June 23rd, 2006

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Hi. Help.

I listed an item on eBay and it was purchased with the Buy It Now option within about an hour of being listed. The buyer has no feedback and their account was created today. I clearly stated in my auction that I ONLY ship via US Postal Service and I do NOT ship internationally, only to the United States and Canada.

The buyer emailed me stating (quite forcefully) that I am to ship the item via Fedex. She included her own Fedex account number and an address NOT in the United States that I am to ship to. I emailed her back and stated that as per the auction, I use USPS and I don't ship internationally. I also said if she would like me to ship the item to her via USPS I'd be happy to and I wouldn't leave negative feedback if she chose not to purchase the item. (because I think there is a slight language barrier problem)

She replied with a pending Paypal payment and this:

I will be using my fedex account for the shipment ,so all you have to do is to sent me your physical contact address so that i can arranged for the shipment and i will be sending you a fedex label that contain bouth my grandson' address and my fedex account number.

So like, what am I supposed to do?

ETA: This is why I love the question club. Thanks missirish9!
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is anywhere here a complete space case when it comes to driving? i'm pretty ditzy and stupid and i should not be trusted behind the wheel because i just am not aware of the world around me.

i've been practicing here and there for a few years, and i haven't fucked up yet really (no accidents, that is), i keep running stop signs and forgetting to check before i turn and it's just because i am off on neptune somewhere and when i try to focus on the road, it's just too much to take in at once and my brain shorts out until i'm crying or about to cry. i always say like it's trying to listen to eight songs at once and understand what they all mean.

i don't know if this can get better. i hadn't driven in a while until today, but before that i used to go out driving all the time and this never let up then and doesn't seem to be letting up now. the more my practicing proves to be futile the more i become terrified of driving. i can't trust myself with this shit. it's not just driving, i get the same feeling of distraction and brain overload when trying to read something, so don't think it can just be a driving problem.

so um, a few questions.

1) can this get better? practice doesn't help.

2) some guy from a driving school that i have never met is coming on monday to pick up me and my sister and take us out for a lesson against my will. people i know who have taken driving lessons through these things get taken out on major roads pretty much their first time. i think i'd have a panic attack. how can i get him not to do this? i just looked this place up on the internet and it says that they try to fit 2-4 lessons into every 45-minute appointment and prepare people for the road test in less than four weeks!! what can i tell this dude? :(

3) i'm moving to new york city after college (a few years away yet) and i don't even want my goddamn motherfucking driver's license but everyone i know is pretty much forcing me. my dad and my grandpa signed me up for these bullshit lessons that i don't even want to go to. i can't exactly tell them to fuck off because i'm living with my dad and not paying rent. how the hell can i convince everyone that i don't want to drive, i don't PLAN to drive, and i don't think i ever will be able to drive? i don't give a shit how independent it makes me. i'm a danger to everyone on the road and i hate the feeling i get when i'm trying to focus on driving and my brain shorts out and all i get is static and confusion. it's a terrifying kind of feeling like i'm suddenly in control of absolute nothing because i can't watch what's going around me and make any sort of sense of it. how can i get this through to my obnoxious family? i should note that they're not asking me to drive so i can run errands but forcing me to drive because it's "something every adult does" and i'm "not going anywhere in life" if i don't drive a car.

Positive... Negative... and wahuh?

(((EDIT: Thanx for all the input peoples... so far I didn't get any info I didn't allready know... but I do appreciate the comments! I really only wanted to know if there had ever been a case of a woman who was pregnant and a pee test never showed a positive due to her physiology? The general information I know and if I didn't... wikipedia.org is my friend! *grin*)))

To all the ladies... (and well informed men),

I think it is possible that I am pregnant... and I am not trying for offspring at this point in my life. No, this is not an abortion inquiry... I don't believe in "casual" abortions but I am pro-choice.

Here is the issue... while I am not always on the exact 28day cycle... the last 8 months or so... things have been like clockwork!! Pretty much every 28days I was in for roughly 6days of female "joy"...if not that, it would start a day or so early...

I am currently about 12 days late for my period... I have not been on any medication... nor have I recently stopped any medication. I am aware of stress being a possible reason for a late start... as well as extra physical exertion. Honestly... this month has been way less stressful than I have been in a while and I haven't been pumping weights or anything!

