June 15th, 2006


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Why has windows wanted me to download/install the "is it real" thing like 6 times now? (I -am- installing it, I'm not telling it to fuck off or anything.)

Could someone give me the chinese-in-english-letters equivalent of "Look, I'm sure your job blows, so I'm not going to be mean to you, but knock it off." ?


1) When was the last time you knew exactly what you wanted out of life?  What did you want?

2) My computer has decided it will only let me use 1 IE browser at a time -- When I try to open a 2nd or 3rd, they just merge with the 1st.
I didn't change any settings for it to do this, so why is it doing this & how do I fix it -- I'm the type of person who normally has 5 or 6 browsers open at any given time!

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my friend's ex has had a gf for around a year or so now... but he still calls my friend. and he told her "you know you're my first love and i will always have feelings for you."


do you guys still have feelings for your first love?


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Me again! This time it's a question for a friend, though.
He said (direct quote):
"I've been looking for a not so sappy love song that fits for the last hour, and I can't find one. It can't include the word girl, and it can't be sappy 'I love you I love you I love you'."
(FYI - the second half of that is what "fits", as between the first and second sentence I asked "What 'fits'?")
I told him I'd ask here for him, so what do you suggest?
the very hungry caterpillar

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so the other day someone asked a question about add ons on mozilla firefox, and i didn't even realize such a thing existed, so of course i checked it out and downloaded a bunch of them.

the problem is that i downloaded one that's RUINING MY LIFE.
it sucks. i don't know what to do.

so my question is.. how the hell do i get rid of it?

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To anyone that's ever used a temp agency . . .

Did you have any luck with it? Would you say it was worth it?

I'm asking because I'm considering using one. Any answers appreciated. :)
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I have two girls from the U.K. staying in my house, and I thought about this earlier...

Do Americans have an "American accent" to other English-speaking countries? Is it funny to mimic our "accent" like we do all the time with other accents?

google doesn't know it all.

This is a weird question, I'm not even sure it can be answered here...but I'll give it a shot.

So my friend John told me he would make me a mix a few weeks ago. The past few times I've seen him, I've asked him if he's made it yet. When I ask him he says, "No...no I haven't, and if you've ever seen the movie High Fidelity, you'd understand." I said, "Well, I haven't...so what's that supposed to mean?" And he changes the subject.

Why don't I rent it and watch it, and figure out what that's supposed to mean myself? Well, for one I don't have alot of time to watch movies. And I believe I rented that movie last summer, and I fell asleep within the first 20 minutes both times I tried to watch it, haha.

So for those of you who have seen it...why haven't I gotten my mix yet?
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Poll #748472 lazy ______

what day should i take off next week?


2. what color roses should i get my dad for father's day?

3. if you're watching the world cup...
a. who're you rooting for? (i'm rooting for the US, england, and trinidad & tobago)
b. what's been your favorite game so far? (sweden/t&t)
c. most disappointing? (US/czech republic, definitely)
d. any teams you're rooting AGAINST? (sort-of sweden, but not very strongly)
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My Mom works at a local animal shelter and needs to make posters for "Animal Awareness", I told her of how much talent is on Livejournal for people with graphic design and she asked me to request two posts for animal awareness. They don't have to be perfect and it doesn't have to be much because she's printing them off and doesn't want them to have a lot of color but she does want some color. She wants them the size of a regular piece of paper. You will be credited on their website. Does anyone want to do any? If there is more than one contributor than she will take them all and also credit all. 

Thanks in Advance, it would really help her out.


Homeowners Ins on an Apt?

I just signed a lease with a roomate this weekend for an apartment, and the landlord suggested I get homeowner's insurance (at a rate of about $100/yr). He told me that he has an insurance broker friend who could help me out.

I'm living there to go to law school, and I remember hearing that when you live in dorms (and are still considered dependents to your folks) that their homeowner's insurance will insure a number of your personal effects. Is this any different? Does it make a difference that my father co-signed my lease?

This whole growing up and being responsible thing is too friggin' complicated.

