June 16th, 2006

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I recently applied for a dispatch position at my local state college's police department. I got called in to come in on Saturday to take a written exam that's supposed to last about 3 hours. I know there will be 11 sections and from the sample questions it seemed real easy, but sample questions often times are.

For those of you that have taken similar exams, do you have any tips? I know a lot of it is common sense and memorization, but that doesn’t stop my nerves from doing a small dance in my stomach...
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You're so cool.

1. Would you rather wear socks that you wore yesterday or wear socks that have holes throuogh the heels?

2. Would you rather leave the house having forgotten to brush your teeth or having forgotten to put deodorant on?

3. Would you rather wear boots without socks or thong sandals with socks?

4. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, and everything had equal health values, what would it be?

5. You know how brand new, unwashed clothes have that super fresh, super cute, super clean, happy brand new glow to them?

Ok so I bought this relatively expensive dress for an upcoming occasion but my mom didn't get the memo that it wasn't an everyday dress. So baby wore it all day and now is wrinkled and covered in drool!

How can I wash it without making it look like it's been washed? it's 97% cotton, 2% spandex and feels like a stiff smooth material kinda like slacks material I guess.

If I just dip it in water and hang-dry it, will it still make it look softened and washed out?

I'm so very sad.
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I'm going antique shopping in the morning.

1) If you were going with me, what would you be on the lookout for?

2) Do you collect any type of antiques?

3) If you could choose a new career and start instantly without having to go back to school and whatnot, what would it be?
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Poll #749018 Height -- Children vs. Parents.

How tall are you in comparison to your MOTHER?

I'm a GUY, and I'm TALLER than my mother.
I'm a GUY, and I'm SHORTER than my mother.
I'm a GIRL and I'm TALLER than my mother
I'm a GIRL and I'm SHORTER than my mother.

How tall are you in comparison to your FATHER?

I'm a GUY, and I'm TALLER than my father.
I'm a GUY, and I'm SHORTER than my father.
I'm a GIRL and I'm TALLER than my father
I'm a GIRL and I'm SHORTER than my father.
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Swelling eye

Okay, I know this is an "ask your doctor" post, but my insurance is nonexistent at the moment and it's certainly not a life or death situation, so I'm going to be one of those people that I hate and ask a medical related question.

Okay, so a long time ago when I was 15, my left eyelid swelled up. We assumed it was a spiderbite, because I get those sometimes (I had quite the messy room). It went away.

It swelled up again when I was 16, and we thought what an unlucky person I was, getting bit by a spider in twice in the same place.

Since I was 15, it has swelled every single year, at least once a year. I woke up this morning and it was swollen AGAIN! It drives me nuts. I asked my doctor last year what it could be, and he said it was probably a cyst that randomly swells. But then again, this is the same doctor that told me I had the flu when he had clearly just gave me a medication whose side effects were "flu like" and my "flu" didn't show up until I took it.

So how feasible is that? That I just have a cyst in my eyelid that occasionally likes to make one half of my face look droopy? Is there anything else that it could be? (I wear contacts if that makes a difference, but I'm good about cleaning them and haven't been using the same solution since I was 15 either). This also is not usually around the same time of year. Last time it happened was in the fall and the time before that in the spring. Taking benedryl sometimes helps, but not always.
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Almost three years ago, I started the current job I'm at now. I started at 6 dollars an hour and am now receiving something like 6.50 an hour. This is below poverty level for a single person, but I have a daughter, so it's almost impossible to live anywhere but at home with my parents. Current situations have arose; my parents getting divorced, my parents selling the house, etc. The question comes down to, I have to move away with my mother and leave everything I have here (my job, freinds, pets) if I don't find a better paying job. Should I risk it, and leave my comfort zone of the only job I've ever had; where I'm friends with all of my co-workers? I feel like I should walk into work and put in my two weeks notice, so I'll get the full feeling of urgency that I have to get another job. Any suggestions? Or awesome stories of how you found a better paying job? Thanks!

edit: I've got myself an interview with a Temp Agency on Tuesday for clerical work. Now I just need to learn to type 40 wpm by then!
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Graduation song?

Inspired by the fact that I graduate from high school in 3 hours...

What (if anything) is the graduation pop song of this year? In 2000, it was "Graduation (Friends Forever)" by Vitamin C, in 2001, it was "Here's to the Night" by Eve 6, in 2002, it was "No Such Thing" by John Mayer, and after that, I stopped listening to the radio. So is there a pop song about graduating/ moving up in life this year?
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They're looking to put someone I know on a medication that is brand spanking new. They had a conference with the maker of the drug about her. O_o

So my question is, how would I find info on a drug that's so new that it probably hasn't been released on the market?

