June 20th, 2006

The Receptionist Classic


I love my friends.
They fed me and gave me lots of wine this night. Because I found out some baaaaaad news about my 'boyfriend' today. Thank you, friends, for being there for me tonight. (Forgive typos, if there are some - I am about a bottle and a half of wine down. I know no heartache tonight.)

What was the last rad thing your friends did for you?
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this only applies to people from Ontario, Canada;

When you turn 16, are you supposed to get a photo healthcard to replace the red and white? I've found conflicting answers to this and I have no idea what is right. Help!

(no subject)

So I was working at the library, when this lady came in with a small girl (maybe like 7?). She sat for at least 15 minutes just telling the girl that she was going to beat her later, and that she was worthless and disrespectful, and she was going to get her ass belted and she got nothing but water until she learned etc.
I was... shocked to say the least. I told the other lady I was working with about it and they said they couldnt do anything about it unless she hit the girl in the library.
But is there something I can do? If I get her name (assuming she comes back) can I report it to the police? Will they do soemthing? Should I tell the kid to call the cops if they hit her?
I know this isnt really my problem, and I should probably forget about it, but it really bothers me to see this, and I really want to help.
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Anniversary gifts question

Okay. What sort of things are appropriate for a first year anniversary (of dating) gift?
(Girl buying for boy) I don't want to make a huge deal out of it, but I'd like to get him something he'd like, anyway. People keep saying jewellery is traditional. I was just thinking a box full of random stuff that has to do with things we've done, injokes etc.

He's heavily into heavy metal, books, and technology. Anyone got any ideas?
what would noel edmunds do?

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Okay i was just sat outside in the garden and i swear a snail just fell out of the sky.

Is this possible? It fell quite heavily and it must have come from somewhere. But i am so confused. It's half four in the morning so I doubt anyone threw it in.

Also what are your tips on writing a CV?

What are the kind of things you are supposed to put down as skills?
Viking boat

Does this sound like flirting?

My husband keeps getting these e-mails from this woman at his work. He e-mails them to me as he gets them. He doesn't reply, because obviously he isn't interested. He says it probably isn't flirting, but I think so (not that it matters).

Tell me your opinion - does it sound like this lady is flirting?

"I love your follow ups. they are fun to read. mainly because i am not
so detailed."

"so how has your day been? what are you doing for lunch?"

"Hey! i just wanted to let you know i'm excited bc you just finished
the last number to call on my list so it makes me happy!:) now i can
start a NEW list!"


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I'm wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday today. I have to go back to my college and (hopefully!) finish registering for classes. What are the chances anyone will notice and/or care that I'm wearing the same exact thing?

Do you ever notice if someone is wearing the same clothes as the day before?

1. I'm guessing no one will, but I need reassurance so I don't feel weird.
2. I never notice what anyone wears unless it was really neat or really out there. And if they're wearing it the next day, I don't care.

Cleaning services

What's your perception of people who hire cleaning staff to clean their house? Do you know anyone who does?

If you hire a cleaning service to clean your house, why, how often, and do you like it?

If you don't hire a cleaning service, why not (expense? principle of the thing?) Would you ever consider hiring a service like that?

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omg! somebody help me please!??!!?!?

I got 2 kittens last week and they are from the same liter, but the smaller one will. not. stop. crying!!! I feed it wet food, I fed it formula, I gave it water, I played with it, the other kitten plays with it, but it won't stop. He's active, climbing on things, walking, playing ect. But I don't know what's wrong.

do any of you have any thoughts? also, do you know of any kitten communities i can join??


kompyooder's ar tricksy

i have a dual usb g3 ibook and she's my boo for real, but she doesn't have a dvd drive. there's one on ebay that's from one of those colorful clamshell g3s, would i be able to install that into my computer?

and how difficult is it to do such things? let's take into consideration the fact that i'm pretty inept when it comes to computer hardware.

and is that a good idea in general? would it work reliably? i'm too poor to buy a new ibook, but i'm trying to make a few improvements on mine before i leave the country for a year.

danke schön!
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(no subject)

Have you ever had a free hair cut or color from a student? I've been looking and there are a lot on Craigslist in my area...it's very tempting, but I don't but to end up bald and bad looking.
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(no subject)

I feel pretty ridiculous asking this, but:

How do you learn to talk about yourself, to open up? Talking about relatively superficial stuff of mine is fine (what school, what program, interests, the stupid thing that happened friday, etc.), but whenever I try to talk about me, my brain freezes up completely.

