June 11th, 2006

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My computer was working fine 3 days ago. And then all of a sudden, when I turned on my computer one morning...it looked as if my computer screen was neon yellow. Like right now, I can't really see green cause of the yellow. I tried to take a picture of it...but on my camera, it came out normal. I even did a System Restore...but nothing happened. What's up with my ghetto computer?
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Let's say that you've been dating somebody for a couple months. Then you go on vacation, and you realize that your heart's just not in it. You've talked to this person a couple times, and they're obviously thrilled about your return. Do you tell them you don't want to date anymore after you return, or ASAP?

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Who is your favorite new band/artist at the moment? (Not "new" as in new to making music, but new to you.)
It's Regina Spektor and Streetlight Manifesto for me.
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Is there a website out there that will take a block of HTML and actually highlight any errors in said block? (it would tell you if tags weren't closed or something, and then maybe tell you how to fix it if possible!)
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What's the biggest thing you've ever found in your eye? I once pulled a hair from my dog's tail out of my eye that was, no joke, 3.5 inches long. I ran around showing everybody afterwards.

Those of you who have quit smoking, what are some of the awesome things you noticed that aren't the ordinary obvious things? (stuff besides more money, feeling better, smelling better etc, little things that aren't often mentioned)
Prison Break - Bros before Hoes

Attn: Foodies

So today at work we were talking about food (we do this a lot) and I was reminiscing about the Indian food my old boss's wife used to feed me.

There was this dessert that was these fried balls that when you bit into them were filled with sticky sweetness.

One of my coworkers said she had had them too and thinks it is honey inside. She confused matters because she couldn't remember if her Palestinian mother or Ethiopian nanny made them (she lived in Saudi Arabia so it may have even been a recipe from there).

My Google-fu came up with Loukoumades which are Turkish and might be similar but I don't know if they have the same texture.

Eventually we were told to stop talking about them until they could be produced and shared.

Anybody know what these are? where they are from?
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dear question club, do i have some questions for you...

1. does anyone know the title of this movie: i saw it when i was young, it basically was aliens/monsters in a desert type area. the sand would seep down and that's how it would open. they put something in the back of the necks of people to control them, i believe. there was also a part in the movie, i think, where someone saw one man's neck thing and he instantly died.

2. another movie: i also saw this when i was younger, it was about a girl who was raised by wolves and the story is when she is an older teen/young adult and a man finds her and they end up falling in love.

3. totally different question here. earlier this year, i was raped. i had a friend who went with me to the hospital and everything. i chose not to press charges because i felt it wasn't on purpose on the guy's part. my friend disagreed and wanted me to press charges, but i didn't. eventually i came to terms with the fact that it was a real rape and that the guy is a real scumbag whether or not you take the rape into consideration. the friend i spoke of is now dating him. this caused her to lose all of her friends and even the bond she had with her parents. this hasn't even phased her and she is currently living with the guy and joining him in constantly drinking and doing many different drugs. he uses her for the apartment and also for the use of her car. they've both driven drunk, even though she used to be so against it that she wouldn't allow anyone to leave her apartment even if they only had a sip. anyway, my question is this: am i overreacting? i am so shocked that a friend i've had for THIRTEEN years (we're only 19) could go and date someone that raped me, even if she doubts my story due to what he tells her, how could she knowingly choose him over myself? i just can't understand it...

any help is GREAT!!!!!!! thanks guys, you rock
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Do you have a Kum 'n' Go gas station where you live?

Where do you live?

Do you agree that Kum 'n' Go is the greatest gas station name ever?

I thought they were only in Iowa, but I've recently met people who have seen them in Illinois & Missouri, so I'm just trying to find out how widespread they are.

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Is there something like Habitat for Humanity in the UK? Or a volunteer work-camp, where people- even, say, teenagers- could go off for a summer and do some character-building, backbreaking labor, like building a house or fixing a house/garden or saving the environment or otherwise "doing good deeds"?

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This is prob. a stupid question but...
I've never stayed in a hotel as an adult before. (meaning I was the one paying/checking in etc). What is the basic procedure? I mean, what will they need from me when I check in? Can I walk in off the street or should I make reservations?
Will I have to show ID? I know I need a credit card for most. Should I book a room online or call or...? I'm REALLY confused.
Where is a good place to book a hotel online?

For background, it's my girlfriend and I staying for our 2 year anniversary. I'm 21 and she's 20, I'm not going out of the metro area we live in and it's only for one night.

I think i'm just nervous because last time I tried to book a room, I got a really horrible guy on the phone who berated me to the point of tears because I was asking too many questions, because I was not yet 21 and because I asked for a non-smoking room...it made me feel really stupid, and now I'm intimidated.
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Help me pleeeease.

