July 20th, 2006

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Which would you be more likely to call the "disposable decade?"
1970s, or 1980s?
What does that phrase "disposable decade" mean to you? Why are you inclined towards the answer you will give?

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This gets a little lengthy, but I do not need people's criticism... Only advice. I know I was stupid and I know I fucked up.

I'm prepared to hear that there is nothing I can do about it.

I'm 18 years old and I only have about 4-5 credits in Highschool. I was a Junior last school year and I dropped out Semester 5 out of 8. I completely fucked up and just... left. I didn't care and I just went through a sort of daze and lostness. That's the back story.

Now that I'm 18 is there ANY hope that I can return to school and try again? When is the cutoff ageand what do I have to do to return and try again? Has anyone here been through the same ordeal? If so.. What did you do?

If it helps I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I'm sure they're used to this sort of thing seing as we're one of the dumbest states as far as education goes.

Summer reading

So being a college student, I havent read for pleasure in a really long time.
Last book I read was "Anthem" by Ayn Rand, a pretty good, but short read.
I would like to read something good this summer, but have a pretty short attention span. I wanna get back into reading, as it was my favorite activity when I was little.
Can anyone recommend a favorite book or one that really kept your attention and was really good/memorable?

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If you told your friends one by one everything you honestly think about their personality/ their partner and friends/ intelligence/ their lifestyle/ etc., how many of them would you still be friends with?

Edit: (just in case I wasn't clear, this is a hypothetical involving... a sort of "truth drug" (a blunt one) or a robot that can read your mind or something)

alone and scared in big building

1) What is it exactly that we're afraid of when we get that scared feeling while inside of a building or a house completely alone? Is it killers? Ghosts? Something else?

I'm working late (like 5am) at the office, which happens to be inside of a huge college building. Not a soul (as far as I can tell) is in the building with me and walking down the hallway to the vending machine, I was feeling this fear/creepiness. Just wondering if anyone else feels that and if so, if you've tried to identify what it is you're scared of exactly.

2) Are you a night person? I'm totally awake even thought it's 5am, but can't get up till 1pm and dont function well in the mornings even if I go to bed early.
Is it really worth trying to force yourself to have a 'normal' schedule? According to many people, you get the best/healthiest rest if you're actually sleeping when it's dark. Is that true?


Why can't Sammy Hagar Drive 55?

Why can't people stop blaming everyone else for all their problems?

Why do people expect all customer service departments to bend over backwards for them?

Will you vote in my poll on my personal journal?

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do you think that there is hair in human poop?   I can't find anything with google other than examples of DNA found in both hair and poop, but not hair IN poop..

I was wondering because my cats have hair in their's (which I noticed while cleaning the cat litter, not examining their poo) and I thought I don't think we do...Wouldn't our stomach acid dissolve it??

I know this doesn't sound like a real question.  I swear I'm not a troll. ; )

beauty and the beast

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What is your current opinion on embryonic stem cell research? Do you think it's wrong? Do you know people who may benefit one day from this research?

I will admit that I am biased on this issue. I am a Type I diabetic and this kind of research could greatly help those with diabetes, alzheimer's disease, spinal cord injuries...the list continues. I was at work yesterday when I said "it's no surprise Bush vetoed this stem cell bill", and one of my co-workers started flipping out saying, "well they're using babies to do it!!1one!" I said that I don't consider an embryo a baby. We are good friends, but it stopped there. I'm not getting into a pro-life/pro-choice debate at work. So what do you think?

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Okay, I'm going to be starting an online group and writing workshop for queer writers aged 13-22. I'm trying to think of a catchy and witty name. Any suggestions?
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Shockingly, people actually pay KFed to represent their brands. As reported on celebrity nation, Kevin Federline's new money-making venture involves pimping himself out for hire, and he allegedly charges up to $20,000 for cameo appearances at events. Not so shocking - his new gig reportedly has his wife's seal of approval (she must get tired of dishing out that credit card to cover his ass). According to In Touch Weekly, KFed earned $250,000 for endorsing Blue Marlin clothing and $25,000 for appearing at Virgin Mobile's Save the Penny campaign. The magazine also says that a line of jeans and beach jewelry are on KFed's list of things to do.

source: celebrity nation

Let's say you have the $20,000. What kind of event, service or appearance would you request of KFed?


