June 29th, 2006

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1. What song is in the Nissan Maxima/Murano commercial?

2. That song from the commercial is stuck in my head...what song is currently stuck in your head?

3. Do you have Tapioca Express where you live? Where do you live? What is your favorite item from their menu?

4. What is your favorite recently released (6 months or less) album? If you don't have one, what is one of your favorite albums that's been released within the last 5 years?

5. When was the last time you actually bought a CD (not a CD-R or CD-RW, but an actual album released by an artist)?

6. What is your favorite Tom Hanks movie?
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Bob dylan

Out of curiosity...

This one goes out to the ladies...

Were you ever in Girl Scouts? What was your experence like? Did you enjoy it?

If you weren't a Girl Scout (or if you are male), what do you think of when you think "Girl Scout?"

Me, I was a Girl Scout from Daisy (Kindergarden age) all the way up to Senior (12th grade). I loved it (most of the time), and the girls who stayed in my troop with me untill graduation are still some of the best friends I have ever had. Believe me, you really get to know someone when you're huddled under a tarp in the freezing rain with them. *lol* For me, being a Girl Scout will always be about the amazing friends I made, and the great memories I made with them. /end sap
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Classical Music

Is it better to download classical music in huge chunks (as in one mp3 for a whole piece) or in a bunch of tracks?

Music in question: Carnival of the Animals- one track from emusic or an album from itunes for 7.99 with Carnival of the Animals and two other pieces.

Also, I think I'm going to be keeping my emusic subscription. They don't have mainstream labels, so I get to expand my tastes again. Any suggestions for lesser known bands that might be on there?
Sean and Julie

On Death and Dying

Would you ever consider having a "Living Funeral" if you were very ill?

I'm talking about what the father did in The Weatherman or apparently that Morrie did in Tuesday's With Morrie. Where all your friends family and loved ones come while you are still alive and they talk about your life.

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(no subject)

1. What question have you always wanted to be asked?

2. What personal question have you always wanted to ask someone? Not a specific person, but just a personal question you couldn't normally ask someone.

EDIT: It can be a specific person, but someone you know personally.

(no subject)

About an hour or two ago I was a member of 78 communities and now I'm down to 77 and I absolutely cannot figure out which one is missing (Yea, that's how much I love my communities!!)

Is there a way to find out? Does anybody know of a community that got deleted in the last 2 hours?
jennny & john

The Real World!

1. On The Real World Tyler is always talking about Svetlana's completely made up stories, but I have never heard her mention them. What are some of them? Are they ever actually on the show?

2. Do you like Svetlana?
yes! apparently I'm the only one.
jarvis cocker

Photoshoot Outtakes?

I think I asked this question but never really got a clear answer...

If I am looking for photoshoot outtakes...Where do I go?

I know I can go to Corbis and Getty Images...and that I have to pay for them...but where else can I locate photoshoot outtakes?
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How does HEB get to carry stuff that says "sold only in salons"? I just bought some paul mitchell stuff from them and it says, paraphrased, that it's not guaranteed if not bought from a salon because it could be tampered with, bad, or stolen, etc. And it's not just Paul Mitchell, it's Biolage, and BedHead... how do they get away with it? And more importantly, are the products okay to use?

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hot rollers

It's almost time for short vacation.

1. Do you know any website where I can book my flight ticket at cheap prices?

2. Which day is most likely not to be the busiest day of the week at airport?
Coming from anyone who has a career in airline would be helpful.

3. Speaking of holiday, what are your plans for this long weekend?


Anyone know where I can specifically find the following (i.e. "I have actually seen or purchased this item at this retail location)?

-2"-3" wide black satin ribbon (the soft shiny kind)
-Black thigh high stockings (the cheapo kind with the elastic to hold them up at the top, not the spiffy kind you clip to garters)

I really don't need to drive all over God's green earth just to find that Store XYZ only has wide *white* ribbon and Store ABC only carries control top hose.

:D Thanks!
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Does anyone know WHY MY IPOD HATES ME?

I just bought a new firewire/USB/whatever-the-heck-it's-called cord a couple weeks ago so I could finally update it and put new songs on it. It has worked already, but it has suddenly stopped working.

It's perfectly intact, I've been keeping it away from the animals so it won't get chewed through. I went to update yesterday morning (and again last night and this morning) and my computer will not detect that the damn thing is plugged in! My iPod is on and charged, so WTF IS GOING ON?

I'm running Windows XP if that helps and my iPod is the old 20gig one without a color screen.
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(no subject)

Thank you to all the great people that helped me research the characters for this. It is muchly appreciated.

