July 11th, 2006

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1. How do you eat pizza?
I eat the cheese first, than I scrape off the sauce. I rip it into pieces and dip them in ketchup, and then I eat the crust. Though sometimes I eat it with a fork and knife, and sometimes I just eat it the normal way.

2. Do you like Sicilian pizza?

3. Do you ever go to see movies by yourself?
I did once when I cut school by myself. I might tomorrow assuming I'm not as mucusy and nauseous by then.

4. Are CROCS comfy enough to make up for the ugly factor?
I asked this in another community and most people said definitely not, but a few people really like them and wear them all the time so I'm not sure.

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Kind of an odd question but what are those things that people have that are almost like an extra piece of skin just dangling from the skin? It's hard for me to explain but I see some people have one or two on the neck or on an arm.

Let me try to explain what they usually look like, haha. They're like a small capsule but it's just skin. The capsule-like skin is then connected to the body with a thinner piece of skin and thus the capsule dangles a bit.

That's the best way I can explain them., hah.

Just Orbitz, AND GO.

A semi-vague post.

How easy is it for someone 18 to rent a hotel room? Experiences? I keep hearing that a lot of hotels won't rent to people under 21. Could anyone confirm/deny that, maybe with specific hotel chains? I'm not looking for anythiny fancy- a Holiday Inn would work perfectly.

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How do you make small talk and just get to know someone?

It seems so basic, but I really just can't seem to do it. I feel like my life is super boring and that everything I have to say is of no interest to anyone else. I even recently made probably 75% of my LJ private, because it all seemed so trivial and silly. Someone else could tell me they had a sandwich and then went outside and saw a squirrel, and I'd genuinely want to know every detail of it, but I'd never dream of just saying something like that to someone else.
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If you drink coffee...

Decaf, regular, or omgasmuchcaffeineaspossibleplz?

How do you take it? (cream, sugar, sweetener, etc.?)

How many cups do you drink daily?

Do you buy it somewhere, make it at home, or does your place of work/school cafeteria provide it?

Do you use disposable cups or your own cup?

If you don't drink coffee...

What's your morning beverage of choice?

Do you buy it daily or bring it from home?

On my mind.

1. Why does my kitty love licking plastic bags so much?

2. I saw a guy yesterday in one of those vests from the 80s that's made of mesh. I think my eyes bled. What's the worst fashion mistake you've seen lately?

3. Are cameltoes ever attractive?
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From what I learned when I once looked at metallurgic properties of titanium and cobalt for making custom swords, titanium blades are strong but do not hold an edge well. The new Schick Quattro Titanium razor claims to stay sharp longer by coating steel blades with titanium. On the off chance that someone here knows that much about it, would a titanium blade with steel over hold an edge better than steel with titanium?
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for the last two days i've been awakened by my phone ringing.
both times it's been an 919 number that i did not recognize, so i let it go to voicemail.
yesterday they called three times in a row, today twice.
the messages are a very agitated sounding indian man talking very fast in his native tongue, with what sounds like children screaming in the background.
i have NO idea who this is or why they keep calling me.

have you ever had repeated weird calls?

also, completely unrelated:

1) do you wear those oversized sunglasses that are trendy now?
i tried them, but always felt ridiculous in them.
2) do you/did you like handi-snacks? do you like the sticks or the crackers with the little red spatula the best?
i love handi-snacks, and for some reason the red spatula gives me a thrill.
3) do you underline passages that you like in books?
i always keep a pen/pencil near me when i'm reading for highlighting lines and jotting margin notes.
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College degrees

I'm wanting to find a website that lists the pros and cons of a college degree. Google isn't much help because no matter how I word it, I'm getting links about middle school and high school and online degrees.

I was looking at information in my college account and I noticed that they had me listed as going towards an associate of applied science. And it got me thinking, which one of the three associates of science is best for what I'm going for?

So do you know of any site that compares and contrasts college degrees, saying which one is better depending on what you're planning on doing with it, or what career you're going for?
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i had another filling done today... except i just got one this time. so far i'm not in any pain and i don't have metal falling out of my mouth -- yay!!

now here's my question... they said i have a lot of decalcification down at the gumline on my bottoms (and i can see it too). so they want me to start using a fluoride rinse. i got this stuff that says it restores minerals in teeth, so i hope this works.

but for what it's worth, will my teeth ever be... like.. stronger? or once your teeth start decaying like that, are you just doomed to try to prevent further damage? is there any way to repair what's been done?

please tell me there is... :(

what have you caught customers doing.

