July 12th, 2006

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Can someone explain Net neutrality to me? [Wiki is not a good source at the moment, I believe. I've been watching the article for several days and it is constantly changing. The article is also very dense and difficult to digest]

So, can you summarize the issue and possibly give me some links to do some more reading on the subject other than the Save the Internet site? I don't like that particular site because they don't cite enough of their sources to gather a full picture, in my opinion. [For instance, "But Internet providers like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast are spending millions of dollars lobbying Congress to gut Net Neutrality", taken from the FAQ page. They list these numbers, but they don't back it up and I'm tired of trying to do the research. Here's another example, also from the FAQ: "What is Network Neutrality? Network Neutrality — or "Net Neutrality" for short — is the guiding principle that preserves the free and open Internet." O really. WTF is that supposed to mean?]

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sometime last year when I got my itrip, I went to a website that listed the dead air stations in my zip code. I dont remember how I found it or if it was on the back on the manual or what. And I havent used my itrip really since cause it sucked, but my roommate says hers works nicely here (I lived in a big city last year) now, we have like 2 stations that hardly come in, so does anyone know a site that lists dead air stations?

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Does anyone know of a good health insurance?

We were just offered the insurance at my husband's job and it's not worth the $200+ a month. It doesn't cover the stuff we need it to cover. So we're looking into our own.....I live in eastern kansas, if that helps any. Thanks.

What is Katamari love?
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Component or S-Video?

I just got a new TV, it has component inputs but does not support progressive scan, is there any benefit to having the component cable for my PS2 if I can't use progressive scan? I don't feel like swapping cables back and forth while studying the output. The component cables cost me 30-some-odd bucks, so if they're not needed I'd rather return them and have a couple cheap games for that price.

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So I downloaded the GIMP, but it tells me I need X11, so I download that. Then the installer tells me I don't need it, because I have newer software already on my computer. Then I click on "Turn on X11 Focus Follows Mouse" in the little GIMP folder. And now when I click on the GIMP it says it's opening, but it doens't actually open anything, and I can't open anything in it.

What's going on?

EDIT: Now it's gone back to just telling me I need X11. Which the computer won't let me install.
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Open up your basic teen magazine and you can't move for warnings of the HORRORS OF THE INTERNET. But, I've been an avid user of it for the past seven years or so (and not on the nice kiddie parts of it either, I pretty much dived straight in to fandom) and never encountered any of these so-called horrors.

So have any of you ever met a creepy internet stalker, or been propositioned by a 40 year old paedo, or is it mostly just BS?
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This will probably sound incredibly dumb but...birthing nurses. Is that a official way to describe nurses that help deliver babies?

Does anyone do this for a living or know someone who does? Personal details and stories of the job description would be greatly appreciated.
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this stupid bar thing... There was a link to remove it, I think, and the other link was something like "take this off"... I clicked take this off... it didn't refresh the page, so I couldn't hit 'back' to fix it...

I have all the links I need already at the top of my journal navigation, thanks. Help me get it off?

Also: how many hours of sleep do you need to function properly? and is it more than you like to think?
I stayed up late last night talking with a friend, thinking I'd be okay, but apparently my answer is "considerably more than 5 hours"

Also! now they're investigating what the one guy said to Zidane to make him go off, and from bbc hiring a deaf-lip-reader or somesuch, he might have called him the son of a terrorist whore. which he denies. but like i said, investigation.
It's not like they can go back in time and put Zidane back in the game or take the other guy out. If it's determined that the headbutting were justified, and he shouldn't have gotten a red card, or that they both should've, what happens?
The Receptionist Classic

To the Ring Wearing TQC Folk

Do you take off your ring(s) when you wash your hands?
If you do take it/them off... Why? And what do you do with it/them while you're washing your hands?

See, I never do. Only time I take them off is if I'm digging my hands into something grody that will be hard to clean off the rings. My co-worker lost her engagement ring because she left it on the counter and I just observed one of the lawyers in our building pulling all of hers off to wash her hands in the bathroom. Just makes me wonder is all.
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For book lovers!

Which statement do you agree with more? Do you disagree with both, or really not care either way?

1) I show respect for my personal books by keeping them as impeccable as possible - no creases, dents or broken spines, where I can help it.

2) I show respect for my personal books by "loving them well" - I bend them, I fold them, I mold them into my own and show that I love them by working them in.

Computer Caput

So the other night I left a cup of water next to my laptop when I went into the other room.

cup o' H20  + laptop + my German Shepher's tail  = no more laptop.

