June 12th, 2006

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How much tip would you give generally for a meal that cost around $37? What percentage is the general norm in the US?

UK members how much would you give for a meal that cost around £37?
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Another question. I should be bed but I'm too hot!

Do you suffer from hayfever?

If so, which over the counter drug do you take for it? The active drug itself, not the actual product name. (since the names could be different between countries) :)

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does anyone know if there is a way to look up the police beat? i know in college towns it is in the newspaper... is that the case in all cities???

i tried googleing (my city name) + police beat but got nothing


i'm asking because today at work the police had to come and wrestle a customer to the ground who was basically going crazy, and i'm interested to see what the description would be? plus i wanted my boyfriend to see it.
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Dance Dance Revolution!

So. Um. I bought DDR Extreme and a dance pad a few days ago...

Will I ever get BETTER at it? Cause at the moment I flail like a wounded sloth on even the easiest of songs.

Are the really expensive pads better than the cheapo ones? The one I got was on sale and it's like a twister mat type thing, no padding or anything. After just one song my feet and ankles start to hurt.

*feels dumb*
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Mr. Game and Watch

(no subject)

1) Anyone listen to DragonForce's Inhuman Rampage yet? If so, how is it?

2) How good of a live show does DragonForce perform? Would a somewhat-scrawny 16 year-old drama geek who doesn't go to concerts (ever) be able to survive the certainly awesome power? If not power, what about the usual people who would show up at a power metal concert? A power metal concert in Ft. Worth, Texas?
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mailing list services

Can anyone recommend a free mailing list service?

I'm looking for one address that people can email (mygroup@listbot.com) that will forward anything sent to everyone registered. ListBot has been dead for a while. I'm screwing around with Topica right now.

I'd like for the moderators to be able to edit the lists, and not require that inept people dick around with registry and validation too much. (Which is why Yahoo's service wouldn't work.)

Edit: Does anyone actually use mailing lists anymore for discussion? :/

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Random late-night question...

Are Hostess HoHos still manufactured? They're still listed on the Hostess website but I have not been able to find them ANYWHERE. I've looked at all of the grocery stores in town and they either don't carry Hostess products at all or they have other Hostess products (Twinkies, Ding Dongs, etc) but no HoHos.

I need to find a box of HoHos! And no, the Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls won't work.
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1) How many songs do you have on your iTunes? (or whatever other music programme you might use)

2) How many songs do you have on your iPod? (or whatever other mp3 player you might use)
1511. It's a 6GB mini and I can't get any more on.

3) What are the last five songs that played?
Gnarls Barkley -- Crazy, Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlantism, Mystery Jets -- Diamon in the dark, Gnarls Barkley -- Just a thought

4) What are the top five played songs?
Elliott Smith -- Waltz #1, Fools Garden -- Lemon tree, Andrew Bird -- Sovay, Ani DiFranco -- Platforms, Ani DiFranco -- Bubble

5) What are the last songs/albums you've added?
Gnarls Barkley -- St Elsewhere, M Ward -- Post war, Reefer Madness soundtrack, Andrew Bird -- Music of hair
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(no subject)

The earlier US history question sort of inspired me to ask about the experience of American schoolchildren when it comes to how we were taught about our country's history. This applies to those who have taken both high shcool and elementary school US history courses (but not university level courses)

What major war(s) did your classes spend the most time trying to teach you about?
Were any major wars or major social movements or anything else major left out of your history courses?

I ask partially because in my school (very small private school) the history teacher would plan to teach us about a particular segment of modern US history, but we never made it that far by the end of the school year. We were always finishing up World War 2 by the time school was over, and we never got to Vietnam. So, to this day I know absolutely nothing about the Vietnam war, and it seems like a lot of other people close to my age did study it in school. Maybe my teachers were just disorganized, but I thought we had to learn a core set of things about US history and that Vietnam and stuff that happened in the 50's, 60's, and 70's should have been mandatory by the time I was studying them in the 80's and 90's.