A slightly less weird question: Suggest some lyricists to me in the vein of Destroyer, an artist whose lyrics rock.

Bonus brownie points if you tell me of an artist like Rufus Wainwright who isn't from the Wainwright family.
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(no subject)

So, how much money are you willing to spend on something like a haircut? I used to go to the 12 dollar hair cut places, but I always had anxiety attacks before going in, was never really happy, and never really got what I wanted.

So, on a recommendation of my cousin I started going to this stylist/cutter who has his own little place and he's fabulous. I told him what I wanted and he did exactly that... it's a great haircut, I just went for the second cut. (before, yes, stupid picture I know...and after 1/2) The problem is, he's EXPENSIVE! Well, to me anyways. I don't mind paying for good services, but 100 dollars every two months is kind of crazy. That covers cut/style/tip.

So, it's a great haircut and I really don't spend much money as far as beauty stuff is concerned -- should I fork over the money every few months, or try to find someone cheaper to touch it up??

And along the same lines, whats something you splurge on???
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misc - cemetery

Work is boring.

1. How do you get to work? How long does it take?

2. From where you live, can you see stars (at night, obviously)?  What sort of area do you live in? (rural, urban, suburbs)

3. For ladies who shave: what type of razor do you use?

4. Have you ever called someone the wrong name, or been called the wrong name? Not necessarily in bed, but that works.

5. How much sleep do you get at night? (assuming you sleep at night... if you sleep during the day and work at night.. well, that.)


1. I drive, and it used to take 15 minutes because I had to drive through a school zone, but now that school is over it only takes 10.

2. I can see Orion and a couple other bright stars.  I live in the DC metro area, I would say suburbs but it's actually a pretty big city that just happens to be outside of a much bigger city.

3. I've tried the Venus Divine, Intuition, and Quattro.  I can't decide which I like best.  Intuition is very convenient and saves time since I don't have to use shaving cream, but it doesn't seem to work very well.  I feel like it's easier to shave with the Quattro because I'm less likely to cut myself and it takes fewer passes over the hair to remove it.  But the Venus Divine is the only one that can shave my knees and ankles, although I cut myself with it rather frequently.

4. There are three kids in my family and my parents can never keep our names straight.  Usually I'm Eliza-Erin-Katie.  The other night I got Karen (a mix of Katie and Erin).  AND this isn't exactly what I asked, but last weekend I left my favorite stuffed animal at my boyfriend's place so last night he was saying I would have to sleep with my second favorite, and he accidentally called it the name of his ex's stuffed animal instead. Hah.

5. I usually sleep from about 11:30 or 12 to 6:30.  Lately I've been having trouble waking up though, I need to start going to bed when I get home from rehearsal at 10:15!  A few months ago I was surviving just fine on four hours of sleep a night, but now... I'm an old lady.  *sigh*
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The other day, I was out with some coworkers and my boss was talking about his son's birthday party. He said that there were girls running around using the word "friggen" instead of "fuck" and he was appalled. He stopped them and told that if they knew the real meaning of that word they would not use it and that they should use "fuck" instead because it is far less offensive.

I've tried googling but perhaps I am not spelling the word is he saying correctly. Could have been frickin, friggan, friccen, etc. I've tried every spelling varient I can think of with no offical looking results.

What does "friggen" mean? Is it really far worse than "fuck?"

I would ask him but, I haven't gotten the chance yet and this was over a week ago. And he told us he wouldn't tell us the meaning in mixed company because of the offensiveness of the word. He spent a lot of time in Europe growing up and his wife is Eurpoean if that makes a difference.
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I am having horrible cramps right now. They haven't been this bad in a while. I took medicine, but it's not really helping. I don't have a heating pad.

So, ladies, do you have any little tricks you use to ease the pain of menstruation?
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Anything I know about computers is self taught through trial and error, so bear with me if I sound real dumb.

