July 22nd, 2006

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hookah bars

Poll #775424 Hookah Bars!

1. Have you ever been to a hookah bar?


2. Was it fun?

My friend who is in New York for some college thing until August invited me to one since I'll be in the city anyway. It really doesn't seem like it would be fun for me, but I guess it would be worth it just to spend time with him since I haven't seen him in while.
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(no subject)

Hi folks,

1. Is there a song with similar lyrics to the Clash's "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?" albeit somebody thinking about the question, rather than asking someone?

2. What's your favourite *album* for cheering you up?

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(no subject)

when brushing your teeth, do you always start in the same place?
(i always get the toothpaste all foamy on the right side of my mouth and then move it around to the front.)

are you a neat teethbrusher, like in movies where no foam can be seen?
(i still brush my teeth like a little kid. foam everywhere.)

do you have a favorite/least favorite toothpaste?
(i like the crest/scope combo in spearmint. i cant use any cinnamon flavored ones or aquafresh because they make the skin around my mouth really red and irritated.)
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.Mac, journal embedding, video journal

I have a .Mac account with 1 GB of storage. I also have iWeb, so I can design webpages easily. I already have my LJ for blogging and Flickr for my photos. What the hell should I do with this webspace?

I was thinking of getting an iSight camera and using the .Mac account to make video journal entries. Nifty idea? Lame?

I could have sworn that LJ FAQ used to have information about embedding a journal into other websites. I tried looking for it again to see if I could do it and it wasn't there. Where did it go?
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Last night I downloaded the latest version of Firefox (, and now my scroll bars to go up and down and side to side are gone. Also, when I click on Tools-Options, I just get the categories at the top, and the okay/cancel/etc buttons about the middle of the page, but nothing inbetween. Anyone else experiencing this, and if so, how were you able to fix it?

Update: If you experience this, update your themes. I went back to the default, shut down Firefox, and restarted it, and I'm fine now...

(no subject)

I'm having problems downloading stuff.

When I use Limewire for songs, it's fine, but everytime I try and download video files from anywhere else it just stops. I was trying to download a few episodes of TV shows, and every time, it got to about 309/350, with about 15 minutes left and just stoped downloading, but the little window still has the downloading graphic moving, it's just not actually downloading anything anymore.

What could be causing this? I'm running Safari on an iBook, if that has any baring.

bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

(no subject)

Everytime I try to save an image...whether it be an icon or a picture...it only saves it has a bitmap. Any idea how I could get it to save as a JPEG or a PNG?

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(no subject)

Hi folks,

Is anyone aware of any free idiotproof and bombproof software (by that I mean it's got to be utterly simple to install and configure) for Windows that will allow me to access the PC of someone else on the Internet? (we're both behind routers)

GotoMyPC and DesktopStreaming are great, but subscription only.

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Grey's Anatomy - Boys Are Stupid

*SO* frustrated!

I’m trying to hook up a printer for my parents that I used in the past on my own computer. I have the disk that is needed to install the software onto the computer but it refuses to run. It tells me that “hpzimc10.dll” cannot be found and won’t allow me past it to continue running the disk. It claims that there is another disk…which, believe me, there’s not. It is possible that my father deleted something of importance off of the computer itself because he tends to do that at times, much to my annoyance, but at this point, I just want to know how to fix it. Ideas? Help? Please? I’ve been all over google and nothing has helped so far.

Also, does anyone know how to get rid of “mightymax”? I downloaded it in frustration at one point in trying to find out what the problem is and now that it hasn’t helped in the least, it continues to be annoying and won’t let me delete it, even off the master list of programs. Where all others say “remove/change” it simply says “change” and will NOT allow me to delete it.

(no subject)

Yesterday, I had a guest where I work give me a few books. We were talking about victorian-era novels the week before, and she was nice enough to loan me a few of hers to read at work (as my job as gate sentry is sort of boring at times).

Anyway, have any of you ever read any of these?

The Other Boleyn Girl, by Philippa Gregory
The Cotton Queen, by Pamela Morsi
The Innocent, by Posie Graeme-Evans

What did you think of them? Can you give me a brief (and spoiler-free) summary if you've read one? I've read the comments and author's notes or whatever on Amazon, I was just wondering what you people had to say. :)

I'm reading The Other Boleyn Girl right now, and so far it's pretty good. I don't normally read this sort of thing, so was surprised when it turned out decent.

Erm, to clarify, maybe I used the wrong term. I wasn't using "Victorian-Era" as a time constraint (i.e. WRITTEN then), just as a general genre type deal. Maybe even so, it was the wrong term. Old-english-setting-novels, is what I meant.
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(no subject)

Hey guys,

Has anyone ever had any experience with caffeine abuse?

What were your symptoms? More specifically, has anyone ever suffered temporary vision loss, or had their vision affected in any way from drinking too much caffeine?
I've heard of this happening, wondering if it's common.



A week or so ago, I bought one of those collapsible mesh hampers, similar to this, but square. My cat has commandeered it. When it's empty, she pushes it over and lays in it for hours. I have no idea why she likes it so much.

What are some weird things your cat(s) have commandeered?
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(no subject)

Would someone with a paid journal be interested in posting a poll [possibly in multiple communities but if just this one it would be fine] for me, for a research paper I'm working on?

What classes are you taking next semester?
Did you ever watch "Combat!" TV series starring Vic Morrow and Rick Jason?
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Apartment question

I just emailed someone from craigslist about a room for rent. It says "Yes the room is still available for an August 1, 2006 move-in."

I don't have to move/can move until August 26. Does that mean I have to move in on August 1st, or that it's available for August 1st. I want the room (it's cheap) but I don't want to pay for an extra month.

