June 26th, 2006

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Let's say you got laid last night. Now since you were dumb and didn't use protection, you're afraid you might be pregnant. How long would it be until you first saw early symptoms of pregnancy?

ETA: This is a hypothetical situation, just so you know.

not as advertised

If you are thinking of getting gilette active care, don't.
it sucks. alot. 
I suggest getting shave secret at walmart and its 20-30 cents cheaper.

what are some of the stuff you have seen on tv and when you bought it didn't live up to expectations?

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OH, and sorry for the double post, but I NEED to know and its driving me crazy because I can't find stats anywhere. How many red cards have there been so far in the 2006 World Cup, including the 4 today?

Grad School: Full- or Part-time?

Does anyone know of a website that talks about the cost-benefit analysis of going to grad school full-time as opposed to part-time?

I would love to go to grad school full-time, but I have only been taking two classes at a time thinking I would save money. But the only jobs I am able to get pay really lousily and they are very unenjoyable service jobs. So, now I am wondering if perhaps I am actually losing money on the deal since I will be working more years in low paying jobs, while my tuition raises every year.

I am thinking that perhaps going full time is actually more practical than I had originally thought? Loans shouldn't be a problem. My husband will be well into his career as a lawyer once I am done with school and we can pay big chunks of it along the way.

What do you all think? I am not too good at the financial analysis end of this.



Do you know any good, free sites where you can make your own newsletters and send them out?

1: It needs to be add free.

2: I need to send out to over 500 people, so no limits are allowed.

3: And finally, please not a site that steals emails and sells them to Rupert Murdoch and co. ;)

I know this is a longshot, but... I had to ask. :)
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If you could go out and do something right now, where would you go and what would you do?

(Never mind that the place might not be open, or that it's the wrong time of year, or that it's too dark out...none of that pesky rationality.)


What other blogging services do you use? (blogger, myspace, tagworld, ect.)

[note: I realize this has probably been asked before, but I'm too lazy to search through old entries]
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Sigh. I want a really simple sleeve for my new laptop, something I can just slip it into for protection and then throw it into my own bag. For example, the one I covet most so far is this quilted one by Timbuk2. The problem is that my laptop is apparently enormous, 15" wide and 11" deep and 1.5" high and I'm having trouble finding a sleeve that will fit it.

So, do you have any recommendations for laptop sleeves, especially ones that come in large sizes? (Note that I've tried going through my laptop's manufacturer and nothing thrills me.)

2. What's the best thing about your job?

3. What's the worst thing about your job?

4. What's the funniest/weirdest/coolest thing you can tell me about one of your coworkers?
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Betcha can't beat me!



This question has a twist to it. I want to see if there are people here who haven't been to a theater in 2+ years (since 2004 or earlier).

The last movie I saw in theaters was How the Grinch Stole Christmas, back in November 2000. Can you beat that? ;)

(For the record, I have ABSOLUTELY no interest in setting foot inside a theater anytime soon. I've done it for 5 1/2 years, why not try for 10 years?)
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heres whats going on:

theres always been a bit of a leak in the bathroom ceiling. the acoustic tiles get moist when it rains, sometimes sag a bit. landlord finially replacing the roof (its been going on for the past few days, no idea if they're done ot not).

so it rains tonight, and now water is dripping big time. bathroom, kitchen, and now there are moist spots in the living room. part of the bathroon ceiling has fallen in, and a light fixture is hanging halfway down.

we cleaned up the tile, have buckets and such collecting the drips (for the most part) and towels all over the place. we are calling the landlord first thing in the morning.

what should we do now??


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What do you think of the Brittany McComb censorship incident?

Is a valedictorian speech a one that is endorsed by and represents a school, or the individual student? How about a graduation speech?

Do you think proselytizing is permissible in a speech or not?

Can you think of any more examples of school censorship for comparison? [I thought of Nick Lassonde but that was a little while ago and not very well publicized]
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What are some of the reasons a passport application would be denied? Have you ever been denied for one?

How would I go about getting a copy of my birth certificate?

