July 5th, 2006

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OK here's my question...now mind you, you may have to think back to when you were a kid or go wake your kids up and ask them the answer...but wither way here it goes....

I need to know all the Miss Susie songs....

ex. Miss susie had a baby she named him tiny tim, she put him in the bathtubb to see if he could swim.
he drank up all the water, he ate up all the soap, he try to eat the bathtubb but it wouldn't fit down his throat....soooo Miss susie called the doctorm the doctor called the nurse, the nurse called the lady with the alligator purse purse purse....

then there;s the steam boat one... but I can't remember how it goes...

are you able to help me remember???
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gift for a shar-pei puppy

My boyfriend's friends/co-workers recently got a Shar-pei puppy. We want to get a gift for the puppy. Are there any certain toys that are good for Shar-pei puppies? I don't know anything about this breed beyond their wrinkles.

very confused

So I decided to start a second journal for use in communities.

However, when I created the account, I was hit with a notice telling me that while the birthdate I provided shows me to be over 13 (i'm 21!), that this machine had been previously used to create an account for someone under 13, and therefore they needed to verify my age for COPPA, whatever that is.

1) I can't think of ANY occasion, Livejournal or otherwise, where I have created an account for someone 13 or under. This is my own personal computer. I don't even live at home anymore!
2) Clearly that begs the question, why did LJ ask me to verify?
3) And even if I HAD used this computer to create an account somewhere for an under-13, how did LJ know? Is it strictly because of my IP address, or what? Furthermore (lots of questions, geez), does "account" mean ANY account anywhere, even outside of LJ? How on earth would they track that? (and if they are, that's just creepy).

Despite the fact that I am 21, in order to verify my age I needed to provide a "parent's" email and my credit card information. I really wasn't comfortable with LJ asking for my credit card info and assuring me I won't be charged - but with a disclaimer that any charges made are not reversible. However, this account is a paid one - so they've already got my info. I just went ahead and did it, since I was getting annoyed.

The parent email request was strange though. Why am I providing that? I gave an old email of my own.

(The account was basically unusable until I went through these steps, so I ended up with no choice.)

edit: I posted in lj_support and received an answer.

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she blinded me with science!


Say you're an extremely kinky person. Kinky sex is absolutely required for you to be happy in a relationship. (If you're not, just pretend for a moment.)

1. Would you advertise your kinks in meatspace (e.g., with a key fob that looks like a leather spanking paddle)?
2. If you had a profile on a dating site, would you mention your kinkiness?
3. If you answered 'no' to the above, how soon after meeting someone would you bring it up?
4. If you are a kinky person, would you be weirded out by someone who's completely up front about it?
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i don't get it

why do some people add way more friends than they can reasonably keep up with? and i'm talking about people who update regularly, who are not fake troll blogs, and have like hundreds of friends added. what's the point?

eta: if you are one of these people, why do you do it?

NJ license troubles

1. Does anyone have any idea when the government(specifically the Motor Vehicles Commission) is going to reopen in New Jersey?
All of the stories I've seen and read about it don't seem to give any estimate at all. I had been putting off getting my regular license for a few months, I was going to go last week but I couldn't find all of the stuff I needed for my 6 points. My dad found them all for me but now the MVC is closed and I need to get my regular license because I'll be driving to New York this weekend to stay with my grandpa and I can't drive in other states with my restricted license. I don't want to trap someone into driving me. Usually my aunt comes to pick me up and my dad comes to bring me home but my aunt has been having a lot of back troubles lately and I don't want her to have to drive all the way here and back.

2. If they don't open in time should I have someone drive me or take my chances and hope I don't get pulled over or into an accident?
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So there's a couple of butterflies stuck in my kitchen (discovered in the very fun way of having flutter right by my ear before I turned the light on. Cue near-screaming!). As it's gone two in the morning, I can't exactly leave the backdoor open to let them out, but is there anything I can do to prolong their existence till a reasonable hour of the day?
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what's 1,92 meter in the english system? and what's 1,52? is there a conversion website somewhere I can use?

also, I recently found out I read more slowly than my best friend, with whom everything is a huge competition. So, I need to figure out how to start reading faster. Is there anything other than maybe just a lot of practice that could get me to start reading faster? Probably not, but if anyone has any tricks, I do have to take the SAT's and everything next year, so it's a talent I could keep for fun.
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So, what do you guys think about the University of Phoenix?? I'm almost to the point where I need to look at 4 year colleges, and I'd like to just pay for school outright and not take out loans...but this means I need to be able to afford it. UofP seems like a decent college but I'm a little skeptical - are their degrees considered less prestigious than other colleges? How much would I be judged if I had a bachelor's degree from there?