Make .AVI file smaller

I just got a Canon PowerShot and have 3 .AVI files I want to try to make smaller. They are each only about 10 seconds long but about 40+MB in size. I want to be able to get the file size down so I can easily email them.

I tried zipping them up (winzip) but that doesn't work at all.

I don't care if I have to have them saved as a different file format. I do have the software that came with the camera.

How can I get my AVI files to a smaller size?

.the game is on!.

YAY completely unrelated questions!

1. Who is your favorite poet?

2. Have you ever read Mists of Avalon? Love it, hate it?

3. Does anyone else drink buttermilk and like it? I feel like I'm the only one! :(

4. What's your favorite cereal? *Honey Bunches of Oats for the win!!* :)

5. How can people like grits?!

6. Are you a coffee or tea person?

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alright you cooking people. I just put some still-partially-frozen chicken(3 cut up thights worth, chunks maybe as big as pop bottle caps), a can of mushrooms, some garlic butter, some oil, some basil, some teriyaki sauce ans some soy sauce in 2 layers of Aluminum foil in the oven. And I guessed 400 degrees, but I can go change that if you say so.

How long until I need to start checking on it?

Fuck, i forgot the cheese. but I jsut put it in, so I can open it and add it. hah!

edit for clarity: when i say 'in two layers of aluminum foil' I mean 'in', as in wrapped up. sometimes called a hobo if you're making it when camping.
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Help me out with bittorrent.

Just downloaded it, try to get my first bunch of files... They're supposed to be huge in the end, but end us as 0 bytes. OK, read some FAQs, I restart, delete any evidence of those torrents.

And then try to redownload. And it's telling me I can't as "this torrent is already running." There's 0KB/s upload and 0KB/s download.

Either tell me that secretly, those 0 byte files will blossom into several meg files, or... help? Please?

(This is also my second time installing bittorent, and the second time this has happened. I have come to the conclusion that I Really do Not Get This Program.)

Career Advice - Aka Begging for One's Old Job Back

Hey all -

So, I'm going to try to summarize this in a semi-reasonable length.

Last December, I gave my notice at a job I had been with for 6 years and loved very much. I had been offered a position at another firm (I didn't go looking, they found me), and was intrigued, so I figured I had to take the plunge. It was one of the most difficult decisions I'd ever made professionally - possibly personal as well - and I've grown to realize it was a huge mistake. lol No regrets mind you - had I not jumped, I would have wondered, you know?

At any rate, I left on excellent terms with all my coworkers there, and have remained in friendly contact with more than a few of them. During a friendly email exchange earlier this week, I casually mentioned that I was probably going to begin scouting for another opportunity soon. My friend (who also hired me first off those 6 years ago and is a Senior Vice President), replied right back and said  "I think we would all love to have you back here.  I'll talk to (insert name of head haunchos here)". This took me way off guard - I hadn't even thought that that would be a possibility, but I jumped right away and would be elated to get back there. I replied thanking her and sent her my updated resume. This was on Monday.

I haven't heard anything back yet, and I'm sitting on pins and needles. I know I'm being over anxious for more than a few reasons - for all I know, they could be trying to find out where to put me or how to work it, or they just might not be interested, who knows... but either way I would really love to know!

So finally - here's my question... I have had a couple of other opportunities sprout up recently. My old company has precedence, no doubt, but I don't want to seem pushy. I was thinking of emailing her back, perhaps tomorrow, just to see if she'd perhaps had the chance to talk to the powers that be yet about any possibilities there... what do you all think? What's the best way to approach this?

