July 7th, 2006

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I decided to make ramen noodles for my midnight snack.  Good idea, right?  Until I find out we have ONE CHOPSTICK.  That's almost worse than NO chopsticks!  How am I supposed to eat my ramen with ONE chopstick?!

Which brings me to my question:  How do you eat your ramen?

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Do you ever find it hard to explain to someone why book/author/film/musician is so amazingly brilliant simply due to not being able to understand how they could possibly think said book/author/film/musician isn't?

daily mixed bag 'o fun...

1. What do you consider to be the WORST television show/series ever?
Me = PeeWee Herman's Playhouse... worst show ever!

2. If you were forced to play a professional sport, which would you play (regardless of actual talent, of course)?
Me = I think golf... because it seems like even when you come in 83rd place, you still take home a couple thousand bucks!

3. I need to cover my bare white walls in my new apartment... what are some good ideas?

4. How many keys are on your keyring?
Me = 7

5. Do you consider cheerleading a sport?
Me = yeah, but it still shouldn't be on ESPN

6. Do you consider NASCAR a sport?
Me = no way in heck! There is no physical ability being used there... sports are those in which you do some sort of physical activity, and NASCAR requires none of that!
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kid's books

What was your favorite book as a kid? I'm thinking young adult books, not picture books.

Some of mine were The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, The Golden Compass trilogy, and The Neverending Story.
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Have your S.O. ever been to the hospital and in a bad condition while you both were dating or married to each other?
How long did he/she stay in the hospital?
Did he/she survive? If so, were you still together afterwards?
Any comments you can share.

A night ago, I found out my boyfriend got into an accident (again! but this one is worse) and had to be sent to the hospital.
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Do you use a condiment on a food that some/most people find to be bizarre?

I really love mayo on peas. I don't eat it anymore, though, because of that whole heart disease thing.

I also love ketchup on eggs, macaroni & cheese, and egg noodles. I put hot sauce in my pasta (& mac n'cheese.)

What do you put on a bagel?

I love neufchatel (lowfat creamcheese). Maybe some light butter.

Are there any low-fat/light foods that you like better than the full-fat versions?

I like skim plus milk the best, neufchatel over cream cheese, and skippy reduced-fat peanutbutter over regular because it's sweeter.
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You're given $100,000, but there's a catch. You have to spend it all in one place or single purchase, and if you leave that place before the $100k is spent, you lose the remainder. One store, one type of service (like prostitutes, contractor), one experience (like renting most posh penthouse in the city for a week), one transaction (like a car). Whatever.

And you're not allowed to buy gift certificates or bonds

Where would you go with your money? Just for fun, be specific. Tell me in detail what you'd get

mp3 player confusion


woe! i dont know which mp3 player to get.

on the one hand, some people say ipods are great BUT! my friends say the following:

"the creative player's batteries will die too over time. but the creative player has 2 distinct advantages over the ipod.

1. the battery is removable. so therefore... when it dies... you do not have to buy a new player (as would be the case with the ipod). you can simply buy a new battery for it.

2. it is cheaper than the ipod.

the 4 acclaimed creative players are:

creative zen V
awesome small size, flash drive based mp3 player. $119.99 (1GB), $149.99 (2GB), $199.99 (4GB)

creative zen V plus
same as above... but add FM radio and video playback. $129.99 (1GB), $169.99 (2GB), $229.99 (4GB)

creative zen micro
higher capacity hard drive based mp3 player. hard drive players are bulkier than flash based players. as a comparison... the regular ipod is a hard drive based player. and the ipod nano is flash based. $200-250 (8GB)

creative zen vision:m
the definitive alternative to the ipod video. huge storage capacity, video playback, photos, and double the ipod's battery life! $300-320 (30GB) "

what to do? aaaaaaa!!! im freaking out here people!
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1:Other than sexual favors, what are some good incentives to get people to donate money to a worthy cause?

2:What's the first thing you did this morning

3:Do you usually eat breakfast?
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I have two invites to see Pirates of the Carribean on Saturday.