(Triggered by this post)

Thanking the Gods that Be, I no longer work retail and haven't for a while now BUT I was wondering what some of you may like to share in regards to "The Weirdest/Worst Things You've Caught Customers Doing In Your Store."

I worked at a bookstore in a mall. Here are my stories.

- Discovered a random man taking a number two in our employee bathroom. Noone saw him go in there and we had no idea how long he had been there.

- A little girl threw up all over/on my coworker, right in the middle of the aisle.

- Young boys - never girls - would ALWAYS sneak the nudie magazines back to the kids section (it was in the back of the store) and read them. At night while organinzing the store you'd find Playboys stuck in between THE HUNGRY CATERPILLAR or GOODNIGHT MOON. AWESOME.

- We at one point had little pillars down the center aisle with tvs in them. One dude had his pants down and was jerking off to THE WIZARD OF OZ. Security!!!!

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Are there any private college loans you can get without credit (if you're under 18) if your parents cannot cosign, or you cannot get a cosigner? All I need is about $1000 for one semester in living expenses.

What classic movie stars (prior to 1950) do you find attractive?
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1. Is there a site where I can upload multiple songs at the same time?

2. Doesn't food poisoning bite? :(

3. Why do so many women reinforce the stereotype of being jewelry obsessed? I for one, will never see how spending more than $2-300 (most times even less) on a ROCK is justified.

4. What's your favorite color?

5. Do you believe in monsters? I.E.-Nessie, Yeti, Bigfoot, etc.
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periodically, I like to see what y'all think on this:

what are skills you feel are valuable to have? This is a pretty open-ended question.
(this can be stuff you _are_ good at, or stuff you think it would be nice to be good at. either one.)

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sad news in the music community today...syd barrett (one of the founders of pink floyd) passed away on friday due to diabetes complications...

name someone you know or really famous that has passed on that you really liked...
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Music Music Music!

My First Post (by the way) : Ok We All Know Our Music On Here So I Hope A Few Of You Can Help Me Out ;)

Im looking for a list of cool bands to listen to .. Lately i've really come out of my shell and i really like music i thought i would never like! So can anyone tell me some good other bands of the same style i like? For Example:

The Yeah yeah yeahs, Peaches, Muse, Blondie, Tsunami Bomb,The Distillers, Garbage,  Hole ..
I also like things like The Like, Joan Jett, No Doubt, Letters To Cleo, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, AFI and All American Rejects.

Anyone have any suggestions from their own musical experience?
Thanks so much in advance!

Edit: If anyone has links to download songs or even better MSN to send me some tunes that would rock thanks ;)
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Shrinking images to icon size

What is a good, free program or method to shrink big pictures to icon size (100x100) without making it blurry or oversharp?
To other icon makers, how do you do it?

Corel Photo Paint is awful at this and for Paint, I always have to calculate the percentage that 100 Pixels would be, which takes too long :(

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When you get angry/upset with your life do you ever think to yourself about moving across the country far away from where you live??

I do this a lot and I have this place picked out in my head that is seemingly perfect and I think to myself, "if i move there everything will be right in my life for once." when in reality i'm sure i would be no better than where I am now.

Where is your "move across the country to get away from your life" place? Mine is Bend, Oregon. I'm not sure why i've picked oregon, though.

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last night i had a dream that i asked tqc "how many times do you wipe your butt before you go for more toilet paper?"
no, that's not my question.
my question is...have you ever had a dream about thequestionclub? if so, what happened?
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Tacky? Acceptable?

We are tossing around the idea of going to an open mic night tonight at this little coffee house we frequent. My problem is that while I love going to these things, I have a horrible time keeping still and focused. I need to keep my hands busy.

Would it be really awful for me to bring my crochet with me? It's not huge or anything like that (it fits in my purse). But I can do that without thinking and would be able to focus on the people reading/singing/etc.

And we'd be sitting in the back, kind of out of the way. I wouldn't even think about it if we were going to sit up close.
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I want to travel to Maldives.

I've googled it up and I am not sure..... but I dont think THIS information page for visiting the counry has specific requirement for people who only have a US green card.

Does anyone know if I can go to Maldive on only a Green card and my old passport?  I cant find any other information about this. 

If anyone has been to France, Italy or the Galapagos Island  (EDIT: Ecuador) can i go there with just a green card and Passport + driver's liscence for ID?

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I have put new batteries in my camera but when I turn it on it keeps saying 'Low Battery!!' and switching off. Any idea why?

The batteries are the right kind, they are in the right way and they are new.

