July 18th, 2006

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What's the saying about the honey pot, the one you say when you're not supposed to sleep or be involved with coworkers? Dipping your honey stick in the hive or something? I can't remember...


If Dustin Diamond ("Screech") were doing a stand-up comedy show in a town near you, would you go to it?

Also, what's the deal with his house? Two people have mentioned it to me already. I have no idea what they're talking about.
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What are your thoughts on morals? Do you believe in moral absolutes, and if so what? If not, then what constitutes right and wrong to you?

I’m very much on the consequentialist side of things, myself. If I was to give myself an ethical label, I’d most likely be Utilitarian (“greatest good for the greatest number”), as I believe that, well… what causes the greatest good for the greatest number is the right thing to do. Obviously it has its flaws, but to me it’s not as flawed as the deontological approach, so.

Also, I've been having really crappy sleep for the past week or so. There're no sleeping pills in my house, and I can't stand milk, heated or otherwise. Any advice?
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New Camus

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1. Who got me the paid account? I know it was someone in here!
2. Do you make your own LJ icons? If not, where do you primarily get yours?
3. Donnie Darko: love it or hate it?
4. I know what people's most liked accent is, but what accent do you hate? (If this has been asked too, crucify me)
5. Do you clean your ears with Q-tips or leave them alone?
6. What does your favorite shirt look like?
7. Are you offended by this shirt?

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what's the largest amount of money you've ever held in your hand at once? in either cash or a check.

i got to hold $12,000 when my brother bought a car in cash. my boyfriend is the little mail boy at a law firm and made a copy of a $2.3 million check!
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Wicked Piper

Traffic Tickets

In Texas, how to you get a speeding ticket taken off your record?

My b/f has a lawyer friend who said that (because the state never sent my driving record to me to take to the courthouse with my defensive driving) I could get it taken off my record. He told my b/f to email him to get more details, but he still hasn't responded to them (since May, when my b/f asked him).

My b/f has no other way to get ahold of him, and if I call up any other lawyer, they'll charge me. My b/f's friend said I can do it without the help of a lawyer. Any ideas how I go about doing this?

I was supposed to show up at the courthouse at the start of May with everything, but couldn't. I didn't bother going to talk to them, because a friend of mine went through the same thing and they told her she was SOL. So I guess I'm asking for both of us.

EDIT: Let me rephrase this: I didn't have a court date, just a deadline that I needed to go to the courthouse with my papers in order to get it dismissed. However, they won't do anything unless you have your certificate saying you passed defensive driving and a copy of your driving record (that you have to request from the state). I sent in a request (my friend sent in two requests), and she and I haven't gotten a single thing from the DMV in Austin. When she went in with just her defensive driving certificate (which I do have), they told her that it couldn't get taken off because she didn't bring her driving record. Because they would tell me the same thing, I just didn't go with the paperwork. I already paid my fines and fees. Also, they had my name listed incorrectly in the system (which I didn't find out until later could have in and of itself dismissed the ticket).
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So what do you do when you piss someone off in traffic? Say you try to merge and you almost hit someone you didn't see, do you wave apologetically? Ignore them? Flick them off because you automatically assume it's their fault?

Happy happy joy joy poll

Not that you ever would, but if you had to kill yourself, what method would you use to take your own life? What are you most comfortable doing?

Knife. Slashy slashy
Hanging. There's good noose and bad noose. Which do you want first?
Jumping from a tall building.
Gunshot. Fatal, that is
Carbon monoxide poisoning. Leave the car running in the garage
Suicide bombing. Ka-boom for my beliefs
Poison. Swallowed or injected
Death by police. Point a toy gun at some cops, see who wins the shootout
Death through sexual exhaustion
Eat/smoke myself to death
Mixing alcohol with medication, or other drug-related, possible O.D. scenarios
Throw myself into the cage of a carnivorous animal
Date Robert Blake

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I'm not very tech-savy, so forgive me if this is an ignorant question.

