July 19th, 2006

My fun bag 'o questions.

1. What does one do when he/she moves to make an "official" change of address? Anything I might not think about?
Me = I just moved; that's why I'm asking.

2. What is one thing you HATE buying, but because there's no way around it, you have to anyhow?
Me = toilet paper

3. Who is your favorite TMNT? (If you don't know what TMNT is, then don't answer. Sorry, if that sounds arrogant - its not meant to be). And why?
Me = I'm undecided.... leaning towards Raphael because he was a jokester

4. How long is your commute to work? Or school, if you don't work?
Me = less than 1 minute. I live where I work. It's great.

5. Favorite flavor of Kool-Aid?
Me = GREEN!!!

(no subject)

1. Does anybody know of any jazz music that's just piano and drums? I like jazz enough but i hate horns and i just watched that thing you do, and i want to listen to JUST jazz piano and drums...

2. What's with myspace? Why are people so freaked out if you say you met someone through myspace?

3. Would you meet (in person) someone you met on the internet? Have you? How'd it go?

4. When was the last time you were wowed by a movie? What movie was it?
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bathroom doors, Target, and samples!

1. When you're home alone, do you leave the bathroom door open? Does it depend what you're doing?
I always leave it open when I'm home alone.

2. Do you shop at Target?
Yes! I love Target!

3. When you're offered a food sample in a store, do you take it?
I never take them, something about them grosses me out.

4. Do you think LJ's Virtual Gifts are a dumb idea?
Yes, very much.

Who sent me a virtual gift? I should have known.
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(no subject)

I know you have to be 18 to drink in Australia, but how often are people who look suspiciously aged (around 20 or so) carded in restaurants and the like?
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(no subject)

Have you ever had a friend or family member become addicted to benzodiazepine (Alprazolam, Xanax, whatever you want to call it)?

Is it true that it's more addictive than heroin? I've seen it on a few sites specifically about the addiction, but I can't really find anything official to confirm it.

What would you do if you found a bag of pills in your friend/family member's closet? Would you confront them about it?

For the love of god, are there any (active) support communities on LJ for family/friends of people with addictions? All I see is "WHEEE I LOVE DRUGS" communities.
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Randomness and a couple advice questions

1)What annoyed you today?

2)What made you happy?

3)What made you sad?

4)Why can't "Have you tried not being a whore?" be considered advice?(I've got nothing against whores, btw. More power to them. It's just the answer to my friend's problem is pretty much to stop being shuch a whore.)

5) A)What's a better way to phrase "stop being such a whore?"
B)What's a better way just to say "whore" so I don't offend them when posting these questions?

6)Is teriyaki chicken flavored ramen any good?

7)If you drink it, what's your favorite bubble tea?

8) a)What's the latest hobby you've taken up
b)If you haven't started a new on in a while, what's your current one?

9) What do you like best about people in general?

10) What would/wouldn't you wear if no one was around?

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food vs. sex

1. Which would you choose?:

A) a life where you ate amazing food whenever you were hungry, whatever you wanted to eat and it's always infinitely varied and delicious, without adverse effects to your health. But you absolutely will not ever have sex with another human being, ever. (You are free to "fly solo.")

B) a life where you had sex with a vast variety of gorgeous people (or just one if you so chose), in any combination, whenever you want, however you want, until you are satisfied each time, without adverse effects to your health. But you are only allowed to eat stale old rice cakes and water for the rest of your life.

2. Are you male or female?
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The Church and its Male Lavatory

Um, so this question somehow popped into my head a few minutes ago. Don't ask me what I was thinking about to get to that train of thought. >_>

Have you ever been in a male washroom in a church/name for a religious place of worship? If so, did it have urinals? If it had urinals, were they enclosed in stalls? With doors? If you've seen a church washroom for males with and without stall-encased urinals, what religion were the churches?

I'm oddly curious. <_<
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(no subject)

1) Would you contribute money to pay for a member of TQC to get a big Bacos tattoo? (Not me.)