How do I use bleach in the wash? My whites aren't that white anymore because I wash all my clothes together (cold wash and rinse) but I know you're not really supposed to. I've been too lazy to try and separate things, but I think it's time to start.

Also, my white socks have a little stripe of color up by the ankle. Can I wash those in a cycle with bleach? Do I need to get the color-safe bleach that they sell now? I'm lost.
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what can you smell right now?

i ask because i can smell garlic bread wafting through the office, as the restaurant next door is getting ready for lunch... yummeee..
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heavy metal

this is a stretch here...

But does anyone have a HP Photosmart 7150 printer?

A few days ago, I unlocked the back to clean it and idiot me, let the back fall to the floor where it fell apart. Now I can't figure out how to put it back together to make it work again.

Even if I fix it so that I can never unlock it and open it again, that's fine with me. I just need to figure out which way the part that pushes the paper through the printer goes on properly.

So, can anyone help me?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(That's a picture of all the parts that I have if it helps.)

Thank you very much to anyone who can assist.

Edit I just found the answer to my own edit. Never mind.
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Do you know any trivia for the following things? If so what is it?

& Star Wars
&Lord of the Rings
&Harry Potter
&Queer As Folk
&Invader Zim
&Indiana Jones
&Pirates of the Caribbean


i know that this might not be the best place to ask this, but if anyone knows or knows of a better place for me to post this id really appreciate it.

ok so here's the deal.
i have a year old red-eard slider.
and recently i have been finding tiny rocks in his poo.

should i be concerned?
is there any way for me to try and prevent this from happening?

cause i cant seem to figure out how to stop him from eating rocks.
and im afraid that he might be eating bigger ones that are just clogging up his insides.

thanks is advance!!

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Does anyone have any experience with the Nikon L3 (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=7642009&type=product&id=1134697745936) or

Nikon L4 (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=7641947&type=product&id=1134697745875)??

I am looking for a new camera, and while in Best Buy I really liked both cameras (the L3 more than the L4, if it matters), but when I went to cnet.com, more than half of the reviews were fairly negative.

I only really use digital cameras to take photos of friends and while on vacation and such, so I don't really need anything super hi-tech. Just my old camera is sorta falling apart (I've had it for two years now) and I was in the market for a new one.

If you've used these cameras and liked them/hated them, tell me why? Additionally, if you have any other camera you'd like to recommend (I'm in a $200-ish price range), that would be fine too.

Thanks so much!
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I leave for work about 15-30 minutes before I have to be there (depending on time of day and traffic). What about you?

I know people who live an hour or more away from their jobs. I just don't think I could do that.
Me--State Fair

yargh, yahoo!

For some reason, Yahoo Messenger isn't telling me anymore when I get new mail. No little letter in the tray, or sound or anything. I've fiddled with the toolbar settings and logged in and out, to no avail. Any clues as to what is up with it?
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Your life is a mess (subjective, I know).
You're in debt, you're split from your spouse/SO.
You have no job.
You have no money.
You have a past that continues to haunt you.
You've had troubles with the law.
You have health issues.
Any/all of the above.

You get pregnant.

Keep it?

Do you see someone like this (or a variation of), do you tell them?
Or do you keep your mouth shut, tongue bitten?
red goatee!!

raaaaiiiiinnnnn..... *drip drip SPLOOSH*

Is it raining where you are right now?

yeah, some
nope, but it's cloudy
nothin' but bluuuueeee skiieeeeesss
I'm in a box and can't see the sky

do you like rain?

