June 27th, 2006

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Would you begin dating someone you knew is your 6th cousin? (Or some combination of number cousin number removed that equals 6...)

Would you stay dating someone if you found out they were your 6th cousin? (Some combination blah blah...)

How far apart in a known family tree is far enough for the above scenarios?

(Question brought on by a coworker. The general opinion at work was that it was weird if you found out you had a common ancestor even as much as 500 years ago...)

What is this tomfoolery?

1. Do you ever get the urge to just run around yelling? In an excited/happy/I just need to make noise! kind of way, not angry.

I do. Especially after 8+ hour shift where I've been quiet the whole time. It's like, it all builds up inside and then BAM!, I'm running around my house, like 'WEEEEEEE!', waving my arms with my shirt pulled over my head. I always feel much calmer afterwards.

2. Ever had a Mr. Bubble? (It's an ice lolly! I don't eat bubble bath. :D) How can I get the blue colour off my teeth?!

3. LOL = 'Laugh Out Loud' or 'Laugh OnLine'?

4. Know any good jokes about incest?

5. Where did the phrase 'batshit insane/crazy' come from?
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All over the board.

1.) My boyfriend and I are in a horribly destitute situation, and my mother has astonished us all by offering to let us live at her house for a few months so we can save up some money and get back on our feet. Living at home again will save me about $280 a month, all things considered--but it will cost me my sanity. What are some things I can do that won't make us seem ungrateful (because I really am grateful that she's doing this for us) but will keep us all out of each others hair? My mom isn't really my boyfriend's biggest fan, and my mother and I have never had the best relationship. Has anyone ever been in this situation before? I really really want to make this work, because my credit is abysmal and I'm only 21, and I feel like I'm getting a once-in-a-lifetime chance to start over.

2.) Have any of you ever been in that kind of situation before?

3.) My boyfriend works at Office Max.

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What are your thoughts on this? He hasn't been scheduled in yet so we don't know what's up.

3.) What does everyone think of Hell's Kitchen? I watched the episode that was on tonight and I found myself hooked. And I'm a little scared about that, lol.

4.) This has probably been done before, but I'm asking (mods let me know and I'll delete this one if you want)...Who's your favorite author, and what's your favorite book they've written?
Tiffanie Debartolo is my favorite author. Favorite book is a tie between How to Kill a Rockstar and God-Shaped Hole.
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Are there any full seasons of the Real World on dvd? I've seen like...the Real World behind the scenes...and the Real World best fights/argument things. But is it possible to get an entire season on dvd?

Also, does it bother you that shows like Leno & Conan never interview the musical guests? It bothers me alot. I want to know why they wrote certain songs, when they're going on tour, ect. (Sometimes, haha)

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1. What time is it where you are?
3:50am. Blah...

2. How are you passing the time currently (especially if you're up late for no good reason like myself)?
Watching Criss Angel "Mindfreak" videos on youtube. He's so over-the-top and hammy, but I can't deny that he's entertaining. That impaling-himself-on-a-fence thing made me a bit sick to my stomach though.

3. What's your favorite television station and why?
My parents decided to switch to satellite, and it finally got hooked up today. I, literally, only watch VH1 and Fox (and Comedy Central and the History Channel now and then). Now that I have fifty billion stations, and I figure I'd might as well watch some of them.
Grey's Anatomy - Boys Are Stupid

Phone Book

I’ve been living in my new apartment for a month. So far I’ve been finding ways around it, but I need a phone book. I use my cell phone instead of a landline…so I have no actual phone company. Ideas on where/how I can get a phonebook?

Deleting mass photos in Flickr


Oh never mind. There clearly is no way to do it. I have to apparently drag and drop each picture into a "new batch," then delete THAT batch. What a hassle.

I have a LOT of pictures I want to delete from Flickr. Problem is, they are not all together so I can't use (I guess) any sort of batch operation.

Is there some way to display your pictures, like just one screen full (like when you first go to a flickr page you see like 8 or 10 pictures), and be able to check/select certain ones? Then choose "Delete Selected?"

because all I can do now is either delete the set, which I do not want to do, or delete each picture individually, which takes FOREVER. Like, forever. REALLY annoying.