2) Why are some people so obsessed with all things Japanese and the word chan and stuff? I think I'm going to start getting obsessed with Canada.
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(no subject)

I want to start collecting old fashioned charms on a charm bracelet but I don't know where to get a starter bracelet. I don't want those italian link charms though. Does anyone here collect charms? Where is the best place to get them online? What charms do you have?

Shipping to Guam

I sold a bag on ebay, and the (stupid) winner can't read and see that I only ship to the lower 48 states, and won the bag and lives in Guam.

whatever. She is willing to pay whatever it costs to ship the bag to her there.

I have to go to the post office today to ship another package. If I take in her address and give them the approximate weight could they tell me the cost, or an estimate?

If not, how do I find out how much it will cost to ship to guam?


(no subject)

I broke my KEYCHAIN!
I know, so what?

What's the coolest keychain you have ever seen?
What kind of keychain do you have?
Where is a good place to buy keychains?
How often do you have to replace yours?
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(no subject)

Does anyone still listen to Ska music?

[Amendment] What's your favourite Ska band? Doesn't matter which wave. Hell, what's your favourite wave?

yes / Bosstones / 3rd
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(no subject)

I am trying to make some screen caps in real player, but for some reason when I copy what I have captured into paint shop pro, the image isn't still. What I mean is, it is somehow copying the entire program and the actual video is playing in the image I captured. I want stills! Anyone know what I mean and how to fix it? I'd play the video in another program, but it seems to only open in real player.

Prepaid Cell Phone

I'm looking into buying a new cell phone.  I would like to go through a company where I can purchase a plan with prepaid minutes.  For the past three years, I've been using my parents Boost Mobile prepaid phone.  However, the service isn't that great.  The phone turns itself on and off and calls people in my phonebook by itself.  Any suggestions on what's a good company and/or phone to get.  Please keep in mind that I don't want to spend a fortune and I'll only be using the phone sparingly.  Thanks! :D

Edited to add: Thanks to everyone who responded!
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(no subject)

Do you like Disney?
Have you ever been to a Disney park? if so where?
What's your favorite Disney Movie?
What's your favorite character?
what the most interesting Disney Trivia you know?

(no subject)

What would fill you with more guilt?

A) accidentally hitting your closest friend with your car and fracturing their hip, causing them to hobble on crutches everywhere for 3 months, popping painkillers to get by


B) getting caught by that friend having sex with their significant other?


Do you shave everyday?

what brand's (shampoos, cond, soap ect) do you use? or do you stick to one certain brand?

do you brush your teeth in the shower?

shower at night or the morning?

do listen to the radio while in the shower?

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Guilt revisited

You're right. In my last question, having sex with your closest friend's significant other is a deliberate act of betrayal and much worse than accidentally hitting them with a car and giving them a few months of agony. There's a clear imbalance in the two selections. Just testing the waters. Let's make the choices a bit more drastic

Which would make you feel more guilty?

A) accidentally hitting your closest friend with a car, and permanently damaging their leg so they'll always walk with a limp and never be able to run again


B) getting caught by said friend having drunken sex with their significant other?


I work in a very small office with only 5 workers, not including my boss. I am the youngest here (18), and I somethimes feel that my coworkers use my age as a reason to exclude me from nearly all office activites. I usually don't care when they exclude me, but today, it has gone too far:

My boss just took everyone else out to lunch and didnt even bother to take me!!

Should I be at all upset/pissed off by this?

I understand that I have only been here for six months and I'm leaving in two weeks for college, but that isnt a valid reason because some new guy just started yesterday, and he was invited out to lucnh today.

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(no subject)

What does it mean when a bank is taking a judgment on/against you?

I'm not entirely sure of the circumstances. I know there was a credit card issued through a bank. I know there's a $8,000 balance on it. The account has been closed from what I understand.

I'm assuming the bank will go after the cardholder for the money?


