July 14th, 2006

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So I've been put in charge of making a bunch of mixed cds to be played at my 13 year old sister's birthday party tomorrow night...
Since the two of us have COMPLETELY different tastes in music, this is a much harder task than I originally thought it would be.
I'm trying to remember songs they played at, like, my middle school dances...

So far I have things like:
Usher's "Yeah Yeah Yeah"
Ciara's "SOS"
some Missy Elliot thing...
Fall Out Boy's "Dance, Dance"

haha. This list makes me laugh.

...but what would you recommend? I need 4+ hours and so far I've got 2.

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I made this mini-movie of a few pictures (kind of like a flashing icon) on this MyTheme Animator site someone showed me, and I want to put it on my journal.

Where can I go to host it so that you can view it without clicking a link?
So that it's just, already there flashing? Haha

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Is there anywhere online to get the lil sample bottles of cologne or perfume? I usually get them from the stores but Im no where near a city that has a store.

Also, how old were you when you got married? or how old would you like to be?
If it ended, how long did it last?
Were your parents divorced?
was it an ugly divorce?
How old were you when it happened?
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Help please, thank you!

I have someone in Prague SMSing me to aske where to find a miniature sculpture exhibition in Prague tomorrow morning, I'm here in the UK googling at 1am, I need to sleep, and I can't find the venue or address. Can anyone help? Thank you!!!!!!! I think the artist may be Ghazaryan.

Extra fast answering = extra gratitude and smiles :D

EDIT : MANY THANKS TO sesmo, WHO HAS ANSWERED! The exhibition looks very cool!
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I just got home recently. (From the Norwegian midnight premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean, if you'd care to know. :D! It was fun!)

Anyway - it is now 4am and I have realized my dilemma.

I have forgotten my contact lens case + glasses at a friend's house.

What should I doooo? I use 30-day contact lenses, and I'm not too used to them yet, and I'm not that many days into this pair. I have contact lens fluid here, but, well, nowhere to put the lens. I've thought of a bizarre scheme involving putting each lens in a big spoon and covering that spoon with another spoon.

But I'm not sure how that'll work.

Should I try using the spoons as a case?
Should I leave them in overnight as I sleep - I've heard that'll be incredibly painful in the morning, and difficult to get out?
Should I just stay awake all night and then totter to my friend's house in the morning to get my stuff back? It's 4am now after all, it'll only be a few more hours 'til the real "day" begins.

Heeeelp. D:
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What's something you would buy if it was a little less expensive?

I'd get a Darth Vader belt buckle. They're $20. I just can't justify that. I don't even own a belt. But if it was $10, I would buy it anyway.
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What is your favorite Latin phrase?

I'm looking for tattoo ideas (my second), and decided I want something in Latin (the only language I studied aside from English), but aren't sure what exactly or where.

If you have anything in Latin as a tattoo, post that as well!

Thanks bunches.
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Does anyone else think that Terminator 2 stands out among sci-fi/action flicks as a compelling love story and a real masterpiece of cinema? I mean, it's almost like a chick flick with explosions.

Do you think someone would have to see the back-story in Terminator to fully appreciate T2?
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Do you have a secondary account that you use to post to TQC with? Say, for questions you don't want associated with your primary username (embarrassing tmi questions, really *stupid* questions that you still need an answer to but don't want to look stupid under your primary, etc.)?

What is it? ;)
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Do you speak Chinese or Japanese? (Pet names!)

I am dogsitting for my boyfriend's cousin's chihuahua. This cousin is Chinese, and his wife is Japanese. Their dog is named "Poo-poo," which is possibly the worst dog name ever. However, the thought has crossed my mind that the name might be cuter in one of their prospective native languages. Maybe it's spelled "Pupu." So... any thoughts on this?

What are some other interesting pet names you've come across?
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In the recent issue of Vogue magizine Cecile Richards (the president of Planned Parenthood) was interviewed. In the interview it stated that she was a "lapsed unitarian".

What exactly does that mean? and frankly... is that possible?

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First of all, I am none of the following people. They're friends of mine. Sorry if it's a bit confusing.

Say Jack used to go out with Sarah (quite a few years ago) and they had a bad breakup, which Jack admits is fully his fault.
They haven't seen eachother in a while. In the intervening time, Jack's become friends with Jamie. Jack takes some time off work, and Sarah fills in for him. She and Jaime become very good friends. Jack comes back, and then he and Jaime start going out. Jaime is aware of the nature of Jack and Sarah's break-up.

Would you say this counts as 'bad' under the whole "don't date your friends' exes" thing? Is Sarah justified in being upset?

