June 14th, 2006


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Okay, I work at a newspaper. I proofread stuff, but I dont' have say on what goes where or what doesn't go anywhere or anything like that.
I was proofing this article, and something just seems very, very wrong here. Like, whatever, his politics, I can stand that. I mean more wrong like something GLARINGLY OBVIOUS that he neglected to mention, or would stomp all over his argument and thus wasn't mentioned, or something like that.


What's the wrong thing?
Good and Evil


It's our first time having a barbeque as adults out on our own. You know, the kind where our dads aren't burning hot dogs and our moms aren't mysteriously producing food from the kitchen.

1) Aside from the assorted bbq'd meats, what else should we serve?
2) Anyone have any good, Summer-y recipes?

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1. Do you think that location effects how people create music? If yes, give some examples.

2 What cities or states do you associate with specific types of music or bands?

3 What genre of music are you most knowledgable about? Care to share some interesting facts or history about your genre?

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What's the deal with ticketfast tickets? I know what they are but people on e-bay don't seem to like them too much. Are there any disadvantages to them?
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Rechargable Batteries

What's the latest status on rechargable batteries?

Last I heard, rechargable batteries could only be charged some specified number of times => Over time the battery deteriorates -- "Excessive" recharging = quicker deterioration.  Also, one should let the battery wear all the way down every so often.

I use my PDA phone a decent amount, but it doesn't always wear all the way down by the end of the day -- Often I get down to 30% or so -- & I like to leave the house the next day with 100% charge.  Should I worry about recharging it every night??  I need the PDA phone to last me two years minimum.


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For Windows users:

what music player do you use? I use Winamp but it seems like their skin database is completely outdated. The skins are wayyyy too small for big resolutions. If you use Winamp, is there a good skin website that has up to date skins?
che BITCHES by witchbabywigg


So uhm...
Why is it that whenever i take issue against something the Israeli government has done, i am accused of being anti-Semitic?
Surely if i brought up problems and rights issues regarding the Chinese government no one would think i hate all Chinese people.
Or American government---> American people.
People are separate from their governments.
Then i ask why Israel's government is above any criticism, and the accusations only get worse.

It's really bizarre and frustrating. i've given up discussing it, let alone asking why :(
I really don't get it. At all.

I hope this question doesn't turn into a shit storm. I don't know why it's such a tender subject. Help.
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ebay question

I sold a bunch of things on ebay a loooong time ago. Now I have some imported manga I want to sell that I am pretty sure is valuable. I went back on ebay and now it seems like PayPal rules all, even though when I used to sell things I took checks and money orders and had no problem.

Is PayPal really worth getting? I am a bit afraid of it because I have heard it's a bit suspect and easy to hack into. Am I damaging my chances of selling if I don't get a PayPal account and insist in checks or money orders?

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Any ideas on how I can get my router to not crap out fifty times a day? It's a Netgear 108 Mbps Wireless Firewall Router WGT624. Firmware is up-to-date. Whenever I try to load too many pages or certain pages (like warrenellis.com) or my BT client decides it wants to spend more than 10 minutes downloading something even at speeds < 100 kb/s, it just breaks and I have to reset it.
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Since it almost has been a week, I've been receiving this error message in MySpace after logging in or clicking onto "Home" to check my blogs, emails, friend requests, et cetera:

Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred.

This error has been forwarded to MySpace's technical group.

This drives me nuts!

Do any of you get this similar message nowadays? How can I fix this problem?
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What are some derogatory terms used by people from other countries to describe Australians?

This came up in a post of morriganslayde's where she was talking about how as an American in Australia she was sick of being called a Yank all the time (which I only just found out, some take offence to). Along with Yank, there are a few other words that Americans get called (Seppo, Merkin) but I've realised I have no idea what Australians are called overseas, only what we use to describe ourselves!

Come on, take your best shot! I promise not to get mad!

EDIT: For those of you wondering, Seppo is short for Septic Tank, which is rhyming slang for Yank. The term came about during the Second World War and it kinda stuck. As for Merkin, well, a Merkin is a pubic wig. If you're wondering why people from the US get called that, just say the word American as quickly as you can. Enough said.

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What's the most original and/or cruelest way you've ever woken someone up?
Edit (to add a second question): What's the most original and/or cruelest way anyone has ever woken you up?

I've been up all night and my little sister, who wakes me up probably three days a week on average, is still sound asleep. I kinda want to go play my accordion next to her head. I played my accordion next to her head and woke her up.
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Okay, for anyone out there who's young children love Hot Wheels....

There's this Hot Wheels toy that is actually ride-able. I think its made for kids under the age of two or three (or so). It's almost kind of like a little motorcycle or dirtbike... and you press a button where you hold on, with you hand, and it moves. Anyone know what i'm talking about?