I've also heard that if the person in debt owns property, the bank(if it is a bank) can put a lien against it. Is this true?
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(no subject)

1. Which terms (outdated or not, and including internet terms) do you really like that are positive or used to express approval? Which ones do you especially dislike? (e.g., rad, cool, groovy, awesome, A+, that's ACE, for the win,tight, dope, sweet, über cool, wicked, far out, neat, nifty, cool beans, phat, cat's pajamas, da bomb, the shit, etc)

2. Which terms that are the opposite of the above do you like and which do you dislike? (e.g., lame, stupid, sucks, "gay" as an insult, loser, loses at life/the interwebz, etc)

(no subject)

How does one get perfectly smooth legs? Does one have to be thin and have great skin and/or little hair to start with? Or do girls I see with perfectly smooth legs only show them the one day every 6 months when they're like that (which is about all I could manage).

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(no subject)

Is there a discreet way to get rid of the hiccups? This is the third time I've had them today. Holding my breath isn't helping, and drinking lots of water isn't helping... but I'm at work and I can't exactly stand on my head to drink water, or do pushups, or anything else I can think of, and a coworker offered to come scare me but I would probably shriek and get in trouble, haha.

Any ideas? :\
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(no subject)

I'm putting together a video slideshow of a bunch of pictures of me and my friends. I'm not trying to be sentimental and most of the pictures are just fun snapshots. What are some good songs to go along with something like this?

EDIT: I've already googled and come up with stuff like "With a Little Help from my Friends", "Lean on Me" and this list from Wikipedia. I'm just looking for stuff that might not be so obvious.
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(no subject)

Do you get intimidated easily?

I'm possibly the easiest person to intimidate ever. Scene kids, tall people, good looking people, chavs, tanned people, smartly dressed people all intimidate me. Even teenagers who are younger than me. It's ridiculous. I just end up feeling uncool and insecure for most of the time and I'm getting sick of it. Help?
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Don't laugh

I am auditioning for *gasp* AI in Aug. and I am looking for a good song to sing. I am heavily leaning towards "His eye is on the sparrow"... Hence my first question:

1.Does anyone know where I can find any version of that song?? Gospel choir or otherwise? I know that both Lauren Hill and Jessica Simpson have done versions of the song, but I can't find either!!

2. What other songs would be good audition pieces?

*Before anyone starts with the "If you're a sucky singer, it doesnt matter what song you choose blah blah BLAH", I would like everyone to just pick a song assuming that I am a good singer.*

**EDIT** I have a high voice...sop.1 but I am more comfortable singing in the alto range and can go as low as a tenor. I sing R&B/Soul/Gospel...my vocal influences include obviously, Miss Whitney, mariah carey, angie stone, mary j. blige, anita baker, erika badu...you get the idea. Thanks to lierre for reminding me to put this stuff in :D

(no subject)

I was just given a random urine/drug test last night at my job and smoked a small amount of weed about 3-4 weeks prior to that and I weigh one hundred seven pounds with a pretty fast metabolism. Should I be worried about the results??

(no subject)

How can I politely decline a job?

I got hired at Mcdonald's yesterday- but I just found a job much closer to my house. Should I just not show up? I have an orientation at 10:45 tomorrow. Or should I say that I have other obligations?

What school supplies should you bring to college? All I have written down is paper, notebooks, books, binders, pens, and pencils.

Does anyone here have a weak heart or arrhythmia? How did you find out?

yes, one of those "where is/are my x?" questions

Okay, uh...where are my pants? They were here a second ago.
FOUND. Feel free to continue speculation, though.

And do you ever start typing in "thequestionclub.com" instead of the actual address?

EDIT: Do you ever go to the TQC friends page (or any community you're a member of, really), forget you did so, and get really confused?
This has happened to me twice.
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(no subject)

I was just looking in the Pottery Barn TEEN magazine that the mail carrier accidently delivered to me and realized what cute sheet sets they have in there! Unfortunately, they are $100 for a queen set, with $26 for two extra pillow cases.

