June 18th, 2006

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This is probably a dumb question but I'm taking digital photos to get printed from the litlle machine at target, so do they need to be RGB or CMYK? I'm only confused because they upload from the camera in RGB and don't people often print straight from their camera? but for print on paper it would be CMYK.

I have noooooo idea how photo prints are made.
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Two things.
1. I'm looking to work out my lower abs. Crunchies and leg lifts seem to only work out my upper abs. Any ideas/positions so I can work out my lower abs as well?

2. I'm also looking for weights that I can have at home. Looking for bar weights so I can do some bench pressing. Any ideas for something that isn't outrageously expensive?
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This guy who comes into my cafe all the time left his bag there today accidentally. I peeked inside to make sure it was his, since I didn't see him leave it, some other customers brought it to the counter. Anyway, in the pocket I checked in I found his school ID, and the book Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep, which I also happen to be reading.

Is that extremely strange or am I just crazy? Seriously what are the odds that we'd both be reading a book from 1968 at the same time??

Have you ever found out you were reading the same book as someone? Do you find it nearly as exciting as I do?
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I'm having my high school graduation party next Friday. My mom suggested that I give out superlatives to my friends, so I've decided that I'm going to get a whole bunch of categories and have people vote at the party then give out the awards.

So my question is that I was wondering if you guys could help me come up with some categories? Since you're all smart and creative people, I figured you people will come up with something good.

The more unique the better!

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1. Have you ever bought a refurbished item off of Amazon before? (What was your experience like... Is it worth it? Or should I just pay extra and get a new one?)

2. I am deciding between these two cameras:

A. Fujifilm Finepix Z1

Casio Exilim Z6

Camera A is $200 refurbished, Camera B is $225 new.

Anyone know anything about cameras and want to give me advice? (I basically want a decent camera mostly used to just print out small pictures...) The two cameras seem to be similar on paper - anyone own either one of these cameras and want to share their opinions? Help me decide!!!
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Usually my questions have a theme, but not today.

1. How do you pronouce "worchestershire," as in worchestershire sauce?
2. Do you use the public library? How often, and for what (internet use, books, movies, music, etc)?
3. Do you play WoW? For your main, what server are you on, and what race/class are you? What are your professions?
4. Is there anything good on tv during the summer?
5. What clothes (or lack thereof) do you sleep in?

Also, thank you for the people who advised me about carpet cleaning. I think we're going to rent a cleaner first and see how that works, then call in the pros if necessary.

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Brian's mixed bag 'o fun...

1. Bowling - fun or not-so-fun? 
I love bowling... Always have a blast when I go.

2. What is a stereotype that you find others often have of you? Explain, please.
I'm big/overweight, so people make all your typical "dumb, lazy, fat" stereotypes, when I honestly don't feel that most pertain to me. Sometimes I think people assume I'm uneducated when I actually have a master's degree.

3. What is your favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe? 
Definitely my t-shirts, all of 'em.

4. You've just won a HUGE prize to your favorite restaurant, an "Eat here for one whole year FREE" prize. What restaurant are we talkin' about here? 
Quaker, Steak, & Lube... the greatest chicken wings ever

5. What one quality do you like the most about your mom? your dad? your best friend?
My mom is very crafty/artsy; My dad's sense of humor; and my best friend, Joy, her overall personality. Gosh, I love that girl!

Credit Card Tips

I work in a small restaurant. Today has been subject to much upheaval and drama after our boss introduced a surprise new rule: In order to afford the fee to the credit card company, he is making servers give him 3% of their credit card tips. This has come as a complete surprise to all of us and most of us feel it is unjust. I have worked in seven restaurants and never even heard of this.

The way I see it, as a business owner, he is in a compact with the credit card companies: they help him facilitate a wider variety of customers by allowing him to accept plastic money, and in exchange he pays them the fee. He has complete freedom to raise prices to permit this fee or whatever--Servers on the other hand have no responsibility for the type of currency used and cannot choose how much is charged to the card. The customer, by writing an amount in the tip area on the reciept, says "I want my server to recieve the following amount of money for the services they have provided me." It is not the server's responsibility to pay the credit card company.