ETA: The camera is a a Samsung Digimax A7, the batteries are the same kind/brand that came with the camera when I bought it and when I put them in something else, like my lava lamp, they work fine.
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In the same vein of a post before mine, is it okay to put one of those gradual tanners on just after you shave your legs? Say, after you've gotten out of the shower and dried off? There's nothing on the bottle in regards to when you should apply it, other than that your skin should be clean and dry.
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1. If you enter *and exit* an intersection while the signal is yellow, can you be cited for running a red light?

2. What if you enter on yellow, and the light turns red while you are in the intersection?

After a friend ran a yellow (as in #1) and got pulled over while I was a front seat passenger, I went out and collected some video evidence of a racket being run by local cops. They're pulling people over left and right for running yellows as described in #1 and #2.

3. I'm bringing my evidence and making a sworn statement at my friend's hearing. What else can I do to bring these pigs down?
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Have you ever craved a food you HATE? Right now I'm craving pickles, and it makes NO SENSE, since I've always loathed them.

What's your favorite phrase at the moment?
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but it goes to eleven

1. To you, which musician is the epitome of rock and roll?

2. Which musician do you think is the epitome of punk rock?

3. So, we all have our favorite genres of music. What's yours and which musician do you most strongly associate with that type of music?

4. What's the 'heaviest' song on your current playlist?

5. What's the 'lightest'?
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Okay, I need your guys' help and badly.
I am currently studying in Germany and will be leaving at the beginning of August. Afterwards I will be travelling to Norway and Denmark, and back to Germany for a few days. I leave for the States the end of August, but between the end of July and the end of August I will not have any international (travelling) health insurance and the STA in Germany will not insure me because I won't have a "Wohnsitz" in Germany, meaning I will no longer be a resident in Germany. I have no health insurance in the States because both of my parents lost their jobs while I was here and therefore I am not covered by them anymore. And in addition, I filed my taxes independently, making it impossible to be under their health insurance if it were an option.
here's where you guys come into play. Where can I find (international) health insurance to cover me until I get back to the States and get insured there?
I've been searching but have had no luck so far. Any suggestions, advice, etc. would be more than appreciated!!!
thanks much in advance,

cross-posted to: student_travel; americans abroad; thequestionclub.
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Ok, here's the question:

I have a cingular phone. I had a cingular plan, i couldn't afford the plan, and ended upnot paying anymore (rent was more important)

I just turned it on, and am charging it. I need a watch, and cant find mine so i figured that i would use the phone as a watch.

now it says unregistered sim. can I go and make this phon into a pay as you go phone, nad just buy minutes for it?

or do i have to go into a cingular store and set it up with them? or the connection center in a walmart?

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1. If you like to run/jog/walk, at what time of the day do you go? How long do you go for? What do you wear?

2. Do you have anything that you do every morning or most mornings? Like getting a cup of coffee from starbucks, or going for a run?
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Two questions.

1. If you are relocating to a new city of which you never been there and you don't know anyone there, what questions would you ask? (about the city, about the people, about events there, housing, neighborhoods, anything)

2. I know lots of photo printing places/sites can print out wallet sized photos. However, they ususally print out 4 or 6 of the same picture. Is there any sites that allow you to print 4-6 different wallet sized photos?

car issue??

Without too much information, I am hoping you might have some suggestions as to what the problem may be.

The floor on my car is always wet. I've dried it out and then after driving the car it will be wet again. (No, I don't have bladder control issues, nor have I spilled a glass of water multiple times.)

The car is a 2002 Jeep Liberty. (It also happened to another car {different make and model}

Any educated guesses as to what the problem and/or solution(s) are?

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I've been on two cruises, but both were private cruises of specific areas, not any large cruise lines. Has anyone had a great experience (or hell, an awful one.. ) with a particular large cruise line? They tend to be cheaper. I'm specifically looking for anything that cruises out of NYC to wherever (I really don't care).

Self cleaning

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If you had to choose a political label/affiliation, what would it be?

Do you consider it an insult if someone calls you something else? (a liberal being called conservative, or a conservative being called a liberal, for example)

If you are of legal voting age for the country you live in, did you vote in the last election you were eligible to vote in? What was the election for?

What beliefs of yours are the strongest (political or otherwise)?

When you have a strong belief on something, are you willing to listen to opposite viewpoints on the subject? If you do listen to other people's views, do you really listen and try to understand their points, or do you just brush their views off because you don't agree? Does the belief/subject matter influence how well you listen to another point of view?

