July 2nd, 2006


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inspired by tonight's Saturday Night Live

Did Sheryl Crow drop Lance Armstrong?
or did HE break it off with her?

all theories welcome, especially serious, selacious and tasteless ones.
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This stems off of an answer I saw yesterday that had me really upset. I couldn't find out the reasoning behind it, so I'll ask here and see what others have to say.

Have you ever heard that organ donation story, "If they find out you're an organ donor, they won't do as much to save you", and did you believe it? Were there any supporting details to go with this story, or just this one statement?

What are other things you've heard? (besides the bathtub full of ice thing).

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petit prince

three uhhhh point one uhhhh four yeaaaaahhh one mmmmmm

how many digits of pi do you know? (after the decimal)
i know five, which was a surprise because i thought i was just guessing after the first 2

if you were to wear a jumpsuit, would you wear a khaki one or a green one?
green, for sure

how excited are you for pirates of the caribbean?
pretty fucking excited!

is there anything particularly interesting about your birthday?
mine is the halfway point of a non leap year! there are 182 days left in 2006 folks, so don't fuck 'em up!
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Help me out with this:

What is called when employees need to keep track of what they do for how long during every minute of their working hours? IE: "I spent two hours between 9AM and 11AM playing Solitaire. I spent three hours between 11AM and 2PM reorganizing my paperwork. I spent one hour between 2PM and 3PM cleaning my office..." blah blah blah.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? What is this called? Is there a program designed to organize this?

Edit: Thank you everyone!

Does anyone know about airline prices?

i had a reservation booked back to school from Miami to LA at 288 bucks on american. all i had to do was pay before yesterday at 11 and i would have had that price

me bneing an IDIOT forgot to pay and now the price has gone up to 344. Any chance it will go back down? The trip is for august 16 to dec 18. Any chance it might go on a 4th of july sale or something? Im so horribly upset, i alrerady told everyone i had booked my ticket (at 288!!!), and now it goes up!!!
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It's been years since I've drank, consequently, it's been years since I've been hungover...

Stomach acid is what I've been throwing up...saltines, are they good? Nibble on those? How about water or ibuprofen? (no asprin in the house)

This is basically a "god I'm dead sick what do I do?" post...
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digital camera woes

I have a Canon Powershot A520 and the bit that covers the lens when I turn the power off (sorry, I don't know what it's called) won't iris shut completely, meaning condensation forms on the lens if I keep the camera in my pocket. How can I repair this myself? I have a feeling that if I go to a camera repair place, they'll charge me enough for a new camera...
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Whats the easyest way to wash and scrub down a fridge. its 77 here and probably about 60-70% humidity, do I unplug the fridge and let it get to room temp, and then proced to scrub it? or what? the fridge is nearly empty save for ice bottles for the ferret, and ice cream. I might be able to fight that stuff in the mini fridge.

your thoughts?
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1) How long have you been using the internet?

2) Before you had a Livejournal, did you use another blogging/journaling site?

3) What's the strangest thing you've bought off of eBay?

4) What size is your bed and how many people and/or animals sleep in it?

5) Do you have any food allergies?

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1. Why is a city cat better than a country cat?

2. Ever dream something racist/clearly offensive?

3. What were the rest of my questions?

[edited! I remembered one!]

4. Do you like to hear about the dreams other people have?
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Let's say that I need to somehow earn $200 in a month. I just got laid off, but no problem because I'm starting college in two months and was going to have to leave in a month anyhow. Now, my question is: can you get a job that will only hire you for a month or two knowing that you'll be leaving? And can you get it in the off-season? (i.e. Summer in the Desert, no tourists here anymore) Have any of you all had experience with working at a job for an extremely short period of time?
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laptop painting?

This may sound like a retarded idea all around, but I'm still curious:

Can you spraypaint a laptop?

I just bought a second-hand laptop with fantastic specs that has barely been used. The only signs of use are a shitload of scratches on the front of it. I'm not really worried about it, because I didn't buy the laptop to show to people and be like "LOOK HOW PERFECT" - I bought it because it's a good computer. My brother is interested, however, in sanding down the scratches, taping important stuff off, and spraypainting it so it looks new.