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hey gang,

my youngest graduates this week thursday and i honestly don't know what to get her...for her graduation party - we're having it in july and gettng her a jumping house...

any suggestions on a gift from me? (nothing to outrageously expensive - she's already getting a vehicle from my brother)
also - should i give it to her at the party or on the day she graduates?
what did you get when you graduated?
when did you get it?

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(no subject)

1. If you're on the east coast of the U.S., aren't you absolutely fed up with the torrential downpours?

2. What's your favorite day of the week? Least favorite?

3. Has anyone else seen the Discovery Channel special, Krakatoa: Volcano of Destruction? If yes, what did you think of it?
ETA: To those of you who haven't seen this special, and wanted to, Discovery Channel will be re-airing it this coming Saturday, June 17th @ 9:00 P.M.

4. What's the worst natural disaster you have experienced so far?

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Where should I study abroad?

I am planning to study abroad spring of next year. I want to go somewhere spanish-speaking: ie, Spain or Central/South America. I don't want to be in a huge city and I don't want to be surrounded by tourists. What spanish-speaking countries have you been to, and what has been your experience?

Where should I study abroad?

(no subject)

You are allowed to commit one crime and no one could ever track it back to you. Any crime at all, from the most extravagant to the most petty. Anything at all. One free pass.

What would it be?
petit prince

it's everywhere i want to be

SO, i need to get a visa. the UK has a website so you can apply online for one, but since i'm in the dc metro area, i can also get to the embassy quickly. do you think one might be faster than the other? does anyone have experience getting a visa for the UK? how long did it take? i'm getting a 1-year student visa, if it makes a difference.

EDIT! how do you eat freezie pops?
i like to eat about 2 inches off the top, then crush the rest of it up so it's like a slushie in a tube
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(no subject)

I got about two hours of sleep last night. I have narcolepsy, so this is beyond the normal I-only-got-two-hours-of sleep tiredness.

Anyway, I work in a call center, so all I do is sit. I can use the internet, obviously, but I seem to have run out of things to do. Any ideas what I can do so as not to fall asleep on my keyboard?
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(no subject)

If you were allowed to plug communities here, which ones would you plug? Are there any communities that you think everyone [er, all the cool people that is] should join?

Why does someone from the russian federation keep looking at my xanga??

What kind of backpack do you recommend? Mine is a traditional 2-strap and it's falling apart. I've never had a sling-kind but they look comfy. Opinions please!!

(no subject)

My latest passion seems to be photography. Over the past couple years, I've taken quite a few (in my opinion) really good shots. So I have this huge collection just sitting on my computer and journals. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to get them submitted to either contests, magazines, websites, things like that? I just want them to be seen. I'm not picky. Thanks!
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Recommendations Quandry

I have a very good recommendation letter from the program manager of a study-abroad organization I travelled on last year. Unfortunately his position was just very recently eliminated and so he's no longer with the organization. The other people in the org (including the CEO) are pretty familiar with me so they could back him/me up.

Is his recommendation letter still valid for anything? The only other one I have is from a former employer, which is also good (and he still works there!) but not quite as detailed or thorough. And I won't get the chance to get any more recommendation letters from anyone for at least the next few months.

(I'm in no hurry to use one at the moment - it just seems like such a sad waste of recommendations if I can't use it anymore!)
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(no subject)

What do you do if your mail carrier puts the mail of another house in your box?

Obviously not open the mail, but... put it back in the mailbox with the flag up and a note that says "please deliver to correct addressee"?

(no subject)

When answering with your opinion......

Do you think it is more HONEST to answer TQC questions with the first thought that pops into your head...or to think it over a bit, then answer...?

is honesty always the best policy on TQC?
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I can't remember what this book was called--it is pretty thick, has the word "house" (I think) in blue and another word in red. Any help? A thriller or mystery book of sorts about a house whose occupant died in it with lots of stuff inside.

Let's take a ride back in time...

1. What was your favorite toy as a child?
Mine included Legos, Lincoln Logs, and Micro Machines

2. What was your favorite TV show or cartoon as a child?
I loved Reading Rainbow, Alf, and Saved by the Bell

3. Describe one vivid memory from your childhood...
I remember being at my grandmother's house probably when I was only 5 or 6, riding my tricycle along through the yard and thinking that it would be really fun to ride my bike down the hill (which was actually the ditch in front of her house). So I did, and I ended up being a muddy mess and balling my eyes out. Grandma sure thought it was funny, though.

