July 15th, 2006

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1) Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts?

2) What's your shoe size? (men or women)

1) I'm in love with Krispy Kreme, but some people say they're sickeningly sweet.

2) I'm a 4 in kids and a 5-6 in women's.
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1. What's the longest period of time you've ever been without sleep? How long did you sleep when you finally did?

2. Do you like trail mix?

3. What's your favorite fabric?

4. What upcoming event are you most looking forward to?

5. What's the longest time, recently, that you haven't been on the Internet?

6. What would be the best kind of foam mattress to get?

7. Do you think your you are more, less, or as successful as your peers? Why?

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Workplace secrets

What are some of the secrets of your job? Something that people wouldn't know unless they worked there or were a regular?

For example, when someone sends something in for repair, it just sits there for a few days before actually being sent to the engineers.
Or maybe there's a great "secret" drink that isn't on the menu, but available to anyone that asks for it.
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my mom has a 5 cd stereo (one with the circular player things) from probably the 90's. Today she tried to put a CD in, but the tray for the CDs wouldn't come all the way out. It only comes about halfway, and when you try to close it again it moves back and inch, and you try to open it, it moves forward an inch. the circular thing moves just fine, the tray itself doesn't. From what I can see it doesn't look like anything has jammed. Anyone know what's up/how it can be fixed?
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I'm looking for a book about Catherine the Great for a friend of mine. Any recommendations from the historians?

(I want something that's an enjoyable read more than a comprehensive reference.)

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Have any of you ever used the Priceline "Name Your Price" feature? What was your experience with it? I worry about getting some crazy 2am flight time or getting bumped from the flight or some other unforeseen catch. Please share any good/bad experiences you know of.
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1. Have any of you had success petitioning a grade you didn't deserve? Is it worth it?
I asked for a breakdown of my points for a class I got a B in. I ended up 2.6 points away from an A. The only thing I can argue is that I should have received a higher grade on one of our assignments.

2. Can a person develop allergies to meat?
Lately when I eat chicken, beef and fish, especially by themselves, I feel extremely nauseous. I think my body hates me since I have issues w/ dairy as well.

3. What vegetables do you like? By themselves or with other foods.
I ask b/c I just realized that my friends strongly dislike vegetables, even common ones such as cucumber, tomato, lettuce.. wtf. This leads me to believe that people don't know how to cook. Is this why we like Rachel Ray?

4. Who loves Nong Shim brand Korean ramen?
If you've never had it, you must go buy some now. It's "gourmet spicy" and you'll have a wonderful happy time eating it.

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1. What's your opinion of flea markets/yard sales/garage sales?
me: i love to look through other people's junk.... but i won't stop if the sale doesn't look at least half-decent

2. What's your favorite season of the year?
definitely the Fall... i love the crisp air, leaves fallin off the tree, the browns and oranges, etc.

3. Most disgusting vegetable out there?
peas... ugh

4. How would you rate your driving skills on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best?
a 6.5, mostly because of a lack of confidence in my own driving skills

5. Do you prefer to use cash, checks, or cards?
cards usually.....i absolutely hate it when a store won't accept my cards!
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Very Political. I can't help it, I'm too irritated.

1. Did you know that the House is only scheduled to spend 100 days in session this year?
It's less than the famed "do-nothing Congress" of 1948 according to Buffalo News.

2. Did you know that the house reps just gave themselves a 3,300 raise in June?

3. How do you feel about the House in light of this?

4. Do you trust politicians?

5. Will you remember this in the next election?

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Sean and Julie

Long Time No See

Have you ever written a letter, as an adult, to a friend you had in elementary school whom you haven't seen since that time?

Did they respond to your letter in some form?

What would you think if you recieved a letter out of the blue from a friend you haven't seen since elementary school?

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When you're in a situation where you have to make small talk, what do you tend to talk about? What topics work best for you, and why?

As for me, I tend to talk about the other person's kids, if they have them. That tends to work rather well with customers at work.
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I'm moving to Juneau Alaska in 2 weeks. I'm from the Detroit area. What should I know about living in Alaska? What is a thing that I would never in a million years think of to bring but I will use a lot there? Jetlag tips? Anybody ever lived/visited in the area and have any inside knowledge of stuff to do/see/avoid? Wildlife issues?


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Does anyone know the difference between the Motorola SLVR L6 and L7 cell phones?

I'm a bit confused with all of this.

Will I be able use the bluetooth feature and transfer sound files from a friends phone to mine.

Also, the site says it is polyphonic ringtones - but if I were to transfer sounds from someone else's phone that was REAL music, would I be able to use that as my ringtone?
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I'm renting a car this weekend. Most of my driving will be in New York State, but I will be crossing into Canada for a bit of it. The car rental site says mileage restrictions are enforced if you leave New York State, but how would they know if I did?

Is it really worth it to tell them I'm crossing the border? It's only like 50 miles of the trip.

Also are there any issues with crossing the border in a rental that I should know of?
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1. My pipes squeal every morning when the sprinklers turn on. I think there isn't enough water going through the pipes. Could that be it? and if so, how would I fix that?

2. If you were to tell someone to go from highway 85 to highway 280, how would you word it? I would say "take 85 to 280". Some of my friends would say "take the 85 to the 280". Also, where are you from and are you a foreigner in your country? I"m from Northern California.
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1. What are some ways, tips, and techniques to study quicker, along with completing readings and "busy work" faster?

2. What are some ways to calm a toothache? All of my wisdom teeth hurt terribly, but I can't get them out until late september. I'm thinking Oragel won't work because wisdom teeth are in the back of my mouth. I've already taken a pain reliever, but it's not cutting it.

And because it's just SO important, and it's become ingrained in the mind and heart of every American...

3. Who do you like better: Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?

4. Vince Vaughn or Brad Pitt?

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DOes anyone know where I can get the video of "My Fear of Mustard and Pickles is Ruining my life"? It was on Web Junk today and it's hilarious and it's kinda an inside joke w/me and my bf because he loves mustard and pickles AND I HATE THEM. So I pretty much NEED to show him this. Hahaha.

Edit: I failed to mention that the link on YouTube (aka the first hit on Google) doesn't work no mo, thus causing every single other hit on Google to not work since they're all embeds of the YouTube video.

Also, this question has been answered and I found it easily on collegehumor.com. Just type "pickle" in the search field :)
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Why is the puppy I'm puppysitting eating the carpet, and how can I make her stop?

Why do dogs love hair? Everytime I've ever had a dog, whenever I lay on the carpet and they're feeling playful, they are all up in my hair.

I want pretty ears!

Where are some good places that I can find inexpensive ($10 or less) clip-on earrings that aren't just huge ugly stones? I want ones that resemble regular earrings-- dangle ones, hoops, cute ones that look like they're for children but aren't, etc.

No department store or ebay answers please.

Just in case you're curious..

I asked a question here yesterday..or the day before...about this song..I said it sounded like rihanna and everyone was very helpful, but I still couldn't figure it out. So today, I heard it at work, and I wrote down the lyrics, and just in case you were wondering, it's called gotta go by vivian green!

As for a question...

Do you keep alcohol in your house? And if so, what kind?