June 21st, 2006

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How do you say orange? How about horrible? Florida? Where are you from?

I say all three with an "or" sound, and so does everyone I know, but my mom is from New Jersey and she says all of them with an "are" sound.

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inspired by something earlier, if you were to make a tqc survey, what sort of questions would you put on it?
i'll start...
why are bacos so good?

(when everyone stops replying, i'll compile it and post it so everyone can fill it out if they want)
EDIT: oh, never mind. i didn't completely read through the other post in my scanning the question club haste...disregard this post...i'd cross it out if i knew how...
Freakin' Out Here!
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The owner of my apartment complex is doing an inspection (wtf?) of all the units in my building this Thursday. Where the heck am I going to stash all of my dead eBay hookers?
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Roommates: Age difference of 20 years

I have a prospective roommate for if I pursue moving out of state early next year, and it isn't at a school or base or anything; just merely an apartment or townhouse. We are both females but I will be 19 then and she will be around 41 or so. This has a few of my family members concerned (or confused), although I justify the age difference by remembering it's not going to be permanent and I don't think either of us have romantic intentions. I was wondering if this scenario seems to raise that many red flags? What are the possibilities, do you think? Is it reasonably reasonable for a woman of that age to be that comfortable living with someone of my own age? We share tastes in music and interests and what not... I obviously am not yet familiar with her lifestyle habits, but maybe that's the whole point of trial-and-error? Should I go through with this?
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Poll #752538 Dinnerrrrrrrr

I have made some delicious cheese sauce, what should I serve it with?


I am hungry and I can't decide so you must make the decision for me, wonderful TQC people.

Eta: I'm going with the broccoli. :D

Enlighten me.

I overheard my friends talking about the song "Proud Mary" by Tina Turner/various other artists and their covers.

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Please, settle their escalating arguement and answer me this: What does this song mean/link to? She said rolling joints, he said it was a soul thing. I refuse to get in between the two because of dramadramadrama and pfleh.
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she blinded me with science!

Stand and deliver, for I am the bold deceiver!

1. In music, what's the word for lyrics that don't mean anything, like "na na na na"?

2. Is the chorus of the traditional Irish song Whiskey in the Jar an example of #1, or does it actually mean something? I've seen several different versions, so if they do mean something, I'm guessing it's a corruption of something else.

Musha ring dumma do damma da
Whack for the daddy 'ol
Whack for the daddy 'ol
There's whiskey in the jar
waiting to sing

Prescription Drug Question

Now I understand why medications like Morphine and Codeine and the like are prescription only. But why is something like Allegra? Years ago I took Tavist for my allergies, and it was by prescription only. But now you can get it over the counter. Why not Allegra?
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Okay. Is it rude to, on discovering that the bathroom is occupied, wait outside the door?
I mean, I've done it everywhere- dorms, airports, a house with one bathroom and 4 people- generally waiting your turn in line is standard... but my roommate just left me a cranky note about that and other things, saying I should stop that because it's RUDE.
Edit: both times (somg I've doen it twice) she was brushing her teeth. So I walk bleary-eyed into the bathroom, small scale heart attack becase there's someone in there, back up and wait in the alcove between my room door and the bathroom. It's not like I have my ear to the door lsitening to her pee.

I also hate that she uses 'picking up those bags' as an example of soemthing I could do to help out around the house. I don't shop at the place those bags are from, and her cat puts them on the floor, not me.

Last night my boss emailed me to check on something, and finished with "see you tomorrow at 10". I normally come in at 9, but I came in last week at ten because she told me to(becasue she had stuff to do outside the office in the morning). I emailed her back to check but she hasn't responded.
So! go in at 9, and risk the door being locked, or show up at ten, which would kinda be her fault there...
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I just got a wedding invitation in the mail, and I'm stumped as to what I should wear. The RSVP says "Attire is Dress Casual" which I would usually interpret to mean nice dress slacks and a decent top. From the invitation though, it seems like they might be talking more casual than that. The wedding is being held on a farm owned by the bride's family, and I don't know if it's outside or what. The invitation is also pretty informal. For example, it says "Please RSVP so we'll know how much meat, taters, and all the fixin's to gather." I don't want to overdress and look uppity, but I don't want to show up looking like I was raised in a barn, even if the wedding ends up being held in one.