P.S. Adding to the problem is that the pictures I want to delete are like, 30-40 pages BACK in my collection. And deleting pictures INDIVIDUALLY from the Batch Operations "Set" screen is ridiculousy time-consuming (opens it in a new window - you click Delete - are you sure you want to delete - click yes - then you click the next picture - it opens in another window - etc.)
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If someone said something to the effect of "I try to be nice to everyone" would your first impression be that they're fake or that they're just a pleasant person who doesn't start unneccesary shit (or something else, I'm just opening up the positive and negative opposite ends)?

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I got up about an hour earlier than usual...(thanks, kitty!)...and my brain is focusing in areas other than where I am directing it to go. Ahhh, a question are born:

Let's say you are extremely gifted in math--some kind of math prodigy. And you decide to make it your life's work...

1. besides teaching, what kind of work can you do?

2. what would you do all day? calculate? hang around the water cooler telling brainy math jokes? shuffle paperwork to make people think you are working?

3. could you be a freelance mathematician? or do people want you under contract so you won't share your super brainy calculations?

i just can't imagine life as a mathematician...and it's bugging me.
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I'm writing an email to a professor on campus, but he doensn't have a ph.d. how do I address him? Mr. E?

**EDIT** I've already emailed and heard back from him.. I just wrote Professor E. He signed it Dave. I'm not going to be taking his class anyway. thanks for the imput.
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Gmail question

When multiple people respond to an e-mail that has the same subject line, Gmail groups them all together rather than letting the responses show up individually in your inbox, even if each one comes from a different e-mail address. This means you have to search through long threads to keep from missing new responses that may have slipped in there unnoticed.

Is there a way to make Gmail stop doing this? I need each individual response that comes from separate e-mail addresses to show up as a separate e-mail in my inbox, even if they have the same subject line as other new e-mails.


Burning questions #2

If a man is about to make love to a woman for the first time, and upon removing her clothes, finds that she has a petite yet firm coccyx, one that's as large as his, and they proceed to have sex, does this make him gay?


If you could eat anything right now, what would you eat?

I'd eat sushi, or some sort of creamy/cheezy soup-in-a-breadbowl, or an egg-everything bagel the size of my face with chive cream cheese.

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If you're not college student:

Do you still it ramen?

Whomever you are:

-How do you eat it?
(I'm talking the noodle-y bricks here people, not the cup of soup, oodles of noodles crapola.)

-Do you drain the water or make it a soup?

-Do you use the packet?

-Do you add anything?

-Do you break up your noodle-y brick before floating it in the boiling water?

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True or false:
No matter how perfect his platforms may be, a person who uses the word "grown-up" should never be elected president.

grown up isn't used on his site, but he came into my newspaper's office and rambled all sorts of crazy at one of the reporters.
I don't have a link to the "all sorts of crazy", but there was a section with some quotes... "You know why you pay a phone tax? because of the spanish american war, that's why" and something about changing the mortgage system to combat obesity.
(edit: his little campaign flyer he left in the office says "a GROWN-UP for the White House" on the front.

True or false:
This is the single most pretentious editorial ever written.

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I think I would like to try Dance Dance Revolution.

1. Do you play?

2. Any advice for someone who has never tried it?

3. Which version of the game is best to start with?

(Any other advice or info is most welcome! Thank you!)

Donating blood

How frequently can you donate blood and still have it be safe? A friend of mine donates every week because they pay her for it. She gets $50 a week. 
I thought I'd heard that you needed to wait a couple of weeks, but is that not true? How do you find places that pay for your blood?

Also, I was born in Russia and was told I couldnt donate unless I have lived in America for at least 15 years. It's been 14, does it matter, and why?

Do chronic illnesses (non-communicable diseases) like diabetes make any difference in donating blood?


my friend erin thinks she might be pregnant. her last period was two weeks ago. but she's feeling sharp pains in her ovaries and her breasts feel tender.

the question is:
should she take a pregnancy test now, or should she wait until a missed period?
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Woof Woof!

I work the admissions desk at a small museum. This is really only an issue during the summer and I wanted to run it by ya'll.


We get visitors from all over who stop by and are hesitant to leave their dogs in the car, which I totally understand. But, we do have a rather firm policy about pets in the building (pets, not working dogs). People are asking me what they should do with their dogs.

