June 17th, 2006


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1. Has anyone here donated plasma? What was it like? What kinds of questions did they ask you? How long did it take? How much money did you make? Can you tell I'm slightly scared, but poor enough to consider it?

2. How many people do you have that you consider "friends" as opposed to aquaintances/co-workers/roomates/people you talk to sometimes?

3. Do you carry a purse or bag? If so what do you keep in it? What is necessary and what is randomly there?

4. Does anyone remember the really, really wide legged skater type pants that were really popular a few years ago? Do they still sell them? Where?

5. What do you think of gay republicans?

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summer reading?

I like books that are written like The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

My mind starts to drift and get bored when things are too descriptive.
It was a book I can relate to.
And I like reading things that are written the way people would actually say it, or how they think.

If you've read and liked The Perks of Being a Wallflower, what other books would you recommend that are similar?

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I have been waking up extremely sore for the past couple of days (alright, more than a week now) and I am wondering what is causing it. Most nights I sleep well, and I do exercise 5 days a week. I am sore before, during and after exercise, no matter how much I strech out. I have been drinking enough water, been getting enough salt, eating healthy and everything. What is it?

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I woke up this morning with this song stuck in my head that I heard recently at a party but I can't locate the artist or title. I've googled whatever bits of the lyrics I can muster from my memory but it's not helping...

Basically, the song is sung by what sounds like a woman and it's to a beat. The lyrics sound like "if you were mine i'd take you and keep you", then maybe something about never feeling alone.

I don't know if it is that well-known of a song.

Do you have any idea what it is?
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Hey guys!
Did anyone catch the Tonight/Leno's show last Wednesday, when Coulter and Carlin were the guests?
Sounds really intriguing, is all, and I missed it.... what went down?

The Shattered Glass

A lot of unusual things have happened to me and my family. One thing in particular involves shattering dishware. Many years ago, my brother was holding a glass and it shattered into a hundred pieces. It didn't drop, he didn't bang it. He was just carrying it and it shattered, inexplicably. He was like 10. A few months ago, my mom was cooking and she was using a plate to pre-cook some meat. She put it in the microwave for a minute, took it out, put some other things on the plate with the meat, and was about to put it back into the microwave when it EXPLODED. She said it didn't just shatter. There was flying glass shards EVERYWHERE. She was lucky to not get hurt. This dish is microwave safe and something that's been used in the microwave hundreds of times, so it isn't like it was pressure mounting on this particular plate and it went explodey.

So my mom and I have talked about both experiences and we have different explanations. To fully comprehend how unusual OR how uncommon the experience is, has this happened to you or anyone you know? Have you or anyone you know experience glassware shattering or exploding in your/their hands for no reason?

Or do you have any explanation for it? My mom thinks it's glass fatigue, but glass fatique doesn't work that way. It'll crack down the middle, it'll snap under it's own weight, but it won't shatter.

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Does it bother you when your friends are stupid? Like today, I have plans to help a friend garden and do some other stuff at his house... he wanted to get up early and do it before it got really hot. It's already 90, and he called to say he slept in, and now he has to go shopping and to the gym. WTF. Do that AFTER! It drives me crazy, and this friend does this ALL THE TIME!!!
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1. It's 83 degrees and brilliantly sunny outside right now. I think it's perfect weather. What's your idea of perfect weather?

2. If you got a tax return, what did you spend it on? I'm still trying to figure out what to do with mine.

3. What's the worst place to get a mosquito bite? I think that the top of your foot when you're wearing sandals is the worst because it always gets itchy when you're wearing shoes and can't scratch it.

4. At what point do you throw away a tube of toothpaste? My husband always waits until the last possible moment, he tries to squeeze every last drop out, like we're living in the depression or something.
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motorcycles & graduation cakes!

1. If a constant stream of motorcycles drove by your house for 20 minutes straight would you find it a bit unusual? What type of street do you live on?
Yes, this just happened while I was outside cleaning out my car. I thought it was really strange but my father didn't agree. It probably wouldn't have seemed as strange to me if I didn't live on a fairly small residential street like I do.

2. Does anyone know where they could have been going? I live in Central NJ(Howell) and I wonder if there are any motorcycle things going on around here today. There never are, not to my knowledge anyway. There were a few police motorcycles and at the very end was a police car and an ambulance.

