July 1st, 2006

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Does anyone know if Claire's does third ear piercings?
I have seconds already and I want three.

Oh yeah, I Googled this already and found no answer.
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Three Questions

1. I'm trying to remember this candy I used to love all the time as a child. It was gum, and it came in this little pink plastic bottle at the cash register at the grocery store. I think the label had a picture of a tropical island, but I can't remember. I remember that the gum came in several little pieces and there was powdered sugar in the bottle you could shake around. I think it had some fruity flavor. This might have been about 10-15 years ago that this candy was around. I lived in the Southern US, if that helps. :) EDIT: Answered!!

2. Is there anything, like a food product, that you ABSOLUTELY cannot stand that is unique to where you're from?

3. How many of your current icons did you make yourself? How many of them did you use some sort of tutorial for?

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1. Under what circumstances do you think it is ok to put a pet to sleep?

2. What helps you when you're feeling nauseated?

3. Are there any common themes in the media you hadn't noticed till you became sensative to them for one reason or another? (ie the many jokes about death on random tv, and you started to notice because someone you know died?)

4. Is casina gambling legal in your state/country? Have you ever been to a casino? Do you find casinos enjoyable, or stupid? What was the most money you've ever won in one?

5. What makes you lose respect for people?

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have you ever taken a greyhound bus before?

tell me about it. good experience vs. bad experience. i need to get from brattleboro, vt. to nyc and i'm thinking a bus is the best way to go.

**edit: did you sit next to fat people?
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I have a couple questions & thanks.

My best friend and I had been planning to randomly travel to some spur-of-the-moment decision destination for as cheap as we can, we both start college in the fall. However, my bf just had a great opportunity to start his school in two weeks and that leaves our plans in shambles.

I decided I am still going. I would really like to go to New Orleans for about 5 nights, I found a flight that would work for about $250 bucks. My only question is, what is it like down there. I've read so much on the effects of Katrinia but not really closely enough as if I was actually traveling there.

Are museums/tours/regular sight-seeing still going on? I am an 18-year-old female from Philly, PA, if that matters. I love to walk around, take pictures, just take it all in...will I be okay to do that or is their destruction everywhere.

Also, I would want to stay in a hostel, is that safe with the condition of the area now? I've stayed in a pretty shitty hostel in Ireland and two nice ones in Scotland and Wlales, but I am not sure.


Thank you.

Also, any other tips or things I should see...I would love to hear it. Also, I would be opening to do some volunteering one day if that is appropriate.


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So, I pretty much only have three friends because I am a picky bitchface. And usually this is fine. I like my buddies very much and up until the end of this school year, they liked me.


One of them has apparently just decided that she doesn't like me anymore. She told her best friend, Laina, who in turn, told me. She also mentioned to our other friend, Karen, that she didn't think she'd be seeing much of me this summer. Which Karen found odd, as we'd all been planning on hanging out together, so she told me. We're all really close. Kara, the girl who no longer likes me, must have known that Laina and Karen wouldn't not tell me. Karen is my best friend and not terribly close with Kara, either, so she especially does not carry any obligation to cover up for Kara not liking me. You tell her something like that and no shit, she's my best friend, she's gonna tell me all about it. I just chalked it up to her being too much of a wimp to tell me face to face that she no longer wants to be pals, which I was fine with (I'm the least close to her out of the three of them).

However, recently she's still been trying to chat with me on AIM, comments to my xanga, suggests stuff for us all to do together. Her behavior towards me hasn't really changed at all. I'm rather confused.

So, thoughts? Is she bi-polar or just stupid? Should I be asking her about it instead of debating it with you folk on tqc early this morning? We've been not so close since we turned 18 (she does not approve of cigarettes or porn or underage drinking or whatnot) and I honestly wouldn't mind losing her as a friend, but I'm not sure how to go about dealing with this. I'll probably just ask her when she gets back from vacation, but that'll fuck up any potential group vacations, so I dunno.

And hey, that's all of us in the icon, so guess which one she is for bonus points! Or if you're really bored, guess who all of us are. Just to amuse yourself.
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Why is copy paste not working on my computers?  Neither the key shortcut (ctrl c and v) or right click methods are working on firefox for me.  Is there a function I should turn on or off?

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I live somewhat in the Des Moines area. Is there anybody interested in stealing my housemate's cat?