Is this a hopeless idea, or is it feasable?

(Noting that the only supporting info I found online was from a bunch of people who made their own personalized Hello Kitty laptops. ...)
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So, I'm thinking of taking a Carribean cruise in December by myself, specifically a Princess cruise.

Any comments about Princess cruise lines or recommendations for other cruise lines?

I'm a little concerned about sea sickness, but I've been told not to worry. I also want to book an inside cabin and the itinerary I chose only has one full day at sea and the rest are at night, so I figured I'd be ok. Any experience with overcoming sea sickness and cruises?
I know I could take Gravol, but it makes me sleepy and I don't want to spend my whole vacation like that. I have the bracelets and I heard there's this thing you can put behind your ears. What other meds are there?

Finally, any recommendations for good travel agents that scored you a great deal? I'll take names and numbers.

what shud i do?

i dont really have any better way of asking this question because i dont really know what im trying to ask, but..

letssay you really like somebody and that somebody pretty much feels justthe same way about you and as much as the both of you want to hook up,you know that your family and friends would never understand the strongbond you have with each other, let alone the society in general.!

Soi guess what im trying to ask is, what would you do? I mean, i reallyhave this strong, intense feelings for this guy but deep down inside, ijust KNOW that it would never work out and im just bummed about it.
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I'm probably moving out for the first time soon. Scary! Sort of anyway, I'm one of those people with anxiety problems.
- How old were you you when you first moved out?
- Were you moving in with strangers, or people you knew? Or were you moving into a place by yourself?
- What sort of things will I absolutely need, but haven't thought of because this is the first time I've done this, or because they're not really obvious?
- Was it a good experience?
- Have any interesting stories to tell about moving out?
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Let's say you lived in a country where the justice system was pretty good, and on average, 95% of every 100 criminals sentenced was guilty. 5 of those 100 are completely innocent. There are 1 million prisoners in lockup. The legal system is too hard to alter, so the only thing that can be changed is the judicial side involving sentencing. That's just how it is so don't complicate the hypothetical question by arguing about that point.

In one year, there is two initiatives on the ballot.

The first initiative wants to make sentencing lighter, applicable to ALL the already incarcerated as well (including the guilty), so the 50,000 innocent captives won't suffer as greatly and all future innocents might also benefit from softer prison terms. The campaign for this initiative is for greater leniency for the wrongly accused, and how can we call ourselves an advanced nation when so many innocent people are serving time for crimes they didn't do, how it's immoral to have the innocent suffer just as much as the wicked?

The second initiative wants to make sentencing harsher, applicable to the already incarcerated as well, so the prisoners have to serve their full sentence and there's no time off for good behavior or sentence reduction because of overcrowding. The campaign for this initiative is that the success rate for keeping dangerous criminals off the street is 95%, that the vast majority of the incarcerated deserve to be there and are off the streets, and it's better than a small percentage of innocent people suffer than society as a whole if criminals were being let back on the streets much sooner than they should

The vote is tomorrow. Which initiative would you support?

First initiative
Second initiative
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How do you get your ex manager to stop asking you out after you have repeatedly rejected his offers to a date? He'll do anything to get you to come in while he's working to ask you out to the point where he'll lie to you and when you get there he'll ask you out and you, once again, reject him. Any suggestions? I have to stay on good terms with this guy bc I go into that store all the time and if I don't have the option of going to the next closest one bc it's too far.
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Assuming that in a relationship, one person is inevitably more attractive than the other...

Would you rather be the more attractive partner, or have a partner more attractive than yourself?
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1. What did you have for lunch? I had broccoli. Yum.

2. What are some things I can put on vegetables to make them more tasty? All I have is seasoned salt, and it's getting mundane.

3. Who else is excited about The Twilight Zone marathon on sci-fi for the next three days? THREE DAYS! GLORIOUS!

4a. Has anyone read the Inheritence trilogy (well, the first two since the third isn't out yet) by Christopher Paolini? If you don't know what that is, it's Eragon and Eldest. What'd you think of them? I really like them, though Eldest is a bit slow.