Yes, I do plan to be tested perhaps at Planned Parenthood if I don't start my cycle soon. Yes, I am sexually active and my BF is aware of this possible occurrence...

SO, a few days ago I went to the store and I purchased both the new 'first response test' and a regular store brand test, considering I wasn't too sure which one would apply at that point? I followed all the instructions and precautions. Anyhow, I took them both... double negative! Okay... so I'm thinking... great... no big thing... my period is probably just about to start... I'm just being paranoid.

Yet... now I am almost another week late... and still nothing. Even though morning sickness isn't prominent in my family, I would almost welcome it for a sure sign. But I don't feel incredibly different physically. To my knowledge, I have never been pregnant before and I am currently just over 22yrs old. I have never been this late before... here is my main question?? Being aware as I am of every person being a little to a lot different medically speaking...

Can a woman be pregnant and still get negative results with a test? And the test be working perfectly fine, she just happens to be a lucky 1 in 26million that the modern day pee test cannot detect her pregnancy?

Funny... it was Father's Day that made me think to check my calender!!!

*GRIN* I feel silly... but since I go out and party every once in a while... I'd rather not be miss directed by a couple of tests into giving my first born fetal alcohol syndrome! Thanx for any input... I only just found this community a couple weeks ago... the universe works in interesting ways.

Love and Light!
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(no subject)

Would you ever date someone with the same name as you?

Edit: I guess this really only applies to people who are gay/lesbian/bisexual or have unisex names...

I'm currently dating a guy named James and it's... weird.
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(no subject)

Can anyone tell me something about the russian deaf community? Or, in what ways is Russian sign language different from ASL? Any links at all would be totally great.

[edit: basically I met deaf russian cyclists at the world deaf cycling championships, and I'm a hearing american who knows some ASL and I'd like to be able to communicate with them better!]

okay and I have another question: who was the person who always used to ask questions about turkish guys and whatever happened with that?

(no subject)

so the other nite i'm watching this wonderful little film on cable Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream (2005) and it was great...

so, name a favourite cult movie and why...

i've always been partial to eraserhead for it's sheer bizarreness, and (of course) THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW because of the wonderful audience participation...

your turn
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My work's blocked access to web based e-mails (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc). Obviously this sucks!

Anyone know of any REALLY obscure web e-mail systems that might not be on my IT's filter?

Currently on the blacklist:
Postmaster (UK)
E-mail anywhere.com

(no subject)

What hairstyles were in the 1950's?

What sort of make up styles were in the 1950's?

( I'm asking because I'm going to this thing called "Back to the 50's" and I dress up for it most years in a poodle skirt but this year I'm going for 1950's style dress .. and I wanna do my makeup and hair accordingly, my cousin too. Because we are nerds. )

thanks for any replies. :)
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(no subject)

I'm flying out of Denver Sunday. I intend to take some digital entertainment (PS2, games, memory cards). Now, since laptops aren't affected by the scanners, I assume the PS2 and its accessories wouldn't be. But, I did want to ask the following: Has anyone ever had any trouble with this before? In other words, will the x-ray scanners zap the memory cards?
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(no subject)

This refers mostly to American TV and culture.

I've noticed, when I am watching old sitcoms and films from the 1940's, 50's, and early 60's, that the accents the characters use when the speak are...different. I apologize, it's really hard to explain how I percieve the difference. It's not really any particular regional accent, it's pretty generic when you come down to it, but it's so different from the way actors speak on TV/movies in the more recent decades. I also noticed that my grandma has this accent, especially when she is answering the phone or speaking in public. It's kind of a bright, refined, accent... they emphasize consonants and speak pretty clearly, they typically round out their mouths to make certain vowel sounds longer and more pronounced in words like "down" and "water" so they sound like "dowwwwwwn" and "waw-ter," and they take great care to pronounce the "H" in words like "What, why, where" so that they sound like "Hwat, Hwhere, Hwhy"... Think of how Julie Andrews, for example, talks in the Sound of Music. You can just tell it's an old movie even if you can only hear the audio track and not see it, by the way she and the kids talk.

Maybe it's just the result of formal voice/speech training that the actors did in those days, kind of like how newscasters have to learn to speak in a kind of non-accent... Does anyone know a thing about what I'm trying to describe here? I fail!

edit: i just realized Julie Andrews normally has an English (UK) accent, but in the Sound of Music, her elocution in speech and songs is pretty similar to the American ones I'm talking about, I just can't think of any other mainstream examples.
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(no subject)

Poll #754568 Pepsi vs Coke

Do you prefer to drink pepsi, coke or neither?


