June 25th, 2006

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1. If someone says they're from the 'east coast' what do you think of? If I'm from eastern PA (but not Philly) is that really the east coast?

2. Do you ever use scissors to cut up your food? Just curious how common this is. I do it all the time.

3. Is an MBA really worth it? I don't live in a very competetive area (like NYC), my work doesn't pay for it or require it, I'm not sure I really want to be a manager, and it's alot of money (about $40k more) to finish this degree....I go to a local, well respected school but not a top school. It's hard for me to imagine where I would need it, but then I didn't know the job I have now(in sales support) existed 6 months ago...so maybe I do need the business degree?

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ok, so i need help with figuring out a band name and/or song name:

they were featured on myspace, maybe a month or two ago, the are hip-hop/rap (i think), and they are a culturaly diverse group of maybe 6 or 7 men... i think the song was about peace, or unity or something, i've also seen the video in american eagle

can anyone help me?
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What is your favorite recipe for a dinner type meal? I'm looking to try some new recipes and would prefer some tried and true ones. Basically anything is fair game, but reasonably priced cuisine is preferred. Neither of us are veggie or have any food allergies.
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What's the best software video player for Windows XP?

Best as in plays the largest number of files. Also would be nice if it had the option to adjust the video height/width ratio arbitrarily, and had video controls in full-screen mode. And if it can adjust to some file corruption (like VLC does this fairly well), all the better.

I ask because currently I have a ton of players just to be sure I can play various video files.

Here's what I currently have, in an attempt to play anything thrown at me:

Windows Media Player 10
Windows Media Player classic
MPlayer Movie player
Real Player
The Core Media Player
VLC Media Player
DivX Player
FLV Player

If I could replace those with one, it'd be quite nice. Or even just narrow them down a bit.


This is a real stupid question, but...I figure someone may know:

Is there any way to get a list of the songs that appear on the radio stations on the Sims 2 and their expansion packs, so I can download the real things?

I can NOT get one of the songs from the college rock radio station out of my head. It's got a male voice, and it sounds like he's saying 'dig a dig da doo'. *coughs* If that helps.
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1) I have this external hard drive - I was using it as a backup, and it has all of my important stuff on it, but somehow in the move from college back home it stopped working, that is to say it does not turn on anymore. The little light on the box on the power cord that used to be on when it was plugged in no longer turns on, so I am thinking (and hoping) that it is simply a problem with the power cord.

So here's my question(s).
1a) Is there somewhere to buy a replacement power cord? are they expensive? I don't really know what to call the outlet that the cord plugs into on the hard drive to search for a universal type cord elsewhere, and the company doesn't appear to sell individual cords (that I could find anyway).

1b) What kind of plug IS that? The plug is round and it has four holes for pins, and there is a little diagram next to it that says "GND" next to the bottom two pinholes and "12V" and "5V" next to the top left and top right pinholes respectively.

2) Has anyone ever gotten (or know anyone who's gotten) Thermal Hair Reconditioning? (otherwise known as Japanese hair straightening). How much did it cost? how long did it last? Was it worth it? How did you find/choose the people who did it?
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so bored

entertain me please!

what, ummmmmmm...... what...... uhhhhhhh........

see, i'm entertaining myself just by trying to think of a question.

what're you doing right now?

i'm talking to suzermagoozer on AIM about tqc and how awesome costco is, planning a question i'm going to ask tomorrow, reading old ljdrama (courtesy of encyclopediadramatic) and listening to HHPC.
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I'm having an exchange student from Germany stay with me for about ten weeks this Fall.
I live in the Milwaukee area and I can't drive (although I have several friends, three siblings, and a dad who can drive).
What are some good activities to do with her, or things to show her... basically, my question is, what should I do with her for 69 days?
She's 16 years old, kind of punk and is interested in languages... I can't actually think of anything else she's really interested in.
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I saw an advertisement today for some new shaving thing. I don't even remember what it's called. All I know is that it's marketed to women, it's pink, it has no blades, and it's supposed to keep your legs smooth twice as long as shaving, without nicks or razor bumps.