This is more-or-less serious. I 100% believe that at the end of the summer she'll kick it to the curb. I asked Rene(roommate) how old the cat was, to which she responded "ugh.... I'm trying to not get too attached to it, so I don't get all waaaaah (mumbling) away (mumbling) all these little things about her that are annoying." I think, I think my roommate didn't want a cat- I think she wanted a sleepy kitten who'd fall asleep in her lap. I also think she might've flunked out and is moving home at the end of the summer, because I saw a flyer where she was subletting her apartment for next year.
The cat cries because no-one plays with it all day when Rene and the other roommate are at work (I play with it some, and I let it play in my room, but I can't much becuase I'm allergic), and then when Rene gets home it cries to be picked up and she just yells at it to shut up.

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I can try to answer any other questions... really, if she doesn't work out at your place and you take her to a shelter, that's better or equal than how she's going to end up here.

Yay! More tea talk!

Is there a difference between English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast tea?

I'll assume Irish Breakfast is pretty much what I would call 'tea'. When drinking this specific type of tea, how do you take it?

Milk, occaisionally a small sugar, but not all the time.

(Why would anyone drink it milk-less? That's just crazy.)

Would/Do you drink decaf tea? Would it be/is it for ordered health reasons, or are you just paranoid about caffeine?
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Getting the day off.

Okay, so here goes:

I'm schedualed to work on Monday, from 4:45-close. (At Target) and I want to go out instead. Very badly.

Now, my question is should I call in sick, or talk to them about it? And should I tell the truth, or use and excuse? I dont know if I should tell them today at work, or if I should just call in sick. Any advice is helpful.

Things to consider:
1. It'll be my 5th week of working here (but it's only a summer job)
2. I've never called in sick, not shown up, or been late.
3. I'm currently at 36 hours for that week WITHOUT that shift...and the rule is up to 40, but not over.
4. Monday is the day before the 4th of July, thus, a lot of things to set up.
5. I have a history of having a bad knee (popping out of it's socket, crutches, etc)...always an easy excuse...
6. I've checked the shift board and almost everyone who's over 18 is already schedualed until close that day (other than those who have asked for it off or arent available)
7. I am working on the 4th from 6pm-close, and intend to show up for that shift.
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So what are you doing today?

pretty soon i'm going to take my dogs out to pee, get a shower, take my husband's SUV to get washed, go to the used bookstore, buy myself some lunch, then come home and do chores.

Social responsibility and poop.

Someone posted a question yesterday about whether or not birth control should be free and I noticed that a lot of people answered no way due to the fact that it'd be their tax money paying for it.

For people in countries where there's no socialized health care:
Does it really make fiscal sense to not take the preventative route (providing free birth control) rather than paying for the pre-natal, natal, and other medical expenses related to a poor/uninsured person's pregnancy and birth?

Do you feel that society as a whole should contribute to the betterment of society as a whole, either financially or in other ways?

Do you feel that less suffering in the world would make it a better place for you, as well as everyone else? Why or why not?

I heard a report on NPR the other day that 4,000 people a year are given prescriptions (at one major city hospital) for food due to malnutrition. Does it strike you as absurd that people living in the richest country in the world are suffering from malnutrition?

What's the thing that your tax dollars fund that most offends you?

And, for something completely different....

If you have a dog, does s/he look embarrassed when s/he poops? Do you avert your gaze?
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Coumadin resources

I'm trying to find resources for my mom on living with Coumadin (blood-thinning medication). She's looking for a book written for patients, but does NOT want the cookbook that I keep running across when I search.
She's not techno-savvy enough to use LJ, but she can use email, so any listserv kind of thing would also be great.

Can anyone help?
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So, I am at CCY for this art program camp thing for 5 weeks. It's only the first week and I want to go. I'm not homesick but I'm just not feeling this place. They make us interact with each other like 24/7 and I do like talking to people but not constantly. Also, I am just not that passionate about art yet. I can't do it all day. Another thing that bothers me is that I have no technical skills. They can't really teach them here because we're suppose to already know them and I don't. I do like art but I don't know if I should leave. This is a great thing for me but I'm just not happy. I am not that driven and I don't love art that much. I love making it on my own time and I like making things I want to make without being graded. Plus my roommates kind of ignore me and that pisses me off greatly and I want to just hang out in my room and read sometimes but I can't.

