July 13th, 2006

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a few questions

1) what soft should i use to track/keep record of my spending? basically, i'd like a DB of some sort where i could enter info about stuff i bought through my credit card or through other accounts, so that when the bill comes, i know what's what and what isn't supposed to be there. some sort of reports (a la data mining) would be nice. the only apps i know for this are MS money and Quicken. but i haven't used them so dunno if they're worth it. some years back i set up an Access db for my mother for these purposes.. but maybe that's not the best way to do it?

2) old cell phones. i've got an old samsung a650 that i used with verizon. now i got a new phone.. do i just throw this one away, or what? i was thinking of putting it up on ebay... but what are the chances of someone wanting it? same with an old camera i have. it's a 3.2MP toshiba PDR-3310. it's not a very good camera, and it's a buncha years old. i feel bad about through it away and dunno if i could sell it to someone...

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Does anyone have a good method for keeping the ties on espadrilles (shoes that lace up your legs) from falling down? I've even tried tying mine so tight that my leg fat bulges out unattractively, but they still end up around my ankles after two or three steps. I'm thinking of trying eyelash glue (it's for a costume, not everyday wear), but I was hoping for something less drastic.

How does the Happy Meal toy rotation at McDonalds work? Do they get a new toy every week, or is it just the luck of the draw as to what you get? And how would one go about finding out when/how to obtain a specific toy?

I will have one of those ridiculous Jack Sparrow dolls if it kills me.
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When was the last time you dealt with someone who made absolutely no sense, yet seemed entirely convicted of their correctness?

Explain. Especially if it's funny.

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I will be so shocked if someone can actually tell me what this song is! But who knows...

It's a recent song. It's by a girl...it's a slower song. Reminds me of Rihanna. The chorus talks about "please don't try to stop me, i have to go/leave" or something like that. Any ideas?

I'm eating blueberries with cream and sugar. What's your favorite fatty snack??

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Have you ever been so fed up with trying to figure out what you want to do and where you want to go? (big picture) that you are ready to just throw a dart at a map of the US and go wherever it lands?

Ever done anything like this?

Would you or have you ever moved to a completely new city for a SO?
Even if they were still an hour + away?

If you had no attachments where you are now, you dont have a school or job or anything that is based somewhere that you want to go, but you want to move...what would you base your decision on, what would be the strongest selling point of a location for you?
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I just heard the song "It's Hard out There for a Pimp" for the first time last night, and I've gotta ask....

Who else thinks that song is the most mind-blowingly stupid song ever written?

And if it's not the worst song in the world, what is?
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There are two rabbits outside our house (they're across the street but I can see them from our window). They look like domestic pets, they're fairly large, one is black and one is brown. I'm worried about them and I'm not sure how to handle this. I plan on calling the humane society and the police department number given on the humane society's website, but other than that, is there anything I can do? I don't want to scare them away by approaching them (though people will be out walking their dogs soon), but I'm also worried about them getting hit by a car or getting injured by one of the many (pet) cats that roam our neighborhood. Thanks for any advice. I have a cage I could put them in, but again, I'm not sure if that's an option.
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1. do you celebrate anniversaries? how often do you celebrate & how long have you and your SO been together?

2. what's your "best" anniversary story? could be romantic, funny, a complete disaster.

3. have you ever completed a dare / a bet that you look back on and wondered what the hell you were thinking? what did you do (and what did you get in exchange if it was a bet)?

4. do you believe that after your first impression of someone (within the first 10 seconds of meeting) that this impression is set? have you ever met someone and within the first 10 seconds of meeting them they just rubbed you the wrong way? rubbed you the right way? rubbed you in every which way?

5. have you ever agreed with someone that if both of you were still single at ____, you two would marry each other? have you or anyone you know actually carried this through? did this marriage last?
My eyes burn

Great thing to wake up to.

What's something that someone has said to you recently that made you feel better/special/all around good?

