July 9th, 2006

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I need quotes on the unthinkable and who said them. Good example would be: "We must dare to think about "unthinkable things" because when things become unthinkable, thinking stops and action becomes mindless." - J William Fulbright.

I've googled & jeeved myself to the point of exhaustion. Thanks!
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1. When a book has been made into a movie/TV series, how much does it affect your perceptions of the book?

For Example: After watching, Sin City, you always imagine Hartigan's voice sounding like Bruce Willis when you read the comic.
Or you always imagine Harry Potter looking more like Daniel Radcliffe instead of basing you view of his appearance based on JK Rowling's description.

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2. Unrelated: Is there a term for describing something as being, "timeless"? For example, movies like Sin City where it's unclear that the film takes place in the past, present times, or the future.

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Im looking into buying a slim digital camera. I have a large really nice one...does amazing stuff, but its a hassle to lug around when Im just screwing around taking pictures of my drunk roommates or something.
I want a nice camera (I bought the oregon scientific thin cam and sent it straight back)

I love all the crazy priced thin cameras, like the casio exilim, coolpix etc. but I dont have the budget for them. Ive been watching on Ebay but they all are going over $200. I'd like to keep it under $150.

any suggestions on what to buy, that is really thin, under $150, or where to look for cheaper ones?

Quotes and Origami

1. What are some quotes, that you like, that help you to get through school/work/everyday life/life in general?

2. Once again, my sucky Google-Fu has failed me. I am not able to find a website that can teach me how to fold origami flowers. Do you have better Googling skills that can help me? Or just any websites that you know offhand?

Thanks a bunch!
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Movies and Books

1. What is a movie you like that a lot of people dislike or it have bad ratings? And why do you like it?

2. What is a movie you dislike that a lot of people like or it have good ratings? And why do you dislike it?

3. What do you think was the best book to movie adaption? What was the worst?

4. What books do you wish were made into movies?


5. What is a book you enjoy reading that most people dislike?

6. What is a book you hated that most people like?

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Have you ever had someone on your friends list pass away?

What did you want to be growing up? Have you changed your mind since then?

I want to learn sign language. Do you know of any good books that are good for that?


...not trying to cause nitpicking or flames or fights of any sort. If you find these questions any amount of offensive, then DONT ANSWER THEM. I don't wish to cause any controversy and send TQC into a bitch fest.

1. What is your political persuasion? No need to explain why.
2. What is your religious persuasion? No need to explain why.
3. Did your family affect your decision? No need to explain why, but you can elaborate if you want to.
4. Do you/do you plan to raise your kids in the same manner as you? No need to explain why/why not.

And now, a series of unrelated questions.

5. Favorite song from Wicked? Defying Gravity, for me.
6. What do you think of pageants? I'd love to be in them, but I'm not that kinda girl.
7. Worst high school memory? Algebra 1. Period.
8. If you could dye your hair any color(s) for a day, no reprecussions (family/friends/work/school wouldn't care) what color would it be? Pink with purple and red stripes (vertical).
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What is a book/movie of which you liked the plot/idea/story but you hated the writing/acting?
For example, if the plotline is unique and interesting or the concept or idea this book/movie is trying to convey is good, but the acting is bad, or the author's writing is bad/hard to understand/etc, so you didn't enjoy it as much.

And then, for the other side: what is a movie/book of which the plotline was overused, stupid, repetitive, etc, or the concept is silly/etc but the author's writing is good (witty, entertaining, funny, just plain good writing) or the acting was good, so you still enjoyed it?

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You know those bathtub rubbery floor mats that have the bristle brush like things on them?

Does anyone know of a quick way to get hair out of one of those things without having to sit there, and pluck them out with tweezers? I'm tempted to just toss it and buy another matt - one that doesnt have those bristles.. I'm constantly getting hair in it.
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1. If a movie was entirely funded and directed by a Japanese production company, but was shot, starred, was mostly staffed by Polish people and was in Polish, would you consider it Japanese or Polish?
I know it's Japanese, but I just can't stop thinking of it as a Polish movie.

2. Are there any online site specifically fot buying/selling medical and scientiffic journals? Aside from eBay and Amazon.
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 My computer recently (yesterday) went nuts!
I was at my little cousins' house and we were playing Harry Potter on my computer because it didn't work on theirs.  I was using the Ctrl and Alt keys mostly.  Suddenly, the screen flipped upside down and all my sound was lost. 
So I closed the game, and my desktop was flipped too!  I can only read it properly when I'm standing on my head.

Anybody know how to fix this?!?!?

Thanks so much!

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If you've gone through the college selection process:

1.  Do you have any funny memories of looking at colleges?
2.  Did you have any bad experiences while looking at colleges?

When I was being led on a tour around one campus, there was another girl with me.  At one point, we were shown the cafeteria, and the girl asked if the cake they made here was homemade or from a mix.  I enjoy good cake as much as the next person, but that's probably the most pointless question you could possibly ask.  Yeah, and that was about the only question she asked on the tour, besides if the cable there got Cartoon Network.