4b. Are you excited about Eragon being made into a movie? I'm looking forward to it, but I'm rather disappointed on some minor detail. They made Arya into a blonde in the movie, which isn't a big deal, but I rather like that she's got black hair in the book and was hoping they'd keep her that way in the movie. Have they said yet who's doing the voice of Saphira?

4c. Are there other movies involving elves where the elves have dark hair besides LOTR? For example, Legolas has blond hair, but Arwen has dark brown hair (as does her father).

5. What are some options for lunches I can take to work that don't have to be refrigerated or heated in a microwave? Our teacher's lounge is infested with roaches, including the fridge (because half the teachers don't clean up after themselves) and when you use the microwave, it blows a fuse in the lounge and makes the lights go out in there (not to mention, it's unclean).
lead me

beating the heat.

i. Does dairyqueen ice cream taste like fried fat to anybody else? I had some yesterday and it was just... ick. I don't remember it being like that a few years ago.

ii. Are snowcones a big thing where you live? (you know, shaved ice and flavored syrup...)
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Quickly! Does anyone have some simple science-related puns that I could put on a birthday card?

That would maybe sound vaguely like a Valentine's card?

That I could draw a crude picture to go along with?
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petit prince

i'm head of the class, i'm popular

for those of you with a million (75+ i guess) people on your flist- do you read your friends page?

for the rest of us- do YOU read your friends page?

i always read every entry on mine, but when i see someone with, like, 200 friends i always wonder if they read theirs.
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Is there anywhere online that I can get a list of what I can and can't take through customs? I'm in Scotland if its any use and I'm just travelling within Europe.

I totally suck at google! Thanks!
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What was your most tragic laundering accident?

I just accidentally shrunk only one of my favorite cashmere socks. I don't know if I feel better or worse that only one of them got into the load. Now I have one normal soft and fluffy sock, and one tiny lumpy sock. Urrrgghh. I guess I should probably shrink the other one too, and give them to a child.
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What jingle does your ice cream/Italian ice man play as he drives through your neighborhood? We have an Italian Ice guy and he plays the Theme From Godfather. Haha...I get it. It's New Jersey, we're the land of Italian mobsters, apparently.

What is your favorite thing to get from the ice cream/Italian Ice truck? I love bubblegum flavored italian ice. :)
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What do you think of Alice Walker? Ever read any of her books or other works? Do you recommend any of them?

I've been reading her book, "Anything We Love Can Be Saved" and I have come to the conclusion she is a close-minded racist who is is full of crap nonsense.
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What's the song?

Sorry for being so vague but you know when you have an obscure song in your head…and you don’t know what it is:

(Both kinda dance-y..not saying they were ever very good thou’)

"And..time..wont..take..our...love...awayyyy (?)
Gotta get up gotta get up..."

"I'm alive a man with a 2nd face... (?)"


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update to this post about someone please steal the cat: one, she's super energetic today because there's been one person in the house all weekend and she hasn't been played with. holycrap energy.
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now, to make it a real question: when was the last time you got carded?
apparently you have to be 18 to buy sparklers in iowa. I guess it makes sense, but I was surprised and thought maybe the checkout guy thought my bottle of iced tea was a beer or something.

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What are the tourist attractions in your neighborhood/area?

Other then toothpaste, toothbrush, hair brush, shampoo, conditioner, razors, soap, shaving cream, cleanser and moisturizer, body lotion, deodorant, hair styling products, pads, tylenol, cosmetics, medication, and toilet paper what personal care items should I bring to college with me? I know I'm forgetting something (Also, I'm living off campus- if that matters)

Do you have or had any college loans? Did you get them from the government (Stafford or otherwise) or another source?

Let's say you have light brownish red hair. Could you put dark blonde highlights in it?

Do you have a mp3 player? What type is it?

What type of cell phone do you have? What type of service do you have?
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What's some really insignificant that your family does that drives you absolutely up the wall? I'm not talking about 'Oh, they hate black people' stuff, but just tiny stuff that probably wouldn't bother other people.