Thanks everyone. :)
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colds & mucus

I have some sort of awful cold. Yesterday it was bad in the morning but was okay later after I took Sudafed, though it's always the worst in the morning. Right now it feels like I have mucus trapped in the back roof of my mouth, the part where the roof of your mouth meets your throat. It seems to drip straight down my throat every time I swallow and it's super uncomfortable, and starting to make me nauseous. How can I get it out of that part of my mouth? Coughing doesn't work, blowing my nose doesn't work. My father is convinced it's because I don't blow my nose enough when I'm sick, but I really do, this stuff seems to come out of no where.

What are some of the best OTC things I can buy? How can I get the stuff out?!
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So me and my mom moved up north recently, and of course brought the dog. We also met Haley, a cute little three-year-old who comes over all the time (human, to clarify.)

Fall, our dog, flips out whenever he sees her. My mom's pissed as hell and all OMG DOG IN DISGRACE YADDA YADDA YADDA, and I think she's going about it wrong.

What's a good, surefire way to introduce the two to make it good? Fall's an incredibly sweet dog, but he's just scared shitless of Haley. He flips and barks and snarls when he sees her, then settles down immediately, but still flips when she runs by.

Advice, please? I'm pissed as all hell at my Mom for being so pissed at the dog - yes, he's being bad, but it's not like he's meaning to or like he's used to little girls.

We have a citronella collar, but it doesn't do much.
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I've had bad eyes that I've been ignoring for, oh, five years... They are getting worse and it's too the point where I can no longer "blink away the blur". Sigh.

I don't want to get glasses! Can I go straight to contacts without ever getting glasses?

Would there be a adjustment period where things look blurry or distorted with contacts while I get used to then? I know people say that happens with new glasses, is it the same with contacts?

Do you wear glasses? Contacts?

How long have you had them?

Have you tried both contacts AND glasses? Which did you like better?

Ever gone straight to contacts without ever wearing glasses?

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This question is for the girls:

Have you ever had a bikini wax? I'm getting mine done this weekend...it's going to killll me to have to wait to get it done. How bad is the pain? Should I take a pain reliever before I go?

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Can anyone recommend a CAD program for OS X? My brother is entering a mechanical engineering program in the fall and we're trying to avoid installing XP on his new Mac. Links to any "askanengineer" communities would be appreciated as well.


Ok, in your opinion what should I do?

I need two math classes for my degree. we will just call them math 1 and math 2.

I am currently in math 1, and struggling...Im pulling a B right now but its a 16week course piled into 5 weeks. class everyday and a horrible prof.
It ends next week at which point I am registered for math #2, another 5 week hell course with a teacher I dont hear the best of things about, but dont personally know.

Its the summer of my freshman year in college, Im working 32+ hours a week and juggling classes (no social life because I dont have time) My GPA is a 3.7 and Im damn proud however I was expecting these classes to lower it a bit because I completely suck at math.

My father thinks and is adament about my dropping math #2 and taking it in the fall, where I have no room for it other than as an internet course, which would take my credit load to 19 ( 12 - 18 if full load here) and it would be online...no prof explaining physically in front of me.

The break does sound nice...but so does having all my math out of the way.

What would you do?
Internet in the fall or 5 weeks summer course?

also, I dont know if its a big deal or not, but Im already taking another internet course in the fall..a stupid conputer requirement (do you know how to use excel etc) I could push it back to the spring semester where I have a very light load, but I dont really want to.
I tend to become over zealous with school sometimes.

So if you choose internet in the fall. w/ the computer class or w/o?
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Poll #756442 random stuff for a dull afternoon

favorite vowel?

Y? Because we like you...

what kind of weather do you like?

Spring, medium temperature
holy crap, snow
raiiiiiin *drip drip*
I live on the moon and it's always kinda dry

favorite stooge?

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How do I stop sleeping through my alarm clock?

It's already the loudest most obnoxious alarm clock ever. It wakes my roommates up, it's really REALLY loud, but I just don't hear it. If I do this one more time I'm going to lose my job!

Are there alarm clocks for deaf people? Where do I get one?
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1. When was the last time you were carded?
Today in Target for buying Sudafed!