Now, I ask for only your opinion. I can't decide where to put this tattoo:

"little sister"

I've narrowed it down to my left arm, or my left ankle. I have two other tattoos on my back, one in the middle at the bottom and one on my right scapula. I don't want to put it on my left scapula because that'd be too symmetrical for me, and anywhere else on my back would look weird. Hence, the two choices.

As a side note, I'm going to recreate it in photoshop so it looks more like sumi ink as opposed to just lines. So it won't look exactly like that.

( Click to take the poll! )


As a postemptive note to all the trollers, no, I'm not Japanese, nor do I know how to speak their language (though I would love to learn). I'm getting it in kanji because I used to live in Japan for a long time when I was little, and this is where I have the happiest memories of my childhood with my sister. The language is simply symbolic of that time. Stop commenting with nasty replies about how I need to "stick to my own language," please.
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today is the 50th anniversary of the Interstate Highway system in the United States.

What is your favorite stretch of highway?

mine is the few miles of I-70 that wind through the Rocky Mountains in Glenwood Canyon. You are dwarfed by giant mountains and tucked the most scenic of spaces. Plus...it leads to the world's largest hot springs.
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Snog: A Puppy's Guide to Love

You're cool and I hardly wanna say not.

My boyfriend's mother asked me about three weeks ago to take July 9th and July 29th off of work to come to a bridal shower for his cousin (whom I've never met) which is being transformed into a family gathering (and I know a lot of the family except the bride, I went to thier Christmas and a few other things, so I feel more comfortable with that side of his family). I recieved these days off.

Now, my boyfriend didnt ask for them off of his work, and even said that he hopes he works that day. And when she asked him if he had work on that day and said he didnt know, she said I was still invited to go with her.

So my question is:
Should I still go with his mom if he doesnt come too? Is that too weird? I do know the family and I feel comfortable around his cousins and they include me very well, but I'm not sure how it would look, me going without him. (we've been dating a little over a year and a half if that makes a difference.)
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Do you ever not feel like becoming a fan of someone else? For example, I saw a Bob Dylan documentary available for dl and I wanted to watch it because I really know very little about him. However, I was afraid I might end up liking him and I felt absolutely exhausted at the thought of becoming a fan. I don't know why, but I thought it was strange and wondered if anyone else has felt that way. It's only a every once in a while thing with me.

Edit: answered. Thank you. Also, is there any way to change from a sponsered + Account back to a free account? My diary looks so bad now.

Thanks in advance.

Bored at work...

What's an entertaining, safe-for-work-in-a-laid-back-environment (a little risque is okay, for the most part) website that will help pass the time on a boring day?

Sites I already frequent: theonion.com, cnn.com, snopes.com, dooce.com, cuteoverload.com, stuffonmycat.com, officepirates.com, ilovebacon.com, gofugyourself.com, kittenwars.com, Carolyn Hax's advice column/chat archives on washingtonpost.com, and of course, livejournal and myspace...

All of those are good ones if you, too, find yourself needing entertainment...but it's not even noon yet and I've been through all the new material...sigh.
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Let's say I wanted to be like the Europeans and get some nice canvas bags to tote my groceries around in. (I'm sick of collecting and throwing away those plastic bags.)

How stupid would that look? Is there anywhere else in the U.S. where people encourage this? Where can I get bags that suit this purpose?

If you do this: How many bags do you keep?

I have a question for you. Or 6. Or 8.

1. Do you ever ask questions here simply for the sake of wanting to share your own answer?

2. Do you paint your fingernails and your toenails to match? Are either one painted right now?

3. What is your preferred method of caffienation?

4. Have you ever seen somebody with a period stain that they seemingly didn't know about?
4b. Have you ever TOLD anybody that they had a period stain that they seemingly didn't know about?

5. Have you ever later discovered that you had a period stain that you didn't know about?
5b. Has anybody ever TOLD you that you had a period stain that you didn't know about?

6. What are you proud of?

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Anyone in the Austin area looking for a kitten? :D They're god damn adorable, only a few weeks old.

And just in case people get pissed off at me trying to unload kittens via LJ, I have question, too!

1. Johnny Depp- to old to be attractive or the sexiest thing you've ever seen?
(I vote: sexiest thing I've ever seen.)
2. What's the last song you listened to?
(Ridin' - Chamillionaire ft. Lil Flip)
3. Last movie you watched?
(The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift)
4. Favorite cereal?
(Kix. With milk and splenda. :D)

5. Has anyone here ever had a bad experience on movie/TV sets? Horror stories from reality shows? Anything we can all snicker at?
(Nope. The one movie set I was on was pretty nice.)

