July 17th, 2006


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1. Did/do your parents display affection in front of you? If yes, how 'far' do they go with it while you're in their presence?

2. Did/do your parents sleep in the same bed? If no, elaborate, please.

3. When was your first serious relationship? Desribe it, how it started, how it ended, and all that, if you could.

4. Which do you value more - your closest friend or your signifigant other?

5. Do you honestly believe that people can be bisexual? asexual? pansexual?

6. What are your thoughts on the origins of homosexuality/bisexuality/asexuality/pansexuality (fuck, it is hard to be politically correct about all these sexualities, I'm sure I'm leaving some out, but it's anything that's NOT heterosexuality, baisically) in a person? Genetics, choice, a result of upbringing, etc?
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Movies to rent & Work-related injuries


1) What are good fighting movies? (Not boxing or military, more along the lines of Fight Club or Green Street / Hooligans.)

2) I feel like watching something like Harry Potter or Narnia, any suggestions of good fantasy-type movies to rent?


3) Have you ever had any work-related injuries? If so, what were they and how did you get them?

I'm always getting knocked up (bruises, etc., I've never been pregnant, thank you) and coming home with marks, scrapes, and bruises that I have no idea how I got-like I'm still five years old. I don't really have any injuries from work but I have hurt myself there. One time on my way to work I was rushing out the door and hit my elbow on an outer wall corner. Gave myself what my doctor called a "bone bruise". I also cut myself with a pair of scissors for the first time at my job. I was opening up a new bag of candy (I work bar at Cheeburger.) and just kind of...kept cutting right into my hand. It was a pretty nasty cut. It was weird, I knew what I was doing but it just didn't click to STOP CUTTING INTO YOUR HAND, JESSICA. Still haven't stapled myself though, and I say that proudly. And I have constant bruises on my wrists because of this damn thing. When I'm making a milkshake I have to do this up and down motion and the plastic part on the mixer slides up so when I'm doing it I'm pretty violent (because I want to be efficient) and end up giving myself bruises. Sweet. Okay, now you share.

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1. Anyone ever dream about work?
2. Who all here has gotten into physical conflict at work? Was it directed at a customer or an employee? Thought about it?

3. Why am I obsessed with jumping over the bar at my jobs? Even though I've never done it.
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1) Why do you think so many people (in the US) live in poverty?
2) Do you think it is possible for anyone to escape the cycle of poverty?
3) How responsible do you feel past social policies/practices are for the continuing racial segregation between social classes?

If you are comfortable with it...

4) What social class do you consider yourself a part of?
5) What was your childhood neighborhood like?
6) What are your plans for 'the future'?
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Okay guys HELP

If someone can help me I will be forever grateful and will sing your praises.

I have had for several days a sharp pain going from by back to my chest. It is mid back, just below the shoulderblade on my right side...and shoots clear through my body to my chest cavity, right undernearth the inner part of my right breasticle.

It's pretty much a dull roar from the back, but when I breathe deep in the front I feel a sharp piercing feeling... sort of like a knife is there. I also have had the worst time sleeping, because whatever position I am in it hurts. If I lay on my side it's almost like it's pulling on my breast.

I've tried googling, but chest pain is generally considered a heart attack. I wouldn't rule that out, except it's on the wrong side. My coworker said it's probably an air bubble in my body, however it hasn't moved at all and her prescription of drinking soda and burping a lot hasn't helped at all.

I've been going to the gym a lot more recently, and thought maybe I could have sprained a muscle when doing chest presses..but I haven't done it in a few days...like 5 or 6 days and the pain has been going on for I guess 3..4 tops.

So! This is keeping me from sleeping and making life/living/working pretty painful. Help???
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1. If you wash your face with something in particular, what do you use?
2. Is it cheap? Where do you buy it from?
3. What kind of skin do you have? (sensitive...dry...oily...etc.)
4. What's a good face lotion? Something that isn't greasy.
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1. for guys: on a pain scale of 1 to 10, with 10 as the equivalent of being brutally mauled and 1 as a mosquito bite, how much does it hurt to get kicked in the junk?

