July 4th, 2006

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Australian Big Brother

On Saturday night two male contestants on the reality tv show Big Brother were removed from the house for sexually assaulting a female housemate. The entire country is going bat-shit.

What's the most controversial thing to have ever happened on Big Brother in your country?

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is plain steamed rice a weird dinner?

i didn't have any food in the house tonight and couldn't be bothered going to the shops, so i just cooked some rice and ate it plain (well, with a bit of soy sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, etc... but no meat or veggies or anything). i didn't think it was weird, but my housemate came into my room, gave me a weird look, and informed me that (and i quote) "unless you are below the poverty line, plain rice is not a normal meal". i dunno... it's really really good, and filling. i'd happily eat it every night if it weren't so lacking in vitamins/minerals/protein/everything that my body needs!

i am determined to prove him wrong (we're a competitive household!) what do you think?

(oh and ps- i really must be tired. i just accidentally posted this as a comment to the previous entry. sorry.. i'm a dick)

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Okay, I tried Google for this but no luck. What's the song in the new VW Rabbit commercials? Sounds like it has a ukelele in it... tell me it's a real song and not just something they wrote for the commercial, because I must have it.

Also, are they really going to sell the Rabbits with the different-colored doors, like in the commercials? I think it's kind of cool. I'd probably buy one.

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I think I already asked this but these late night posts seem to really get the most bites....

best stuff to clear up sun damaged skin?

I have been using mederma off and on but I am thinking of maybe laser treatments and when I went to a clinic that specializes in it, he told me to put my head in this ultaviolet light box and I looked in the mirror that they have in there and there were dark spots on my cheeks and my forehead..the guy said this was the damaged skin.
Anyone know if I should trust this guy? He was just the propietor(sp?) but I am not sure if I should get treatment from his spa clinic.

any help would be great.


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Im looking at transferring to Univ. of Houston. The plans have been to wait until May 07' when I will have my associates and then just transfer the degree. However, Im not the happiest here (utah) and there isnt anything tying me down (except for if credits wont transfer).

Anyway, Ive been searching around UH's sight for awhile and cant figure it out. How would I go about finding out if/or what credits would transfer to their univ? Is there someone I should call or email? and would I have to get my transcripts sent over?

Also, in the event that a class or two wont transfer; in your opinion how many lost credits is too many and I should just wait 5 more months for the assoc?
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Annie Lennox received an honorary degree from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama on Tueday, July 4, 2006. What's the point of an honorary degree? Can they use it to their advantage somehow?


I realize the school can use it to their advantage. What about the person(s) receiving it?
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I have some jeans I want to alter, 70's flare style, by putting panels into the bottoms. Have you done this before with success? What type of fabric would be best? How high should i cut up the legs? Best of all, got any pictures? TIA - Lisa

Zombie schools and braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains.

Taken from comments on this entry, I bring the following:

At work one night, we got into a discussion about zombies, as you do. We then started wondering if smart people's brains taste better than dumb people's brains. This led onto would an alcoholic's brain, which has been pickled nicely for years, be nicer than say, that of a coke addict. This seriously kept me interested for at least an hour, and I'm still not sure of the answer.

What sort of brains do you think would taste the best? The worst? Would there be any difference? Should Zombie Schools teach their students to differentiate between different addictions? Or would schooling them at all be a waste of time?

I think a Zombie School would be quite fun. As long as I wasn't, like a zombie. Or one of their science/cooking experiments, of course.
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Shower Electrics

Hi folks,

My A-level Physics is long distant, and I'm not sure would help with this question.

We have a shower that's connected directly to mains electricity (220V, with a 40A breaker. The shower itself is rated at 35A). The shower has two heat settings (Winter and Summer) which basically change the level of direct heating. The temperature is more realistically controlled by the tap/faucet which controls the water. This is the norm here in Brazil.

The problem is that after 30 or so minutes of using the shower (say, a couple of people using the shower after each other) the breaker trips. We were told by an electrician that this is caused by the wiring being insufficient for the load from the shower, and the wires are overheating (although thankfully not sufficiently to melt the insulation and short circuit). This I believe.