2. Did you know that today is National Chocolate Pudding Day? Do you plan on eating any chocolate pudding?
yes, no.

3. Do you like green tea?
Yes, but only the iced kind from Panera Bread.

4. Do you like enchiladas? What are your favorite kind?
Yes! The kind made with vegetarian "ground beef"

5. I ordered a few things from Girl Props on June 16th, they claim they shipped them on the 19th and that they would be here in between 4 and 6 days. When I use the USPS tracking number they gave me I get this, does that mean it hasn't actually been shipped yet? So will it be an additional 4 to 6 days? Think it will arrive today?

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I'm looking to play a sport over the summer, and then in the fall as well. I'm looking into playing either soccer, tennis, dodgeball or volleyball- the problem is, although I'm fairly athletic- I've never played a sport in high school (except for two weeks of Volleyball). [Yet another edit: I played crew outside of high school for five years, but the athletic forms ask for "High school coach"]

1. I'm going to a community college next year. What are the chances of some one who never played the sport before making a CC team? Even though it's a CC, I would still assume that they cut a lot of people because there's 7,000 students. There are no intramurals at the school.

2. How would one find a intramural that isn't connected to a college or university? Like a soccer club or the like. The few I am finding has people who were MVP in college. I want to find something like pick up games, or a casual league.

3. I just received my financial aid information. It's composed solely of grants and an oncampus work study, and I need about $2000 more to help cover living expenses. Could I call the college and ask to take out a Stafford loan even if it's not included in the package? Would they take it out of my grants, so I would still end up with the same rewards package. I received quite a lot, so I don't want to seem ungrateful.

4. Other then joining sports and clubs, how can I meet friends in the city to which I'm moving. I'm not the type of person who goes up to somebody else and starts talking, nor do I go to bars or clubs (because I'm underage, and I don't drink).


PS: Other the Turninto.com are there any website that give you costume ideas for famous people/cartoons/politicians or that are legit guides for showing you how to dress or look like some one?
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I need ideas.

I have a pretty basic (read: crappy) computer desk. This desk is EXTREMELY basic -- no drawers on it AT ALL. It's also really old and was made at a time when horizontal CPU towers were popular, instead of vertical. Thus, my CPU tower has to sit under my desk, giving me less footspace. But I digress.

I just did a total computer desk overhaul, and that included organizing papers and stuff we had in our makeshift 'file drawer' (papers shoved into an old Frankhoma napkin holder). I had extra file folders lying around, and organized them into file folders.

The problem is, I DON'T HAVE A FILE DRAWER. Help me here...what could I put the file folders in? No, we don't have boxes lying around. I'm pretty resourceful, but today the well is dry. HELP!
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1. Have you ever had a lucid dream? (dreaming while you're aware that you're dreaming) If so, how often?

2. What is the one job that you would never want to have?

3. Which do you think would be easier, going a whole day only being allowed to talk in song lyrics, or going a whole day only being allowed to talk in rhymes?

4. Why does spongebob live in a pineapple?

5. What was the last thing you ate and drank?

6. How long do you spend on livejournal a day?

7. What color shirt are you wearing right now?

8. If you had a million dollars to spend on fun things (not bills or icky things like that) what would you spend it on?

9. If you had to get a tattoo, what would be of, and where would you put it?

10. What was the last dream you had?

11. Whats your name? Do you like it? If you could change it to anything you wanted, would you?

12. If you could have any super power, what would it be?

13. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

14. Lets say you and your friend are crossing a street and s/he stops for a moment. All of the sudden, a huge bus turns the corner and is about to hit him/her. Would you push them out of the way? What if it was a family member? Enemy?

15. How tall are you? Would you rather be shorter or taller?

16. If you had to dye your hair any weird color, what would it be and why?

17. Did at any point during you replying to this post, did you get bored and consider doing something else?
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Would you be ticked off if you lent a fellow regular working bus rider (stranger) $2.25 for their fare and they paid you back the next day with one bus ticket (good for the exact ride s/he took) when bus tickets can only be bought in packs of 10, so really, your fellow bus rider only paid you back $1.75? (When buying a pack at a convenience store instead of from the bus driver, the tickets are discounted.)

Put yourself in the place of the borrowing bus rider. Does opinion change?
Nigel Uno rocks!
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So I need to get some snack food that I can eat quietly during class (summer school). What do you recommend I buy? Preferably something on the cheaper side.

Also, is it completely -wrong- that I'm actually enjoying summer school?