One is at a slightly more convient time, but will likely have people in group who can't seem to follow that idea that it is better to sit quietly and have people suspect you're an idiot, rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Or I could go at a more inconvient time, but be with people I like. When they aren't dieting and are cranky. Which one of them is. But I still like them.

I doubt that I'll want to see it two times in a row (which is doable).

Which group would you choose?
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Everyone swears, even if its PG-swearing like "Fudge!" or "Oh sugar!"

What sorts of swearing alternatives do you folks have? Like you just smacked you thumb with a hammer and your grandmother and a whole bunch of preschoolers are standing right there. What would you say so to not thoroughly corrupt them by bleating the F-bomb all over the place?

I like "Holy baloney!" and "sweet mother of Ghandi!"
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Hi folks,

As I'm not religious I feel a bit of a hypocrite for using "Thank God...!" or "Thank Heavens...!".

My brain's a blank today, so what non-religious alternatives can I use, or do you use, instead of these?

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1. Gary Glitter - Rock & Roll Pt. 2
2. Lalo Schifrin - Mission Impossible
3. Paul Simon - Outrageous
4. KC & the Sunshine Band - That's the Way I Like it
5. Trio - Da Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha
6. Stampeders - Sweet City Woman
7. Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner
8. Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
9. Knack - My Sharona
10. Men Without Hats - Safety Dance
BONUS TRACK: The Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop

this is the list the radio station i listen to came up with -
what's your list?
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1 How old are you?
2 How old do you feel?
3 What's the youngest age you would feel ok about dying at?
4 Would you rather live forever but be old and not in the best health, but not dying; or die younger (say, between 50-90) but be in perfect health all the time?
5 If you had a time machine, where you could visit any time for a looksie and not change anything, would you go back or forward in time? What would go see?

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Based on a statistic heard on NPR.

Happy Passport Poll.

Poll #764135 Passport poll.

Which best describes you?

I have a passport and have been out of the country.
I don't have a passport and haven't been out of the country.
I have a passport and haven't been out of the country.
I don't have a passport and have been out of the country.
I have a passport and plan to go out of the country for the first time in the near future.
I don't have a passport, I don't want one. Why would I want to leave the country? I haven't yet and I'm fine.

And also, do you think $99/month is a good price for cable/phone/dsl if you don't really watch a whole lot of tv?
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When you're cashiering at work...do you give people you dont like the dirty pennies?

I thought about it the other day, when I was ringing up someone who used to be a regular at Suncoast, and recognized me. And I was counting change and thought "well, I dont want to give him the dirty pennies.."
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On the TV Guide thing, we saw this movie listed on one of the porno channels.
It was called C------ Filled Holes

No, we did not watch it (they don't get them channels), but I was wondering what you thought the bleeped out what was.

Best I can do is "Custard", but that's hardly bleep-worthy. We are assuming it is a 7-letter word starting w/ C.
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do you engage in role playing during sex?
if you do not, how would you feel if your partner introduced it one night?
if you do, do you go so far as to use props and costumes?
would there be a specific kind of role playing that would turn you off? (i.e. rape fantasy, daddy/daughter, etc.)
any specific kind that does/would drive you wild?
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Fake IDs

1. What do you think of them? (I am sort of apathetic because I think the drinking age should be lowered to 18 anyway.)

2. Have you ever bought one? Where/how? (No.)

3. Have you ever used one? What happened? (No.)

4. If you've ever used or seen one, did it look real? (My friend's cousin used one on this past New Years and it was a TERRIBLE fake, but they let her drink anyway.)

5. What states do these things tend to come from? (I hear Florida is really common, but I live in Florida, so that's usually what we see anyway.)

I just started bartending, and at my work they give us $50 for every fake ID we spot and turn in. For other people who have to check ID to do their jobs: if you spotted an obvious fake and weren't being promised $50 would you pretend to be fooled?

speaking of pennies

i thought of this question this morning but didnt remember it until just now to post so here goes

am i wrong for expecting my change back in the drive through if its less than .05. what about if its a penny?

my change this morning was one cent and she looked at me weird when i sat there waiting for it!

