July 3rd, 2006

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1. What make up do you wear daily?
Benefit High Beam, Diorshow mascara, Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil, and lip gloss of some sort usually either Tarte(in elle) or Stila(lip glaze in apricot.)

2. What are some good facial moisturizers?
I really need a new one.
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Help! I'm in need of the strangest, most fucked up out-there picture evar. So if you could help me out I would be in your debt for quite some time!

Also, a "real" question: How would you deal with your ex-best friend IMing you out of nowhere and seeming to want to patch things up? I'm sure she's just sitting there laughing at me so I'm trying to think of something clever to say, but my brain is mush. :(

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God, what am I still doing up? I can't believe it's past 4am and I'm still helping an online friend I haven't talked to in 3 years psychoanalyze his problems. He wants to share and I'm too much the helper monkey (and I'm too good at this) to just say bye for now

How late would you stay up to help a friend with their problems?

On unwarranted pregnancies...

1.) Have you ever been pregnant?
2.) Was it a mistake or was it planned?
3.) If you were to find out today that you were pregnant, how would you feel?
4.) Would you keep it, abort, or put it up to adoption?
5.) Do you know anyone who got pregnant when they didn't want to?
6.) What did they do?
7.) Have you ever had a pregnancy scare?
8.) Any other comment on the topic?

UGH, EDITED TO ADD ONE MORE QUESTION. I keep doing that... sorry guys! :(

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What does an average bird's tongue look like?

Last night my sister found a blue jay lying on the ground outside. We're not sure how long it had been there, but our dogs didn't give it a first or second glance - which is obviously strange. We put it in a shoe box and brought it inside. It can sort of move its feet and legs, to reposition itself and such, but it doesn't appear to be able to move its wings. Or at the very least, it hasn't attempted to while being observed. It also looks like something might be wrong with its tongue... There is a small triangular part on top and when it breathes, it pushes it to the tip of its beak. When it does that, the muscle underneath looks sort of like a "V", with a hole in the middle that is large enough to see through. The back of the triangle does not appear to be connected to the beak. We gave it some grain and water; its eaten a little bit but so far has yet to take a drink.

What should we do with it? I'm thinking about taking it outside later, to kind of... drop it and see if it tries to fly. If it doesn't, for whatever reason, would there be any point in keeping it alive?
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I tried to figure this out on my own...but that didn't work out so well for me today.
If I wanted to email a picture from my email to my phone (or someone elses phone for that matter), how would I go about doing that? I have cingular, if that helps/matters. (And usually, I hate phone companies, but I love cingular now because they gave me a huge credit to my account.)

Answered, thanks behindthespine!

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1. I'm a complete Linux n00b. Last week I installed Ubuntu on my old laptop. I want to run digiKam with Kipi plugins. Is there any way to easily determine what dependencies I'm missing for each program and download and install them all in one shot? And by "easily" I mean "is there something that does it for me?"

2. I'm looking to buy a new digital camera. Does anyone have experience with the Canon S2? That's the model I'm leaning toward purchasing. Can anyone recommend other cameras that they've actually used? My requirements are: 5 MP, shooting modes easily accessed through buttons and not menus, view finder, and cost around $300.

3. Have you ever been to Rome, Sicily, Barcelona, Cannes, or Dubrovnik? What are some interesting places to go in any of those cities? Bonus points for non-touristy attractions.
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I've been invited to a Nintendo party. You have to wear a costume to get in the door. Anything from the NES or SNES eras is acceptable.

I am male and I have long, brown hair. Any ideas?
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amazon.com account

Has anyone ever tried to log into their Amazon account to find out that it doesn't accept your password and e-mail address combo? And then clicked on "Forgot Password" and been told *** We can't seem to identify you using your email address alone. *** and given options to contact customer service or create a new account?

It's happened to me twice now. I have no clue why. Am I the only person that this happens to? Does anyone know why it keeps happening to me? I don't use my account every week or anything, but I've had orders there within the last six months and my account is between three and four years old. Both of these incidents have taken place within the past 7 or 8 monts. Last time they were able to look up my information with the last few digits of my credit card number and a listing of items that I could remember purchasing on it. But it's just annoying that it keeps happening.

So TQC, am I alone in this? Or is this common Amazon.com practice nowadays?

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1. If you could learn the day you will die and how it happens, would you want to know?

2. If you could learn the day your significant other dies and how it happens, would you want to know?

Explain why or why not

My answers

1. Normally I'm against the idea because I'd rather not have to view the grains of sand in my life slowly trickle away, moment by moment. But on the other hand, if I knew when, then I'd take more risks because I would know that climbing this mountain or parachuting or anything else won't kill me because I don't check out until this certain date. I wouldn't have a dilemma with my own mortality, day to day, because I know it wouldn't be a factor until the day I do leave this mortal coil, which is on a specific date (hopefully many years away). I'd step up and attempt to foil a bank robbery or stand up for someone getting picked on because I know I won't die from this experience.

