July 16th, 2006

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Ok, I give up. I've googled and I still can't find what I'm looking for but maybe I'm just not entering the right keywords.

Does anyone know where I can find a site that I can enter in the contents of a recipe and find out the nutritional content of the finished product? (I'd rather it be a free site with no software to download, as well.)


questions for dog owners

1. If you own a dog, what kind of dog(s) do you have?

2. What sort of domicile do you live in? House, apartment, etc?

3. How often do you walk (or other forms of exercise) your dog?

4. Do you have any other pets?

5. Have you always had dogs growing up, or did you get your dog once you were older, out on your own?

6. Can you suggest any good books or resources on dogs, their care and training to me?

My reasons for asking these questions are under the cut, and if anyone who would be kind enough to offer me advice on the subject, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Of course any pictures are welcome! :)
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Possibly lame computer question

I've been told that to get a screen capture you simply hit 'print screen' then save it to your desktop or whatever.


this doesn't work on my computer. I do that and nothing happens at all.
I have Windows XP.

Anybody know why it doesn't work for me?

ok, now it works for me. lol thanks!

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Have you had any UFO experiences? ;) I swear to god, my friend and I saw one last night. I don't wanna believe in aliens, but WTF was that giant, lit-up dragonfly thing at 2AM that vanished into thin air.....
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My first tattoo

So I'm getting inked for the first time next week (I hope) and I'm looking for any advice you may have.

I've already chosen the design, the position and the artist - who is very trustworthy, he did all my brother's tattoos and he's never had any problems before. He's very good too. So do you guys have any advice for me? I'm a little nervous since I'm really afraid of needles, but I really want this, so I'm going to do it no matter how scared I get.
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1) For ladies who drink alcohol and get their period, have you ever noticed that if you drink while you have your period you get crampy? Does anyone know why this is? I've noticed it twice now and in a discussion with my friend and her other good friend they commented that it's happened to them too. So why do alcohol and uterus' not mix?

2) Edit Since I seem to be getting "I don't know what you want or need" answers... what would you be asking for your birthday?

The problem is I can't think of anything I want or need off the top of my head, so I'm curious to see what other people would think of. If it were your 21st birthday, what would you want? (besides the obvious gift of alcohol)

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What's your favorite foreign film and why?

(and if it's Amelie, then what's your second favorite?)

EDIT: also, does anyone know what the name of the Japanese film that "The Lakehouse" was made after?

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Okay, my husband loves the song "Phenomena" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and swears that the melody was lifted from some other song from the 70s or 80s... I've been utterly unable to recall what song he might be thinking of. And yes, I know the words of the chorus were based on Grandmaster Flash/LL Cool J... I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about the melody itself. Anyone have any idea what he's talking about?

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Does any one know if Thermardol is vegetarian-i live in the UK i'm off on holiday soon and need drastic loss + energy ASAP.

Much love for anyone who gives me the answer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Problem with Firefox

Some webpages open up normal looking for me in Friefox and IE, and some open normal in IE, but like this in Firefox [minus the blurriness]:

All text is missing and links are replaced by those blue lines.
Pages like this used to open normally in Firefox.
This has been going on since I replaced my hard drive.
Anyone know what happened or how to fix it?

Questions about call centers


I need to locate some studies I first heard quoted when I joined the training staff at call center a couple of years ago. According to the study, call center jobs faced the highest levels of stress and the greatest rate of turnover of other jobs. They also covered things that could elict a staff to stay longer. My boss had come upon them at a conference devoted to call center management at that time (Summer 2004.)

Googling didn't help me. I seem to be searching the wrong keywords. Does anyone here have any idea what I'm talking about? Or where I might locate them? Gracias.
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Has anyone ever seen G. Love in concert? I'm seeing him/them next Saturday in Baltimore (FREE, YAY), and not being a big fan (I've heard a couple songs, but I don't own any of their/his CDs), I'm curious as to what I am in for.

Is G. Love one guy and Special Sauce the band?

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Is it possible to make a poseur-hummus without tahini? My little country grocery store didn't have any.

What is your opinion of NASCAR?

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Have you ever had someone win an online auction of yours and then contact you to say, "I'm sorry... but my dumb butt can't afford to pay for the auction of yours that I just won."

What do you do or have you done in this situation?

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1. Have you ever been in an elevator that had elevator music? I never have.

2. What college(s) did you/do you go to?

3. What modes of transportation have you used? (For example: Car, Tramway, Plane, Boat, Subway, etc...).

4. What celebrity do you consider to have the best style? What about the best hair?

5. What is the most depressing movie you have seen? What about the most depressing book? Song?

6. What is the most UPLIFTING?

7. What about the most influential?

8. I just a got a car, but it doesn't have a CD player. Can you even get a CD player for a 1993 Saturn? How much do they run used? I don't want to shell out $150+ for a CD player.
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Barbequed Corn

How the hell do you barbeque corn on the cob? I've googled it, but I just get like "ZOMG SAVOURY HERBED CORN" recipes, not just simple directions (ie: do I wrap it in tinfoil? how long do I cook it?).