4. Are you an only child, oldest child, middle child, etc.? 
I'm the oldest of four, 24 years old.
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Building Owner?

How can I find out who owns an apartment building?

My on-site apartment manager is either in the hospital or dead... basically she's an old lady who is MIA and no one has said anything to us, but there has been a bunch of new people coming in and out of our building and no one is answering questions. The only number I have is the old lady's, and none of our lease paperwork has any other number other than that.

The sign outside my building is my only clue, as it says "KLP Mangement" on it, but google has brought up nothing, nor has the yellow pages.

So I wanted to find some website or number I can call and enter my buildings address to find who the legal owner is and hopefully get some answers that way.
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(no subject)

1. What's the longest time you've ever been sick for? What were you down with?

2.Have you ever had a near death experience? If yes, elaborate.

3. Are you afraid of death or have you made peace with its inevitability?

4. Which do you think is more painful? Physical or emotional/psychological pain?

5. Have you ever fainted?

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[spn] let the bobby!wookiee win

(no subject)

1. Does anyone know the name of the default font in livejournal entries?

(If it says anywhere, much apologies, but I've been searching and unable to find it.)

2. Could someone recommend me some good summer reading? I'm particularly fond of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, but read most anything (so long as it's not Dan Brown).


Superhero poll behind this cut

Poll #746842 X-men

Congratulations! You're now a mutant. You have powers. What power have you mutated?

Mental powers, to read minds, send thoughts and lift things, like Jean Grey
Super healing ability, animal-like senses and tracking, phone number of a good adamantium claw surgeon, so you'd be like Wolverine
Optic blast, which is a concussive blast emitted from your eyes, like Cyclops
Wings and flight, like Angel
Weather control and ability to soar on the winds, like Storm
Teleportation and supreme agility, like Nightcrawler
Fire control, like Pyro
Ice creation and control, like Iceman
Ability to change your appearance into anyone else, like Mystique
Phasing ability, or the ability to walk through walls, floor and allows things to pass through you, like cars or punches, like Kitty Pryde
Ability to 'borrow' memories, abilities and powers from someone else, like Rogue
Metal manipulation, magnetic control, like Magneto
Super strength and super invulnerability, like Juggernaut
Insanely lucky, like Longshot
Sonic ear-splitting, glass-shattering screech like Banshee

Damn, the government hates mutants and your kind is being hunted down. What do you do?

Join a heroic group and use your powers for good and to show the world that mutants can be helpful
Show your resentment and mistrust of 'the man' and join a diabolical group and use your powers to terrorize humanity for being so judgmental and for persecuting your kind
Joining a criminal group of mutants who use their powers for personal gain
Join an underground group who hides out of sight, far from the perception of the government. Safety in numbers
Hide my powers from the world and never use them and pretend to be human

What would your costume be like?

Black, mysterious, and cool because that's what I am
Defensive. Practical fighting armor
Something that'll strike fear into my enemies' hearts
Something sexy, either form fitting or skimpy
However the rest of my group dresses. It really doesn't matter
The main part would be the utility belt, which has a variety of devices which will either save my life or help me do my job
As little as possible because too much clothing might get in the way
No costume. I look just like anybody

You have your cool powers but because of those powers, you are being hunted and you're on the lam. A new discovery will remove your powers so you can lead your normal life again without any fear of capture. Do you undergo this treatment?

Hell no. My powers are cool
Yes. Life would suck if I couldn't really enjoy it due to constant persecution
I use my powers to destroy the lab where this treatment is being performed

If you had powers and your friends and family were being harrassed because they knew you, constantly being taunted or threatened for being a 'mutie lover', what would you do?

Nothing. It's not my fight
Use my powers to kick their asses, even if it makes people hate mutants more
Move away so their lives will return to normal again
Kill myself. It's easier that way

Considering your enemies now and one of them got powers, who would your arch-nemesis be and what would their power be?