I'm having my hair cut, dyed, and highlighted this afternoon at a spa that also does body wraps and massages...assuming that the stylist does a good job, how much should I tip? How much should I tip the shampoo person?

I'm not sure how much it's going to cost, I expect it to be kind of expensive...so I guess a percentage would be helpful, rather than a specific dollar amount.
Text - best is yet to come


1. Do you clap along to the Friends theme song? Does it change if you're alone or with friends?
2. Who is your favorite Friend?
3. Who is your favorite person a Friend married? Dated?
4. What is your favorite Friends episode?
5. What is your favorite line from a Friends episode?
6. Ross and Rachel: Yay or nay?


What are they really saying? Move through the slang and bar innuendo.

Just a fun poll

Since it's just a fun poll, I'll ask a serious question to justify this post

What would be more painful to you? If your SO engaged in physical infidelity (sex with another person) or emotional infidelity (they have strong feelings towards another). I'm not asking which one has the greater chance of reconciliation. I'm asking which one, when learned of, would hurt you more?
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If you could make a 3-D video of anything, what would you record?

I need one for my psychology project next year. I'll be taught how to make one, and I know how I'll be using it once made, but I'm having trouble picking a subject. The video content will be pretty much irrelevant to the study, so I could record almost anything.

I'm fully expecting a list of disturbing responses. Don't fail me, thequestionclub.
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MySpace virus?

I swear I never clicked on links to those fake bulletins, where if you click on the link, the post gets reposted under your name. However, my account seems to be posting MySpace bulletins, at random hours of the night. They're semi-offensive titles, things I would NEVER post, which I don't find out about until my friends who know I would never post such things message me about them! Any idea how to cancel these postings or delete whatever file is causing them?
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My left eye has been twitching for just over a week. It started off fairly light, but now when it goes it's totally visible. I have no idea why it's happening and I don't really care enough to go to the doctor (I only have emergency coverage while I switch health insurance plans).

Anyway, my question has nothing to do with fixing it or whatever.

What are some fun ways I could use the twitch for comedic effect?

For example: Going to a gun shop (Which I am doing anyway. Should be fun.)

Second question: What is a decent, lightweight but not cheap, gun good for target shooting (learning) and "home protection" uses? And ya know, for a girl. So far I'm looking at a SIG-Sauer P232 .380 ACP.
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Give a dog a home

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Another one, sorry, lunch break is boring.

Did you have any idea that George Michael was gay before the whole bathroom incident thingy?

I TOTALLY thought he was straight until then because hello, FATHER FIGURE VIDEO HOTNESS.
Emily Porch

Home loans

I have two questions about home loans:

1.) In general, do banks require that a person be in a job for a certain amount of time before they'll consider the income from said job for a home loan? Like, if I got a job that paid $50,000/yr in August, got my first paycheck in September and applied for a home loan that same month, does the fact that I've only been in the job for a month affect anything?

2.) Do I have to be married or related to someone for both of our income to be considered when applying for a loan? Like, if I'm engaged, but not married, can both my fiance and my income both be considered for one individual loan?

I'm sure it varies from situation to situation, but I'm just wondering in general terms...

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Chapstick, my true love

1. So who else is ADDICTED to Chapstick (or other forms of lip balm)?

2. A friend claims to have read an article that claims Chapstick addiction is REAL and it occurs because if you use it too much, your body stops producing an enzyme that naturally moistens your lips. Has anyone else heard of this?
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Sometimes I will look at guys who are average looking and wonder if they were famous would I think they were cuter? Sometimes I will look at people who are famous and think that they wouldn't be so hot if they were just some guys in my front yard hanging out. Does anyone else ever think this way? I'm totally a nice person despite the obvious occasional! shallowness.

socks and cat

Need online payment system

I need an automated payment system for my website, one that will let people click and pay on the spot. However, I can't use PayPal because I only have a limited number of what I'm selling. And I can't figure out how to get PayPal to stop accepting payments when I've sold out the limit. It just keeps accepting money even when I've run out and don't have any left to sell.

