June 13th, 2006

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Have any of you guys ever been to a psychologist/shrink/etc?
Or know someone who does?
Any particular reason? For what?
How old where you?
Was it of your own free will?
Do you see one a regular basis?
Did it "help?" Would you recommend going to one?
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A Few Mac OS X-related Questions

  1. I've noticed that when Mail.app checks for mail on my IMAP server, it will incorrectly report the number of unread messages. Usually, it doubles the number of unread messages in a folder (give or take a few) until I click on the folder to read my mail. Other e-mail clients (Thunderbird, Evolution, mutt) do not have this issue. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  2. Is there a decent ID3 tagger for OS X that does batch tagging? Ideally, I'd like to be able to do a FreeDB lookup on a group of files, (like EasyTag or Foobar2000 can do) but I'd settle for being able to parse filenames and dump that into ID3V2 tags. UTF-8 support is a must have. (Normally, I'd just use EasyTag on Linux, but it insists on writing gibberish instead of UTF-8 text.)
  3. Why do the 65W AC adaptors for G4 PowerBooks suck so goddamn much?
  4. How do I load songs onto my iPod?
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If you work in any type of customer service, what is the one line you hear the most on a daily basis?

Mine is, "Your hands must get tired at the end of the day, huh?" with the #2 line "I'll tip you guys NOT to sing."

I work at Cold Stone, and I swear, I get so sick of being asked if my hands hurt. yes, yes they do, thanks for reminding me and then asking me to add fudge and caramel to your ice cream. I appreciate it.

My mom is an accountant, and during tax season, basically everyone says "This must be your busy season!" DUH.

So what line makes you want to scream every time you hear it?
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Oh man memories
okay there are two things from a long time ago that probably nobody will know what I am talking about that I just thought of right now

1) A website where you could create a creature type thing and then send him out into the online world and keep track of it's progress. When you created it, you could select if it were going to be a herbivore or carnivore, and the color, and what kind of wheels or wtf it had, and eyes, etc. etc. etc. Anyone have any idea what site this was?

2) A program I downloaded from some website where it would generate acronyms for you. Like, if you typed in GJF, it would generate a ton of different things GJF stood for. It was a fun device. Any ideas, as well?
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Carpet cleaning

Our carpet is in major need of some TLC. So...
1. Have you ever cleaned your own carpet with a rented Rug Doctor or similar? How much did it cost? How good of a job did it do? How hard was it to do? Was it worth it?
2. Have you ever gotten your carpet cleaned professionally? How much did it cost? What did you have to do to prepare? Was it worth it?

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i'm bored. does anyone have any interesting surveys that people post in their livejournals or on myspace? preferably ones that are somewhat unique. i've done the name, age, favorite movie ones so many times.

Net Tricks

This might seem a little sneaky, but type "ViewerFrame?Mode=" into Google and you will see a lot of links to security cameras and webcams - people want to view their apartments, houses and all, online, but forgot to encrypt it properly.

My question is, anyone know any other nifty net tricks like that?
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1) I used to play this game on Atari that no one else seems to remember. It was a maze type game, based in a dungeon (I think). The purpose was to find a key before a giant duck ate it and you. Any ideas?

2) Also, I've been trying to find the title of a book I loved when I was younger. It was about these two girls who didn't take very good care of their dolls. Somehow, they got broken and had to be taken to a doll repair show. The man (who's faced may have been shaped like a moon; or maybe his name was Moon) who fixed the dolls gave the girls a small packet of tea, so they could have a tea party. When the girls drank the tea, they switched places with their dolls. There was also this whole other world, where the toys went when no one was playing with them. The repair man was a king or something and I think a goose owned a sweet shop. Does anyone have any idea what this book is called? Or where else I could go to find out?

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is it possible to dream about doing something that is impossible? has anyone ever really dreamt they were flying?

this morning i woke up and realized that i had a dream about falling in love with my best friend who is a lesbian. in real life, she likes me, and i wish i liked women so that i could make us both happy, but i'm straight, as far as i know.this dream is all i've been thinking about all day. it felt real. it felt like i was falling in love with her. would i have dreamt that if it wasn't a possibility? what do you think is going to happen?
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what would noel edmunds do?