6. What's your hair look like right now? Color/cut? Pix?
(It was originally dark blonde, but I dyed it red. However, it was temporary, so the bottom has faded and the top of my head's hair has very faded remains of red. I bleached my bangs to a strawberry blonde, and the bottom layer of my hair has bleached tips. Sounds really, really, REALLY weird but it doesn't look as messy as it sounds.)
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Q for TQC

In this scenario, you're a parent (pretend if you're not already). You wuv your kiddie. Your kid's entering some sporting contest and he or she is really excited about it and has all their hopes in one basket that they'll win. You know that if they don't win, they'll be crushed. Prior to the contest, you come across your kid's chief competitor. Their back is turned. Due to the nature of this sporting event, proper equipment usage is key. If you were to tamper with this kid's equipment (I'm guessing shoes or something), they wouldn't perform as well and wouldn't upstage your own kid. No one's watching you. No one.

The tampering would in no way hurt the kid. It would just bring down their performance

Would you walk away and let fate take its course, and the possibility your kid will suffer an emotional pitfall full of anguish and tears? Or would you cheat to let your kid pull ahead, with full knowledge that you won't get linked to whatever happens?

Your kid is 7, for all intents and motivations

(no subject)

Which two celebrities would you combine to make the most hawtsome kid? This is assuming that genetics aren't cruel and pick the worst traits, you can pick and choose whatever.

(no subject)

Edit: Are there any truely deserted islands left in a liveable climate?

What is on your travel wish list? (Mine: Faroe Islands; Ireland; Tokelau; Martha's Vineyard; and Prince Edward Island)

What state are you from?

Do you have a penpal (or epal)? What country are they from?

What is your favorite diet soda?

Do you Garage Sale? What is the best purchase you ever made at one?

Are there any GOOD Italian courses online for free? One where you can take tests and quizzes?

Is any one in the flood area?
Question Mark

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Hi folks,

Anyone know if a piece of electrical equipment designed for 50Hz phase will work using the same voltage with 60Hz phase?

(The particular items in question are a washing machine and refrigerator)

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In regards to the kiddie question earlier, let me ask this further question. You're a parent. You're playing some sporting or physical game with them. Do you let them win?

Yes. It make it look like they really beat me easily
Yes, but I make it look like it was close
No. I beat them but I make it look like it was close
I make it a point to beat them and I don't tone down my performance at all

You're playing a board game. Do you let them win?

Yes. It make it look like they really beat me easily
Yes, but I make it look like it was close
No. I beat them but I make it look like it was close
I make it a point to beat them and I don't tone down my performance at all

Conflict explanation

Is there anyone who can give me a fairly brief, simple breakdown/explanation of the "Israeli/Palestine" conflict, without too much bias?
Not trying to start a debate, just wanted to know the basics. 
Why? How long? Why, really? 

aw | blink

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I've been catching up on the current season of Canadian Idol. I find it very interesting to see that an artist I'm semi-familiar with audition and (naturally) make it into the top 22.

If you know who McMaster & James is (Rob James is the one who entered the competition), how do you feel about him entering? (Even if you don't know who this artist is, you might have heard them on the radio anyway.)

Do you think artists who have already garnered a bit of fame should be allowed to enter these amateur contests?
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If a landlord or rental company runs your credit report when you apply for a lease, can you ask them to give you a copy of the credit report (in the usa, don't know if state laws apply)? I thought I heard somewhere that when someone else checks your credit, you are entitled to a copy of the report, but I can't remember if it's true.

Edit: Thanks to everyone for the quick answers, I have what I need. In case this post gets added to the memories, here is the link for a free once a year credit report: https://www.annualcreditreport.com/cra/index.jsp

Hair, Shameful TV, and Interests

1. How much time do you spend on your hair in one day? Do you know anyone who doesn't own a comb or brush? What to you, are the absolute basics of hair care? If you could dye your hair any color and didn't have to worry about getting fired etc, what color would it be?

2. What are some of your guilty pleasures as far as TV goes? What shows will you watch only when you're alone? Have you ever flat out lied about liking a show because you were embaressed of how lame/shallow/trendy/nerdy/stupid it is?

3. Do you have any livejournal interests that none one else has (they would show up as text and not links)? What are they? What is the most unusal interest you have listed? Do you have any interest that are there purely as a joke?