The college that I am attendinf in the fall issued all of their students, myself obviously included, laptops that are wi-fi enabled. If I go somewhere like Starbucks that has wireless internet, will it work on my laptop? Will I have to do anything special to make it work?


Thoughts on An American Haunting and Lady in the Water?

Do you think I should see the remakes of The Wicker Man and Pulse so I can laugh at them, or not watch those monstrosities?

Does anyone else think Pan's Labyrinth will be fabulously awesome?

Last but not least, anyone else keen to see Call of Cthulhu and/or At The Mountains of Madness?

spy novels

what's a good,fun spy/conspiracy type novel to read?

im looking for something oceans 11-ish[haha, they robbed a bank how cute], but also enjoy syriana-ish stuff[the world is going to hell and US is playing a big part in it]

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How do I disable the "call waiting" feature on my cell phone?  I'd like the secodary calls to go right to voicemail - and have the screen indicate when I have a message.

I have a Treo on Sprint service - and the length and volume of the call waiting beeps are annoying as all get out. 
petit prince

you are what you carry?

can your life be effectively summed up by the contents of your pockets/wallet/bag/purse/satchel/shopping cart?

i have recently discovered that mine can-
ipod- yay music
arabic flashcards- yay middle east
the economist- yay pretentiousness international affairs
le figaro- yay pretentiousness again french
dental bills- boo teeth and debt
my wallet- yay money and movie ticket stubs
burt's bees lip balm- yay burt's bees
diet coke- yay diet coke
a crystal light stain- yay slorb

so, how about you, tqc?
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Give a dog a home

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Does anyone use mail-order prescription services? Do you like them?

I just opened a yogurt and it totally flung itself at me. What was the last thing that you spilled on yourself?

If you pee on the seat in a public bathroom, do you wipe it up or leave it there?

What time do you get up in the morning?
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Did you ever read "Like Water For Chocolate" by Laura Esquivel or see the movie? What did you think of it [plot, style, etc.]? Can you recommend more books written in the same style?

[I thought the style/tone of the book was very charming but I didn't care for the plot much. Lusty romances are not my sort of thing.]

and a followup spoon question: do you own a special spoon?
[okay so i ruined someone's spoon and it's the only one like it in the drawer and i'm wondering if having a special spoon is a common occurance and trying to factor that in to how much trouble I'm going to be in]
hotcouturewhite - emsteed

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If you took out any kind of loan (or loans) for college, how much did you borrow in total?

And for price inflation purposes... what year did you graduate?

The way I figure it... with no additional scholarships, we're going to have to take out about $40,000 total. I'm trying to figure out if that's "typical."

Thanks all.


My morning radio program is having a singles' mixer kind of party, held at the Playboy mansion. Through a selection process, they got enough guys and girls who are expected to come. The dress code: women in lingerie, men in pajamas

Assume you're invited to this party. Based on the dress code, what would you wear? Specific descriptions or links are welcome. Have fun with the idea

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I am totally paranoid about making chicken and getting it cooked all the way through.

I'm stopping at the store tonight to pick up a package of chicken (thighs or breasts, whatever's on sale. Just one small package of 4 pieces) and I'm planning on BOILING them so I can shred them and use for quesadillas, salads, pizza, etc during the week.

Question: How long do I need to boil chicken thighs or breasts for to make sure they're cooked all the way through?

I wasted 3 pieces of chicken this past week trying to like, saute them, so I'm going for something simple my lame brain can handle.

Do you ever get paranoid when cooking your own chicken?
Are you a good cook? If so, how did you become a good cook? Did someone teach you? Teach yourself? Just a natural? (I'm trying to teach myself and I'm frustrated at how awful I am, because it just seems so SIMPLE but I mess something up every time!)

lulu guinness clutch

volunteering, houseboats, Nordstrom.com, and dog treats!