I have this computer that was given to me, so its kinda mis-matched parts and stuff, Im not sure how old it is. AMD processor.
But one day, I turn it on, and POP. So, didnt work. Go to poke in it a week later, and it turns on, but nothing happens on the screen, no start-up, or anything. (it wasnt the monitor)
Again, I throw it aside to look at later. Next time I get around to it, I turn it on, and not only is there nothing on the screen, but its beeping as though I dont have something hooked up right.
So I replace the power supply, And still the beeping. And I'm pretty sure everything is plugged in right, but I could be wrong.

Sorry, I know that was long, but do you have any suggestions? Or perhaps a checklist of things that need to be plugged in?

Give a dog a home

(no subject)

If you received a $90 check (refund of an accidental double payment that you had no idea about) by surprise, what would you spend it on/buy? (NOT BILLS)

ETA: And not saving it either, k.
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teen girl squad

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How often should the coolant have to be replaced on a car?

My check coolant light came on in my car this afternoon. I'm just curious as to how often this needs to be done since I had huge coolant/engine/radiator problem semi-recently, and I also just had my yearly inspection a month ago.
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I feel completely stupid because I know this has been asked before, but where's the link to the thing that will make your journal friends only?

Also, my parents are on their 24th wedding anniversary this year, and my sister is graduating from high school this year. I don't have any idea what to get them, even just generic items would be fine suggestions. I had one idea and it failed miserably.
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Does magnetized jewelery really help with aches and pains? I did way too much knitting this weekend and am paying for it now. Even Aspirin isn't helping. So the bracelets my grandma gave me are pretty much my last hope. :-/
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How are you supposed to separate frozen veggie dogs?

I tried today and it took me about ten minutes.  I had to run it under hot water after awhile, which just made it mushy and gross, then I had to try to pry it out with a knife for awhile.

Is there an easier way?
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(no subject)

okay i'm buying a laptop for college. and i don't know what i'm doing.

i want a mac. that's all i know.

what should i get? or be aware of?

edit: i don't really have a budget and i'd like to download massive amounts of music as well as write the occasional paper.
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Who would win in a fight..

1. A moose VS a hippo?

2. A caveman VS an astronaut?

3. Jesus VS Hitler?

4. Superman VS Voldemort?

5. Spongebob VS Gumbi?

6.  The Grim Reaper VS Santa

7. Wanda and Cosmo VS the Tooth Fairy?

8. President Bush VS Invader Zim?

9. Michael Jackson VS Kelly Osbourne?

10. Hilary Duff VS Linsey Lohan?

11. Volvo driving soccer Mom VS Republican Porn star?

12. The Offspring VS Aerosmith?

13.  Pink VS Kelly Clarkson?

14. Halloween VS Christmas?

15. Greese 1 or Greese 2?

16. Furby VS Tamagotchi?

k.. I'll stop now.. lol
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I'd never heard of homeopathic treatments until recently and I've been googling, wikipediaing, dictionarying, reading the information packets... trying my damndest trying to understand how the hell this works or what is actually IN IT. Not because I'm wooried but because the idea is just so strange to me.

For example, Hyland's Teething Tablets (♥) are a homeopathic substance to relieve the pressure of incoming teeth and its effects such as crankiness, irritability, night waking, etc....

But what I'm gathering from what I've read it that homeopathy treats "like with like" by giving the body more of what it already has in order to push it to heal itself. Is that close?

But regarding the teething tablets...wtf? It's not like they are giving her more teeth as the description would imply... so what IS in it that makes it homeopathic?

And what are some other examples of homeopathic treatments?
petit prince

as per a request....

here is a question for you all........

i shall think of it now...............

do you use ellipses responsibly? cause i sure don't!

how about apostrophes? i sure do!
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(no subject)

How do you deal with group projects at college? What should I know about group projects in general?

I seem to have the worst luck. It's my first oral presentation in my first college class with the first group I've ever worked with and I'm hating it already. The other four people in the group are rude, disinterested, and uncooperative and I'm stuck with them. None of them really speak to each other, and everything I said was met with a blank or hostile stare. I have no idea how to deal with this!!
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(no subject)

How did you find TQC? Was it recommended by someone or were you looking through a profile and clicked the link? If so, who was that person?