I would never assume that I could bring a dog into a museum or any building that didn't expressly allow it (like Petco and Petsmart welcome you to bring your pets). Why do these people assume that they can bring dogs in?

Also, we have an intern who's mother comes to pick her up. A few months ago this woman had their small pomerain and was waiting outside but it was drizzling. I offered to let her come in with the dog but told her it was only because of the weather and that I normally wasn't allowed to let her in. She thanked me profusely. Now, she shows up EVERY day with the dog and wants to come in and sit. I've told her each time, "I'm not allowed to do this but if you'll stay here in the lobby..." A few days ago she walked in and straight down the hallway into the bathroom with the dog. I had visitors at my desk and I was on the phone so I didn't say anything. She tried to do this again today and I stopped her and said "I can't let you bring the dog down the hall, I'm not even supposed to let you have him here in the lobby." She seemed dejected. Sort of like she wanted to say, "But why can't I bring my small, quiet, perfectly well behaved Munchkin into the museum? Poor baby would have a heart attack if he had to stay in the car for 5 whole minutes by himself!"

If a trustee or someone walked in and saw that, I'd be in trouble. Grrrrr. Rules are rules. I'm sure they are in place for a reason (this one is because we don't want dogs peeing on the armor). I just enforce them. Why must people push the limits?

Do you know of any museum where you can bring in a pet dog?

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1. Do you like your cereal crunchy or soggy? Does it depend on the kind of cereal you're eating? Or do you not eat cereal at all?
I like mine crunchy. I add just enough milk to be able to get a little bit in every bite, and then I eat it right away. My fiance, on the other hand, adds lots of milk to his cereal and then lets it sit for about ten minutes until it's mushy.

2. What's your perfect piece of toast?
Butter top wheat, just lightly toasted (enough to make it hot), with lots of butter and cinnamon sugar.

3. When you read your LJ friends page, do you start at the top/most recent and work your way back, or do you go back to the earliest entries that you haven't read and work your way forward?
I start at the earliest, because I like to read chronologically. It seems weird to me that other people read them from most recent to earliest.
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Does anyone know a store in Topeka, Kansas that sells webcams for Macintosh?  Best Buy doesn't carry them, and neither does Walmart, Target, or Kmart.  Or...maybe in Wichita, Kansas, 'cause I'll be able to go there in the near future.  The Apple store in Kansas City is not an option. *cries*


Home Alone

When was the first time your parents left you home alone for an extended period of time?
Did you have a party?
Did you feel paranoid that killers would sneak in and mutilate you at night?

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Do you know any national anthems other than that of your own country?

What do you know of your local deaf community? Or, the deaf community?

If you are like me and enjoy torturing [that is, killing mercilessly] ants, what are some of the things you've done? [I'm beginning to think what haven't I done! burned on the stovetop, all mannerisms of bug spray, putting soap bubbles on them, burying alive in a plastic bag, sweeping them to death with broom, drowning in hot and cold water, spraying air freshener on them, smashing in more ways than I can keep track of [notably with the end of a pencil and with a plastic lid from a milk jug]. And I always leave the bodies there for the other ants to clean up as a warning, "don't enter my house". Bastards. In case you can't tell, I hate ants.

edit: most of this was done when I was younger and had more time on my hands. these days I just spray and wipe.
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Is it really better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all?

Following in that vein, would you rather be incapable of touching the people you love, or be incapable of loving people?

*has been watching Edward Scissorhands*
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Dark undereye circles

Lately my husband has been suffering from dark, puffy undereye circles regardless of how much sleep he's been getting. This morning he asked me for help in fixing them, but it isn't an issue I've ever had to deal with. Is there anything he can do to reduce the darkness under his eyes?
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We all know that most people would like to visit places like Hawaii, London, Paris, and the like.

What places would you like to visit that is not usually on the top of people's 'must visit' lists?

for me it's Barcelona, and Cape Town
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Help me cheer up my boyfriend!

Okay, so my (very very Australian) boyfriend is still a little upset about the Australia v Italy world cup match yesterday.

Any suggestions to cheer him up? We're long distance, so nothing physical can be done (as much as I'd like it to happen) and telling him "It's just a game" will cause him to get very annoyed, and it's not something I'm likely to say anyway, since I love the game almost as much as he does. So, suggestions?
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work dilemma

OK, so I was scheduled to work today from 9-4. For some reason, I got it confused with my schedule for Friday and thought it was 10-4. I came in at 10, no one said anything, I left at 4, and things were fine.