Yeah, but only if I'm not out in it
Yeah, and I wanna be out in it
I'm the wicked witch of the west and melt in water

plane tickets in oz

I'm studying abroad in Australia, and I've been hit up by all these travel agencies who tell me that there is no such thing as "last minute" flight deals in Australia. Is this true?

When is the best time to buy domestic plane tickets in Australia? Same question for international flights to southeast Asia. Should I do it online, as it's the best to do in the states, or should I go through sta travel (who is has never been good in the states)? Does anyone have any flight experiences they'd like to share?

my apologies for being the ignorant american.
thanks in advance--

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for people who have used murad and/or proactiv to treat acne..

although i heard amazing things about proactiv, i opted for murad because i have really sensitive skin & am allergic to salicylic acid & benzoyl peroxide (which i think are both in proactiv). murad definitely cleared up my skin, but it doesn't seem to get rid of black heads & clogged pores.

if you use[d] proactiv, how is it?
if you use[d] murad, what do you think about it?
if you've used both, which is better?
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I'm looking to transfer some photo images to cloth. Like, transfer some pictures to a small baby-sized blanket.  The pictures are not actually photos - though they could be if needed. I figured I would just print some on paper or email the pictures to the place to have them print and transfer the images.

What types of places do this? If any....

Office ettiquette and the great BM.

1. When an employee takes something to the office to leave mostly for himself to use but open for anybody else to use (such as salt & pepper shakers in the breakroom, soap in the kitchen...), do you think that person should expect it to stay where he would normally use it and leave it or do you think that once they've left it for free use that anybody is free to leave it wherever they want for their own regular use?

2. Do you ever bring things into the office and let others share off ot it?

3. Do you ever share off of others generosity without having ever brought anything yourself?

4. A debate I was having with someone: Does "regular" (in regards to passing a bowel movement) mean that one goes at the same time everyday or that one has no trouble going?

5. Are you "regular"?
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I got myself a nice brown tan over the summer but I need to bleach the hair on my arms blonde (I'm brown-haired) again since I prefer not to wax it because then it gets worse. However, if I bleach the hair to blonde, will the skin there also turn back white? I don't really want to have a big white spot on my nicely tanned arms, so is there a risk? If there is, do you think a fake tan lotions would be strong enough to cover it?

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Hi everybody! My first post and my first question.

I dye my hair black. I've been wanting to do something different to it lately, and I need it brown to do so. My natural color is a medium shade of brown. I don't really want to wait for it all to grow out. So, I need to do something to get it brown. Any suggestions on what I should use? Thanks!

misc - cemetery

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Have you seen Paris Hilton+Rick Solomon's sex tape?

What about Pamela Anderson+Tommy Lee?

I've seen neither, and don't really intend to. I was inspired to ask it after seeing "Paris' Most Shocking" on VH1.

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1) Why does my one cat always try to have sex with my other cat? They're both males, neutered, and littermates. We have two other cats, a male and a female, none of them related. It's weird, especially because the rapist kitty is like, 15 lbs lighter than the other kitty! Why is my cat so gay?!

2) Anyone have any tips on completely starting over in life? No job, no home, nothing? Having to completely abandon everything that they had, and make a new life? Help?

3) How do you make yourself not feel like shit? I mean, when you're completely feeling worthless and hopeless, what do you do?

4) After years of feeling like the most unattractive person on the planet, is there any way to make yourself feel better about yourself?

5) Any tips on getting over a long term relationship with someone you still are completely in love with?


Tomorrow I am going to a wedding rehearsal (sp) and the next day i'm going to the wedding. Any suggestions on what to wear? The wedding is apparently an early afternoon thing (don't know for sure, though, the ex/boyfriend/whatevertf he is hasn't really been forthcoming with details). I have bruises on my upper arms and just above my knees, so short short skirts and tank tops aren't really a great idea.