My boyfriend emailed me this this morning:

I had some crazy ass dreams last night... But it was one that really
freaked me out. I was standing in my living room with my blinds open
and looking outside (daytime). The parking lot was empty except for 1
or 2 cars. There were several people standing around looking up at the
sky. Then I realized, it was a huge goddamn meteor and I was going to
die. I don't know quite how to describe it, but I was up SURE that I was
going to die, and it took me awhile to calm down.

Anyhow, my first thought was where you were and how I was going to get
to you. Crazy eh?

He's usually my first thought when something 'goes wrong' so I just got all the fluttery feelings again when his first concern was about me in an apocalyptic situation. :D

Music Recommendations

Have you ever had a friend recommend an artist to you, thinking you liked it, and you absolutely hated it?

I can't stand the Arcade Fire. *barf noises*

Were you confused/cranky that your friend knew so little of your tastes?
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1. I forgot to put deodorant on. YAY. 45 minutes into my workday I'm already sticky and stinky. =( Any remedies I might be able to pull off with things I could find around the typical office building?

2. My cell phone went through the washing machine so it's dead. YAY. I called cingular to ask if the SIM card is water sensitive, if I'll still be able to put it in a new phone (because if you haven't gathered by now, I'm clearly borderline retarded and backing up my phone book would have just been too logical). They told me that there is no way for them to know that and the only way to know is to test it. wtf, how is there no way to know that? haha. So I'll try to stalk people on the street and find someone with a similar phone to mine and ask them if I can put my SIM card it in. What, that's not weird is it? In the meantime, has anybody had experience with this? Was your SIM card completely unsalvageable after water submersion?

2b. Annoying question of the day! Phone recommendations??? I really want the pink RAZR because I'm omgbubblegumtrendy. Well, actually what I REALLY want is the SLVR because I'm not a flip phone fan but for some reason the RAZR is $99 and the SLVR is $199. Boooo. Will I LOVE the RAZR? Honestly any phone I get would be a major upgrade because my recent phone just had an orange glow display with black pixel lettering and the most basic of graphics. lmao.

3. And just for fun, what obvious things have you forgotten or ruined this week?? Besides my deodorant this morning and my phone last night, I also broke my camera. Sigh. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for one of those redundant "camera recommendations?" posts so that I don't have to be the one to make it ;P

Ok bye.

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Is there a way to do a search for all words that contain another word in them?

IE my name is Cris. I want to find a group of words that have "cris" in them. All I can think of right now is "crisis" and that doesn't suit my purposes.

Or better yet, can YOU give me some words with "Cris" in them?

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Have you ever done something that you should've been punished for, but you got away with? Did someone else get punished for something you did?

Do you feel guilty about getting away with it?


How do you figure out how much to tip your hairdresser? I never know how much to tip.

Yesterday I had my hair cut for $25. It was at an upscale salon in an upscale area so I thought $7 would suffice. When I told the person at the front desk to add $7 for tip, she gave me an "omg!" expression; but I couldn't tell if it was because I under-tipped or over-tipped.

Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA

Not my fault

I am a receptionist at a small company. I just got up to use the ladies room, whihc is what happens when you try to drink your reccomended 64 oz of water a day.

I came back to see a package on my desk for a "Sandi."

We have no Sandi here.

They are wedding invitations. For this Saturday.

There is no last name, and no phone number. It has been suggested that I put a sign up in the ladies room letting Sandi know that her package was misdelivered. Other ideas?

Mystery solved. My co-worker's wife dropped them off, but couldn't be bothered to leave a note explaining that Sandi would be by to pick them up. I work with crazy people.


okay, ya'll, what should i have for lunch? i didn't feel like making mine this morning, so it's off to somewhere to buy it. any suggestions would we fabulously appreciated! :)

** edit: although all your suggestions were great, i decided to go with my gut in the end - a burger from wendy's. good news, no phallange found within. :P **
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My bf and I are going to Boston this weekend - just for Saturday afternoon/night & Sunday afternoon.

What is there to do in Boston? (besides shopping, eating). Any interesting museums, places I must visit, any concerts/shows Saturday night? (Neither of us are 21 yet, and keep in mind that we're two broke college students).

also: (cut for possible offensiveness?)
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1. What do you use to wash your face?