Edit: They didn't tell her the name of the drug. I'm looking for a nice listing somewhere of drugs that are still in the experimental stage.

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She's been found! Thank you so much for all your kind wishes. We are so glad to have her back.

The only question in this post is "Have you seen my dog?"

I know a few of you are from the CNY area, and if anyone's from Utica - please help!

My dog slipped out of her collar. I live on Jewett Place in Utica, NY. At about 10 this morning, she was seen at the corner of Jewett and Genesee Street. She is an elderly large white mixed breed with brown splotches, about 80lbs, and very friendly. Her name is Alice. If you see her, please call Ashley at (CNY area code) 527-2432 or Chris at 527-4213. We have been driving around looking for her with no luck - my fiance is still out there.

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Thank you!

Edit, since someone else on another comm mentioned this: this picture was from when we first rescued her, almost a year ago. Her nails have since been clipped. It's just the best picture I have on the computer right now.
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So, I went and bought frames and mats for some art prints that I purchased. I can't afford to custom frame them , as much as I'd like too and I doubt I ever will be. Anyway, I don't want to tape them to the mat so how do you suggest I get them to stay in place?

I was thinking of getting some of those acid free photo corners and using those, the ones where you just slip the paper into them instead of actually sticking them to the print.

Any other Ideas?

A question about braces and gums

Last February I got braces, whoop-di-doo. Being the lazy sod that I am, well I didn't brush nearly as often as they told me to, and I rarely flossed because it just made me gush blood all over the place, and damnit, it HURTS! Now, I know why they wanted us to brush so often. My gums have swolen up to the point that they're pressing against the brackets. I'm worried that any further, and they'd grow over the wires and that's obviously not a good thing.

I went to the ortho yesterday for a tightening and she told me I needed to brush more because my gums were pretty bad. Now, obviously I need to brush more, but I'm wondering what else, on top of brushing and flossing, I can do.

Anyone else in this type of situation and managed to reduce the swelling and get their gums back in order?

(x-posted to ask_me_anything, sorry.)
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.the game is on!.

Ooh, Risky. And Random.

1. Was the best "naughty" dream you ever had involving a real person or celebrity? If the latter, which celebrity?

2. Chopin or Beethoven, who do you prefer?

3. Favorite genre of music?

4. "Dorkiest" musical instrument?

5. Don't you think young Marlon Brando was ridiculously gorgeous? :P

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Film - Star Wars


How important are icons to you in your overall LJ experience? How many do you have (and do you have the total number you could have), and did you pay for extra? Do you change them a lot? Do you use the same ones over and over, or switch around? Do you have a lot saved on your hard drive? Do you make your own or look for others'? What's your position on crediting? Discuss! (You don't have to answer all of those in order, they're just a few ideas.) :D

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Shaving shaving bo-baving

I'm in the market for a new razor, what do you ladies use on your legs? I've lost my Venus Vibrance, and am rather tempted to try that new mens razor, the "Fusion". I'm assuming that a razor designed for a man's face would provide a close shave on the legs, what do you think?

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i just joined yourmusic.com and i need cd recommendations.

i like pretty much everything. my favorite bands range from dave matthews to tool to the weakerthans. so far i've added fall out boy and family guy live in vegas.

what would you recommend i should add to my queue?
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Okay, so I work at a small daily newspaper. We're printing a small tab (an addition to our newspaper) next week called, "You and Your Car." Pretty self explanatory, right?

Well, I'm wondering if any of you have any interesting internet links/sources I could compile into one article called "Interesting websites" that pertains to cars, automobiles, car insurance, modifying your car, upkeep on your car, etc. etc. Anything to do with cars, basically.

Anyone got any good links?
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so I have a 35 hour flight coming up (that includes layovers and everything). The airports where I have layovers won't really have the best of services, and the food places they do have will probably be closed considering it will be the middle of the night. I have a feeling I'm going to want to eat while I'm gone. I'm trying to come up with food thats actually slightly nutritious and all (and taste good would help), but that won't go bad sitting in a backpack for 35 hours in the heat. So, what food should I bring in my carry-on that I can eat while I'm gone?

oh, and another random question. I'm trying to come up with a gift I should bring my Nepali host family. They said I should try and make it something to do with my country/city (US/washington dc), but I'm kinda stumped on this one. Any ideas?

