July 21st, 2006

My eyes burn

What's the term?

What's the term for when you learn a new word and then you hear it again soon after?

I had never heard of the term "viral video" until I saw a comment today that was talking about that on a YouTube video.

The other place I heard it was on Geraldo at Large (haven't bothered to change the channel) about 3 minutes ago.

It's not exactly a term that gets tossed around a lot. But I could be wrong since Geraldo said it.

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Hey are you going to the All About the Music Festival in Philly this weekend?
If so, who are you looking forward to?

Do you live in/go to school in Pittsburgh? Do you like it? I'm looking at U of Pitt. Would appreciate any input.


1.) Have you ever used those ear wax removal sticks that you put in your ear, and burn the other end? Does it hurt? Tell me all about it. (I hate, hate, hateee things near my ear...but I have never had my ears cleaned haha)

2.) Does your liscence plate say anything in particular? Do you hate when peoples liscence plates say things you think make no sense?

I saw a plate tonight that said "PWN3D" and I thought that was sweet, hah
abby genius

Computer Tweaks

All right... I just got a new computer last weekend, and I'm still tweaking it to get it the way my old one was, and there are some things that I need help with because either a) I've browsed Google and haven't found an answer or b) haven't found a satisfactory working solution. I have Windows XP.

1. My Winamp isn't playing AVI files. Googling this tells me I need to install specific codecs for it, but the Winamp download page specifically says there is already built-in AVI support. I never had to install specific codecs on my last computer, so what's the deal here? I really hate having to use Windows Media Player. This one is solved!

2. I use Mozilla Firefox as a browser. On my other computer, if I clicked a link to get a pop-up for a game (specifically, on Neopets, so you Neopets players will understand what I mean), that status bar is still there. It didn't used to be, and Googling only brings up all sorts of status bar plug-ins, and I'm seeking to have that status bar disappear not be there when I have pop-up games, but there the rest of the time. Regular Firefox preferences seem to make it an all-or-nothing deal. So what do I do for that?

3. I can't view Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters on either of the browsers on my system (Firefox and IE). People in other communities said this is because I don't have East Asian language support installed (in the Regional and Language Options portion of the Control Panel), but I didn't have that installed on my other computer either, since the Microsoft website tells me that those buttons would be checked if they are installed, and I could view Chinese, Japanese and Korean without any problems. I don't want to type in them, just be able to view them. All that Google tells me is to install East Asian language support, but this computer didn't come with XP discs. So, what can be done?

4. Related to 3 - I have the discs for my old computer, which used Windows XP Home. This one is Windows XP Media Center Edition. Would I be able to use the Home discs to install the above language support?

5. I'm not sure what happened when I was setting up my new computer and adding it to my network, but now every time I boot up, before it goes to the Windows XP screen where you select your username to log on, it comes up with a login box as if I were logging on a network, and then says "Wrong Password", and after I hit OK it lets me go to the regular home log-in screen. How do I get rid of this? I've looked around and haven't found any settings.

6. Why won't the Quicktime trailers on the Apple Trailers website load for me? I've got the upgrade of Quicktime plug-in that is required, and going to the Troubleshooting page, all of the images there function perfectly without any issue, but the Quicktime on the rest of the site doesn't work for me. Is it working for other people, or am I again missing something?

Thanks for your help.
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Why do groups like Fort Minor and Gorillaz get played on alternative radio? They sound like straight-up pop/hip-hop Top 40 radio material to me.

(I'm not whining or trying to bash on anyone's taste in music; I just really don't understand it.)

i am a teenage hooligan

1. So, it's early in the morning and I realized that tomorrow I could actually do something fun for the first time since, oh, summer vacation started. However, I'm indecisive and cannot decide what thing would be the most fun to do by myself. I realize these posts annoy some people, so, if that's you, just hush and move on.

Mmkay. So here are the options thus far.

a. Pay for a ticket to Clerks II, watch it, stick around the movie theatre and see Lady in the Water and some other new release without paying for it because I'm a hoodlum. I'd buy popcorn so the theatre won't die of money loss, so don't fret. This option would get me in the least amount of trouble with the parental unit.

b. Bother/stalk my sort of local D-list celebrities. This could be entertaining and potentially satisfying to my inner fangirl, but, uh, is also kind of lame because I'm sure they'd just like to fix their pool without some annoying teenage girl hanging on their fence. Try and worm my way into a 21+ concert. This would get me in a wee bit of trouble with the parental units, but not too much.

c. Go to Baltimore and visit the inner harbor. Aquarium, shopping, crabs, blah blah, waste money, blah blah. This would make the parental unit pretty unhappy and I'd probably get grounded for a week.

d. Go to Philly. Apparently there is a music festival thing going on and maybe I would do that. And then there's South St. and stuff. Parental unit would be equally unhappy with this as with Baltimore.

e. Go to NYC. I am quite positive that I could find something to do and I've just always sort of wanted to visit the city by myself, although that would mean I'd have to drive in the city, which I haven't done in two years. Parental unit would be most unhappy about this option.