Collapse )
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Is cracking your knuckles really bad for you?
Does it really cause arthritis and make your knuckles bigger?
How many of you also do this without realizing how much you do it?

I have popped/cracked mine since I can remember, and all I know is that I'm really 'popping' air bubbles. It's also quite hard to stop doing.
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How much are you supposed to tip for haircuts?

I've never had a professional haircut in my life, but I'm getting one today.  When I was a kid, my sister would cut it, and since I was like twelve, I've had some pretty stupid punk haircuts that I would do myself or have a friend do because I felt stupid paying someone else to do it, and just lame.  But... yeah... recently, I've changed my mind.
I know you're supposed to tip barbers, but how much?  It's not a very fancy haircut at all, I'm not getting it styled or dyed or anything.

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1. What is/was your college GPA? What grades did you for each course (like an A for math, C in Composition...)

2. Did/do you work during college? How many hour per week?

3. Does having 17 credit hours and working 25 hours a week seem possible to do? I know some people say they work 40 hours a week but take on a full time college schedule.. do REAL people do this? People who aren't on coke?

4. Has anyone had an on-campus job? How many hours did you work? How much did you get paid?
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Where can I find a listing of the emails for all of the U.S. representatives?

I need the actual address and not the web forms because I am sending an email out to about 200 of them, from all over the country.

The only things I can find online are links to their website contact forms and not their actual addresses.

Give a dog a home


Are there any communities on LJ that are discussion/debate groups for pet ownership?

There's tons of informative communities, but I often have questions that I'd like to see discussed that don't necessarily pertain to me (like a discussion about invisible fences, even though I don't have one and don't need/want one, or a discussion about "do you think it's appropriate for a dog to do xyz in my home?" or "what is your opinion on outdoor cats?"). Something where people give there opinions in response to questions that are either theoretical in nature or actual.

Does that make sense? I guess what I mean is a booju_mooju for pets.
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I have an interview this Monday for an office job, and they asked me to bring "business refrences with their phone number." Does that just mean I should bring them some names and the person's number, or do I need people to write me letters of refrence?
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Years ago (1988?) I saw a movie about journalists in Beirut during the civil war. It was pretty good, I don't remember it very well, but the scene that sticks out in my mind was a love scene with two characters making love in a house, below the window level, as bullets whizz into the place over their heads. It was a joint venture between several different nations' film industry, and was in several different languages.

Does anyone know the title of this movie?
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Okay, I'm asking a question on behalf of my sister:

Entire computer shut down, and when I restarted it, it automatically started in Safe Mode, and there's no mouse at all. It also presents an error (kernel22.dll or something). And it's a Windows ME.

And she's restarted her computer several times and the same thing happens each time.
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1) How often do you remember your dreams?
2) Do you always dream in color?
3) Do your dreams usually contain people you know personally, famous people, strangers, or just yourself?
4) Do you have all of your senses in your dreams? Can you feel, smell, hear, and taste?
5) Describe the weirdest dream you've ever had.
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I'm a little confused how residency works when it comes to school tuition breaks.

I moved from MD to VA seven months ago (January). I've had everything registered in VA, from bank accounts to driver's licenses and mail. However, schools in VA require 12 months residency before I can receive in-state tuition, as does MD.

1. As I've only lived in VA for seven months, am I still considered a MD resident?

2. I need to spend three months (November- February) in California for a job, so if I do that, will that mess with my residency, even though bills and licenses will still be assigned to VA?
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1. I worked at Macy's for a month before quitting. It's the only work experience I have, should I put it on job applications?
I've been including it in the applications I've been filling out and I haven't had any luck. I'm not sure if it's because I've included that or because I've said I'm only available during the day monday - friday and on sundays.

2. What places specifically could I work at, where I could just work during the day on weekdays and on sundays? Should I just leave that out of applications?
The only reason I include it is because I don't want to end up having work all day on the weekends, and everyday at night. Most of my friends work during the day so I only get to see them at night.

I've applied at Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Borders, L'Occitane, and Kohl's. I might apply at Home Depot again, but the interview went so horribly last time I don't know if I should even bother.
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I am leaving to go to the Twin Cities on Monday morning. On Tuesday, I am going to Valleyfair with a friend. I haven't gone to Valleyfair in July in a really long time (2000 or 2001).

Okay, now, before I ask my questions... Please don't lecture me for not knowing shit about sunscreen. I need to buy a new bottle of sunscreen before I leave on Monday, and I have no idea what SPF I should get. I would be at Valleyfair for a very good portion of the day, so I know I will need to reapply while I am there.