*On a side note, I'm not going to summer school because I failed, I'm going because I missed too many days of school. So I'm taking my two favorite classes, English and History, over again just to get the credits I need to be in a senior homeroom next year. ^_^
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1. What was the last silly argument you had?
I had an argument about whether or not I lived in my friend's head.

2. What movie did "mass debaters" come from?
I was thinking there was a debate in Mean Girls but I re-watched it and it turns out it was a maths tournament.

3. What was the last movie you saw at the cinema? What did you think?
I saw The Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift which was okay - lots of flashy cars and pretty girls and not an awful lot of plot.

4. What's your favourite t-shirt slogan?
I like this one.

5. Can you think of a good reason why parents should be punished for their kids wagging (edit: skipping) school?
It's for a debate - I'm on the other team and I'm trying to anticipate what their arguments are going to be.

6. What extra-curricular stuff do/did you do at school?
At the moment I do debating, I used to be on the swimming team.


7. What's your favourite book ever?
I don't have a favourite, but I like Alice in Wonderland and Hitchhiker's Guide and Harry Potter.

8. What did you plan to do today? Did you get it done?
Write my speech (done the draft), go for a jog (done), do some of the work for a two-day course I'm going to in the holidays (not done), bake a cake to prove to a friend that vegan cakes aren't disgusting (not done) and do all the little jobs I was supposed to do yesterday (not done).

9. What did you have for breakfast?
A bowl of muesli with a chopped apple and soy milk, plus a slice of buttery toast and a glass of water.

10. If you're a teacher, what are the best and worst parts of your job?
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Ever had any experience with BBBSA? Good? Bad?
Know of a similar organization you prefer?

(I am seriously considering signing up to be a BS. Or doing something similar with another organization.)

I intentionally did not explain what BBBSA is. If you already know, great. If not you prob can't help me much, no? Google it.
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Where can I buy emo pants? (IE tight, girly pants made for guys.)

ETA: I'm smallish shaped, and it'd be easier to get pants in actual sizes ie 30x32 or 33x28, so I figured I could get emo boy pants that would fit!

Toronto Zoo questions

Does anyone recall what animals used to be in the back end of the African savannah section (where there's mounds of dirt and stuff) that you see on the Zoomobile ride? I belleve there are some more abandoned exhibits in the valley as well.

Does anyone know if these areas will be redeveloped?
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Savings/reward cards

Recently, my boyfriend and I made a 500+ mile move. Since we chipped away significantly at our savings in the process, we are trying to find little ways here and there of saving money. Nothing drastic, just clipping coupons and such. One thing I've found is registering for rewards programs at places I frequently shop, either online or in-store. It's actually become somewhat of a dorky thrill for me for some reason. I guess I figure if I'm going to be shopping anyway, earning some rewards here and there can't hurt, right?

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Me--State Fair


I've got DownThemAll! for Firefox, and I'm trying to download some screencaps from a Photobucket gallery...is there a way to download the full size pictures all at once? Or am I resigned to go through and save them all individually (which is why I downloaded the extension...)
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away messages and disease

i really enjoy randomly stringing two topics together. *grin*

so i thought of these two questions during work today. i'm that addicted to this group, wee :D

1) assuming most of you use AIM/Adium/Trillian/insert your instant messenger service of choice here, what's your style when using away messages? do you stick with default, use song lyrics, take a more direct approach? if you're away right now what's your away message say?

2) do you suffer from any conditions/diseases/disfiguations/the plague?

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Ok this has been bugging me for a few weeks. With the whole Lindsay Lohan/Brandon Davis/Paris Hilton drama...

What the hell is a fire crotch? Where did this come from?

How much do you follow/enjoy the bitch fights of celebrities? How much do you think is real, how much is made up?

Has anyone seen a celebrity lose it or get involved in a situation like the fire crotch one?
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There's a song that I used to know... it was really funny and I forgot it.
It had Willie Nelson in it and it was a duett. The other voice may have been Toby Keith or something, but come to think of it, I odn't know if it may have been a girl. I'm pretty sure it was two guys.
I think there were horses in it, and drinking. I don't remember anything else.
So, umm... anyone have any idea what it was? Last time I heard it was easily four years ago. Maybe three.