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My computer is being really shit so I've run Norton Antivirus on it and it's shown that it has two "at risk" of adware files which are one called

grids bow dart\long deaf bit.exe (i kid you not)



but when it tries to delete them it fails and when i tried to delete them manually it said that I cant delete them and to check that they are not being used. But I cant find them other than by using the search option. I've looked them both up online and there's nothing on the second one, although i have found something called bit.exe which could be the same thing, and there's only one thing on updupe.exe which just says to delete it.

what should I do? (that doesn't cost any more money). How do I delete the undeletable file? I don't know any other communities to ask and my house is full of technophobes. I'm pretty sure that it's adware that is fucking shit up because adverts keep popping up
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For those that have visited before, or live in Boston, how easy is it to get around by foot (I don't drive) in the harbor area? Any places I should definitely visit? A friend works up there, but he will be gone two of the four days I'm there, so I only have access to rides for part of the time. Is there a bus or metro/subway system I could use?

Recommended cheap hotels nearby? And I mean the cheapest of the cheap.
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1. Do you know what supplies you need for a hurricane?

2. How many hurricanes have you been in?

3. What kind of tape do you use on the windows when you tape them for a hurricane? Or are you a storm window type of person?

4. Where do you live and does that area take hurricanes seriously or not?

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Last week I had listed on eBay an authentic designer purse, but somebody reported it as fake and it was removed, okay that was irritating but people are dense so whatever...

Today I get an email from "aw-confirm@ebay.com" asking me to give my eBay account information, like username and password, claiming there's a possibility that my account is fraudulent. Does this seem fishy to anyone else? I logged into eBay, and there were no alerts, whereas they alerted me when my purse was removed. Is this real or sketchy?

Also, I had to get a new key for my car- because the last one decided to not go into the ignition. Today I make an attempt to start my car, and the just turns things all the way back, but no car is starting! The battery is fine, the key just turns the thing all the way back, what the hell?! Anyone else think that Passats are lemons?
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I was just thinking about best friends and wondering who had them and what not... so onto a poll!

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Edit What do you consider a best friend to be?

I consider my best friend a girl that I've known since I was six years old. We became friends in our first grade class and have been inseparable ever since. We walk into each other's homes and help ourselves. Her family is my family and vice versa. We even go to each other's houses when the other isn't there if we need to borrow/do something and our families don't mind. She's the only person who knows nearly everything about me and knows how I feel when all I can say is "And it's just like, I mean... yanno?" No matter how much time we spend together, we never get sick of each other. But we also realize that we have seperate lives and understand when we can't see each other for a while.
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.the game is on!.

Random Batch.

1. I need to be pointed in the direction of either some websites or books with really good, really frightening ghost stories. No campy, hokey stuff. What do you suggest?

2. I'm entertaining the thought of going to either Charleston or Savannah. What are some supposedly haunted landmarks I can visit in either one?

3. Have you ever had a ghost encounter? If yes, elaborate please.

4. Do you tell ghost stories at bonfires?

5. Do you believe not only in ghosts, but witches, boogeyman, and the like, also?
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Do you think modesty is a positive or negative trait?

I was told yesterday I'm modest and I'm not sure how to take that. I don't really think I am, I just don't gloat about things.

ETA: It was in reference to test scores I received, not my clothing choices :)
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Enquiring minds

have to know;

a) why did no one get my attempt at humour last night? Does no-one here read Pratchett?
I was alluding to the bit in Guards Guards, where Corporal Carrot reads the pledge as "I [insert name here] promise to..." I was suggesting I was actually going to call my baby [insert name here]. Sigh, it's just not funny when you have to explain it. Or, it could just be it wasn't funny to be begin with, maybe it only works for Pratchett?
For those that missed it and care;
Otherwise, feel free to ignore.

b) when does untidy pass the line into squalor? Or unhygienic?

c) Does anyone else who either goes to school/college or has kids that do, get fed up with endless money raising events that are NOT for a good cause and seem designed purely to bleed parents dry?

d) do I suck because I did not force my children participate in the latest money grabbing event and let them take in protest placards?

e) does anybody else ever have sex dreams where they experience events as if they were the opposit sex? Complete with appropriate sensations?

f) should I go to the centre and wander about aimlessley trying to remember what I need to buy, or say home and pity my sick husband?
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movies everyone should see

what are movies that everyone should see? give a bunch of suggestions, if you want.

