June 30th, 2006


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Poll #759152 Prostitution

Prostitution should be...

Punished more harshly than it is now - government is too lenient on prostitution.
Punished no more or less harshly as it is now - government is doing a good enough job in regards to prostitution.
Decriminalized - Legal, but regulated (proper licensing, regular medical check-ups for prostitutes, etc required).
Completely legal - We're consenting adults, get government out of it. If I get an STD from a hooker, that's MY problem, not government's.
Other (specify in comments)
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The subject of high heels...

Can you walk in them? How do you manage? Do you wear them on a daily basis, or only occasionally?

A couple of years ago, I wore extremely high platform shoes (about 6"+) every day, rain or shine, work or play, pain or not. This left my feet severely angry at me for a while.

Now, I wear Doc Marten boots daily to work, & despite their steel toes & rugged exterior, I find them incredibly supportive & comfortable. But I'm trying to re-develop my girly side, so I've recently bought a couple of pairs of platform/wedge sandals, in keeping with the dictates of recent fashion trends.

I'm having a hell of a time walking in them! They're not astronomically high (about 4"), but for some reason they either cause me horrible blisters on the soles or sides of my feet, cut into my toes, or pain me in some other way.

Have I become spoiled by wearing sensible shoes, or am I missing something, some key element of girliness that would allow me to enjoy wearing these things? Are heels actually supposed to be painful to wear?
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girls: do you care when boys talk about how hot girls are that they randomly see when you're out with them?

boys: do you care when girls talk about how hot boys are that they randomly see when you're out with them?
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If Cinderella's slippers were originally gold and Dorothy's slippers were originally silver, why did they get changed to glass and ruby?

And why do so many people wear slippers made of these weird things??!!  What happened to bunny slippers??

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Inspired by the heels post..

Whenever I wear plastic flip flops I always get cuts in my feet; is there any way to toughen up my feet or put something like cloth under the V part so they won't cut into me?


Thanks you guys!


to any of those who have seen the movie Click with adam sandler...

the scene when he goes back to remember his first kiss with his wife, her napkin said "will you still love me in the morning?" but what did he write back? i can't remember but he said it every time they said i love you to each other...
can someone help me out? please! it's been bugging me since monday!!!
thanks in advance!

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I was watching CSI a loooooong time ago and they could tell that a character was lying because she looked up and to a certain direction. (I can't remember if it was to the right or left.) Do people actually do this or did they make it up? If there's any truth to it, which way do people look when lying?
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a couple random questions

- In your opinion, what is the best screen name for a member of TQC (people who are currently in TQC)
I'm not sure, I'll have to keep looking...
- (this is mostly for those of you not really 'in' to theater) What did you think of Rent, the movie, if you saw it?
I loved it, but I'm the demographic
- What is your favorite Disney song?
I would have to say 'Just Around the River Bend' from Pocahontas

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i suppose this why the kids REFUSED to go into my purse...marilynn once claimed that when she went into my purse to get a pen and paper, something licked her...then billy says that when he went into my purse - something bit him...
trisha and nina believed these lies/falsehoods/untruths, and refused to go anywhere near my purse...

how big/small is your purse?
what do you carry in your purse?
the strangest thing you have in there?
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Why is it that (in England, at least) you've got to be 16 to legally have sex, and yet 18 to watch it? Surely, if anything, the number should be reversed? It makes no sense!

On a totally different train of thought, would it be possible to, with your basic handgun, shoot someone's eye out without exploding their head?
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okay.. so i'm getting my passport pictures done.. and we all know how these turnout... so here's a 'fashion related' question.. i am brown skinned ('olive complexion') and dark brown almost black hair, now w/this white background and the bright flash.... which color top should i wear? last time i wore a black velvet blouse.. and it looked horrible.. any suggestions? thank you!
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When you are in a public restroom and someone knocks on the stall door, what do you say?  Do you say "Occupied" "Someone is in here" "I'll be out in a minute" or something else?  I'm usually at a loss of what to say and wondered what most people do.

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1. who else is excited for the tour de france?
- did you hear about jan ullrich and ivan basso?! isn't that crazy?!

2. who're you rooting for in these world cup matches?
- germany/argentina
- italy/ukraine
- england/portugal
- brazil/france

as for me- germany, ukraine, england, france

3. doing anything fun this weekend?
i'm gonna watch the world cup with my sister on saturday and my friends from college are coming down for my birthday saturday night, so we're going to hang out for a few days, fun times!
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Wondering ...

To each their own .. but what did you do?

I have recently put my precious kitty to sleep. How long did you wait or would you conceive of waiting before you brought another fury friend into your life?

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All right, so I am getting a new digital camera because
a) I lost my old one.
b) It's a blessing in disguise that I lost it because it was starting to take bad pictures.

Now, this is where you all come in!

