June 22nd, 2006

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So I'm going to my theripist tommrow, and there are some things I really should bring up.
Thing is, I don't want to. It's scary an dI'll have to admit thingsby saying them that I don't want to admit.

But... I have to.

Do you have any ideas how I could help myself talk about these things?

I was thinking maybe to jot some notes on some paper now, and give them to her to ask questions about or something.
But... any better ideas?

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Help! I'm on my friend's livejournal and in need of desperate help.

Tomorrow a good friend of mine is quitting so I'm trying to give him a good send off. He recently had a heartattack so the dessert I make him has to be low fat, low sugar, low everything. I decided on strawberry shortcake cupcakes but I followed my mom's instructions. Yeah. I bought frozen strawberries and various berries, put them in water & added sugar. They look disgusting and taste just as bad. They aren't thawed out all the way yet. What in the world should I do? I drained the water out because it seemed as though it was making them mushy. Any suggestions? I'm actually making angel food cupcakes with strawberries/various berries.

It's two am and in five hours I have to be at work with various goodies in hand.

You will be my hero if you help me.
for 65redroses :)

Shopping and Clothing

1. For my own purposes, as I'm unsure- is this really cute, or really stupid looking?

2. Where do you do the majority of your real life clothing shopping?

3. Where do you like to shop online for clothing? For shoes?

4. Do you think your mother dressed you well as a child? Or are you horribly embarrassed at the combinations she came up with?

5. If you could buy one piece of clothing or shoes right now, money is no object, what would it be? (links or pictures are welcome!)

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abby genius

Computer Stuff

1. In Windows XP, is it possible for some files in a directory to be hidden, while others to be visible? In my MSCONFIG/Startup screen, it says that a program is in a certain folder in the Program Files directory, but such a folder doesn't exist as far as I can see, so I'm confused.

2. How do you get rid of a dialer/virus/worm/etc. that the Internet doesn't even acknowledge as existing, but you know it does? In the MSCONFIG/Startup screen, anyways, since I can't find it anywhere else.
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1. I have insomnia and a job that makes me wake up at 5:20am. Which is better for you- getting no sleep at all, or tossing and turning and getting one or two hours?

2. Do you take sleeping pills? Do they work for you? I don't take them b/c I was afraid of becoming dependent, but a doctor told me ones like Lunesta don't do that.

3. What do you do to stay awake when you're very sleepy? Just the usual coffee? Any other tips and tricks?


1. I love grand theft auto. Liberty City Stories just came out for PS2 - should I get it? It's only $20.

2. I have a tiny splinter on the end of one of my middle fingers. Any tips on splinter removal? It's too small and embedded to tweeze and it's driving me crazy. Also, what's the worst splinter you've ever gotten? I was decorating our xmas tree before the wood floors were redone and I got a huge - like 2 inch long - splinter in the ball of my foot.

3. Do you have a vacation planned for this summer? Where are you going, what are you doing? I don't have any plans right now, but there's a tentative plan to visit Austin TX in early september. My husband is going to Victoria BC with his dad for a week.

4. Do you abuse the snooze button on your alarm clock? How many times do you hit snooze before you get up? Do you set your alarm earlier just so you can have snooze time?

5. Do electron micrograph pictures of bugs freak you out? They freak me out, but I'm fascinated by them and can't stop looking.


1. I have a new cell phone (yay for birthdays!) and have discovered how to make ringotnes on the computer to put onto it. What songs do you think would make awesome ringtones?
2. What do you think would make a good text or voice mail message alert?
3. Hypothetical - My old music selection was accidentally wiped, what are good songs to build it back up?
4. What is your current favorite song?
5. If you had enough money to go wherever you wanted for however long you wanted, where would you go and why.

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This is killing me. I'm listening to Mazzy Star-Fade Into You. Why is this song so familiar sounding? Was it in a movie? This song makes me SO nostalgic... it's going to bother me until I figure out WHY?!!?


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How could I help myself lose my voice? I'm currently on the cusp of losing it...it feels all rumbly in my chest and i'm a little bit raspy. But if i were to full blown lose it then I wouldn't be able to do my job!! Which would be a party in itself!! Maybe I could go home..stocked up with ice cream and a flick!