2. Naw, there's nothing in it for me
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I really can't stand clutter, but I am constantly finding myself victim to it. What are some good ways to cut down on clutter? Especially clutter of the computer cord variety.

What are good ways to line up magazines so they look decent on a shelf instead of like I have a pile of magazines? (I'm going to throw them away eventually, but right now I need them, or I think I do).

What about spiral notebooks from school? (I don't want to toss them just yet because the content in my classes overlaps so much that having old class notes helps).
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What works for you when you're trying to get rid of a headache? Not necessarily a headache of migraine proportions, just in general.


Excedrin Migraine

But, none of that is working right now. :(

ETA: Thanks so much for the suggestions. Heat pack and getting my mom to give me a mini neck/skull massage along with a couple shots of whiskey is doing the trick! :D
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My grandma's neighbour recently died in a car crash. Her husband got by with only a few scratches, but she wasn't wearing a seatbelt. My grandma is claiming she wasn't wearing a seatbelt because she was obese and it would fit right/wouldn't have done any good anyway (300 pounds).

Is this a valid reason not to wear a seatbelt?

It seems to me like companies would have to accomodate people of her size to avoid lawsuits, but I don't know.


So, I posted earlier about my German Shepherd, Fall, being a wee little bit crazy and going after my niece. Obviously, we've taken care of that - he just stays crated or goes on a walk - and that's okay. Not a problem there.

Trick is, he's still pretty cranky - we just moved - and is having serious, serious issues adjusting. So far we've just been keeping him in his crate - he's been snarling at people - and we bought a large outdoor kennel for him, which he doesn't mind. Only trick is yesterday, he was fine in the kennel; lay down, chilled, all kinds of good jazz. Today, he was yelping and trying to literally climb out of the kennel, which he almost did.

We absolutely have to get him used to this kennel - or something else that will work - because if we don't, we'll have to put him down because he might flip. We looked at an animal sanctuary in Nebraska, but they won't take him, so this is our only option as of now.

Fall is my baby; I absolutely cannot put him down, unless I have to. I'd much rather just kennel train him and have him hanging out in his crate all the time than, well, dead, of course.

He's really obedient - we've done agility, training, loads and loads of stuff. But recently, he just can't deal with people.

ETA: More background and responses, since I've gotten so many lovely comments!

We've had him for about two years; he was never like this. He was never thrilled with people coming into the house, but being this upset with people just walking around and all is a hundred percent new.

After everything everyone has said, I'm definitely going to take him in to see a vet; also, when I say we're crating him a ton, I only mean when people are in the house. If it's just me, my mom, and her boyfriend, he's out and chill, but if Kim (my mom's boyfriend)'s son comes over, he wigs, as he does with my boyfriend, so he's crated when they come over. Otherwise, during the night and all, he just hangs out in the house.

He has the outdoor kennel so that when people come over, they don't have an angry dog hanging out right near the dinner table. Problem is, he just doesn't like the kennel.

I'll ask my mom about a behavior therapist; the only thing is, I'm afraid she's taking a rather fatalist view about, and she's expecting the worse. I'm opposite, at present.

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When you were in school (or still are in school), did you have co-ed gym or was it single-sex? Did you prefer it the way you had it? Do you think gym should be taken out of the schools?

We had mandatory co-ed gym here in New Jersey, and I hated it. I think gym should be taken out of schools, especially for the upper grades because it's a self-esteem shatterer and nobody ever got in shape from standing around for 40 minutes a day. I was overweight all through my teen years and gym never did anything to help me one bit. To me, it's just an excuse for the athletic kids to pick on the unathletic kids, leading to low self-esteem and low scholastic performance
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Is it a OMEN?

(Mostly being sarcastic with this so have some fun here guys and gals...)

Is it a bad sign that when I checked my updated credit scores this morning, that my experian score was 666?
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Ahhh randomness...

1. If you could be anywhere in the world other than where you are at this moment, where would it be? (Money, travel, time, all that are thrown out the window, so absolutely anywhere is fair game)

2. What's your favorite time of day and why?

3. What is your favorite season and why?

4. What is your favorite food/dish to eat? To make?
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Does anybody else air type? When you hear a word do you type it out with your fingers even if there isn't a keyboard around.

Because I'll type out whole sentences before I realize I'm doing it. It kept me entertained during class in high school I guess.
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Football Love

Hi folks,

I'm involved in a discussion at the moment that Brazil's love of football (soccer) is a symptom of the country's malaise e.g. corrupt politicians, poor education, high poverty rate, overflowing prisons, high crime rate etc. Personally I think this is rubbish.

I'm just curious if anyone has seen the love of sports in other countries indicated as a symptom of problems within? Or just have general thoughts on the topic?
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1. what is your cholesterol number?

2. if your fireworks get rained out, what will you do instead?

3. between now and 6pm ET tomorrow...how many times do you think someone will ask TQC what their 4th of July plans are?
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Do you need digital cable to use TiVo technology?

What does the term "DVR" mean?  Is it generic TiVo?