What would you wear?
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Poll #752981 Everybody Poops

Did you know that the children's book "Everybody Poops" is being made in to a movie?

No shit? (pardon the pun)

What do you think of this idea?

Funny but stupid
Will never work, Paul Provenza is insane.

How often do you drop a load?

More than twice a day
Twice a day
Once a day
Once every couple of days
Once a week
More than once a week
Once a month
I haven't dropped the kids off since the Clinton administration

Ew, what?

In between

This poll is


Have you ever been constipated?

Yes, but rarely
Yes, all the time

Have you ever farted in an elevator?

Yep and I claimed it
Yep and pretended it didn't happen
Yep and I blamed it on someone else.
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So I recently sent my iPod in to get a battery changed, and they told me that my problem was that the hard drive needed to be replace. How can I avoid this in the future? What could I have done to mess it up?
waiting to sing

Prescription follow-up question

Thanks for all the responses on my previous question. Now a follow-up. I found a Canadian website (several really) that sells Allegra without a prescription. My question is, are those medications the same as what I would get in my US pharmacy? Thanks!
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cannolis & gps

Poll #752883 Cannolis!

1. Do you like cannolis?

they're okay
I've never had one

2. I recently got a Magellan Roadmate. Whenever I try to install it in my car with the windshield mount I can't get it at an angle where I can see the screen at all. The screen is always pointing downward. It was obviously designed for SUV windshields, and I don't have an SUV. Is there any way I can fix it? Has anyone had similar problems?

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I need to go grocery shopping.  It seems whenever we go shopping we buy the same things and have the same things for dinner .  I'm a vegetarian who eats fish and my husband eats meat, but not many vegetables, so we make things that can be veggie or meaty. We usually have these things: grilled fish with a veggie, chicken (for him, when I have fish), tacos, breakfast burritos, spaghetti, vegetarian chilli or enchilladas.  Do any of you have *on the easy side* meals that are interchangeable between vegetarian or meat filled?

Also, we never have a good "stock" of things in our cupboards; what do you HAVE to have in yours? 
***On a side note, we both work between 45-50 hours a week, so I don't want meals that take 3 hours to make please.  Thanks in advance.

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I'm trying to round out my DVD collection, and having a bit of confusion. Can someone tell me what exactly 'slim set' means? There's no apparent distinction between that one and this other than the prices, and that seems a bit off. I did some Googling, which told me that the slim sets are just packaged differently (slimmer, whoda thunk it), but do they have the same special features?
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I tried looking online and at Best Buy to figure this out and ended up with a hundred dollar piece of crap so I'm coming for personal recommendations.

I'm looking for something that can take the video off a vhs tape and put it on my computer.

I'm also looking for something (other than Windows movie maker) that I can use to make music videos. Nifty effects are very appreciated.

Bonus if they're the same program. I forget the name of the thing I bought but it was awful and has never worked right.
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1 - What age do you think I should stop putting posters on the walls of my house and start putting 'grown up things' like prints and pictures etc?

2 - What age are you ?

3 - What do you have on the walls of your bedroom (if you stay with your parents) or your living room (if you've left home)

4 - What's the best revenge you've ever got on someone? Or just some general ideas for getting some revenge?!

5 -
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6 - I'm in Scotland and I was wondering how many hours before the flight is it that you need to check in at the airport? I thought it was four hours but I'm not too sure.

Thank you all very much!!!

eta - my age is on my userinfo BUT NO CHEATING!!!! ( I know, that I get annoyed with a question like 'how old do i look?' and then I never find out the age!!! hehe!)
pete polaroid

sunless tanners

Does anyone know of any cheap sunless tanners that don't have that orange glow to them?
I think Clarins makes the best self-tanner with Estee lauder in second, but I don't want to spend that $ right now.
I am only looking for body, not face, so I figure it would be better to use the clarins face I already have, but wanted to cheap out for my legs...any recommendations?
My skin tone is caucasian, but very very dark already..like a golden olive color. (i don't really look "white" per se to begin with)
thanks u guys :)

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oh, fer cryin' out loud!!

i type the day's date at least 30 to 60 times a day...if not more...

and every freakin' time -
i give a blank stare to the screen and wonder what date it is...

i need to be smacked between the eyes w/a freakin' calendar!!

what do you easily forget?
what have you forgotten today?
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Old School

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I start college this week and my first assignment is to write an autobiography. I can usually write up a storm, but I'm at a loss as to how to start the darn thing. Opening paragraphs have never been my strong suit.