2. do you think casual sex can be "just sex" for both participants? or do you think that one person will eventually want more than the other?

3. does romantic love have to involve some sort of physical attraction?

4. which would you rather have: to be able to sleep all you want or to be able to eat all you want?

computer behavior :(

I am posting from my sidekick.

I'm hoping someone can help me on this.

the electricity went out on saturday morning. When it came back on, I turned on my computer and tried to get online. When I hit dial, the computer restarted itself. the error box stated that the modem was in use or was not configured properly, so I unplugged the phone line. It still said modem in use.

I have an eMachines computer.

Any way I can fix this? I have no funds to take the computer to the computer shop in town.


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upon reading comments to the question about the job at the toyota dealership, i am absolutely staggered as to how low those wages sound! i've NEVER been paid less than $12 an hour for any job (unless you count babysitting when i was 13). since i turned 18, i've made at least $16 an hour at every retail/hospitality job i've done. plus, nearly double that on sundays, and about $40-$50 an hour on public holidays.

as far as i know, we don't have a 'minimum wage' as such here. the government sets minimum values for how much one can be paid, but it changes depending on the industry , your experience, and your age.

what is the minimum wage where you live??? how do you feel about it?

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ladies, have any of you sold your eggs? what was it like?

landies and gents, what do you think about selling or even donating sperm or eggs?
(i'll comment with my thoughts)
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Job questions

1. How do you persuade your contact at the temp agency you work for to find you a new job when the old one is still paying you money even as it destroys your spirit?
It took me 4 months to find this job, you'd think I'd be more grateful.

2. Failing that, how do you persuade another temp agency to give you a job?
I do have skills. I just don't speak the local language fluently enough which limits my options.

3. Given that I often don't have any work to do but have to be at work for a set period, is it OK to work on my own projects during that time?
I suspect my boss would say 'no'.
Would it be better to spend this time goofing around on the internet?
Somehow being unproductive seems more ethical.
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Demonic Printers and Death

I'm pretty sure my printer is in need of an exorcism. It has taken to spitting printed documents out at me. The last paper shot out and landed under my co-worker's desk - a good 8 feet away.

Do you ever have problems like this with office machines?

And my real question is this:
Suppose we live in a world where you get to pick how you die and when. Anything at all. How and when would you go? Gruesome, creative, do tell.
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Stupid Windows XP

I created another user account for a friend who will be borrowing my computer while I'm away. It told me that I *had* to create an administrator act before creating another, which I thought was odd because the account I was using at that moment was an administrator acct. Anyway, I create a separate one named administrator, and the one for my friend, and thus it lists 3 accounts when I look at User Accts.

I had to restart, and when the startup screen came up it only listed the new admin acct and the acct for my friend. The old admin acct, and all my old settings/desktop stuff, are now gone.

I logged in under the "new" administrator account and my desktop was different, the startup programs were different etc, but most importantly the Sims2 saved stuff was all gone when I tried to access them in the game. Where did they go? Where's all the stuff that was saved to the other desktop? Is it gone forever? Because that would blow.


I will preface this question by explaining that I'm out of my parents' house for the first time (besides college) and I'm trying to figure out all the dos and don'ts of cooking.

With that being said, is it okay to still use potatoes once they've sprouted "eyes"? I'm assuming that it is, but I think the "eyes" are gross looking so I wasn't sure.

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so today i went back to see how many posts landed on that "WHAT DOES D.C. STAND FOR IN WASHINGTON, D.C.?" question...and it's GONE!

then earlier i saw someone post a question about masturbation in public...I was going to read answers...and IT is gone, too!

My question...how often do you think people post and delete questions?
Is this a regular thang?
or a new phenomenon?
does this bug you like it bugs me??
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What did you/will you have for lunch today?

I had a cheeseburger hot pocket, baked lays with hummus dip (that turned out AWESOME with sesame oil subbed for tahini), and diet lemonade.

What is/are your pet(s)' name(s)?