Are you a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan? Why? (short version, please, no tl;dr lectures on how evil it is to eat meat)
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I'm trying to teach my little brother how to play the saxophone. The only problem is I don't play that particular instrument, so it's more like I'm teaching the both of us. In the book that I got for him the fingerings are confusing me a little. Behind the cut are a picture of the saxophone and a pic of the fingering in question. For the life of me I cannot figure out which key this picture means. I've circled in red on the fingering chart the part that confuses me, and circled in red the three keys it could be on the sax and labeled them either A, B, or C. So let me know which key it might be if you know, otherwise anyone have a suggestion for an active community that I might get a better response at?

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if you had specific washing instructions, what would they be?

(mine would be......hand wash in hot water - do not wring)
get creative with these

what about drying?

(mine would....lay flat to dry)

give me soul and show me the door

1. What place have you lived in the longest?

2. This isn't exactly a question, but...tell me as much about the place as you can before you get bored and hit the back button. I'm curious about the interesting stuff. Best mexican restaraunt, best place to watch the sun set, cleanest public bathrooms, etc. Have fun with it.

3. Most interesting place you've ever been to that isn't a major metropolitan city? What made it interesting?

4. Are you a member of any internet message boards? If yes, which one(s)? Is there a lot of silly internet politics involved? Elaborate. I'm interested in dumb things like this.
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music on the brain

1.) Do you play an instrument?
If so, how long have you played it? Do you like playing it? Favorite piece for said instrument?

2.) If you could play any instrument, what would you choose to play?

3.) What, in your opinion, is the hardest instrument to learn, and why?
Steve Away
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Printer issues

Before I whine to the manufacturer...

Anyone know what could be wrong with my printer (specifically, an Epson Stylus CX5200)? I've got at least 50% ink for Black, Red, Yellow and Blue yet print outs are coming out almost blank. I've tried head cleaning a few times but it hasn't helped

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What are some songs that have the theme..."You absolutely suck, you're going to get what you deserve, you're terrible, I hate you" etc. etc. ?

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So the new season of Project Runway starts tomorrow, but my problem is I don't get the BRAVO channel...

Does anyone know if there would be anywhere on the internet that I could watch each episode from week to week?


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Awesome, guys. Thanks. Live 8 and We are the Champions.

What was the name of that big concert that happened sometime last year? It was done all throughout the world.. all on the same weekend... with a bunch of bands.. all for some cause.

I need the name of this show..

Green Day covered a song that weekend.. and I can't, for the life of me, figure out the song, or the band.
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Inspired by the question about "where's the online 20 questions game"... I went and played that and WON!

What do YOU think I was thinking of?

Collapse )

Have you won? Go play and if you win post your path of questions in the comments so we can guess what you were thinking ;)

EDIT: The first comment, and all agreements with it, are correct. So if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read the first comment until after you guess! haha.

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1. What TV family is the most like your own?

2. What TV group of friends is most like yours?

3. What fictional character do you relate to best? Why?

And I swear, no more questions from me today. Collapse )
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For those of you well-acquainted with California... what are some interesting/quirky/lesser-known places to go and things to see? The cheaper the better (i.e., no Disneyland or Magic Mountain).

Me and my friends are going to test out a wacky idea... we all love to get out of town (because where we live sucks a whole lot) but then we're all pretty broke most of the time. So my husband came up with the idea that we all come up with a few places we're interested in going, and put each one into a sealed envelope. Then, on a day we all have set aside, we draw one envelope at random and go there. We've already got well-known stuff like Yosemite and Santa Cruz covered, so I'm trying to come up with some crazy stuff.. like ghost towns, caverns, the Jelly Belly Factory... stuff like that. Any and all suggestions are very much appreciated!!
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I'm looking to buy a new digital camera.

Does anyone know of a website that would let me choose the camera specifics I desire (ex: resolution, zoom, SLR/non SLR, price, automatic/manual) and the give me a list of items that match my description?

Edit: Or an LJ camera community that could help me pick one out?
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1. Has anyone been to Iceland, specifically in the summer? Do you recommend it?
2. How much would you expect a 7 day stay in Reykjavik for 2 to cost, including airfare?
3. And lastly..the airfare. Any idea where we could find cheaper airfare than the $1000 + we're seeing everywhere?

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Wine questions

I'm asking about wine, specifically, but if you want to add your own two cents about your drink of choice feel free.