So my question is, how would you start YOUR autobiography? What details about yourself would you include?
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Poll #753128 Let's build a coworker

Say there's a new opening at the desk most adjacent to yours at work, or if you're not working at the moment, this is pertaining to your next job. What gender would you prefer your new cubicle mate to be?

Female, like myself
Female, which is the opposite gender
Male, like myself
Male, which is the opposite gender

Age type you'd prefer them to be

Younger than you.
Around the same age
Older than you by 10-20 years

Which would you prefer them to be like?

Very quiet, to the point where I hardly notice they're there
Quiet. More of a good listener and not much of a distraction
Some middle ground between quiet and chatty
Talkative. I like to talk and it would be good to have someone similar
Very talkative

Pick 3 traits you'd prefer your coworker to have

Attractive features
Knowledge. I'd like someone who knows more than I do in case I have on-the-job questions
One common interest
An attractive body
Fun. Always wants to be doing something interesting
Active social life, so you can either live vicariously through them or maybe get invited along
Sexy wardrobe
Thoughtfulness. They'll do things for me now and then because they're nice
Attends a cooking class and usually brings to work some food they prepared for a grade because they have no room in their fridge
Keeps to themself a lot. Isn't friendly or unfriendly. Just kind of there. Keeps out of your way
Has little respect for authority but enough sense to keep their mouth shut around the boss. This way, you can joke about the boss or others behind their back
Family person, either a new mother or father. You talk about kids or families a lot
Invites you out for dinner or to the local bar after work at least once a week
Knows one fascinating skill inside and out, like guitar playing or yoga, and wouldn't mind teaching you a bit during breaks

You would prefer this person be:

In a relationship. There's more to talk about since I'm in a relationship
Single. We can do singles things together and complain about being single
Single, because I might wanna go out with them
Who cares? They could be making porn in their basement and I still wouldn't give a crap about their personal life

(no subject)

1. Are you listening to music right now? If so, what song?

2. How many hours of sleep did you get last night?

3. Have you ever been hypnotized? Why? If it was to get over some bad habit or something like that, did it work?

4. Can you crack an egg with one hand?

5. Have you ever finished the song 99 bottles of beer/milk/whatever drink on the wall?

6. If you were all alone at night and suddenly your window broke and you saw someone/something run inside your house, what would you do?

7. After you die, would you rather be remembered for the bad things you've done, or forgotten completely?

8. How do they get a ship in a bottle??

9. Is your computer mouse or keyboard wireless?

10. If you could choice how you die, other then 'peacefully in your sleep', how would you like to go?

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okay guys. I'm at work. one of our computers won't turn on. I am the most tech savvy of the three of us, and have popped it open and blown it out with a can of compressed air, but to no effect.

What I know: The monitor works, so it's not an issue with the power strip.
pressing the power button causes no reaction. none.
After plugging it in, and for about ten seconds after unplugging it, a faint clicking can be heard from a box marked "no user serviceable parts"- it appears to hold the fan, and the power supply.
And, uh, maybe I'm just dense or maybe this is the glaringly obvious problem, but I can't find the hard drive, unless it's in with where I think the power supply is. the empty space underneath the CD drive worries me.

It is a Compaq deskpro, I think it was running windows 2000 or 98. It is Intel pentium (blank). it has a horizontal CPU. It is -that- old. The floppy dish drive doesn't work, and the CD-rom drive I beliiieeeve doesn't work.

so... where should my hard drive be, for one, and any suggestions as to what's wrong?

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Now that we know who you'd like to work with, who would be the LAST person you'd want to have as a cubicle partner?