Your own superhero name?

Off the subject, describe your underwear today

Good luck charms

My friend who is Vietmanese gave me a Laughing Buddha statue, where should I put it, or is there somthing specific you need to do with it?

She also gave me this lucky coin, it is fairly large and has a hole in the middle, with what looks like chinese inscriptions on both sides. It is like a dirty gold colour. Does anyone have a name for this coin? What should I do with it?
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Hi-Res Pics...

I'm a member of a couple hi-res pic communities...and I love them!

However, when I go searching through the web for hi-res pics...I can't seem to find the same ones that other people find.

For example, in the Ron Livingston community, the mod had posted some great hi-res pics of Ron Livingston from a photoshoot...how the heck did the Mod find those cus I just spent and hour searching and couldn't find them!

So where or how do people find outtakes and photoshoots to post to fansites and hi-res photo communities?

EDIT: I know how to do a google image search...that's not what I meant.

What I mean is...when you go to for example: www.iheartjake.com there is a section of photoshoots and outtakes...where does the owner of that website find those photoshoots?


1. What state do you live in? Is it a law to wear your seatbelt?

2. Do you buckle your seatbelt when you drive? (Usually / Usually Not)

3. Do you buckle your seatbelt when you're in the passenger seat? (Usally / Usually Not)

4. Do you buckle your seatbelt when you're in the backseat? (Usually / Usually Not)

5. Are you more likely to buckle your seatbelt during the day or at night?

Two questions.

1. If you're in a grumpy mood in general, how do you convince your SO that you're not mad at them?

2. I need to move out of New England, but somewhere in the continental US. I'm looking for a place where it doesn't snow, where it doesn't rain more than 50% of the time, somewhere at least somewhat urban, and somewhere that you can get a house with a yard for ~$200K. I'd love for it to be near the ocean, but it'd be okay if I lived away from the ocean as long as I had a pool. Feel free to pimp your home town, just tell me why it's a great place to live!

I'm an anthropologist, of course I'm interested in death!

Have you ever been to a "Homecoming"? Not the dancing kind, the funeral kind. Im not really sure what the difference is. The daughter of some friends of my parents killed herself last week and this friday is her homecoming. All I've been told is not to wear black. If you've been to one, what was it like? Different from standard funeral affair?

As a bonus question, one of my earliest memories is from my grandfather's funeral, I remember very little of the funeral itself but a lot about the huge family potluck after. I had a lot of fun, not understanding the whole death aspect. As a child I grew up thinking "death" meant a big party and it wasn't until I was much much older that I began to understand. Even though I understand the sadness of death now, I still think of a funeral as a huge party- probably because I haven't really been to any other type- have you been to this type of funeral? How about other types? What were they like?
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(no subject)

Can anyone explain to me how to compress a video in Adobe Premiere Pro? I'd like it at 100mb or less.
If I save with with the default settings (DV-NSTC, I believe) it's around 800mb. I tried saving it using DivX codec, and while it was only 50mb, the video size was tiny and it was really choppy.
Thank you for any help.

(no subject)

What fun things could me and a friend do after 8 p.m. this evening in rural Pennsylvania that does not involve a movie theatre or tipping cows or illegal substances? It's only a few days into summer and we've already run out of things to do because we're boring like that, apparently.

Gaga: Elegant

(no subject)

Has photobucket been acting up for anyone else lately?
I tried to upload pictures from prom but photobucket was moving really slowly and when the picture was completed, it was 102 x 204 instead of, like, 306 x 408.
Am I doing something wrong?
I don't know what's going on...

(no subject)

What's the best city you've ever visited? The city/town cannot be in the state you live in.

Please elaborate... what makes it the best city you've ever visited?

For me, Toronto holds a special place in my heart. I spent 8 days in a nearby town, and I just was amazed by how friendly people were, how clean the city was, and all that fun stuff. But then again, I haven't taken too many trips out of state.

(no subject)

what's up with all the asian movies being turned into american movies?

the ring
juon=the grudge
uhm that dancing movie... with jennifer lopez, darn i forgot the title right now.
then il mare=the lakehouse!

does anyone know what else was turned to an american movie? i like watching them and comparing. hehe.
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Football food!