I have searched online and in most states it IS technically legal to deduct this fee from servers' tips. But is it right? What do you guys think? As customers, would you feel dismayed to find out that the tip you left was not fully given to your server? Have any of you servers encountered this situation before?

I know three percent is not much, but it adds up, and people have been quitting over this issue and all sorts of drama has arisen. I'm curious as to what TQCers think.

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1. What word(s) do you have trouble saying/pronouncing (or can't say at all)?

2. What is the last movie you saw in theaters? How much was the ticket? Was it worth the money?

3. What was the last car in which you rode?

4. What is the dumbest question you've been asked lately?

5. Who is your favorite stand-up comedian?

6. What's the strangest thing you've seen lately?

7. What was the last thing that made you breathe a big sigh of relief?

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And in regards to my earlier question, I'm pretty sure the Louis Vuitton bag isn't genuine. I've not looked terribly close yet, but it seems pretty shady.
Oh well. It was still only fifty cents. haha :)
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1. What have you discovered recently?

I found out that Funyuns + ranch is very good. One of these days, ranch dressing will take over the world.

2. What other "odd" stuff tastes good with ranch?
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Hi llamaclaire. My brother died suddenly last night. I am very sad. I don't know what to do but will you climb with me lots. I may cry a bit.

This guy, Will, is a 30ish-year old whom I boulder/sometimes climb with. Since I started climbing with him, not just bumping into each other in the bouldering area on a Wednesday afternoon, (and since he got my contact details), he's sent me some...odd messages. Things I kinda think, I dunno, aren't quite appropriate. I don't trust anyone, and I really wouldn't trust him...just cos something makes me wary. It could be me being paranoid, it could be a complete overreaction to think that an email saying "I had a great time climbing with you today =)" is a little creepy (seriously though, nobody does that, unless you're hitting on someone and just went out for a date or something)

Anyhow, got the message at the top at quarter past midnight last night. I need to reply with something to say

a. my condolences for him and his family and

b. to tell him to back off a little.

But am I overreacting? Should I wait until the drama of his brother's death has diminuished a bit before telling him to leave me alone?

I don't want to stop climbing with him necessarily, but not outside of the original Wednesday afternoon session, and I don't really want to hear from him so much if it's going to be weird. Something about his phrasing always makes me shudder. Plus he's invited me to see his house (because it's under construction and I need photos for architecture stuff) before, and I've politely declined.

Argh. What to do?

EDITED to add: I'm only 17.
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1. do you think any modern* music artist/band has had more mass appeal and popularity than michael jackson? if so, who? and why do you think that?

2. for anyone who has $/£.02 on the matter- do you find that americans like the beatles more than brits do? i ask because none of my british friends are particularly huge fans of the beatles, while i know lots of american people my age who really love them. i mentioned this to my roommate and she didn't think that was the case in general

*since someone (coughyessirmrsircough) needed clarification on "modern" i mean within the last ~century. not mozart or something
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There is a photo on the internet somewhere of a city covered in advertising, but the words have been digitally edited out. Does anyone know of this photo and can I have the link? Thanks.

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What's the song that goes "Na na na na na HEY, na na na na"?
I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but that's the only part I know of the song.

I looked up that line in google, and it gave me The Nylons - Kiss Him Goodbye, but I just downloaded it and it is definetly not it.

If it helps, it was on the Simpsons episode where Selma is getting married to Sideshow Bob, and at the wedding, when Reverend Lovejoy asks "If there's any reason these two should not be wed, speak now, forever hold his piece, blah blah" and we hear what Homer is thinking, and it's the above line of the song.
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A friend and I are going out to look for a place to rent for the first time, but we're not sure of what questions to ask the landlord. If there's a list of questions on a site somewhere, I'd love to see it. If you just have a list of questions in your head, I'd love to hear those as well. Thanks for all help!
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In honor of Father's Day!

