July 6th, 2006

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If you were a Superhero, what kind would you be? You have to make up a name, too. And a costume if you want. If you illustrate it, you would be my favorite.

(inspired by my previous salsa post http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/12302008.html
in which _mathlete became "Supertaster.")

Edit: If you're already a superhero, you don't have to reveal your identity, although you are encouraged to, and you have to make up a new answer for the question. If you were another superhero, what kind would you be?

Second edit (I'm really bored and can't sleep):
who would win in a duel-to-the-death:

1. Spuersleeper (the name is self-explanatory)
2. Supertaster (mainly medium salsa)
3. The Castrator (protecting helpless European women in danger)
4. Spark (has undefined electrical powers and hair with blue streaks in it)
5. The Unabomber (sans moustache, it was causing personal problems)
6. Super Queen (has a cape and 10" heels, spreads generally gay things throughout the land)
7. SUPERCUISINART (Black fishnet and vinyl. Also a clown nose. And winged shoes. AND KNIFE HANDS. And you don't have a choice whether he or she (sounds more like an it) enters your house.)

the daily mixed bag 'o fun is back...

1. Look at the tag on the shirt you're wearing right now... what country was the shirt made in?
Me = Mexico

2. What would you say your AVERAGE bedtime is?
Me = 1:45 a.m.

3. What's your favorite meal of the day - breakfast, lunch, dinner, or midnight snacktime?
Me = definitely breakfast... but only if someone's makin' it for me

4. What is your favorite soda/pop brand?
Me = diet pepsi

5. What's the funniest movie you've seen lately?
Me = i watched Starsky & Hutch two days ago... it was ok

6. (If you don't wanna answer, or take offense to this question, then don't answer). What is your annual salary, or at least a rough estimate of?
Me = $24,000 plus free room & board

(no subject)

1. What is the one great unsolved crime of all time you'd like to solve?

2. What is the one single subject that bores you to near-death?

3. MP3s, CDs, Tapes or Records: what is your favorite medium for prerecorded music?

4. Seriously, what do you consider the world's most pressing issue now?

5. How would you rectify the world's most pressing issue?
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tampon purchasing.

At what age did you start buying tampons(or similar products) without being embarrassed?
My cousin told me she was afraid to buy tampons for herself until she was 19(?!), her mother always had to get them for her. I was only embarrassed about buying them once, and that was the first time ever when I was 12, and it wasn't nearly as embarrassing as telling my dad about it and having him buy them for me would have been.
i feel like lovecraft in brooklyn.


It's been a loooong ting since I've bugged this community, but well, this is bugging me!

I'm thinking of a song that includes lyrics something along the lines of: "I think the end's a good place to start." I don't believe it's in the chorus. I believe it might be a woman singing (artist or band), but I'm not certain on that.

Part of me says it might be Rilo Kiley or Ane Brun, but I can't for the life of me find what song it might be. Google, you disappoint me.
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I want to be in the loop!

1. What are all the tqc-spinoffs? (bonus points for links, I'm lazy)

2. What was the first spin-off? What started it?

3. Do you have all or any of the spin-offs on your friends list?

4. Which is the most active spin-off?

5. Are questions about the spin-offs super annoying?

6. Do you have cute feet?
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My father and I are going on a trip together this summer. We will fly into Seattle, rent a car, and explore Vancouver and Vancouver island.

What should we definitely not miss?

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I've always been told that it is hard to build credit without the use of credit cards. But am I correct in thinking that paying on student loans helps acrue credit (assuming you pay on time)? What are some other ways to build a credit score?
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How can I correct this?

Whenever I post in LJ either using the website or Semagic, it seems that what used to keep my text in proper format no longer works. In short, the lines of text go beyond the normal web browser so I have to scroll left and right to read everything I wrote. It also has random breaks in mid sentence for some reason. It's not just me, as I know other people have viewed my journal and complained about the same thing. Does anyone know how I can correct this?
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Silly questions inspired by me talking to my partner this morning

1) Imagine you get a sex change from male to female. This is a regular, normal sex change, which means that after the surgery, even though you're physically female, you can't bear children, you don't get your period and you can't breastfeed even if you wanted to. With that in mind, what's the best thing about your shiny new gender? How about the worst?