Oh, and what do you like to do when you are home sick?...besides the obvious-vomiting into the toilet and writhing on the bed in pain.

When you were little did you miss school a lot because you thought you were sick but about mid-day you realized you probably weren't because you were having so much fun home alone??

-I did!! I always thought I was sick in 5th grade because on the first day of school a kid vomited right in front of me so for the rest of the year before school started in the morning I would always be nervous about seeing someone else puking which made me feel like i had a stomachache. thus mother let me stay home.!! yay!
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1. There's a show I really want to see on July 1st in Philadelphia. I just went to buy tickets this morning, and they are sold out. I don't want to pay a ridiculous amount for a ticket. Would you drive 2 hours to Philadelphia without a ticket? If so, how much would you pay a scalper for one? Or would you just buy one for $85 off of ebay?

2. What are the best skin care products for a 25-year-old female with combination skin?
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pores... PORES

So. It is always freezing where I work, to the point of autumn clothing year-round, and every time walk out into the heat from the building, I literally feel my face tighten, like my pores are closing up for good. This makes no sense to me, because I think my pores should be opening up like craters, in order to releive the face from so much heat.

Does anyone else feel like that when going from cold to hot? What's your theory?
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I have to go to a meeting today for my informal internship. It's not that far from my apartment, but it's not walking distance, either. Oh, and it's drizzling outside today.

My options are:

a) ride the bus. It won't be super fast, plus I'll still get while waiting for the bus and walking from the bus stop to where I'm going.
b) ride my bike. It will be just as fast, if not faster, than the bus. Downside is that I will get wet. However, I could bring my backpack and a change of clothes.
c) I could drive, but it's a waste of resources. Plus, I'd have to pay for parking.

Which would you choose?
Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA


I can't remember it, and in trying to answer the "favortie quote" answer I couldn't find it.

It end something like, "...to, bow, to bend, but never to break."

Ideas, anyone? Google failed me.

writing sounds

What is the term that describes writing uot a sound... For example, if I type "hm HHMMmmm hmmhmm hmm" when someone hums a tune or something like "My car made a funny noice, it sounded like rrr...rrrrrr....rrrrrrr.RRRKKKKKkkKKKKschhh.", what is the termto describe that?
EDIT: It's onomatopoeia. Used to be one of my favorite words. Can't believe I forgot!

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I hereby dedicate this post to seanutbutter.
1. Ever been to Disneyland? How many times? I live pretty close so I've been there a lot.
2. What about Calfornia Adventure? Yep.
3. Favorite rides? Matterhorn, Teacups, the Maliboomer and the ferris wheel.
4. Least favorites? Haunted House really bores me.
5. Last time you went, who did yo go with and why did you go? I went in March with two of my friends because it was someone's birthday.
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flying... boarding pass

I have a flight today. I need to check in and print my boarding pass but my internet isn't working (using my phone to ask this).

I know I can go to the airport and check in there, but can they print out a boarding pass for me when they do that? Or should I go to kinkos or something?
petit prince

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I am a lovely and lonely Lady who is looking for the man who will make
me happy and whom I want to feel like in paradise with!
If you want to be my beautiful Hero who will save me from this
loneliness find me
and wake me up with a warm kiss.


1. are you galina's beautiful Hero?

2. what would you do if someone called you his or her beautiful Hero?

3. do you know the difference between who and whom?

4. bonus edit! anybody click the link?
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Is it weird (or unusual) for a credit card company to send (what I presume is) a renewal credit card 6 months before the old one expires? Details: It's a Capital One Visa. The new card has the exact same account number on it, but I never requested a new one. Like I said before, the old card expires in OCTOBER. Also, I was "upgraded" to their new points program, so maybe that could be it?

Normal? Strange? Should I call Capital One and see what's up?

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The Situation: I got a call from my friend inviting me to go to the movies. It's an end-of-the-school-year thing, and lots of people will be there.

My mother is using this as an opportunity to treat me like shit. She's been yelling at me all day, knowing that if I respond negatively or if I fail to do something, then she can keep me from going.