Do you like comment spamming people? Do you like getting comment spammed? (ETA: Comment spamming meaning commenting back and forth with one or more people about a topic or topic generally not related to the post.)

What do you know about your fellow members of TQC? (Yes I know it's been asked before, but it always produces some interesting results.)

Do you identify people by their usernames, icons, or a combination of both?

Do you have an e-crush on any members of TQC? (If you're feeling brave, who is it?) Are there any members of TQC that you'd like to have on your friends list, but just haven't asked? Who?
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Animayed Greys - Bad Day
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Okay so...

So I'm host to a sinus infection and am wondering what is the best way you know of to get rid of congestion?

--edit-- : I've already visited a doctor and gotten anti-biotics, so don't worry about that part :)

(no subject)

1. Last song you listened to? Would you recommend it?

2. Last non-alcoholic beverage? Alcoholic?

3. Last thing that made you swear out loud (or, if you don't swear, last thing that made you use a strong word reserved for times of elation and/or extreme frustration)?

4. Do you think it's cheesy, when going to a concert, to wear a t-shirt with the name of the band who is playing on it?

5. When is your birthday? How old will you be the next time it rolls around?

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(no subject)

Do  you ever feel like you have the worst luck in the world? Is there a black cloud over your head?

(My roommates and I are feeling this way this week.  First, we got a summons from a campground we stayed at last weekend fining us $400 for a bogus charge. The same weekend, our landlord had AC installed, we found out this weekend it doesn't cool the apartment at all.  And today, our toilet started leaking allllll over the bathroom)
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Toshiba Laptop

I've been offered a two-year-old 17" widescreen Toshiba laptop for a thousand bucks. The specs are pretty good, and it's a really good price for what's being offered.

Now, I've read that some Toshiba satellites from around 2004 are defective, and that alot of carriers marked them down ridiculously cheap just to get rid of them, because of the defect. Does anyone know which model Satellite is the defective one? The model I have is psp30c-rv200e.

I've tried looking up reviews online, but I haven't had much luck. Can anybody help?
Me--State Fair

engagement, marriage, divorce, music

How long before a wedding is the engagement announcment usually published in the newspaper?

How long after the wedding is the wedding announcment usually published in the newspaper?

About how long after a divorce is legally final is that published in the newspaper?

Is there a song you just find so beautiful it nearly makes you weep? For me, that's the song I'm listening to. Why that is, I don't know, but it touches me somehow...
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(no subject)

Is there anyway I can send an email but block my Ip address?

And how do people find out where you are when you send a certain email. I'm trying to stay away from certain people but they found out where I am. Eek. Help please :)


My 5 year old just exclaimed 'Mom, are you having a muffin for dinner!?'

I told her yes, Hailey I am.

What are you having for dinner?
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Happy Pride '06!

To my fellow GBLTQ (gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/queer) people, are you celebrating Gay Pride month?

If so - what are you doing?
Why do you celebrate pride, and what does it mean to you?

If you're a straight ally and these questions are applicable to you, feel free to answer as well!

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My daily mixed bag 'o fun.

1. What's your favorite scent/smell?
Me = love Candies calogne, campfires, and pearberry lotion (my best friend used to wear it all the time)

2. Tattoos - cool or uncool?
Me = cool, if they're done tastefully, have a meaning, and don't cover your whole dang body.

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how artistic do you consider yourself?
Me = about a 6.5 (i'm pretty creative, which lends itself to being artistic sometimes)

4. When was the last time you slow danced, and with whom?
Me = a friend Shannon at the bar about a month ago

5. What's your ideal pizza? (Toppigs, crust, etc...)
Me = nice doughy crust, lots of cheese, and mushrooms and sausage

6. What professional athlete do you idolize the most?
Me = Joe Montana, former Quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers

(no subject)

Does anyone have cell phone service from liberty wireless? How is it? 300 minutes for $29.99 sans contract sounds like a good deal. TOO good of a deal.