3. I have to order my graduation cake by tomorrow and I can't decide what I want it to say. What are some things it could say that are more interesting than the usual but still relevant to graduating from high school?
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Angels & Demons

Does anyone here have any confirmed information about Angels & Demons (2008)? There's a listing on IMDb, but in order to see it you need to either be an IMDb Pro member, or sign up for the Pro trial (which requires a credit card number).

I've seen a few sites that have confirmed that due to the success of the Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons will be made into a film, but I'm wondering if there's any other information available.
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Have any of you ever had luck with one of those "Make hundreds of dollars typing from home" type things? Or are they pretty much all scams? I'm a stay at home mom who can type up to 90 words a minute, so that's pretty much my dream job. Thanks everyone.
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I dont really have room in my new apartment for a desktop setup so I am thinking of getting a laptop to take the place of my desktop.

My question is, what is a good make/model laptop to get? Also how much memory/RAM/whatever would be good to get?

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How much cash do you have on you right now?

I'm going to come rob you.
just kidding.

... What are you going to spend it on or what do you want to spend it on or what did you buy that has left you with just that much?

whew run-on sentence.

Cell Phones

So, my contract with Sprint is ending in a few months.
I'm looking to get a new phone.

I'm really digging those phones with keyboards - like the Blackberry or the LG 'V' phones.

The providers in my area are: Sprint, Nextel, Cingular, Verizon, and SunCom, off the top of my head.

For all you with cell phones, I'm curious to know...

1. What Cell Phone provider do you currently have?

2. Who is your favorite (assuming you've tried other providers in the past)?

3. What type Phone do you have, and why do you like it?

Thanks for any input you have!
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can anyone give me a quick rundown of velvet goldmine??? or has bitter's end that they can upload for me?? cause i got majority of the soundtrack, but that one's scratched or something.
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Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Britney Spears interview from Dateline?

Tried Youtube but it's been yoinked back by NBC and I can't seem to find anything that's not a preview.

Damn it. I want to see the train wreck Ma!
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Random questions

1. How often do you go out for swimming?

2. What's in your purse or wallet?

3. Other than bills, what do you always spend your money on?

4. Have you ever experienced Hurricane Katrina?

5. Was losing your virginity planned?

Edit: Sorry about the question #2, I didn't see someone else asking the similar question last night. You don't have to answer that one twice, tho.

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email counsel

Is there a group that does something similar to what the Befrienders do - free anonymous counselling and support via email/phone - but for people who aren't suicidal, just stressed and need someone to talk to?

Basically, a free online messageboard or email address (or LJ community even) to vent and get emotional support when you're feeling stressed out.
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On family & relationships

How did your parents' choices & guidance in your youth affect the choices you make in relationships now?

For example: My boyfriend's father offered only a brief talk regarding 'the birds & the bees.' He advised him to sleep with a succession of women, moving from one to the next, never returning their calls, & never allowing them to tie him down (basically, screw 'em & leave 'em).
My boyfriend decided to take the exact opposite route. Because of his father's advice, he formed himself into the most honest, kind, upstanding & respectful man I've had the pleasure to know.

Did your parents' words of advice have a similar effect on you, or did you heed their actions instead?
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A friend of mine has just quit her job and the only things she has available to eat are peanut butter and wheat bread.

what are some good recipies that would create some sort of variety with what is available?


edit: for those who are too lazy to scroll down and read my comment-
I know this is a wtf moment but heres what I told her:
 toast it and have peanut butter toast which is like a large dose of protein for the entire day-
which means less hunger in the evening,right?
sounds pretty good considering how screwed she is, right?

well, after I posted this on her myspace, her friend replied back(from what I can remember):

"this is all she has to eat. she cannot eat just peanut butter."
and i was posted back  "I was just trying to be nice." and then my friend posts saying thanks to abbie who suggested sliced bread or some shit.


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1. This is a complete shot in the dark, but maybe a year or two ago either Cosmogirl or Seventeen published a list of great books with descriptions (among these were "Ship of fools" and "Turn of the screw"). Does anyone know where I can find this or have a scan of this?

2. Does anyone know where I can find a list of great books with actual short plot descriptions? All I can find are just the names and authors or what the reviewer thought of the book.

3. And, if you had until Wednesday to review/relearn every aspect of a certain subject (in this case, chemistry) what would you do? What are some main things I should focus on? How should I study?

4. What are you doing over the summer?

5. Who would you rather vote for in the next presidential election: Howard Stern or Hilary Clinton?

6. Christopher Walken or Ralph Nader?

7. Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan? Or Satan?

8. What did you/should you of done to prepare for your first year of college? What about moving into an apartment or room (basically living on your own) for the first time?