Is there an automated payment system similar to PayPal that will let me put a limit on how many payments it will accept? Or is there a way to get your PayPal button to give a "sold out" message after a certain number are sold?
little soul

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Any good ways to distract myself? I'm sick as hell, and we're putting my dog down this week, and I have no TV and only occasional internet.

Any suggestions? (And no, I don't drink/get high/etc, but thanks anyways.)
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what's the stupidest bumper sticker you've seen recently?

i saw one yesterday that said "please don't put my flag on your foreign car." i tried to confront the driver about it but she rolled up her window.

depression - turkish

I was wondering if anyone knows of a livejournal community or a forum in which people write on the topic of depression or vent about their own depression, and which is written in Turkish. I've searched on lj, but havent had any luck. Any help or suggestions on how to find one would be greatly appreciated. 

The Receptionist Classic

Oh, well, eff you, Senor Dickface!

I have been calling my ex "Senor Dickface" when I've needed to mention him to other people. (Real mature, I know. But I'm still really pissed at him and all that, so calling him "Ex Boyfriend" just isn't cutting it yet.) Senor Dickface is growing old, though.

What are some good insulting names you might use in place of Senor Dickface? Crusty Buttcheese has been used, in case you were thinking of that one.
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Entertain me!

I think I just saw one of my elementary school teachers being arrested for drunk in public on an old episode of COPS.
Have you or anyone you know ever been on COPS for any reason?

Do you watch COPS? Why or why not?

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Should I eat

a) chicken nuggets
b) pizza
c) a baked potato with chili con carni, which is quite possibly off by now, considering it was made 5 days ago
d) flan, which may also be off, because it was made 5 days ago


Living and cooking for yourself by yourself is rubbish.
lol fags

Middle Eastern stereotypes

I'm looking for movies, stand-up comedy, or propaganda dealing with Middle Easterners and/or Muslims in America and their stereotypes. It can be serious or humorous. Unfortunately, Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World hasn't been released yet, otherwise that would be perfect. There's also Crash, but I don't think it's that accurate.

So far the only other thing I know of is Mad TV's "Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man" which is really awful and I wish it didn't exist.

Also, I'm interested in what Middle Eastern stereotypes you believe are true, at least to some extent? Some examples would be that they're all terrorists, they have close relations with their camels and goats, they're all Muslims and often "go jihad."
Hell's Librarian

For those in Ottawa...

Anyone know any good rollerblading trails in Ottawa?
Any that are lit and could be used at night?
Anything in a 20-45 minute drive of Ottawa?

Also: anywhere else that I could post and ask?

Thanks in advance!
~ K.

edit:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada...
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to call or not to call?

So okay, I've never done this before. Monday night / Yesterday morning I spent with this guy that I have a HUUUUUGE crush on. I guess you could say we "hooked up" but more like we just made out for hours, slept and then woke up and made out for a few more hours.

Should I call him? Wait for him to call me?

I think we're both going to the same thing tomorrow night. Should I just wait until tomorrow? Is the day after too soon? OH GOD. What do I do? I want him to know I'm interested (obviously) but I don't want to seem pushy or anything.

fuck, i'm bored.

1. do you still delude yourself with the idea of "forever"?
2. so, how long is forever, exactly?
3. what are the best ways to break up with someone? and i'm not talking "tell him how you really feel" kind of answers. more like...what are the most kickass ways of breaking up you've ever heard of?
4. do you drink tap water?
5. if you had to say that one person in the world was "better than god", who would you choose?
6. if you had to say that one thing in the world was "better than sex", what would that thing be? (and if you're one of those "i'm asexual, so everything" kind of people, just replace the word sex with the word chocolate, or something that is generally accepted as OMGZ YAY that you agree with, you argumentative twat, you.)
7. what's a good way to get tar off one's feet?
8. would you rather work for a cable company or a satellte company?
9. why can't i think of any more inane questions? seriously i am not nearly as good at this as most of this community seems to be. wait.
10. how do you cure rectal warts and what should i have for dinner?
11. if you're out of clean underwear and don't have time to do laundry, do you go without or wear a pair of dirty ones? if you even wear underwear. but really who does that these days.
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I want to make my own CD sleeves like so, Collapse )