Born-again who leads every conversation back to Jesus, even the work-related ones
Quiet guy, doesn't say much, but has an NRA sticker on his wall and spends his lunch hour reading through Gun & Ammo Monthly and earmarking pages
Office tramp who makes it a point of sleeping with any cute guy in the workplace, regardless of their availability, and won't take no for an answer
An idiot who has real problems doing aspects of their job and is always asking you routine questions. They also have zero interest in retaining this new knowledge and will just ask you the same question the next time the problem arises
Gossip. Can't stop talking about everybody's personal lives, even when you're all supposed to be working.
Like Michael from The Office; thinks he's got a great sense of humor and is always telling you jokes and waiting for a response. Unfortunately, he's the most unfunny person you've ever met, and when you don't smile, he tries harder
Recently divorced older person sees you as their rebound fling. Conversations are sprinkled with innuendo and unwanted invitations for sex. They're not attractive
3 pack a day smoker. They smell like an ashtray, even from across the room
Drama llama. No matter what happens, this person interprets the situation as yet another incident of someone intentionally dissing them, concocts scenarios out of random acts, and everything is blown out of proportion
Unhygeinic person, who wears grungy mismatched clothes days in a row, raging halitosis and greasy hair
Lackey kissass. It's disgusting how much brownnosing they do, they'll say anything to get the boss to like them, even if it means pointing out poor behavior in a coworker
Manic-depressive who doesn't believe in medication
Doughy, dumpy, shy person who has a crush on you. They'll leave small tokens of their affection on your desk and you think that they stalk you on your lunch break
Complete snarky bitch who's passive aggressive towards everyone
Stoner who often comes back from lunch high and asks that you cover for them regarding some chores that they can't deal with while stoned. This happens at least once per week

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Who do you have auto insurance through, and how much (if you don't mind me asking) do you pay? Any one in particular that you would suggest?
I am currently looking at $970 for Allstate for 6 months and $1600+ from progressive. Same coverage on both. Help? I don't really want to pay at least $970 for insurance for 6 months. Just doesn't seem quite... fair.
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what's the trick to embedding youtube video links on livejournal? when i copy and paste the link into a journal entry, it does not seem to work. any hints? thanks!
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What are some pranks I could pull on my father?

He just sprayed me with the hose, unprovoked, so I wanna get back at him. I already hid all of his tea (to which he is addicted), but I need some more just in case he retaliates. Any ideas?
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So I'm participating in a writing challenge where you have to write a monologue from the viewpoint of someone who is not considered normal by society. I've decided to go for the big one and write one from the view of someone who is in a mental institution, confined to a padded cell.

I have tried to google this, but I'm not sure what it is I should be looking for. I've been in a padded room before so describing how it feels being in there is going to be no problem at all, but I'm having real trouble trying to figure out how I would write this girl so that it's clear she's insane, but I don't go over the top.

Now, just for a bit of background, this girl sees things. Violent things. She could look in the mirror and instead of seeing her normal face, she would see a skull with the flesh dripping off of it or something. She sees regular people walking around not as people, but living corpses. Taps suddenly start dripping blood instead of water and the floor turns from a regular tiled floor to a snake pit. Pretty grotesque, messed up things really.
This is an ambitious thing for me to try and do and I have some ideas, I'm just not sure how to write it so that it doesn't sound over the top. Any suggestions? Any tips for googling so that I can maybe find something that would help me better?
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do you get scared easily?


the one night I was at work. I deliever newspapers. so I passed a path with my bike and there was this old man standing (I met him before). of course I got scared because I didn't expect somebody standing there at 2am and he was amused, that I got scared! I will also jump when suddenly somebody makes a sound.

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1. Someone (not a real friend, just someone who sent you a friend request at random that you accepted) leaves a comment on your MySpace with one of those glittery things. You hate those damn glittery things with a passion. Do you delete the comment?