What do you find is the cheapest option for your TV pleasure?  Satellite vs. Digital vs. Regular Cable?
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car system

yo. what kind of speakers should go into my new malibu? this is the first time that i have owned a sedan and i have no idea where to put the sub.
where do you have your speakers in your car?
what kind do you have and are you satisfied?
can you post some pics of the system in your sedan?
thanks a lot.
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This question has been plaguing me for awhile now.

What's the deal with furries?

EDIT: I'm not new to the internet, so I know what they are, I'm asking what their DEAL IS. Like, just... WHY. WHY IS SOMEONE IN WHO CALLS THEMSELF "FYRE MYST NIGHTWOLF" AND DRESSES UP LIKE THIS A TURN-ON.

EDIT #2: WHAT?!?!
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Where did they go George, where did they go?

Okay, I'm reading my accounting book to prepare for a test tonight. I'm reading about computing interest for notes receivable. Why are they telling me that the time factor is the number of days divided by 360?

What happened to the other 5 days in the year? Is this a typo or can someone explain to me why (approximately) 5 days are omitted?

Edit: I found out in a footnote why my book said that. It's to allow students to compute "easier". Financial instruments use 365 in the real world.
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Ok I'm dumb because I don't know these things.

My muscles hurt like a bitch from being overworked during the weekdnd, and today I can hardly walk comfortably...

Normally I'll just ignore it until it's feeling better but I'll be at an amusement park WALKING all day tomorrow so I was wondering if there was something I could take that would make walking more comfortable?

I think muscle relaxer would help the discomfort but would that make me floppy and lazy and not want to walk?


Suggestions please?

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1) What music blog/fanzine/magazine do you subscribe to?

2) If it's the NME, have you ever been very, very tempted to never, ever buy it again? Why? Did you try to stop buying it? Did you fail?

EDIT: It's too damn hot, I'm going to Tesco's to get some Phish Food. If they don't have that, what's the next best Ben & Jerrys?
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For years and years and years, I have made up stories in my head. But it's not like a bunch of different stories; it always has the same characters. I make up what their family is like and I imagine different events in their lives.

Does that make me strange? Am I the only one that does this?

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Do you have any suggestions for cities in the US that are very walkable and also have really good public transit? Excluding New York and Chicago and I guess the entire Northeast.

I'm considering moving out of state after I graduate from college. I live in Chicago now and love that I don't have to drive. I can walk to anything necessary (grocery stores, Target, hardware stores are a mile or less away) and take public transit anywhere I can't walk to anytime of the day or night. Is it unrealistic to expect to find another city like this? I haven't traveled outside of Illinois so I have no idea what anywhere else is like.

Any opinions on Portland, OR? My mom would like to live there, so it's in the consideration pile.
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I am trying to make a tote bag. I am currently yelling at the fabric because it just won't work with me.

What's frustrating you right now? (If anything, that is.)

Oh, and does anyone else hate Comcast (cable) with a flaming purple passion? My mom got the DVR set-up last week and the cable has been jooky ever since. Well, Saturday a tech comes out and brings in a 'new' box. And by 'new' they mean previously used. They never reset the box! It still had the parental locks on all the channels and the programs the previous owners had recorded. That was annoying. Now the picture is all messed up, but they can't send a tech out until Wednesday (tomorrow being a holiday and all). I told her not to get in with Comcast. I told her... But does she listen? No...
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what happened today that made things different from yesterday?

for example: today i wore pink tights.*

*and i did, too
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Which ones of you have traveled abroad?

If so, where did you go? When? Alone or with people?
[Also, inform us if your home country isn't Canada or US]

How was your experiences? Any tips for people wanting to travel abroad?

If you have a travelogue/blogs/photos, feel free to share :)

Also, has anyone studied or interned abroad? If so, where did you study? What did you study? And how was your experiences?

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At what age do kids stop thinking that rules are grown-ups' personal way of punishing them for our own amusment, and understand that when we tell them not to climb on the elevator bannisters it's hinestly for their own good?

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Would you rather live a slow paced life in the country with a husband/wife and kids or a fast paced one with a SO (no kids) in a big city? Why?

What if the choices were a slow-paced life in the country with a SO (no kids) or a fast paced city life with the SO and kids? Then what would you choose?

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anyone know the best hair cream/gel to get for someone with wavy/curly hair? 
I want to keep it tamed but just enough curls...maybe something like in  my picture






Are you into geneology?
Do you do it the old fashioned way, or do you use a site like Ancestry.com?
Whats the farthest back you've gotten (direct decendent, not going back through a child to another marriage to reach a longer line)?
Found anything interesting?

The best I've done is 19 generations to a Henry Makepeace born 1455 who belong to a guild at the same time as a man who was possibly William Shakespeare's Great Grandfather. He was later a master of the guild.

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Have you seen the movie "Click"?

Did you like it?

I've seen it, and loved it, and everyone I know who's seen it loved it, but the newspaper told me it sucked crap, and they gave it one star out of 5!!!