June 24th, 2006


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1. What would be a reasonable price for stuffed animals at a yard sale?

2. CKY. Can you come up with someone clever and PG friendly that those letters could stand for?

3. I have a 256 MB Quicktime file I'd like to upload to youtube, but that's too big. It's only three minutes long...how could I go about making it possible to upload to youtube?
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Long time no post

My dilemma: For the past 6 weeks, I've had an iced soy latte every weekday morning when I get to work. I've noticed that even on two hours of sleep, I can make it through a full eight hour day with just that shot of espresso in the morning. The problem is, that for the past two weekends, I get horrible headaches an hour after I would normally have had my latte. The headaches last all day. I know that I am addicted to caffeine. The thing is, even though I hate the idea of being chemically dependent, I am also a college student. It was bound to happen eventually, right?

My question: IF I decide to break the hold caffeine has over me, how long should this take if I go cold turkey? That's a big if, though. See, I like the idea of having espresso handy for the long nights of studying that will be ahead of my once August rolls around. So my next question is: Where can I get an espresso maker that is less than a foot tall (<10 in. preferred), less than $40, and can make 1 oz. shots and also .5 oz. shots (though no half shots isn't deal a deal breaker). I'm not a huge fan of steamer attachments, either (also not a deal breaker). So where could I find something like this? Froogle gave me some leads, but I'm having trouble finding the specs mentioned above. Also, if any of you have espresso makers that you absolutely adore, let me know and I'll look into them.

(Also, fuck regular coffee. I don't care about that weak shit.)

Also! What are some of your experiences with addiction? Points if you can dissuade me from buying an espresso machine!

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Hey guys! Have you had your sex today? I know I have! It's like rinsing with alcoholic mouth wash while on Mount Everest and wiping yourself! Not in the burny, freezing, 'oh crap I got some on my hand' way... the other way.

Also, for those that get random AOL/Earthlink/what the hell ever CDs in the mail still... what do you do with them? I usually fashion them into frisbees, sharpening the edges first, and let them fly! It's unfortunate I split a squirrel wide open accidentally that way once, but I'm sure it was for the best. I mean, it was probably that or a squishy, popping death under a ton of steel and rubber at 55mph.

Third question! Ever drink store-brand soda? Do you do it because you truly like it, or because it's cheaper and frees up money for nights free of inhibition?
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iTunes Question

So I'm at work, and I've brought my iPod charger USB cord thingermabob with me. I've plugged it into the USB port in this computer, and plugged my iPod into it.

I opened iTunes, and "Olivia's iPod" shows up in there just like on my home computer, and I can see all my songs.

Question: How the heck do I transfer the mp3s from my iPod into this computer?

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so, i need to call england in order to talk to some landlords. i'm in the US. i have a phone card, but no landline. can i still use the phone card with my cell phone?
i've looked through the FAQs on the website where i got it, but they didn't say.
thank youuuuuu

ok question one was answered, here's question two-

err, as i may have said a million times, i'm going to london for grad school. SO, i'm planning on moving in with two people. one of them found a REALLY nice flat in an amazing location in london (for those of you familiar, marble arch is literally down the street 2 blocks from it). now, this place is £180/month over my budget, so if we got it, after tuition and rent and fees, i'd be left with £500/month to live on (bills, food, travel, phone). if you were me, would you say "hell, might as well take advantage of my loans and live in an awesome location" or would you say "i'd want more for living expenses"?
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Can anyone translate this:

"eu não to conseguindo entrar"

I'm pretty sure it's Spanish. Whatever it is, can anyone tell me how to say "Please email back in English/I don't speak _____, I only speak English/etc, something to that effect" in that language? Has to be really polite, as I'm at work doing email customer service.

Thanks guys.

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What's the worst way you've ever been woken up?
A few months ago, my elderly cat misjudged how big he was, knocked some stuff down from the shelf above my head and I woke up like this. On my head- first, cold water, then ice cubes, then (heavy glass bottomed) glass which hit me in the eye, then angry, scared wet 12 pound cat with claws fully extended. Ow. EDIT- I forgot. The cat has also done this to me with some very old orange juice I had forgotten about, and that, while not cold, was SO much worse. Because there were chunks. Chunky orange juice on my head followed by confused and smelly cat is my new one!

Do you remember when they started playing commercial for non-movie realted stuff before movies? About how long ago did theatres start this? What changed to make this ok? (I'm assuming if they could have done it all along, they would have?)

How much does it cost to see a movie near you? Where do you live?
I live in rural minnesota where it costs $5.50. When i got home to visit my folks in the suburbs of minneapolis, it's more like $8.50.

Did you read any VC Andrews novels as a kid? Have you re-read them as an adult? What do you think of them?
I read them as a kid, and couldn't remember them well, so i thought i'd re-read a few. Urgh. I don't have the stomach for them now. Bad writing, over dramatics and so. damn. much. incest.

What did you love as a kid, but now you can't stand?
The example above is one for me. Another is the Carebears.
Also, i used to eat kraft cheese slices by themselves, as a snack. Ick.
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all of these things are not like the others

1. If you're going to show someone something on the monitor/screen of your computer, do you use the mouse or point with your finger?