Deuce, Bella, Rosie, Nacho, Whitey.

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1. What's the worst movie you've seen in awhile? Why did it suck so much?

2. What are some really emotional movies? They don't have to have horrible endings or anything (like, not necessarily House of Sand and Fog or Requiem for a Dream or Hotel Rwanda...more like Shawshank Redemption, Crash, The Red Violin, etc.) Thanks!

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1. How do you feel about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints(Mormons)?

2. If you have a doorbell, would you prefer visitors knock or ring the doorbell, or both?
2b. Which do you tend to do?
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a few questions about cops/traffic violations
(centrally, though, in the state of new york) :

-is swerving technically illegal?
i know it's certainly cause to be pulled over, as it is illegal to drive drunk or recklessly, but is crossing over a yellow line actually illegal in itself, if for a brief moment?
-cops tailgating: what is the legality in that?

but mainly

-what exactly is a "warning?"
is it just a verbal, "don't do this again" type deal?
or is it entered in the computer: "they've been warned" etc
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Low powered vampires

This is a longshot but does anyone know which Eddie Izzard dvd the bit about low powered vampires is on? I think it's either Unrepeatable or Definite Article but I don't remember. -_-

(I'm thinking Unreatable because I don't remember him wearing the red outfit while saying it but it's been a while. I lose at being an Eddie fan.)
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Ok, seriously. What's the deal with deleting your questions? You ask a silly question, live with the answers. You can change the post's settings so replies aren't emailed to you anymore if they bother you so much. We were having fun.

Who agrees?

Discount Stores

I will be going to New York and Orlando in a matter of days .. 
I was just wondering if people could give me a list of discount stores,{their location and what you think of them/rate them} i hear so much about in NY and mainly Orlando (as i will be spending the bulk of my time there) such as century 21 and so forth ...
Thanks in advance ;)
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For our multi-cultural cookers?

Or maybe someone who's Korean in here...
I've been searching for the past 15 minutes online for a deok recipe. Just plain deok, nothing but rice, and maybe seseme oil? (I have no idea which is why I need a recipe). If anyone has one, I would be really thankful :)

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Poll #771896 cars, yo

Given the option, what would you rather have?

45 miles per gallon, but it's sloooow
a car that goes 150mph in 3rd gear, but OPEC sends you christmas cards
a boring ol' "family car" that gets normal mileage at highway speed

favorite 60s-era musclecar, of these options?

Chevy Camaro
Ford Mustang
Pontiac Trans Am
Dodge Dart (hah)
Plymouth Road Runner (meep meep)

Do you drive?

oh, definitely
no, I don't
I don't like driving, but I can
I wanna but I can't
I have no opinion on this subject 'cause I'm... apathetic
things with 4 wheels scare me
things without tank-tracks scare me
I like pie
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Hamster Vampirism And Rabies

Since there was a great amount of interest in a seldom-talked-about topic (at least not that I have seen in this forum), I am re-posting the question posted and then deleted by someone else (whose identity will not be mentioned, in the interests of ZOMG INTERNET PRIVACY!!!!111 just recently:

"I was trying to pick up my hamster and she bit me really hard. It drew blood almost immediately. I am sure she got some of my blood in her mouth. If she did taste my blood, will it cause her to go rabid?"

Please, people. This is a serious issue. Be sensitive. Any tips/suggestions/preventative measures to control the vampirism of hamsters, gerbils, or any other small household pets is appreciated. Just because we don't talk about it much in "nice" conversation does not mean it is not a real, and heartbreaking, issue to many.
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1. Do you think that a 5-year-old child who is exposed to movies like Chucky, Freddy Krueger, etc, would be more likely to be afraid of movies like those when they're older than if they weren't exposed to them? Were you exposed to movies like that or other graphic movies when you were young? Are you scared to any extent of graphic movies now?