2) One for the ladies. You get a sex change from female to male. You can ejaculate but you have no sperm count, so you can't impregnate anyone. Like above, what are the best and worst things about your new gender?

(Disclaimer: If you're going to comment just to say that sex changes are disgusting/wrong/OMGSICK, do yourself a favour and don't. I get very defensive about these things and I'm not about to try and start any flamewars)
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Patsy Ramsey

So I'm sure everyone's heard that Patsy Ramsey passed away.

Do you think the JonBenet Ramsey case will ever be solved?

Thoughts in general on it?

Do you even remember the case?

About comas

A lot of people may've read about the guy who was in a coma for 20 years whose brain suddenly rewired itself to the point where he kinda came out of it and is no longer in his minimally conscious state.

Here's the article

My question is, whose decision is it to give him that god-awful mustache? Not only do we have to tell our families what we want to happen if we're a vegetable, but should we dictate what kind of haircut and facial hair we're to have?

I'm sure when the dude was 22 he liked that cheesey choch stash, but dear lord just shave it all off or let him go all fuckin ZZ Top or some shit.
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Alright, so heres the problem. My Quicktime isn't working and hasn't been working for quite a while depsite my almost non-exsistent efforts to fix it. I've deleted the whole program and reinstalled it I've fiddled with everything and yet cannot fix it. It will load the media and if there is video it will play it but no sound will play. If there is just music it will play but I can't hear anything.

Anyone got any solutions?

Edit: I suppose I should add I'm running on Windows XP and I use Firefox.

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You're walking along one day, and you come across a wallet on the sidewalk. Upon opening it, you find $900! There's also 2 credit cards, the ID of the owner, who's a woman in her 30s. There's also 3 pictures. The first pic is of a little girl, the second is a little boy, and the third is the three of them.

What do you do with this find? Do you keep the money?

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If I start college at the end of next month, should I have already picked out my classes?

I was looking at the course offerings of my college (St. John's Univ.) yesterday and saw that most classes had already been filled. Were those only upperclassmen courses? None of my friends who will be attending 4 year schools have picked out their classes yet, either.

(P.S.- When I tried to add classes to my schedule online, it said that I wasnt eligible to register and my counselor wasn't available when I called to ask about it)


Wallet, prt 2

1. Same scenario. You find the wallet, there's $900 in it, credit cards, the same pictures, ID. However, there's one additional thing included: a receipt for a $3,000 necklace.

Would you still return the wallet AND all the cash?

2. Same scenario. You find the wallet, there's $900 in it, credit cards, the same pictures, ID. However, there's one additional thing included: either a membership card for the NRA and ID for the '04 Bush re-election campaign group (if you're a liberal) or a Hillary Clinton '08 campaign group membership card and a KEEP ABORTION LEGAl sticker (if you're conservative)

Would you still return the wallet AND all the cash?
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Does it make any sense for a hair salon named "hedcandi" to have a quote/slogan printed on their window that says "Violet will be a good color for hair at just about the same time that brunette becomes a good color for flowers. Fran Lebowitz"?

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What does CATV stand for other than Community Access Television?

It's placed in florida. My uncle is brain-injured, and we're trying to figure out why he wrote them a check, and if he needs to pay them anything else/if it's an ongoing thing.

chicken legs
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When writing a letter of recommendation...

- Will I need one original copy for each employer, or can I make copies to each that I apply for?
- Do I need a copy with a signature on it, or would having one emailed for my use be sufficient?

Is it a bad idea if a letter of recommendation is too generic? Because I don't know what kind of work I'm looking for. :/

Any other advice is appreciated.

Renting a room, help me out!

For this next school year I'm going to be renting out a room in my condo to help make up some of the payment. I've got a few takers and one in particular that seems like a good candidate but Im not sure all the things I should get from him. My mom says I should get a copy of his most recent pay stub. I suppose I need something to ensure his steady income and stability, but Im not really sure what's appropriate to ask for.
What have people you rented from asked from you? What have you asked for renters?