Random, but compression, and alternating ice and heat seems to do very interesting things to deep bruises.
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I'm trying to explore options for securing a bedroom door before I go all out and purchase an actual lock. Now, I have the type of door knob that one can lock from the inside, so I'm thinking of rigging a system to lock it from the outside, which doesn't seem hard. The hard part is getting the door open again. How the heck does one do that?

Its the type of knob with a button beside the knob on the inside, and a hole on the outside, same position beside the knob. In theory you stick a pin or something in there and it unlocks but I've never been able to do it. Any tricks I should know about?

Collapse )

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Have you heard about a painting called The Madonna with Saint Giovannino? If so, what do you think about it? Apparently it's a legitimate painting that's in a gallery in Italy somewhere. I saw it a few times in those "OMG UFOS FACT OR FICTION?" type shows on the Discovery channel/TLC.

What do you think about the weird thingy in the background? Some people say it's a representation of the chariot of fire mentioned in Eziekial, but it doesn't look like a chariot to me. Doesn't look like a UFO either. Looks like a flying radioactive raisin to me. What do you guys think?
The Receptionist Classic

ET... Phone Home

Do you have movies in the park in the city/town where you live?

Suppose you're going to see "ET" in the park tomorrow night. You want to pack a little dinner picnic for two. What kinds of food would you pack?

And before you suggest it, yes, I'm bringing a big bag of Reese's Pieces. :)
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A little while ago a telemarketer called. Right off the bat, this was a bad one. I answered the phone, and it took about 10 seconds before someone appeared on the other end (they use autodialers and then try to find a free person when someone answers now). Then the person starts talking about Primus long distance. After a while they ask me where I place the most long distance calls, so I tell them I'm not interseted (politely).

They say they understand, then start going on about long distance again. I tell them again I'm not interested. They still understand, but have this great offer. I hang up.

The question is: How many times do you have to tell them you're not interested before its no longer rude to hang up on a telemarketer?
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Randomness for the day

1. If you could be any animal for a day, which would it be and WHY?
Me - definitely a bird... how could you pass up on the view that birds have?

2. If you could be any cartoon character for a day, which would it be and WHY?
Me = Sebastian from The Little Mermaid... he's so cool, and he gets to live under water!

3. If you could be working in the career of your choice for a day, which would it be and WHY?
Me = I'd love to be a professional photographer for a major newspaper just for a day. I would LOVE it.

4. If you could be any popular musician/artist/lead singer of a band, who would it be and why?
Me = Garth Brooks... seriously. No reason. He's just that awesome... plus, I'd get to wear a cowboy hat, and not one person could criticize me for it.
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World of Warcraft Question

Okay, here's one for you guys. I'm returning to the game after a little break and I'm having trouble deciding what class I should play. I want to play Horde because their start quests are much more amusing, and I prefer the scenery around those areas.
I mainly play the game to explore the world, so I'm not going into it with the specific aim to get to the endgame as fast as possible. As such, I'll probably be spending a lot of time on my own, just wandering around like I enjoy doing. As such, I'll need to be able to survive on my own for long periods of time away from any form if civilisation.
I was thinking either a Hunter or a Druid, but they tend to be a little bit squishy sometimes. Warrior is also an option, but I have a bad habit of forgetting to upgrade weapons and armour. I don't do this on purpose, I'm just forgetful sometimes, and as a warrior, those things are kinda important, so I may be screwing myself over a little there. Mages and Priests are out of the question because they're squishy and I never ever liked playing spellcasters in any game (also, my trademark forgetfulness means I occasionally forget to buy new skills and that can really screw you over if you rely on spells). I've never played a Warlock, Rogue or a Shaman, so I don't know how those are, but I'd like to try them, just to see.
So what do you guys think? I'm seriously leaning towards Hunter because of the fact that I'll be on my own a lot and having a pet around is pretty much like having your own little group with you wherever you do (and because I love Hunters!) but any other suggestions would rock!
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What are your comfort foods?

Mine are Campbell's chicken noodle soup, Kraft macaroni and cheese (the type in the box), canned fruit cocktail, a soft drink called Squirt, and random varieties of sugary cereal.  I relate all of these to summers spent at my grandparents' house.

