July 10th, 2006

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self-serving, advice-whoring question

With Collapse ), average to slightly-lacking extracurriculars (I'm involved in my school's Amnesty International chapter and gay/straight alliance, have a black belt in Shaolin Kempo and...am employed), and[, plainly put,] shitty, shitty grades (~2.4 unweighted GPA, failed one semester of PreCal which I'm re-taking online, but I do take advanced and AP courses), what can I expect to encounter college-admissions-wise

Where did you apply to college? Where were you rejected? Accepted? Were you surprised/disappointed by where you did/didn't get in; that is, did your expectations basically play out or no?


Never shall I forget that night, the first night in camp, which has turned my life into one long night, seven times cursed and seven times sealed.
Never shall I forget that smoke.
Never shall I forget the little faces of the children, whose bodies I saw turned into wreaths of smoke beneath a silent blue sky.
Never shall I forget those flames which consumed my faith forever.
Never shall I forget that nocturnal silence which deprived me, for all eternity, of the desire to live.
Never shall I forget those moments which murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to dust.
Never shall I forget these things, even if I am condemned to live as long as God Himself. Never.

Have you read Night? What did you think?


1. Can you do a cartwheel? A handstand? A split?
2. What is the most money you ever spent on a gift?
3. What is the strongest opinion you hold?
4. If you exercise, do you go to a gym or do it at home?
5. Are you a picky eater?
6. What is your favorite musical instrument?
7. What have you lost that you would most like back?

(no subject)

Does anyone here take sleeping pills? I have been having trouble falling asleep, and staying asleep (I always wake up wide awake between 3:50 and 4:20, no matter what)

Ive been thinking of trying some sleeping pills, I have OTC ones but I have to take a bunch even to feel the effects usually.

What kinds do you take? or if you dont have you heard anything positive or negative about the big name ones? Lunesta, Ambien etc?


So I've listed a bunch of brand names that are famous because they are seen on commercial strips and malls all across the country in America. So if you can help me out add some names of restaurants, fast food restaurants, banks, insurance companies, department stores,clothing stores, car rentals, hotels, gas station chains I haven't listed. Does anyone know of any that I have not listed that are famous chains in your area?
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(no subject)

1. What's something you know now that you wish you'd known 5 years ago?
2. What are the most insightful, deep song lyrics you know? Meaningful lyrics that talk about life and its lessons.
3. When's the last time you got a haircut? :P
4. What's been the best year of your life so far, and what made it so enjoyable?
5. What year do you wish you could erase? Why?
6. Has a worst enemy ever turned into a great friend for you? Details?
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digicam query

Every now and then, my Canon Powershot A520 decides I need to reset the date and time. I thought it was because it's screwing up when I turn the power off and then back on, but it doesn't happen every time I power on. What could be causing this?
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(no subject)

What happens with werewolves when the moon is full, the outline is clearly visible, but the image of the moon is obscured fully by light cloud cover? (Or other moon related magic...)
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(no subject)

Ever had a boss/manager that kept the office at an unagreeable temperature? (Much too hot/much too cold?) How did you go about letting them know you were uncomfortable?

My manager seriously never gets warm or something because she'd keep the swamp cooler off in our old office and make my coworker and I plus anyone who came in suffer. It was bad enough that the landlord even said something. Now at the new office I keep turning the air on and she keeps turning it off. :\
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(no subject)

I'd like to take a tropical vacation someday.

1. Where should I go if money is no object?

2. Where is an affordable place to go, since money *is* an object?

3. Should I go the all-inclusive or pay-as-you-go route?

4. When is the best time of year to go?

5. What would you reasonably expect to pay for a 7-day vacation for 2 people (without airfare)?
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Magical Fruit (and no, not beans)

I'm stopping at the fruit stand on the way home today to pick up some of the biggest, juiciest strawberries I have ever laid eyes upon.

Why are the fruits at the fruit stands always yummier (bigger, plumper, juicier, etc) than the ones in the grocery stores?

Do you stop at the roadside fruit stands and pick up fruit?

Favorite fruit?

And if you happen to be local(ish) - do you know of any good places to go fruit picking in or around Sonoma County, CA? I'm dying to go pickin' this weekend but I have no idea where to go.
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What all do you have on/in your bed when you sleep?