Inspired by smellmyfeet's question earlier...

For those of you who have a good relationship with any father in your life (be it your dad, step-dad, grandfather, uncle, husband, etc), what makes this person a good dad? What do you especially cherish about your relationship with this person?

My answer: My dad worked his ass off to take care of us when we were younger. He was in the Navy, and would go to school at night so that when he retired from the Navy, he would have a job to support us. He's honest, loving, intelligent, and has a great sense of humor. He's also really blunt, which can be both good and bad. Over the years, I've appreciated his honesty instead of getting emo over it, and have found that his advice is helpful when I finally started listening to it. He is a keen judge of character and has helped me analyze situations that I didn't have a lot of experience in. He does a lot for me. I really enjoy the time I spend with him when we go running together. I've been running with him since I was eight, and I miss it a lot now that I'm in college and have lazy-ass friends who don't do any form of physical activity.
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Joyful Joyful

Okay, I know I didn't make up the lyrics to "Ode to Joy" as I know them. Does anyone else know the song, but with these lyrics?:

Joyful, joyful, lift your voices
All creation, everywhere
Hearts and hands cross sea and land,
Come join us in our fervent prayer

Every land and every nation,
Strong and mighty, meek and mild,
Help us build a world of peace
For every woman, man and child

...?? Seriously. I found maybe one reference to these lyrics when I googled it.

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01. Do you play pool?

02. Have you ever been a member of a league or joined a tournament?

03. How long did it take you to get to that level?

04. What advice would you give to a beginner?
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Spice quandries

I'm completely wiping and restocking my spice supply, since we're moving and it's as good a time as any to do it. I haven't done much cooking in the last few years since my kitchen is *tiny* and just ... crap, but the new house has a very large kitchen (and is 25 minutes from the nearest grocery store), so I'm going to be doing a lot more cooking.

I've had nothing but good experiences with PureSpice.net in the past, so will be buying my replacement spices from them. If you had $100-$150 to stock a basic spice cabinet from there, what would you consider necessities? I'm horrible at such things, and my reaction would be to just buy one of everything, since I tend to cook wildly disparate food and can't shop by, say, 'Mexican spices' or 'Chinese spices' or whatever as a result.

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How come on Mothers' Day there were like 4000 questions about Mothers' Day, but I have only seen one about Fathers' Day?

ETA: Why did my printer just print ~25 pages of total hooey? Still don't know WHY, but at least it's fixed now.
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Players on MLB teams today have a blue ribbon embroidered on their uniforms and are wearing baby blue wrist bands in order to remember Father's Day and the fight against prostate cancer. On Mother's Day players used pink bats to commemorate the holiday and the fight against Breast Cancer.

Do any other major league sports do things like that? I only watch baseball, so I hear about those things and foundations that players have started and I was curious if other leagues did that too. For example Joe Torre's Safe at Home Foundation gets a $1,000 donation from this one company for every homerun a Yankee hits at Yankee Stadium. Is that most common in baseball or do you just not hear about these things unless you follow the particular sport?
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Do you have anyone on your friends' list who sometimes terribly irritates you?
Why do you keep them on your list then?
What is it about them (without making it obvious) that bothers you?
What did you do for father's day?
.the game is on!.

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1. What present did you get your father today?

2. Would you say you're a generally pessimistic or optimistic person?

3. What's the longest book you ever read?

4. How do you think the world will end?

5. Inspired by watching the program Mega- Tsunamis last night; How would you react if you saw a 1,600+ foot wall of water coming towards you?

6. Your favorite dinosaur?
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Foolish saying

Am I the only person who feels that the saying "opposites attract" is totally with out logic?

Common ground is what binds people together.
People list what they like in personal adds to attract those with similar interests.
You never hear someone say "OMG I met the greatest guy, we have nothing in common!"

Now I know you do not want to be a clone of someone. But having more common ground than not is allot more attractive than having next to no common ground.

Or does the phrase mean, opposite personality types?