1. What's it called?

2. How does it work?

3. Does it work?

4. Would it work on my neckbeard?

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there is an odd, very loud beeping noise coming from a nearby apartment. the sound is *beep, beep, beep, rest* repeat for, oh, 5 hours. i would have knocked on the door but, 1) it is now 2am and 2) it happens to be coming from the apartment of the registered sex offender. it is not so loud that i am not going to be able to sleep, but i walked by his place and it is really loud over there. so i'm surprised no one has done anything. anyway, my question is, WHAT COULD THIS NOISE BE? keep in mind, this is coming from the apartment of a complete weirdo.

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Apologies if I make no sense, I've only had an hours sleep.

I did a stupid thing, and allowed my 11 year old daughter to invite a couple of friends over for a sleepover. It's now 5am, they are still awake, and my poor exhausted brain is trying to come up with ideas for revenge.

My plan so far involves them being asleep, 7am, and noise. Lots of noise. I started off small, banging pots and pans, and now I'm up to Marilyn Manson as loud as is legal on a Sunday morning.

So, how would you exact revenge?
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I need help in a hurry!

I'm going to a wedding today and I'm going to my friend/hairstylist to do my hair in about 30 minutes.

We're supposed to have our hair up. My friend asked me to bring pictures of what I want. I have hair that falls just past my shoulders with a couple layers.

She's going to curl it and pin it up with bobby pins.

Does anyone have any pictures of up-dos they particularly like? There should be room for a flower as well.

*goes off to search*

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How can I reformat wipe a hard disk without without the Windows XP CD?

What Linux distro should I install on my six-year-old Dell laptop? I know nothing about any of them. I need an easy, graphical installation and I'd like it to recognize my wireless pcmcia card and digital camera without a whole lot of effort on my part, preferably none. Fedora Core and Ubuntu have both be recommended to me already. Do you support either of those?

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My water heater isn't working right now.  If I run my portable dishwasher, does it heat the water up or does the water heater do it?  

Obviously, it will physically run with cold water, but will it work?

Playing music continuously in PPT

Is there a way to play an mp3 throughout a MS PowerPoint presentation? Every time I try, it starts playing the beginning of the song with every change of the slide. I want to be able to click through the slides and have the song play continuously, without interruptions. Thanks! :D

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ok, this has been bothering me (OOH YAY ENGLAND SCORED!!) anyway! who does wayne rooney look like? he looks like someone else famous, but i can't place who.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

also- do you think david beckham is attractive?
i generally don't, but he looked really hot after he scored that goal
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1. What is your favorite Shakespeare monolouge?

2. How do you find modern monolouges(i.e. books, web, movies)? I prefer more original and weird ones than those stale ones you get out of monolouge books.

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What are some quizzes/memes that you've seen repeated over and over throughout the years, that you've probably taken many times and everyone you know has posted at least once (like that seven deadly sins one, or the similar personality disorder one...)?
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1. Do you have a last.fm account?
Yes. (mine.)

2. How many tracks have you played?

3. What's your last played track?
Back in Flesh - Wall of Voodoo

4. Who's your top artist overall?
Talking Heads, but it hasn't updated for this week and it's probably different now.
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For the FIFA World Cup, how do referees and players communicate? Like in the Netherlands vs Portugal match, they had a Russian referee. Does FIFA assign referees already with some knowledge of the teams' languages?
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Mm... bored.

As of 2.52pm BST on the 25th of June, 2006... what does your current desktop look like?

Collapse )

Also, do you ever update it? How often and why? Do you use themes?

Mine rarely changes. I'll sometimes alter the background to another similar 3D generated image, but the general look remains the same. I always have my icons organised on my desktop... with internet stuff in the bottom left, recycle bin in the bottom right, My Computer and most active shortcut top left and folders I use often top right.

Does anyone else do that, or am I odd? :P

Edit: Didn't see that someone had already posted very similar... Must have skimmed over it. ;(

Shoot me. :o
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Everytime I click on something in a limewire search to download it, instead of it downloading a browser window opens displaying a napster page.
1) Is this happening to anyone else as well?
2) What's going on?
3) How do I make it go away?
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Wet grass

Why is it such a sin to mow the lawn when the grass is wet?

