I'm very close to has a 13-year-old brother. He's on myspace and is lying about his age so he can use the site. Futhermore, his own mother helped him set up his account. I never agreed with this in the first place, nor can I actually believe she HELPED him (there are weirdos are myspace! he's getting into things on there kids shouldn't be getting into, etc! of course, it seems it's okay with HER...). But anyways.

A couple of months ago this kid somehow gets mad at me for something I said to that person I'm very close to and sends me a rude message, calling me a bitch.

His mother does know what he said to me and it seems she hasn't done anything about it (ie; doesn't care!). That of course makes me angry for a variety of reasons.

Now, say you were me. You're just so pissed off about this, what would you do?

A) Report his account to myspace for lying about his age/being underage.
B) Leave it be.
C) Wait until you get to see this 'kid' so you can say whatever's on your mind.
D) Something else...? Explain.

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I've been having a hard time finding a cheap printer for college. Do you think it's neccessary? Or will I be okay with a USB pen & the printers at the library?

(If you do think I need a printer... ideas please! Under $100 would be nice. I'd prefer Canon because I know their ink cartridges are cheap...)
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Free (or really cheap) Fun?

What are some fun things to do with 1 other person, such as a significant other, that don't cost anything?

*EDIT: I forgot to mention that I have really bad knees, so the amount of physical activity that I'm able to do is somewhat limited. For example, I can't run.
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1. Do you have an Amazon wishlist? If yes, has anyone ever bought anything off of it? Strangers? Have you ever bought anything off of an Amazon wishlist for someone?

2. If you came across a site that provided some type of free information, whether a study guide for a specific subject or exam, open source code, etc, and then you saw they had a page with a link to an amazon wishlist saying something to the extent of "If you found anything on this site helpful and are feeling generous..." would you think that is lame, or since they are providing something that could be useful it's better than camwhoring or just sticking it on a blog? What if you were searching a site like craigslist and noticed someone saying they would provide a service like designing a website for you and the "payment" would be buying something off of their amazon wishlist?

mother-son/daughter relationships

Do you have a good relationship with your mom? Why or why not?
If it's good now and wasn't always good (or vice versa), what do you think happened to prompt that change?
How old are you and what's your gender?

-Just wondering if I'm the only one doesn't think she'll ever have a good relationship with her mother
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Spinning off from the hilarious comment-conversation in this recent post, how do you feel about spoilers? Under what circumstances do you read them? Have you ever been accidentally spoiled for something that you didn't want to know about? Ever spoiled something for someone else? Discuss!
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Photobucket won't let me sign in. I went to the confirmation email they send you once you create an account, and I'm typing in the right user name and password, but it's telling me it's incorrect.

Anyone else having problems, or is it just me having no luck?


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okay folks. my boyfriend is in florida so you get to fulfill his role. aren't you excited?

In my apartment are two wirelss networks- 'assmonkey' and 'poolhouse'. I can connect to poolhouse, but it's a bit dodgy... I'm supposed to be conencted to assmonkey.

My roommate claims her internet is working fine. I'm going to go double check here whether she's on the right network, but if she is, why can't my wirelessthingymabob connect when hers can? I've disabled it, re-enabled it, tried to repair but it can't repair because it can't connect, restarted my computer...

any guesses?

edit: I have no idea what that was about, but after having poolhouse go down, hard, and me hitting repair... it instead decided to properly repair my connection to Assmonkey and now I'm back in business.
I leave my housemates alone for 2 days and they break the internets. sheesh.

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1. What are your favorite vegetarian-friendly ground beef alternatives?

2. What are your thoughts on animal euthanasia (specifically for domestic/"family pets" with deteriorating health)?

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Oh, I once loved a girl named Amelia

Can anyone point me to where I can find a copy of "Amelia"? I think it's by Midnight Choir, but I'm not sure. CD or MP3, either is fine.

(The chorus goes: "I once knew a girl named Amelia, who suffered from necrophilia; she regarded me fondly but when all's done and said, she preferred her lovers dead.")
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1. How can I get cheap red wine out of Birkenstocks?
I tried using Tide To Go, and Shout Wipes.

2. Last night I lost my wallet. It was the wallet my aunt bought me for graduation. I had been wanting it forever because it matched my favorite handbag but it was sold out everywhere. We were both excited that she found it. Should I tell her? I go shopping with her a lot so she'll notice I'm not using it. Should I buy one from ebay? There's one on ebay now but the Buy It Now is like $200 which I just can't justify on a wallet when I have plenty. Plus there's always hope someone will return it. I really have no idea how I lost it. I had it out to get my Metro Card out because I was taking the subway, and after I used it I dropped it so I picked it up and went and sat down on a bench for a while because I was really nauseous, and then I was looking for it once I actually made it to the subway and it was gone. I never put my bag down, even when I threw up I kept it on my shoulder, plus no one sat anywhere near me since I wasn't on the subway platform it was just some random bench in the corner.

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What's the most awkward/only funny to you thing you've said recently?

Today I was eating dinner with my father's new girlfriend and kids. We were talking about how if someone covered your mouth with their hand, because they were mugging you or raping you or whatever, you just lick it and they take it off. then someone brought up the fact that they would probably have a gun or a knife, and someone else said "well then you just kick it away". 

And I said, "well, it would probably be pretty hard to kick it away if they were mugging you or raping you. Unless you were a ninja. hahahahaha." 

Dead silence. I put up my arms and yell, "CONVERSATION STOPPER!" then leave the room. What fun!
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a) what do you think are the fundamental differences b/t men and women? the more i think about it, the more i think the true differences concern ->sex<-.

b) is there anything a person can do to restore their arches or are you predisposed to flat feet? i wear orthotics, which are somewhat helpful, but i don't want to be dependant on them for the rest of my life.
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A friend and myself have a birthday on the same day (late November), and to celebrate we decided we're going to Canada. We're from Southern Ohio, and thought, "Hey! Let's take a train to Canada to celebrate!" I'll be 19, and she'll be 20. We'll probably be going to Ontario since it's the closest province. Any ideas what we can do? We'd probably go to a main city so there would be some form of night life, such as Toronto or Ottawa. What's the legal age? Can we go out clubbing? Can we drink? Do we need a passport? Thanks!
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Is anyone else....

watching the Miss Universe pageant and cracking up because the hosts' microphone's aren't working?

I have no idea what they're saying, but some dude likes to yell "Puerto Ricooooooo!!"

Any picks for the win so far? Any scary contestants? ( I saw some, but I can't remeber who)
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1. do you ever come across things from your youth and realize how funny they are?
i just remembered chicken boo from animaniacs and laughed for about a minute straight. and it took me till i was about 18 to realize that the princess bride is supposed to be funny.

2. strangest/weirdest/most awkward thing someone's said to you recently?
my roommate and i were having dinner at a bar, this random (drunk) dude comes and sits are our table. we're discussing politics and then he stops and says "damn, you look sexy with those glasses on!" he was married and about 45, so, i was like "errr, great, thx"

3. what're you listening to right at this moment?
"can't stand losing you" by the police
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What's the most embarrassing thing you've said & done while drunk? 

Like, ya know, turning around on a dance floor and grabbing the first guy you see and making out with him, then telling your friend what you just did and having her go "That Asian guy?" and then realizing what you've done and say "Oops." Though I'm not talkng about myself, I swear...
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