What's your take on that age old saying?
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I was supposed to work for three hours today, but since things were so slow my manager sent me home after two hours. As I was clocking out, a co-worker told me "Y'know, it's illegal for them to pay you for less than three hours." To which I oh so coherently replied "Buh?"

My question to you is, have you ever heard of this? Did my manager break the law? If she did, what should I do about it, if anything?

I don't really care that I only got two hours today, last week I was working 7 1/2 hours a day, 6 days a week. Imma get a fat check no matter what. Also, I live in illinois, if that makes a difference.
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I broke the brakes (maybe?)

Calling all bike folk!

I finally got my hands on a used bicycle. How can you pass up free? Of course, it needed some minor fixes - new tires (they were in sad shape) and new brake pads. (Don't worry, I went ahead and replaced the tubes, too.) I've got it all back together and lookin' spiff except for one teeny tiny little problem.

The front brakes won't work right. (They worked just fine before I loosened 'em to change the tire and pads. So it is something I did or did not do correctly.) I can squeeze them and they work fine, but then when you let go... they don't release.

What could be the problem?
And how might I fix this?

The rear brakes work perfectly, so I could - in theory - ride and just go with the rear brakes. But I'd really like to have the front ones working properly. Hopping down to pop them open again every time I brake isn't going to work, you know?

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broken knife from walmart

I'm not entirely certain what to do in this situation, if anything so I came for a little advice.

I'm not the sue-happy type or entitlement bitch gimme-gimme attitude, but today I was cutting potatoes for mashed potatoes using a wal-mart brand knife. It came in a three pack of knives and it's meant to be a cutting knife, not a steak knife or anything like that. But when I went to cut into the potato today (after a few months of use with this knife, mind you) the plastic handle had a a large chunk come off and the metal blade of the knife bent up and back, giving me a rather deep cut in my hand. 

I don't need stitches or anything, but I can't believe I had a knife just fall apart mid-use like that. Is there any recourse I have? Should I do anything or should I just cut my losses, chuck the knife and buy some better quality knives hoping this will never happen again? Help me, question club! :)
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I want to refurbish an old coffee table I found in our shed. It's currently covered with bird droppings, mud, and cobwebs. What should I use to clean it? I was just going to spray it off with a hose, but I thought that it might somehow damage the wood.

Also, where could I get gold leaf? I already checked the local hardware store; they didn't have it. Does it come in any other colors?
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Where does one get free wireless internet access in the greater Washington D.C. area? (One of the friends I'm staying with is moving, so her net won't be up.)
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Inspired by the Text Twist question...

Has anyone ever played Bookworm?
What's your high score?

10,707,030 / Level 52 / Bookworm Supreme Level 21 / 4:44:20 on Thursday, 05.25.06

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Oh, and has anyone ever played Stickicide 2? It's a game where you try to kill yourself as many times as possible within the time limit. :D
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Do any of you have cold sores? I've never had one, and I haven't been kissing anyone other than my boyfriend of three years, but I have this little bump on my lip that hurts, it's not tingling or burning or anything, but it hurts when I touch my tongue to it. Yikes! Is that how they start?
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Digital Camera Software ?

My roommate has a mini digital camera that she has lost the software for. Right now we are looking online trying to find an official website for the camera or some other place where we might be able to get the software needed, however no such luck. I even found a link for the makers of the camera but when I click it all I get is a search page common when the domain no longer exists. I'm wondering if anyone would be able to help us out in any way.

The camera is a Tinio Che-ez! Digital Camera. It's 2.0 megapixel and please any help would be greatly appericiated.
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Politcal parties

Inspired by one of the previous posts I was wondering if there is a website that compares all of the political parties in the US (and not just Democrats/Republicans) and gives a rundown of what they stand for and believe in?
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paper graduation plates.

Where can I get reasonably priced cute disposable graduation plates? The only cute ones I found were $10 for 6 paper plates and that is just absurd. I spend way too much on a lot of things but I would never spend $10 on 6 paper plates that will be used for eating cake. I could buy some real plates at Ikea of Target for that. The $10 ones were at a party store, I found some in the regular grocery store but they were ugly, I also checked Target but they didn't have any.