Hi all,

I have had this icon for a while... it was the background on my computer forever!

Sadly... I lost the site I found it on soon after getting the image... and was never able to properly request useing it from the artist... so...

Has anyone ever seen my icon with the wings and pretty ladyness... I'd really like to be good about it and properly apologise and ask to further use the image from its creater!

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SO guys I have a totally legal (lol!) copy of a photoshop cs2 install disk, but when I try installing, my computer says:

- the installation package could not be opened, contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package
- it was unable to extract X file

I am POSITIVE that my os (Windows XP) hasn't had ANY of the service packs, and is a virus-ridden, piece-of-crap in general. My other computer (brandnew~*~*~* with the same op, but with all service packs) was able to run it perfectly when I got the CD, so WHAT GIVES?


Dental work needed....

What do you do if you have several cavities and pain, but no dental insurance and no money?

People have suggested finding dental schools where they do work for free or for less, but how safe is that? Has anyone gone that route?

Any suggestions? I'd like to get it taken care of before I have root canals, though I may be a little too late.

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somebody saaaaaaaaaaaaaave me

You know what I hate questions like these but I'm going to ask it anyway, due to being pretty mental, and increasingly desperate. I have to write a research paper, a big fatty one, and I have to pick the topic by wednesday. I can't fricking think of one thing I actually want to write about. I hate writing. I always churn out such pretentious drivel that my own work makes me want to vomit. Nevertheless. The research paper.

So, suggestions for topics? Something internet related. I wanted to build something on "save the internet" but didn't find enough sources for a n00b's first research paper.

Also, what kind of lawn mower do you use?

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If you know a certain teacher will be teaching a class you plan to take (at a different campus to your current one, at some point within the next few years), is it appropriate to travel there and drop by their office to introduce yourself?

What if a member of their family had suggested it, without the teacher's consent?

(I'm not the one thinking of doing this. :))

A few TV questions

1. Is any one else watching Last Comic Standing? Was there anyone you thought should make it to the house that didn't?

I thought that Nikki Payne (sp?) should have made it - she's the one with the hare lip, cleft palate and lisp. She's freaking hilarious!

Which brings me to 2: For those of you in Canada, you might be familiar with the Comedy Network, and the program "Comedy Network Presents" Last night's episode was an hour of Nikki Payne. Does anyone know where I could find that online? I want to show my best friend, who loved her on LCS, and was as disappointed as I was when she didn't advance. She'll get a kick out of her hour long stand up act, especially her finger-puppet portrayal of Oz. (The HBO prison drama, not the Wonderful Wizard Of)

And, on a related note, 3: I also love Bobby Lee - he is the only reason I watch Mad TV (well, Ike Baronholtz (sp, again!) is funny sometimes, too). Anyway, my favorite skit Bobby does is "24 With Bobby Lee" Does anyone know where those segments can be found online? I checked YouTube, it wasn't there. But that's the only place I know to find videos. :(

Thanks for all your help!

And finally, what makes YOU laugh?
The Receptionist Classic

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The vampires sucked my blood today. One of the vials goes to an HIV test.

Have you ever been tested for HIV/AIDS?
Do you think the test should be a standard thing they test when you get your annual checkup?
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What's the most physically painful thing you've ever experienced?

Mine's a tie between accidently putting peroxide solution in my eyes, breaking my two front teeth, and getting stung on my tongue by a wasp.

ETA: Also, when I was six or seven, I caught my fingers in the hinges of a door. The person closing the door didn't realise I was there, and so kept on pushing thinking there was just something in the way. And then I fell off the wall I was standing on. And then the top layer of two of my nails came off, slowly and bloodily over a few weeks. That was nasty.
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I found my old rock tumbler! I was going to ask if anyone knew exactly how to use it, but Google found the instructions easily enough. So...

What kind of rocks should I polish? And what should I do with them? I don't wear any kind of jewelry, but I like making pretty things.

(no subject)

What are some of your favourite shots from films? I don't mean full scenes, but favourite images. Such as, one of mine would be Gandalf and the Rohirrim charging down the side of the hill at Helm's Deep in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Another would be the face of Norman Bates/Mother at the end of Psycho. Also, the image of the gun being pointed at the back of Lester's head in American Beauty.
lead me


How do you decide where you stand on a controversial issue?

examples: abortion, school vouchers, immigration (this is the one I'm fency on right now), religion in schools, euthanasia... what others can you think of?

edit: not necessarily what you think about those examples, but what kind of process did you go through in deciding what side you were on? what caused you to think that way?