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So, I leave for Thailand soon and I have to take daily malaria pills.
Someone told me that when they took malaria pills they had, "wild, violent disturbing dreams" every time they took them. Obviously, I do not want that. So have any of you taken malaria pills and had any bad experiences with them? I'm hoping it was just this one person.

On a completely different note, how much do you LOVE the Twilight Zone?!
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Ok, sorry for the flood of questions, but this time I have two that are actually pertinent, kind of,haha. :)

1. How/When do you know if you're in an online/long distance relationship? Is there any sort of "turning point"?

2. Is there anyway to see ALL of the posts you've ever posted in a community? Like, to avoid scrolling through pages and pages of other entries.

3. Would you rather go to Maine or Savannah/Charleston for vacation?
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What does "Que linda estas" mean? I looked on babelfish and it didn't make sense. It said it meant "it is contagious these" or something.ANSWERED Thank you!

New question: Anyone have a quick remedy for (what I think is) a sinus infection brought on by allergies? My nose is runny, the back of the throat feels coarse & dusty, my ears are clogged, and I keep getting headaches.
Thank you!
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(no subject)

I have central air in the place I bought two years ago.

I've never lived somewhere where I was responsible for a central air unit.

This year it seems less effective than the previous two summers.

Anyone know what the maintenance schedule for a central air unit normally is, and what should be done?


Have you ever been let down/disappointed by someone or something that you truly supported? (A group, person, team, organization, etc)

How did they disappoint you? How did you deal with it? Did you still support them?

the long haul

1) For those in long term relationships: do you ever think of how long you've been together and say, "oh my gosh! it's been X years already?!!"
It freaks me out when I think about it.

2) Does it ever bother you if people call your partner the wrong thing? Like, if you say, "this is my husband" and then the person insists on calling them "your boyfriend" or something like that. It pisses me off for some reason.
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1. Has anyone ever seen or heard of cigarettes that come in pretty colors? What are they called?

2. If you smoke, what do you smoke?

As for me, I rarely smoke, but when I do I really like any of Djarum's kretek cigarettes.
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So I'm making an emulator machine from an old pc.

I need roms.

I know there are a lot of rom sites on the internet, but do you happen to know of any where I can use Firefox plugin Downthemall... basically once page with direct links to files?


Any system, really, excepy maybe nes, because i have that ^.



Has anyone done CityYear? I'm curious... What sort of service projects normally get assigned? Is there a lot of variety or do they pretty much just give you an assignment and you do it for a year? If there are certain things you are just not interested in (for example, I would be a really crappy teacher or tutor of kids) do they take that into account?
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Score 321-101 for the fascists.

The Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act

passed in the house this week 321-101.

We may soon be saying goodbye to a neutral Internet.

How did your representative vote?

How do you feel about this?

If you don't know who your rep. is clicky. (type in your zip to find out)

*EDIT: Everyone has been asking me what this is all about. To tell you the truth I think I'm botching the explanation. So, here's a really good website that will get you all taken care of and informed. SavetheInternet.com *

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last night, i was in bed with my kitty who was purring. i know that cats purr when they're happy or comfortable usually, but what's the benefit of this for the animal? why must they make a noise to indicate that they're happy? i know that's probably the only way of expressing it for them, but i guess when it comes to evolving and a species improving, how is this an advantage?
the same goes for tears forming when we're sad or upset. why does this happen?
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Okay, I've been at work for the past 12 hours.

My shift was 7:00 am - 3:15 pm, and I stayed for overtime after 3:15 because of how busy it was, and it is now almost 7:30 pm so I've been working for 12 hours and a half, which in the corporate world is 12 hours after you minus the unpaid 30 min break.

The employee handbook says we're paid double time after 12 hours.

Since I've hit the 12 hour mark, I assume this doesn't mean all my hours for the entire day are double time. But does it mean all of my OVERTIME hours are double time (So about 4 hours will be paid in double time)? Or ONLY the hours after the 12 hour mark are double time? (So if I stay for another hour and make it 13, only that one hour would be double time.)