So, pretend (or don't) that you're a bored teenager who suddenly had money and time to waste. Which of these options would you take? Or if you think they all suck, tell me, and suggest something else.

2. Have you ever managed to get into a 21+ concert when you were under 21? Do you know anyone who has? If yes - any tips? I'm kinda friendly with the guys in the band, but I've never been to the venue before, which is just a shitty little local bar. I have no interest in drinking, I just want to go to the effing concert, but I don't have much experience with this kind of thing.

3. Are you a member of Oink?
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today is WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE CARTOON casual (sex) friday...

post a pic or tell me your favourite cartoon, please...
also, name one of your favourite cartoon characters...
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those skinny cans!

What can you, dear TQCers, tell me about energy drinks?

What do they taste like? (fuity, cola...?)
How often do you drink them?
Why do you use them?

I have never had one...so thanks.
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Can anyone explain "fishtail jewelry" to me? I want to get my lip pierced and my piercer said I should use a fishtail. How does it lay on the inside of your mouth? Can I get a stud, instead of a hoop?

I'm going to my piercer this afternoon to talk about it, but I thought I would ask here. Thanks!
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(no subject)

What are the best language learning software, books, or audiobooks for a complete beginner? What about for someone who learned in the past and want to brush up on his/her skills?

Languages thinking about-

(no subject)

You're on a 7-hour flight, and they're going to show 3 movies. To view a movie, you simply make a dollar donation and request headphones for each flick. The first 3 options are the movie choices. What would you request?

RV (with Robin Williams)
Larry the Cable Guy movie
Garfield: a Tale of Two Kitties
Extra-strength sleeping pills and a pillow
Parachute and clearance to exit the plane

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Okay, I need help from some of you gamers/computer people out there.

It's my anniversary and I know my boyfriend likes that stuff, but I have noooo idea what to go to the store and look for/buy! I need some general things that people would like in that area...any thing new and cool that is out?

Background: He likes WOW, he plays Game Cube & PS2, he builds his own computers....

(no subject)

ladies: what's the oddest thing you've ever had/found in your purse?

i forgot i had a can of pineapple in my purse. and about a year ago, i carried around a remote control in my purse for about a month.
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Colour card meeting procedure

My dad is a general contractor and his company is builing a building to house a harm reducation facility for First Nations Peoples. He was at a meeting for the committee spearheading the buliding of the facility. They had this neat system at meetings where everyone got a bunch of different coloured cards. Each colour of card had a different meaning. For instance, at the beginning of the meeting, the meeting chair asked if anyone had anything to add to the agenda, and if anyone did, then they held up a yellow card. A certain card held up meant that you wanted to say something (the use of these cards reduced the amount of needless talking and talking in circles). Decisions were made by consensus, and when voting on a decision, people would hold up cards: yellow meant you agreed, green meant you didn't agree but you'd live with the decision, and red meant you didn't agree. If anyone held up a red card, then they'd have to go back to the drawing board and come up with another solution that would garner yellow and green support from everyone. The purple card meant that a break was needed (bathroom/snacks/phonecall/whatever).

Does anyone know what this system is called? I'd like to research it more because I think it would do wonders for our staff meetings (I'm a teacher) which can sometimes go on for an exceptionally long time, and I'd love to pass some information on to my principal. Also, our grade 7 social studies curriculum is Canadian History next year, and pre-Confederate history stresses First Nations People and our pluralistic society. I'd love to do a simulation with my kids of making decisions by consensus (which was used by FNP, and specificially the Haudenosaunee[Iroquois]) and how the process goes, and this system could work to make the simulation run more smoothly.

I tried to Google, but didn't really even know what to type in. I tried "meeting procedure colour cards" but I'm not getting anything. Can you help me?
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harry potter

(no subject)

im a member at bally total fitness and i was wondering if anyone else here was. as per my membership, i get a free hour with a trainer. it's tonight. im fucking nervous as hell that its going to be an hour of agony and i wont be able to lift anything and the trainer will laugh and call me a wimp.

if anyone has been to one of these 'personal trainer sessions' can you tell me what to expect? thanks!
disco bandit

Any good vampire books?