What's the chance that I might be able to salvage the stuff that was on it, though? I'm bummed 'course - the laptop can be replaced, but I would do cartwheels if I could just save the photos and such. Any chance?
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Inspired by someone in another community saying that most people graduate college in 4 years at the age of 21 (as opposed to 22) which was weird to me since everyone I know aside from those born in June/July will graduate in 4 years at 22 without being held back or anything. So I must take this survey. Since not everyone goes to college, we'll do high school. And if you didn't graduate, just put how old you would have been.

How old were you/will you be/should you have been if/when you graduate(d) high school?

younger than 17 because you were some sort of smart grade skipper
older than 18 because you were held back/started late
patty morons


What bank do you use?

I'm burning an effigy of HSBC this weekend to cleanse my spirit of their shitty service.

Anything that eats ATM fees is a plus.
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 is there a shaving solution that helps with clogged pores?

or do i need to get a pre shave thing?

my face is on fire now and everytime I shave I have the hardest time getting rid of all the hairs on my face and under my nose.
I think it might have something to do with my gilette fusion razor. the comfort glider thing is wearing down.



tl,dr post.

i bought a new car in april. now, i think i want to get rid of it. i don't really know how to go about doing this. i am kind of confused and the people at the dealership just want to keep putting me on hold and telling me that my car is awesome, so i should keep it. maybe you guys could help me out here. basically, i bought the car when i got a raise at my job. then, my boss threw a fit because i wasn't supposed to get the raise until around october, so he told me it was in error and i'm not making as much now. i can't really afford the car on what i'm making, and also since i am young and the car is brand new, the insurance is ridiculously high. (well, it's also new jersey, haha.)

1. if i give the car back to the dealership, i'm still going to owe them a bunch of money, right? how does this process work?
1a. will the dealership still take my car even though i've been in an accident? insurance is going to pay to fix the damage, and i was not at fault in the accident. i am going to get it fixed before i attempt to do anything. if i return the thing, am i going to owe them more money because it's now a car that was in an accident?
2. would it be easier just to get it repossessed? i know that this will make my credit awful, but i'm young so it doesn't matter that much. i am kind of scared that i might wind up getting it repossessed anyway, because i'm not making as much as i had originally budgeted this purchase with. so, what's the deal with respossession? how does this process work? yikes. i didn't know how severe the awful-ness of repossession was. nevermind that, then.
2a. have you ever had a vehicle repossessed? can you tell me what happened?
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Let's say I bought something off eBay that was broken. Now let's say the seller agreed to refund me the money, provided I mailed it back to him. My brother was heading to the post office, so i gave him some cash and said "mail this", which he did.

Fast forward a week, and I haven't heard from the seller. I want to know if my stuff was delivered or not. Is there a way I can contact Canada Post to find out the status of my letter?

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Has a book or movie ever had such an emotional impact on you that you weren't quite yourself for a day or more following?
Brokeback Mountain (the movie. The book actually kind of disappointed me) really had me a wreck for a couple days. Not crying or anything, just sort of in a weird "daze" that had people asking what was wrong with me. I saw it again later that week, thinking if I knew what to expect I'd be "okay", but was more screwed up the second time around. I bought it the day it came out on DVD but have yet to watch it.
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I was talking to my friend about where I'm from and he told me that I'm not really Italian because that's just a place where a lot of my ancestors lived. It's not where they were originally from. So I told him that if that's true then I have no idea what I am because I don't know where my family was orignally from. I'm not entirely sure how to phrase my question but here goes. How do you classify what you are?
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I really enjoy documentaries

What's the best documentary you've ever seen?

I really want to watch Spellbound but I'm afraid that it will make me very anxious. Have you seen it? Did you like it? Did it make you anxious? I also kind of feel that way about Born into Brothels. Any opinions on that one?
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A and B used to be friends, but then something happened and you don't know all the details. A has never been less than a friend to you, but you are much closer to B.

Would you or have you ever stop(ped) being friends with A because your friend B asked you to stop?

Has this sort of situation ever happened to you? How did you deal with it?

Edit: Would your opinion change if B was your SO?
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Tiger Schulmann?

So based on the answers to my last question -- thanks, by the way, guys -- I think taking up karate might be a really good idea for me. There's even a studio literally a block away from my office, which is great because I don't really have the time to travel very far away. It's a Tiger Schulmann, though, which has always seemed really cheesy to me.

SO, does anyone have any experience with this place? Is it as cheesy as it looks? Are the prices okay?

If it sucks I might just join a gym instead because I really don't want to go anywhere outside of walking distance from my office/apartment...