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Kind of along the lines of my question posted earlier.

Expounding on my original question first:

Is it in fact irresponsible to get pregnant when you yourself are in a completely miserable, screwed up situation?

Is it in fact irresponsible to get pregnant, not just by accident, but actively try to conceive, when your health isn't optimum and you are on medication and have no idea about your health future?

Isn't it selfish to get pregnant, on purpose, when you can't even take care of yourself?

Why do most people have kids, do you think?

Do you think it's the absolute worse to have a child so that you have someone to love you?

Fire away.
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online shopping

Which online stores do you frequently purchase from?
amazon.com and overstock.com

Which online stores do you frequently browse?
sundancecatalog.com – I like their jewelry, but it’s way too pricey for my taste...

Are there any other stores that sell interesting unique looking items like sundancecatalog.com?
Because I need to kill some time until I get off of work...

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Requesting advice on the following situation:

A guy from a class I had last semester and didn't talk to for about a month e-mailed my school account last month and started talking to me. We spoke in class a few times, discovered we were both pagans with the same ideals, etc. and he had some issues he wanted my advice on, so I gave it to him. We talked a few times for hours and it was fun. He kept suggesting we hang out at some point, but we never got around to it.

Lately, he calls me numerous times a day - if I don't answer the phone and voicemail picks up, he'll hang up and try back again. He calls me very late at night (1 or 2 AM sometimes), gets very upset if I do answer and can't talk, said it was IMPERATIVE i see him Wednesday (wouldn't explain), and just acting generally odd. He's freaking me out.

Do you think this guy has a crush on me or is just being generally stalkerish or what? And what can I do to keep him as a friend (I really do enjoy talking to him) and not hurt his feelings but tell him to back off and not call me 100000 times a day?

harry potter

curiouser and curiouser

dearest friends at tqc,

im going to a party of sorts this weekend. there are two certainities: there will be lots of alcohol and there are no set plans for dinner. im thinking of bringing something that we could make drinks with but im also thinking i should bring something so we're not all starving when we get there. whatever i bring has to survive a three hour trip. any suggestions?

also -- and im sure this has been asked -- this is completely unrelated, but what're your thoughts on the upcoming film snakes on a plane?
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What is your opinion of a professed/devout Christian/Jew/Muslim/whatever using profanity on a regular basis?

I'm not talking a "dammit" here and there, I'm talking f-bombs left and right.
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Where do bed bugs come from? Like, how do they just appear on the bed? Can they bite? Cause I have a bite on my neck and above my ass...and I thought it was a mosquito...but my mom said it doesn't look like a mosquito bite. She thinks it's from a bed bug. But, I'm just wondering how it could get here all of a sudden?
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has avril lavinge created more fans or enemies after using the 'punk'  genre like a cruel prom date(get what you need from it..in her case fame and money.. and and drop them like yesterdays news)?

coffee lion

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Can anybody explain the whole situation with Israel and Lebanon to me? Usually I'm pretty on top of world events but I've been away from the tv and such lately and I haven't a clue of what's going on. Bonus points for background history.

new clothes

1. Do you wash new clothes before you wear them?
No, but my grandma always told me that I absolutely had to.

2. When you buy clothes on hangers, do you like to keep the hangers?
No, I hate the hangers they have in stores. Today I bought a t-shirt and a hoodie at the Anniversary Sale in Nordstrom and the lady kept them on the hangers and put them in a garment bag, it just seemed really strange to me.

3. I'm going to see Peaches this weekend and I just got an email from Ticketmaster saying that the venue has been changed. They've moved it to a smaller venue. Are there any other reasons than it not selling out originally to move it to a smaller venue?I worded that horribly
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Besides putting them in frames/just sticking them on the wall/or in scrapbooks, what is a good way to organize and display postcards?

Also, what is a good way to display shotglasses from different places, without getting one of those glass display cabinet things?