I can't rememeber where I saw it. I'd like to get it for the little girl I nanny...

*edit* okay i feel dumb. maybe it was Power Wheels. and i think i found something similar to it... i could have SWORN it was Hot Wheels, though.
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iPod Crisis. I just got a diagnosis back from the place I sent my iPod to, and they said that:

“The internal hard drive needs to be replaced, formatted and restored with the original operating system. This repair would be $160.00 .”

And wow, that’s a lot more than the 60 bucks I was originally shelling out for a new battery. And plus, that means all my music is going to be erased.

So what I’m thinking is maybe I should just buy a new, better iPod? I’d really like the 60GB, but I don’t think I should spend 400 bucks, so I would probably end up getting the 30 GB for 300. Or should I just pay 160 for them to fix my year old 20 GB iPod?
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1. What's your favorite brand of chocolate?

2.What's your favorite restaurant?

3. What do you do when it's been raining for a week and half, basically non-stop? I'm tearing my hair out over here.

4. What's the longest you've ever slept for?

5. How many pillows do you sleep with/on?

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I have eBay and PayPal. The last time I sold something was about a year ago and it was a smooth transaction. I changed my e-mail address with eBay sometime within the past year, not even thinking about PayPal. I just sold something on eBay and the person payed with PayPal and it went to my NEW e-mail address, an address that I don't have a PayPal account with. I had to create a new PayPal account to accept the buyer's money. Then, I was trying to print a shipping label - I had to enter my bank information. I tried, but then it told me that my bank account was already in use with another PayPal account. I don't have another bank account to assign to this new account. Then, I tried to add my new address to my old PayPal account - I couldn't, because the new address had an existing PayPal account!

I also tried transferring the money from the new account to my old one, but once again I have to have a credit card added to the new account to do that. My only credit card is registered with the old address.

What do I do!!? How am I going to get that money out of my new PayPal account?

(fyi I have already changed my eBay e-mail address back to the old one so this doesn't happen again)

I'm thinking about just taking it as a loss since it's not a whole lot of money, but it would be nice if there was SOME way I could get the money out.
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The Receptionist Classic

Why I Hate Coors, Reason #658.

Why do I feel hungover from having one crappy beer last night (and not even a buzz!) but when I drink a bottle of wine, I'm fine the next day? I hate that.

Real question: Hangover recovery foods. What does it for you? I'm off to the shitty taco shop for a nice greasy burrito and salty chips.
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A TV show I saw prompted this...

People from the country were visiting the city and were completely freaked out by the pigeons. I don't think I've gone a day of my life without seeing a pigeon and I was wondering about other people's experiences.

Poll #747920 Rats with Wings?

Pigeons, love 'em or hate 'em?

Love them.
Hate them.
Don't care.

How frequently do you see pigeons?


Which best describes you?

Work in the city, live in the city.
Work in the city, live in the burbs.
Work in the city, live in the country.
Work in the 'burbs, live in the city.
Work in the country, live in the city.
Work in the 'burbs, live in the 'burbs.
Work in the country, live in the country.

Sing English to me.

A mate of mine intends to try to teach me to sing, over the internet, and first, he had me record myself singing... and he says I need to loose the accent while singing. but I cannot hear any accent.

So, what accent do I have while singing? click this link for the song. (And yes, I know the singing is bad, hence why I want to learn to sing. And no, I am not going to say where I am from. That would only bias you.)
kiv dancin.
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the internets

has anybody from the united states ordered from amazon.co.uk?

good? bad? same as the US amazon, service wise? i want to buy a dvd i can't find on ebay that i Can find there. theorectially i can just order it and it'll just take a bit longer to get here than an american amazon order, correct? i'd like some first hand experiences, if you have any.
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character reference letter

I am very good at writing letters, however since I have so many things on my mind as far as preparing things at my job before I go on vacation...has drawn me a blank.

An employee of our dept. also a friend since I've been working here, needs a character reference letter from me. I have no problem with saying how long i've known and worked with him, but other than that...im at a standstill.

Can i have your suggestions on how to go about writing it or is there a layout of some kind i can use? I don't have much time to write it, but could use some help.

Thanx a bunch!

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So my roommate's computer has a virus, and I know that there's a fix for it somewhere, but I don't know the name of the virus. It's the one that sends you the message " hi!! I just edited this picture of us together with photostudio, is it ok if I add it to myspace? www.photostudio.batcave.net/photost06.zip" through AIM. Does anyone know the name of the virus/somewhere I can get rid of it? Thanks so much for me and my roommate!
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grumble grumble

ok, so, i have this travel beverage container from rubbermaid. the lid looks like the lid on this thingy here

now, see that little white dot next to the spout? what the HELL is that for? i've tried popping it out, but it won't come out of the hole! i figured it was there so you could take it out to balance out the air pressure, but since it doesn't come out, i may be wrong. OR it does come out and i'm stupid.

as you can see, i'm very busy at work.
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what the world needs now is love, sweet love.