Also, does anyone here work at Panera? I just got hired (after politely declining the other job over the phone), and was wondering if anybody had any input about what it's like to work there?

What's your favorite food from panera?
What's the most interesting restaurant you've ever eaten at?
What's the most interesting (edible) thing you've ever eaten?
Bob dylan

Bed problems.

My boyfriend has been complaining that our bed is uncomfortable. It dosn't feel uncomfortable to me, but I've been known to sleep just fine on hardwood floors, plus he's had back problems since he was a kid. He's started sleeping on the bunk bed in the other room. Despite the fact that this leaves me with a nice big bed to streach out in, it makes me sad because I have no boy to snuggle up next to. :(

Short of buying a new matress, what should we do?
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(no subject)

What would cause my computer to no longer play sounds?  If it helps, I have a Dell desktop and Creative speakers.  I've tried restarting, fiddling with the wires, and thumping it (yeah, I know this isn't scientific.)

I'm lost without my iTunes :(

strangers with candy

does anyone know where i can buy/order a stragers with candy movie poster? preferably to one with amy sedaris covered in candy with the rest of the cast on the bottom. or the one with amy stephen colbert and paul dinello on a desk.

it really doesnt matter how much it is, i get a pay check next week. i just have a missing spot on my wall between my pirates of the caribbean poster and my rocky horror poster.


(no subject)


anyone know why my computer screen's resolution is messed up?

its an old monitor whose choices for resoultion are:

256,16, and 32.

at first the desktop screen looked kinda cool when it would suddenly change from blues skies into the movement of red blood cells and amoeba city..but now since the color on the regular web pages flickers, I am thinking it is not so good..


sounds is screwed up so badly..says missing nt2sdrivers...but don't have a backup disk and so trying to find a replacement on my comp isn't easy.

I was thinking of maybe downloading a restart disk or something. I have win 98 second edition 4.10.2222a if that helps.





If you live in a city, does it annoy you when people from suburbs of the city say they're from the city itself? I'm not talking about people who say things like "I'm from just outside of Philly," which is basically everyone in eastern PA. I mean when they actually say "I'm from Philly." For an example. Feel free to elaborate on why or why not.

If you're from the suburbs, do you do this? Why or why not?

Me: it really irritates me. Whenever someone says they're also from Pittsburgh, I usually ask "oh, where did you go to high school?" and the answer is invariably North Allegheny or Mt. Lebanon or something. Those are not in the city. At all. Just say you're from near Pittsburgh, really, it's not that hard.
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(no subject)

1. Your habits regarding checking an exam over: If you're taking an exam that includes both non-math questions and math questions, would you normally check the whole thing over when you're done if you have enough time? Just search for specific ones you might be unsure about? Only check the math or only the non-math? When you do a math problem using a calculator do you usually check it at least twice at the time you're doing it, go back and check them later after finishing the test, or just trust your first answer?

2. In this combo exam, would you do the test in the order the questions are presented, do the math first, do the non-math first, search for what you definitely know to answer first, or something else?

(no subject)

Say you work at a coffee shop where the dress code specifically says that no sleeveless shirts are allowed.

Do you think it's acceptable to wear nice-looking, lacy shirt with a camisole under it?

What about a tube or halter top with a lace shrug over it?

If you answered differently for each, what is the distinction between the two?

(I'm not asking because I want to wear tube tops to work; don't worry.)
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Shrimp Risotto

Hi folks,

I've got some frozen shrimp to make a shrimp risotto. The risotto part's fine, as I've made it many times before, just never with shrimp.

Do I need to cook the shrimp first? I can't for the life of me remember if shrimp is eaten raw or cooked first. The recipe has no mention of it.

Yours confusedly...
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Happy panda

For those with RAI International

Whenever RAI shows upcoming programs, there was this one song playing in the background. The song I'm looking for was showcased around May or so (I haven't watched it since, so I don't know if they still use the same song). Can anyone tell me what it is? It was really pretty and I want to say I remember hearing it or something similar when I was little. Thanks!

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(no subject)

1. would you ever walk around in your house naked?
even with the blinds open?

2. if yes to 1, do you only do it by yourself or do you do it even when there are other people who live with you around?

3. have you / would you ever go to a nude beach? if you have, what's it like (age of the people, how comfortable you felt, where and what kind of beach was it, etc)?

4. have you / would you ever live in a nudist colony? if you have, what's it like (age of the people, how comfortable you felt, where and what kind of colony was it, etc)?

5. what do you think about public nudity? do you think it should be banned or limited to just topless? why?

(no subject)

1. About how much does a hair cut-and-style cost? I know that's probably awfully broad, but I haven't paid for a haircut in years (and then I wasn't even paying myself, Mom was). If it helps, I've got just plain shoulder length hair, and I want this.

2. I'm sure it's customary to tip beauticians/hairstylists, but how much?

3a. What are some good bright/unnatural-colored demi-permanent hair dyes (hot pink specifically)? Something like Manic Panic but longer lasting.
3b. Regarding Manic Panic: Have you used it? How long did it last before having to touch it up? Is the quality worth the price of the upkeep?
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(no subject)

Anyone got any recommendations for a good community to join?? Most the ones I belong to update really sporatically...I'm bored... need something interesting to read at work....


I'm IN! Anyone else finally get into YIM? I use the same name there if you wanna shoot me a message.

What did you do today while YIM was down?

I had a meeting for my Rocky Horror group so I wasn't plastered to my computer all day, thank goodness.

(no subject)

I was watching malcolm x earlier on bravo and was wondering why spike lee sold him out?

In the last section of the movie, malcolm had this huge awakening about peace between the races and how they needed to fix their own race before blaming it on anyone else.
However, the last thing spike used in his movie was malcolm saying how we needed to end racism at  "any means necessary" when that was something malcolm was over with already before he died.