Say someone has a medium to large dog, whom they treat wonderfully, and don't allow to get into any very harmful situations. They live half a town away from the closest good 24 hour vet. Say they don't have, or want, a drivers liscense. There is a 24 hour taxi in town, which said person can afford, and has a savings jar for. They just don't want to drive by themselves, and their only mode of transportation is a bicycle, which said large dog cannot walk/run with in an emergency. Does this made the person a stupid pet owner??
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I have wondered this before

Okay, this is a type of story that happens a lot more than we like to think: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,202400,00.html

My question is this: does the U.S. government do anything for prisoners that have been found innocent after they have served time in prison? I would be infuriated if I spent 25 years of my life behind bars, found innocent, and let go back into society with just a  "sorry about that."
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What is the most random accident that has occured at your workplace?

This morning we had a largish stack of cardboard shield forms fell off the top of a cabinet onto a coworkers head. She has a very mild concussion but she wrenched her neck. A former EMT on staff looked her over and took her to the hospital. Last we heard they were waiting for a certified person to look over the Cat Scan (is that spelled right? is it different from a CT Scan?) The worst part is that she has had a problem with her inner ears for the past week or so and because of that she has extreme vertigo from time to time. We weren't completely sure if the nauseua was from the vertigo or from the concussion.
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Super Mario Advanced

I just bought Super Mario Advanced yesterday for my Gameboy Advance and I am stuck at a level. I am having problems beating the green 3 headed monster at the end of level 2-3 in Super Mario 2.

I can't seem to kill the damn thing.

How can I beat this without playing the level 50 more times?
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What's the latest you've ever got home from a party/staying at a friend's/etc?

4 am for me, and by god driving through fog on country roads while watching for deer is scary. D:

Got any plans for this weekend?

Flea market, woo!

What kind of ice cream do you have in your freezer?

We have vanilla, chocolate, and sherbet, and someone already ate all of the homemade cherry that I really wanted. D:
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My three friends and I all want to go see RENT this Saturday at the Nederlander Theatre in NY. We want to get the $20 orchestra tickets so we know that we have to get there early (the show starts at 8) Just how early should we arrive if we definitely want tickets? We were thinking like, 5:30?

The Receptionist Classic

9 years too late, but...

This has been bugging me and none of my friends know what it is.

What the hell is a 'senior wall'? (I keep seeing this term pop up in surveys about high school.)

I have images of all the people in my class duct-taped to the back wall of the theater. A wall of seniors. Fun as that would have been, I don't think that's what it meant. Enlighten me.
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I'm in the Uk and I am travelling within Europe.

Can I take electrical items in my suitcase? I am pretty sure you can but I remember being asked at check in if I had any electrical items in there. (This was a few years ago of course) I want to take an iron as I don't have a travel iron and don't want to have to purchase one for one trip.

Also, (now this might sound stupid but I want to check) when you're flying, obviosley you have to have the same name on your passport as are on the flight tickets. Eg. Mrs Jane Smith. But does it matter the way in which that appears? Like, say my passport says Jane Margaret Smith does it matter that the flight tickets say Mrs J M Smith or Mrs Jane Margaret Smith. Get the idea? I don't know why I thought that it mattered that they both appeared exactly the same but I wanna check.

And finally, should I go with travellers cheques or cash?

The term "Human Resources" always makes me think of gas and coal.

I've just been assigned as the HR person for my company, despite having no prior experience in human resources. I'm enthusiastic about the position, and have no doubt that I'll do fine once I'm trained, but I guess I'm a little worried on how to handle some of the problems I've noticed in the workplace. Are any of you currently working in HR? Have any tips to share, or anything in particular to look out for?
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Inspired by an earlier post.

Do you have a living will? If so, what are your wishes?

If not, what would your wishes be if you were to make a living will? Would you include things such as requests for grooming (keep your hair long or short), lotion to be applied to dry skin, music to be played, etc.?

Would you ever sign a DNR (do not resuscitate) order? Would it depend on the circumstances? If so, what circumstances would make you sign one?
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What can I bring for lunch at work that won't spoil easily, is nutritious enough to meet the demands of my laborious job, and that isn't peanut butter and jelly?

I'm open to all suggestions. PB&J is awesome, but I can't hate one of the few things I eat. I want to try something different.
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Wireless connection

How can I set up the wireless network connection without a USB flash drive in my laptop?

I've been trying to get it working all afternoon, but no success! Unfortunately, there are no wireless networks available since I repeatedly refreshed network list.

Thanks in advance!!

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My parents have gone away for two week, and hot weather + cats = maggots. If I put my collection of unknown-by-Mother cigarette buts in the bin, will it scare away the flies?