If I go to the movies, then she will very likely hold it over my head in the future, but I will manage to get out of the house for atleast a few hours.

Or, I could call my friend, and tell him that I'm "sorry, but simply can't make it." She wouldn't be able to hold shit over my head, and I could lock myself in my room and watch movies. The downside is that I'd be stuck in the house again- and she might actually yell at me for not going. (weird, I know, but it has happened before.)

If you were in my position, would you go?
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1. Do you play Neopets? If yes, how long have you been on and which pets do you have? What's your biggest "achievement" on there?

2. Which, if any, animated/Disney movies make you cry?

3. Has anyone been to the Yorkshire moors? Is it absolutely enchanting?

4. Do you like Loreena McKennitt? If yes, what's your favorite song/album of hers?

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What's on your grocery list?

Bonus points for a picture!

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I admit, this is a cheap shot for me to a) see your handwriting and b) get ideas on what to add to mine.
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Are there some names that irk you due to unpleasant experiences with someone bearing that name?

1. What names are there, that if you met someone of your sexual preference with that name, it would be a dealbreaker and you wouldn't date them?

2. Are there any names that, if you met someone bearing that name, it would already count as a negative impression and you're more inclined to not like them, purely because of their name?
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Do you have a secret?

If yes, what is it? I promise I won't tell anyone ;)

If no, what's the biggest secret you've ever had, or the biggest secret anyone has ever told you?

(Comment anonymously if you want)

LJ Lapdancing

This will be a strange post, so have fun with it and don't take it very seriously

1. What celebrity would you like to get a lapdance from? I'm thinking female, since I'm not sure what a male lapdance is like, but I suppose you can use male if the idea of a girl in your lap is horrifying

2. What celebrity would you like to give a lapdance to? Male or female here

3. What member of this community would you like to receive a lapdance from?
kate walsh [ponytail]

Guess where I was today.

Do you belong to a gym?
Do you actually go to the gym?
Do you have a specific routine you stick to each time you go?
If so, what is it?
Are you comfortable enough with yourself to walk around the locker room completely naked in front of strangers?

Inspired by a previous post...

1. What is favorite amusement park or theme park? Why? [Mine: Morey's Piers]

2. Favorite Waterpark? Why? [Mine: either Ocean Oasis or Zoomflume]

3. LEAST favorite amusement park? Why? [Mine: Great Adventure- by far]

4. LEAST favorite water park? What?

5. Favorite place to go over the summer?

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i think it's totally unamerican to pass by a little kid who has a kool-aid stand in his front yard and NOT BUY kool-aid from him...

it should be mandated in a world wide law or something like that...


you ever sell lemonade/kool-aid on your own or w/friends?
sell anything else?
did you have fun?
make decent money?
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2 - I didn't quite get hear that

the things you learn at conventions

At a discussion panel I kinda got trapped in due to a friend,. they were discussing end of the world nutrition. When cannibalism is viewed as bad for its unhealthy properties you can have hufu (a human skin alternative) instead.

Now, would any of you actually eat hufu?
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Every weekend during the summer there is a high school fundraiser carwash going on somewhere in my town. They raise money for whatever it is they need by washing cars.

The boys are usually the ones washing the cars. The girls stand on the street corners in shorts and bikini tops with signs, trying to get people to go to the car wash.

My question(s):

If you were/are the parent of one of these teen girls, would you mind if they did this? Would it bother you? Would you be concerned about their safety or the image they are presenting?

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what time is it where you live? and what are you doing at the moment (if anything other than reading livejournal)?

it's 3:45pm here, on thursday. and i've taken the day off work... to work my butt off on a review article concerning gender differences in parental adjustment to childhood cancer. not that i expect that to be interesting to many people except me.
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To go along with my last post...


I need some suggestions on how to leave on good terms from a job.

(My husband is working right now, wants to quit for next Friday for he can come back to Canada and be with me for this summer)
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What color is your bra today?

What color are your undies today?

Do you wear you bra multiple times before washing it? How many times?