My family can never get the name of a movie correct. None of them. My mother called me the other day to tell me how she saw "remote control" which I figured was Click. My grandma today kept talking about how she saw the lake movie while my great grandma saw the president movie. My grandpa really likes the mattress movies (matrix).

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1.  Whenever you see ads for workout programs on TV or online, what's your general impression of them?

2.  Have you ever bought/considered buying one of these workout videos?

3.  Have you ever heard of Turbo Jam?  Ever tried it?  Opinions?

I just bought Turbo Jam, after reading about it online and finding tons and tons of positive reviews and not a single bad review.  I hope it's worth the money.
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Does anyone know of an LJ photography tutorial community... or more specifically, photo-editing?

or if anyone on here knows: I just want to know how to connect two photos so they're side by side (horizontally)...

thank you.
Flaming Sikozu

Boredom attacks!

So I assualt you with many and random questions.

1. Ever heard of Takarazuka?
2. What's your strangest, most obscure interest/hobby?
3a. Do you collect anything?
3b. What?
3c. How many of said thing do you have?
4. Do you have the tv on as backround noise when you're online?
5a. What's the silliest thing you've done for your SO?
5b. What's the silliest thing they've done for you?
6. Anytime I read the blurb on crime novels the victim is almost always a woman, or women. Can you recommend to me any crime novels where the victims are mostly, or entirely male?
7. What should I ask for question #7?
8. What do you do when you're really stressed/angry and need to cool down and relax?
9. What keeps ylou at your job?
10. What's the strangest flavour od ice cream you've ever eaten?
11. Should I put all this behind a cut>
12. Does it annoy you if you answer a question here and don't get a reply?
13. Do you automatically assume that the poster is from a certain country?
14. Have you ever seen or heard an example of stupidity so extreme that you really can't speak?
15. Ever saved somebody's life?
16. Ever had your own life saved?
17. Should I post my own answers?
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vote for apartments.


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Is there a way to find a documentary that was played in the past and most likely won't be played again? More specifically, "The Big V" that aired during February~March on the Knowledge Network?
Stepfanie singing
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I'd post this in whatwasthatone, but I prefer to post here to get a more quick answer. I remember seeing this website a few years ago. It was basically a Better Business Bureau website, but it was for e-commerce sites other than Amazon and the like. I am TOTALLY blanking on the name, as well as the website. (it isn't bbbonline.com, by the way) It was a website where you could enter the URL of an e-commerce site and read the complaints filed against them. You could even send in your own complaints.

WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT ONE?!! Help, please? I think I saw this site in around 2000 or 2001. I remember reading a page of complaints from people who subscribed online to get the Girls Gone Wild DVDs in the mail, if that helps any.
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question for all people familiar with the chicago area:

My boyfriend and I are going for a few days at the end of July (Saturday the 29th-Monday the 31st, to be more exact). Anyway, what are some places we absolutely HAVE to visit, eat at, drink at, shop at, etc?

Oh, and nothing too too expensive, since we're still students and can't afford to be totally frivolous....
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I was reading an employment classified ad with the phrase, "NO RIO", and I have no idea what they're talking about. I've seen this in a few different places with no explaination.

What is RIO? Does it stand for something?

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What's a really great (although not very expensive) present to get a friend who just found out they are pregnant? more of a congrats gift as a proper shower will be coming later on.

Suggestions? Thanks!

What's it called?

EDIT: THANKS guys! Cafepress, that's it :D


I found a website last year, now I can't remember where it was/what it's called... It's a site where people set up their own shops, with merchandise like coffee cups, t-shirts etc. Pre-made, but with their own custom text/images. I THINK they were also allowed to sell other products from their home.

The products look like this, for example. I remember that other products had the same kind of sample-text and the "Made in the USA"-text (I kind of had the best time ever with this image so I saved it back then... now I can't find the shop) ;


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I got a motorola slvr for my birthday and it rocks except that there is no airplane feature or anything (that I can find). I would love to be able to listen to music on the many flights i will be taking soon and because of the restrictions on cell phones it will be a problem. Several phones seem to have an airplane feature, so am i just being blind or is it simply not there? Is there a site with somesort of software i could download to put onto it so it will do that or sould I go and dig up my anicent discman? TIA.