(no subject)

1. I don't know what to do with my life, so I'm hoping you guys can sort it out for me with a quick multiple answer question. Before September, I am going to do one of four things, which do you think I should do? Or what would you do if you were me?
a) Live in my home town (where the price of housing is high, but the average wage is also high) and work, live in my own apartment (ranging from $600.00 to $800.00 for a studio apartment) and go to school (where credits are only $100.00). Other pros for my home town are that it is beautiful (in Juneau Alaska) has a lot of things to do(theater and music related) and has my family who I love and who is very supportive of me.
b) Move down south to Washington and take correspondence classes from my school up north. This way rent is significantly cheaper ($500.00 to $800.00 for a two bedroom apartment). Pros are all monetary because things are a lot cheaper down there than they are at home, but the cons are being away from home.
c) Move further north to Cordova Alaska and just work (sliming fish or whatever work I can find) and just saving up money to buy a house or a condo at home. Pros - Cordova is intensely gorgeous and my ultimate Alaskan town that I would want to live in. It would be an adventure and I think I would really love it. The cons are that the pay isn't that great, and I probably wouldn't go to school while I was up there.
d) Stay at home, living in my parents house and work full-time and possibly take a few classes on the side to save up for a house in Juneau. The pros are that there is no rent. The cons are that I'm 19 years old and haven't lived at home for 2 years. It would be kind of strange to live under my parents' roof again and it might drive me crazy.
Edit: I should also add that I'm already 2 years through school so there are only 2 more years left. These last years I've been able to support myself but it's been so tight that it's made just surviving pretty unenjoyable.

2. For those of you who live in Washington, near to Seattle, what is it like? What sort of job do you do and how much does it pay? How much do you pay in rent? What are your other expenses?

3. Where do you live? Is it affordable to work and go to school there? Do you like it? Would you recommend it?

4. How much alcohol do you drink in general?

5. Do you hate tweakers?

6. What color are your eyes?

7. What one European city would you go to?

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If you have a cat, what is one thing you love about it?

I love how my cat Mia is so crazy. She is constantly running around, getting into things, attacking her toys, etc. I find it so utterly adorable.


Ok, this has been bugging me for a while now: is Passions meant to be a 'serious' soap opera (on the same level as Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, etc), or is it a parody of the soap opera genre? I was up quite late last night, and it was on at some ungodly hour (the episode where Tabitha, the has-to-be-ancient-'witch' goes into labour), and I kept cracking up at it, as I do everytime I watch it.

We're of the opinion here (Brisbane, Australia) that it's meant to be a parody, but we're not quite sure. We're hoping it's a pisstake. What say you?

Airports and airplanes

I flew from Fort Lauderdale to Newark today and it made me think of how people behave at airports and in airplanes. Two questions:

1. What is the worst thing to do while at the airport (in terms of adults behaving bad/dumb/insensitive)?
2. What is the worst thing to do while in the plane (same terms)?

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my daily mixed bag 'o fun...

1. What's in your wallet?
ME: National City debit card, my driver's license, my student ID card, Movie Gallery membership card, 1st Financial Bank credit card, Best Buy card, JCPenneys gold card, local library card, blood donor card, Giant Eagle advantage card, Hollywood Video membership card, social security card (oops! i know I shouldn't have that in there!), and a spare key to my car.

2. You're in the car and it's 90-degrees outside. Do you roll the windows down and take in the breeze, or roll them up and turn on the Air conditioning?
ME: definitely windows down (and radio blasted)

3. Let's pretend you're an expert on one topic. What topic is it that you're an "expert" on?
ME: writing a newspaper article

4. The last funeral you attended was for whom?
ME: my great uncle Tommy, who was 69... died of bone cancer

5. The highlight of my day today was?
ME: when my mom bought me a Frosty from Wendy's

6. What are your thoughts on newspapers? Love' em? Hate 'em? Read 'em? Don't read 'em? Etc...
ME: I love reading newspapers, mostly local news, though... considering I've worked on and off at a newspaper, I'm a pretty consistent reader of them.
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(no subject)

I just watched "In Her Shoes" for the third or fourth time, and I remembered a question I've been meaning to ask here...

In the movie, Cameron Diaz's character pulls a carton of ice cream out of the freezer and then pours milk from the fridge into it...why? Does it soften the ice cream or something?

Do you pour milk onto your ice cream?

On offline friends...

1.) Do you have many friends?
2.) What friend have you known the longest?
3.) Where did you meet that friend?
4.) Do you still keep in touch with your pre-school friends? Elementary school? Middleschool? Highschool? College? Work?
5.) Do you go out with them a lot?
6.) Do they have LJs?
7.) Do you have LJ friends that became real friends?
8.) Anything else you want to say about your friends?

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