Do you prefer to drink Aquafina (Pepsi brand water), Dasani (Coke brand water) or neither?


Do you prefer to drink Tropicana (Pepsi brand orange juice), Minute Maid (Coke brand orange juice) or neither?

Minute Maid

(no subject)

I have a job interview later today, and am hopeless at answering the 'What are your weaknesses' question that always comes up. Last time I said something really stupid about time management which cost me the job according to the feedback I got!

So, any ideas for putting a positive spin on my many weaknesses? ;-)

The job is as a teacher, if that makes any difference. Thanks xx
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

I don't drink or do drugs, and I'm starting to wonder if I'm in a very big minority. How many of you out there are basically sober, and why do you choose to be?

I am in college right now so I'm guessing things will die down when I get older, but for now, it's tough because people to do that stuff and I'm like, "No thanks..."
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(no subject)

I've been taking a summer writing class at a large university this summer. It's actually more of a "writing" class, because we have not written a large amount of prose, nor have we spent any amount of time editing or improving our work. Anyway, we've written three two-page papers, and our final assignment is a 5-7 page paper. Basically, we can write any sort of personal essay or autobiography (of a portion of our life) for the assignment [we read Dave Eggers, David Sedaris, Sarah Vowell, Jamaica Kincaid, Art Spiegelman, and others]. I write quite a bit and I have a lot of ideas in my mind, but I don't know if I can turn then into a five-page essay before Monday.

So, what should I write about?
What would you write about if you were writing a personal essay?

-One of my ideas was to write about working in a bookstore, and all the things I've seen/learned/realized there...lame?
-I was also thinking of doing the autobiography option and writing about my first year of college (two years ago), and also including lots of excerpts from my journals...also lame?
-My last idea was to write about my faith, and also sort of tie that in to my relationship with my grandma who died when I was 15; it would end up being sort of a portrait of my faith...I don't think it would end up like this, but I'm not really a "yay God" type of person. Again, lame?

(no subject)

Isn't Democracy awesome??


Wouldn't you agree that in some places in the world, they don't have as much freedom to speak their mind?


Aren't you glad you have complete freedom to say whatever you want?


And at no point, will your freedom to say what you will EVER be taken away?


Hmm. It smells kind of stinky in here. Did you just fart?


I love that you're all being so honest and using your articulation to say it like it is. One last question. On a scale of 1 to 10, how cool is fourcorners?

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(no subject)


Hi guys,
I'm trying to find a download link for 2 scenes from Harry Potter.

1) Tom Felton/Emma Watson dancing at the yule ball. I think she says something along the lines of "Now I come over to the Dark Side". I have looked everywhere and I have had no luck. I think it cuts to Tom/Emma dancing. SO CUTE!

2) The Draco/Lucius Deleted scene on Chamber of Secrets Special Features.

I tried to rip them myself, but the program fucked up. STUPID THING *kick*.
If anyone can help me with a download of either of those 2 clips it would be gladly appreciated.

Much Love xo.
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Manga question

Other than Gravitation what is some good yaoi manga that's out right now?

Other than Hellsing what's some good vampire manga that's out right now?

Bonus if there's any yaoi vampire manga. *L* Oh and it has to be something available at like Books a Million, nothing that's only available in Japan.
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(no subject)

How do you feel about people/businesses who sell really expensive items and tell you that a portion of the proceeds go to charity? Do you feel that the only reason they're dealing with the charity is to make sales or do you feel there could be some good behind it in some cases? Would you be more inclined to buy what seems to be an overpriced item because some of the money is going to charity? If it's the same item but supposedly 100% or most of the proceeds go to charity would you feel any more inclined to buy it? Would you rather be told an exact percent even if it's really small instead of just "a portion"?
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(no subject)

So what SHOULD people who get food stamps be allowed to buy with them?

ETA: And "anything they damn well want" is an acceptable response, as well as "only vegan, organic food". I want to hear all ends of the spectrum, I'm not trying to say that there is a right or wrong answer, obviously. I've never really thought about it until today.

(x-posted to booju_mooju, so if you see it twice, my bad)
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(no subject)


1. have you ever heard of elan atias?? if so, do you have his cd?