My answer: Myself(duh), a fitted sheet, a comforter, six pillows (five normal sized ones and a small squishy one), a notebook, my TV remote, one of my alarm clocks, and the remote to my fan. Sometimes two of my four cats sleep with me and my dog will occasionally join me.
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(no subject)

i did google this, but wasnt able to find anything.

can habitual ecstasy use cause hair loss?

on a related note:
have you ever had to confront a sibling about their drug use?
if their reaction was to accept punishment and say they werent going to do it anymore, only to continue in secret, what else can you do?
will the police do anything if i tip them off about a dealer, even though i have no physical proof?

my sister is 16, by the way.
her boyrfriend is 17 and a dealer. (in what, other than ecstasy and marijuana, i do not know.)

also, i'm not this ZOMG DRUGS ARE BAD!!11!! kind of person.
if she was doing all this and staying healthy and not failing out of school, i wouldnt mind so much. i understand you have to live your own life and make your own choices.
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1. Say there is a purse worth $100. You got lucky and snagged a like-new one for $20. Now you are in need of money. Is it wrong to sell the purse for more than $20?
1b. What if this person was caught selling it for more than they paid? Are they justified in selling it for whatever price they can get for it?

2. Say you bought this $100 purse for a friend as a gift. It ended up not suiting their needs so they gave it to you "as a gift" because they knew it would better suit your needs. Now you are in need of money. Is it wrong to sell the purse for what you originally paid for it, even though it was technically a gift to you?

3. Say you have a purse that is worth $100 but you got it for $80. It is brown. Somebody else has the exact same purse in black worth $100 and they paid $90. You want the black purse and they want the brown purse. They are exactly the same except for color, are in relatively the same condition, the only difference is that you paid different amounts. Is it fair t o both parties to make a trade so they could have the other color, or is it unfair because they actually paid different amounts?

Disclaimer: No overpriced purses were harmed during the production of these hypotheticals.

4. I understand that the veggie portion of a TV Dinner has very little nutritional value because of the way they prepare it... but how much does it actually have? Is a person getting any veggie benefits if TV Dinners are their only source of veggies? Or would you say the person might as well be eating microwaved cardboard?

Grade School Movies

Did you ever watch any weird/funny educational movies back in grade school? Do you remember laughing at any of the parts?

I remember watching The Voyage of the Mimi with Ben Affleck in 5-6th grade. I met Capt Granville on a school trip to Port Jefferson (I'm from Long Island). We learned how to gut a squid, tie knots and we sung sea shantys and had a tour of the boat. We made fun of Sally Ruth because she was deaf and 10 year olds are heartless bastards. And lets not forget the hypothermia episode, where they all had to get naked and get in the sleeping blankets with the guy who went overboard. And Holy Chickens! That's All Peanut Butter?!

We also watched Roots in 8th grade. I remember it being really sad, and that guy got whipped for not using his name. We never really made fun of that..

I also remember being shown the Zapruder film (the one of Kennedy being shot). My teacher rewound it a bunch of times and said in a very Marv Albertish way "Let's see that again!" That was um, kinda creepy.

In 11th grade we watched a movie on chemistry where they put cesium in water and the water exploded. Also, the guy was British and sad "Al-u-minium" instead of "Alu-minum" which was sorta funny.
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1: Who do you know that has a birthday coming up?
2:What are you going to get them?
3: What concert are you going to see next?
4: Which of your parents do get a long with better?
5: What are your favorite places to buy stuff online (other than ebay and the like)
6: Do you have any siblings?
7:What's the last thing you ate?
8: What's something you want to buy?
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I’m doing my A level art project on ‘freedom’, and if you could answer these for me it’d be a huge help (not doing my homework for me, just giving me a broader perspective).

1. What does the concept of freedom mean to you (be it dictionary definition or something more personal)?
2. If you had to use one image to represent freedom, what would it be?
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How do you deal with stress? I don't mean like, momentary, "I have a test tomorrow" stress or something. How do you deal with ongoing pressure?

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The short version: I've never been good at coping with stress. I had a really hard year, I wanted to take the summer off and get back on my feet, but I'm trapped in a really tough/stressful situation that I can't get out of, and it's really wearing me down and also making my relationship with my family worse. I'm going pretty much nuts.

So what do you to do ease the pressure in a tough, relatively long-term situation? How do you keep stress off, and how do you bounce back from it?
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i'm eating me some chinese food from gim's in alameda...i bought almond chicken, chow mein, fried rice & egg flower soup..
they threw in a soda and some fortune cookies, too...
i've never really had english or russian foods before...

what're you eating for lunch?
what kind of chinese food do you like?
what type of food have you not had?
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This is a question mainly for fanfiction writers I guess, even though this isn't fanfiction really.