Many thanks in advance, and sorry for the length! *blush* lol
kiss the cook

thanks in advance for solving my deli woes

I work part time at a grocery store deli, but recently increased my hours at my primary place of employment, and now I need to quit at the deli. I've never left a job on short notice before, so I'm not exactly sure how this works. Do I only have to finish working the current week's schedule, or do I have to give them two weeks notice? Do I tell my employer at the beginning or end of my next shift? I want out as soon as possible so I'm not working too many combined hours.
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what is your favorite commercial?

my favorite is one from a few years ago that was like "there is a ticklebear on the loose!" and then a tickle bear attacks a guy. there was also one where there was like a sock puppet dog that was pretty funny.
OH! and the wes anderson amex.

what is your least favorite commercial?

i dont really like those vonage ones, and i hated the WAAAZZZZUPPP ones from years ago.
The Receptionist Classic

CIA, and I don't mean spies this time

My cousin graduates on Saturday (high school) and is seriously looking into becoming a chef. She's got a knack for it already and really enjoys cooking, so we're all very excited that she might have direction and won't become a hooker. (Not that bad, but you get my meaning.)

Of course, I waited until the last minute to get her anything for graduation. I found a cute recipe book at the bookstore, but I want to get her something more. So I was thinking...

Maybe I would take her to lunch one day over at the CIA in St Helena. Good idea or no?
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Someone please recommend some (preferably modern day, but some good oldies are okay too!) jazz music. I like instrumentals like Marc Seales and Pop-Jazz like Jamie Cullum and Kate Earl, but that's pretty much the extent of my jazz collection.

What is your favorite classic disney cartoon or show?

Did anyone ever watch those Disney sing along videos?

What did you want to do when you "grew up" in Kindergarden? What do you do now? What do you want to do when you grow up a little more?

If you're married, how much did your wedding cost? Who paid for it?

How much did your car cost?

How much did college education cost?

What are your favorite hair products (Shampoo, Conditioner, Stylers, Treatments)

What are your favorite cosmetics?
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fender bender?!

I was driving to school this morning and I was at a stop sign. The lady in front of me started to go(there was enough space for at least 5 or 6 cars to go) and than randomly slammed on her brakes. I had started pulling up to the stop sign so my car tapped hers. She got out and a was yelling at me in chinese. A piece of styrofoam had come out from under her bumper(?!) and was laying on the ground. It was about the size of 2 decks of cards. She picked it up and was yelling. I gave her all of mi info, but there seriously wasn't a mark on either of our cars. I took pictures and she started yelling about that too.

Should I call her in hopes that she hasn't called my insurance company yet? It would be a million times better to settle this without going through our insurance. It's my fathers insurance and he has never had any fault in an accident. He's only been the driver in one in the past 40 years ad someone ran into him. I don't want his car insurance to triple because I hit someone going 8 miles an hour. He thinks she's going to sue us for all sorts of things, especially when he found out she was Chinese because of the stereotype I guess.

She said she would call tonight.
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I'm clueless and I need your help!

A few weeks ago I posted about the fact that I'm entirely ignorant when it comes to fashion!

Since then, a receptionist temp-to-perm job has been obtained with an absolutely huge manufacturing company - starting next week, so...I basically have this weekend to buy an entirely wardrobe that actually fits the business casual dresscode. I've been putting off buying new clothes because I didn't have the money to do so and also I kind of hate shopping, so getting the job is kind of a kick in the ass (and of course it also will bring the money I need with it!).

The one problem is that I'm completely clueless. Hours upon hours of watching What Not to Wear have given me an idea of what not to wear, but I don't really know what *to* wear, except the vague rules like "nothing sleeveless, not too tight, not too loose." I don't have any idea how to put together outfits! I've googled around a bit, but I really need some advice from real people!

Here's a picture of me. It also sums up pretty much my whole wardrobe (jeans, tanktops, and sandals/running shoes). I have a tough time shopping because I'm petite (5'4), but I have curves (and boobs). I have really narrow feet and had foot problems growing up, so I won't do high heels, and I'm also trying to avoid leather/fabrics that come from animals.

Please help me,thequestionclub! What kind of business-casual outfits would you dress me up in?

(edit: I should probably also mention that I know nothing about makeup, and that I'm in Toronto in case anyone has store recommendations!)
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Dear TQC, please make important life decisions for me.

Today I went laptop shopping at Best Buy and I found a great price on this Toshiba satellite-- it's just $1149 at my local store until Saturday. It has an Intel® Core™ Duo processor T2400 (1.83 GHz), 120 gigs of hard drive space, and a gig of RAM.