I am searching on-line, and I have NO idea what I am looking for. All I see is a bunch of letters and numbers (aka: the features). I know I want a good megapixel amount, but as to anything else, I don't know what to look for.

I like this one:

because it's a camcorder/camera in one, and I love pink (I'm a girly girl, okay?)

BUT, I also just want a good, trusty, camera. I'm not a professional photographer, but it would get alot of use. I don't need all the crazy functions, though something simple like a black & white or sepia function would be nice.

So yeah, can you just tell me what to look for, and maybe suggest some?

Thank you so much!!

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I'm going camping this weekend and I always have a hard time sleeping anytime I'm a. not in my bed, b. camping. So I would really like to be able to fall asleep as I will be rock climbing the next day and i should prolly be alert.....I know i've heard people mention that they take benedril PM or some kinda PM medications to help them sleep. So what should I take to help me sleep?? something that won't make me drowsy the next day too!?


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1. Have you ever felt pain in a dream?
2. What is you're favorite cereal?
3. Do you botton your shirt bottom to top, or top to bottom?
4. Would you ever be/are you an organ donor?
5. Would you ever donate your eyes?
6.  What random thought are you thinking.. right... NOW?
(be fun, don't say none :P)
7. How many pillows do you sleep with at night?
tick tock


I have a Mac and I use the Mail program along with a gmail account to do email. I tried send two emails yesterday to hotmail accounts, but it says they're stuck in my outbox until they can be delivered. It's driving me crazy. Any ideas why it would do this? I can receive mail... just not send it.

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Poll #759572 For the ladies...Be honest now

You're at work, and a coworker who's a creepy, homely, older man makes a lewd, innuendo-heavy comment at you. Would you report the incident to Human Resources?

Yes. That's inappropriate
No. I'll let it slide this time, but if he does it again, yes
No. I'd want to but I wouldn't
No. I'd probably be amused by it and not offended at all
No. I might make some lewd innuendo back

You're at work, and a coworker who's a handsome, charming young man who's your age makes a lewd, innuendo-heavy comment at you. Would you report the incident to Human Resources?

Yes. That's inappropriate
No. I'll let it slide this time, but if he does it again, yes
No. I'd want to but I wouldn't
No. I'd probably be amused by it and not offended at all
No. I might make some lewd innuendo back

If there was any difference in your treatment of the two incidents, what would you attribute it to?

Appearance. Creepy guys get what's coming to them
Attractiveness. It's easier to overlook the inappropriate behavior because he's good looking
Age. If you're my dad's age and talking like that to me, it's wrong

Gas Cap?

1. How come the gas pumps say "It is illegal to put the gas cap in the nozzle?" Why would anyone do that to begin with? It's not like my gas cap would fit in the nozzle, I don't think.

2. Don't you just LOVE subway? What do you get on yours?

I get a 6" (or footlong, depending on the hungriness factor) Honey oat with ham and provelone, toasted, then onions and lettuce and a little bit of chipolte. Good gosh, that's good eatin'.

3. Do you think that decaffinated beverages taste the same as their caffinated counterparts?

I think they do, but my mind is playing tricks on me to try and convince me that they taste different.
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Poll #759482 Weight

What do you think is the ideal weight for a 19-year-old female who is 5'4"?

100 lbs or under
110 lbs
120 lbs
130 lbs
140 lbs
150 lbs
160 lbs
170 lbs
180 lbs
190 lbs
200 lbs or over
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1. What is the meaning/story behind your LJ username?

2a. Have you ever met anyone from the internet?
  b. Anyone specifically from LiveJournal?
  c. Anyone specifically from TheQuestionClub community?
  d. If you haven't (met anyone online), would you ever consider it? If you have, would you do it again?

3. What's your view on the sarcasm and snark in TQC?

4. How much do you love Root Beer?

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Aeon Flux type movies?

What movie would y'all recommend in the same vein as Aeon Flux? That is, an elaborate, post-apocalyptic world, and futuristic stuff. This really isn't about Charlize Theron at all. This is about the world and the technology... the overall feel of the movie.

And I already have the animated series. They're good, too.
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What accent do you pick up most easily that is different from your usual one?

People talk bout "lucid dreams" where they know that they are dreaming, but is there a term for the opposite? That you are CERTAIN you're not dreaming even though you really are?

Does anybody know if such an alarm exists that is small and portable such as a watch or something I can stick in my purse that can have three or more alarm times programmed into it?

Do you keep a coffe mug at work? What does it look like?

What is your favorite kind of gum?

How much water do you drink per day?

What eating habits do you have tha people have told you are really weird?

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1. How often do you get Jehovah witnesses at your door? I never got one but then I live in an apt.

2. What have you read/heard and immediately thought of something that wasn't what was being talked about (for example, thinking of the PDA instead of the fruit when seeing "blackberry" or thinking of amazon.com instead of "the amazon")?
.the game is on!.