Should I leave? My mom says I can tomorrow and I probably will but I don't know if I should. It makes me look like I'm homesick and a wimp but I just don't feel ready yet. I would like to go to art school one day but when I'm ready and feel like I can take things on. This program should help me but I just feel bad not knowing simple shit like working with charcoal.

gypsy moths, bugs & sunglasses

1. Have you ever had an invasion of Gypsy Moths where you live? What did you do? What would you do if it happened where you live?
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2. When you find a bug in your house do you catch them and free them outside, or kill them, or do something else?
If it's daytime and they aren't a scary bug I try to catch them in a cup or something and I take them outside and put them in the grass, if it's nighttime or if they're scary I usually vacuum them up.

3. Do you wear sunglasses?
No, I'm one of those people who just looks strange wearing them. I keep a pair i my car though just in case I need them.

(no subject)

1. What was the last non-important decision you made?
2. What was the last important decision you made?
3. Hows your day been so far?
4. Done anything stupid/embarrassing today? What?
5. What is the weirdest item that you own?

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Ive been searching google for about 20 minutes and came across a few forums, but nothing Im really looking for. Do you know of any site that has lists of active forums? Im looking for one kind of focused around teens and/or drugs? Thanks :)
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*dumb question alert*

If it says on a pizza box to cook in the oven for thirty minutes, is that thirty minutes for a toaster oven, too?

EDIT:  Okay, for those who are curious, I tried it.  The outside of the pizza was starting to burn while the inside was cold.  :(


internet's throwing a tantrum

Suddenly this morning the dialup internet connection on my other computer ceased to work. It worked fine as of last night, when I last used it. I did not change any settings then.

The modem dials correctly but no programs can talk to the internet.

The modem is installed correctly and there are no com port conflicts.

I made a new network connection, no improvement.

I have already found that it is not the firewall, adware/spyware, or a virus. It can't be my phone line or cord because I can connect fine (obviously!) from this computer.

I followed every other step in the Windows troubleshooting guide. Most of the steps were irrelevant, but I tried changing the port speed from 115200 to 57600 didn't work, but down to 9600 did. Until I disconnected and later tried to redial. The problem is back.

What else should I try?

Thanks in advance!

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What irritates you the most about talking to people online in IM or on LJ?

I really cannot stand it when people use an ampersand (&) for the word "and."

"I went to the mall & we bought shoes & clothes & saw an old lady with purple hair & big glasses & blahblahblah."

My god, it infuriates me. I also hate people using a commercial at for the word at, too.

"I'm going to be @ the stadium @ 4:00.."

Though, it bothers me less so than the former.

A few questions

1. What are some brands that you think of when you think of quality and tradition? Or maybe just good quality and fairly inexpensive (like Jansport bags and Converse shoes); and should be a staple for every wardrobe?

2. Wednesday I applied to four jobs (a dollar tree, two dry cleaners, and a pet shop). None have called yet. Should I call them? What should I say? When should I call them?

3. I'm moving to a new city in the fall. Other then joining clubs at college, what can I do to make friends? I don't really know anyone from there, and I don't drink or anything.

4. What makes Target "better" then Walmart? I only hear Walmart criticized, but what makes Target not a... Target to social activists?
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So about 45 minutes ago, 2 of my dogs ate some chocolate. Not a lot, probably about 3 small squares. I looked online at a dog care website and it said if the dog(s) seem fine after 15 minutes, then don't worry about it. Is that true or is there something that I should do? I would call my vet but he isn't open.


So, I'm playing my music in iTunes. It's fine and dandy. I'll be browsing the interweb and suddenly in the middle of the song, it gets staticky and annoying. It's typically after I click on a link for a new website or something. I thought my speakers were dying, but no, if I press pause and then play again, the static goes away. Is there a way to keep the static away forever, or am I doomed to constantly pause then play music if I want to hear it properly?

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What "label" did you fit into in highschool? Were you the prom queen, the nerd, the jock, etc?

What're you currently doing with your life (are you married, what job do you have, etc) and did your clique in highschool affect it at all?


What ever happened to Jennicam?
I really liked her.

I want to be a cam girl.. I need more info on good webcams (hardware)
and which websites will host my cam?

Keeping in mind I'm not super computer literate.