2. You get home after shopping and notice something that wasn't yours was accidently put in your bag, but you weren't charged for it either. It's a little over $4 and it's something you can actually use. Would you keep it or return it to the store which is only a few blocks away?
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1. can you ever not decide whether or not you like someone? i'm usually REALLY judgmental and am quick to make decisions about people, so it pisses me off when i can't decide. i don't mind changing my initial judgment, i just hate not being able to make one

2. what song is in your head right now? "loungin' (who do you love?)" by ll cool j, for some ungodly reason
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What kind of milk do you drink most often?

3.25% (Whole/Homogenized)
Milk from an animal other than a cow.
Some kind of hippy soy or rice "milk".
I don't drink any milk or milk-type products.

Why is chocolate milk typically 1%?

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Last night, while looking at some of my cat's photos on my iPod Video, a rap song suddenly came on. Odd thing is, I don't have anything even remotely similar to rap music on my iPod. I performed a thorough check through my music, and still found nothing. What in Walter's name…?

Is my iPod haunted? There is no other explanation for such a thing, right?

Oh, and on a different subject – Happy 51st Birthday Disneyland!
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Movie?, Cookie Dough Ice cream, This Comm., Ghosts and things, Criminals, Myself, TV


1) There was a movie I watched on TV with my parents probably in the late '90s but I can't remember what it was.
I only remember part of it. Basically, it's a man and woman who seem to be con artists who are a couple? Maybe not a couple, but there was definitely sexual tension.
Anyway, I remember the guy to be bald or have a buzz-cut, a little Jason Statham-like, and the girl to have short blonde hair. But I could be completely wrong.
The scene I remember is them at this house they're trying to get into and the guy is trying to break in but the girl simply reaches over the door frame and finds a key. Then she tells him something about how most people hide keys in places that are easy to find or whatever.
And then they live in the house for a few days because the owners are apparently gone on vacation or something. She takes a shower. That's all I've got.
I don't know. Any ideas what this movie is?

x-posted to whatwasthatone.

Cookie Dough Ice cream

2) Do you eat all the cookie dough balls in cookie dough ice cream and leave the rest for somebody else to find? Be honest.
I once felt really bad about it and took pieces of cookies dough, balled them up, and put them back in the ice cream.

This Community

3) Would it ruin things if you knew what everybody in this community looked like? Some people are featured in their own icons (including myself), but does how someone look affect how you think of that person? Would you prefer to think of that person with your own made-up image in your head?

Ghosts and things

4) Do you believe in ghosts? Have you had any experience with ghosts/spirits/those from the dead/etc.?

5) Ooh, what about werewolves/fantasy creatures/etc.? Beliefs, experiences?

Criminals, yay!

6) Has your (or somebody you know) house ever been broken into/robbed? While you or that person was there? Have you ever seen someone lingering outside your house at night who shouldn't have been? Or anything of the like?


7) Am I far too active in this community or not active enough?
I take breaks from communities sometimes, so I'm not always up to date on things. I'm not incredibly active. However, at the moment, I'm thinking of every question I want to ask here.

8) Ugh, why can't I remember everything else I was going to ask?


TV Shows

9) Do you watch any detective/mystery-type shows? Which ones?

10) Have you been watching USA's Psych? How do you feel about it?
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(no subject)

Baby shower before the baby's born, yay or nay (or don't care)?

If you feel strongly about it being after, have you ever been to one before the baby was born? Do you know the reasons why?

Edit: I've only been to ones before the baby was born. Today a couple of coworkers were talking about baby showers and how it is stupid to hold it before the baby comes. There might be complications and the baby may not be born was their reasoning. They were really passionate about it so I was wondering if that thinking was widespread or not.
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(no subject)

1. For an all expense paid, one week vacation anywhere in the world, would you be willing to murder a beautiful butterfly by pulling off it's wings?

