July 8th, 2006

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Do you have any suggestions for a highschool junior searching for a college?

If it helps I want to be a chemical engineer.
My accumulative G.P.A is a 3.98.
I'm active in clubs and play softball.
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Poll #764538 food!

Which of the following do you like?

mashed potatoes
potato pancakes
baked potatoes
potato chips
potato soup
tomato soup
tomato sauce
grilled cheese
mozzarella sticks
artichoke spinach dip
I hate all of those!
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1. What's the most comfortable brand of sneaker for an every day walking shoe? I'm moving to a big city (Madrid) for next semester and will probably be walking around a lot more than I'm used to, or so my Dad insists on warning me like every single day. Bonus points if they have any cute styles that come in red... Heh heh.

2. What would you think of someone walking around wearing metallic golden Puma sneakers with sky blue laces? (No, I don't have them, no need to insult or applaud my individual taste)


1. What is your favorite season?
2. Why do you like it so much?
3. Does the weather affect your mood?
4. How so?
5. What's the weather like right now?
6. If you could be a superhero, which superhero would you be? (sorry, stephen lynch in my mind)

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I would like to issue an apology to the group, for asking my photo question, I have deleted it, because it was against the rules.....how do you know if a tattoo may be infected? Thank you :)
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tongue piercing

How long do you have to wait after getting your tongue pierced before you can kiss? Before you can perform oral sex (both genders)?
What is the likelyhood of infection? Does it close up immediately after you take it out?

it slices! it dices! look at that tomato!

1. have you ever seen something for sale in a commercial or infomercial and thought, "man, i really really want this!" if so, what?

2. have you ever bought something from one of these commercials? what was it and how was it?

i, for one, have never bought anything, but i always want any sort of MAGIC AWESOME CLEANER thing and any sort of slicey-dicey food gadget. right now i'd like to get that vidalia chop wizard. stir-fry would be so easy. or so they tell me. of course, all these things are crap, but you know, still.

A couple of music questions:

Tonight is my last night working at the bowling alley, and I'm bored of listening to the satellite radio. So I've decided to make a couple of CDs to play during tonight's Disco Bowling sessions. Each of the 2 sessions are 2 hours long, so I need at least 2 hours' worth of music. It has to be fairly "normal", as in it has to be at least tolerated by most people there, and it has to have clean lyrics, as the earlier session (from 7 - 9 ) is pretty much populated by kids (under 13). Any style is OK, as is any decade- I just want a good mix of stuff, hopefully not too over-played.


Seccondly, I'm planning on buying my 10 year old son a bass for Christmas. Do we have any musicians here that can recommend a good beginner bass for him? Anything I should look for? Am I right in thinking that the bass is somewhat less complicated in learning than, say a guitar or banjo (his other interests).

As another part of the gift, I'm going to give him some CDs that showcase excellent bass players. I'll definitely be getting him some older Red Hot Chili Peppers and Primus, but I'd like to give him a wider range. Who is your favorite bass player? (mine, obviously, are Flea & Les Claypool)

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Alright, so I always work out after I wake up in the morning. Trouble is I have very oily skin. My questions is would it be more beneficial to wash my face before and after I work out or just after I work out or does it not really matter?

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anyone else here have a mother die in childhood? do you feel like there's a huge gaping hole inside you that you desperately want to fill but realize that you probably never will? do you feel like you need affection from anyone/anything/anytime/anywhere? after mine died i didn't let anyone touch me and i'm so angry at myself b/c i feel that lack so strongly now and i wonder whether it would be craved so much if i had just allowed myself to be loved. sometimes i think the main reason i want a girlfriend is so that i'll have a steady supply of affection rather than sex. or maybe i'm just a big pussy and using this as an explanation (<- not trying to salvage my manhood- this is something i genuinely wonder).

did you grieve right away or did you bury it and refuse to think of it? in 14 yrs i spoke of it maybe once, and i guess i'm only now beginning the grieving process, though i'm beginning to realize that there will never be closure. i'm just starting to talk about it now and it's actually helpful, so i guess that's a start.

fill me in, i'm interested in your experiences.

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Following the 'what do you wear to bed' question from earlier, this one is aimed at those who are sexually active.

Do you put your pj's/underwear back on after you've had sex, before you go to sleep, like they do on tv/movies?

I've only gotten dressed again if I was incredibly cold, and maybe not even then (my ex was the human hot water bottle). My sister worked with a girl who always got back into her pj's afterwards. We both thought that was strange.

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1. Do you ever re-read books you loved as a kid, just for fun? If yes, which are your favorites?

2. Do you like classical music? If yes, what are your, oh, top 5, favorite pieces and/or composers?

3. Are you an indoors or outdoors person?

4. Do you live in a house or apartment?

5. Ever been to a Renaissance Faire?

6. Do you like the movie Chocolat?

7. Has anyone else ever read any works by the author Gerald Durrell?

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Inspired by TV dramas:

I've been watching a lot of mindless crap on the TV recently (I love weekends!), and noticed on more than one show a phenomenon that makes me wonder: what IS the right way to go about it?