EDIT: thus far, we have:

Cidade De Deus (City of God), Schindler's List, Good Night, and Good Luck, Live from Baghdad, Something the Lord Made, Shall We Dance [Japanese version], Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Princess Bride, Dogma, The Shop Around the Corner, Some Like it Hot, Gone With The Wind, Imitation of Life, Wuthering Heights, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, It's A Wonderful Life, Going My Way, The Philadelphia Story

and a bunch more. come comment...

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quick, before I forget! This is going to sound stupid.

Cow tipping. Is this an actual thing?

See, my mother believes this is an actual farmtown passtime- and she did grow up in a farmtown. My father, on the other hand, thinks it's soemthing like snipe-hunting, because no way could a couple of college kids push a cow over, let alone without it waking up first. he -also- grew up in a farmtown.
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I totally know I'll get into trouble for asking another question so soon; but what the smeg does the acronym FTW mean? I looked it up on acronym.co, but none of the results make sense given the context I have seen it used in... Help!
Clearly, I am just not with it!
Can you tell I like exclamation marks? Why use a lowly period, when you can have a !

Edited, 'For The Win' thank you!

airline seating

Next week i will be flying out of state on Delta. I was planning on losing more weight to make me fit in the seat better, but that didnt work out. I'm not that large but I am 280 and my hips are wide (yes am embarrassed to say that, but for this question, i have no choice). Would anyone know the width of a coach seat? I flew on an airplane last year and im sure i was bigger than this...or inch wise was bigger. I also wasn't aware that there were extended seatbelts available and flew with no seatbelt on the entire flight. Which brings me to my 2nd embarrassing question. When should i ask for a seatbelt extender? Airplanes are noisy before the takeoff with people talking and whatnot and im a quiet person (especially when i fly alone). If i feel i wont be heard in a discreet mellow tone...i won't ask. Your suggestions please?
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What's in a name?

To make a long story short, I'm trying to name a business. I need a clothing label, but to yet come up with any good ideas, or at least any solid ideas that make me say "I want THAT".

So, I'm asking for help, from what you think of what my sister and I have already thought of, as well as suggestions...

So far, what we've come up with:

Annabell West

Not much, and nothing too great. I'd really like any thoughts/suggestions on this. I want it to be able to be applied to lots of different types of clothign without sounding old or stupid.

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All the talk and proposed initiatives regarding illegal aliens lately have me scratching my head. They supposedly plan on building a wall across the border, but aliens have spaceships and can easily fly over. That seems rather pointless, but I never understood why aliens are taking our minimum wage jobs. You don't master intergalactic travel to pick oranges on another planet. Seems very strange.


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Poll #747366 SPIDER!

You spy a big spider on your bedroom wall. What do you do?

RAID! or other toxic spray
I capture it and release it outside
I capture it and keep it as a new pet or experiment
Run away and have someone else in the house take care of it
Scream and stand on a chair until I either pass out, someone comes or it goes away
Let it be. It just wants to live and it'll kill other insects. Tolerance, baby
Let it bite you and hope it's radioactive
Get my cat to catch it and kill it
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If you haven't been to a certain doctor in several years and you can't find them now (probably retired), how would you go about locating your old records? I want to go to a new doctor but I need my old records! There are hearing tests that go back to when I was 3 that I really need.


What kinds of spices compliment sweet potatoes? I plan on slicing them into rounds and roasting them in the oven, but I'm not sure what to put on them, if anything. Suggestions? I need more sweet potato ideas!
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Job Fair Question

I'm going to a job fair this evening and have printed out 30 resumes. Do you think that's going to be enough? I'm most likely not going to hand one to each and every business (I have no idea how many are here tonight). What do you think I should do? Print out more? Be more picky with who I give them to?
JAM <3


So, I just ran my car into the edge of my garage as I was pulling in. Now I have a huge dent on my bumper.

What's the one thing you would change about today if you could start over?
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Okay, I'm pissed off.

I ordered a book from Amazon, and today was supposed to be the latest day for it to get here. I check the mail... no book. I checked the site and it says they haven't even fucking SHIPPED IT yet.

So I want to write a mangry letter. What buttons can I push to show them that I am Pissed Off, other than "Well maybe I'll just go to Barnes and Noble!"?
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Yamanner? Yamamma!

Did the Yamanner worm that attacked Yahoo! Mail yesterday work on Linux? The writeups just say that all versions of Windows were affected, but it doesn't mention a specific browser. Since the worm seems to have been pure JavaScript without any native component, it seems possible that Firefox on Linux could have been affected as well. (It's not really clear if it exploited a flaw in JavaScript per se, or a flaw in the site... an XSS vulnerability of some sort.)

