June 28th, 2006


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1. Towards Canadians; What was your favourite show on YTV growing up?

2. Do states other than New York have commercials/huge billboards for auto injury lawyers? I've never seen any elsewhere but perhaps I've just missed them.

3. What website do you visit every day at least once, beside livejournal communities?
for 65redroses :)

What would YOU do?

I just finished watching the Sex and the City episode where Carrie dates the politician, which begs the question, what fetish would YOU indulge in only for the sake of your partner?

I'd probably be able to handle a foot fetish, and sex in public places.

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I bought two of my friend some shirt from one of those booths you find in amusement parks where you can have them spray (with special paint I assume) on customized phrases or caricatures. I lost the instructions on how to wash them properly.
How do you wash them without the paint coming off or the shirts shrinking or causing some kind of clothes disaster?
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shorts & arm hair!

1. How many pairs of shorts do you own?

2. How often do you wear shorts?
never! I stopped wearing them in 6th grade.

3. If you don't wear shorts, why?
I don't like them or my legs.

4. Do you think shaving your arms is really that weird?
No, I shave my arms, but I've encountered a lot of people who act like it's the most bizarre thing ever.

5, Do you remember what the first question you ever asked in here was?
Yes! It was about if negative calories really exist.
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Does anyone have a really simple and easy but good recipe for pancakes? Or crepes? How easy are crepes to make? They're gooood....
My dad has to wake up at 4:30 this morning to go to work and I want to make him breakfast because I'm going to be up anyway.
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tech schools/ community colleges and jobs

Can you really get a job by going to those two year or less tech schools you see advertised on TV (some of the ones I see adverstised here in Virginia are ECPI, DeVry, and Strayer)? These are the ones with ads about how you can change your career by taking computer classes. I see community colleges with short programs like this too.

I wonder if you can really find a job b/c nowadays so many people major in computer science at 4-years schools.

What about programs like this, but for other types of jobs? The local community college offers prgrams in medical transcription, horitculture, etc.



i'm looking for the kanji (japanese character) for sister, specifically, "little sister." it is important that it be a JAPANESE character and not chinese, and as i'm getting this as a tattoo, it goes without saying that i need the source to be credible (i.e. not some random blog found via google). anyone that can help me or aid in my search? it would be appreciated, i've had a hard time finding it so far. search engines provide little to no help. :(
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I should not fall asleep with my laptop on. I woke up this morning to discover that I must have hit some weird buttons last night. My screen has two black bars running down the sides and the screen is also SIDEWAYS. Uh. Help?
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Eddie Izzard poll!

(Note: please don't vote if you've only seen one or *gasp* none-- I'm looking for a basis of comparison here!)

Which Eddie Izzard DVD is best?

Dress to Kill
Definite Article
Live at The Ambassador
Live at Club Class
(am I missing one? specify)
syringe meme

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Another commercial question! My TV watching skills must be getting rusty. Once again, I can't remember the product name. The commercial goes:

[product]: apply it directly to your forehead

[product]: apply it directly to your forehead

[product]: apply it directly to your forehead

Seriously, that's all it says. The product looks like a tube of chapstick.

What is it, and what is it supposed to do?
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pimples & cheap shoes!

Poll #757866 pimples!

1. When you get a pimple do you pop it?

yes, always.
I usually pop it.
I rarely pop it.
I never pop it.
I never get pimples.

2. In general do cheap shoes run smaller than shoes that aren't cheap?
I hope so. I bought shoes at Target last night and I had to get a whole size bigger than I usually wear and they still don't really fit.

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1. Have you ever bought a book because of the cover/design? Which book(s)?

2. Do you remember the first “grown-up” book that you ever read?

3. Are there any medical conditions that intrigue you?

4. What is your favorite pastry?

5. Does anyone else use ljseek.com to check if your question has been asked already in this community? I use it all the time. Even just now I searched for pastry and pastries to see if anyone asked about favorite pastries.
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Why do magazine companies do this?

I just got a renewal notice in the mail - "Renew now and save $$$" My subscription doesn't expire until February of '07. That's over 6 months away! What's that all about?

Whither fiscal policy?

Fed's delicate balance may be at tipping point

For many years now, the Federal Reserve has used monetary policy to balance inflation and economic growth, but this article is wondering if the continual boosting of interest rates is going too far.