But while I was shopping I got a crush on this Sony VAIO, which would normally just be $100 more expensive but because of the sale costs $250 more than the Toshiba. The Sony only has 100 gigs of hard drive space, and the Duo processor is T2300 (1.66 GHz), and it also has a gig of RAM. The good news is that I found it on sale on J&R for just $1249, so the price difference is just $100 more once again, but the downside of that is that it won't be here this weekend when my computer genius friend was going to help me set it up.

So the question is (and congratulations for making it this far!!!) convince me that it is or isn't worth the extra $100 for the Sony over the Toshiba. The PRO is that it the Sony is WAY cuter, the CON is that it has the slower processor and 20 gigs less of memory er I mean hard drive space, but everything else seems pretty comparable to me.

Also, can anyone figure out whether the Sony has its RAM in one stick of 1 gig or two sticks of 512? That would be worth the extra $100 to me. Oh and I'm going abroad to Spain next semester, so if anyone knows anything about support overseas options, let me know please.

Love and kisses, thanks so much.

EDIT: I think right now I would be too depressed/overwhelmed to consider other brands, let's try to focus on just these two maybe...

touring the midwest

I moved to northwest Missouri seven months ago. The summers here are really nice and I'd like to take advantage of the nice weather and explore around the midwest region. I live really close to Kansas City and have been there several times thus far. I've been to St. Louis once; Omaha, Nebraska, a few times, and Mitchell, South Dakota once to visit the Corn Palace.

Where in the midwest region do you highly suggest I visit?
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Coupons, where do you get yours? Do you use coupons? I despise newspapers and the ensuing mess I make when trying to figure them out, but I thing I should start using coupons...save a little more money.

Where to start? local newspaper? online?
petit prince

i have 4 hours to decide!

$67 for a signed version of your (current) favorite book by your favorite author.

wasteful and useless OR a good idea?

EDIT! i bought it! i can't help myself, i love john irving. thanks everyone for your $.02 :)
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Mara Jade

This is probably a bit of a dumb question, but . . .

Fellow cashiers:

I've noticed some debate over how to handle unsigned credit cards in a few communities, and I'm wondering if anyone can give me a straight answer . . .

Assuming you do ask for ID, what are you supposed to look for? The way my register works, I don't see the name until after the card has been processed, thus rendering it useless if the name on the ID doesn't match. All a photo ID proves is that the person, well . . . has a photo ID.

If the signature doesn't match the one on the card, what do I do? I've heard that it may be a joint account, thus one person could sign for the other. I did have a guy come up and sign, then I noticed on the slip there was a woman's name . . .

Thanks, I really hope I'm not asking a totally stupid question here . . .


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Okay, some background.

I am a disabled Mom on SSI (think, very limited income). I have three kids. 8-9-10.

Lately I have become 'the house' to be at with all the neighborhood kids. We have cable, Yu-gi-oh cards, Gameboys, nintendo ds, air conditioning, and snacks.

That is where my question comes in.

I can start making some semi-healthy snacks for the kids. Granola, peanut butter cookies, ice pops, smoothies. However, it is going to cost me (not as much as store bought crap, but still...)

So, what would you do? Be the nice Mom on the block who always has snacks and bottled water or be the practical Mom who says "Go home and have a snack, then come back".

Being the nice Mom would cost me about 30-40 a month in snack food. That is if I make the snack food. I could fit it into my budget and chalk it up to entertainment expenses. We would eat out a lot less (two meals worth) but that is a fair trade off.

In trade I get to be "The Mom" to about 6-7 extra kids each day, and when I need help with something, I always have a willing kid around to do it.

I have already practically adopted one of the kids, he is here in the morning first thing and doesn't leave until later afternoon early evening when the kids are home. When they are home, he is here. He has eaten dinner with us many times this week, as well as lunch, snacks, water bottles. He is so free to do whatever in my house, he gets his snacks without asking and just walks in when he gets here. LOL

What do you think? Rein in the giving tree, or go ahead and feed the neighborhood?

scales, Elvis, and work-out DVDs

1. When trying to lose weight, is it best to weigh yourself every day or once a week? Different sources say different things.