I ask because I received three of the worm messages before the worm was announced, and I looked at one of them. So I may have helped propagate it. :D

For those of you who have purchased a home...

either now or in the past, does it make you or your partner, (in a previously good relationship) go to shit?  What do you think it is?  The stress?  The constant demands of the home, moving, etc.  The fact that most likely you are paying quite a bit more and now money is more of a worry?  

I am going through this currently and I'm having a tough time of it.  I wonder if this is normal or not??

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Fantasia pegasus

A Land Of Make Believe.

1. Have you seen The Last Unicorn? Love it, hate it?

2. What do you think about the true-life remake supposedly in the works? *Go to IMDB.com for info*

3. Have you heard Loreena McKennitt's version of the title song for the movie? What did you think of it?

4. What is your favorite mythical creature?

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Well, I'm going to be moving into an apartment and I want to be able to make myself healthy stuff that might just taste good. Here's what I have so far. Any ideas?

Proposed Snacks
  • Rice
  • Chicken
  • Rice Cakes
  • Baked Lays
  • Lean Cuisine
  • Bottled Water
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Granola

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I want to travel for less then a week at the end of summer. I live near Albany, NY and am looking for a UNIQUE place to travel [preferably cheaply] that has a fair amount of things to do. I don't really drink or party, and I don't want to leave the united states or canada. Suggestions?

How can you reduce the pain and itching of a sunburned scalp?

And, I'm moving to a new city, how can I meet new people?

What are the healthist foods you can eat, and how can you prepare them in ten minutes or less (I can't cook).


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So, the last fish in my fishtank just bit it.  This was a good thing; several horrible things happened to that tank (neglect, neglect, and more neglect) and this allows us the chance to start fresh, but do it right.

I have a five-gallon tank with an undergravel filter.  If it's relevant, it doesn't reside on a stand, it lives on... a kind of peninsula in between my kitchen and my living room and my hallway.  Does anyone have any fishtank tips, tricks, or other helpful hints/suggestions to make the next tank anything but an unmitigated disaster?

It's a beautiful day!

Here in New England, 78 degrees, gorgeous blue sky, wonderful billowy clouds and I walked to work listening to The Orb's "Little Fluffy Clouds" with a HUGE smile on my face.

Which songs make you feel happier than you feel aready when you listen to them?

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For my history class I need to talk about the way other countries view the United States. For some reason my brain is not working today and can't put together words so I come to you guys to tell me your opinions. It would be awesome to hear from people that live in the US as well as people that don't live here. If it matters, this is for my history class.

So my question:
How do you think the US is viewed by other countries? Why?

Edit: If you don't live in the US... How do you and the general population of the country you live in view the US?

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OK, so weird things happening at my work.

In Microsoft Word 2003, when you highlight text and hit "Backspace", nothing happens. If you highlight text and type something, it starts typing at the front of the selection. But, the "Del" key still works.

Anyone have an idea what could be happening? It only happens on one computer, and I've never observed this anywhere else.


Nevermind, found it. For once in my life the Microsoft Knowledge Base actually helped me.

For those curious, in Options on the Edit tab, "Typing Replaces Selection" governs whether you can use backspace to delete highlighted text and the ability to type over highlighted text.

Why this was turned off, though... who knows.
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Over the summer, I have to read Brave New World (Including Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley) and Utopia (Sir Thomas More) for an English class next year.

Utopia was written first (and will probably be more annoying to read), and is about a... utopia. :P. But Brave New World is more recent and was written about a dystopia.

Which should I read first?
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Hi folks,

I need some help with my Google-fu.

I'm trying to find either medical reference or research articles that show male libido drops after 18 years of age (ish) and that female libido peaks in the mid-30s.

Just to stress again these need to be medical reference or research articles, or perhaps articles written by those in the field e.g. medical doctors.

I'm not sure if there's a specific "help me with my Google-fu" community? :-)

I have a couple from PubMed already that are OKish:


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For Harry Potter Fans:

What colors represent Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw?

What is/are your favorite quote(s) from either the movies or the books? (I've read all of the books and seen all of the movies so don't worry about spoilers.)

What is your favorite Harry Potter community on LiveJournal, if you have one?