He also said that because the wiring isn't sufficiently rated the shower can't heat as well as it should. And that's my question, is that really true? Can wiring of a smaller dimension limit the current that flows to the shower and reduce its capability to heat?

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So I'm doing the blogathon this year and Im going to be online for 24 hours. I'm going to need online stuff to keep me busy so my question is what are your favorite websites other than livejournal?
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Do cats hump like dogs do? How about if the action is accompanied by extreme kneading, and minor biting? I knocked him off when the biting started, because I thought he was just being cuddly up to that point [he loves to knead. I call it makin' bread. he'll sit in my lap for hours if I let him, kneading my pants and shirt away]. He's a young male who was recently neutered.
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Do you say you-pee-ess or ups?

When you put gas in your car/truck/suv/whatever, do you fill it up all the way or just put in whatever cash you have handy?

Cheezits or Cheese nips?

What is essential for a barbque to you?
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Veggie Sushi

How long can you keep vegetarian sushi (that is, sushi with no fish in it) in the fridge until it is no longer good to eat? Would there be a difference in time if it hasn't been cut into slices yet (that is, it is still in a roll)?

Google would only tell me about sushi with fish, and I imagine it would be very different, since with the vegetarian kind you don't have to worry about raw fish spoiling.
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I'm off to NYC to visit my boyfriend and we want to see a play at some point. What's out there that's awesome? Something funny would be nice, and we already went to see the Producers. Anything else?

How about other suggestions for things to do? I don't live there, but I've visited a bagillion times now and I pretty much covered all the touristy things when I was eight years old. I'm going to be there for ten days, so I need lots of ideas--daytime and nighttime! :)

arr matey!

So on Thursday, my group of friends is having a Pirate Party (then going to go see the midnight opening of POTC!). We'll be drinking rum. ;-) We're supposed to go dressed as pirates, and I have no idea what to wear! I don't have too much money to spend on this, a little though, so I was wondering if you guys could give me some cheap ideas on how to put together a pirate outfit in two days! I also have a lot of scrap clothes, so if anyone has some neat reconstructing ideas, go ahead and throw 'em out there.

I'm going to be wearing my bandana, I know that much, and I have this pair of green cargo pants that may do well. But otherwise, I have no idea what to use for a costume.
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Now for the question:  If you just read that to yourself...did you read it silently in your own voice?  What voice do you "hear" when you read or think; if any?


I always hear my own voice when I read or think unless someone else said it and then I hear it in their voice.
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wireless crap


Neither mine or my roommate's computer can connect to the router for some reason. It shows that there's a signal, but it won't connect to the router. The computer I'm on right now is plugged into the router and (obviously) is connected to the internet.

It's a Linksys Wireless-B 2.4 ghz. It's driving me insane! What can I do to fix it?

I tried googling but I can't understand what any of that is about. I've tried resetting it and turning it off and stuff but nothing works. Is it just broken you think?
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This weekend me and some friends (whom I haven't seen for a while due to a lot of hardworking) are going to hang out. There will most likely be unlimited amounts of alcohol, which is fun.

Anyways, I got the mission to come up with some drinking-games and I was thinking of the movie drinking-game. You know, watch a movie, take a shot whenever a character says a certain word/do a certain thing etc. Recognise it? So, I'm trying to figure out suitable movies for this sort of game. But my mind is totally blank. First I was thinking of The Fellowship of the Ring. Take a shot whenever the word 'ring' or 'rings' is said, or whenever Frodo falls over or something. But since the movie is 3 hours long we might lose interest in it. (which is highly unlikely I would do if I was sober)

Do you have any suggestions on movies along with phrases or something? I would appreciate it a lot! 8)
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What bands/celebrities are into animal rights?

I read the rules and I didn't see anything against this so...
Would anyone like to sponsor my blogathon for the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary?
If so please go here and fill out the form.

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1.)  Is ebay still a cool way to sell and purchase items?

2.)  What is the most recent item you purchased on ebay?  When was it?

3.)  What is the most recent item you have sold on ebay?  When was it?

4.)  List some items you feel are best sellers on ebay.
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What's Wrong With Me?