2. Are Elvis impersonators as plentiful in Las Vegas as I imagine them to be? In my mind, they wander the streets, an Elvis in every crowd.

3. Can you reccomend a good work-out DVD? I'm also interested in Pilates, but there are so many different Pilates DVDs that I have no idea which one I should get.

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I am looking for a free program to download that will help me create brochures. Something with a tri-fold layout that I can print at home.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a free program to help with this?

Thank you!
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What's been bugging you lately?

my answer; graduation & realizing that the people you've spent the past 4 years with (whom you partied w/, celebrated sweet 16s, considered your best friends), you could care less about, but the people that you've been in a couple of classes w/ and never really hung out w/ on the weekends, you'll want to stay in touch w/ the most.


so i have a layover wait of 37 minutes in the Washington Dulles airport. I've never been there before, however, i called and realized i the connecting flights are in the same terminal. Do you think this is enough time?

What is the shortest layover time you have ever had? Did you make the flight?

What is the longest layover time you have ever had?
Self cleaning

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These are a bit random, but that seems to be the norm with me lately.

1. Have you ever had panic attacks or problems with anxiety? Self-diagnosed or doctor-diagnosed? What did you do or are you doing to cope with it?

2. How do I back out of a lunch invitation that I already accepted? Short version of the story, I was invited out to lunch with a small group from work and one person we used to work with. The original group was all people I liked. Now there are a few people I don't like, and the restaurant has changed. I don't care for the restaurant or the group now, and since money is extremely tight, I don't think it's worth the money now if I'm not going to enjoy myself. How do I get out of this (it's tomorrow) without insulting anyone?

3. How do I go about asking my boss if I can shift my schedule around some in the fall? Collapse )
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Viking boat

video card

Is there anyway to see if my video card is dead?

I bought a new monitor, and its really messed up. I called the place I got it from and they are saying my video card is dead, which I think is bullshit.

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1.What are your plans for the weekend?
2.What would be the ideal amount of vacation for you?
3.What would you do?
4.Where would you go?
5.What countries do you want to visit?
6.Don't you get sick of too much vacation time?

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what do you think of mini/micro-mini skirts? do you think they're too slutty or do you think it's possible for a woman to behave properly enough and remain classy?

for me i've always had mixed opinions. i like skirts. they're cute and they do show off your legs. i do believe that it's possible to show off too much leg and make it utterly impossible to sit, squat, or bend over without the world seeing your naughty parts. i always feel like when i try to wear one of these that i have to constantly keep my legs clamped tightly together but i have a short attention span. i shift in my seat often enough if i've been sitting down for at least 15 minutes. i don't think they're classy at all. i do however think they look great when showing off curves and nice legs but in the real world when a woman is in public dressed like this, she's showing at least the male population that it's very probable she's a little trashy. she may not actually be, but she's sending the wrong message. i'd love to wear one but i refuse to because i don't want that kind of attention. i think you can dress sexy without including one of those in the wardrobe.

i was always curious as to what people's opinions are. so if you've got them, that'd be great :)

Paying eBay Fees

I’m a totally newbie on eBay. On Tuesday, my first auction ended. The buyer paid through PayPal. When I went to my PayPal account, I saw the full amount (auction + shipping) listed. How do I pay eBay? I tried looking for this on their site, but I couldn’t find anything. I thought they would take out their fees when the auction closed and the person paid, but I guess not. 

Thanks! :D

OK, I guess today I am just very curious.

1. How long have you been on LJ?
2. Is this your only journal?
3. If not, care to share the others?
4. What type of things do you write about in your journal?
5. Do you like memes?
6. Is your journal friends-only? Why or why not?
7. Do you update often?
8. Favorite LJ communities?

And reply to this using your favorite icon please :)

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wine talks

(no subject)

A poll on pizza delivery, tipping in particular. Be honest, no one on the internets cares if you're a lousy tipper. I probably left off like half the questions I had in mind... oh well. And where I said "pizza guy," just imagine I said "pizza delivery person," it was too long and unwieldy for me to care to be PC.