If you do not like Harry Potter, please do not leave me rude comments. Example: "Harry Potter is so stupid and you should die!" Because I really don't appreciate them.
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Does anybody know how to soften up a stiff paisley bandanna? I have a light blue bandanna (resembles the 3rd pic in the above link) that used to be my mom's back in the 1970s, and it is nice and soft...It is so much easier to make it into a bandanna. But, I have a hot pink bandanna that I got a few years ago, and it is stiff...when I try to wear it on my head, I have to readjust the knot every 30-45 minutes, and it's really annoying. I just want to be able to wear it on my head more often! Help!

BTW, simply running my bandanna through the wash doesn't help -- it's still stiff.
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Please excuse the very high cheese factor of this question..

So, say your boyfriend is in Holland on business and isn't coming back till next week (the morning of your birthday actually)

You want to send him something in an email to say you miss him without actually writing your own cheese.. A short quote or lyric. Not too too corny, but slightly cheesy is fine. (Screw it, cheesy/corny as hell is fine)

Nothing that says "Love" directly 'cause you're not there yet and you don't want to frighten the bejesus out of him quite yet..

What do you send in the email?


skank hands.

i made a nice salmon dinner for my parents tonight. i got it fresh from the market, so it was a whole fish and i had to debone it. it was freaking awesome, but now my hands smell strongly like i was fingering a band of mexican whores fish. how do i make the smell go away?

my dad suggested washing my hands with lemon juice. this did not work.

hotcouturewhite - emsteed

(no subject)

Okay... two very unrelated ones for ya... er... make that 3. (I always post three... I'm kind of obsessive about that :P)

1. So Virgil said something to the effect of "If I can't move Heaven, I'll raise Hell.". What is this from though? **apparently it's a translation of a line from Aeneid ...?? still unsure though***

2. I've heard that waitresses make *below* minimum wage, plus tips. True or False?

3. I graduate h.s. on Friday, but the last day of school is the following Monday. I really love my school and my teachers--as dorky as it may sound. But I don't want to sort of ruin the moments and the crying that I'm sure we'll have at graduation. Would coming in on Monday kill it?

Thanks dears ;)
Self cleaning

All About You

What do you think is your best/favorite physical feature? Your worst/least favorite?
What is your best non-physical trait? Your worst?
If you could change one physical thing about yourself, what would it be? What non-physical trait of yours would you change if you had the chance?

What do you get the most compliments about?
What is the best compliment you have ever received?

What, in general, is the physical feature you notice on a person first? (Purely from a shallow standpoint)

If you had to pick only one word to describe yourself, what would that word be?
If you had to pick only one word to describe your ideal mate, what would that word be?

Finally, it's bragging time. What would you like to brag about? Tell me something good that's happened to you lately, or something you are really proud of.
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Please help settle this debate for my husband and me once and for all...

Here goes...Could your average Scooby-doo villians be charged with any "real" crimes? (in America)
For example, is dressing up like an alien ghost to scare away potential real estate developers something you could go to jail for?

PS- I'm looking for crimes, not torts.

Funbag mix 'o questions...

1. What's your favorite joke to tell others? 
um, i'm horrible at joke-telling...

2. What is your internet homepage set to?
yahoo.com (i like to be able to read the news headlines upon opening the internet)

3. What are you allergic to?
penicillin is the only thing i know of

4.. How are you feeling right now? (use a color to answer this one)

Sleeping arrangement conundrum

Presently, I have two friends staying over from college, a guy and a girl. The girl and I are extremely close, once roommates, the guy is incredibly close to the girl- but he and I get on each others nerves.

Soon we are going to set up in the tv room to watch a movie and relax, where there is a pull out bed from the couch. How do I handle sleeping arrangements? Do I sleep with my female friends in the tv room, and put the dude on the couch in the other room? Do I offer the dude my brother's old bedroom, and sleep downstairs with my friend? Or, do I see if they want to sleep in the same bed and I resign myself to my bedroom? Although I don't know how comfortable she'd be with that, especially with a boyfriend... I'm rather ornery and PMSy tonight and really want my space, but I don't want to be rude to my friends!

(no subject)

I have this stuff in my cabnit called "Jolen creme bleach" and its just the cream and the activating powder: no instructions. I searched for them online, and all I could come up with was "buy now on Amazon!" and some really undetailed instructions. Can anyone help me out?
Am I supposed to cover the hair with a THICK coat? Different amount of time for different skin types? ect. Thanks!

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