I was watching I Want That! on HGTV a couple of weeks ago and saw a product that was basically a ceiling fan but when it was in the off position, the blades lay down around the bulb to look like a lamp cover, and when turned on it uses centrifugal motion to raise the blades to be a fan.

I could have sworn it was called a Fandelier or something similar but I searched the HGTV website and google with no luck so either it was not called that, or I spelled it wrong... or it's just never been listed.

Does anybody know what I'm talking about? What it might be called and where I can find it?

my questions of the day ;o

1. Would you ever give up something you love if it caused you pain? Example - Lets say you love playing sports or something, but have arthritis so it hurts when you do.  Would you stop playing?

2. What color do you see if you're blind? My friend and I were talking about this the other day.. she thinks its black, I think its white. Does anyone know?

3.  Which do you think is better, coffee, tea, or neither?

4. Do Penguins Have Knees?

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Why won't my laptop turn on?

It's an apple powerbook, and I shut it down completely for the first time in about sixth months last night (usually I just put it on sleep mode). This morning, I tried turning it on with no luck. I hit the power button... nothing. I unplugged it, plugged it back in and tried again. Nothing.
So my question is- is there any obvious thing I could be overlooking that would make it stay off?
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the break up

I haven't seen anyone ask this, so I hope it's not a repeat. If it is, I'm really sorry and I'll delete this right away.

Have you seen The Break Up? What did you think of it, specifically of the ending?

Warning, there will be obvious spoilers behind my cut and in the comments, so if you don't want to see spoilers, don't read on.

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Me - Valhalla

The Sims

1) If you play The Sims which one do you play, the first or second? Which do you prefer?

2) Did you ever play any of the old Sim games like, SimCity? SimTowers?

3) If you play the first one do you have the "happy baby painting"? Or know where to find it? Cheapfrills is down I and want it.

And not Simtastic.

I have my Graduation tonight and some people bought the Grad cap and some didn't. Should I wear my cap?

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my boyfriend and i got a yorkie from the humane society last sunday. he's a great dog and adjusted quickly but within a few days, he had kennel cough. we took him to the vet on thursday and he's now on antibiotics.

the problem is he hasn't eaten now since wednesday. besides the few pieces of hotdog we've given him with his pills in it. is this normal? any tips? he's acting normal besides the kennel cough. i'm just getting worried.
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Take Your Breath Away

Legal vs. Ethical

I have been dealing with this sort of thing a lot lately and it's been on my mind. Short of creating a war here, I am interested to hear what other people think.

In your opinion, what ethical decisions need to be considered prior to discontinuing mechanical ventilation ("life support") in a patient with a terminal illness?

I peench.

Favorite "chill" song?

Mine: Smooth Operator - Sade. I have "chill" playlist, and it consists of that song, Vegas (Jasper Kyd), Inner Universe (Yoko) and Warmness on the Soul (Avenged Sevenfold, only for the piano part at the beginning).
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I threw up last night. And I still feel sick and I want to eat something cause I'm starving. But everytime I try to eat something, I feel nauseous again. I ate a Hot Pocket this morning...but I'm still hungry. Are there any foods that will make me feel less sick?!
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Hi! I was wondering if anyone could tell me some Australian slang for policemen. Would 'cop' be used? 'Po-po?' Is there any term that a younger person would use, but an adult wouldn't? Thanks!
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Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA

"Death in the family" airfares

Once upon a time, I remember that airlines used ot give you major discounts if you were flying because of a death in the family. Is that still true? If so, how would I go about making that happen?

(Long story short: I live in Boston, and my grandfather in Minnesota is fading fast. I'm trying to be as prepared as I can- namely having information ready so when the time comes I can spring into action and not dither around going "i don't know I don't know!" Because I hate that.)

ETA: Thanks for your help.
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grand romantic gesture

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i was watching the american office, and they played this game called desert island, and i thought of you guys.

you can have

3 books
5 dvds

me and my friends decided that box sets can count (indiana jones, kill bill, back to the future). we did this game making up new stuff for like an hour last night. yeah, we are a fun bunch
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For non-USians

How much do people who are not from the US know about it? What kinds of things are taught in your world history classes?

For example, do you know when we fought our civil war, how the country was divided geographically, and what the conflict was about? Etc.
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okay guys, me again. a couple updates to my previous post and one more question.

1. after searching google, i found out that this movie was Invaders from Mars.

2. cathubodva was right and this movie was Mara of the Wilderness.

3. after the incident happened, i typed up an attempt at a non-biased, straight the the fact entry in my journal. i'm going to paste it here. it also includes some drama afterward, so just ignore that. Collapse )
and the question regarding that: was it rape? i believe it is now, although for a while after it happened i was convinced it was my fault.