2. Do you tend to give directions in a narrative style with lots of landmark information, or more mapquest style?

3. What's this? A lovely joint/bowl/pipe/hitter/bong/whathaveyou has just appeared in your hand. Do you smoke it?

4. You're totally attracted to this woman and want to get it on with her, when you discover that she doesn't shave anything. What effect does this have on your attraction? Do you still hit it?

5. On a more serious note, here's the story. A woman I'm friends with - not close, I only see her every few months, but I always have a great time with her, and she's one of the nicest people I've ever met - told me about four months ago when I asked her if she wanted to grab sushi that weekend that she couldn't, because she had to go home due to a "tragic family event." That's all the detail she ever provided, and I never pressed the issue. However, about two months later, I needed a place to stay, and she let me stay in her room one night because she was spending the night at her boyfriend's, and sitting on her dresser was the 'program' (I'm not sure if that's the right word...) for her 18-year-old younger brother's funeral in February. If I'd never found out anything, it wouldn't bother me, but now that I know, it feels really weird never to say anything about it. But at the same time, she never provided any information, and we don't have the kind of close friendship that expands the ranges of "what's okay." Would you give your condolences, or just let it drop?

6. How's the weather where you are? It's 73 and clear with a slight wind here. Beautiful day. I should go for a bike ride!

Avon cosmetics and skincare question

Earlier today I met a local Avon sales rep. I didn't think to ask at the time but I am wondering how the body washes and deodorants fare in comparison to other name brands, especially for users with sensitive skin.

Those of you who use Avon, could you let me know your thoughts, please? Thank you.

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I'm pretty much fed up with Netzero, so I'm looking to get high-speed internet. Given where I live, I basically have three choices: Sprint, Roadrunner, and this local one. Money really isn't the biggest problem, but I don't want to be ripped off or dissatisfied with my experience. I'm thinking I'll have to go with one of the bigger two since 1.5M downstream doesn't seem fast enough for my taste... So, can any of you offer experiences, warnings, advice, tips? Anything would help really since I'm pretty ignorant, and I'm not really understanding all this technical stuff Google's offering me. Please help me make this, uh, important decision.
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anyone have ideas on a book to get an 83 year old mostly conservative sweetie-pie of a grandma?

i was considering Marley and Me or Teacher Man, but i havent read them myself. if you have, do you think they're appropriate?

games and toys!

1. Are you good at Collapse ) I think I'm pretty good, I can spin toss them pretty high and spin them between my legs and all sorts of cool stuff like that. :D

2. Are you good at Yo-yos? I am a pathetic yo-yoer, but I've gotten better over the years.

3. Are you good at hackeysack? My record is two.

4. What about ping-pong? Considering I play an awful lot, I'm not too great but I've won my fair share of ping pong games.

5. Ever solved a Rubik's Cube? In seventh grade I carried one around with me constantly, obsessing over it. In the end, I got it so that only two squares were out of place. If I covered them with my fingers when I held it, it looked complete. But I gave up, because I just couldn't get those squares to the right place.

6.Are you good at that "catch the ball in the cup" game? Yes. :]

7. Favorite game/toy? I loooove Devil Sticks and ping pong.
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I feel like doing some internet shopping.
I don't even know for what.
funny/cute stuff? Accessories? I'm internet-shopping illiterate.

Where are some good places to buy stuff (i know, specific...sorry) online?
(preferably more specific than 'amazon' or 'ebay' or whatever)

More random.

1. What's the strangest question you've ever seen posted in this community?

2. After you poop, do you look in the toilet to make sure everything's ok or do you just flush without looking?

3. If you have Netflix or some other online movie service, how many movies are in your queue?

4. Have you ever seen a stranger hurt themsevles really badly? What happened and how did you react?

5. What's the messiest room in your house?

6. Do you think monkeys are cute, scary, or a little of both?

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ok, this is a little last minute, but does anyone have any good pictures of up-do's for hair?
specifically for short hair (my hair falls just above my shouldres, when it's wet it touches them)?

my prom is on monday, and i still don't have hair for it.

thanks in advance.

Me--State Fair

what would you do...

Some of my friends and co-workers (because some of my friends are co-workers, but not all my co-workers are my friends!) got in together for an upcoming rock show that we were putting on, and went in together and got 500 tee shirts made to sell.

They have FIVE boxes of tee shirts left sitting in my best friend's garage.

The question now is...what do they DO with them all? They are dated, for the specific show...there's probably about 72 per box.

What would you do with them?
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I got a new Canon PowerShot A620, wee! Anyone have any experience with the camera? Any tips for using it?

What's a good and easy photo editing software that's compatible with the Mac Power Book? I don't like iPhoto, nor do I like the software that came with the Canon.
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How would you react to a stranger telling you that you were going to Hell? Any good smartass/snarky responses I can store in an arsenal?

Have you ever had a stranger come up to you and tell you they didn't like something about you? How did you react?
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No reason for this, just curious.

Poll #755449 Miniature Poll

Which spelling are you more likely to use?