2. What does your shower curtain look like?

3. Who would you like to see run in the 2008 Presidential election?

4. If you could expatriate to any country, where would it be?

5. Do you hate this painting?
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Post #2 of the day -- English 101

I'm not completely English-inept but I get confused on some things and I was trying to explain this to somebody who asked me and then I got confused myself.... Can somebody help me understand this?

Ok they were asking me about "well" versus "good" so I explained that "well" is and adverb and good is an adjective and gave examples of when to use it, blah blah blah.

She asked if it's correct to say "I speak well" or "I speak good" and I explained that "speak" is a verb so she wants to use the averb "well" to describe it.

Then she quoted her boyfriend, who learned English as a second language, where he has said "I don't like public speaking because my English isn't well" and asked if that was correct. So I explained that "English" is a noun so he'd want to use the adjective "good" to describe the noun.

Am I right so far?? (just checking, haha)

Then I got totally confused when she asked about how when you are sick, you'd say "I have not been well" as opposed to "I have not been good"

So when you say "I have not been well" is "well" being used as an adjective or and averb? And is it describing the word "been" or something else?

name game

No, I am not having a baby(!) but my boyfriend and I started having a discussion about names that we like and would give to a kid. Not that we're planning either, but we just like names haha. He refuses to like Josh or Adam though, and I am sad about that because I love both names. Josh particularly.

However, we like the idea of slightly unique names - nothing weird, but rare enough that you aren't likely to meet another very often. One of our top favourites is Mattias (only slightly influenced by Ohlund :D), and that's not matt-ee-ass, but ma-tee-ass. We also like Bre or Bree for a girl.

I know there's been posts in the past asking "what do you think of these names/is it cruel to name my kid that", but this one is more...what is/are your favourite name(s)? And while we're at it, what are YOUR names?
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I'm brain farting today (big time)

So I opened my big fat mouth and told Boy Toy I'd cook dinner for him tomorrow night. I've decided on grilled cheese (what? it's good, you know it is) and... Yeah, I don't know what else.

If you were me, what would you serve with grilled cheese sammiches? They'll be double cheese (cheddar and jack, most likely) on sourdough.

I was thinking maybe a tomato soup of sorts, but I hate the stuff out of can. Tastes like I'm eating spaghetti-o sauce. Got any nifty ways to jazz up a can of tomato soup?

I'll eat artichokes any time, any where. Would a 'chokie be seriously out of place in this meal?
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is there a specific name for the type of jacket that the guy on the left is wearing? like, if i wanted to search the internet and see what's up with a jacket just like that one, what would i say?
and if you know who those two guys are, then you are way kool and probably a digger like me.

on second thought, if you need a bigger picture go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/kevinrose/106156005/

staying the course

my question may be a little convoluted, but, i'll try to be as clear as i can. currently i'm trying to change my diet and lifestyle to be a little more healthy. i've stopped trying to lose weight, but just be more physically active and to watch what i eat (obviously i slipped today in eating wendy's, but this is part of my question here). this past week i've been dealing with a really crappy sore throat (more specifically a cankersore on my tonsil - blech!) which, since my body is trying to get rid of it, has left me really lethargic, tired, and just worn down. since i'm feeling crappy, my mood has been a little crappy as well. so, here's my question:

when you're trying to change your lifestyle for the better (or even just dieting and/or exercising more) and something comes up and you're either sick or just not feeling well all around, how do you keep yourself from slipping? fast food tends to be my comfort food when i'm feel icky, so when i'm feeling like i am right now, i reach for fast food rather than, say, going to the cafe and getting a healthier meal.

how do you stay the course with things are crappy?
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May be a stupid question...

My grandpa sent us an old computer for my almost 4 year old daughter to use. She knows how to use the internet and plays on websites like NickJr, Disney, PBS Kids, etc.

Anyway, this computer does not have an ethernet hookup in the back, just the phone jacks. The problem is, we have a cable modem at our house (and we have a router, etc to hook up to a second computer) we don't use dial-up...we don't even have a landline phone since we just use our cell phones instead, so dial-up is not an option.