2. how come if i have an away message up on AIM like all night, it will sign me off, and then sign back on without an away message?

3. Who is going to win the world cup?


Exhibitionism anyone?

Let's say there was a high-priced love motel that you and your SO decide to stay at. The only room left was the Exhibitionist room. What makes this room distinct is that it's at ground level, on the street, facing a very busy thoroughfaire section of the city. The entire wall facing the street is glass, without any curtains. The introductary pamphlett explains that the window is completely one-way and from the street, looks like a large mirror. The glass is reinforced, and there's supports next to it to help couples get more comfortable while they take advantage of the...mood. The room is soundproof. There are many people walking back and forth, and a lot of people look your way, but you're not sure if they can see you or are just utilizing the mirror.

Your partner has been in the amorous mood the whole ride over and they want to 'christen' the room and they're intrigued by the window sex setup.

1. Would you try it?
2. When you're not having sex (if you did), do you think you'd walk around naked? Or would you put on clothes and cover up immediately?
2. Does the scenario sound sexy, frightening, or what adjective would you use?
3. Have you ever had exhibitionist sex before? What's the most interesting place you got it on?
4. Have you ever been caught having sex? Who caught you?

crossposted in my journal
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questions about this video

I have 3 questions about this Rhianna video: http://www.muvids.com/rihanna_videos/unfaithful.html

1. How would I find out the name of the actor/model who portrays the piano player and lover? Google has turned up nothing so far.

2. What's the deal with the scene where the lover is in the same restaurant as Rhianna and her boyfriend? Is that supposed to be how they met, with him passing her a note even though she's with her boyfriend? Or is that scene supposed to take place while they are lovers and he just shows up where she happens to be with her boyfriend (all stalkerish like)?

3. Did the director of the video do a good job of creating sexual tension during the scene where Rhianna is singing next to the piano player/lover?

(no subject)

in going thru some charts this morning i came across this name and had to sound it out to realize it said biannca
but the spelling threw me off:


what is the weirdest spelling of a person's name you've seen/know of?
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(no subject)

I'm reading a novel set in 1810 England, and in it, a character writes a letter then sprinkles fine sand over it before folding it and sealing it with wax.

Has anyone ever heard of that practice or know why it was done? I've googled and come up with nothing.
Sean and Julie

For those who work at Starbucks, or just know a lot about it...

I know that they make those Blackberry Green Tea Frappuccino's.

I don't care for them personally, but that doesn't matter at this moment.

What I want to know is....

Is it just a mix with the green tea and the blackberry already together, or is there a separate blackberry syrup?

I like to add different flavors to my white mocha Frappuccino's and I think a blackberry one would be divine!
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(no subject)

Are download managers (like FlashGot, InstantGet, WellGet) safe? Are they capable of saving streaming video to one's computer? If you have one, what do you use?
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semi medical question

anyone know of a skin condition that causes dead skin cells to not flake/fall off as they die?

or of one where a person would build up calus [sp?] really fast? and in odd places?
(like the webbing tween index finger and thumb?)
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(no subject)

Hi folks,

Does anyone know a quick way of generating a friends group that only consists of communities, and vice versa a group that only contains users?

Semagic and LiveJournal's group editor don't seem able to distinguish between the two groups...


Edit: Just to emphasise, I'm after a quick way of creating a single group that *only* has communities in, or a group that *only* has users in. I'm not just after advice on creating groups. I need to be able to create a group (not open a filter) so that I can edit it afterwards and remove some unwanted groups/users.
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(no subject)

1. Do you like rollercoasters?
2. What is your opinion of AC/DC?
3. What are your favorite Yankee Candle scents?
4. What scents do you hate?

1. I love them.
2. I like them if I'm in the mood, but I can't listen to a bunch of their songs straight, they just start to get on my nerves after a while. I do love "Back In Black" and "Thunderstruck" because they remind me of my high school swim team (we were the Thunderbirds and our colors were black and white, so we played them coming out of the locker room)
3. I love Clean Cotton and Fruit Smoothie
4. I don't like scents that are supposed to smell like baked goods or sugary foods, like gingerbread or icing or vanilla. They make me sick to my stomach, with the exception of pumpkin pie.
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Is there anybody who genuinely does not like the taste and/or texure of BROWNIES? I understand that some people don't eat them for dietary reasons or whatever, but have you ever known anyone who just didn't like them?