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(no subject)

question 1:

has anyone here seen a commercial that has animated fruits jumping around, then it cuts to a banana who is in the shower wearing a little shower cap, and has his banana peel hanging up next to the tub?? I think it's a juicy juice commercial, I saw it a few weeks ago and haven't seen it since, but the second I saw that banana, it was the funniest thing I had ever seen. Anyone know what I'm talking about???

question 2:

does anyone know which kind of salmon is better for you and has less mercury, i.e. wild or farmed?

thanks a lot!
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(no subject)

we're having a bbq on sunday for people in my husband's work group. age range is from about 31-50 (i'm the youngest), and not a very partying crowd, but not a crowd of total stiffs either. if you were in my position, what kind of music would you make sure to have on the playlist?

bands in general are great, but even better are specific albums or songs.

(no subject)

Ok. So I just got done a news interview. I sucked ass, this much I know, and I probably looked like crap, etc. The interview was about this bike ride, in which my dad will follow me on Friday, and both my parents will be following on Saturday. I totally forgot my mom wasn't working on saturday, and when asked if I'm being followed, I said "yeah, it'll be me and my dad." Because that's what I remembered. It was the forgetfullness, and the "shiiiit, there's a camera in my faaaace derrrr i don't know the answerrrr" thing getting to me.

My mom's going to be watching this, and she's a very sensitive person. She'll probably get all sad and cry and not see that I do feel fucking terrible. She'll claim "oh you only like dad," etc etc What on earth do I do?
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Drying Shirt

So, I own this top and it's my first time washing it. It says Machine or Hand Wash Cold and that's it. I don't know how to go about drying it. It's 95% cotton and 5% lyrcra.

Should I lay it flat to dry or tumble dry low?

I've searched 80spurple.com and also azfn.com and neither sites say anything about care for the shirt.
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(no subject)

What musical artist do you love that your significant other hates (or vice versa)?

I love Barenaked Ladies, and my S.O. can't stand them. He loves Bruce Springsteen, and I fucking hate him.
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(no subject)

In your humble opinion...what is the worst car you've ever seen/driven?
Bonus points for a picture!

I think it's the 1998 Chevrolet Metro for me.
It drives like a golf car, doesn't have power windows, or locks, the road noise is SO LOUD.
Not to mention it's a 3-Cylinder automatic.

(if it's too big, i'll take it down.
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Milk, Cereal, and Bastards.

-Milk & Cereal-

What kind of milk do you drink? (Whole, skim, soy, etc...)

What's your favorite "kiddy" cereal? (The ones sporting a cartoon character on the box or an overdose of sugar on the nutrition panel.)

What's your favorite "grown up" cereal? (The ones more on the healthy side, usually a shade of brown.)

Why did Cookie Crisp change it's character to a wolf? I want to write them a letter. Bring back that pup!

-Taco Bell-


transfer paper

I use those fabric ink jet t-shirt transfer papers on denim all the time, but I was wondering if there was anything I could use to make the designs more transparent once they're on. All I could find was a site that said lemon juice, but it didn't work at all. :o( I'd like to be able to fade the design without putting it in the wash a bunch of times. Any ideas?
Dancing Bunny

So I was playing around in the Windows XP control panel...

OK, I have NO idea how I did this and thus do not know how to fix it.

The icons in my systray, my Quick Launch bar, and the windows I current have open are larger than they're supposed to be. They look pixelated because of it and it makes it look really weird.

Anyone know how to get them back to normal size? I've tried options in Accessibility and in Display to no avail.

HELP! (I'm at work)


Thank you malantha for giving me an idea for something to change. FIXED IT! No idea WTF was wrong with it, but changing to Classic Style then back to XP style reset the icons.

(no subject)

Hello there all, I have a few questions. A fairly lengthy few questions. About mono/glandular fever (please redirect me if you feel it will be helpful/you are as confused as me by all this).

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Self cleaning

Yay randomness

Have you ever had shoulder problems? What was wrong and how was it treated? Did the treatment work or have the problems reoccured?

Is your desktop on your computer cluttered with a lot of icons, or is it pretty clutter-free? If your desktop only has a few icons on it, does it bother you when you install new programs and it add the icons to your desktop?

Do you use the quicklaunch toolbar if it's available on your computer? How much do you have on it?
Me--State Fair

this is a bit silly.

So I was at work today, and I was in my best friend/sometimes boyfriend/whatever's office, and I noticed that he had some Tegan and Sara CDs, and I've heard of them, so I asked for one and he gave it to me.

All I really know is that it's two chicks. I'm curious, what are they like? I'm gonna do some looking myself, but I want to know what you think...you can look at my Last.FM profile to get an idea of what I listen to.