What do you think I would have to google to get the right measurements, how to fold it, or to get a stencil to make one? Or does anyone already know what I would have to do? If not I can just wing it. Thanks.
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OMG so in an earlier post i asked if theres anyway my cousin could hack into my chatlogs and he can if he has a spytech program. I downloaded antispyware stuff to get rid of it but it didn't work. The program has a keylogger so it records everything i type(like what im typing now) all the sites iv visited and all the emails i send. IS THERE ANY WAY TO GET RID OF IT???

*im preety sure my cousin has put it on my computer for over a month now, what can i do?
luna by heimweh26
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I want to get into DIY. I've never really made anything before so I was wondering what are some easy introductions to crafting that are cool but not too hard?

Also, I wanted to make some coasters but I don't know where to start with it. I don't want to make the cd ones, maybe something a little harder than that. What are some good coaster ideas?

That's not who I am, I swear

1. Do you think that people who say they don't care what people think of them tend to care MORE about what people think of them then normal?

2. Do you know anyone that you would classify as "normal?" Who? Why? (Why do you know them and why do you classify them as normal.)

3. Why is my desk lamp possessed and randomly changing in brightness?

4. Do you ever look at your recent entries and realize that your public posts cast you in a light that you don't like? If so, do you post something public just to change the way you appear to strangers?

5. Do you assume that when people post it is about themselves? E.g. Would you assume that I am posting number 4 because I noticed that about my journal?

6. Do you prefer posts that are by topic or random?

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Does it bug you when people post lists of like a million questions, and then when you're trying to read people's answers you forget what questions they were answering?

women and testosterone

I'm wondering if anyone knows of ways for a female to naturally raise her testosterone levels. I've read bunches of articles pertaining to this but they never specify if the information is for both sexes or just males. The articles that I've read have stated that lifting heavy weights for 20-30 mins, eating monounsaturated fats, taking a zinc/magnesium supplement and cutting down on alcohol consumption are all important to testosterone production- but I don't know whether this is true for women. Would these steps just increase estrogen production? Any info or links will be appreciated.
Self cleaning

(no subject)

Have you ever been cheated on? Have you ever cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend/SO/husband/boyfriend/dog/cat/furry love partner?

If you have been in a relationship where you both cheated on the other, do you think that the first person cheating pushed the other person to cheat? Do you see that 'follow-up' cheating in a different light than if the person hadn't been cheated on first?

If you have cheated, and don't mind sharing, why did you cheat? Do you still cheat, or was it a on-time thing or a thing of the past?

And completely off of that train of thought... why am I so fucking tired?

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OK so I'm a major slob and as a result there are 14907124 maggots or something in my sink. How the fuck do I get rid of them? Obviously cleaning all my dirty stuff should help but what else? As small as they are they really kinda scare me.

Edit: by "in my sink" I mean crawling on my dishes... they're not like taking over the drainage system.
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(no subject)

1. What kind of salsa do you like?

(I used to like medium, but then I started to feel kind of wimpy, so I started only getting hot, but I didn't like it and stopped eating salsa. Then I got a great idea and bought medium salsa and it was really good.)

2. Am I a wimp because I can't handle hot salsa?

3. Do you think you're better than the people who eat milder salsa than you?

Inspired by a previous question ...

I live in an apartment building. Yesterday, my fiance noticed 4 large houseflies grouped together on the wall nearest the door. Since then, we've killed over 20 and there are still 3 or 4 flying around.

When I got home from work late last night, I noticed one on one of the walls in the stairwell, a few flights down. There are not, and have not been, any maggots in my apartment, to the best of my knowledge. Also, no food or garbage left around. 

Is it possible that someone else in the building (and quite possibly on my floor) had maggots and the mature flies have simply found their way into my apartment?? And how -- through the door?
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Hmm.... Just a little experiment i would like to conduct. The other day i was whisteling the tune to kill bill while on my bed. Then out of nowhere my cat got up and leapt over to me and looked a litte crazy like it was possessed!