Is there any sort of adaptor to make cable internet work through the phone jack in the back? I'm thinking "no", but thought I'd ask anyway.

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Due to the oodles of problems I've been having with NetFlix lately, I'm looking to switch to a similar service.

Has anyone here used the Blockbuster or Wal-mart version of Movies-thru-mail?

Are there other services than the ones I've mentioned?

What do you like about it? What do you dislike?

Is the selection good? I loved NetFlix because I could get obscure movies that I couldn't rent anywhere else, and I'm worried other services will be more limited.

Is there *any* way I can transfer my 300+ movie queue to another service easily?

ipod update

Is there a way to add songs to your ipod without erasing what's already on it?

I have a dell, not a mac, but do have a cord that would work. I'm afraid of erasing the existing songs on the ipod since it was given to me with a bunch of stuff already on it and i dont have any of it on my computer. Can I just add more music, not replace it?


Dinner suggestions

I'm living in a house with like 20 other people and on Wed, it's my turn to make dinner for everyone.
So far I've thought of making broccolli and garlic, plus a turkey meatloaf. What would go well with that besides potatoes since we've been having those a lot? Having trouble thinking of anything that would go better, so any suggestions? 


1. How much is your car insurance per year?
2. What kind of coverage do you have?
3. What kind of car do you have?
4. How old are you?
5. Where do you live?

My insurance is $650/year, I have the bare minimum NYS insurance (no collision), I have a 92 Pontiac Grand Prix SE (3.1L), I'm 21, and I live on Long Island.

Credit card payment

So I due my credit card payment online (bank of america).
This month's payment is due on Monday the 17th, and I didnt realize that it's already the 13th.
Let's say I can deposit enough to pay it off tonight, is it usually deposited the next morning, in other words, if I try to pay online tomorrow afternoon, will the funds be there?
If I pay on a friday, the payment will be in by MOnday, correct?

Also, they say the minimum payment on a credit card is like $10, so does that mean that if I pay only a part of what I owe (which is a few hundred), that it's not considered that I made a late payment? I'm assuming if I dont pay in full, there's an interest, but I'd prefer that to having a late payment on my credit history.

Last question, if you do have one late payment, how badly does that affect your credit history?

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1) If I want to make between 1.5 and 2 cups of cooked (al dente) spaghetti, how much dry spaghetti should I boil?

2) How long after breaking up with someone you're sexually involved with do you stop fantasizing about them? does it depend how you broke up? does it depend if you still see them around?

3) How much water do you drink per day?
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I'm looking to find the name of an actor I saw on ER. I don't watch the program, so I don't know what his character name is. But he is a big guy, with a goatee, very short brown hair with greys. I looked on IMDB but couldn't find him.
I don't think he is a main character. Um... what else can I tell ya? Oh, the episode I saw him in he was shot! When some prisoners took over the ER.

Anyone know who I'm talking about and what his real name is? lol Sorry for my vague description.

Please and thank you!

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Does anyone know where you get the colored Chi hair straigteners? Every place I've called only has them in black. I've been told they're a promotional thing, so do you by chance also know when they months are? Thanks!
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I'm going to be buying a ticket to Scotland sometime in the next month. It's been years since I've flown, and I've never bought tickets online. So what are your favourite Vacation websites? Are there any that are significantly cheaper than others? Any advice is much appreciated!
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Say there was this crazy person in your household, is there a way to somehow get the authorities involved to take this person away? Like, call someone in for an evaluation that would be against the person's will? My mom has psychological problems and rather than kill her in her sleep, I'd just like to see her locked up. My dad knows it, but he's just about ready to leave her and doesn't care about anything. I'm 17, which is almost an adult, and I really don't think my brother and I are very safe at home anymore.

stupid blockbuster

I just rented a movie from blockbuster and the freaking yellow thing that locks that dvd shut is in it! I do NOT feel like going back there tonight, but I wanna watch my movie. Is there any way I can get this damn thing out?
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1. I think I have swimmer's ear. Any suggestions as to how to make the pain stop?