Lately I've really been wanting to read a vampire book. I read Interview with a Vampire a few years ago thinking that, since I liked the movie, I would definitely enjoy the book. Unfortunately the main character (Louis, I believe?) whines relentlessly through the 2/3 of the book that I actually read. I couldn't finish it. I don't know how any of Rice's other books compare.

After looking through some reviews of books on Amazon, it sounds like a lot of vampire book are actually trashy romance novels or trashy books about how many times can the characters in the book have sex.

My question is: Can anyone recommend a good vampire book that isn't a trashy romance novel and not Interview with a Vampire? I don't actually mind if there is some romance or some sex, I just don't want that to be the main focus.
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Does anyone use an Ebay Sniper?
Thoughts, tips, advice?

I've just signed up with Auction Sniper, and I'm kindof excited about it. I'm hoping it'll work out well, but it almost seems to good to be true. I haven't paid them anything, or given them any credit card info, so i can always cancel it. I'm not planning to use it for every auction i bid on, just the ones that look like bidding wars and/or the ones i REALLY want to win.


Has anyone used CareCredit to get any Healthare services done?
How does it work?
I got Laser treatment and the woman kind of talked me into getting a CareCredit card, from what I understand it works like a credit card, but I'm still confused.
How do you pay for the services?
Is there any way that they can just charge your regular card every time you get treatments and you could pay that off? Or is it like a totally seperate credit card?
Quinn Twin

rx online?

Can anyone recommend a secure, reputable online pharmacy to get meds - without a prescription?

The problem is that I was put on medicine by my former doctor, but I had to leave that job (and the ins) to go to school. Now I have new ins through my husband's job and it's really, really shitty. To go to a new doctor I'd have to spend my $350 deductable before the ins kicks in and of course, there's no guarantee the new doctor will write me the script I need because it's not neccessarily something I *need* and some doctors are weird about it (it's Adipex - I have an endocrine condition that makes it really hard for me to lose weight even with all the other things I'm doing [for over 6 mos now] to lose - gym 3 or more times per week, drinking more h2o, eating healthier, etc). So, the combination of a giant chunk of change just to be seen + possibility this doc won't help = me trying to find other solutions.

I'd just go to my old doctor, but she's not on this plan's network. So even if she'd be willing to write it for me without seeing me, I don't think they'd let me fill it through our rx plan. I tried talking to someone with an ins rep but they were no help. They just kept talking in circles...

Thanks for any help you guys!
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I've tried to find out, but I can't. I have a general idea, but I kinda wanna make sure:

What exactly is the "Hampton Roar"?

believe me. I tried google, and urbandictionary, and etc. I even tried Wiki, but nope.

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went to Boston Market and had this for lunch...
this place reminds of Kenny Rogers Restaurants (now defunct) and i liked that food...

what place did you like going to (either restaurant or clothing/record/grocery store), that is no longer in business?
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File sharing...

I am looking for a program that lets me download music for FREE. Free meaning no membership fees or anything, I want to just straight up steal the shit.

What do you guys use to download music?

I've heard that Kazaa kills computers, limewire requires you to pay, and bearshare just isnt any good.

Help, please? And remember, FREE!
smile cofuses people

(no subject)

1. If you download music off the internet, What do you use? Is it free? I'll just steal the answers from the post below!

2. Does your family eat together around the dinner table?

3. Whats your favorite song at the moment?
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(no subject)

I have a fast internet connection.
However, when I download files, for the first minute or so I get speeds of around 200kb/s, but it keeps dropping, until it finally settles around the 40kb/s mark.

Why does this happen?

(no subject)

So, my plans for the day never went anywhere because the keys to the car are with my dad, who returns home at 6:30. Now. Here is my latest dilemma.

Remember the D-list celebrities I mentioned? If you don't, just pretend. Anyway, on their website, they baisically posted an open invitation for a party tonight. And being a hopeless fangirl, oh boy, do I want to go. However, there is still something of a dilemma. I'm not 21 and not a hot babe. I have this feeling that they'd be less inclined to let me in to their dumb party because they're superficial like that. But there's the chance that if I got there before they were completely trashed, they'd recognize me and be like 'oh, it's hat girl, yeah, okay,' but that's probably more me being a dreamer than anything else.

So, what would the members of TQC do? Take a chance, drive an hour to some place, try and get into a party you probably won't be able to crash or stay at home and see Clerks II?
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(no subject)

1. Do any of you have extensions (for caucasian hair, if theres a difference)? I see people with them all the time but I thought they were extremely expensive.. what gives?