Last night, a friend of mine asked me what I liked best about my boyfriend. I'm pretty sure this is the first time any of my friends actually asked me that question and I was flattered that she was actually interested.

My answer to her was that he's always willing to go out and do things. In the six months that I've known him, we've done more interesting things than I have with past boyfriends that I dated for up to a year. It keeps the relationship more interesting.

However, I like when we stay local, too, and just hang around the house, watching movies, or going for walks and visiting the ducks at the pond.

Later, I started thinking that maybe I love our similar sense of humor and the way we can joke together and laugh a lot. I guess it's a tie.

Now I'll ask you the same question:

What do you like most about your significant other?
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Okay, back again with more questions for you fine folks. :]

Is there anything you hate, but you don't have a valid reason to hate it?
I really despise Saks Fifth Avenue. I have no reason, but the atmosphere of the store puts me in a really bad mood.

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1. Has anyone ever done that Special K diet and actually seen that it works?  I don't know that I could eat two bowls of cereal every day for an extended period of time, but I'm just curious about results.

2. I'd like to make a scrapbook for my semester in Spain, however I have no creativity and am not too good at crafts.  I have tons of pictures and random things saved, but I don't know where to start.  Scrapbooking can be expensive, so I don't want to waste materials just beacuse I'm awful at being artistic.  Does anyone have any tips in any area (what to buy, where to go, what I should put in the scrapbook)?

Gracias : )


Any of you guys know any nice verses to write inside a card? A friendship verse...

I've tried googling them but they're all too lovey-dovey! Basically, i'm finish Uni next week and really want to make a card for my friend here, Katie, but am totally useless with what to say! We're not best friends, or really even close friends. But she's been here for me and we have got closer this last few months...but hmm.

Yeah, any ideas!?

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White Blood Cells

I know we hate medical questions but I guess this is a more of an "I don't know how to google it" question

Ok so a week or two ago my daughter's pee was STINKY as all that is holy so someone suggested it might be a UTI. I picked up some AZO test strips which have two pads, one tests for white blood cells and the other tests for nitrite.

I stuck it in her diaper and waited for her to pee. The white blood cell test pad came out positive and the nitrite came out negative. I called her doctor so he did a lab culture test and said there was nothing unusual in her urine, everything was normal, no UTI. The smell went away so I figured everything was ok.

Today she kept tugging at her girly bits so I started to get concerned again and gave her another AZO test strip. Again, the white blood cells were ositive and the nitrite was negative.

I asked her doctor and he just responded "we don't really trust over the counter test strips"

But I still wooooonder. What does it mean that the white blood cells strip is testing positive but thr nitrite is testing negative?

If anybody has a free minute whose google-fu is better than mine, would you mind helping me?

x-psted to ask_a_nurse
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Movie quote?

I'm trying to figure out where I heard this:

Why serve above when you can rule below?
(speaking of heaven and hell)

I'm thinking it is from a movie, though probably not those exact words, but I can't remember and I'm not having any luck with google.
this is what my user name is from

Not so much bad parents as bad teacher?

So, you have a school age child, they come home with a piece of homework, your child (and you) put a lot of effort into it. They come home the next day and tell you that their teacher told them it was wrong. You know it's not because you were with with them every step of the way.
Do you a)tell them that whatever the teacher says goes, and get over it?
b) back them up to the hilt, take evidence in to the teacher?
c) tell them they were right but there is nothing you can do?
For those of you who would go for b), once proven wrong would you expect the teacher to if not apologise to your child at least tell them she now knows they are correct? Or am I a moon man? Because I want to slap the teacher in question?
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Do you ever fantasize about going back in time, taking modern knowledge/ideas/inventions, claiming them as your own, and end up being considered a genius? I know I do!

What's the strangest fantasy you have (by your standards or society's)?

maybe its the look in your eyes...

so i have this male friend that i have an extreme crush on...but hes always trying toget me to hook him up with someone. i just wanna scream "WHAT ABOUT ME?" but im looking for more subtle ways. i got a hot outfit for this weekend when im gonna see him so im less "one of the boys." (its a long black tube top and skinny dark jeans fyi) so what else can i do? like subtle flirting techniques letting him know im interested and things of that nature.

we always say how we sound like a married couple so he calls me wifey. i just thought i'd share that cuz its corny but it makes me smile.

thanks everyone

Viking boat

Crossing the border

Have you ever crossed the border (US/Canada) with a record?

If yes, what was your experience?
Any tips you could give me?