On my website I'm putting stories that are about my balljoint dolls. I have some that are AU and I have some that are supposed to be the "true" stories. It's all fiction of course but it's true for that character.

So what do I call the stories that are true for the character? What's the opposite of AU?
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So, I'm playing Assassins - the rules of the game are: you get a target and then have to kill the target in a non-safe zone with a watergun. (It's okay if other people see you kill the target.)

1. Have you ever played Assassins before? How was your experience? / Did you win?

2. Any tips/strategies? =] I want to win.
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If you frequent an ice cream place like Coldstone Creamery or Maggie Moo's (where they mix ice cream flavors with various extras in front of you), what is your typical/favorite mixture?

I loved mint ice cream with oreos or mint with whoppers in my pre-vegan days. ;)
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1. Do you have a twin brother or sister?
2. Do you get along?
3. How far apart are you?

I have a twin brother. We get along now. When we were in high school, we kinda hated each other. When we were little we got along great, since all my other siblings were much older, it was pretty much only us. He is a whole minute older than me.

4. If you're not a twin, do you know any twins?
5. Are they fraternal or identical?
6. If they are identical, do you ever mix them up?
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went on a first date this weekend...
kept mentioning these videos on google video...
he said he'd like to see them...
he said he'd call...
do i e-mail the link to the videos or wait to see if he ever calls?

The first big kiss

How long on average do you date someone before making out with them?

What is the most number of dates you have had with someone without having more than just a brief peck on the lips?

If you had to set a standard for making out, assuming there is great chemistry etc, how many dates should go on before you expect it?
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(no subject)

1. Would you rather die, or live forever?
2. Lets say you had lived your entire life in pain. You go to the doctor, and they say that they can attempt to fix whats wrong so you won't be in pain anymore, but the surgery has a very good chance of killing you. Would you rather take a chance at dying, or just keep living in pain?
3. Would you rather kill some random stranger and live with the guilt, or have someone who you love die of natural causes?
4. Would you rather have no arms, no legs, or one arm and one leg?
5. Would you rather have to use a wheelchair all the time, or walk with a  cane?
6. Would you rather be attacked and die from a shark attack, or die in a blender accident gone wrong?
7. Would you rather be involved in a parachute accident and live or a bungee jumping accident and live?
8. Do you have any odd phobias? What?
9. If you could throw any food object at any person, what and who would it be?
10. Would you rather die in a volcano eruption or a tsunami?
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So I'm looking to buy my boyfriend some sort of MP3 player for his birthday.
He listens to a lot of music, and I know he wants one.
So the question lies in which one?
I know all about the iPods, but I have one, and he bought it for me, so I don't want him to think I jacked his idea, because I have no idea what to get him.
Also, I'm scared it will give him problems.

Are there any alternatives to iPods?
I know there are Creative Labs, and Samsungs, but I'm hesitant.
I want it to have a display, and a list of sound options, like the ipod does, with the Equalizer.

Also, completely random:
Should I close up my bellybutton piercing, and just leave my bottom bellybutton piercing in?
I don't want to look to over accessorized in the stomach area this summer, when I go on vacation.


If you were famous, would you be overjoyed or angry if you were parodied on some kind of sketch show or anything else?

Personally I think it'd be rather awesome, and get a huge kick out of it, even if it were SCATHING SATIRE.

Do you even ever think about what it'd be like to be parodied/to have someone do an impression of you?

Has anyone ever done a full-on impression of you?
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(no subject)

I have a phone interview later on today and I'm kind of freaking out.

Any advice?

Anyone ever have a phone interview and actually get the job? Anyone conduct phone interviews? what do you look for?
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iPod help!

I just got an iPod and I'm trying to put songs from all my CD's onto iTunes to upload to my iPod. But some of the CDs aren't recognized by iTunes and I can't get them onto iTunes (i.e. they don't show up in the source list and aren't listed by song when I go by My Computer). Can anyone help? Is there any way to access these songs? (It seems like they're all Enhanced CD's or CD's with online extras.)

Kyouya - Outside the Lines

(no subject)


What food are you craving right now? I reeeaaally want some chocolate cherry rolls.
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Halloween Music

Yes, I know it's only July, but after I'm done moving, I want to get a head start on getting the music (among other things) for my Halloween party. I don't want anything like Labyrinth soundtrack. If you have a suggestion that's borderline with what I'd want (like I don't want Little Shop of Horrors or Wicked), go ahead and make it. I just want some ideas.