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Okay, changing my question a bit to be more specific!

I really just want to tan my legs. Everything else is okay but my legs are extremely pale! Is it natural for people to do this with self-tanning lotions, or will my body parts look like different colors?

Do tanning lotions have dangerous chemicals? What are the best drugstore sunless tanning lotions? How do you know what shade/number to get? How do you apply it naturally, how long does it take before the tan starts to show, how long does it work for before you have to do it again? Does it get all over your towels and clothes? Can you even use a loofah/sponge to shower anymore? How do I avoid getting the fake tan on my hands when I'm applying it?

Basically I would like to know all the basics...I'm a newbie at this..thanks :)


(no subject)

For those of you who live in a different city/state/country than where you grew up, what weird shit do the natives do that you can't stand?

Oh, and where is it and where did you grow up?

Brian's daily mix bag o' fun...

1. What was the last piece of advice someone gave you? From whom did the advice come?
Wow, I honestly don't know... Probably my friend Amber telling me I should call her. That's advice, right?

2. What television/movie/cartoon character do you feel you most resemble in terms of physical traits? 
Chris Farley

3. What was the last compliment you gave to someone?
Tonight I complimented a coworker's photograph that will appear on the front page of tomorrow's newspaper. He's typically not that great of a photographer, so I felt the impulse to compliment him.

4. Do you "cuss" a lot? What are your beliefs on "cussing" or "swearing" or using "bad words"? 
I don't at all... If I let one slip, that's a sign that I've been around it too much lately, or I'm really ticked off.

5. What kind of cell phone do you have, and through which service company?
I have an LG serviced through Verizon... I'm shopping for a new phone with the same service, which is sorta why I asked this question.


Best? What best?

We frequently get posts asking what your favorite <fill in the blank> or best <fill in the blank> is.

Everytime I see one of these questions, I have to start thinking about it, and usually don't reply, because I don't think of things that way. I don't keep a list of superlatives in my head.

Are you the type to keep lists of best/favorite/perfect things?
&quot;We are the Mooninites&quot;

I need me some advice

How do you tell someone that you care for them but you need to cut off all ties with them?

EDIT: To add more to my own answered question do I need an explaination once I've said "I care for you but I need to cut off all ties with you" or can it be left at that?
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(no subject)

I've tried googling but haven't been successful yet. Is there an alt code for ♥? We're trying to figure out a quicker way to make a heart in AIM than doing Y and changing the font to Webdings ;p
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I need it so bad!

Help! I can't put my air conditioner in. I'm so disgusting right now. It's gross. That's how disgusting I am.

See the problem isn't that it's heavy or anything, it's the way my apartment is set up. The a/c needs to go in the top of the window in order for it to be in my room. I live in a loft, and the way it's built, our second level cuts right in the middle of a huge wall of windows. This is hard to explain so I have an artist's rendering of how we did it last summer.

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My brilliant roommates took out the a/c last fall and neither remembers where they put the wood we cut, so I'm going to have to stick it out until tomorrow. I can't think of one, but is there a better, perhaps less insanely dangerous way of doing this before I go get some wood cut?

It worked fine last year, but it still seems shady.

(no subject)

1. I like books of questions. What are some good books like that?

2. What's fun for sixteen year olds to do that doesn't require a lot of money (no drugs/alcohol)? Think water balloon fights and stuff like that.

3. Are there any good books full of truth or dare questions? Recommend some?

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Where do you usually get your ice?

my refrigerator/freezer has an ice maker
I make it in those trays
I buy it
I get it somewhere else
I don't use ice

(no subject)

I worded this entry really badly but whatever:

If you know someone is mad at you, but they are not telling you, should you tell them that you know they're mad? Should I say something like, "You're obviously angry me, can we work it out?" or should I wait for her to approach me, since she hasn't actually told me that angry yet?
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