What kind of sunscreen/SPF would you recommend for the face? Rest of my body? Anything that's not too greasy and won't feel gross on my skin? Thank you for any help you can provide!
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TV time

Out of the big three American cable news networks (CNN, Fox, MSNBC), which do you think is really the most "fair and balanced"?
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1. Do you want your significant other smarter, stupider, or the same intelligence as you? (Book and street smart)

2. Do you agree with this statement?
"One friend in a lifetime is much, two are many, three are hardly
possible. Friendship needs a certain parallelism of life, a community of
thought, a rivalry of aim." -Henry B. Adams

3) How about this one?
"It is always good men who do the most harm in the world."
-Henry B. Adams

laptop computer

I am entering my sophomore year at abtech, a community college and as a birthday gift my grandmother wanted to purchase me a laptop for school. She is going to order it through my uncles business. He called me today asking what type of memory and programs i would need. Well im not entirely sure waht to request. All i really need the laptop for is research and to write papers with. I would also like to use it for downloading music for my ipod but thats for play not school. Im sorry if there is more information needed to make a decision but i would really love some advice on what to ask for. If you have any questions that make it easier to suggest, please ask. Thank you

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what do you think would look best with a black skirt? a blue shirt, or a cranberry sweater?

I'm going to an art gallary opening.. I have a black knee length skirt, but I'm not sure what to wear with it. I have a cranberry colored sweater (summer weight) or a light blue linen button up. I think the blue would look too crazy with the black.
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What is a reliable, basic desktop computer?

My coworker, a 50-year-old lady, is looking to buy a computer that she can use for basic tasks like typing, chatting, and internet browsing. She wants the monitor to be a flat screen and she also wants a printer.

So, what is an affordable, good, and simple desktop with a flat screen monitor and also possibly comes with a printer?
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So yesterday I bought a used phone from an authorized Verizon dealer. My daughter had ruined my last phone with water damage and I just needed a phone quickly. I bought one for 100 dollars and it's an LG VX4650. It didn't come with an owner's manual but the man who sold it mentioned a website it was on that I could download it. I figured I'd just explore everything on there and there'd be no use for a manual. So I found the keylock button and I thought, "Oh cool", but instead of hitting say # and 1 to unlock it, I have to enter in a lock code. I don't have the foggiest what the lock code for this phone is. Am I completley screwed? I've entered in random numbers hoping for the best, but no such luck. I turned the phone off; no luck. I removed the battery; no luck. Any help would be very apperciated!
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1. Do you think this necklace is really ugly?

2. Are any grocery stores carpeted?
I doubt it, but I was wondering about it today.

3. What's your favorite grocery store?
Stop & Shop!

4. Do you like sherbet? What's your favorite flavor?
yes, orange.

5. What's the best eye makeup remover?

Here's a question

A question for tall ladies in this community:

Where do you buy business suits (skirt suits) with arms/sleeves long enough to fit?
Names (doesn't have to be "brand" names) would be super helpful and getting it custom-made isn't feasible.
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Water bill

I'm moving into a 2 bedroom apartment and I just realized we are responsible for the water bill. What is the average price for a water bill? I've never had to pay for water before!
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best served cold?

1. What was your most satisfying experience with revenge like? Who was the revenge against?

2. Has anyone ever felt compelled to do something to get revenge for something you did? Details are the spice of life.

3. Would you rather have honest friends or friends who lie about how they feel about you in order to not have to deal with an awkward falling out? Wow, yeah, that's not a slanted question in the least. But anyway, how honest do you want your friends to be with you?
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The answer is probably one of those "Oh, dur" answers, but I really can't find it.

AIM saves every single screen name that's been signed on using this computer. How do I get rid of the screen names I don't use anymore, or even just reset the list, without having to reinstall it?


Answered, thanks!


What are you allergic to food-wise?
What are you allergic to nonfood-wise?

Is there any connection of bacitracin zinc and egg? I seem to be allergic to both, but am just randomly wondering if perhaps the products that have the zinc (Neosporin, for example) contain egg ingredients?

Is it normal to still have a purely skin-contact allergic reaction 12 hours after the exposure?

What was the last (fairly) unselfish thing you have done?
Last selfish thing?

Anyone else planning on going to yard sales/garage sales/flea markets/whatever in the morn'?

Do you chew on the caps of pens?
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Fafi Shoes. I love her. You do too.

Are these sold out EVERYWHERE? Is anybody in this community able to get them?

I know it's a limited edition, I can not find themmm.


You have no idea how bad I want naked girls on my shoes.