Under the cut is a list of song titles or movies I'm going to look at for music. If you suggest a song in a movie I already mentioned, no worries there either; it may not be a song I've thought of using. For instrumental music scores from movies, I want them to be placeable (for example, The Exorcist or Pirates of the Caribbean.

Collapse )

I did do a Google search, but I mainly came up with sound effects and such. I did find this list, so please don't suggest anything on that list.

Thanks everyone!

(no subject)

1. What do you use/do to study a language? I want a head start on my Italian class. Are there any free language tests you can take online, or create flashcards with (Before you know it won't download to my computer)?

2. Other then warm milk and double dozes of ambien, what are some tips to help you fall asleep?

3. What is your favorite Nick at Night/TV Land tv show (such as Mary Tyler Moore, Taxi, Leave it to Beaver)?

4. Have you ever won anything in a contest or game (anything from a free cruise to a teddy bear)? What was it?

5. What temperature is it where you live right now?

6. What type of deodorant do you use?

Edna St. Vincent Millay

1.  Have you ever read poetry by Edna St. Vincent Millay

2.  If so, do you think her poetry is old-fashioned?

It is an assignment for a class, but I have already written my response.  However, I am going against the grain on this one, so I was just curious to see what other people think and why.

Thanks :)

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so yesterday i got a professional manicure for the first time.

everything turned out pretty decent, save for some slight chipping of the polish, which didnt bother me all that much.

unforetunately, my job requires my to type, and 4 of the nails cracked today. the nails are also causing intensely awful pressure on the sides of my fingernails, where the skin surrounds the nail.

they suck. i want them off. but they're pretty much adhered to the nail and i dont want to do any damage by cracking them/picking them off.

is there anything that will loosen the glue, like some good ol' nail polish remover? thanks guys.
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(no subject)

1. Do you prefer full screen or wide screen?

2. (For those that know the Cowboy Bebop music): Which version of Rain do you prefer: Steve Conte or Mai Yamane?
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(no subject)

1. Anyone who uses ebay- has your account ever been suspended for "suspicious activity"? if so, what was the result of ebay's "investigation" and did they ever tell you what they found to have to suspend your account?

I was notified today that mine's been suspended and, while I'm sure it's fine, I'm kind of nervous anyways.

(no subject)

A question in this quiz I just took about how "New Jersey" you are says something like "Do you call it "miniature golf"....?" Uh, do you non-New-Jerseans call it something else? What?
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have you ever just decided to start parting your hair a different way?

i've parted my hair down the center for 20 years, and last night i brushed it off to the side and it looks... really good. i look less nerdy. i think i'm gonna keep doing this.

i'm thinking about getting it cut too, but i haven't decided, because i want it to be long and pretty in october. suggestions are welcome!! it's gonna be hotter than hell here (louisiana) in august, so i wouldn't object to a trim.

edit: this is how short i'm thinking about going again, and this is the kind of part i've got going on right now.

this is how long my hair is now, but it doesn't have the part in it.

i'm in the middle of a bad breakout right now, otherwise i'd snap some new pics for you guys. :(

(no subject)

I'm at work. about 75% of our computers are iMacs, the ones kinda shaped like half of a plastic easter egg, the ones with the handle ("so you can tie a rope around it, and use it for a BOAT ANCHOR.")

How do I adjust the screen settings? brightness, wideness, such like that? On a PC there's usually a menu button somewhere and I can push things, but apparently an array of buttons would foul the iMac's sleekness, so they left them out.

basically, the 'screen' doesn't take up the entire 'screen'. there's a quarter to half inch margin around the display, where it's black but it -could- be used for display, and I want to be using that. And I want the screen brighter. and if there's a sharpness adjustness thing, damn that'd be awesome. It sucks trying to proofread stuff when rn looks like m, because I got to work late and got one of the crap computers.

edit: thanks guys. screen is still kinda fuzzy but not stupidly small.

(no subject)

Does anyone here have a digital camcorder? Got any suggestions?

(I'm researching different possibilities for my advisor, but I'd also kind of like one for myself. So any suggestions are good, expensive or not.)

(no subject)

I really want to volunteer at an animal shelter. The only problem is that I'm only 16, and most places will only take 18+. Well, I've found a place close to where I live, and I called them. They told me that if I want to volunteer without a parent, I have to be 18+. But I've had 4 years experience volunteering at a pet store, so they told me to come in for an interview with my mom to see if they want me.

So, my question: What will they ask me? It's not exactly a job interview. And I've never been interviewed for a job before - what should I wear? It's only a shelter, so I don't want to be TOO dressed up, but I don't want to look like a slob either.