I ask because it's soggy and gross here, and my housemate has decided that he MUST mow the grass today. Right now. And I'm not sure he won't cause the world to end or something.

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1. do you have a city/town named Greenwich near you? What state/country is it in and how do you pronounce the name of that town?

2. we just got a new ice cream maker and it works great. any suggestions for interesting flavors of ice cream we should try making?

3. best movie you've seen this summer? worst movie?
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Anyone ever tried Sparks? Is it good? Are they like Red Bull?


Why can't we see Suri until 62 days? (TomKat's kitten.) I'm just wondering why there is a countdown for it.
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1. What size T.V. do you have? Which brand is it? Are you happy with it?

2. Have you read the book 'Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norrell"?

3. What kind of iPod do you have? How many songs do you have on it?

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one of the course outcomes for my english class says i will learn to "interpret how ideas under discussion are related and how they relate to your own experience". What the heck does that mean?? /puzzled/ I THINK it means understanding other people's ideas but I am pretty much confused by the highfalutin' way they worded it.

What do you smell like? Like, what does your shampoo and conditioner and body wash and lotion and whatever else you apply on a daily basis smell like? [Pretend like I'm walking by you and I smell..."Oh! Yummy! She smells like flowers!" or whatever]
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beginner guitar...

Has anyone here taken a beginner guitar class in college (or something similar)?

I have a friend who's taking the class who is not musically inclined at all, although she's a big music fan. I'm a musician (keyboard/piano and voice) who's learning guitar and she's asked me to give her sort of an introduction to music lesson or two to know what she'll be going into this fall.

I'm going to teach her how to tune her guitar tonight and how to recognize when a note is higher, lower, or the same than another note. She doesn't have a keyboard, so I'm going to find some online resources to help her out. Last night I taught her the difference between acoustic and electric and how pickups work/what they do.

What else should I keep in mind when teaching someone how to think about music from the perspective of playing it? Surely she won't encounter sheet music in this class, or will she? I'm assuming it'll be based mostly on chords.

Any and all help is welcome. I plan on posting in the beginner guitar community after I hear from you guys here.
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what are some good airline/hotel finding sites? I've used travelocity and cheaptickets, and priceline but there seem like there are more. And, have you had good luck with any of these? I'm going from Detroit to Baltimore.
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1. What is your favorite perfume?
Marc Jacobs, and Alexander McQueen's MyQueen.

2. How would you describe the way it smells?
I really have no idea how to describe Marc Jacobs but it's my favorite ever. MyQueen kind of smells like Djarum Blacks and Licorice(way better than it sounds, I swear) in the beginning, and than it sort of changes within a few minutes to another smell I can't describe, but still good.
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Does anyone know of a small graphic editor that doesn't need much memory and will crop images?

Answered, thanks :)
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Do you get headaches often? What have you found is the best way to deal with them and/or get rid of them? If possible, I'd love some tips/tricks that don't involve popping pills since my stomach doesn't tolerate pills that well most of the time. Thanks!

Edit: I should mention I'm allergic to asprin, so that's a no go as well as anything that contains asprin.
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What is your opinion on mint chocolate chip ice cream that isn't green? I think it just honestly isn't as good. It's not as cold and it's not as neat.

Do you watch Bridezillas? Are you hoping that one black lady really does break up with her fiance because she's a big fat bitch? I watch it! And I hope they do split up, because he seems like an alrigth guy and she has lost her damn mind.

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Something interesting about yourself: a special talent, a fascinating fact, do you collect bobby pins or something of similar oddness? Whatever interesting thing(s) it/they is/are, tell!

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1 -If you saw someone wearing a top saying "Emo, like, omfg, WHOA", would you find it funny?

2 -My Dad wants me and my mum to go on a little summer break to a European city. Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal are out of the question. So are Salzburg and Paris. Where else would you reccommend?

3 -Does this little icon thequestionclub amuse you?