Do you wea-- I won't ask.
petit prince

hai, plz help me make life decisions, thx

ok, SO, i found the most fun and wonderful pair of glasses in the world today and i want to buy them very badly. HOWEVER

1. the place that sells them doesn't take my insurance and it looks as though none of the places that take my insurance sell this brand, so it would be $200 out-of-pocket just for the frames

2. i am, errrr, about $3k in credit card debt, which i'm trying to pay ~$1500 of by the time i have to leave my job (end of july)

3. i also am going to have to pay a few hundred dollars for dental work within the next month

4. i have two pairs of glasses already, one black metal, one brown plastic


they are so cute. and i'm leaving the country in september and will either be too poor to buy them or unable to find them anyway.

so, if you were me, what would you do?
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Question Mark

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Hi folks,

Anyone got any great tips for washing trainers (sneakers)?

I have a pair of Adidas trainers that I love, which are only about 3 months old, but aside from stinking to high heaven they are filthy as well (it doesn't help that they are a kinda creamy coloured suede).

I would prefer to machine wash them somehow, but not sure if that's possible.

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kitten pounce ball

LJ Friends

When it comes to LJ friends, do you prefer to have people who have as much in common with you as possible, or do you like reading people who are different than you?

I like reading people who are different than me, but I have had a lot of people unfriend me because they thought we didn't have anything in common. I dunno...I just think it's more interesting to read people who are different.

(no subject)

1. Assuming you didn't have either, which would you rather have: digital camera or video camera

2. If you had the opportunity to cheat on a test and you would get away with it, would you cheat?

3. Do you drink bottled or tap water?
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Who do you want to win the World Cup?
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How did you get into football/soccer and how long have you been watching it?
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Do you root for your own country? And if you do, who do you root for if your country is eliminated?
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Who's your favorite player?
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Let's try to avoid flame-wars, we're all football fans here! ^__^
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Self cleaning

(no subject)

Do you like rain? Does the temperature outside influence whether or not you like rain? How about thunderstorms?

How do you deal with day to day stress? What about job related stress? What is your favorite way to wind down at the end of the day and get yourself to relax?
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(no subject)

1. What is the absolute best cleaner for removing tough stains from car upholstery (fabric-type)? 

2. Does anyone else really not give a rat's tail about the World Cup? The whole WORLD seems to be bananas over it!
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rider tied

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Is there a place (an LJ community,website etc) where I could look up a movie and find out if it has any scenes of rape?

My friends get really annoyed at me asking if movies have these kinds of scenes, and I don't mind being spoiled, it's just that I can't watch rape scenes in movies because it give me horrible flashbacks, so I try and avoid them wherever possible, but when it's a new movie, not a lot of people know.
If there is something like this, I'd love to know. It'd save me a lot of time.
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Red head

(no subject)

I recently started using the new hair glaze for dark blonde's. It actually works well for me. However I was wondering... Just because I'm weird like this. Would it be safe for me to put it on my eyebrows? Assuming I'm cautious about making sure it doesn't get in my eyes, of course.

Completely unrelated now. What is the difference between gel nails and acrylic nails? All I've managed to find online is that they're made of different things. Is there a benefit of having one instead of the other?

(no subject)

Are MAC cosmetics available at department stores or just MAC stores? I'd love to get some, but I hate online shopping and according to the MAC site the closest store to me is an hour away. 

Edit 1: Since I wasn't paying attention to the site, I now see that there are, in fact, only five locations/two cities in Indiana that carry MAC cosmetics. So the question still stands: Are MAC cosmetics even worth the money and driving an hour to get?

What brand of cosmetics do you recommend (particularly lines that offer bold eyeshadows)?

Edit 2: Looks like if I want some MAC products I'll be going to either Fort Wayne or Indianapolis. I'm pretty aware of how to spend a day in Indy but tell me, how might I spend a day in Fort Wayne? I'm not about to go one hour to spend an obscene amount of money on makeup and do nothing else (granted this trip itself is probably not going to happen until I have more spending money).

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Does anyone have a prepaid or non-contract cell phone (specifically TracFone)? What Carrier? How do you like it?