When I took economics, I remember there being two major ways that the government could affect the economy - one being monetory policy (controlling the availability of money in the marketplace through interest rate adjustments), with the other being fiscal policy (adjusting federal spending to boost or slow the economy.)

Monetary policy seems to be simple in concept. The rate of economic growth moves the opposite direction of interest rates. Inflation a problem? Boost them a bit. Recession? Loosen the purse strings. It takes cautious adjustment of the rates to make this effective, but Greenspan seemed to have this down to a science (albeit the dismal one.)

Fiscal policy is also fundamentally simple. If the government spends more, the economy speeds up. Spend less, and it slows down. (Though the latter seems rarely used.) Deficit spending was used as a tool of fiscal policy, as in the New Deal. But increasing federal spending has an inherent inflationary effect, by injecting more money into the economy. Incurring deficits to fund that increased spending has the additional effect of creating upward pressure on interest rates, as the government borrows on the open market (by selling Treasury bills, notes and bonds) and has to pay interest on that borrowing.

It is beginning to seem that monetary policy is no longer able to readily hold inflation in check against the inflationary pressures of the federal deficit. The media talks about the Fed and interest rates, and mentions the deficit (and occasionally the national debt). But why is there no coverage of the effect that deficit spending has on the economy?

[And one more add-on question - do you find the above to be exceedingly nerdy?]

Pobre Cierra =(

So I have a problem. (Don't we all.) For my graduation/birthday gift my grandparents decided to get me a PDA, so that I can take notes in class on it and stuff. I also wanted one with an MP3 Player and very easily accessible internet.

THEN I saw these really cool smart phones! And I went and talked to Cingular about getting one, because I have to get a new phone and plan when I go to college anyways because my mom isn't keeping the plan I'm on, and it expires in September. SO, I went and asked them about it, like if they did contracts with freshly acquired 18-year-old-isms. They said yes, but I would have to have like a $500 deposit, or get credit somehow.

So my question is:

How do I get credit so that I can start my own phone plan? Also, Is there any reliable source that will do a credit card for 18 year olds that won't screw me over?
petit prince

oh man

i feel like a moron...

i'm trying to call someone in the uk from the us. now, to call london, i usually dial 011 44 20 +and 8-digit number.
but now i'm trying to call 07736*6*57* and i have no freaking clue what to dial. i'm assuming i dial the 011 and 44, but do i just dial the 07736...... after that?
if you could answer this within the next few minutes, i'll love you forever. and, yes, i tried googling.
edit! and i just called 011 44 20 7736..... aaaand probably interrupted some pleasant man's dinner
problem solved, thank you guys!

and for the follow-up......

who else REALLY wants it to be friday already? this week is shit. please feel free to complain about your shitty week too!
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does anybody here live in northeastern pennsylvania? does anybody know what's going on with this flood? if the river overflows, about how long will it take for the area to go back to normal?

also, is this really supposed to be worse than the flood of 72? and if so, how long do you think it would take for like, kingston to get back to normal?

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For those of you have have the nikon 18-55 DX lens (it is apart of one of the D70 packages)...

what are your thoughts on it? is it a good lens for the low price or is it not worth it?
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Is there anyone on your friends list that you don't like?

If yes, why do you keep them?

Have you ever written something in your lj that was read by someone who definitely should not have seen it?
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If you have a paid account, do you use the voice posting? If so, how do you do it?

So, what do you think of those people on YouTube who likes to sing their favorite songs into their webcams?

What the hell is so special and OMG about the musical Wicked? (for clarification, I am familiar with both the musical and the book, so yes, I know the story)

What did you have for lunch today?
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1.) How do you feel about people who drive drunk?

2.) Which career do you think would be more interesting, and why? Teacher (early education, no higher than 2nd or 3rd grade) or Administrative Assistant?

3.) When's the last time you were able to log onto AIM?

4.) If there were a person at work who kept to themselves and didn't really go out of their way to talk to anybody, but every time they did interact with you they were always very polite and nice, would you think they were stuck up or just shy?

5.) a.) What's the most angry you've ever been with anyone?
b.) What's the happiest anyone's ever made you?

6.) I'm assuming that most everyone has packed up an apartment/house and had to move before. Did you have a system or did you just go room by room?