2. Which of your senses would you be most willing to lose? Least?

3. Do you tend to embellish stories when you tell them?
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(no subject)

1. What's your favorite quote?
2. What's the funniest thing you've ever heard?
3. What's your favorite language? Do you speak it? Teach me something fun in it.
4. Top 5 greatest musicians of all time, in no particular order?
5. Favorite mixed drink?
6. Top 5 greatest American presidents, in no particular order. Explain if you have to.
7. Top 5 worst American presidents ever, in no particular order. Explain if you think you have to.
8. Do you preheat the oven before you make a pizza? I realize this is what you're supposed to do, but I don't bother and the pizzas Imake taste fine. I wonder if I'm alone on this.
9. When did you start doing your own laundry? I've been doing it myself since I moved in with my dad when I was 6 and never really thought much about it, but it was recently brought to my attention that normally mothers will do stuff like that for their kids. I'm wondering for how long?

(no subject)

1. Your arch nemesis(ises) has managed to capture your signifigant other, your best friend (and no, in this scenario, your best friend and SO can't be the same person), and a class of 2nd graders from the nearest public school. They're locked seperate chambers and some kind of killer gas is set to be released so they'll just nod off and die, painlessly. You only have time to get to one of the chambers, break in, and keep the gas from going off - so who do you save?

2. Pick your two favorite bands. If this is insanely difficult and causing you stress, fine, pick three. Now pretend they are, for whatever reason, put in a wrestling ring and have to duke it out. Who wins? I want details!

3. Same bands. This time, instead of a physical brawl, it's battle of the bands, high school style. It's about who can shred faster, whose lyrics make you sniffle, which bass gets the place thumpin', all that. Musically - who would win?

4. What's your favorite inside joke that you have with your friends? How did it come about?

5. What funny movie (or non-funny) do you quote the most often in regular conversation?

6. What is the most offensive joke that you know of?

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Can anyone tell me how to lower the image quality in ImageReady? For example, I made an animated gif from an avi that I have. It's 100x100 and it is over 300k. I cannot, for the life of me, find where I can lower this number. Thanks!

rent application

I'm applying for an apartment for the first time, and on the application it says "Name of Bank", "Branch", and "Account #" ... is the account number standard? I thought they just called up to the banks and said my name and checked that. They can't do anything bad with my account number, can they?!

I'm paranoid.

What is something that you forgot to bring/buy when you first moved out on your own?

EDIT: I guess the account number is on the cheque. I forgot about that. So if I'm applying they would see it anyway.
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Bell Mobility

I'm getting a Bell Mobility phone from my brother, and I'm switching from a monthly plan to Pay as you Go. Is there any way I can still use voicemail, keeping the Pay as you Go thing in mind?

what is this plant?

I bought this plant at the grocery store over the weekend, but there was no label with its name on it. Here are some pictures.


There are 2 or 3 different shades of green and the leaves have an awesome crinkly texture. My mom guessed it might be a begonia plant, but isn't sure. Any ideas?
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1. I have an interview at Mcdonald's tomorrow (yes... hahaha... get it out of your system) and the manager told me to bring my social security card, my working papers, and a photo ID. The problem is that I have lost my working papers. I think my first job actually has them. I'm 17, though, and I'll only be working there AT MOST for a month to a month and a half. Will they care if I don't have my working papers at the time of hiring? What should I say? I think my old job still has the original copies, and there's no way I can get them back from them. I can't even get the 150-some dollars I'm still owed.

a.What landline telephone carrier do you use? How much is it per month?
b. Cell phone?

3. What internet service do you have?

4. What cable or television service do you have?

5. What is your favorite frozen food dinner?
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Web Cam, Live video

Whats the best site to put up live video from a web cam? For free preferably.

The extended version:
My Aunt is having a wedding shower in colorado and all of us in CT want to watch it. Im planning on setting up a link that can be easily clicked(the maid of honor isn't computer savy) so that anyone can watch the shower in CO.
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What are you ridiculously frustrated about right this second?

(Mine: I can't find the FAFSA form I had to practically sign my life away to get my mother to fill out the 'parent' section of, and she's refusing to fill out another. I've looked for the flipping thing for 4 hours now.)

What is...

..the nicest way to suggest to someone that you care about that they take better care of their hygiene? Body odour, for instance? Especially when you know it will be embarrassing for them?

Edit: Let's say they are your friend, not your significant other- to be specific.