EDIT: I do not mean cat shit, I mean dead animals brought in at night and cat food!!

EDIT EDIT: Yes it is disgusting, yuck, yuck, yuck! They were probably in the bin because my sister had, unbeknown to me, put an off banana at the bottom of it three days ago, just before she left to go to America. BITCH.
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Dog Question

Hello! There's something happening with my dog. She's an overweight yellow lab... about 7 years old. We adopted her from a shelter last year, so we don't know much about her history.

Anyways...there's very loud gurgling, rumbling, liquidy noises coming from her stomach area. It's so loud we can hear the noises in the next room. She seems okay otherwise. Does anyone know what could be happening to her?
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Backstory: A co-worker asked me to lunch one day, and insisted it wasn't a date. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and went to lunch. Despite a few suggestive comments, things went ok, and he asked when I was free next. We ended up going to lunch again, but this time the comments were more abundant and I was getting uncomfortable.
Yesterday he texted me asking if I am free any time soon. I don't want to go again, but I don't want to lie.

Question: How do I tactfully decline?

(no subject)

Does anyone have any songs in Spanish or Spanish-speaking bands to recommend for me?

What are the top three most exciting/fun things you can think of right now?

What is your biggest ambition for the future?
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I am full of questions today!

I am making a Slideshow for a friend of mine, and I am looking for songs about daddy's and little girls.

I already have the song "Daddy's Little Girl" that they play at weddings... but I was wondering if there is something nicer. Country is fine... but NO rap or dance or anything like that.

leave your turntable on

today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic.

I read this book a long time ago, and I've tried searching for it everywhere that I can, with the few details I can remember of it.

It was a kid's book, kind of an autobiography of a teddy bear, written by the owner of the bear. There's a head bear and a bunch of other bears, and they're all owned by a girl who lives in Europe (I want to say the Netherlands, but I can't remember), I think during World War II. All I remember from the book is that the girl's mother spoke German (and would say Ach mein Gott) and that in one of the chapters, the girl asks her mom if teddy bears go to heaven. I think at one point, the main bear gets lost or something. All I remember is that I checked it out from the library and didn't take it back for almost six months. I think the author's name was Christina.

Does anyone know anything about this book, or what the title is, at least?
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On televesion

1. Do you like it when TV shows have bits in other languages? Like... in ER people speaking Spanish or Chinese or something.
2. Should those parts be subtitled or simply removed, and all shows should be 100% in the language of the country it originates from?
3. Do you like it when TV shows discuss "hot topics" such as drug abuse and teenage pregnancy?
4. What do you think of TV in general?
5. Should there be more "educational" things on TV?
6. How do you feel about violence and sex on TV?
7. What would you want to see on TV but rarely do?
8. Any other comments or opinions to share?

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Why won't Firefox work for me right now?

I just restarted the computer. When I go to Firefox, it just hangs there and freezes straight away. It was working fine (albeit slowly) before I restarted. I don't think it's an issue with my homepage, as it's Yahoo Mail.
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For those of you who are wenches.

. Did you buy/make/assemble your wench outfit?

IF you bought it--
. Where did you get your wench outfit?

IF you made it--
. Where did you get the pattern?
. If you went patternless and just winged it, how did it turn out?

IF you assembled it--
. What pieces of your already existing wardrobe did you use to make your wench outfit?
. How did it turn out?

Pix appreciated, as I'm going to assemble my own and need a little boost in the right direction.

xposted to thequestionclub and costumes
For The Birds

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I accidently pushed this little thingy on the side of my laptop and it won't go back in. I have absolutely no idea what it is and how to put it back to normal. It's like a bit like when you push a floppy disk into the computer because when you push the little thing in, something ejects out like a floppy disk.

Could anyone help me here? I'd really appreciate it :)

Edit: Answered and fixed! :)

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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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I have a question. My dog has pink stains on her fur on her paws. What are they from? I heard that it's because of allergies. But I don't know what she would be allergic to. It's never been like this.