Is there anything you love more than brownies?

How often do you eat your brownies?

What is your favorite brownie topping? Frosting, walnuts, chocolate chips, etc...?

Favorite mix-in?

An idea of creative things to do with brownies, like something playful festive that you might see Martha Stewart bring to a kid's party?
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Dare I do it?

Should I watch Grave of the Fireflies? I've heard fantastic things about it, but also that it'll make me cry like a bitch. So I'm torn. GUIDE ME, INTERNET!

Also, does it bug you when people don't put polls under LJ-cuts? For some reason, it bothers me, I like my friends page to be nice and clean with no side-scrolling involved.
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(no subject)

Hi, I really want to get a polariod camera... or something to that extent esp before I go on vaca + to college. Now, I'm the typical clueless person when it comes to cameras, so how do I begin?

Recommended models? Or links to sites basically giving me a 411 about everything I need to know?

Are you the one for me? (guys only please)

Are you the one for me?

1. Do you like to laugh? Can you make others laugh?
A. Yes, I’m a laughable comic.
B. I like to laugh, but I can’t get others to laugh.
C. I don’t like to laugh that much, but I can get others to laugh.
D. I don’t like laughter . . . I’m too serious.

2. Do you prefer physical appearance over personality?
A. 75% physical appearance to 25% personality
B. 50% physical appearance to 50% personality
C. 25% physical appearance to 75% personality
D. I only look at physical appearance.
E. I only look at personality.

3. Your idol girl looks like . . .
A. Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen (Extremely Thin)
B. Britney Spears (Looks innocent but knows better)
C. Kirsten Dunst (A nice girl who’s pretty too)
D. Someone who is pretty, but doesn’t have to be super thin or famous.
E. Someone who isn’t afraid to play a sport or two (Athlete)
F. Someone who may have a few extra pounds, but has a good heart.
G. Looks aren’t important to me, It personality that counts.

4. Do you have dreams/goals in life that you’re willing to share with me? Do you want me to share my dreams/goals in life with you?
A. I want to spend my life sharing and accomplishing my dreams and your dreams together.
B. I want to accomplish my dreams/goals alone. I also want you to accomplish your dreams/goals alone.
C. I want help you accomplish your dreams/goals, because I don’t currently have any dreams/goals.
D. I don’t have dreams/goals, and I don’t care about your dreams/goals.

5. Do you have a violent tempter?
A. Yes, I get violent, and I have broken things, and hurt living things.
B. Yes, I get violent, but don’t hurt living things.
C. No, I don’t get violent, but I do have a bad side when I get angry.
D. No, it takes a lot for me to get mad.
E. No, I’m as calm as a cucumber.

6. Would you let me have friends of the opposite sex?
A. You can anybody you want as your friend, it’s your life.
B. You may have friends of the opposite with my approval.
C. you’re only allowed to have friends of the same sex.
D. I’m the only friend you’re allowed to have.
7. Do you like to stay in or go out?
A. I prefer to just stay in.
B. I prefer to go out more.
C. I like both to stay in and go out, it depends on my mood.

8. Do you like to cuddle?
A. I love to cuddle and lots of touch in private or public.
B. I only like to cuddle in private.
C. I don’t like to cuddle that much.
D. I don’t like to be touched at all.

9. Do you like intelligence in a girl?
A. I love to learn from each other.
B. I don’t want a girl smarter than me.
C. I don’t care if she is smarter than me.
D. Intelligence isn’t important to me.

10. Do you like good conversation whether it’s about something important or nothing at all?
A. I enjoy a good conversation.
B. I prefer only to discuss topics that interest me.
C. I only like small chat.
D. I don’t talk that much.
E. I don’t like to talk at all.

11. Do you play a musical instrument?
A. Yes, I can play a musical instrument.
B. No, but I plan to learn to play one someday.
C. No, but I enjoy music.
D. I’m not interested in music at all.

12. TRUE/FALSE: “I believe someone should be straightforward with me if there is something about me they don’t like.”
A. True
B. False
C. I don’t know.
D. I don’t care.

13. If you have to do chores or errands, do you do them right away or put them off to later?
A. I do them right away.
B. I put them off to do later.
C. I do some right away and other things later.