Thanks, happy weekend.

EDIT: since everyone is so snarky.. I don't masterbate in front of my computer. I want a website so my mother who lives far can see my 2 very well adjusted children.
You all suck. How about you just ASK my intentions?
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Is it appropriate to refer to a sadhu as "a holy man"? I'm mentioning one briefly in an oral presentation and I want to say

"Sri Sri Ramnarian Das is a Muslim Hindu, he's from India. He is considered a holy man, or "sadhu". When a sadhu dies, the people will bring his body to the river, surround him with stones and tie his hair to the rocks. Then they take him out in a boat and throw his body into a river. He is said to be pulled up to heaven by his dreadlocks."

but since I know absolutely nada about the hindu religion, i don't know if this is specifically accurate to describe a sadhu as a "holy man" but it's kinda what i gathered from wiki and my encyclopedia.

and, how often do you have to mop your kitchen floor?

(no subject)

1. Would you rather have a roommate who is clean and not too friendly, or a roommate who is messy and nice?

2. For those of you who have/had a roommate, what was something they did that drove you absulotely batshit insane and made you want to punch people?

3. When you're having that usual, chit-chat with a new friend and the conversation turns to favorite music, what bands, artists, or genres of music automatically make you think higher of the other person for liking? Which ones make you think lower of them? And if you're going to say 'everything and none', just shush. I don't want to hear about how open-minded you are, I'm asking about your judgements.

buyer's regret

What item caused you to have the biggest buyer's regret? 

For me, it was the Boba Fett helmet I bought on ebay for about $30.  I'm convinced this is the most pointless purchase I've ever made in my life.
harry potter

basic principles.. there are none.

this question is way-fluffy; i apologize in advance.

so i've had a bizarre-in-the-good way type of week. a guy at work asked me out to dinner. i'm utterly flattered but mildly panicked. i haven't played the dating game in a while, and ive never been on a date where i didnt know the other person.

were going out to dinner at an applebees/fridays type place. so, i figured i'd ask: what do you think i should wear??

im dressed nicely at work - no blue jeans or anything. i like dressing up, i look good in skirts (hey, i have nice legs), but i dont want to seem over-dressed. he doesnt have to dress nice for work so i suspect he'll go casual. so... advice, anyone?
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What do you think of people who give their age as "Well I'm chronologically 15, but mentally...."?

What do you think of people who pull an "age card"? (Example: "Yeah, when I was 13 I did this, but now I don't. 13 is sooo immature. You'll learn one day.")

How many phone books does your city give out?

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Superman Returns

Supreme greatness or a disgusting mess? 

I have already heard it's basically 60's Batman bad but I am wondering if this is the consensus. 

Superman Returns did $16,727,000 yesterday (Friday, 6.30) -- another indication of good but not great business.

Smallville Lex or SR Lex?
I am going with Smallville Lex since Kevin Spacey said that essentially this is a comic book character and something he shouldn't take seriously.
so f you Kevin Spacey. you are the worst kind of actor-the snob. A REAL actor would be sort of skeptical until he got to know his character and since It's f-ing Lex Luthor would see the depth of stuff and would LOVE to play him. I mean geez-just look at Michael Rosebaum.



parenting. again. +1 movie/play question

1. Here is a not so hypothetical question about parenting - let's say you have an 18 year old daughter. She's in National Honors Society, just graduated high school, and is going to George Washington University next year. She asks you if she can take a week long roadtrip in the summer following a band around. She'd pay for it herself. You say no because you suspect that there is some kind of sexual relationship between her and the band because she's already been to one show, or that she might be exposed to drugs; however, you're nice, so you say she can go to ONE show.

Later you find out that she went to two and lied about the second. What would an appropriate punishment be?

2. What would you think about a parent who 'fined' their kid for what they did described above. Made them pay $150 and they're 18 years old. Is that even legal?

3. What do you think was the best thing your parents ever did for you, parenting wise? Worst?

4. Have you ever seen Hedwig and the Angry Inch? Thoughts on it? Yay or nay, favorite song, etc.
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Whats your current favorite song? A song you could put on repeat for an hour.

Whats one of your favorite songs of all time?

Im wanting to get some new music going on my Winamp. ALL genres welcome. I know everyone loves music and could ramble a huge list but try to narrow to just one song each for the two questions. :)