For all you cat owners out there will  u try it and tell me if yours does it too, or is it just my two?
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lulu guinness clutch


1. I bought Collapse ) in Home Goods/Marshalls today. I have no idea what to do with it. I thought it was really cool at the time(I still do) but now I can't find a place to put him and he scares my dog. He's currently sitting on my coffee table wearing my "health love happiness" necklace and my graduation cap. Where should I put him? What should I do with him?

2. What should his first name be?

3. Did they completely make up Dr.Willarton?
I've googled to no avail. I was hoping it wasn't made up.

bidets and toilet humour

1 Have you ever used a bidet?
2 Do you have one at home?
3 Do you prefer a bidet or using toilet paper?
4 Did you know you can get one with an enema function to make those "difficult bowel movements a thing of the past"?
5 Regarding the following q and a here(from the above website):

1/ When cleanliness is an issue, both men and women who want better hygiene before or after sexual activities can utilize our bidet for the cleansing and pulsating massage functions."

Have you used a bidet to improve your sex life?

6 On the Remote Control page, under Posterior Wash, it states that it sends a 'steam of water' - are you, like me, hoping that this is one of their many typos, or would you like to cook your behind?

7 It also states it can rinse out a woman's 'delicate parts'. Where oh where are your delicate parts?

8 Got any funny/scary/wtf stories relating to bidet use or misuse?
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(no subject)

Would you be willing to gain 10 lbs within an 8 week time frame and then lose the 10 lbs within the subsequent 8 weeks? And throughout this process undergo mutliple fat biopsies (which you've heard aren't that painful)? And if you successfully complete the gaining and losing you would be paid $2500. Would you try for it?

Would your decision change based on your current weight or if you weighed differently? How about it you were average sized and for the past year have been trying lose about 5 stubborn pounds?

My work is offereing this study and i've been considering it but am worried about the whole gaining weight part and then losing it.

So tell me what you would do! Thanks! Or if you've done a similar study tell me about it!
she blinded me with science!

(no subject)

Does drinking Mountain Dew make anyone else incontinent?

Whenever I drink it (which is almost never), by the end of the day my jeans absolutely reek of urine – without ever having been noticeably wet. Mountain Dew is the only substance I know of that has this effect. I wonder what they put in that stuff...

EDIT: FWIW, I can drink massive amounts of coffee, tea, or any other type of soda without peeing myself. Just not Mountain Dew.
um.. me

(no subject)

Sort of connected to a previous question...

I've been getting into a lot of Arts and Crafts lately, and was wondering if any of you had any really good craft sites. So far I have Craftster, Not Martha, and Super Naturale.

Are there any other sites you know of? I prefer to do crafts which produce functional but cool-looking items (currently, I'm into silk-screening and clothing modification).

ETA: Nothing with knitting or crocheting, please! Silkscreening is A-OK though. :) Thanks!

(no subject)

Thank you for all of your answers about the dentist/extraction!! It was a wonderful support and helped me a great deal

I am home now and I am happy so say that it went relatively well! He had to break it up into pieces to get it out so it took over an hour to complete.
The freezing was fine, and the Ativan made me cool as s cucumber. My mouth feels like it has hosted a bar fight and lost - but the T3's are making quick work of that :)

How long will the pain last, do you know?

When will the bleeding stop? I've soaked quite a few gauzes now, but because I was walking everywhere. Now I intend to settle in for the night and take it easy.
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(no subject)

  1. Does anyone actually use Opera (the web browser)?
  2. What's the last CD/record that you bought (or stole from the Internet)?
  3. Speaking of records, why do some CDs come in the lame cardboard cases rather than standard jewel cases?
  4. Does emotional music have quite an effect on you?

(no subject)

Do any of you ever become very light-headed after sitting/laying down for a few minutes, and then have to steady yourself because it's kind of hard to see, or because you're so dizzy?

This happens to me a lot.

massage tip

i am getting a massage tomorrow by a student at the massage school at the college where i teach (english not massage). the hour massage costs $25. how much should i tip? i've never had a massage before, so i am not sure how much is normal.

also, is anyone here is a massage therapist? do you like it? how did you decide to become one? i am hoping to begin a massage therapy program this year. i know it might seem odd to want to me a massage therapist never having had a professional massage, but i just really want to be one! hehe

thanks everyone!