14. If you have an appointment or a date, do you arrive there early, on time or late?
A. I usually show up early.
B. I’m usually there on time.
C. I’m usually late.

15. What is your best feature?
A. Personality
B. Eyes
C. Face
D. Voice
E. Chest
F. Hands
G. Legs
H. Package
I. Everything is so good.
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TQC Favorites

1. If you had to take a road trip with someone in this community, who would it be?
2. If you had to be trapped in an elevator with someone in this community for one hour, who would it be?
3. If you were going to be contestants on the game show Lingo, who in this community would you pair up with?
4. Who in this community would you most be willing to see a movie and discuss it over coffee later?

Unrelated question. I make a lot of humorous posts in my journal. Half the time I get no comments for them and I'm not sure if people read it. I'm sure most of my LJ friends scratch their heads and go onto the next post on their friends' page. It's satire I make up, and I want to expose the post to more people because I believe in it and want to make people laugh. I'm a member of various joke communities, but you can't post an entry there. Do any of you know of any communities where people post random witty, humorous or just weird things?
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(no subject)

1. how come more people commented to the post about BEING THE ONE FOR ME than my SERIOUS question about vodka bidets?
2. do you have a poop schedule? like a time you like to go each day.
3. if you could instantly know a foreign language, which one would you pick?
4. how many times a week do you eat fast food? how about just eating out in general?

Personality Disorders

My friend mentioned to me yesturday, and this made me think.

Is there such thing as multiple personality disorders?

He said that I just have so many different sides to my personality, I can be one person then all of a sudden I'm someone else. I am very unpredictable, I never know who I am sometimes.

We counted like 20 different personalitys that I have, and they are all completly different from one another.

I'm undiagnosed, but I think I have been suffering from depression for years, but I notice that I am not just low, I hit rock bottom and then all of a sudden I feel so high, like being drunk, when I am completely sober.

My mum is going to take me to see a therapist but she keeps putting it off because she has also just been diagnosed with depression and is on Valium. I don't think she could handle knowing her daughter has it as well.

Does anyone suffer from the same symptoms?

I just don't think I can keep going on like the way I have been lately.

I think this comes from the fact I have been abused for 18 years. I am really not sure.

Vegas Movies

What are some movies that are about or take place in Las Vegas?

So far, I've got:
Vegas Vacation
Leaving Las Vegan
Honeymoon in Vegas
The Family Guy: Live in Las Vegas
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous
Me - Valhalla

Boredom bombs.

1) What do you do which is decidedly strange?

2) Read Shakespeare? What are your favourite plays/poems?

3) Any books you recommend, my reading list is getting low.

4) Is a sponsered account worth it? In the long run, I mean.

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Is it possible

I know love at first sight questions pop up in here from time to time, but...

Not love at first sight, but is it possible for two people to have just instant chemistry? Is it possible that two people have many of the qualites and traits that the each is looking for in a S/O?

(no subject)

hey...if that becka girl can hit on our TQC men, i can post two questions in a short time period. yo.

If you could have a meal cooked by any Food Channel chef/cook, who would it be?

If you could be invited to have dinner with any Food Channel chef/cook, who would it be?

edit: inspired by hygher's question.
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There is no method to the madness

1.) Open relationships/polyamory: excuse to whore around, or one of the most honest types of relationship out there?
2.) Which finishes first, your shampoo or your conditioner?
3.) Have you been following the world cup? why or why not?
4.) Last place you visited? What about the next?
5.) Are you often bored? What do you do about it?
6.) Would you consider yourself to be a "normal" person (ie, does enough to get by), a lazy person who likes to leech off other people, or someone who actually tries hard to get what they want?

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Erin Blue

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I love my Green Day. I can't help myself. So...

Which of these songs should be my Answer Tone (ringback tone)?

I'm so darn indecisive.

American Idiot
Basket Case
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Brain Stew
Give Me Novacaine
Holiday (Chorus)
Holiday (Bridge)
She's a Rebel
Wake Me Up When September Ends
Welcome to Paradise
When I Come Around
Good Riddance

Isn't it great to have a whole community dedicated to answering all of life's tough questions for us? :D

Help :(

My (brand new) laptop has completely frozen.
I was shutting it down and it stopped working on the blue 'windows' screen that says 'saving your settings'.

Its a toshiba satellite running windows XP.

What should I do?