So, a lot of people are coming to my house on Thursday to watch the England game. So we're having a football party.
Me being a nice hostess and loving food, I've decided to cook for everyone who's coming. There will be at least 8 people there and there are two hours between me getting home from work and the match starting - this is all the time I have to prepare and cook everything I need.

So, what should I cook?

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Also, somewhat related, would chicken satay taste any good with sweet chilli dip?
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Anyone good with Thunderbird?

I have a mac and a windows pc which i use interchangably. Is there a way for me to download mail onto my mac then inport this into my pc inbox?
Manhatten of the Dr sort

Songy Song!

What's the name of the song, it's from a few years ago (that means I don't know how long it's been because the past 6 years have blended together)...There is a guy riding down a street on a bike he has long hair and Beethoven's Fifth Symphony plays in the beginning of it.  I'm pretty sure he says "owww" at the beginning.  It's haunting me and I must know.

Edit:  Solved.  Thanks ;]
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(no subject)

True or False: An anxious mind can not exist in an organized enviroment.

True or False: People accept the love they think they deserve.

Edit: Do you accept the love you think you deserve?

Explain your choices.

(no subject)

New batch of questions!

1. What is your favorite song in 5/4 time?
2. What is your favorite television show theme song?
3. What is one thing you really want to own? Not something you need, just something you'd like to have.
4. How many musical instruments are in your home? What are they? Who in your home plays them?
5. What is one thing that absolutely grosses you out?

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(no subject)

EDIT: Is there a way to get video off of YouTube so that you can alter it in Windows movie maker?

If anyone here is a teacher/knows a teacher: How did they/you get the job? Are they usually listed in the newspaper? Word of mouth? Was it an interview process? Did you need a recommendation process?

Do you know anyone who has a teaching degree but isn't a teacher? Why?

What is the tallest roller coaster in the world? The united states?

What is your favorite amusement park ride ever? What about amusement park?

What should I do as a incoming college freshman over the summer?

What should I do as fun over the summer?

and, finally, what's the best way to heal a broken heart? (As if that couldn't sound more pathetic and overly emotional).
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this is what my user name is from

Baby names again!

So I've been busy reading this site all day http://www.notwithoutmyhandbag.com/babynames/9.html, which has the most astounding list of bad bay names.

So, having a bun in the oven and all, me and my BH have been thrashing about some names. They only ones we have been able to agree on are;
girl; Serendipity (Sara for short)
boy; Logan
The question is, are these just too cruel and unusual?
We already have a Meagan (May-gan), which after two years I am scunnered that NOBODY gets it is not Megan! But I am equally scunnered that my son James has such a popular name he now thinks his name is James K! Not that we can come up with a normal name that we both like... we might just have to stick with Skippy! :P

Edited to lose Locke and rayne by very popular demand.
Anyone happier with Serendipity if we promise NEVER to call her that in public and shorten it to Sara?

Edited edit; since all my names suck (exept to a few sterling individuals) and having realised that next time anyone asks 'who stands out in this community', everyone will answer with 'that lassie who called her poor baby some dumb ass name', I've decide to scarp my list and go with;
[insert name here] for either a boy or a girl.

This entry was brought to you with the punctuation : and the letter P
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New Camus

New Cars, random questions

1. I'm getting a new car at the end of this week, and I've narrowed my search down to:
2006 Buick Lucerne (moderately-equipped)
2006 VW Jetta (fully-loaded 2.0T)
2006 Chrysler 300C (moderately-equipped)

I've looked at the KBB comparisons and they all seem pretty equal as far as ratings, price, fuel efficiency, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations?

2. Any tips for wakeboarding? Every time my friend and I try, we can never quite get up (we're using a 4-stroke Yamaha jet ski to tow it) We've tried longer tow lines, shorter ones, starting quickly and starting slowly-- what's the best combination?

3. What's the best approach to take when trying to teach an adult to swim? Every time I google, I just find sites on how to teach children how to swim.