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1. What, in your opinion, is the best movie in theaters right now?

2. Which movies do you think HAVE to be seen at the theater (big screen factor) to get the full effect?

3. Do you think it would be neat if they could make more movies 3-D?
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Bird Importation

Background: The US government is not allowing JAPANESE-ORIGIN birds into the US right now because of H5N1 avian flu, despite the fact that there is no H5N1 avian flu in Japan. American-origin birds that were brought to Japan are allowed to go back to America, simply birds born in Japan are not allowed in. Canada, on the other hand, will allow Japanese origin birds in.

Question: What about other countries? You guys would be doing me a HUGE favor if you could call your country's animal import office and ask if birds born in Japan can be imported into your country, or if there's a ban. I really need this information for my website. Thanks!
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How come, that in little over a week (9days!) I'll be flying off to the place I've dreamed off for the past 12 years, for two weeks. And I'm not excited?! Is there somethign wrong with me?! I'm the type to get hyper, leap about etc but this time I'm not. I'm not, unexcited or anything, just not yelling from the rooftops like I thought I would be!

Where are you going on holiday this summer?

Man trouble

I will try to make this dilema as clear as possible:

My friend has a friend who she gave my number to.
I had never met this man before.
We talked on the phone for a few days and started texting like crazy (I had to upgrade my text messaging bundle from 400/month to unlimited because we sent so many.)
I wanted to see what this mystery man looked like so I sent him a picture in return for one of his.
Ever since we exchanged pictures, the number of texts had decreased DRAMATICALLY (from about 30-50 a day to about 5 if I'm lucky)
I'm an definitely not ugly and to be quite frank, I am much hotter than he is (he said that he was "A young looking 36" when in reality, my 65 year old grandfather has more hair than he does. Honestly).
What could be behind his apparent lack of interest? After seeing my pictures he complemented me and said I was 'sexy". Is that just man speak for "busted"? 

P.S. I have a boyfriend so I told him that I was interested in just being friends until the fall when I go to college. He was more interested in being "fresh" . (I just thought that might be important information, also)
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Keys and Chemials

#1. Do you think those magnetic hide-a-key things are a good idea to use? The other day I locked my keys in my car for the second time this month (and second time ever). I often lock stuff I'd rather not have stolen in my car (MP3 player, checks, camera, etc) so the idea of having a key to all that stuff hidden on the car makes me a little nervous. On the other hand, having to call your grandmother to pick you up at midnight kinda sucks.

#2. Are you a chemical engineer? Studying to be one? Know one? What do you do? What's it like? Why'd you pick chemical engineering?
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I'm writing (another) review but I have (another) problem, except this time it's not so factual as technical. The closest I've ever taken to a musical qualification is my Viole Grade 6, so as you can imagine I'm not too up to key with terms. Juana Molina often uses the same "doo", "da", "dee", "la" as current English bands like The Futureheads and Napoleon IIIrd; I read somewhere that they've all been influenced by a particular artist who used his vocal chords instead of instruments.

1) Does anyone know what this artists name was/is?

2) Does anyone know the technical term for 'laing', 'doo-ing' and 'daaa-ing

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Today I killed a bug that had a hard, rather diamond shaped back, and antennae. I should have taken pictures, but does anyone have any sort of idea to what the hell kind of creature that was? ::shudders::

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What are your favorite and least favorite emotions and why?

I'm incredibly fond of infatuation, and am completely, thoroughly infatuated with at least one person at any given point. I abhor indifference because I don't understand how to not be passionate about things. It's not in my nature.. it's kind of like why bother living if you don't care about things.
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So, apparently, most adults cant hear this tone, while most kids can. Amazing.

So, if you please, listen and find out what's your threshold?

I can hear them all and now my ears are ringing from it. STILL RINGING AFTER FOUR MINUTES.

Oh and here's the reason why. Do you think it will catch on anywhere? Is it a good idea, or just what are you thoughts on it? http://www.bbc.co.uk/wiltshire/content/articles/2006/04/04/mosquito_sound_wave_feature.shtml

I think that's bloody insensitive and I don't like the idea much.
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In response to this:

It's legal to breastfeed in public, right?

Well is it legal for me to watch the breastfeeding, and/or take pictures? If it's in an open area, I don't see why I should be forced to look away. Also if you know how far away I'd have to stand, that would be helpful as well.
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What's your favorite internet speak/abbreviation?

I hate people who solely talk in internet speak and abbreviations but I am partial to

- wtf/ftw
- omg
- amirite
- stfu
and sometimes gtfo


Have you heard of Man Man? Aren't they amazing? I saw them for the 5th time in 4 months last night and oh god, I love them.
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A Dog Question

Hello all,

I rescued a Dauchsund last year from the SPCA. He's a great dog and a wonderful companion, when I'm home. When I'm not home he barks for hours on end, digs on the doors and I once found him covered completely in drool. He has also ruined his bed basket.