Can you give a very simple definition of a podcast?

Do you use podcasts? If not, are you interested in it? or is it lame?

How long have you had your mp3 player before you got a replacement?

(no subject)

I'm not particularly religious, so excuse this question if it offends you in any way. I've never studied the Bible in any matter, so would someone enlighten me of the following:

What are some lines from the bible about the end of the world, which books should I look through, etc.?

On that note, whats your least favorite artificial flavoring flavor?
(Cherry for me.)
Self cleaning

(no subject)

What's the nicest thing someone has done for you lately?

I'm getting cookies from one person on my friend's list, and someone else anonymously bought me 12 months of a paid account. If that anonymous person was you, thank you!
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(no subject)

*Based off ads for '30 Days' and something overheard at the bus stop*

Is it really difficult fiscally, mentally, so forth, to become a legal US citizen? I've heard so many illegal-resident school kids say things like, "I'm an asset to this country...I want to go to college, start a business, etc." If they want to be successful, why not make things easier and become a citizen? Or is there more to it?

(no subject)

This is my hw assignment:

You’re going to write two short scenes, please use two different POVs (1st person, 2nd person, 3rd person) for the scenes (by that, I mean, write one in, for example, 1st person and the second one in 3rd person. Or vice versa)

1. From the child’s POV,
2. Then from the grandparent’s,

I don't understand how I can use a POV other than first person for one of them if it says from the child's and then from the grandparent's. Don't I have to use first person for both?

(no subject)

i've just realized something thats a big turn on for me:

A guy I met online told me "as soon as i get my shit together, you're mine"

and i was just like dang yo, thats hot!!!! I just loved how he was so possessive of me! heehee

So what turns you on baby? ;-)
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mp3 question

When downloading an album as a ZIP file from a site like SendSpace or YouSendIt, how do you get that album onto iTunes? I can't figure it out...I see it when I look at it on My Computer, but I don't know how to get those songs into iTunes or onto my iPod. Thank you!
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(no subject)

Has anyone seen either of the Bon Jovi/Nickelback concerts that have occured yet?

If so, can you tell me what time they actually started at? Were there opening acts? I don't need to know about which of them went on first or anything, but my friends and I are trying to figure out if we're going to miss anything if we're late.
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(no subject)

Does anyone here meditate? I'm interested in learning more about meditation and trying it out in a more serious/focused way. Right now I listen to a guided meditation cd sometimes before I go to bed, but I'm interested in doing it without a cd as well.

If you meditate, how did you get started? And how would you recommend a complete beginner get started?

(no subject)

i am an assistant to an artist / small business owner.

she and her husband have asked me to house-sit for them a few times later this summer. the first time is for 2 nights, the next is for 5 nights, and the last time is for 12 nights. their house is only 15 minutes from mine, so the relocating isn't an issue.

my tasks will be only to take care of her small dog and to bring in the mail, and she wants me to sleep at the house each night. she also said i could use her car (i don't have my own).

they asked me to think about how much money i would like to be paid, and i have no concept of what is average.

what do you guys think?
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"Why'd I do that?"

What's one of the dumbest things you've ever bought? I don't mean something whimsical, I mean something you bought, you still have it, and every time you look at it you think "why the hell did I buy this? What the hell was I thinking?"

I bought a crummy samurai sword. It's stowed away in a closet so I don't hafta look at it and think "man, that was a dumb thing to buy".

Breast cancer

What are the bumps on the breast supposed to feel like if it's a symptom of breast cancer? To make my question clearer, is it more of a "pimple" type bump, where it raises over the skin, or is it harder to detect, like a muscle type of bump, part of your bone? Is it supposed to hurt like a bruise?
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1. What do you call your parents?
I call my dad Daddy, and if my mom were still alive I'd call her Mommy. I always refer to her as Mommy when I'm talking about her.

2. How old are you?

3. Do you think it's weird for people to still call to them Mommy and Daddy after a certain age? If you do, what age?
No, but I know a lot of people who think it's weird I still call my dad Daddy.