Is the pronunciation you are more likely to use the same as the way you've spelled it?

Yes, I pronounce spelled like spelled or spelt like spelt.
No, I pronounce spelled like spelt or spelt like spelled.

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In my copy of the book Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews, it says the novel was based on a true story.
Are there any sites that give information on the true story? Wikipedia is no help.
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What do you prefer, Star Wars or Star Trek?

Who is your favourite Star Wars character? (From any of the 6 films, or from the animated TV series)

Who is your favourite Star Trek character? (From any of the 5 series, or the movies)

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I think I posted in here a few weeks ago about two missing ndis drivers.
well, I still can't get it to work.

so once more--
I have a microsoft win 98 second edition compaq presario and my existing ndis2 drivers are missing.

I have tried to get it from microsoft update but when I do, it says something like the file you are trying to download is not approved and will not be trusted. I download it anyways and it almost finishes but can't and asks me to insert win 98 second edition cd.
I can't since I don't have said cd.

anyone know how to fix 'em?



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Cool Shower Present

I have to buy/make a present for a wedding shower, and the couple is young and hip, and I just don't think a toaster would be the right thing. To give you an idea of who they are, the bride-to-be is an artist and makes jewelry, but it's not regular jewelry, it's kind of pop-culture jewelry with words, and one was a pendant that looked like a raw t-bone steak. Also, they have been living together for a few years and own a house.

Any suggestions on what I should give them? I would like to keep the cost under $100. I'm super-crafty and can make anything, but I'm just not inspired at the moment.

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A few years back I heard this beautiful poem but I can not remember the author or the title or any of it. This is what I remember:
It's about some friends eating dinner in Sarajevo, and one of them orders something that turns out to be monkey brains. They all realize it and the following line is repeated three times: The waiter laughed wildly with us! The next line is something along the lines of: He is probably dead now. I've googled both lines and can't find squat. Anyone recognize this poem?
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How do you accept compliments? I don't think I'm very good at it. Sometimes if people tell me I'm good at something, I just want to say, "I know." in reply because I know I'm good at some things.

Other times, I feel extremely obligated to return the compliment. Especially if it's romantic. "I think about you a lot" or "I think you're delightful" etc...

How does one accept compliments graciously without seeming fake?
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This may be a stretch, but after unsuccessful Googling, you guys may know what I'm talking about.

Someone told me today about a program his fourth-graders had aboard a early 1900's cargo ship located in San Fransico. The kids stayed overnight, pretended to live in that period, and took on the lives of sailors aboard ship.

Any idea what I'm talking about?

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Have any of you guys tried the Schneiders "Oh Naturel" meatless products that are out there? My boy and I are watching our calories and he's craving an alternative to beef. Did anyone try the ground burger, and does it compare to the real thing?
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My brother just got into a car accident earlier... and got ticketed for reckless driving or was it carless driving?

ANyway, they set a court date... but my family is going to be in Taiwan... we're leaving tomorrow night. How do we go about changing the court date to after we come back? We're going for two months. And is this possible? My brother is going there for some foreign/education chinese program thing.. and it's been planned since like January. Talk about great timing, ehh?

Also, my dad on the otherhand, is leaving a week later than us. He's debating just not going at all in attempts to handle everything.. like insurance, esp when they'll call in regards of claims/or mail letters...

Is there anyway / what would you do/ have you delt with this before?
How do we deal w/ changing the court date?
How do we deal w/ insurance and whatever jumble we have to do?
Should we hire a lawyer?
What's the legal difference between reckless (5 pts) v careless (2pts) driving?

I hope this made somewhat sense?

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How do I become a less competent worker? I tend to learn quickly and finish tasks quickly, but everyone who got hired with me is a moron (so the management says) so I always get stuck doing everything and I'm sick of it. Obviously the answer is to become less competent, but how? (Making the other employees work harder is not an option. The only way I got a girl to run the register like she was supposed to instead of smoking with her boyfriend tonight is to tell her that I was doing closing jobs and if she didn't run it, she'd have to do all the closing jobs herself).

I lost my bracelet! Where is it?

If you eat hotdogs, what do you eat on them?

Does it bother you when people ask multiple questions and you're obviously not going to answer them all, but they don't number them for ease?
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I just got a facial today and I was wondering when I wash my face tonight, if it's okay to use my regular facial products. I'm not going to randomly break out, am I?
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My tattoo after-care pamphlet says tomorrow morning I remove my bandages and use a brand new bar of mild, unscented soap to cleanse the area. I have Dove white moisturziing lotion bar soap or SpectroJel fragrance, alcohol and soap free cleanser. Which should I use???
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I think I had a reaction to some sort of food.

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As much as people hate medical questions...I did try finding a nursing hotline with little success.

So who can I call next?

Or simply, how do I know that I need medical attention? Could I just sleep it off? Should I try to stay awake for a while? Last time my seasonal allergies got really bad and my eyes swelled up, the ER just gave me Benadryl as I sat in the waiting room for hours. Got a once-over from the ER doc, then was sent home. (I'm currently in Burke, VA, if that helps...far away from home.)

Could I simply take more Benadryl?