As far as bad experiences, after I made my choice to go to a school and committed to it, my mother would not leave me alone about the local university and how I should go there.  She still brings it up almost daily, even though I'm leaving in about a month.  Gah.

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Back in 2004, there was this video going around of Anna Nicole Smith dressed up as Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2 -- doing an interview on one of those Access Hollywood type shows.

What show was it? Does anyone else remember this or am I just crazy? Does anyone have a link to the video or pictures? (I have a coworker who doesn't believe me.)
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If you come across a dead creature, whether animal or bird, what do you do?
Do you leave it lying where you found it? If you remove it, how do you do it (with a plastic bag or other implement), & what do you do with it (put it in a trash can, bury it in the ground)?

Conversely, what do you do if you find a creature obviously mortally wounded, yet still alive?
Do you leave it to die of natural causes & possibly suffer more, or do you choose to have a hand in its death in an effort to reduce its pain?

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Class ring

How long do people generally wear their high school class rings? I wore mine all senior year but I haven't worn it since graduation. I don't generally see any adults wearing theirs - how about just the summer after graduation? Mine's a really pretty ring and I hate to just put it in a box.

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1. What photo/image is on your computer desktop?
Me = the Ford Mustang logo thingie

2. Do you have a VCR still? Or do you just use a DVD player?
Me = I got rid of my VCR and VHS tapes for good just a few months ago. I figured it was "time to move on."

3. When/if you buy CD's, do you keep them in their plastic cases? Or do you put them in a booklet? Or what do you do with them?
Me = I rid of the plastic cases, but I keep my CD's with my booklets in a leather case thingie.

4. When and to whom was the last hand-written letter you sent?
Me = My friend, Lindsey, to let her know I've been trying to get ahold of her for weeks.

5. How would you describe the community where you live (i.e. the people, the houses, etc.)?
Me = I just moved into a college dorm to manage it; however, my home before was in a mobile home/trailer park that is home to mostly elderly people. Most families who have kids live on the same far end of the park where I lived. Most trailers are in good shape, but there are some people who have forgotten what a lawnmower is and who don't take care of their trailers.

Archaic computer games

In my recent senior year of college I found a download of Oregon Trail and, along with my roommates, wasted away too much time playing this awesome computer game of our youth. I give this age reference so it may be of help in determining the answer to my question. I keep remembering a game, seems to be much like Oregon Trail in the sense that it was primitive as far as computer games are concerned and most likely from the early to mid-nineties. In the game play, all I can remember was removing patches of grass (brush, sticks, etc....all types of "cover") to reveal certain animals (maybe people and objects too?). Sadly, I can't remember the point of the game or much more, other than you had to repeatedly click and drag to uncover certain things bit by bit.

If you think I dreamt that game up, here's a better question. Anyone remember SoftDisk/On Disk Monthly games? I'm pretty sure that's what it was called. It was a subscription-type thing where you got a new floppy disk each month filled with some organizing programs, informational programs (adult-type stuff at the age I was when I remember them) and some games. Catacomb Abyss ring a bell to anyone?
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Poll #765459 hotels & houses

When you're staying at a hotel do you bring your own pillow(s) and towel(s) with you?

I bring my own pillow(s) but not towel(s)
I bring my own towel(s) but not pillow(s)
I bring both

When you're staying at someone else's house do you bring your own pillow(s) and towel(s) with you?

I bring my own pillow(s) but not towel(s)
I bring my own towel(s) but not pillow(s)
I bring both
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You accidently hit a hobo with your car. No one will miss him, no one knows him. So you decide to get rid of the body.

What do you do?

I would tie a rock to it and throw it in a bog.
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How can I get rid of fuzzballs on my pants? Is there a good method of prevention?

What kind of can opener do you use? [And do you like it? How well does it work...? Where'd you get it? How long have you had it?] A link or picture would also be appreciated.
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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Sometimes when I wake up, my eye feels like it's bruised. Like someone punched it and hurts to blink. But right now, I didn't even sleep and it hurts like the way someone beat me up. What causes that? Does anyone else get that?
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I'm eighteen, Canadian, and currently looking into getting a PayPal account. Recently, however, I have stumbled across numerous anti-PayPal articles and websites while doing my research. This Wikipedia article lists some concerns people have with this company under "Criticisms."

How do you feel about PayPal?
Do you have an account?

If so, how long have you had it for? Do you use it often?
Have you had any notable positive or negative experiences with this company?
Have you ever had customer support issues with PayPal?
In which country are you located?
Since PayPal is a subsidary of eBay with headquarters in California, do you think I should have any concerns as a Canadian with my banking information being stored in the US?

Any and all answers, advice and extra information would be appreciated.
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I want to get my boyfriend something cool for his birthday, so my question is what are some cool  internet websites that sell fun stuff (other than ebay, amazon and half.com)? What are some sites that a lot of people don't know about?

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I think I may asked this one acoupla times....

Men and girl friends-

best shaving cream for senstive skin?

I usted to use Shave Secret (http://www.shavesecret.com/)
but it always leaves my face too oily to get a good shave.

I use the gillette fusion which is nice but need a protectant so it doesn't feel like I am using  a cheese grater.