2. Does it bother you when you are checking out at a store, and the person in line behind you feels the need to stand right behind you when you are paying? so that they could basically see you type in your pin# if they want to? This makes me so mad. I think its really rude..

3. If you had to choose between learning Norweigian or Finnish, which one would you choose?

(no subject)

My friend and I are hosting a high school camping party. Last time we brought some board games and sports balls to try to keep people entertained. But can you think of anything else we could do?

Is Davey Havoc gay? Is Chris Carraba gay?

Text - best is yet to come

(no subject)

Are there any products you won't buy because the commercials are so awful, even if the product itself is fine?

I won't buy kotex, because I am not a beautiful flower when it's time to be on the rag. And I won't buy from Jared's jewelry because I'm sick of hearing "He went to Jared's!!!!!" I also refuse to buy an "I forever do" diamond, because dammit, you forever did the first time.
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(no subject)

Do you have your credit card number(s) memorized?

Lots of places here have the option of paying delivery with a credit card, but you have to give them the number over the phone. One of my friends ordered delivery while we were there and she just rattled off the numbers like it was nothing! I order delivery, but need to look at my card every time.

(no subject)

1. On the steering wheel of my car (plymouth neon) I have two buttons on the left side that are for cruise control, but on the right side I have a couple and I have no idea what they do. One says "Accel Resume", the one beneath that says "Coast", and in between them there is a skinny one that says "Cancel". What are they for?

2. Those of you who are married... Do you celebrate the anniversary of when you and your spouse first started dating, or do you only celebrate the anniversary of the day you were married?

3. Roughly how long do you think a couple should be dating before they get engaged? How long do you think they should be engaged before they're married?

(no subject)

Has anyone here gotten struck by lightning? (I think I remember someone, not sure who, having commented about this before....) What was it like? Has it had any permanent effects on you?

Not that I'm looking to get struck, haha. Actually I'm overly scared of lightning. There's a thunderstorm right now and I'm afraid to walk the 15-20 feet from my door to my car because of it.

(no subject)

i need help! i`m in charge of getting a gift from the members of my dance studio to our teacher. he`s flamingly gay and dances with a professional moderne company in new york. what should we get him? we have no clue. hopefully someone here can help come up with an idea. thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

I'm alternating writing my papers with other things. I just keep happen to coming up with questions. Sorry!

You have a gift certificate for a restaurant. An acutal paper one, not the credit-card-looking gift card. You don't use all of the amount of the gift certificate while eating at the restaurant. Which is more likely to happen, in your experience?

a) You get the rest back on a new gift certificate
b) You forfit the amount that you did not use
miss blue


I have a .rar file I downloaded from a friend. It's a photo editing program. Problem is, my machine won't open it. Any ideas how I can open this and install the program?

All set thanks to dev_null.

(no subject)

1.) Have you ever been on a talk show/game show/late show/morning show/dating show? Like Oprah or The Price is Right or Blind Date or Cheaters (haha), ect..?
(I have never.)

2.) Have you ever ordered anything off of a late night info-mercial, what was it, and did it work like it did As Seen on TV! [?]
(Again, I have never.)

3.)What is your all time favorite icecream?
(Haagen Dazs CARAMEL CONE! & Blue Bell BIRTHDAY CAKE!)

an angry environment

1. What do you do to help the environment?
(ex. recycle, carpool, use earth-friendly products, etc.)

2. Ho do you release anger / vent your frustrations?

3. Do you say Cracker Jack or Cracker Jacks?
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(no subject)

I just discovered this game, Mancala, on my computer, and I'm trying to play it, but the rules are really weird...can somebody help me out, give me some kind of strategy here or something??

i'm afraid of itunes

So I got a free ipod shuffle for switching to a new bank.

Now I already have a good mp3 player, and I generally hate ipods. However, I've decided to use this because if I break/scratch/lose/step on it, I won't really care. Plus it will be good for running/at the gym.

Except itunes scares the crap out of me. I've heard horror stories of people plugging in their ipod and having itunes go crazy-go-nuts...reorganzing their collection, automatically loading EVERYTHING, and being a general pain in the ass.

Should I be afraid, or not?

Flash Drive Help!

I have the Creative Muvo, which is a 256MB flash drive/mp3 player. I've deleted all my mp3s from it and there are NO FILES on it at all, when I check the Properties, it says that there is 192MB of used space and I can't transfer new files onto it.

How do I get my space back?