1. What are some good volunteer things I can do on weekdays(between 10AM and 3PM)that aren't super depressing?
I've given up on finding a daytime job for the summer. I only wanted a new job so I'd have something to do during the day besides shopping. I've never had any luck with VolunteerMatch.org

2. Have you ever rented a houseboat? Would you recommend it?
My father is thinking about renting one just for the day in International Falls, MN, but I'm worried about it.

3. If you have ever ordered anything from Nordstrom.com, how long did the shipping take?
I ordered a few things on Thursday night and it still says "Order in process" I figured they would have at least shipped it by now since they generally have great customer service.

4. If you have dogs, what are some of their favorite treats?
My dog loves Frosty Paws, the dog ice cream. He was afraid of it at first though.
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Can anyone recommend to me any photos with good swordfighting scenes? Not Eastern (sorry, I liked Hero too) but rather European Renaissance style? I need some fairly high-res movie stills from the fighting scenes and am not sure where to look. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Kind of curious, but can one sell services off eBay? For instance selling web design, graphic design, typesetting, computer fixing, or even going as far as offering carpet cleaning services?

I know I've seen the joke things like, selling their body for one day, selling a date with them, etc.

But as far as serious matters go, can one actually sell services (and not necessarily a product)?

I'm thinking about doing something like this, I'm not too sure. I just to mess around and see what happens. If I can do something like this, I'm not entirely familiar with eBay but I have tried to sell a guitar on it in the past. I remember having to pay, I think because of the reserve? So, if no reserve is set, does eBay still charge? Basically I want to "try" it out, and see what happens, so I don't want to pay anything until I'm pretty sure I can make a profit off of it, and I've heard you can actually sell things on eBay without having to pay a penny.

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Does anyone know if and when "Zero Hour" is going to re-air on the Discovery channel? Specifically the Columbine one?

If not, anyone know where I might find a torrent for that? *coughs*

Thanks :P
The Receptionist Classic

Meeting The Parents

Remember the first time you met your SO's parent/s? Siblings?

How'd that go?

(I'm to meet the new Boy's dad and step-family tomorrow evening. Butterflies like you wouldn't believe.)
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Lease Breaker, Dream Maker

Typically, what is the "fee" to break a lease?  Such as first and last month's rent, one month's rent, month and a half rent, etc...  I know it all comes down to what your lease says but do any of you have any first hand experience in this?

In the lease, it states nothing (that I can currently find) about breaking the lease, just what would happen if you don't pay your rent.  My parents told me that back in the early 90's, they were made to keep paying their rent, even when they didn't live there anymore.  Luckily for them, it was due to my dad finding a better job so the government ended up paying a bit of it.  That's the only story I've heard so far.


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1. Whats your favorite artificial sweetener? I've made some tea with Sweet N Low and it tastes like the day-old crap you get in fast food places, ugh. Must be something that tastes good...?

2. When driving past police cars on the road, do you feel compelled to check the mirror to see if the cops follow you? Even if you aren't actually breaking any laws at the time? I do...

3. Peanut butter: Creamy or Crunchy? (I am mildly allergic but when I do eat it, I prefer crunchy)

4. What made you happy today?
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Self cleaning

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Have you ever gotten a spider bite? Do you know what kind of spider it was? How did you treat the bite?

Have you ever been stung by a bee? Are you allergic to bee stings? If so, do you have to carry an epi pen or something like it with you?
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A common debate on LJ

Non-english posters aside;

Should grammar and spelling be an issue in a post?

Do you automatically think less of someone who cannot spell correctly, use spell check, or even basic grammar skills?

When a post is difficult to read because of poor spelling or grammar, do you dismiss it outright or struggle to make sense of it anyway?

Do you think good grammar and spelling should be a bigger source of pride when blogging?