What are some flowers/plants I can plant that smell good?

What makes you feel good, or what do you do to boost your mood?

What songs are inspiring? What songs make you happy? What are some good uplifting "start of your life songs"? I personally like Ben Lee and Chris Isaak for all of the above, so feel free (biased) to make like suggestions.

Who are you rooting for in last comic standing? (psssst... it's on at nine tonight on NBC)

What's your favorite exercise? Favorite outdoor activity?

What are you goals for this summer? (mine: Learn Italian, be outside at least an hour a day, and get a part time job)

If you could vacation any where in the United States, where would you vacation? Why?
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Health made easy?

I need to start exercising. For those of you that don't like to exercise alone, how do you MAKE yourself exercise alone? I really only like team sports, but I need to learn to run or something I guess, because team sport opportunities just really aren't presenting themselves to me (or they're soccer...which I don't like). I have rollerblades, so I think I'm going to start rollerblading up and down my street (because the impact from running hurts my knees). Now how do I make myself do this for more than a week?

Also, I want to eat healthier than I do. Does anyone know any good 1-2 serving recipes (dinner and whatnot) that are healthy? (The only restriction being that I don't eat cheese or fish. I don't eat cooked vegetables either, but if they're IN a dish that has other stuff, that's fine).

I am just going to go through my pantry and give away my unhealthy stuff and replace it with granola bars and fruit and the likes. Any other advice for a die-hard snacker whose trying to cut down on the cheezits and chips?

Also, how do you buy fruit and vegetables and eat healthy cheaply? I'd say most of the reason I eat chips is because they're so gosh darn cheap. It makes my wallet feel good. Yogurt doesn't cost much, but I really like to BITE stuff, you know?
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(no subject)

1. Do you honk your horn at inept drivers or do you yell obscenities at them from your enclosed car?

2. What's the most idiotic thing you've ever seen a driver do?

3. What is a good, effective, relatively cheap vacuum?

4. Are you currently sick?

5. Has anyone else ever taken Hydrocodone? Is it SUPPOSED to make you ridiculously sleepy and/or weak?

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(no subject)

Question 1 - Do you thiink a baseball cap would be pretty much safe to wash in the washing machine? I'm just a bit concerned about the skip which feels like cardboard. Its really dirty and in need of a wash so do you think it'd be okay?

Question 2 - Second question. Going on holiday soon and the way its gonna work out we will be spending at least 15 hours in the airport between flights. What do you suggest we could do to occupy ourselves other than the obvious sleep, read and listen to ipod?
hoops and yoyo

(no subject)

Does it bug you when people don't cut their cross-posts?

My answer :

Omigosh yes!!! So much!!! (Unless its just posted to their personal journal and a comm, but posting to like .. ilovecars, carsrock, carsareawesomeomgwtfbbq, cars_r_cool, cars_r_us, cars4u*... throw a cut in. At least one person is going to see those more than once. Courtesy people!!!

*No idea if these are actual comms or not. they come from my brayn.

(no subject)

Ok, so. Now that I haven't been sleeping much, nor have I been eating much. What is wrong with me? Why have I not been eating nor sleeping much? This has been going on since... last Thursday night.
gnome child

(no subject)

Two completely unrelated questions.. 

1.  How long does it take for your bladder to fill up?
I have an ultrasound scheduled and they said to come in with a full bladder.  However, I don't want  to have to hold it for hours or anything, so what's the least amount of time you think I can get away with?

2.  Are there any credit cards that offer skymiles that DON'T make you pay a member fee??

All about me


Ok, happy people. I need your help.

I'm on myspace. Yeah, I know. You don't need to tell me myspace sucks, so please don't.

Seems like every single person on myspace has the same exact survey on their page. I want a survey that is new and unique. I don't want: "Which do you prefer? Lipton, or nestea?" "Do you like thunderstorms?" "Do you have a crush?" "Thoughts first waking up?" blah blah blah blah blah.

So, help me think of new questions. I'm gonna take the best questions from here and post them as a survey on myspace. And probably in my journal here too because... why not? And you can all steal the survey when I'm done if you want.

So..... If you could see any question on your friend's survey, what would you like it to be?