Query - cross posted

Is there a way I can convert music files in a WMA format taken from a CD so I can add them to iTunes and my iPod?

EDIT: The files are protected WMA files. I do know if I put an audio CD into my CD drive iTunes automatically converts the files.

Answered, thanks!
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(no subject)

I'm moving into a new apartment on July 1st. However... I have no furniture, aside from a bookcase. So for half of July, I need to be sleeping on something, until the parents can bring down my daybed (they live three hours away). I can probably pick up a desk and chair from a thrift store of yard sales.

So.. what would be better for a temporary bed? A cot, sleeping bag on a inflatable mattress, hammock or something else? I've a budget of less than $100 here.

(no subject)

1. If I wanted to get involved with my city's historical landmark preservation organization, do I just call them up and sign up, or do I need to have some special qualifications? Are you involved in anything like that?

2. Are you good or bad with directions?

3. Do you think that somehow time travel really is possible?

4. Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla? Thoughts?
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(no subject)

What kind of music does Mindless Self Indulgence play?

What are some other bands that play this kind of music?

Note: the bands with the music most similar to the album You'll Rebel to Anything is preferred.
Kyouya - Outside the Lines

(no subject)

1. Can sauteing garlic and onions make you light headed? I did that today and my vision started going black and I almost passed out. D:

2. When we the last time you did the hokey pokey?

3. What did you have for dinner? I had spiced carrot soup. It was totally worth the almost-passing-out!
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Okay, so I saw Cars recently. The pace car when Lightning went into the Pit... what's with the pace car? I don't watch races, I don't know about these things.
Did anyone one else want to throw something at the screen each time he said "kachow"?

Nonrelated: what are your kitchen rules? Not sensible things, like "when in doubt, cook the chicken longer"- but things like "any mushroom that escapes the pan is obviously meant to be eated right now" and "if it tastes good, it'd probably be better between bread" ?
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1. What are some things you've tried or done because you either heard about them through thequestionclub, or were given advice about them through thequestionclub, that you probably would never have tried otherwise?
Special K Vanilla Almond, Toffifay, Nutella, eating alone at Panera Bread, getting a pedicure, and lots of other things.

2. A while ago (6 months maybe) someone was making a list of little things everyone should do at least once. They were simple things you could easily do in a day, like going to the movies alone, and things like that. Does anyone have a link to that post? What would you put on that list?
I thought it was a great idea at the time but didn't bother saving it as I had no time then. Now I have all summer to do them!

Also completely unrelated, about a month ago someone(I'm not sure who, sorry!) was looking for a trench coat type dress with short sleeves. I saw some in H&M this weekend in case whoever it was is still looking.

(no subject)

1. Do you wash your car on a regular basis, or do you wait until you can't see out of your windshield anymore?

2. In what position do you have your hands on the steering wheel while driving?  

3. What exact phrase do you use when asking for a job application?  ("Are you hiring?", "Are you accepting applications?"...)

4. Have you ever been asked a very strange question during a job interview?

5. What's your favorite type of oreo?

(no subject)

Yeah, so Ive been slacking lately, but Im bored so it's time again for word association!
Yay, what word or phrase first comes to your mind when you think of these words?
Theme: "Celebrities" (used very loosely in some cases)

1. Anna Nicole Smith
2. Huey Lewis
3. Stephen Colbert
4. Apple Paltrow
5. George Washington Carver
6. Fidel Castro
7. Michael Moore
8. Vin Diesel
9. Yakov Smirnoff
10. Jack Daniels

Make me less bored, please?
I'm a Quitter

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1) For those of you who are married or have been...how long into the relationship were you when you started to think about marrying that person?

2) How long have you been together or how long were you together for?

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1. Does an 'unfurnished apartment' include a fridge and a stove?

2. What's your favourite room in your house/apartment/cave/whatever?

3. How many people do you live with?


4. What was your favourite Halloween costume?

On dating...