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Why do people care so much about the new Navigation bar?  It's barely 1/2 inch on top of your screen and there is a button to remove it...I've seen a bunch of people (in a lot of my communities and f-list) comment about it.  I don't get it.

What is your favorite summer fruit?

Have you ever pretended to be deaf or blind so someone would stop hitting on you?

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Do you think it's fair to say Bikini Kill, early Hole and Babes In Toyland, Bratmobile and Heavens to Betsy were all "first generation" Riot Grrrl, Sleater Kinney and Julie Ruin were "second generation" and the newer out-crop (if, indeed, there are any) are the "third generation" bands? Or should the "first generation" be Riot Grrrl's influences (Joan Jett, early Sonic Youth, The Pixies etc)???
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In terms of fuel economy, oil, car accidents, reliablilty, and life are Acuras generally good cars?

(I realize this is a very, very vague question. I'm trying to narrow down my list of possible cars to look at, and one of them is an Acura RSX.)

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I got one of those brain teasers sent to me. But, I don't get why this is supposed to be hard to figure out. They usually give some kind of scientific explanation after, but this one didn't.

"How many Fs are there in the following sentence?:


1) How is it supposed to work/ why is it a brain teaser?
2) Is it just a hoax?
3) How many Fs can you find?

::Edit:: "the following sentence" = instructions, not the brain tease itself.
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in a recent humbling conversation by a very kind and wise person I was shown that in fact hot dogs are not really very german.

In that same thread I was also alerted to some interested german fast food.

so my question is this:

What kind of popular fast food is there in other countries than the U.S.?

(this could include the same chains we have but with different foods they serve, or entirely different resturaunts, attached photos or links is a plus!)

Also, if you have eaten at these places, how would you rate their food?

hot rollers


1. How do you cook the chicken wings at home?

My roommate offered me to have most of her groceries including frozen meats after she just moved out. I plan on having the chicken wings for tonight's supper and it'll be my first time cooking them. It could be a different method of cooking compared to chicken filets or tenders.

2. Where did you buy your grill(s) at? What type (gas, charcoal, portable, etc.)? Any suggestions would be fine.

I've been thinking about getting one of my own shortly before this summer ends.
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What kind of headphones do you prefer?
Personally, I love the bigger ones. I've only seen one other person on my campus walking around with fullsize ones. Most people have the earbuds, but I find those uncomfortable and they fall out easily while I sleep.

What are some nice gory and/or violent movies my mom and I can watch? I'm espcially looking for ones that aren't too recent or mainstream since we've seen quite a few lately. I'd also prefer ones without too much nudity, since watching Hostel was a tad uncomfortable in the beginning. xD I've already got Ichi the Killer and a couple old zombie movies on the list. Oh yeah, we don't mind cheesy violence either.
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Universities in Europe

I'm very interested in the humanities, psychology, sociology, *psychoanalysis*, philosophy..
I just finished my first year in an american college, but I figure why limit myself...there is the rest of the world.
I'm a very odd little individual who likes yoga and all that sort of stuff. I'm severly jetlagged so pardon me. I want a university which is a little more open-minded, far out dude. So good academics but a different breed of people.

So what are good places to check out?



How does one go about getting the morning after pill?

I live in Texas, but there's a planned parenthood near by and a friend of mine asked if I could get him the morning-after-pill because the condom broke while he was with a girl who is too shy/scared to go get one.

My question is, if I do go and ask for one, would they just give it to me or would they ask me to take it right there in front of them? I imagine they wouldnt want to just give them out to anyone. Do they?

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(no subject)

Have you ever been made to feel like you should quit your job by your boss/supervisor? Perhaps they didn't want to outright fire you, but they wanted to you leave the company?

What methods did they use? And were they successful?
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This is a wierd question. How do you tell your parents NOT to buy things for you?

I got married a year ago. My parents pitched in a paid for a small portion of the wedding. My mom said that she also owed us a wedding present, we really didn't feel like she did. She would bring it up every now and then, when she had an idea for what to get us and we just sort of said, "Yeah, sure." We mentioned a while ago that we were thinking of getting a stand alone freezer and she said that she'd buy it for us. Not that my parents are poor, but they don't have money to just buy things like that. They would probably put it on a credit card and I'd feel bad about it. But if I say something like that to my mom she tells me not to worry about her money situation. So how would you word to to say, "Thanks, but no thanks" without hurting their feelings?
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Have you ever had a friend/coworker/acquaintance who badmouths mutual friends all the time? Did you confront them? Did you ever wonder whether (or find out that) they talked that way about you?


When was your last vacation? Did you go anywhere?