Edit: YAY! It's working great now. Thanks for all your help! :D

Baby chicks

Okay, so, I'm housesitting for a friend's family until September.  They have a couple of chickens and a rooster...  I went out to feed them today and there were 14 baby chicks running around.  

I haven't been able to contact my friend, and I'm not really sure if I'm supposed to do anything for them.  Can their mother look after them alright, do I need to set up a special food container for them...  I saw one of them jump into the main food container earlier, but I don't know if all of them have figured that out yet.

So, any advice?
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I was flipping channels a little while ago and saw a good-sized pair of boobs being marked for breast reduction surgery... with blurs on the nipples, of course.

But the camera pulled back, and the boobs were attached to a man.

So why would they blur man-boobs? Do the fundies have so much influence now that even the mere suggestion of female breasts is considered too offensive for television? Ugh...

Party theme - BREASTS

I live in a co-op with 15 other people. we are having a party next weekend and each room has to have its own theme and drink to match. Since the girl who lived in the room before me had a vagina theme, I thought I'd keep it related and would like to have the theme of Breasts, especially since one of my favorite drinks is the Slippery Nipple (bailey's + butterscotch snaps). 
My question is: 
Do any of you have ideas for room decorations or related actitivities?
Can anyone think of boob-related songs?

Friends: Unagi.
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1) The person sitting next to me on the train today was reading a book. It was called Jawbreaker and it was written by a Gary something and a Ralph something. On most pages there were words blacked out and on some pages complete sentences and paragraphes were blacked out. It looked like it had been printed that way.
Does anybody know why they'd do a thing like that? It seems like a waste of ink and paper to me.

2) Today is my birthday. Will you buy me some paid account time? Or something from my wishlist? Hey, it's worth a try.

Edit To the anonymous person who just bought me 2 months paid account time: Wow, thanks! I love you muchly. :)
Second edit: Thank you second anonymous person who bought a whole year of paid account time! I love you even more. :)
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I need about 8 different famous people that everyone knows to use in a party game. Someone that would be easy to act like. Britney Spears is the first person I thought of. Oh and Michael Jackson. Any other people jump to mind?
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My non-lj friend is in the middle of this situation and I am wondering what your comments/input would be.

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Also, in case anyone ever wants to learn anything about russian sign language, i suggest they just go to a search engine and look up "russian sign language" **smacks self on head**

Ferret Shampoo

My sister's ferret, Luna, has recently gotten a case of fleas. I read somewhere that you can use flea shampoo for kittens on ferrets, but I want to be careful of what we use on here. Any suggestions??

EDIT: Thank you soooo much for all the advice so far. :]
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When I mail out small packages for people I usually send things they can use in art because I make art so I have a lot of random fabrics and such for these packages. Now I am mailing out a package for a boy who is not an artist at all. I will be sending some candy and a mix cd but what are some other things I can stick in here? It's just a bubble mailer envelope so nothing too big, please!

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1. Which decade in history do you wish had never happened?
-1980's- YUCK!

2. Should I go out with a group of friends to Applebee's or Sonic?

3. Don't you HATE random police license checks? You know the kind where they back up traffic for miles just they can make sure every person has their license at that particular moment?
-Obviously, yes. I have places to go, and the cops have more pressing issues than license checks, I'd like to think.
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daily mix bag 'o fun...

::: OK, so my computer's sorta outta commission, so my whole daily mixed bag of fun was interrupted yesterday.


1. What was the last strike of "bad luck" you suffered?
me: I got a flat tire last night

2. What was the last new food/drink that you tried? (As in new to you, not necessarily new on the market). What did you think of it?
me: that lipton green tea/citrus tea diet flavor is awesome!

3. What's your worst bad habit?
me: biting my nails (cliche, yeah, i know)

4. What's your favorite adult cartoon (i.e. The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Futurama, and the like...)
I enjoy me some King of the Hill on occassion... but generally I don't get sucked in by these types of shows.

5. What was the last thing of substantial substance that you bought for yourself?
I bought myself a new cell phone yesterday.

6. Anyone tried the new vanilla Frosty's at Wendy's? How do they compare to the original?
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This morning the TV was on in another room and I heard a commercial. A girl was singing "na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye." Then a guy said, "do you always sing that while you're something I didn't catch?" and the girl was like "...yeah."

Any idea what it was for?