I want cute and fun sheets that won't cost be $126 per set. Where do you look to get interesting sheets?

(no subject)

so..questions like this might be kind of annoying..but yeah..

I have to buy a gift for a baby shower and I have no idea what to give..I've never really been to a shower anyway..it's for a person I work with..now..she's in her mid 20s and already has a kid..and I don't think she has a whole lot of money to go around..I want to get her something practical but not too boring..

what would be a good, practical gift..?

I was thinking like..some diapers and then something else..but I am just pretty clueless..


(no subject)

Would you think something was wrong if you sent out a random but fairly legitimate question to a handful (say, five) people on Myspace and not one of them bothered to respond, even so much as to tell you to bugger off?

Basically, I ask because I have a good internet friend who I think is lying to me about some fairly MAJOR portions of her life. Since she's planning on visiting me in August, I'm trying to make sure that she's on the up and up. Last thing I need is a totally batshit girl on my doorstep, ya know? So I messaged some people in her top 8 and not a single one has bothered to write back at all.
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(no subject)

So I don't know anything about bikes, but I got an old bike for free and a tire blew out.
The tires say 27x11/4 for K-2 rim and 27x11/4 for Schwinn s-something.
Are those different or the same tire? I might as well get two new tires... the old ones are worn as hell.
Should I get new inner tubes too? What size/kind?

i'm asking an ipod question and you're all just going to have to deal with it

i am irresponsible and last night i dropped my ipod (20GB 4G, purchased may 2005). i had dropped it before, from higher heights, and it looks terrible and banged up but it's always been fine.

anyway, last night i had it plugged into the wall while i was using the computer and my foot got caught in the wire and my ipod fell from the table to the floor and now several songs cut out in the middle. so far, all the ones that i can tell are fucked up are on the same album, but i haven't really checked much. i've reset it and everything. everything seems to work except a few songs (five so far) which i've apparently corrupted (but i haven't listened to everything so i don't really know the extent of the damage).

so i have a few questions.

i don't have access to my own computer right now. i don't know when i will, it depends on when i can set my desk up.

so i have some questions:

1) what are the chances that i'll plug my ipod into the computer and it won't be recognized? what are the chances that tomorrow/in an hour/sometime next month my ipod will spontaneously stop working forever?
2) if i plug my ipod into the computer and the computer recognizes it, is all i have to do just replace the corrupted songs and i'll be good?
3) if my ipod isn't recognized it's fucked for good, right?
4) if i need to buy a new one, what's the best way to go about buying the exact model i had before? i really don't want a color screen because, well, i don't like them really.

thanks in advance :(

xposted to ipod. it's slow there so i came here too.

oh yeah, and since this is TQC i'll add that "BUY A [whatever] INSTEAD" IS NOT AN ANSWER TO MY QUESTIONS. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT.

(no subject)

What's the weirdest name you've ever heard?
It doesn't have to be someone you've met, it can just be any name.

I'd have to say Frank Zappa's daughter, Moon Unit, is pretty damn strange.

(no subject)


Does anyone know how to re-write files onto a CD-R? I want to delete pictures on it and add other ones. I have looked all over google and cant seem to find out how to write over files on the CD-R.


Tell me your thoughts

How do you feel about internet dating?

EDIT for clarification: I thought the question was obvious, but I had no idea people actually "dated" just by communicating on the internet. Honestly- I had no idea. I mean things like using match.com or Myspace or whatever as opposed to meeting in a bar or whatever.
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(no subject)

Stem cell research. Yea or nay, and why? EDIT: Specifically embryonic stem cells.

Am I think only one that thinks it's weird for yea and nay to sound alike but be spelled totally differently?

Would you support spelling it yay and nay? What about yea and nea?