Are you planning your next vacation? Where are you going/what are you planning?

Collapse )
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(no subject)

What is a good link/site that has different cities in the US listed, and then a profile on their cost of living, crime rates/safety aspects, average temperatures/climate, main industries, cultural/society issues/topics, etc?
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I've been working my way through M*A*S*H season six, so I want to know what tqc thinks about M*A*S*H!

1. Have you seen the movie?
2. Have you seen the show? How much of it have you seen?
3. Who is/was your favourite character?
4. Who is/was your least favourite character?
5. What is your favourite episode?
6. Did you ever watch the spinoffs? (Trapper John, MD; After MASH.)

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lead me

some random stuff, and a bet.

1. how expensive is soy milk? any other milk alternatives i should consider trying? i'm curious. i got a coupon for silk in the mail and i want to try it.

2. i'm going into my third year of college as an elementary education major, and i currently have 15 hours scheduled. there's a history class i really need to take that hasn't been offered recently that i didn't preregister for, but i need to add it onto my schedule... however, i have to drop one of my classes to add that history class, because i can't go over 15 hours due to financial issues. so... should i drop children's literature or finite math?

both of them will be offered in the spring and i can take them then, and there is no scheduling conflict. children's lit involves a LOT of work, but one of my friends is taking finite math and i told her i would help her out with it. i'm leaning towards dropping children's lit myself, but i am also currently scheduled for finite math and theory of arithmetic.

3a. should i get a new book sack this year? i'm really thinking about getting an ll bean messenger bag. got my colors picked out and everything.

3b. i have a backpack from high school i still use, but i'd like to get into something more of a messenger bag. i have knee problems, so would a messenger bag (moderately packed, i don't plan on carrying everything around all the time) be easier on my knees if i wear it right?

4. what do you do if you have a recurring bad dream that keeps you from sleeping? how do you make it go away?

5. not to sound morbid, but any bets on what the name(s) of this year's major hurricane(s) are going to be? (i live on the gulf coast, humor me)
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How long does it take a normal person to fall asleep? For as long as I can remember, it's taken at least an hour for me to go from being in bed to being asleep. Is this normal? Is it some kind of sign of something wrong? Anyone just know anything about it?
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(no subject)

How do you get garlic out of your fingernails? I trimmed my nails, I scraped underneath them, and I even used an old toothbrush and some toothpaste to try and clean them. They still smell horrid whenever my hands get near my face.
Something About that Name

About Deutschland

Something I've been wondering about for a long time, but don't know anyone to ask and because there is such a diverse group here, I thought I'd ask TQC!  

BACKGROUND:  I lived in (West) Germany from 1986 to 1989 and visited East Berlin several times.  Anyone who has visited before the wall coming down, may remember driving through the "corridor" with helicopters flying above the cars and the soviet politzei tracking speed; the soviet guards at the checkpoints asking for trades (we traded a Michael Jackson "Thriller" tape for a Soviet emblem); the Russian guards with machine guns on all the corners at AlexanderPlatz shopping area.  So here's my questions:

1.  If you were familiar with Berlin before and after the wall coming down, how has Berlin changed?  How has West Germany changed with the "Easteners" able to travel freely now?  Do you have any stories about that?


2.  Does the Autobahn still not have a speed limit?


3.  Are there any privately driven trucks there now (like pick-up trucks)?  When I was there people only had cars (except for the commercial trucks).


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I finally got photoshop, because attempts to get the gimp to work were distressing me.

But know I've opened it and... have no idea what anything means. At all.

Where can I find really basic tutorials, about literally "click this, and this will open" kind of stuff.

The Help portion of the thing doesn't really help.

(no subject)

Im looking at moving this december to Houston and I want to see around how much I should expect for utilities.

Wireless, power, water etc. Is there a website for the city where I can find the providers of that?

What do you pay a month in utilities?
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your favourite photos

I've been taking an insane number of photos lately and have been trying to pick the best of the ones I have for possible submission to photo contests with a huge variety of categories. Can you help me evaluate my picks? It's damn near impossible for me to judge my own stuff fairly.

Here are the ones I've chosen as my favourites. I've linked to the set instead of using the IMG SRC tag here because Flickr's source code is so messy that I can't actually tell what the URL is to embed them in this entry. Please comment on the ones you prefer -- and if you feel like it, please don't limit yours to the set I selected.

(I ran this post by the mods prior to posting.)


I'm on federal disability SSI and I don't really want a 9-5... but I know what goes into the basics of running a small bussiness... as I was in process of getting my own Kiosk to run as I please when I was 18-19yrs... but my "mindful distractions" and fear of failure held me back...