I'm getting a credit card for emergency purchases when I turn 18. I'll be a college student with no credit, and I would like to build up credit with it as well. Is it possible to get a credit card with no annual fee and no % on purchases? One that only charges you if you miss a payment (so you're basically paying nothing more then what you purchased if you pay on time)? What's the best credit card I can get?

What is your favorite hair styling product? I adore Sheer Blonde Funky Chunky and Redken quick dry hair spray.

I want to hold a really small graduation celebration (yay, I actually did it!). It's just going to be my parents, my sister, my aunt, and three or four friends (basically, only the few people who believed I could pass). Other then getting a cake, what should I have at the party? I will spend some money, but I don't want to go all out (like some of my friends, who are renting a CRUISE SHIP). I don't want my family and friends to be bored out of their minds. There's a huge yard, a volleyball net, a gazebo, etc.


Secret Shopping

I am thinking of applying to be a "secret shopper."  I've found two websites, but you have to pay a $20 fee to work for them.  Is that legit?  Could I possibly find someplace where I don't have to pay?  I'm wanting to get this squared away now so I can have time to apply for jobs elsewhere.  :D

Additionaly, does anyone have any experience in such a field?  Thank you!!
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How many email accounts do you have, and if you have more than one, are they each used for a different purpose?

I have 2 email accounts. One is for family and friends only, and the other is for LJ and other websites that require an email address. It's also used to email my grandmother, because for some reason my other email address doesn't allow me to do so.
  • libram

Girly Question: Yasmin

I just started taking Yasmin last Friday. Suddenly I have a 100.3 degree fever, and I'm weak and nauseated as anything. Is this a common side effect for getting used to BC methods? I've heard of nausea and vomiting, but is fever one of the side effects too, or is it just a happy coincidence?
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jesus stick

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If you believe in the rapture, do you think you'll be picked? What are you doing to prove yourself worthy?

And if you don't believe in it, are you helping little old ladies to hedge your bets?

Here's what got me thinking:

What if the rapture already happened and this kid is the only one who got it right?


MSN emoticons...live??

Okay, SOMEONE has to know this!

I am trying to find this hilarious website...it's all these pictures of some random guy acting out MSN emoticons. He's really good at it...it's just hilarious.

WHAT is the address? I don't even know what to Google in this case, haha.

All I remember is that he was Asian and his name might have been Chris. Might.
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1.) Do you ever have casual sex or one night stands?
2.) What do you think of people who do?
3.) When was the last time you had sex?
4.) Most partners you've had in a month?
5.) How old were you when you lost your virginity?
6.) How picky are you about who you sleep with?
7.) Any other comments?

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  • pinkfu


Why do you suppose my cat just randomly decided to start licking the wall and door jam?

The wall is clean.
There is no soap or anything left on it.
We have no other cats.
There is nothing new on this area.
Where he is licking is far too low for either of us to have touched or brushed against for any reason.

He just started licking the wall a few minutes ago. Like... happy "this is tasty" licking. I keep stopping him, he keeps going back to lick the wall.
sweet dee mothafucker

(no subject)

All of my wisdom teeth have grown in or are growing in at the present time. I keep having awful headaches and I can't close my jaw all the way. It even seems my teeth have shifted a bit but this might be because I overthink things. Anyway! I can't go to the dentist right now because on Sunday I will be gone for 5 weeks at an art program. What medicine can I use or what can I do to dull the pain? Serious answers only, thanks.

(no subject)

For those who use the Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer:

How well did it work for you? I have a pretty fair skin tone, but want a slightly sun-kissed look without that weird orange color, think it would help? Also, did you wait for it to fully dry before putting clothes on, if not, did it stain your clothing?

That is all :)

music n' stuff

1. Gun to your head - who is your favorite band of all time?

2 . How knowledgable are you about this band?

3. Is there another band you know more about, but don't love as much? If yes, who?

4. What band have you seen in concert the most times?

5. Does your favorite band have any kind of phrase applied to their fanbase? Like ICP has the Juggalos or whatever. 

6. Are there people related to any of the bands you really enjoy who are partially famous, like roadies or merch guys or relatives?

7. Best concert related experience you've ever had?

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