What are you craving? I still want pickles. Also butterbeans. But not together.
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LJ problems and homonyms

1. LJ is doing that stupid thing where it doesn't email my comments to me... which means I'm left with nothing to obsessively check online right now. TRAGEDY. Is this a widespread thing or just me? I already checked LJ maintenance, news, and support. My email settings have not been changed and I know I've received comments that should have been emailed. Any ideas on how to fix this?

2. Today I was on imdb.com (where stupidity run more rampantly than on LJ) and someone said that an actress was a "pre-madonna". Homonyms are hilarious! I'm sure that person meant "prima donna". I can only imagine this person going through their whole life thinking that pretentious bitches are acting like Madonna in her early years or something.

Have you ever had a confusion like this? My English teacher in 8th grade said that she used to think the expression was "a straight arrow path"... not "straight and narrow path".

I used to think that there was such thing as La Brea Carpets... which is also a joke in a Far Side comic.
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My parents are buying me a laptop as a combination graduation/birthday gift. However, they don't know that much about computers and don't really have that much money to throw at a computer.

What is the best/most reliable kind of laptop I can get (or recommend to them) in the $800 range?

I don't play many graphical games, I mostly would use it for the internet, lots of music, office-type applications, and some photo editing and things. I'm used to windows, but I'd be willing to go to a mac if I found a good one in my price range. I also would like it to be travel-friendly, as I would mostly use it while away from home, since I have a pretty mobile kind of lifestyle.

In search of an elusive song...

I'm looking for a new(ish, perhaps) country song. I heard it on the radio today, but the radio never, ever, ever gives out song artists or titles. I have tried googling the lyrics in all sorts of ways, and have come up with nothing. So here goes.

It's a slower paced song, with lots of guitar. It's a male artist singing. The lyrics I can recall, I'm reaonably sure it's the chorus, go something like "I want you to stay, so you'd better go", and I think that the general gist of the song is that the man singing is in love with the person he's singing it too, but he's committed to another woman.

Apologies if it's pretty vauge, but any and all help would be muchly appreciated. Thanks!

(no subject)

1a. Why is there so much more violent crime (not the rate of crime) now than in the past?

1b. Do you know anyone who committed a crime because they were influenced by video games, role playing games or "dark" music?

2a. For anyone who has watched Supernatural (I haven't): is episode 10 "Asylum" filmed at the Danvers State Insane Asylum?

2b. Do you think Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are hot?
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(no subject)

This might sound weird...but I don't know where else to ask...soo my question is...what is it like to be the mayor's daughter? Are there any obligations or anything expected of them?
Same goes for the mayor's wife. Are they expected to do anything?

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nathan red

stupid computer...

why is it that whenever i go to look at the ikea website, everything works except the actual photos of the products (as well as the enlarge image function)?

does this happen to anyone else?

it never works, no matter what browser i use, but every other computer - craptastic or truly fantastic - i have ever used during a period of boredom can access them.

it makes no sense!

Procrastination - the death of me.

How do you get over procrastination and force yourself to actually start work?
I'm at my office at 9:30pm, having not started work that's due tomorrow, and I've been here for two hours, reading livejournals and such.
Getting away from the computer is not an option, since my work is on it.

I've always had this problem as far as I can remember, any paper, test, everything was last minute because i'd sit for hours and procrastinate. This means I've pulled countless all-nighters, sometimes two or three in a row.
I feel like I'm getting too old for this.

Is there anything you've done or said to yourself to get your shit together?
Halloween 2008

(no subject)

I'm the maid of honor in my best friend's wedding, and need to plan her bachlerrette party.

I have two problems:
1. The other girls and the bride are all over 21 at the time of said party. I am 20. What can we do that doesn't involve drinking out, but is still fun for all of us (five girls)?

2. The party is to be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I live in VA and have never been to NM. What's there to do while in NM (August 21-29) as far as a bachlerette party goes, keeping in mind that I'm only 20?
Iowa represent!


What's the earliest disaster or major national news story you remember hearing about? How old are you?