I think my dog may have seperation anxiety disorder.

When I'm home he follows me in and out of every room, completely ignoring all other humans. Bailey MUST HAVE ME IN HIS SIGHT AT ALL TIMES.

My questions are:

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1. Are there any books or movies that are centered around an online interactive forum/messageboard/community/whatever? Fiction or non-fiction, doesn't really matter.

2. I'm not even really sure what to call it, but as I'm sure most of you are aware, in almost every online forum or whatnot, there's a hierarchy of people, from the 'regulars' to the 'noobs' and lurkers and whatnot. I imagine that by this point, someone must have done a thesis paper for college on the psychology of it. Or someone just sort of analyzed it with some kind of psychobabble. Anyway, I'm curious; do any of you know of websites that might pertain to that kind of thing?

3. Have you ever met someone in person who you'd met online first? How was it - awkward? Fun?

4. What was the most interesting conversation you've had with a complete stranger? Bonus points if no alcohol was involved.
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1) Have you ever been on a cruise?
1a) Which line was it with?
1b) Where did you go?
1c) Did you enjoy it?

2) I'm going on a cruise to the Mexican Riveria (Mazatlan, Puerto Villarta, and Cabo san Lucas) on the Carnival Pride on Sunday.
Has any one gone on this cruise/ship/anything with Carnival before?
My family have always been loyal Royal Caribbean people, so we're branching out. =) My dad and I have looked at reviews and they've been mixed.

3) Over all, what genre of music do you listen to?

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What's the name of this fairy tale?

Pff, I hope you guys read fairy tales...

I once read this one, possibly of Irish origin, that was sort of about the sun and the moon. The hero represented the sun and the heroine represented the moon, and the tale was named after them I believe.

Anyway, that's not the most important part. There was an evil witch (of course) who locked the girl up in this room with no windows and very little light, and she was allowed outside only at night. So, she never saw the sun. The boy (a prince I think) was only outside during the day, hunting with his comrades, and was brought inside at night.

One day he went exploring and got lost, and stayed outside long enough to see the sun set and the moon rise. He freaked out and got lost in this forest near the girl's palace. So of course the girl was let outside at night, and she found this creature sleeping in her garden. Oh yeah, neither of them had ever met a member of the opposite sex, so when he woke up they thought each other were some kind of weird creature. O.o

Moving on...the boy convinced her to stay awake and watch this magnificent golden thing rise into the sky. So she stayed outside till morning and freaked out when she saw the sun.

Then somehow they instantly fell in mad love and decided to escape the evil witch that had locked the girl up, and get married. The end.

I wish I could just google all that and magically find the right one. O.o Do you know how many sun/moon tales there are??
Nigel Uno rocks!
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Could someone recommend a good French music rotation community?

For some reason I really want to listen to some French music. I usually only listen to English and Japanese. Hmm..

And could anybody also recommend some good French bands/singers? My tastes in music vary but I usually stick with rock. My favorite singers in Japanese are Gackt and HYDE, and my favorite bands in English are Good Charlotte, Trapt, and Green Day.
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I have a New York state drivers permit and I just found out it's not always legal to drive in other states. I've been googling and looking around dmv.org (for PA and NJ,) but I'm having trouble finding their laws regarding what their restrictions are for permits, and out-of-state permits, and I'm still 17 so there might be even more restrictions... if anyone could point me in the right direction (or knows about this) that would be great. Some of the links don't work and I just can't find what I'm looking for.

A friend also told me it's never legal to drive in NYC with a permit. I got my permit and I live in NYC... is this true? It sounds ridiculous.

How long do bras take to dry? I can't remember... unpadded, but not just cotton, either. Like a Gap tshirt bra. any idea?

Would cocoa butter be good for sunburn? I don't have any aloe vera.

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Last week I got a gold heart locket for my birthday and I have no clue what I should put in it. I don't have any pets and I'm 16 so a significant other would just be lame. My parents are separated so I don't want pictures of them either, and the person who gave it to me is my godather's son who before last week I talked to maybe 10 years ago.

What the hell should I put in it?

I have two spaces by the way.


Right, so... you may remember I said yesterday about my boyfriend who might have glandular fever/mono, and how it might be my fault.

Turns out he does have it, which really sucks (where the blame lies is a mystery)... but here's my new question:

What can we do? (if you get my drift... cos seriously... if it lasts a long time... I don't think I'll cope, let alone him.)
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Okay, so parrots aren't burned by peppers like we are. Something about the chemicals just don't hurt their mouths. I seem to recall that there's some kind of powder or something that acts to them like peppers do to us, though. I wanna say kool-aid, but Googling's giving me nothing. Anyone know what I'm trying to think of?
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