7.) This is a longshot, and I'm really just curious, but do you know anybody from Channahon, Illinois?
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Would taking microeconomics be better to take before macroeconomics or the other way around?

I'm going to take them separate terms (Winter and Spring). I have to take them for my bachelors degree I'm working towards, I just wonder which would be better to take first.

How many of you are taking Summer classes? How many classes?

I'm taking: sociology, speech, accounting 2.

What's something unique about you that's interesting to tell others?

I have to do a 2 1/2 to 3 minute speech about that tomorrow and I honestly have nothing interesting to say about me. I can't even remember the last exciting thing that happened TO me.
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Do you have any interesting physical deformities/abnormalities?

The top joints of my middle fingers are bent outward, I have a spot on my forehead where my skull didn't fuse all the way (sort of like a fault line, but on your skull, and I can feel the dent), and I have a retroverted uterus, which is pretty common but still kinda bizarre. I guess.

+5 for pictures!

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Do you have a fireworks related story?

Does your state sell fireworks? If not, do you still buy them? Where do you buy them?

What is your favorite type of firework?
Water Nymph

Pet Sitter

My husband and I are going on vacation for 10 days and we weren't sure what to do with our cat. He's shy around people he doesn't know, and he has a very sweet temperament. I adopted him from the pound a couple of years ago, so I didn't like the idea of leaving him in a kennel for such a long time when he has always been cared for at home. To that end, my husband asked around and found one of his co-worker's kids to help us out.

My question is: How much do we pay this kid? I'm not sure how old he/she is, but I do know that they LOVE animals. It would not be much work, just checking in on kitty and feeding him every couple of days. Maybe playing with him or petting him a little, if he's not hiding under a chair... No messy stuff like emptying the litter box or anything like that. I want to make sure to pay them something fair but in line with the light amount of work it will be. And I know that $20 to an 8-year old is a lot different than $20 to a 16-year old. I was thinking maybe $30 or $40? What do you think?
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Do you know of any place to donate gently used beauty products? Google has turned up nothing, and MakeupAlley only accepts new, unopened. I understand the reasons behind that, but it just seems like a shame to throw out bottles of lotions that are still mostly full when someone could be enjoying them.

Have you ever used OCM (oil cleansing method)? How would you react if someone you knew told you they were cleaning their face with oil?

Sorry if this has been asked a billion times, used ljseek and couldn't find it: what the fuck is up with the TQC Awards?

Which is better, The Devil Wears Prada or The Nanny Diaries? Which will make a better movie?

What can someone do at the gym to intimidate the heck out of you?
For me, it's running on the treadmill at full incline. That is hard.
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Lake House hypothetical

Like in the movie The Lake House, you move into a new house and you learn that for some unexplained reason, you can communicate with someone who used to live in the house 2 years ago. You communicate via letter. Apparently they're attractive and single blah blah blah, but the fact remains that you can bridge time and communicate with the past, which you shouldn't be able to do.

What's the best way to take advantage of this universal oversight?

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I always always have weird dreams. Someone -generally my father (talk about issues, eh?)- is trying to kill me. Sometimes Im a superhero- spiderman last week- I was even an alien once looking for my home solar system.

Usually, I don't mind them even though they're weird, but the one's I HATE are when I have to pee and cannot find a toilet. Ill find bathrooms, but they'll all be very Brady with no toilet.
What kind of dreams- other than the obvious "scary" ones- do you hate??
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My father suggested to me that I take up some kind of new hobby, or take classes in something. Other than language (I've taken and am considering taking more French and Arabic) and music (I've taken piano and a bit of guitar), what would you suggest, TQC?

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Is there true altruism? Can you ever perform a purely altruistic action, or is every action self serving?

Was Star Jones forced off of the View, or did she betray Barbara Walters?

Did Michael Jackson sexually molest any boy (either from the 1991 case or the 2005 case)?

Did Robert Blake kill his wife?

Whatever happened to Jimmy Hoffa?

What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

Has anyone ever worked at a dollar store, dry cleaners, or pet store? How was it? Would you suggest it for a summer job?
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So I'm an English teacher and amn't sure what grades I'll be getting next year. I'm trying to think of age appropriate and curriculum appropriate books for each grade so I don't end up doing everything last minute (because that was overly stressful last year). My school is small so it covers 6-12 grade.

Any suggestions?

Also, in my school, 9/10 grade are world lit classes, 11th grade = American lit, and 12th grade = British lit.