I remember seeing Challenger footage when I was about five or six, and not totally knowing what happened, but knowing that it was something very bad indeed.

I also was reminded on the news tonight that it's the 17th anniversay of the United 232 plane crash in Sioux City, and I remember that too. That, naturally, was big news here.

Oh, I kinda remember the Baby Jessica trapped in the well story too. And the Baby Jessica custody story, too.

I'm 26.

ETA: I remember the OJ Simpson thing too because it was a sweltering day and the A/C had gone out and we lived in the country, with no satellite, so it was all that was on, I laid there and sweated, and watched it.
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(no subject)

I just started working a new job, one that requires lots of scheduling of meetings and conference calls and phone calls, etc. etc.

Basically, I am wondering if anyone could recommend a good program to help me keep all my appointment times, meeting times, etc. in order? Something that I can keep on my computer and update as needed? I know there are programs out there that do this, but I'm not familiar with any really.
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house re-evaluation

My town is re-evaluating houses. They were at my cousins house this morning which is next to mine. He said that they just looked in the kitchen window and asked them how many bathrooms they had and things like that. My dad told me that they were going to come in and look around everywhere to make sure we don't have anymore bathrooms or anything that would add to the value of the house. I have been cleaning my closet because I knew they would be coming sometime before winter and I would be horribly embarrassed if they saw it in it's current sate. I could probably have my closet finished in another 4 hours. If they didn't go in my cousin's house, do you think they'd come in mine? My dad told me that maybe they didn't go in because my cousin's house is old. I would assume it's a standard thing though, that if they don't go in one house they don't go in any of them. I really don't want to spend 4 hours cleaning my closet tonight if they aren't coming in, especially since I have cramps so bad they are making be super nauseous. Plus I don't want to let people I don't know in my house when I'm home alone.

Sorry if this doesn't make any sense

Edit: here is a picture of what my closet looks like as of right now. I'm not even sure what the worst part is. The pillows with the mystery stains are pretty bad, as are the giant black garbage bags from the last time I tried cleaning it out. So, think they've seen worse?
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Conspiracy Theories

Can you think of any conspiracy theories have later proven to be true, or at least based on fact?

Example: Prozac Spotlight claimed for years that drug companies were covering up evidence that antidepressants actually cause some people to become suicidal or homicidal. Only recently did the FDA issue warnings, and now even TV commercials mention increased suicidal thoughts as a possible side effect of these drugs.
My eyes burn

Look at those bed eyes

Which corner makes your eyes strain harder? Upper right, upper left, down right, down left?

Are you male or female?

My eyes hurt if I look down right too much. But my boyfriend says it's down left for him.
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Mobile Phone Question

If I want to use a British cellphone in Japan, do I need one that is a) quadband, or b) 3G?

I am having a fight with Vodafone (British mobile phone provider) because they sold me a phone that was supposed to work in Japan, but doesn't.

They sold me a non-3G quadband phone (Sony Ericsson W810i) but it didn't get a signal anywhere in Japan. However, it worked fine in the UK and also in Switzerland.

The basic 3G handset I thus had to buy whilst in Tokyo connected to the Japanese Vodafone network without hassle everywhere.

As for Vodafone UK, the first lady who sold me the phone insisted it was a frequency issue that determined which handsets I could buy, hence quadband rather than Gs was important. The W810i was the only option in the Sony Ericsson line. When I phoned from Japan to ask why it wasn't working, the person I spoke to said it was a 3G issue, not a frequency issue. But then the person I most lately spoke to reiterated that it WAS a frequency issue, not a 3G issue.

So does anyone know what actually went wrong here...?

(no subject)

Anyone know of a good listing of colleges by what they are noted for? law, pediatric care, psychology, creative writing etc? google keeps giving me lists that mostly consist of online schools.

Does it really matter where I go to school for my undergraduate work, if I have plans to attend grad school. Obviously a good university but does it matter if I go to a school that is known for psychology?

How often do you text?