A common plot line in these shows (90210, Melrose, Days, among others) is an estranged character showing up out of the blue. On TV, this happens in a number of ways: a late night "surprise!" phone call, a heartfelt letter, showing up at your ex's wedding when you were thought to be dead...... you get my drift. So, what is the best way to, for lack of a better term, re-introduce yourself to someone? Show up in person, call, or write? Does the method change depending on who it is? (child you gave up for adoption, former business partner, friend, wife who you left after a dreadful accident gave you amnesia?)

I know, I over-analyze shows too much. But its the only way I can rationalize watching cotton candy TV - by trying to make book-group type discussion out of it. You should hear my best friend & I discussing the finer points of the father/daughter dynamic in Little house On The Prairie!

biggest/ most active LJ communities?

Because I'm curious...

What kind of communities do you think have the most members? More importantly, is there a way to find out which commities actually do have the most members?

In the same vein, what kinds of communities do you think are the most active [lots of posts by lots of different memebers each day]? Again, is there a way to find out which communities actually are the most active?

blueberry recipes

I have about 10 lbs. of fresh blueberries. I could Google recipes, of course, but do any of you have favorite recipes involving blueberries? I've already made muffins, so anything else would be appreciated!


Alright, soo I bought an eggplant! A little baby one. What is something delicious that I can do with it (preferrably something that you know is good)?

I've been turned off from it since I was little because I remember seeing a tiny toons episode where elmer fudd was growing eggplants and they were all big and purple and shaped like his head, it was freaky!
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stick people.

I have a Mac.

I have no photoshop skills at all, but I'm willing to learn.

I want to make simple little animations of stick people for fun. Yes, I have decent drawing skills... enough to make stick people.

Is there a program out there (off of like versiontracker.com or something) that will let me make little animations of stick people, and is pretty simple and hopefully free?

Before you guys blast me with the "well I don't know, google it" accusation, I'm asking here because I want recommendations from you. Isn't that weird? I actually like to hear opinions from people. Especially when it comes to things I know very little about. Like photoshopping programs. Save the snark for someone else.

Remember guys, I have a Mac. And I'm not switching to PC for anybody.
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I need some advice what to do here

Chat I just had with someone on AIM

She's been lying to me about a few things all along. She told me she was a 22 year old English programmer, working from home. Now I know she's an 18 year old teen, living at home. Honestly, I don't know if that changes anything except make me mistrustful about anything I do know about her. I don't know her very well anyway. Shelley is a rape survivor, and the experience destroyed her ability to speak. I'm sure that's true, because the subject of that night always haunts her, and it infiltrates every one of our conversations and moods. I always try and help her, try and brighten up her mood, make her think or laugh or whatever.

It's been over a month since she came onlne. Now, I find out she's going to end it all. She almost killed herself last year, she told me. But I don't know how true that is. Maybe this is all a cry for help. I don't know

She has a livejournal. priscilla_shel. I have her email address. What can or should I do? I haven't really been in this situation before

Edit: I've sent her an email, urging her to not do it and to seek help, and asking her to talk about her miseries and unbearable life. Maybe if this is just attention, this will be enough to open a dialogue with her.
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A couple of years ago, everyone thought that this guy was a famous actor. Did we ever find out if that was true, and who did it turn out to be? I know that Owen Wilson, George Clooney and Jeff Bridges were all names that were thrown out there.
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alcohol is funn...

1. What did you do on your twenty-first birthday? edit Or whatever birthday counts as legal drinking age where you live?
I'm not sure yet. But my mom and aunt definitely want to take me and my best friend out at some point because her birthday is two days before mine and she's considered family. I might do that the Friday that is my birthday and then have everyone over to my dad's house for his block party on Saturday night. But I'm still not entirely sure.

2. What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
I like anything with vodka in it basically. Same with my aunt and my mom. I also enjoy Malibu and Pineapple.

3. Also, this question is probably out there, but has anyone been on a Disney Cruise lately and remember some of the drinks of the day? There was one that my mom, aunt, and I loved after substituted the rum for vodka. But none of us remember what it was called or what was in it.
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motley questions

1) What are some of your favorite snacks?

2) What do you typically have for breakfast?

3) Are you on a fairly set sleep schedule?

4) What are three things you have recently discovered?

5) What are three things you would like to learn more about?

6) What three genres of fiction (television, movies, literature etc.) appeal to you?

7) Is the music you listen to now similar to what you were into five years ago? Ten years ago? Twenty years ago (if applicable)?

8) Have you/will you be taking a summer vacation this year? If so, where are you going/where did you go?

9) What did you want to be when you grew up? Did things work out like you planned?