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You know how some cars have little stripes down the sides? Can you just remove it by peeling it off? Does it leave sticky stuff? I want to get rid of the stripes on my car but I want to make sure I'm not going to just make it worse.

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Thanks much :D

Linguis Grammatum Stupidum

I have wanted to learn Latin for a long time, and so I bought a book so I could learn it.

Unfortunatly, Latin words are very strict on grammar. And so the book refers to things like pronouns and ablatives and objects and stuff alot. But I was never good at knowing all those terms.

So I guess I need to get to grips with English Grammar first.

Anyone have any tips, or advice please?

(Cross posted to..
thequestionclub, ljgenie, shitty_advice and my best mate, because she does ESOL training (English as a Second Language)

<EDIT: Speeling mistakes.)
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email accounts

Have you ever shared an email account with your partner? Why or why not? Have you had any problems from doing this? ie JoeandMary@fakeinternetcompany.com

I haven't, and have no desire to. It's a matter of privacy and logic to me.

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I recently got married and I'm just now getting around to doing all the name change crap. Soooo....

1. If you've done this before, do you have any tips or things I might be forgetting to do?
2. (For CT residents specifically, I think) Is there a separate DMV form to change your name on a photo ID as opposed to on a license?
3a. For girls: Do you plan on changing your name if/when you get married? How would you do it (hyphenate, drop your maiden name completely, change your middle name to your maiden name, create a new one all together, etc)? Does your decision depend on how you like your partner's last name?
3b. For guys: Ignoring for the moment your partner's wishes, would you want them to take your name? Would you be disappointed if they didn't want to?

4. How awesome is Mike Patton? If you actually know who he is, what's your favorite project/band that he was involved in?
5. Any tips on how to make my feet not try to kill me after being on them for 8 hours? Other than new shoes (cuz I already bought some..). Stretches, exercises, incantations?
6. Do you use LJ memories much? How do you decide what to add? Are you more likely to add your own posts or other peoples?
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Marine Biology?

Is anyone savvy in marine biology?  My family and I vacationed in the Caribbean, and I have some fish and shark species that I can't identify.  :-/

Does anyone know the species of
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kind of fish?  That's a stingray tail in the lower part of the pic, BTW.

How about
Collapse )
kind of shark?  I'm thinking it's a baby nurse shark, but I'm not completely and totally sure.

If it helps, I took both of these pictures in Belize, pretty much within feet of each other.  Thanks if you can help!!

I'm the one that sucks at explaining themself!!! Apologies in advance!

If you knew that someone very close to you was going to die within 3 months, what would you do to remember them? I would get a video camera and record as much of them as possible. But what kind of things would you want to record? What else would you  do to make as many memories and to capture as many memories as possible?

I am a big kid at heart and want to put stickers all over my pc. So if I do this, is there a way to remove them completly a few years down the line if I change my mind? What I mean is, is there a product I can buy that I could rub on to remove them entirely?

What type of Paint/PSP can I download (for free preferably) for use on a Mac iBook?

Where do all the missing socks go? I think there is a black hole and they're all sucked into it!
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so beginning this october, many of my close friends will be reaching a milestone birthday: 21. i decided that i want to do something special and dare i say unique for them. i know what you're all thinking: omg alcohol!11!11oneone/!!1

i don't want to use alcohol as a gift, only because that's whats expected. i want to do something else besides alcohol. (interestingly enough, several of these friends dont drink anyway) and i'm not 21 yet anyway, so i can't easily buy it. also, at least half of these friends are guys, just to keep that in mind.

so my question is this: any ideas as to what to get a good friend, guy or girl, (besides alcohol) for their 21st birthday??
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So there are these silly Applebees commercials where they change the lyrics of classic songs to stuff about their food. The ones on TV have been the Gilligan Island theme and Summertime Blues, but there's one I've heard on the radio that's mostly about their salads but I can't quite place the original tune. What is it, if you've heard it?

Did Keira Knightley get breast implants?

What is your favorite recipe?
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I'm not much of a people person. I don't like to answer phones unless I have to, I'm not good in the verbal communication department, and I tend to shy away from face-to-face conversation.

That being said, how can I learn to come out of my shell and be more social? I'm a musician, so networking is sort of an important thing that I... am not good at. Because I don't know how to talk to people, basically.

In an unrelated question, why the hell is my cat afraid of the flashlight? Every time I turn it on, she goes running down the hall.