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So today after work I found out that a close friend of mine is getting married in September. My mom bought me some chinese food and brought me a fortune cookie. My fortune said "You or a close friend will be married within a year"

Have you ever had a fortune be so accurate?
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I'm watching my grandparents' puppy next week while they're out of town. What's the best way to keep her from chewing up my computer cords? They've already told me she's a big fan of lamp cords. I'm thinking the area around my desk is party city for her.

Do you own an external hard drive? How do you like it? Is it feasible to believe that if I could put all of my music on an external drive, my computer would be better overall since it wouldn't be so bogged down?

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I'd like to become an early riser. My ideal daily wake-up time would be about 5:30. Right now, though, I get up around 8. I've tried several times to shift my wake-up times earlier than that, but 8 seems to be as early as I can go – any earlier and I just sleep through my alarm (which is obviously inconsiderate towards my roommates).

So, what can I do to become the early riser I've always wanted to be?
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Nordstrom.com, wtf?

There was a shirt I was going to order from Nordstrom.com, I had it in my shopping bag(since this morning) along with shoes they never actually have at the store. I went to order them and it said the shirt wasn't available, so I used the live assistance thing and they told me it's because it's going to be part of the anniversary sale and will be available on the 14. Why do they say it's unavailable when they actually have them in stock? I don't think the sale reason makes all that much sense. You would think they would want to sell as many as possible before they went on sale. Would they have taken them off the racks at the store too?

Taking a break.

I'm planning a trip in the middle of September to Seattle and possibly Portland. I currently live in Michigan and because I only have one week for vacation, I'm taking a plane. My best friend is comming along and we both have about 1-2000 dollars budgeted for this trip. However, I know nothing of this city. What can you tell me about these cities that are "must do's", especially if they're off the beaten path. Are there any places you'd recommend to stay? Entertainment/dining? Also, it's not settled that we'll be going there. What are other places that would be great week-long vacations?
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Do you consider Italians latinos?
EDIT: I've never thought of Italians as latinos. I look very Italian and am always refered to by friends and family as a latina. Chill.

How do you get your total score for the SAT (like 1390 or something)?
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BA = Employment or Starvation?

I'm looking for a job that has something to do with psychology, in an effort to continue to learn and grow, instead of just wasting time until I enroll in a graduate program. I only have a bachelors in psychology, and I know this limits my options, but I would think there would be something out there that I could enjoy and actually earn money while doing it. I'd love to volunteer at a shelter or something along those lines, but unfortunately volunteering won't pay the bills.
Are there any special places to look for employment for mental health workers, social workers, and similar fields? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. So far, I've been looking in the Dallas Morning News (online), Career Builder, Monster, and the UTD career center.
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i am a huge loser and i don't know what to wear to a job interview. it's at the gap and it's at noon tomorrow. i said i didn't care about this but i guess i do.

i don't have much to work with so i'm thinking a solid teal shirt and a black knee-length skirt but i don't know wtf kind of shoes i can wear with this. i have a pair of sandals that i graduated in that have a slight heel but i don't know, can i wear open-toed shoes to an interview at the gap? should i (ugh) do my toenails? and does my idea for an outfit sound terrible?

i don't really have dress pants. i have these grey pin-striped pants but they're wool and it's summertime and not only is that uncomfortable but it would also look ridiculous.

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anyway uhhhh do you see any problems with my interview outfit, i guess that's what i'm asking. and shoes, yeah, shoes. help with the shoes please?

i should add that i live in the US where it is hot in the summer so boots and a jacket are pretty much out. even if i'm not uncomfortable it will stand out. yeahhhh

edit: ok ok i'm going to have to go shoe shopping. does anyone have a specific shoe they can recommend me?
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1. Suppose you have kids that are all adults, and one becomes a fugitive and comes to you to hide them. Do you do it? Turn them in? Tell them no and don't turn them in? [Asked because of the movie Blow and because what George's mom does pissed me off.]
2. How many times have you been in love?
2a. If you have been more than once, how was your first love different from your current/last one?
3. Do you lay out/go to a tanning bed?
4. What do you think of people who play MMORPGs?
5. How often do you make your bed?
6. What is your favorite community, other than this one?!!1/1!?11/1 yay! ZOMG I hope this isn't a repost!!!

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Horror/Thriller/Suspense films. Oh yes.

Worst one ever you ask? The Exorcist II: The Heretic. Oh my god. I almost fell asleep during it. Ridiculous. Though Linda Blair was cute.

Best? Surely not Exorcist...that belongs on the comedy channel. The Shining was funny too. Clearly its a generation thing.

As far as scary: Session 9, Exorcist: Beginning, Saw, 28 Days Later, The Amityville Horror (remake) and The Dark Hours scared me alright.

Whats on your best/worst list?
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Wireless router problem

I have a C&W wireless router with built in ADSL modem. My desktop connects to the internet through the modem and my laptop uses the wireless.

Anyway, yesterday my laptop lost the internet connection and couldn't find the network signal but the desktop connected just fine.

Now neither the laptop or the desktop can connect and the ADSL light nor the 'ready' light are lit up.

What is wrong with it and is there anything I can do to fix it?