Should I have said something to my boss? I would have offered to stay later if I had driven myself, but it was practically monsooning outside (and has been for the past four days!) and I couldn't.

If it makes any difference, I'm a 17-year-old working part-time at a college bookstore.

Amended Tax return???

How do you file an amended tax return?

My college says it's waiting for an amended tax return from me for 2005 becuase the figure on like 7 does not match my W-2s.                                              
I dont really know what to do and was wondering if that has happened to someone and you've had to fix it? 

Problem is that I'm living in Texas right now and all my documents are in MA so I wouldnt have access to them. Is it possible to do this online?

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Here are some more bonehead questions concering my English class. I'm typing in Microsoft word, and I put in a header...in the print preview, it's showing up on every darn page. I DON'T WANT IT TO. How can I make it only go on the first page, as desired? Also, how do I make it to do pagination? Curses.

Other question:
does you cat like your clothes? your dirty laundry, I mean? [mine loves my dirty pants. i leave them on the bathroom floor for him, and he will sleep on those instead of his bed for DAYS. then i switch it out and give him a new pair to lay on]

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What is a good way of dealing with a roommate who doesn't wash his freakin' dishes? Keep in mind that me and my boyfriend work full-time, so we don't have much time left on our days off after we clean the entire kitchen. The offender has nothing to do every day except sit in the sun and fish.

We've already cut down the dishes to like, four plates and bowls and all that, and right this moment I'm clearing out all the pots so there's only one or two that can get dirty.

I'm not a fan of taking all the dirty dishes and throwing it into the room, because he'll just sleep on the couch and the food will start to rot. But if you have any other ideas for recalcitrant roommates, I'm all ears.
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(no subject)

1. If people generally call you a shortened version of your given name, do you introduce yourself that way?

2. If you don't go by a shortened version of your name, and someone takes to calling you that, does it bother you?

3. What is your favorite type of program on TLC?

4. What is your guilty pleasure TV show?

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ok. so i was suppossed to backpack europe with a friend of mine. we have been planning this trip for months and spoke very often.

she went away for a week and we agreed to buy the tickets when she came back.

since she's been home i've called her numerous times, and it was very hard for me to get a hold of her.

today i spoke to her and she told me that her parents will only let her go if she goes in the summer (we're going over winter break) because it's too cold in the winter (mind you, we're heading to the mediteranean). there is absolutely no way i can go during the summer and she knows that.

she swears her parents won't let her go when it's cold and there's nothing she can do.
she didn't seem angry or anything and was defending her parent's decision.

i think i smell bullshit. what do you think?
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(no subject)

does anyone have any good fairly-easy-to-make recipies for eggs, besides scrambled and omelettes? bonus points if you can use just the egg white. also, more points if it doesn't take a long time to make, because i am always running late in the AM.

i need to make a new mix CD for when i work out. my tastes are genrally toward the punk, emo, and indie side, plus classic rock, but i like certain songs that are not of that genre. im pretty flexible. can you recoommend any upbeat songs that i might want to consider??

my parents left for the caribbean this morning. they had to take a small charter plane to the island. they should have been there no later 2 pm. they promised to call once, to let me know they've gotten there. they have not called. so... um... should i be worried?? :\
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what's your fuunction? YAY MEMORIES!!!!!, Conjunction Junction

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1. What are some, perhaps slight odd, phrases that you use alot?
-Such and such "owns my soul" and/or "makes me melt"

2. Do you like to take lots of baths?

3.  Where do you usually go for winter vacation?

4. What kind of lotion do you use?

5. Do you have to have the room temperature hot or cold when you go to sleep?

Token vanity/stupid question: Do you like my icon? :P

Weird question

Do weed and ecstasy have one SLIGHTLY simliar effect?

Because I've heard from so many people that when you're on x, rhythmic sounds amaze you and you're drawn to techno music or just some continous beat or sound, and whenever I'm high that's how I feel...
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(no subject)

How does one take of one's eyelashes to stop them breaking?

Obviously not putting makeup on them helps. What healing/preventative products are available and what else should one do?

Edit: Thanks everyone who answered!