Tiny EDIT: To clarify, I will ALWAYS admit that my skills are less than perfect. This is a common sore spot on LJ and often used in debts to try and win points (something I find ridiculous). But when it is more than one or two typos or errors, I often wonder........
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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Let's say I ordered something from Victoria's Secret...and I wanted to return the items...can I use a box that's not from Victoria's Secret...maybe like from Amazon.com? Would that be okay? I would just have to take the stickers off...but the Amazon thing would be on the box.

EDIT: Thanks, got my answer!
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Imagine this....

Imagine this....

In a population, every person fits into one of 10 to 15 groups which, in theory, had no effect on any of them. The groups are evenly distibuted.

In this population, there is a sub population, which you survey. The sub population, supposedly, has nothing to do with the groups.
In a survey, you would expect that the groups are still evenly distributed, right?

Ok, now if you found that in this sub population, most groups had 3-5% representation, a quater of the groups had 10-15%, 1 had 20% prepresentation and one group was not in it at all, you would then suspect that the sub-population is not quite so independent of the groups, right?

What if the survey was only of 20 to 30 people?

Obviosly, so small a sample is not going to give proofs, and is in no way acurate, but would you still at least think that the survey showed something that there may</> be someting interesting?

p.s. No chance of getting larger sample. Either the entire sub population is that small, or the contactable population is.
p.p.s. results of survey not being used for anything official, I just saw the results and wondered about them.


Ok, incase this makes a difference...

The groups are based on the month people are born in.

Ok, I now have a clear enough answer about statistics that does fit the scenario.
petit prince


ok, so, here's another clearly-not-hypothetical

you have to leave the country the first full week of september. your options are tuesday the 5th through friday the 8th, you're going to fly out at 9:25 pm on any night. you need to decide when to fly. these are the things to consider:

- labor day weekend ends the 4th
- the 8th is a friday and .: you'll have weekend travel traffic
- wednesday and friday are $20 more expensive
- you'd like to have as much time as you can in your destination, so you're not wasting your visa and so you can get settled in before you start classes
- an important event that you'd love to watch, but that's not NECESSARY to watch is taking place on thursday night. (for me, it's a football game, for the rest of you it's obviously a reading of wittgenstein translated into latin, followed up by a discussion of string theory) and you mostly likely would nto be able to watch it at your destination

my question is: which day would you fly out?

and, for another delightful bonus question:
what's something interesting or fun that you can tell me? or something you can tell me that would cheer me up? omgpitymeplz
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she blinded me with science!

Low blood pressure

Because I get all my medical advice from teh internets...

I've always had low blood pressure. I almost didn't get into the Marines in 1996 because of it. The medic at MEPS had to take several readings until he got one that passed... heh.

Today I tried to donate blood at the Red Cross, and I couldn't because my heart rate was too high (from walking there). But they also said my bp was pretty low, 92/60.

As far as I can tell, I suffer no ill effects from having such a low bp. I'm lean (182cm, 75kg) and physically active. Should I be worried about it? Are there any dangerous conditions that could be causing it?

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Ok...so I joined and to fall under the rules of the community, i am gonna ask a question.

I just started working with a company, as an education consultant selling educational materials such as toys, games and software.

Since I will be making my own sells, I need a little help from you guys.

What sites do you know of would allow me to sell my products?
How would you advertise?
Do you know of any sites that allow free ad placements? or somewhere to sell your stuff that gets positive feedback?

thanks for any info supplied!

two questions from a new-timer

Do you like disco?
personally, I don't mind it, so long as it's not in excess...and in good taste. Although, I can't say I know what good taste disco is. I have a love/hate relationship wth it, really.

The typical male disco dances (as far as I know) are the John Travolta Saturday Night Fever moves. Were those moves "unisex", or was it just the guys? And if it was, what did the girls do?

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1.  We're having to give my dog antibiotics (she had surgery on her leg).  We used to wrap the antibiotic capsule in cheese with no problem.  Lately, my dog has been able to get the pill to fall out and not take it.  She's also very finicky about peanut butter.  With that said, if you have a dog, how do you give them their meds?