1. Have you ever gone on a blind date? How'd it go?
2. If you haven't, would you?
3. Do you ever watch dating shows? Which ones?
4. What do you think of those shows?
5. Would you ever be in one, as one of the dated ones, or the dater?
6. Do you know anyone who has been on one of those shows?
7. Do you think that one can find a long lasting relationship in a dating show or a blind date?
8. Any other opinions on people who go on blind dates and date shows?

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My dad has 2 dogs. One is a black lab, and one is a yellow lab. The yellow lab chews on the black labs ear's, not biting or hurting it, but just kind of gnawing and it doesn't bother it. The weird thing about it, is that the black dogs ears are turning brown from the gnawing. It's the weirdest thing ever! An all black dog has ears that are now visibly brown. What could be causing this? It's not really a problem at all, but I just thought it was so strange. Any ideas?

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Did you know that I leave tomorrow?!

Yes! Have fun!
No, but I do now.
Who are you?

Are you going to miss me?!

Yes! Please don't go!
No, I don't like you.
Who ARE you?

Do you promise to fill me in on all the TQC fun that I'll miss?

No, we don't want you here!
Seeing as I don't have the slightest clue who you are, no.
the very hungry caterpillar

it's a long one, folks.

so i'm reading this book... and it made me think of some questions.

these are intended for both male and female alike, and feel free to answer only those you feel comfortable answering

1. what is your gender?
2. what is your age?
3. how do you define the word feminism?
4. do you think that the word feminism has bad connotations?
5. would you be embarassed to call yourself a feminist?
6. do you call yourself a feminist?
7. in what ways does feminism exist today?
8. do you think we have reached gender equality yet?
9. if the answer to 8 is no, do you think gender equality will ever be possible?
10. why do you think we are unable to pass the equal rights amendment?
11. do you notice sexism often? at all?
12. have you ever been discrimined against because of your gender? if yes, explain more.

and finally. 13. what was the last book you read and did you like it?

edit** if you don't want to answer my feminism questions... is it because you are too lazy, or because you don't like talking about feminism?
Ahh! Babies!

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Ok, we've been seeing tons of posts about random users that have been created regarding tqc. I tried a search of interests to find more spawn users or communities but it got me nowhere. So, does anyone know of any other communities or users that are based around TQC? I'm highly curious now.
No Ace Only You

x-posted Prank War Help Needed!

Justin and I(my co-worker) are in a "prank war".

It started with him leaving his computer unattended and log on. Soooo, I took it upon myself to send a few emails. All in fun of course but, the best one was the one I sent to his best friend confessing his undying love for him. Wanting him. Needing him. Something about thinking of only him while having sex with his wife. I closed the email with..."If you feel the same way, come meet me for lunch."

I died. DIED. As Dave walked into the door having NO clue as he hadn't read the email I sent twenty minutes prior to his arrival. Classic. :) Dave's awesome though, and found it quite amusing when he returned to work after a casual lunch with Justin. So anyway, during lunch today Justin decided to get his revenge by saran wrapping everything on my desk. Funny, it was. But, that only meant war.

We have set up rules: It's late but, no messing with each other's food or drink and pranks must be done during duty hours. I need more ideas people. HELP! I must win. At the end of the day on Friday, the office will vote on who the best prankster is. I have to win but, I need your help.

My mind is blank...so aside from pouring warm water on his cloth covered office chair. I've got nothin'. I was thinking about super glueing his chair to the floor. :/ I dunno.

Tell me what'cha got.

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randomness! yay!
1. do you spend more time on thequestionclub than you do on your own lj?
2. how often do you read thequestionclub?
3. does it bother you when a reference is made on thequestionclub that only a few people will understand?
4. are there any types of food that you constantly crave?
5. what are your impressions of people from alabama/ the south in general? explain your answer.
6. did yoko really break up the beatles?
7. why can't i go to sleep?

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1. If you were to have your own business what kind would it be?

2. If you were interested in a certain career field but after research found out that the general public really doesn't understand a lot about the career and have an overall negative view of it, do you think that would affect your decision to go into that field at all?

3. When you created/edited your résumé did you use the MS Word template wizard or another program's wizard, a different template found somewhere on the internet, create one from scratch, hire a professional to do it, or other?