(no subject)

Do you remember your first visit to the dentist? Why did you go? Were you scared?
If you don't remember your first visit, what is the earliest visit you do remember?

My answer: My first visit was when I was in second grade. It wasn't a scheduled visit. I was walking from the bus stop to my house after school and was chewing gum. My friend that lived near me gave me a jawbreaker. I put it in my mouth with my gum. I had it in there for about two minutes and my gum managed to get wrapped around it. I bit down thinking that it was just my gum and it broke my tooth in half. I had to go to the dentist that afternoon to get the other half pulled. I still have the half of the tooth that got pulled (my dentist let me keep it). I wasn't scared of the dentist, I was scared that my mom was going to punish me for chewing gum (I wasn't allowed to have gum because I kept getting it stuck in my hair).


Do you know anyone whose first relationship turned out to be a very serious one - maybe several years in duration, or they lived together, or got engaged/married, had kids? How old was that person when they had this relationship? Stories are more than welcome :)
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chinese food sizes.

Where you live, what sizes does chinese take out come in?
It always used to come in pints and quarts but I've been trying new places lately and it always seems to come in one size that's way too big. I used to always get two pint sized things and then I would have leftovers for the next day, but now I only get one thing just because I don't want to be stuck with leftovers for a week.

What happened to it coming in pints and quarts?
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(no subject)

If you're called into jury duty and it turns out to be a sequestered jury, are the jury members allowed to make certain arrangements? I.e., will they be allowed to go home to pack a week's worth of clothing, or call up someone to feed their pets?

Also, if the trial goes on for weeks...if one of the jurors needs something, say tampons, does someone go out an buy a box for her or is this woman escorted somewhere so she can buy a box?

Have you've ever "told the judge what s/he didn't want to hear" in order to get out of jury duty? What did you say/do?
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(no subject)

1. Do you remember Warheads candy? Did you/Do you like it? Favorite flavour? 
-Yes; Eh, not really; Blue Raspberry

2. Do you watch Food Network? If yes, who's your favorite personality? 
Yes, Paula Dean

3. Who is your favorite late night T.V. host? 

4. Is anyone here fan of either lush.com or blackphoenixalchemylab.com?
I like BPAL, haven't tried any LUSH yet, but it sounds nice. 

5. Have you ever swam with whales? Would you ever want to? 
No; Yes, I would love to swim with blue whales.

6. What period in history do you think people had the best fashion sense in? 
Anywhere Civil War-mid 50's, with emphasis on Edwardian & Roaring Twenties fashions.

7. If you had to choose, what to you is the singularly most beautiful song/ piece of music? The one that makes you feel completely serene and blissful.
Chopin- Nocturne in E Flat Major
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(no subject)

Can someone clue me in on what happened in the last half hour or so of that Lifetime movie that was just on....Not Like Everyone Else or whatever it was called? I definitely did not pay attention and before I knew it, it was over.
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Screw this.

1. Ever cut class in regular school? (Kinder through 12th grade). Why? Did you get away with it? What did you do on your day off?
2. For those in college, do you cut class? Why? What do you do when you're away?
3. For those who work, do you ever take "personal days" just to ditch work? Why, and what do you do?

mixed bag 'o questions

1. What are your thoughts on adult naps during the middle of the day? Do they mess your daily routine up, or help you out? 
Me = Naps are awesome, but usually they just mess me up for the rest of the day, or my nap turns into an accidental slumber.

2. What time do you have to be at work/class/school/etc. in the morning? (Let's assume I'm talking about a weekday). 
Me = Right now, I have to be at work at 9 a.m.

3. What's your favorite brand and/or flavor of potato chip and/or pretzel?
Me = I love all flavors of Pringles, and also Ruffle's Sour Cream chips

4. How would you rate your threshhold for pain on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the "aww-I-just-can't-take-any-pain" side of things?
Me = I'd say I'm right in the middle at a 5. 

5. What was the last thing someone did to really "ruffle your feathers" or frustrate you?
Me = A friend of mine didn't return my phone call.... Grrrr!


1. What TV show, if any, would you be in?
2. Reccomend a good website? (not an LJ comm!!)
3. Do you download things other than images and office documents (spreadshits etc.)?
4. Favorite computer game? Web based game? Videogame?
5. Are you shy or outgoing?
6. Do you prefer posts which are single questions, multiple questions, story + question(s), or polls?
7. Post your favorite picture? Doesn't necessarily have to be of yourself.

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