Concert Giddiness

In about 10 minutes I'll be on my way to see Dave Matthews Band play at Fenway. In light of my exuberance, I ask:

What's the best concert you've ever seen?

I've seen DMB several times and am always blown away... aside from them, Yes was great (oddly enough - my dad dragged me to that show and I left a total fan), and the Strokes are phenomenal as well, as is The Music, but they're not really well known.

Conversly, the most disappointing?

I used to LOVE Red Hot Chili Peppers... was so excited to see them live, and they blew. Foo Fighters, who opened for them, were awesome tho. Violent Phemmes (sp?) left something to be desired, too.

Update: Show last night was amazing, so a big fat PTTTTHHHHLLLLL to all the whiney naysayers. lol Then again, I'm old enough to drink and enjoy an occasional toke, so it's probably a wee bit different experience for yours truly. Have a beer next time. lol
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Here's the deal.

I have an ear infection. It's not super bad, but it's hurting my throat a little. I'm going to the doctor on Monday for some antibiotics. I am not taking antibiotics for it now.
I'm going out drinking with some friends. If I go out and have a few drinks, but don't get drunk, will it make things worse, or will it not matter too much? I won't go if it'll make things worse, this is miserable enough as it is without it getting worse because of alcohol.
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1. Where do you live, and what foundry makes the manhole covers in your town?
I live in Fort Wayne, IN, and a lot of our manhole covers say "Neenah Foundry, Neenah, Wis."

2. What's the scientific name for the phenomenon by which people forget they've read a question in thequestionclub, but retain the subconscious idea that it might make a good question, and ask the exact same thing two days later?

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inspired by the concert post:

have you ever been to a concert where the performer forgot the words to their own song? Did it bother you?

The first time I saw Ben Folds, he forgot the words to "Zak and Sara" but he made up a funny filler instead of the actual words, so it was good for a laugh and I didn't really care.

The second time I saw Rufus Wainwright, he forgot the words to "Poses," and it bothered me only because that is my second favorite song of his and he forgot my favorite line, "all these poses of classical torture/ruining my mind like a snake in the orchard." It just kind of ruined the dreamy state of the song, but I forgive him anyways because he has a lot of lines to remember and I love him no matter what!
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Mostly for people who have a job...

1. Let's say your absolute dream job sought you out and wants to hire you. The company or position is based in another state/country/whatever. Would you move to take it? Would it depend on if you're married or have kids?

2. At your current job, if you're on vacation or sick, is there someone who fills in while you're gone or does your job for you?

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For morticians or those currently studying to become morticians:
1. What school did/do you attend?
2. What is the tuition?
3. How many years of school is mortuary school total?
4. What made you want to become a mortician?

For everyone:
What song(s) do you want played at your funeral?
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When you're writing in the "Current music" on an LJ post, how do you format the song title? I wrote 'Title' Artist for ages but then randomly switched to Artist - Title. I've seen some people who write in a song lyric or something though.

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Who on here has at one point in time just gone and packed what you wanted to keep up, stuck it in your car, left and moved to another state. How did it go? Did you have anything stationed / secure in that other state or did you just end up there... how did you make it?
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I was cleaning out my hotmail inbox today. While in the inbox, I accidentally clicked the orange envelope button (on the same blue mini-toolbar next to the 'sort by attachment' and 'select all visible messages' buttons and checkboxes) and now, my e-mails are in no order that I like -- sometimes chronological, sometimes sorted by sender. Even when I click the orange envelope again, there's little rhyme or reason to the order. All my LJ comment notifications, for example, are separated from all the other e-mails. This is very annoying.

How do I get the order of my hotmail messages back to a simple, chronological order?