Now I feel comfortable taking a plung... MY QUESTION:

I belly dance and know a few professional dance intrucors... I want to open a DANCE STUDIO in TACOMA, WA???

Is there a market for Modern Art Dance Studio/ Community Pefroming arts center in TACOMA/Lakewoode...

...and saying I can't get a co-signer... 22yrs old lil to no credit...

HOW hard... is getting things off the ground gonna be?

Free resources online?
Self cleaning

On job interviews...

Do you get nervous before job interviews? How do you deal with it so that it doesn't show during the interview?

Do you have an objective listed on your resume?

Now for the more self serving part

Any general tips on going into an interview for an office assistant position at a law firm? I've never worked with lawyers before.

What type of hair-do do you think would look the most professional for someone with mi-back length slightly curly hair? Up or down and possibly some examples if you don't mind. I don't straighten it or blow dry it, because then it gets too frizzy.


(no subject)

Currently, my daily vitamin intake is 1 Centrum and 1 vitamin b-complex. I have to eat things in odd numbers, and taking two every day really bothers me, so I'm looking for something else to take. I'm a 17 year old female, if that helps any, and I really have no preference, as long as it doesn't kill me or make me grow a penis.

Soo...what yummy vitamins do you have to suggest?
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name that story!

My co-worker tonight has stumped me. We're trying to find out the title and author of a short story in which the main character (male) lives his life in a non-linear way. He'll wake up one day and be in his thirties, the next he's a child, etc. He starts leaving himself notes so he knows what's going on during whatever time period in which he wakes up.

It's a science-fiction story, and the title is something like, "If This Is [day of the week], You Must Be [woman's name]".

The quote/title has been taken and reused so many times that Google has been useless. Ditto Wikiquote/Wikipedia.

Does anyone know what the name/author of this story?
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.the game is on!.

(no subject)

1. Where can I track down chocolate oranges? I've looked in the grocery store, and come up with nothing.

2. What's the best slushie to get at Sonic?

3. What's the most frivolous lawsuit you've ever read about/heard of?

4. What's your favorite brand of ice cream?

5. Do you like lions or tigers better?
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Bob dylan

Girl power my ass.


If you were going to direct a movie about a real female superhero, who would you choose? Why?

(no subject)

What do you think are some good qualities an assistant manager of a bookstore or any retail establishment should have? What are some of your good or bad experiences with assistant managers?

I feel like a dork soliciting for this info, but I honestly can't think of anything (I've had terrible assistant managers my whole time in retail).
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(no subject)

What local commercial do you hate the most? If possible, a link to them, but if not, a description is fine.

Mine can be seen here. I hate the Pierson Twins because neither one of them can say "TOY-oh-tuh." They both say "Tay-oh-tah." Plus, they're like 11 or 12. They shouldn't be speaking in unison like that or dressed in matching clothes. That's one of the "better" commercials that they have too.
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Feeling Like A Number One.

Aha, sorry for being so annoyingly curious, but these q's just popped up.

1. Don't you love ABBA? If you don't, no need to get nasty, a simple no will do.

2. If you do, what's your favorite song?

3. Have you seen the Broadway production "Mamma Mia"? If yes, how did you like it?
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(no subject)

There's a show I was hoping you guys can help me remember. I vaguely remember it being on late 80's to early 90's. It starred a man who wrote a comic strip. I think. And I'm pretty sure he lived in San Fransisco and had a puppet that talked to him. I always thought it starred Richard Mulligan from Empty Nest, but there's nothing on his IMDB page that looks familiar.

Thank you so much to anyone who can help! I'm sorry I can't be more specific.
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totally random mixed bag 'o fun

1. What family member do you have the closest relationship to? Or what family member do you think knows you best, and vice versa?
Me = probably my mom... but my brother and I have this very eerie sense of similar tastes

2. Your favorite Disney movie ever? (Let's go with cartoons strictly).
Me = Aladdin, by far... speaking of, I need to see that - it's been awhile!

3. What does your telephone look like? (Not cellphone; I'm talking about your house, landline phone)
Me = i have some cheapie, $8 phone, that is attached to the base with a 2 foot cord. i hate it

4. Does it annoy you that everyone uses "555" phone numbers in movies and TV shows?
Me = yes, that's why i asked the question

5. Let's pretend you don't have kids yet, or that  you're planning on having another one in the near future? What would you name the baby if it was a boy? What about a girl?
Me = hmm... i've kinda always liked the names Tyler and Zach for boys; and Bethany for a girl