I just came back from a cruise Sunday night. I went to Jamaica/Haiti/Mexico/ and the Caymen Islands.
I've been fine up until now and I feel rather strange. I have a mild headache, very dizzy, and most of all my muscles are utterly exhuasted. I feel like I've been working out too long or something. I'm very tired, and have been sleeping all day and it has not gotten better. I've been drinking plenty of water and had enough food (my blood sugar is not low, for that I am sure). I do not have a fever (98.2) but I do feel hot. Do you think what I am feeling may be related to my travels? But if it is or isn't, any idea on what may be wrong? Thanks
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a fourth of july medley

a. Is there a website where you can type in the name of a fruit/vegetable/food item and it'll show you what it looks like? I think I ran across it here a long time ago and now I need to know what a jicama is.
b. Do you know what a jicama is?
c. Favorite exotic produce item? (Or at least something hard to find.)

d. Are you expecting something soon?

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For those who don't know, Australians use the word root in a similar way to the word fuck. ie "I'd root her" or "I feel rooted" means "I'd fuck her" of "I feel fucked".

Given that pretty much every other country doesn't use root this way, it makes for a lot of accidental amusement for us.

Using the Australian context, who or what would you root for? World peace? Cheaper petrol/gas? Non sucky tv shows?
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1. How do you motivate yourself to do things on your day off? I haven't gotten out of my pajamas all day and this isn't that unusual. I feel like I wasted my entire four-day weekend.

2. What do you think is the most overrated LJ community?

3. I'm really lazy and don't feel like actually making something for supper. Should I have macaroni and cheese or a Celeste pizza?

4. What song are you listening to right now?

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Okay...I have a question about PAYPAL. You know when you verify your account or whatever...it asks you to confirm the last 4 digits of your bank account, right? Well...uh, what does that mean? Does my bank have like a special code or something?

EDIT: Thanks for your help guys...but I think I'll call the customer service to get more help.
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I left a peach on my kitchen counter while I went away for a long weekend. Got back, and there was this crazy cloud of fruit flies hovering over it. Great, okay, I threw away the peach and there's nothing else for them in the kitchen. Now when can I expect the flies to go away?

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1. If you had to rate your confidence level with a percentage, what would it be?

2. Do you smuggle food and/or drinks into the movies to avoid paying crazy prices for snacks? What's the most you've ever smuggled in?

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Is there any activity that is fun and possibly money-making worthy? Preferably, no manual labour. It's for about 25 teens with little resources other than space and rental from a community centre.

(no subject)

1. Lets say you were under a burn ban. (not allowed to light fireworks, or anything else that could start a fire) and its the 4th of July (or bonfire night, or whatever other holidays you celebrate that involves fire) And the punishment if you get caught is 30 days in jail. Everyone else is celebrating, and only a few people have gotten in trouble. Would you still celebrate it?

2. What is the funniest prank you've ever pulled on someone?

3. Do you like asparagus?

4. Other then this one, what is your favorite lj community?

5.  A while ago my friend told me if you put _____ on someones car, it would melt the paint off of it. Neither one of us can remember what it was, but we remember it was a fairly common house held product. Does anyone have any clue what it could be?

6. Does salt really kill grass?
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Editing Comments/Fucking Table

What's with this "editing comments" and how do I do it?

So I used a table on an icon post, I haven't used tables in a long time though and something is wrong with mine.
As you can see in the post, the background for the table (which is supposed to be gray) does not appear and the link to post a comment is, well, a little far from where it should be (I think this depends on what lj style you're logged in with because when I was logged out the link was fine). One other thing, when I preview the entry, it appears as it should.
Would somebody be willing to look over my coding and figure out wtf is wrong here? And yes, I know there are generators out there. Shuttup.
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I've been sick since yesterday afternoon. Not my stomach or anything, just a nasty fever. Over the past few hours my temperature has finally dropped under 100°F and I'm feeling sort of hungry so I should eat. But... all I really have here is spaghetti, and that doesn't sound appealing to me at all. I don't feel like actually cooking, mainly because standing over a stove will make me get REALLY hot REALLY fast (I'm gonna have to get away from the computer soon because it's making me hot!) I'm definitely feeling well enough to drive.