4. What's your favorite bad movie-- one you're embarrassed to admit liking?
DW: Don't Blink!

Yay, hypothetical questions.

You are old. You've had a long happy marriage. Your spouse is still alive. You have no spawn. Tomorrow, you will die. Do you want to be buried with your wedding ring? If not, what are your plans for it?

Same situation, except you have spawned, once or more. Keep the ring, or give it to one of the fruit from your (or your spouse's) loins? If you choose the latter, how would you choose which of the podlings to give it to, if you had more than one? What would you expect them to do with it? Keep it in the family, or sell to cover your funeral expenses?

What gender are you or do you identify as? (Just curious about how men would differ from women.)

-edited to add two more-
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(no subject)

1.Do you know the song Charlie and the MTA?

I learned it at summer camp when I was eight. Other than the people I know from that camp, I have only met one other person who knows it.

2. If a band has punctuation in it's name (like Panic! At the Disco or The Aquabats!) do you write the punctuation? I do, but a lot of people don't and it looks strange to me without it.
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(no subject)

why do people think it's enough only to protect their hands, when they go inline skating?
it's creeps me out thinking about how much it must hurt when you fall with full speed on your bare knees.
one time I fell on my knees while inline skating and luckily I had my knees protected.

I don't feel like editing my earlier post to add this. :)

Inspired by a thread over here and what seems to be a recent curiosity about fellow thequestionclubers:

Who's the best looking thequestioncluber? (I'll even link you to the most recent photo post.)
Of course looking back over the post myself it's obvious that pretty much no one here is unattractive, but I'll go with dishpan_nipples and madscience.

EDIT/bitching: Okay, revolttqc, you win hawtest on teh intarwebz.
Seriously though. Someone has way too much time on their hands. Making what appears to be an 'anonymous' screen name (TQC suffix, anyone?), and finding AIM names on profiles? Seriously, if anyone but revolttqc's egos are bruised from not being called hot by a stranger on LJ, I apologize. This post doesn't seem terribly unpopular, but as always, this stuff (deleting/moderating posts) is left up to the mods.
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(no subject)

My dad needs to go in for an MRI on Thursday and he's not fond of needles. I told him for the MRI, they need to inject him with a blue liquid. Is that the case ALL the time? Am I wrong? I'd like to know so that I don't scare him for nothing.

Wikipedia is not helping me.

If it matters, he's getting a scan of his brain because he recently was diagnosed with Parkinson's.

Flying cheap

what would be the cheapest place to order plane tickets. I've already looked at cheaptickets.com, priceline, and travelocity. 
Does anyone know some secret to ticket purchase where I could find cheaper rates?
There's no student discounts on airfare is there?
syringe meme

(no subject)

I was flipping channels last night and caught the last few minutes of some depraved show. It was a series of short animated and stop-motion sketches, some of them just a few seconds long. The most demented one was about this geeky kid getting molested by a unicorn. The unicorn sounded like Space Ghost.

What the hell was that?
Self cleaning

Mission: Work-Time Amusement

Your mission, if you chose to accept it, is to give me something to pass the time at work in the morning. Tell me about yourself, leave me a joke or story, a work-safe link, or ask me questions if you would like. This way when I get to work in the morning, I will have something good to do.

So, do you accept the challenge? (Had to make sure there was a question mark in there!)
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(no subject)

Has anyone here ever realized that the muder weapon in Clue could be solved with a simple forensic investigation?  Why can't they just get an expert in there?  I mean...it might be hard to distinguish between the lead pipe and the candlestick, but it'd be pretty easy to tell whether or not he was shot.

Or is it just time for me to go to bed?

(no subject)

Why is it illegal to have sex with miners? Isn't their job hard enough as it is? When I hear about some hot teacher having sex with a miner, I want to give her a cookie, but the media gives her the ho treatment. Seems unfair

gold trance lives in fear of gabby, gold trance

(no subject)

Do you know the Bloody Mary urban legend? What version of it have you heard? Did you ever try it?

I always heard that you had to say, "Bloody Mary, I killed your son," some amount of times but my sister heard it as daughter instead. It made me curious about the versions other people heard. I never tried it because I am easily spooked.