10) If you were to go back in time 10 years from now and meet yourself, what is one thing you'd tell your (past) self?

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What's fair?

My ex and I got married in 9/92. Right before getting we got married, my dad and i bought a condo and my ex and our daughter and I moved in.

In 11/95 we broke up and I moved out (long story).

We're friendly with each other which is good because we see each other on a weekly basis and still talk to each other even more often than that.

In 2/00, I moved back in and he moved out to live with his girlfriend (who's now his wife) and left a bunch of stuff in the storage space we have in the basement. Since then, he's moved 2 other times and every time he's moved, I ask him to come look through the basement and go through his crap and throw out stuff that he doesn't want. He always says "yeah yeah yeah" but never gets around to it.

I want to do some reorganizing/redecorating and move some stuff downstairs into storage.

Do you think it's fair to give an ultimatum date of the end of September (it's been down there for almost 7 years now) for him to get his crap out of the basement? It's driving me freaking nuts.

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The Red Sox wear red socks (supposedly, they were named after their uniform). Why do the White Sox wear black socks? Is it strictly because black socks are easier to wash, or are there more reasons behind it?
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I'm new to Ebay, and I just started bidding on two items.
I noticed on both items, that as soon as I bid, I'm informed I've been outbid.
This happens every single time, on both auctions.

What the hell is going on here?
Is there a way to make sure you always have the high bid, or am I just very unlucky?

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If you're going to dye your hair at home is it better to do it before or after you get it professionally cut?

I know it's probably not THAT big of difference but I was curious what people thought.
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New music I should know about?

I'm always on the prowl for new musical acts. I currently listen to:

Clear Static
Ima Robot
Imogen Heap
Hollywood Undead
Kill Hannah
Shiny Toy Guns
Depeche Mode
Under The Influence of Giants

Based on the bands I listed (props if you know all of them yourself), can you point me to some other cool artists?
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I need help with Firefox.

I was on it just fine up until a few minutes ago, when it froze up. I shut it, then opened it again. But it asked me to make a personal file. When I clicked on 'default' it told me I couldnt get on there because it was already running. I created a new profile but I need to get to the default because thats where all my bookmarks are. Can anyone help me?

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Okay, so... I first got my ears pierced a couple of months ago... One of my ears kinda hurts when I touch it, but my friends said not to worry about it and that it'll get better if I clean it out really well. Well, I got lazy and haven't messed with it in awhile.

Today I just noticed that there's a dark green-ish spot near the piercing.

So, here's my question: Why is my ear changing colors? I've heard that sometimes an earring can do that, but I don't know if that's it or if it's that my ear is like...rotting, or something, since it's infected.

Second question: What should I do about it?

DW: Don&#39;t Blink!

Do they make Zombie Raid, maybe?

I believe zombies come into my room at night and munch on my brains, causing my memory to deteriorate. I could use garlic and holy water if it were vampires, but I don't know how to keep zombies away. Any ideas?

If I'm wrong and it's not zombies, what else could be causing my memory to go to shit?
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Would you ever join a community that has poorly drawn (stick figures) comics making fun of the world / politics / news / whatever? (basically, like posting your opinions on things, but in comic & humor form)

My friend is thinking of starting a lj community like this, and asked me if I thought people would join. I'm not sure, SO now I'm asking you guys. :)

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So my dad just got this brand spanking new computer from work, and his hard drive was copied to this one. So for msn, I go to it, I click on it (like usual) but when I sign in, it tells me "A newer version of MSN Messenger for Macintosh is available. You must download the newer version in order to continue using MSN Messenger. Would you like to do this now?" So I click yes. It downloads it, but I can't open it. It tells me the file is broken or something. So I go back and try to click no to the original question and therefore doesn't sign me in.

How can I use MSN?? What's going on?
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I am looking to buy a ticket to fly from Daytona, Florida to Los Angeles for about ten days.
Since it's so close and across the country, I've gotten prices from $300 to $600.
Then, I saw priceline.com where you can enter your own price.

How does priceline work, exactly?
How does it let you get 400 dollar flights for whatever amount you put (I tried $50 to see what it would do)?
Is priceline a bad idea? It seems fishy to me.

Edit: What's the cheapest site you know of?

LMAO !!!

I'm watching the Date Movie and want to know....

What's your favorite love song?

oh and favorite movie ????

My answers: Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Taylor
Dirty Dancing (of course!)

Oh summer!

Are you enjoying the summer? Overworked? Underworked? Overpaid? Underpaid?

If you had plans/goals for the summer, have you managed to get through (some/most of) them?
If not, what is holding you back?
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work work work

I have a feeling that some people in here probably have cool jobs, or at least, unusual ones.

What's your job, if you have one?
How long have you done this/worked at this place?

Over the summer, I'm working at the local university's bookstore. I also worked there last summer and during spring break this year.