Collapse )

Feel free to elaborate on or clarify any of your answers.

While we're at it, what's the best story you've got about any kind of food delivery, whether you were the deliverer or the recipient? Answer any doors naked, for example?

Loads of questions....

1. Has anyone ever gotten in trouble for a file to file sharing program such as Bearshare? Is there anyway I can reverse the damages now and not get sued? I've downloaded a fair amount of music, and I don't want to have my life ruined over Gwen Stefani's "Crash".

Collapse )

6. Does anyone here just use a cell phone, and doesn't have a landline? What about just uses an internet phone? How's that working out for you?

7. Have you ever learned how to play an instrument or play a sport outside of childhood (older then 18). How did you start off? How good are you now?

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DiGiorno Pizza...

How long do i cook it, and at what temperature? I bought a pack of three from sam's club, and accidentally threw out the box. duh, me. i think it's 375 for 20 minutes... but yeh.

can anyone help?


What are your favorite Firefox extensions?

I'm really digging on StumbleUpon. It cures your boredom! You sign up for an account, and you can choose all your favorite interests. There's a button on a toolbar that says "Stumble!", you click that and it chooses a website that comes recommended. You can give a thumbs up or a thumbs down on a page- and it will refine the search of what pages to show you based upon what you said you liked and didn't like. It's so freaking neat... I've already read about the history of lobotomy, a bunch of different articles about Alexander Shulgin, and lots of other neat stuff. I love this thing. Everyone should download this and give it a try.

Another one of my mix bag o' fun...

1. What does your primary TV in your household look like? (Brand, size, etc...)
I have a 20-inch silver  TV... cost like $90 at Best Buy.

2. If you had to pick a favorite SINGLE reality TV show, what would it be? ("I hate reality TV," is not a suitable answer.)
I love the Real World-Road Rules series.

3. What jewelry, if any, are you wearing right now?
none, but I have both ears pierced twice... I'm  just not wearing anything right now.

4. What do you think about war movies (ie. "The Patriot," "GI Jane," etc. etc.)
I generally am biased against t hem.... but they're actually not too bad once given a chance.

5. What kind of house do you live in? (dorm, mobile home, apartment on the 8th floor, ranch-style home, etc.?)
I live in a trailer park, but I don't fit the stereotypical "trailer trash" image.

6. What are you doing for your father this Father's Day?
Probably just a simple card... I haven't been on "good terms" with my dad for years.
girl reading by ourescape

work and school

Does anyone here work full time ad go to school? How do you deal with it?

I go to college full time and I just got promoted to assistant manager at my work. I skipped out on the manager job b/c I didn't think I could handle that and school, but this will still be lots of hours starting very early in the morning, plus classes til late at night, plus keeping up a 3-year relationship. I also tend to get stressed easily, and need my sleep. So how do you guys deal with the work load?
lulu guinness clutch

medicine cabinets, gibberish, & white strips

1. Do you look in other people's medicine cabinets? Have you ever found anything interesting?
Not in people's houses. I looked in the one in the female staff bathroom at my school today and I found expired condoms, now I keep wondering which teachers are having sex in school.

2. Can you speak gibberish?

3. Have you ever used Crest White Strips or something similar?
Yes, I'm using them right now!
model → rad boys


So I realized I haven't gotten a new video game in a while. I have a Nintendo Gamecube. (I also have an N64 but I won't find anything for that when I go to Best Buy tommorow, now will I?)

What new game should I get?



I have Tony Hawk's Underground but I haven't played it in a long time because I can't get past that fucking bridge. So, I'm supposed to hang on the back of the car and then WOOPLAH jump over the thing but that proved to be quite a challenge. Every now and then, I go back and try it. And I'll spend forever trying to jump the bridge and then get frustrated and leave the game alone for a while. I'm a serious gamer, I know my shit, WHY IS THIS SO HARD FOR ME TO DO? Can somebody explain how they got over the bridge? Or, better yet, come to my house and do it for me? I want to beat the rest of the game already.