2.  If I were to change computers, would it be possible to move my files from one computer to the other without sending myself a million e-mails or going back and forth with a thumb drive?  Maybe something like moving the memory hard drive from one to the other?

3.  If there were a run-off election in your area for one minor office (like coroner or school board), would you bother voting?

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1. How many people live your home town?

2. Were you allowed to have sugar cereal as a child?

3. What about fast food?

4. What other foods (if any) were off-limits to you.

5. Do you have a Walmart in your town? What would you think if one wanted to come into your town? If you have a Walmart, do you shop there?

6. How long does it usually take for pizza to be delivered to your place.

7. If you've ever lived in dorms, were you/are you friends with your dorm mate?

EDIT: How many fast food places are in your home town (or were when you lived there)?

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heres a dumb question - how do you make animated icons?

and i need some more friends so check me out and if you think im the bees knees, you should leave a comment and add me. if i in turn think you are the cats pajamas, i will befriend you back.


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So, Im feeling quite stupid. I lost my wallet and everything in it today, I've already cancelled all my cards and all that. but my ID was in it. I had a MI drivers license but I am going to school in Utah. Should I just call the sec. of state in MI and ask for another one from them, or if I go to....wherever we go in utah will they issue me a utah license? and how would I prove I had my license before?

Ever lost your wallet? experience?

Also, say payroll was actually done this week at work and I get a check tomorrow, can I take it into the bank without any form of identification (I have a social sec. card) and cash some of it but deposit most? I know my bank account #. I suck at being an adult

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So, I want another meaningful tattoo. I got an ouroboros on my shoulder a year ago, and I love it. Right now, I want something that symbolizes life because I'm kind of at a stage where I want to commemorate my commitment to living.

Here's what I don't want:
- An ankh
- Something in a pretty asian language that I can't read
- A tree of life
- A pentacle

Unfortunately, if you plug "symbol of life" into google, that's pretty much what comes up. I also want something that can be done fairly small, since I want to get it behind my ear. If I can't find a symbol that I like/that seems meaningful to me, I was also thinking of getting a short quote in script that curls around behind my ear. So far, I've only found a few that really speak to me.

Basically, I'm trying to brainstorm right now, and I could use the help of a few brains that function better than mine. My best prospect right now is a song lyric that I'm sure I'll end up hating when I'm old and wrinkly.

So, what symbolizes life? And what are your favorite inspirational-but-not-cheesy quotes about life?

oh, the angst.

How much leeway are you willing to give a group of friends who consistently disappoint you (before you just let them go)?

In such a situation, how can you tell if they're *really* honestly hopeless as opposed to your standards just being too high?

How do you get over the past, move forward, and stop dwelling on the nostalgia of old friends? The past always seems so sunny.....
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1. This may provoke a few "OMG JUST GO YOU SELFISH JERK!" responses, but whatever.
My sister wants to go to a show Friday at a park in the next city over. The friend she thought she was going with can't go now, and Mom understandably doesn't want her going alone (she's 13, looks about 16, and there's always a chance for creepy folks being there, being a pretty big public park). Basically, if I don't go, she doesn't go. I had no plans of attending this show, because I can't stand hardcore/screamo, and the place is bound to be swarming with pretentious hipsters. Now and then we do go to shows together, when bands we both enjoy play, but this time even she has said, "Eh, you'd hate them all".
Should I give my sister a couple hours of my Friday evening/these bands a few dollars of my money or wait for another show to come around with bands playing that we both like?

2. Maybe I'm just not  "getting it", but why would one want/need to use spray-on lube? To avoid slippery palms maybe?

Edit: 3. Anybody else spend too much time at TQC and find everyday things reminding you of the community and/or it's members? Share, so I don't feel so alone/creepy.
During community band practice we played a medley of Disney songs, and I thought of seanutbutter. The same thing happened just now while listening to "Magic Kingdom In The Sky" by Da Vinci's Notebook. The fuck?!