If you don't know what kind of stains I'm talking about, I can take a picture.
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So I was listening to the radio and this chick, Rachel, was talking about how she went on a date with a guy, Chris. He took her out to dinner and it ended up being about $100. She offered to pay for her half but he insisted that he pay for dinner. He took her home and she said she had a nice time and she told him she would call him. After 2 weeks of her not calling him, he decided to call her and ask for $50 which would cover her part of dinner. He believed that she should pay since there wasn't going to be a second date. She decided not to return his call. He kept calling saying that he would sue her if she didn't pay because she "ate the food and drank the wine" as he put it. He threatened to do something else but I can't remember what. She finally called him back and said she wouldn't pay him because she had already offered and he had refused. She also said that if he didn't leave her alone then she would get a restraining order against him.

My question is, do you think she should pay? Why or why not?
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I'm a born and raised city girl, but on the inside I'm a hippie.

My husband and I have been talking about getting our own farm and being pretty self-sufficient (growing all our own veggies/fruits, raising chickens, etc). We'd love to have both dairy and meat cows to help us along, but have no idea where to even start looking up information on that sort of thing.

Where could I learn more about farming in general, but what it's going to take to raise cows specifically?
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I just bought 3 books today. Which should I read first?

Song of Suzannah, 6th of the Dark Tower series, the fifth of which I just got done reading.
Eyes of the Dragon.

All of them are by Stephen King, and are either connected to the DT series or a part of it. I also have The Stand somewhere in my room, having gotten bored and stopped reading it after the "people dying of the Super Duper Plague" bit, but now I'm thinking of picking it back up again.

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How on earth do I get my cat to stop peeing outside of the litterbox? We have to keep her in the garage because of it. She'll pee on anything paper, in any open container, she'll even pee in up-turned umbrellas. She also likes to pee on one spot of the floor, which has been cleaned over and over again, and even if there isn't paper there she'll pee in that spot.
But she never, EVER pees in the litterbox.
She's about 3 and a half. We also have another female cat who is 6 and has hated the pee cat since she was a kitten. We tried getting two litter boxes but that didn't change anything. Both of them have been spayed.
We've also taken her to the vet, and while she was treated for a urinary tract infection, nothing else has changed; she still pees where she pleases.
Oh, same with poo. She'll poo anywhere as well.

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(no subject)

Hey just wonderin for all you punk rockers out there, do you have any good suggestions on punky girl bands? 

I love the Distillers and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. Something similar would be cool. Thanks!
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College sheets

I'm off to college for the first time this fall, and I have a question about college sheets. I know that they have to be twin XL, but I've seen a lot of nice jersey sheet sets that say "twin/ twin XL." Do these really fit both lengths? I have a hard time believing that a sheet set can fit both, especially since the XL beds are about 4 inches longer than regular twin beds.
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Has anyone used Priceline's name your own price feature?  I am trying to avoid paying $1000 to fly to Europe but the whole process of not knowing what airline you will fly, etc make me nervous. 
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(no subject)

if you had to choose between romantic love and your family, which one would you choose?

and following that, would you rather live with your significant other in relative poverty but happiness, cut off from the family inheritance (if your family was very rich) or would you rather never have to work again for the rest of your life and is taken care of by family but know that your family will always disapprove and scare off anybody you ever care about?

and if you could punch someone in the face right now, who would it be?
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secret recipes

If you could have just one "secret recipe" which one would it be?
The bread from the Outback, or broccoli with brown sauce from my favorite chinese restaurant that closed a while ago.

They asked this on the FOX 5 news just now.
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What would this do for me?

So I'm trying to eat more healthy and have a more healthy lifestyle. Go me!

I don't exersise much because most sports have very little appeal to me, but I've always enjoyed swimming. So, my question to you people is this: What would two hours of swimming twice a week do to help my weight loss stuff, keeping in mind that it's combined with a somewhat healthy diet?
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(no subject)

Is there any way to get a video from youtube and burn it to a DVD so I can watch it on my DVD player rather than having to sit a the computer, I can't stand watching video on my computer!
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I currently have a mobile AMD Athlon 1400, 256KB L2 cache @ 1.20Ghz. I need something faster for PC games. Preferably under $200. Any suggestions?

Also, how can I tell if I currently have a Socket 754, 939, AM2, or otherwise?
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(no subject)

If you bought a pair of shoes that were just the tiniest bit too small to wear comfortably, how would you stretch them out?

(Basically I just hate shoe-shopping, and don't want to pick out an exchange pair)