2. My parents owe me somewhere in the neighborhood of $500. They recently switched from cable to satellite, which cost about $100 (dish, receivers, setup...).  We don't need satellite (hell, we don't need cable for that matter, but I digress). Now Mom's considering getting a new car. After past careless investments I've asked Mom how we can afford this stuff and when I'm going to get paid back (I've got bills, too!). She just tells me money is tight and that I need to get a job. Then my stepdad gets all family man and says, "This is a family. We're supposed to support one another" and all, and I really do feel guilty for asking to be repaid. I mean, I do eat the food and use the utilities, too. But I can't help but feel I'm being pretty ripped off.
So should I keep coughing up money when bills roll around or put my foot down next time they take a random drive (burning gas) or buy an extra case of soda?
Edit: This is all money they've asked for with a promise to pay me back. I have no problem helping contribute my fair share, but when I hear, "Hey, can we have $50? We'll pay you back Friday" and come Friday (after Friday after Friday) I'm still $50 short, I get frustrated.


1. What is your favorite outfit on the opposite sex? Pictures?
Right now I'm bed-ridden and I've decided something: the best look for a man is nice-fitting dark-wash jeans with a nice belt, an untucked (printed) button-up shirt and a suit jacket over it.

2. What is your favorite outfit on you? Pictures?
Black camisole, low-rise jeans, white 'Spain' jacket and NOSHOES. EFF SHOES. :) I'm too simple to put together an elaborate outfit and plain stuff worksjust fine for me.

3. What do you think your 'stereotype' is? What do other people think?
Geek chic. "Average".

4. How long have you and your SO been going out/married/in your relationship?
Uhm. X.x 20 hoursish.


many psychologists say that men go for women who are similar to their mothers or sisters, while women go for men who are similar to their fathers or brothers. i definitely agree with this since i can see my father & my brother in all of the romantic relationships i've been in. (that sounds creepy & incestual, but i assure you, it's not). anyway, i noticed the other day that all of the guys (four) i have been with romantically or sexually have been lefties. my father is a lefty. do you think this is just a coincidence?

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My best friend is going to Costa Rica in 4 days. What are some things I can put in a 'care package'? I was thinking paper type things that won't be too big. I already have a crossword puzzle with words I picked out, a maze, and some origami.
I have tons of pictures of us I could use. Ideas?
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I started a cashiering job last week. It has 7-8 hour shifts and I have to be on my feet the entire time. Because of this, my feet hurt a lot. I bought some Dr Scholls inserts for my shoes but they haven't helped at all.

Anything I can do to to help my feet?

Any specific shoes that are good for people who are on their feet a lot? I currently have a pair of Skechers, which i'm sure aren't made for such wear and tear.
New Camus

Totally random questions

1. I busted my own lip (don't ask) about 4 days ago, and it still hurts like CRAZY. Is there anything I can do/put on it to make it feel better or heal faster?

2. If you watch Adult Swim, what is your favorite show?

3. What's your favorite cereal?

4. Do you eat cereal with milk or dry?

5. What's your favorite zoo animal?

6. Do you consider Virginia to be "southern"? What about when compared with Georgia or Alabama?

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Me--State Fair


Does anyone know of a free file hosting site that will host a file at least 700 MB big, up to 1 gig, that WON'T freeze in the middle or have the upload fail if you leave it alone?
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(no subject)

1. I changed my username last night. Quick! What did it used to be?

2. If you're Australian, how often does the Great Barrier Reef come up in conversation/life?

3. How long does your hair take to dry?

4. What was your favorite kind of gel pen?

ETA: Have you ever had someone say your hair/eyes were a different color from what they actual are/you consider them to be? Does it happen a lot?

My answer: Not really. I have blue eyes and brown hair, and that's pretty clear. But someone thought for a long time that my hair was red and my eyes were green. What's worse? This was my boyfriend. Is that weird? Because I think it's really freakin' weird.

(no subject)

1.What is your favorite specific color? Not just "pink" or "orange" but a specific shade. I like blueberry blue, tangerine orange and a specific shade of green which I can't find a word for. It's kind of the colour of that mint jelly stuff only different.

2. Okay, so I want to change my myspace background. Yeah yeah, like it matters at all and I know myspace is evil but I get bored with layouts easily. So which one of these images should I make my new background? They'd be tiled.
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[if you care]

1] Toskala or Nabokov?

2] Something I don't get - why are dreadlocks associated with hippies and potheads? Because they are too stoned to wash their hair or what?