Sooo... what should I eat?

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Does anyone think it's possible for two individuals to date. Have it not work out. To break up. To remain best friends. To date lots of other people. But to -eventually- get back together. Have it all be perfect. And to settle down together?

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I have to write an article for Wears The Trousers about the departure of Sleater-Kinney from the world.

1) What's your favourite Sleater-Kinney related song?

2) Should I include any immedeate side-projects other than Heavens to Betsy?

3) Does anyone have or know of an official or endorsed biography I can use to quote from?
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You know that diet-Coke commercial where they're roller-skating outside and it focuses on the blonde chick and she has bubbles flowing all around her? Yeah, what is that song playing in the background? I MUST HAVE THIS SONG. Edit: Answered

Uh, for you girls that use the Bare Minerals/Escentuals makeup...have you tried any of their eye makeup stuff? If so, what? Did/do you like it?
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Do you ever look at your senior yearbook* and the signatures people left and say, "Who the fuck ARE all these people?"

*This might be just a weird American thing.

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what in the hell does THAT mean!?!?!!!



i'm sick to death of hearing/seeing this phrase that someone made up and makes no sense what so ever...

do you know this phrase?
do you know people who use it?
do you use it?
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Obviously I should know better than to ask for medical advice from strangers on the intarwebs, and re-reading what I have just written I feel like a complete hypochondriac but lets just kindly ignore that for the moment. Collapse )
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It's time for drinks and a movie :D

But I'm indecisive... So which movie should I watch?

-Emperor's New Groove
-The Labyrinth
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
-American Beauty

Also, what's your favorite "kids" movie (rated PG and under)? What about teen/adult movie (rated PG13 and up)?
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I have a question for anyone who transferred in college, or knows anything about the process: A lot of colleges say, in their admissions criteria and scholarship criteria, that an applicant needs to possess a certain HS GPA. The particular college I'm looking at is Mount St. Mary and they say nothing about transfer students. So, if you are transferring colleges as a incoming college senior, do they look at your high school records? Can you request that they don't, and only look at your college records?

Is anyone else watching the Twilight Zone Marathon? What is your favorite episode?

What are your favorite song UNDER 1 minute? Over 5 minutes? (Mine are Ben Lee's "Love Song" and Grandmaster Flash "White Lines" to give you an idea)
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(no subject)

Has anyone read any of these books recently?

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Catcher In the Rye
Fast Food Nation

How would you describe the tone and style of the author of each book?
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query for the photographers

I'm interested in making the jump from point-and-shoot photography to something a bit more serious. However, I'm not exactly sure what questions I should be asking myself before I begin looking for a camera. Can someone recommend to me a digital SLR camera suitable for a beginner? Also, what would you say I should think about (as far as camera capabilities go) when buying my first camera?

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Every single time, for the past couple of years, when I go to a movie in a theater, this commercial comes on. I've lived in Fayetteville, NC and Fargo, ND during these 2 years and both towns have shown this commercial - so I know it's around.

It's a song playing.. with some lyrics written across the bottom. I think it says "Belief" in big letters in the center, too.

All I understand is (and I'm not even sure I'm right)..

"Welcome to me.......belief... the way I am..."

The dots represent words I don't understand.

Is this a real song from someone? If so, what's the name, and who does it?
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ahh im scared

ok so i found out my cousin has been trying to hack into my chatlogs for msn messenger but i make it so the computer doesnt save them(msn options). but the question is, is there anyway he could hack into my chatlogs?

* all i know is that his friend use to work for msn so do u think he might now or figure out how to hack into my chatlogs

the thing is im not suppose to be talking to my sister who ran away but i do secretly and hes suspicious that i do, he said that if he finds out i talk to her IM DEAD

im just scared, and iwant to make sure theres no way he can hack into them im only 16.
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Why are there so many rude/bitter/mean comments left on posts? Maybe it's just the posts I read but it just seems like people were a lot nicer before.

Please don't comment on this post if you won't be polite.
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