(no subject)

Does anyone know how to set up a Yahoo e-mail account on Outlook Express?

It asks for the outgoing mail server and all that, and I don't know what to put for a Yahoo account.

Someone please help?

(no subject)

My roommate and I are having difficulties apparently.

We were pretty close all last year then summer started, Im in classes or at work most of the time she's home, so we dont see each other a lot but even a few weeks ago when we were both free we'd hang out. Then suddenly my offers to go shopping or messages saying we should hang out are ignored.

Lately, she isnt even talking to me though, a "hey" if we happen to pass in the kitchen but nothing else. Ive overheard her talking to our other roommate (who I dont praticularly like but there's not really tensions there) about guys in her life etc. My attempts to join in the conversation or anything go unnoticed.

Im sick of being uncomfortable in my own apartment. But I dont really want a face to face confrontation, nor is their a time we are really both together alone. So..should I text her now (while Im at work)

And does "So what's with the cold shoulder lately?" seem neutral enough?
Conducting Music Notes

Guess these 50 songs based on my favorite lines!

Can anyone guess these lines? I did this a while ago, but I get to pick my favorite lines this time. Always due for a revival, this meme is! Corey's DVD is my equivalent to iTunes, haha.

Step 1: Put your iTunes or equivalent on random.
Step 2: Pick your favorite lines from the first 50 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Have others comment with song title and artist.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

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Hypothetical: If you committed the largest scam or heist in history, where would you go to hide? A small island? Your mom's house? Six flags?

What organization system do you use? (I use Rememberthemilk)

What would your dream house be? What does it look like? Where would it be?

What is one trait you want? What is one trait you want to get rid of?

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petit prince


(without spoiling this game or the france/spain game, if you please, my friends)

is it worth my time to watch the brazil/ghana game? is it a good match or is it basically brazil kicking ghana's ass? should i just watch france/spain instead?
sorry, ghana


do you notice people's asses?
cause i notice them if they're really nice or really bad, but i don't notice most of the time, just in case you were wondering


are there any specific body parts you usually DO notice on people?
i notice people's smiles and i usually notice if women have particularly nice or particularly not-nice breasts
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Sex ratio

I suspect there are way more female people on Live Journal than male. Let's do a check of the question club:

What sex/gender are you?

pretty ren

(no subject)

My friend is having a graduation party and asking for donations to a gay rights group instead of gifts.

Do you think this is rude?
(Insisting on donations for such a controversial cause?)

Personally, I have no problem with it since I support the cause. My mother however, does not, and was appalled. It's a big party, a conservative town, and I imagine there's others who will probably feel similarly. Trying to put myself on the other side of the issue, I would be pretty damn ticked off if someone told me to come to their party I had to donate to a pro-life foundation. It seems to me like she's creating an uncomfortable situation, but I don't know.
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Two posts in one night? The horrors!

My coffee table didn't work out. Now I need a new one. What are some places I could get one that I might not normally think of? (I've thought of furniture stores, Ikea, and Target).

Also, tonight I went running and people hooted at me. Is this a normal occurance? Do people usually lean out of their cars and hoot at runners/walkers? It really makes me not want to exercise.

(no subject)

Tonight, while watching Gilmore Girls, a commercial came on for this: http://www.privatephone.com/

Have you heard about that service until now? Would you try it? I'm curious, but at the same time, I feel like that site's kinda sketchy. Isn't there a number that if someone dials, they'll just get some random message? Anyone know what that is?
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Did you just "WTF? Holy Crap!"?

I did when I saw it.

Edit: I forgot to ask this:

Favorite part of Highlights?

I liked the find the *whatever* in the picture.

(no subject)

1. You know when you take a bandaid off after it's been on for a few days, it leaves the outer border of sticky stuff? How do you remove that?

2. What made up the best package/mail you've ever received?

3. Have you ever known anyone on TV? I just watched by grade ten T.A. sing amazingly on Canadian Idol, and it was surreal.
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(no subject)

I bought a new lotion on the weekend and I know without a doubt I am allergic to one or more ingredients in it.

A list of them is under Collapse )

This is a poorly worded question, but does anyone see any ingredient(s) on the list that is known to be an irritant? I really would like to know what I am allergic to so I can avoid buying such products in the future.