Oh, the corn has been husked. :S

Got it figured out, thanks!

Just hanging out.

How do you feel when you are invited to the home of someone you are dating for no reason at all? For example, you just sit there as they do chores or work, and you end up just watching them...

Do you mind this or does it frustrate you?
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ok. 2 questions.

1.) what are some of your favorite insults? i'm trying to eliminate words like fag, gay, retarded, and other words like that from my vocabulary because i feel like a bad person when i use words that refer to a certain group of people that doesn't deserve to be degraded. i want to use safe insults that don't bring a negative connotation to groups of minorities. they could be as vulgar/harsh/obscene/dirty/inappropriate/powerful as possible as long as they don't target a specific group.

2.) i don't know much about the color purple and i was wondering what the significance of the title is.

thanks in advance.

Chemistry experts or the super creative

Here is the effect I am trying to get:

Two clear liquids to produce an awesome, colorful effect. I don't need it to boil over, just to create some vibrant colors once the two clear liquids are blended.

Why I am asking: instead of doing a unity candle at my wedding, I want to do a "unity font", where we each have a pitcher of clear liquid, and when we pour them into a glass vase together, a breathtaking effect can be observed.

Any ideas?
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Mathy stuff

1. Did you attend public or private schools? (Or none of the above?)

2. In what grade/at what age were you first introduced to:
a. Addition/subtraction
b. Multiplication/division
c. Algebra/trigonometry

[edit] 3. Did you ever have to do Mad Minutes?

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When a relationship ends, do you think it's in the best interest of the two parties involved for the dumpee to continue contacting the person who dumped them?

What kind of image does it paint of the person who got dumped?

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What, in your opinion, is the 'point' of art? What is it for? Why do people pay millions and millions of pounds for paintings that are of no use to anybody? What's so special about paintings like the Mona Lisa? Why do people care?

Tell me. I'm curious.
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1. Does Tracy Chapman seem like a man to you?
2. How do you feel about breast feeding in public? Does your opinion change if the woman is attractive?
3. Have you ever mooned anyone? Been mooned?
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1. Were you homeschooled/do you or did you homeschool your children?

2. If you weren't homeschooled, do you know anyone who was?

3. Do you feel that you/someone you know that was homeschooled is any different from someone that went to a public/private school?

4. Do you feel that their social development is less than, the same as, or above that of a public/private schooled person?

5. Do you feel that their logical and/or scholastic development is less than, the same as, or above that of a public/private schooled person?

College questions.

-Where do you go to school (college)/where are you going to go/where do you want to go?
-What are you interested in pursuing?
-Do you know of any schools with an excellent psychology program?
-Ditto an excellent Advertising program?
-Ditto an excellent Broadcast News program?
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Inspired by an episode of South Park and the fact I just stopped playing Kingdom Hearts 2 in order to watch the Venture Brothers.

What do the members of Organization 13 have on under their robes?

I'd say nothing, but it looks like them things chafe something fierce,
lulu guinness clutch

Charleston Chew, freeze dried food, and Minnesota!

1. Do you like Charleston Chews? What is your favorite flavor? At what temperature do you like them best?
Kind of, I like vanilla kind of warm, and strawberry frozen.

2. What freeze dried foods have you had? Which ones did you like?
Ice cream, apples, bananas, and strawberries. I didn't like the ice cream but the strawberries and bananas were okay. I love the apples though, I buy them all the time.

3. I'm going to Minnesota in mid August with my dad, what are some things we should definitely do and see?
I don't think we're really going to be in the southern part of the state at all.EDIT: I'm not completely sure as to where we are going, but I know we're going to stay in or around Minneapolis for two nights, and in Duluth for one night, and we're going to International Falls but I have no idea how long we'll be there, the whole trip will be 6 nights.
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So Dodge has a new commercial out with this German/Dutch/something European dude talking about the trucks and then the one guy comes over and gets onto him for not mentioning the engine. Right before that happens, they show a spread of all these cars and trucks, and on the right is a tourbus. You heard me, a tourbus. And a semi, I believe.

Where on earth can I find more info on this tourbus online? It's not on their website. I didn't know Dodge made tourbuses.

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What is the name of the song where the beginning is someone playing the piano really fast?

It might be by Billy Joel, I don't know

EDIT: it was in one of the video clips during the ESPY's tonight which is what made me think of it.

And I am loving all the comments

EDIT AGAIN: I got it

billy Joel - Angry Young Man

but thanks for all of your lovely comments

they were very uhh thoughtful =D
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