1. How do you feel after (a) 1 glass of wine (b) 2 glasses (c) 3 glasses?

2. How much wine would you consume in polite company (e.g. family)? In other words, how much is "comfortable" for you?

3. Have you ever tried relax with a homework assignment and a glass of wine at night?

I ask, because I've only had a glass and I'm starting to feel tipsy, and I still have a lot of work left to do for my online course tonight!

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So, I know that most places of employment either frown on, or outright forbid, relationships between supervisors and employees.

What would the story be if one member of the couple became a supervisor after their relationship had started?

90's folk / grunge cd I can't remember

Just a shot:

I had a CD in the 90's that was created by several grunge/alernative bands and folk singers in order to raise money for some disease since some female musician had the disease. Soul Asylum was on it, but I believe also Eddie Vedder (but it wasn't temple of the dog). I believe the Vedder song was about a homeless woman.

Yeah, real specific, huh? Anyone have a clue?
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I checked ljseek and no results. I really wish I had bookmarked this site!!!

So, it was a site where you could type in a band/artist and it would create this web of related bands/artists and it was AWESOME. I thought it was the music genome project but it wasn't. Do any of you know what I'm talking about and have the link?
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Were you ever punished for a physical, mental or emotional disability in school? What happened?


I was born with my feet slightly bent inwards (pigion toed.) My teachers would constantly reprimand me and send me to the back of the line when we walked to the bathrooms screaming: "STOP WALKING LIKE THAT!" I wonder why they thought screaming at me would help. Eventually my feet grew and naturally corrected.

My s/o was born with dyslexia and his elementary school teacher would skip his turn in reading group. I suppose she only wanted to teach the "brightest" students. My s/o is now a year away from getting a Doctoral Degree in Physics from Cornell.

*edit: I forgot to mention that the none of his teachers ever never noticed the dyslexia. He taught himself to read.*

I ask too many questions.

1. Approximately what percentage (or just number) of people on your friends list have you met, or would actually like to meet in real life?

2. Do you truly respect and admire anyone on your friend's list?

3. What is an odd quality (in other people) that you find incredibly attractive? i.e.- I adore men who execute perfect sarcasm/ wit.

4. What's the fanciest restaurant you've ever been to? If you can remember, what was the final bill?

5. What's your vanity?
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Eiffel Tower--Rain

Minneapolis book stores

I might be going to Minneapolis this week. What are some good used bookstores (especially near downtown) that I should check out?

Bonus points if you know if they carry foreign language books--I'm looking for the Le Petit Nicolas books.
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(no subject)

1. To the males here: Do you like having a female friend (or more than one) with whom you can talk about girls?

2. If you know someone who is suicidal, to what extent are you obliged to save them?

3. Does anyone else think a community to discuss the good bits and memories from TQC would be fun? I imagined it as a sort of companion to snark_tqc...

(no subject)

So, have you ever heard that's its appearantly incredibly erotic to lick an eyeball?

If you found out that two people, in the midst of a platonic that's-so-disgusting-why-would-anyone-be-into-that conversation, decided to test this, would you think less of the licker or the lickee? (I need an answer to this one...)
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(no subject)

I need some software to copy streaming music to my pc.

I've started listening to streaming radio while I'm at work, but the network spazzes out every time someone moves something big (we move some HUGE files). Is there anything I can use to capture a streaming Real or WMP feed at night and save it to disk to listen to in the morning?


I wonder..is there any penalty for not carrying your ID card of any form in the US? What's the penalty if you are caught driving without your license (meaning you just forgotten it at home)? Is there any law? If there was it was never enforced when I was living there. But am curious if there are any laws as such.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know of some kind of tool that I could plug text into, and said tool would tell me how many times each seperate word in the text was used? I have a big problem with repeating words when I write, and something like this would be awesome.

Why does my tea taste funny?
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Quinn Twin


Assuming you were me (5'1 pink and blonde haired girl), and you were going to get a pair of stompy boots, would you go for patent or non-shiny? I'm thinking non-shiny would go with more and if I wanted to shine them up for a certain outfit, I could always just use some high shine polish for the night.

These are the ones I am seriously eyeing.

What say you?

Poll #767332 BOOTS

Shiny o' no?

SHINY THINGS RULE THE WORLD, YOU FOOL! *sees something shiny and wonders off*
No shiny = more versitile = very yes.


Did anyone go to 7-11 today and get a free slurpee? (well duh, of course they did.)
What flavor did you get?

I went to 2 different 7-11's and both times I got the purple screme flavor... yum!

Doesn't it suck living in MN where there are NO 7-11's TO BE FOUND???

ETA: When did TQC start using the navigation bar?