What's the best way to go about finding what I am allergic to on this list?

kitty kwestion

my new kitty has a problem. We adopted her from a shelter about a week and a half ago, and she had been in foster care since November. We think she wasn't adopted because she over grooms...and has little patches of fur missing.

We loved her personality...and she seems to be really happy...she is quite affectionate and playful. But she CONTINUES to groom, and I noticed today that the patches are getting bigger. ugh.

The vet said to wait it out...but that she might never be able to stop...or we could put her on some kind of kitty drug to mellow her out.

does anyone have experience with putting kitties on a Xanax kind of thing?
will she lose her personality if she goes on the drugs?
are they successful at calming down their odd quirks?

i love Mia, and this fur thing makes me upset.
here she is, in case you are curious:
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(no subject)

I remember there being a food blog(ish) thing. If I remember correctly, it was a married couple who were chefs. At least one half, if not both, worked in this countryside resort. A lot of the blog was providing recipes and photos of the food they made, broken down into categories by ingredient. Lots of great photos, and discussing the method of creating an idea for a dish.

Any idea what blog I'm talking about?

What topics, if discussed right now, would make you SCREAM? For me, it's fashion! prom! hair! shoes! makeup! grad! commencement! my birthday! and especially any combination of the above.

(no subject)

1. I had a friend. Had is the important word in that sentance. She lent me some comic books of hers (10+ graphic novels) the summer before we graduated high school (which would be 2002) We're basically not friends anymore, she's dropped off the radar. Won't return my calls, avoids me etc. No big blow out, she's just not interesting in being my friend or associating with me at all. I'm moving/decluttering and her books are taking up space in my room. It would be terrible of me to sell them online, wouldn't it? What would you do? Should I call her and just say if you want them come get them or what?

2. Are there any foods that you only like from one certain place? what are they and why? Have you tried to make them at home?
I only like grilled cheese and tomato from Mickey's Diner in Minneapolis. (the one from jingle all the way, sadly. shame!)
I've tried to make it at home and it's just not the same. I think it's the thick toast and the grill that prob. hasn't been cleaned since 1950. Yum.

3. What is the ugliest/most worn out peice of clothing you still own and wear? On a related note, what is the oldest peice of clothing you wear regularly?
I have this shirt that I bought and snuck into my house when I was 10 years old that says "I took the road less traveled and now where the heck am i?" I had to sneak it because i wasn't allowed to wear black and also because it says heck, which made my mom flip out. It's now grey and has holes scattered all over the chest area. I'm wearing it right now.

4. What would you do in your own house that you wouldn't do anywhere else (ie as a guest or in a shared living space like a hotel)?
I'm basically just more of a slob. Also, I will hang around in my pajamas and eat gross things like peanut butter toast mashed up in oatmeal and talk to myself and basically act crazy.

5. What is on your desk right now?
my laptop, my glass of rum and diet coke, a beer-chan plushie, some mail, a half knitted baby hat and a penthouse. it's not my penthouse. I'm afraid to touch it... weird.

6. What was the most destructive thing you ever did as a small child?
I popped my parent's waterbed and made it leak into our carpet. Then i poured a gallon of milk on the wet floor and smashed cereal into it. I also climbed up with my cousin and poured juice down the back of his dad's brand new tv because he was a "mean jerk and didn't deserve nice stuff."
I was a horrible brat at times.
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angled showers and crooked teeth

For those of you who have (or had in the past) angled showers installed, how many problems have you had with them? My boyfriend talked to a few people who had nothing but trouble with them but his dad's in denial and thinks the damn thing's worth saving.

Now I have a question for those of you with Teeth that have grown/or are growing in in crooked. (esp wisdom teeth.) In the past few days, my left top wisdom tooth had broken through the gum and it is growing through crooked. It is now violating my cheek and killing my jaw bone. I'm very worried as my boyfriend and I cannot afford a trip to the dentist.
What did the dentist do/say?
Did you have to wait until the tooth came out all the way for them to pull it?
Did they do something while it's still in the process of moving down?
Did you have to go to an oral surgeon of any sort?
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Do you use or have you used Proactiv?

Do you like the results? 


Yes, I've been using it for almost two months.  I still get pimples, but they go away very fast.  However, I still have a reddish spot from each pimple that never really does go away.  Also, my skin is very dry now.