Do you like Haagen Dazs icecream? Favourite flavour? I just bought it for the first time.
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How do I make myself feel better over the fact I don't have much spending money to take on holiday? Bearing in mind I get paranoid about these things! I know its not the end of the world, I just wish I could stop focusing on it so much!
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So a while back I'd made a post asking about what kinds of things I needed for adopting a cat and someone said I should post pics of the cat when I adopt it.

1. So to make this post follow the rules, what does your cat look like? What is/are its/their name(s)? How old are they? (Post pics if you have them!)

2. If you adopted yours from a shelter, what was your cat like once you got it home? Mine has been so super friendly and sweet since picking her up this morning. She didn't even fight off the vet and took everything in the examination fine. She's been sleeping the past few hours.

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Talk like a Pirate...

So a bunch of us are dressing up as Pirates tomorrow to see Pirates of the Caribean 2... and we're making tee shirts.

I want to be more creative thna just scribbling "Arrrrr" onto a tee shirt lol, anyone have a clever pirate-y phrase or two? The more the better...

Thanks in advance!

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I don't have much time to explain becasue I have a bit of an emergency. My mother in law was watching a neighbor's house. Their basement flooded ruining tons of things. Now they have tons of pictures slides that got wet. Is there ANY hope of saving the slides? I know they have to be priceless

Thank you so much everyone for your help! Hopefully these slides will be saved.

abortion presents!

tomorrow morning i am bringing a good friend of mine to get an abortion. she is not upset about getting rid of the baby; she's excited about that part. (haha, she asked me by saying, "hey, do you want to go kill some babies with me saturday?" i loled.) but, it's a shitty situation and of course she's upset that she's knocked up. i feel bad for her. =(

so, i was wondering what i can bring for her tomorrow to make her feel better? i want to surprise her with something that will make her laugh. any ideas?

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For anyone who has studied abroad in Australia or lives there..
I'm studying abroad at the University of New South Wales near Syndey from July 12- Dec. 12thish...

What are some clothes I should bring? I know I've asked this question before and sorry to be annoying but I can't figure out what to do with sweaters, fleeces, high heels (apparently to go to sydney you ahve to dress really nicely?), skirts etc etc etc

thank you thank you thank you!
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1. Why is it that people won't eat most foods if left out overnight, but will eat pizza even if it's been sitting out 2 days?

2. a. What kind of car do you drive?
b. What color and year is it?
c. Do you have a kick ass system in your car?
d. Do you have any other modifications to your car?

I drive an orange 2007 Honda Fit. I don't have a system in it yet... but the factory system is effing awesome! I plan on getting a sub, an amp, and maybe replacing the factory speakers with some good ones. I don't have any mods yet, but I plan on getting black pin striping, light tinting of the windows and possibly a huge nsoroma star painted on the hood.
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Self cleaning

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What browswer do you use?

Anyone have any suggestions for a browser that isn't IE or Firefox? I like Firefox to a point, but it's too glitchy. IE doesn't bother me, but I really like having the tabbed browsing.
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Does anyone's school use this website?

Do you worry that they'll turn in a paper you've written that hasn't been plagiarized in the least, but by some freak coincidence, the search will bring up results that suggest you've plagiarized?

Daily mixed bag 'o fun...

1. What was the last thing to make you smile?
me = i think something my boss said earlier today.  He's always making me laugh.

2. What brand/type of computer are you typing on right now?
me = a Gateway 2000 (in my work office)

3. Do you prefer to write using a pencil or pen?
me = pen means commitment, so i  use a pen

4. What color are the walls in the room that you're sitting in right now?
me = off white

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1. Would you think any less of an organization or business if you visited their website, saw a nice and professional site, but then realized it was a free template found online somewhere, or is this something you don't care about? Basically, how important is it that they hire someone to create a customized site?

2. Do you like crossword puzzles? How often do you do them?

3. What section(s) of the newspaper do you read first? What section(s) do you never read?

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Are your parents married, separated, divorced, or never married?
Do you tend to have long term or short term relationships?

Do you think there's a connection between what kind of relationship your parents have and what kind of relationships you have?