I have one, from something I did when I was younger. I am wanting to go the the US to see my husband next month. It's not drug or violence related, so it's nothing serious.
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Okay. So I'm planning on adopting a cat in the next couple weeks. Today I bought some supplies. Is there anything else I should get?

What I have:
Litter box
Litter scoop
Food bowl/water bowl
Toys (none have small parts that can come off)
Pet carrier

What I still need:
Nail clippers
Scratching post

The above items I'm waiting on since I don't know how old the cat will be or if they'll already be declawed or not. Do I need anything else?

Also, how strict are adoptions? I'm single and live alone and am afraid that's going to largely count against me. But everything else I'm good on.
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natural peanut butter - refrigerate?

I recently bought some natural peanut butter from our co-op. You even get to grind it up yourself! It's just unsalted organic peanuts, and nothing else is added to it. Do I need to keep it refrigerated? I googled but came up with mixed results. I don't want the peanut butter to go bad, but when I used it today for the first time (after being kept in the refrigerator) it was really hard and therefore difficult to spread. So, for those of you who buy similar peanut butter, do you keep yours in the fridge? Thanks a lot.

On parenting.

1.) What do you consider good parenting to be?
2.) How involved should parents be in their children's life?
3.) For those who have kids, do you think you are doing the best parenting you can provide?
4.) For those who aren't, who do you know that is a good example of what parents should be like?
5.) Tell me some bad parenting stories?
6.) Any comments on the world of parenthood?
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Does anyone here use that Last.fm internet radio? I'm just starting out with it, and I just wanted to know everyone's experience(s) with it - is it any good? Mine's skipping a lot tonight; is that just because it's raining and I have a crappy connection (and too many windows open)? Any feedback is appreciated. :)
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Okay, what is the spanish translation of "by"
used in.

The book is written by James Dawson.
But, I'm trying to make the title in spanish.

Sons and Daughters by Dante
^yes, so made up, but how would you translate that... it's like the cover of a book.
new me!

Boy age 1

My friends little boy is turning 1 in July.. they live in England so I don't really know him.. nor do I know what 1 year old boys like.

Help! What should I buy?
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It's been a while since I've been active here. I have a lot of questions to ask. That I can't seem to remember now.
But! this one's important and needs to be answered now, SO:

What two movies should I rent tonight?


last night, my co-worker commented on the fact that i don't wear make up. i told him 99% of my friends are male, so there's really no point, and i don't like how it feels on my face. he said that can't be right, women wear make up to impress men. i told him no, women wear make up to impress other women and themselves. it's akin to men walking around with their dicks out to see who has the biggest one. he laughed and said "you know, i don't like make up on women either.. that's probably true." if you care, his name is ralph and he's 74 and married.

thus spawns this.

( take my poll, please! )
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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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Which is better?

Macs or PC's?

I ask because I told my friend I was going to get a Sony Vaio laptop soon...but he says that he's heard a lot of people say that those give them a lot of problems. So, I'm having second thoughts now...cause, I only need it for music, internet and photos.

EDIT: As much as I love PC's...I think I'm getting a macbook.
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another mix bag o' fun...

1. What kind of car do you drive?
2004 Chevy Classic

2. If you had to perform in a talent show, what would you do?
probably read something I've written

3. What did you eat for dinner?
deer sausage, potatoes and baked beans

4. Which do you prefer: Subway, Blimpie or Quizno's (or some other place that makes subs/hoagies)?
Quizno's is amazing (but a tad too expensive), so usually Subway

5. Push "CTRL V" (paste)... show what you just pasted.

Today (June 14) is/was my sweet 16!

So what did you get me? :p

No, seriously, the question is...
What did you do for your sweet 16?
Huge party, or just a gathering of friends?
Do you watch that really retarded MTV show Sweet Sixteen?
DID YOU CHANGE YOUR OUTFIT 5 TIMES DURING THE NIGHT CUZ THATS WHAT CELEBS DO?!?!?!!?!?! (rhetorical) (spelling error, most likely).

And unrelated-- What language did you take when you were in high school? Did you continue into college? Can you still speak it today?

Mine- in comments.

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My nephew is turning 1 soon and im not sure exactly what im expected to get him.
im also his god-mother so im thinking i might have to get him something more then his other aunts.

the problem is that i am broke.
and and also have no clue as what to get this kid since he's my first nephew.

so my question is: do i get him a regular birthday toy, or am i expected as the god-mother as well to get him something bigger, like money or starting some kind of fund for him??

i hope this makes sense.
im super tired.

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What are the various causes that can make a car's battery/volts light come on? Battery and/or alternator problems, but what types? The car is a 1993 Buick Century in good condition and has exhibited no symptoms of malfunctions.