9. When does Sunburn usually stop peeling?
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*froths at the mouth*

Apparently I have a real knack for remembering stories that DON'T EXIST. >_<
This is my usual infrequent call for anyone who can find a particular story, although this time around I have a few stories I'm after.

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I've googled these as best I could but I'm coming up empty. Can anyone find these or at least assure me I'm not the only one who read them?
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old school disney

Have you ever seen Darby O'Gill and the Little People?

If yes, thoughts? Liked it, hated it, meh?

Did the banshee scare the pants off of you?

Do you know where I could find some screencaps of the banshee scene?

Were you aware of the fact Sean Connery was in that film?

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Why did games.com change?

All I want to do is play the good old classics like I used to. scrabble, clue, battleship etc.

Am I just not seeing where those games are on the website, or is there another site that does it now?
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Children's book

I've been looking for a children's book for a long time, but the details I can remember about it are very sparce indeed. Perhaps you can help me find it?

I remember that there were two girls and a boy in the book, and they find a man living in the woods who has blue eyes and a black beard. They later discover that he is a wizard. At one point, the boy is turned into a tree by an evil witch or entity. I'm afraid that's all that I can remember.

Does anyone have any idea what this book may be?
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Dance Lance Dance

Has anyone else heard about this offer at My Sports Club, particularly NYSC? How much cheaper is it really?

How many of you have gym/excerise facilitaties membership? How much are you paying monthly?

Last but not least:
Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
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Who plays World of Warcraft (Or other online games)?
How often do you play?
Do you feel you miss out on more relevant or constructive things because of your time spent playing?
Ever lose a job or girlfriend/boyfriend because of playing online games too much?
What is the allure of World of Warcraft (or other online games)?

I'll have more questions later. I am doing an article for a class.


I downloaded some m4a files that I'd like to listen to very much, but I'm having trouble converting/decoding them. I downloaded software that should supposedly convert them from m4a to mp3, but it says I have to decode the files first. I have no idea what that means or how to do it, and google has failed me, so I figured I'd ask you guys. Help? I want to listen to Mr. Bungle!

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Is a girl with a big booty better in bed than a girl with a flat one?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Is it all just an attraction thing...Or is it something that matters when having sex?

Does the butt REALLLY make a difference ?

Why am I asking this?
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Song help?

I've heard a song on the radio and a few times where I work, and I want it! I just can't figure out the name or the band.

The theme of the song is a girl who's stuck in the eighties, might have been '84 specificaly.

I might be able to remember more, if I didn't have "Don't cha" by the Pussycat Dolls stuck in my head!

Answered! Thanks! You guys rock!
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Family Over Work?


1. I work in the deli department of a small chain grocery store. To get a day off, you have to notify your manager at least two weeks before the day, so it can be worked into the schedual. I've only had to do this twice.

2. My niece is turning 1 July 27th. Her party was supposed to be held the 29th, and I got the day off weeks ago.


1. Now, my sister is changing the date to the 23rd because certian family members cannot make otherwise.

2. I told my manager this (mind, it's still over a month away) and was told she could most likely NOT give me that day off, because she would be on vacation, and isnt letting anyone request days off. She said maybe, but probably not.

I get 2 days off a week generaly, and I only work part time (between 12 and 38 hours). I dont see why she cant just make that day one of my days off, but I digress.

If I dont end up getting the day of the party should I call in sick? Should I go to the party for a few hours, not help my sister out all day as I said I would, and then go to work? Should I tell my boss, point blank 'I am not coming in this day. Weather you schedual me or not, I will not be here.'? Or is there another option I'm not seeing? Amayah will only turn one once, ever. I dont want to miss it! Help?
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Is there a 100% for sure way to figure out whether or not a "designer" handbag is genuine or just a good imposter?

I lucked into what appears to be a genuine Louis Vouitton bag yesterday. I'm not really concerned with it being real or not, but it'd be pretty amazing if it is considering I bought it at a thrift store in Fairmount, Indiana, for fifty cents. I'm sure saying, "I came across is second-hand" should be a dead giveaway that it's completely fake, but I think genuine designer bags around here are more common than fake ones (people are too busy playing basketball and planting corn to make knock-off Louis Vuitton bags in Fairtucky).

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Where online can I get a Schoolhouse Rock tshirt that says 'I'm Just A Bill'?

So I'm jumping on the bandwagon and getting a shirt that says 'college'. Where can I find that online?