2. Ladies: do you paint your toenails regularly?

3. Ladies again: what cup size are you? Weird question, I know. Just curiosity.

4. Do you have any strangely placed freckles/moles/whatever? Where?

5. Removed because it was already posted recently

6. Did you do drama, band, art, orchestra, or chorus in high school?(if your school required you to pick from one of those)

ETA: chorus

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So, does anybody else watch CSI:Miami on Living (UK)?

Is it just me, or are they showing the episodes out of order? Last night was a few episodes into season two, and tonight's the first episode of season three...
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Movie Trailers

What movie trailers annoy you so much, you are pretty sure you are never going to see the movie because of it?

For me, it's Lady in the Water and You, Me, and Dupri. I hate the whispering kid in Lady in the Water, and I think You, Me, and Dupri has to be one of the worst titles ever.

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When does it become inappropriate to ask someone how old they are?

I work at Red Robin and all the people I work with are either in their forties (and I wouldn't ask them their age) or they're under the age of 25, and sometimes they seem surprised by this question. I always ask people how old they are! I'm 19 if that's important.
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political post!

1. what do you think about the US goverment's practice of not allowing pictures/film to be taken of flag-draped coffins returning from iraq? is it appropriate, in order not to make a spectacle, does it do a disservice to the men and women dying in iraq, or something else?

2. what do you think of the initiative that died in the house today about including multi-lingual ballots in the voting rights act renewal? do you think ballots should be published in many languages or english only?

3. do you know what's going on in israel/palestine/lebanon?

4. what the hell is going on in the world right now? mexico, india, the middle east, the g-8, the world cup, north korea, brazil, valerie plame, wire tapping, iran, labour scandals, russia.... jesus, the world is, like, falling apart! can i get a wtf?

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Have you ever dated anyone older than you? I'm talking like 10+ years.
How did you meet this person?
What attracted them to you?
How did you let them know you had feelings for them?
Did you want a real relationship with this person? Were you afraid they were using you for sex because of the whole "them being older and feeling satisfied with themselves that they can get someone younger" thing?
How did your parents and frinds react towards the age difference?

bras, towels, and Peaches!

1. Do you have different bras for while you have your period?
I worded that oddly, but I hope I'm not alone on this one. About a week before(&during) my period my boobs are a C, while they're usually a B, so I have my regular bras and period bras. I was talking to my aunt about it and she thought it was really strange.

2. Nordstrom opens at 7AM tomorrow for the anniversary sale, do you think it will be worth getting there that early?

3. Do you use a towel more than once before you wash it?

4. Do you like Peaches?EDIT:What kind of people would you expect to see at a Peaches show? I'm thinking about going to see her at Roseland on the 22 but I don't want to be completely opposite of everyone there if that makes sense. The last time I saw her live it was a at a big thing with a lot of other bands and Cindy Sheehan and Susan Sarandon.
kind of, I love her live though.
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All right, here's the story morning glories:

I almost died today, by cement truck. I was travelling in one direction, and he--in the other...but... in the same lane. The dumbass was driving so fast around the turn that he was completely in my lane, barrelling towards me at ~50 mph on a bridge (speed limit for the turn is 25; bridge 30, btw). Luckily I was able to stop right away, and sat there screaming & honking. He was able to get back in his lane right before we would have had a collision.

I didn't get the plates, but I think I have enough information to report him or whatever. But should I? If yes, should I be urging for him to be fired... or something less harsh? I'm really pissed about the whole thing, but I don't really want to make someone get fired... I guess...

Thanks guys.
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Is there a Cheap brand of contact lenses that could just be a one or two day thing? Something that could be quick? I have really bad eyesight, but would only need them once or twice, and dont have much for money. I'd just need them so that they worked well enough to not trip and have an okay depth perception and stuff.

I've never worn contacts before, and I dont like the idea of wearing them on a regular basis, but may need some in the very near future for a day or two.

Any advice would be helpful...thank you!

And a second quick question...

Do you think glasses have an effect on a person's outcome in a pagent-like situation?
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