And...in the movie Signs, Mel Gibson plays some kind of religious leader, but I'm confused as to what denomination he's a part of. He's referred to as "Father" and a couple people confess to him about their sins, but he has children. Is there another denomination besides Catholocism that calls their preachers "Father" and does confession? I know Catholocism doesn't allow priests to have children or a wife (unless they've been called after they've married).

Name Changing

For several personal reasons, I want to have my last name legally changed.

How do I go about this?

Does it cost money?

Does it take a long time for the authorities to process this?

For anyone who has changed their name, what reactions/difficulties have you had since changing?

If it helps, I live in Australia.
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Most hated songs!

This was inspired by a game I was playing earlier.

What song(s) do you hate so much that it fills with you a burning rage every time you hear it?

For me it's the following:

"Walking On Sunshine," "Butterfly Kisses," "Cat Scratch Fever," (or just Ted Nugent in general), any of the whiny emo artists, and pretty much anything by Barry Manilow/James Taylor.

edit: Also "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You." The N*Sync version. Actually, any version.
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I have to make an image or series of images that relate to an historical event, scientific whatever, or anything dealing politics and I was wondering what you would do? I'm not really talking about the art aspect but the historical, scientific, and politics parts.

I just want some event ideas. I'm thinking the Holocaust and either making a something with tape or sculpting many small ugly, dead, depressed people...not sure.

But please give suggestions for a good event/thing?
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My roommates and I have 3 cats. They all have fleas. They didn't have fleas until we introduced the 3rd cat. Yes, we should have taken care of the problem before it was too much of a problem, but we didn't.

So, how do you de-flea 3 cats and an entire house? The weather has been pretty hot here lately, and the fleas are getting worse.

(We've washed the cats w/ flea shampoo and used some anti-flea powder on the carpets and some of the furniture already. We have a flea treatment to put on the cats, but we're not sure we can do that so soon after the shampoo. Help!)

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Situation: You work in a small independent café with three others. Currently, these three others are men, aged 23, 24 and 32, whilst you are 19. The four of you share a single bathroom cubicle. This cubicle tends to contain quite a few adultish magazines. (Not Playboy or Hustler, more Maxim/Loaded and that kind of thing.)

Would you feel this created a 'sexually hostile working environment'?

I never really thought about it, but a friend of mine used the staff bathroom last week and thought I should be really offended by the magazines.
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Has anyone here ever been to the restaurant Earls? (I don't know if they exist in the States, but they seem to have a number of locations in B.C.) The real estate agent selling our house just gave me and my roommate a gift certificate.

What kind of food is it? Is it pricey? Do they have drink specials? Which location in Vancouver should we go to?

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So, my housemate's cat apparently likes fish food- the tropical flake stuff. She stuck her head in the can when I was feeding them a few days ago and cried until I let her have some today.

Uh.... is this bad? like, zomg don't you know not to give cats milk sort of bad? or just kinda-bad-can-still-use-it-for-a-treat bad? (apparently a standard cat treat is about the cat equivalent of a snickers bar, in terms of nutrition/fat....?)

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Say, theoretically, you are on the committe of your college's debating union.
Specifically, your job is to get as many school-goers from the locality involved in competitive debating.
As well as this, you have to enthuse all the incoming freshmen into assisting you in this.
What would you write in a short article to encourage these freshers, who may have no experience debating themselves, to assist in the schools program.

Entirely theoretically, of course.
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So I bought some calico and want to start making some mock-ups of clothing. Specifically, I want to start on a project - to make a 1950s style bathing suit.

Where should I start? What are the chances of finding a pattern? What are some non-shiny material fabrics I should use?

My sewing experience is...shall we say...limited. I can handstitch hems and buttons, and don't recall using a sewing machine in the last ten years. I'm mostly hopeless.

I'm itching to start on my project! Any advice, question club dressmakers?
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i've wanted to be asleep since i woke up this morning.
so why can i not make myself go to bed at a decent hour?

do you go through insomniatic phases?
what (if anything) helps you to keep a normal sleep schedule?
Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA


If you were married, and a proclaimed monogomist, and there was starting to be public speculation about the nature of the relationship between you and a friend (of the opposite sex) of yours... would you want to know?

(I have no idea if the speculation is founded in reality or not. I really don't.)