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(no subject)

There was a post (or maybe two, I can't remember) where someone was asking about animal-related charities, but it or they appear to have been deleted. I've been a selfish oaf for long enough, and I figure you've go tot start somewhere, and you can't get more noble than helping out animals. I only remember one that was mentioned (ASPCA), but my lousy memory didn't catch the rest. Would any of you kind ladies and gents mind posting them again?

Also, along that line, do any of you have memory problems? Can you recommend anything non-prescription you take to improve it?

Nerd question!

I'm going to be installing Linux on this spare hard drive I have partitioned and I need help finding names.

It's one drive split into two, so maybe something like "Ren & Stimpy" or some other duo like that would be cute.

For added inspiration, my computer is named Chai and my printer is Tea.

Any creative ideas?

EDIT: got it, thanks!
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MSN messenger mic question

Okay so what's going on here.

Okay so my SO's microphone doesn't work in the video conversation mode in MSN messenger, so she tried it elsewhere and it works fine to record sounds etc, so I figure it was something with MSN. But when she tries to run through the audio setup wizard in messenger, it will not function at all, and still won't work even with the latest version installed now. What's the deal here? I can hear no sounds on my end whatsoever, despite the fact the mic physically is fine. MSN just doesn't seem to want to recognize the mic for whatever reason.

Any help is appreciated.


Very quick question, and please help me out here, it's for a review with an incoming deadline -

Who is it singing on Broken Social Scene's "Passport Radio"?

Thankyou and cheers.

(no subject)

So my birthday's coming up in exactly 2 months from this date. It's my 18th, and I'll be coming home from my first term of college, and I may not be able to get these same friends together all in one place again. We're going camping. Does anyone have any ideas about activities we could do or games we could play?
Me--State Fair

the immovable file

I have a file on my desktop that will NOT budge. Every time I try to move it, it says it's being used by a program, which it isn't.

I even reset and it did the same thing. Wha?

Anything I can do, or is it stuck there somehow?
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lulu guinness clutch

applesauce & stuff.

1. What's you favorite kind of applesauce?
Cinnamon and Lite Orange Mango.

2. What stores do you think play the best music?
I've noticed that craft stores and Macy's play Feist and Jem a lot, which is better than what a lot of stores play.

3. Have you ever been to the Cracker Barrel? Was it any good?
No, but I always see them when I'm on vacation and wonder if they're good. They don't look like they are.

4. When was the last time you went on a picnic?

5. Have you ever been to Ikea? Do you love it?
yes & yes!
oh, oh!!

(no subject)

1. Help me decide:  Should I save money to get a Ragdoll kitten or a Papillon puppy?  *Google is your friend!* *PEOPLE, I am NOT going to adopt! (yet)(In any case, breeds like Ragdolls and/or Papillons usually never get put up for adoption!) Get off the topic!*

2. Do you like the movie Ever After?

3.Favorite fictional detective?

4. Dream car?

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Clothes galore

So. How many clothing labels or specialty stores can you name? Any price range, any country. But they have to be girly. Either hip/trendy or gothic. Yes, two entirely unrelated genres, but I do have a purpose. :o

In the end I'm sort of aiming toward easily-obtainable stuff.

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Tequila dance

(no subject)

If you started writing in a real journal before you got LJ...

- How old were you when you first started keeping a real journal?
- What year?

(My answers are: 9 years old, and I started keeping a journal in 1994.)
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(no subject)

Alright, a friend of mine just had her wedding and has A LOT of wedding cards from wellwishers, and now she's trying to figure out what she can do with them (throwing them out is not an option). Any crafty ideas with what can be done with these cards?

By the way, making "new", recycled cards is out of the question.

(no subject)

A question for those of you who drink tea. (Proper tea... I don't know what it's called in America. Breakfast tea, I think.)

Do you drink a specific brand?

All of my friends drink tea, and I've noticed that whilst the casual drinkers will drink almost anything, the more hard-core tea fans are pretty strict about the brand they'll buy, and this usually fall along one side of the Lyon's/Barry's line.

Those on either side of this line are pretty die hard. Myself included. I mean, why would you drink Lyons, when Barry's is freely available? Madness.

Penis Users Only

Poll #759166 Strictly Dickly

Do men with small penises deserve love?

Of Course, Size Doesn't Matter Ya Know!
Sure, Just not from me
Nope, so sorry!

If you answer this your are admitting to be a penis user...so if you pick #2 you are saying you love big dick.