EDIT: nevermind the question about if it was rape, since everyone has answered that. i now want to know if i am overreacting about my ex-friend Lizz dating the guy, especially after she was in the hospital with me, trying to get me to press charges. and she also knew the entire story at that time.
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I am a 42 (going on 22) year old plus size female going to a techno club. What should I wear? I don't want to look 14, but I don't want to look 42 either. Hubby will probably wear black tee with jeans if that helps. Also, we'll be with a "hippie" couple in their late 20's. Thanks for any ideas.
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London, Paris, Madrid....Montreal?

Whenever I look at timezone maps, they always put the same major cities: New York City, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo...and then there's Montreal.

I'm from Montreal, so it hardly seems special to me. Like, when I think of NYC, I think of Times Square and Broadway, or when I think of London there's Picadilly Circus and Big Ben, but what do people think about when they think of Montreal? Anything?

I mean, surely no one says, "wow! I went to Montreal and saw the Botanical Gardens!" - that hardly compares to the Eiffel Tower, if ya know what I mean!

Baby Names

If you have children or already have the names picked out for your future children, what are their names and why did you choose those names?  Because of the meaning, because it's a family name, just because you like the name, etc.?

Pet Peeve

My pet peeve is someone who bids on my ebay auctions several times, enough to ensure they win my item.

The auction ends with me thinking 'wow, this person really wants this item!'
Then they don't pay for 3-4 days.

What's your pet peeve?
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cat tea

be my travel guide.

I want to travel more places in the United States and I don't really care what state as long as there are some interesting/unique things to do. I don't THINK this has been asked before (for anything besides food...).

If you were to write a travel guide for your city (or state), what things would you tell me to see/do? Where would you tell me to stay? Where should I eat? What city/state are you from?

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I'm posting this here because I do not think I need medical advice...hopefully...

Have any of you ever experienced numbing of the toes? My baby toe on my left foot has been numb since Friday. I don't know whether I should be worried about this or if I am over exaggerating. I mean, it's numb. I can't feel anything.  I've moved my toes around for a while hoping it would regain feeling - but nothing.  I went camping this weekend maybe an insect bit me?  I also warmed it up in a hot shower and it's still numb.

Anyone have this before?

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Is there any way to contact them and say "look, I know I'm kindof bad with directions, and that's why I use your website, but I keep getting lost with your directions... only going a certain direction, no matter where I'm going in that direction, and always at the same point. I'm pretty sure that in (this place), possibly due to the massive amounts of construction, exit 87A does not exist." ?

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okay, the alternate: I'm pretty sure google maps doesn't do this, haven't been to randmcnally... if you have a suggestion for an alternate map site, please let me know if I can input address A and address B and have it tell me everything, including "HARD left to x street," "z street becomes y street", and "merge to this other highway via this exit ON THE LEFT". I am an impressive level of stupid with directions. The only map I can read with any level of success is the local bus map.
Honestly, the best directions would be like "left at mcdonalds. after an hour or so, there's a sign promising shave-ice at the next exit, take that exit. right at that-- I don't even know what it is. right at that thing. you'll know when you see it."
I'm special.

two new questions!
Why does my goldfish keep picking up the fishtank rocks with his mouth and dropping them? I swear he just started doing this.

How hard is belly dancing? like, how much success in not looking like a marrionette on crack should I be expecting from 4 one-and-a-half hour classes? (because damn, that's kinda hot.)

cruises & vegan recipes

Two unrelated questions:

1. Have you ever taken an Alaskan cruise? Or any cruise at all? What cruise line did you travel with and would you reccomend that cruise line to others? If you didn't take an Alaskan cruise, where did you go? Feel free to share any experiences you had with cruises.

2. In two weeks, my boyfriend's parents are hosting a family reunion at their house and I'm invited. I'll be the only vegan there and I want to bring a couple vegan dishes that can be enjoyed by EVERYONE. I'd like to bring 2 or 3 appetizers and 2 or 3 desserts. My question is: Do you have any simple vegan recipes for foods that were a major hit amongst non-vegans?

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tick tock


I'm really bored and looking for a good chatroom. I'm on a Mac, so MSN is a no go. Yahoo closed down their public chatrooms and I don't have AIM (I used Adium instead). My favorite band-related chatroom is either down or full.

Where should I go? I just want to be snarky at immature assholes and maybe have short lived debate about religion or something. Any ideas?

Or, alternately, if any of you are bored, would you like to add me on MSN/Yahoo/AIM? I'll give my info out if you're interested, if not... eh, I'll still be bored.
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What do you think is an important event that happened that affected Germany besides the Holocaust.

What do you think is something that would make Germans proud to be from Germany?

Any help with this would be great. I have to write a 7 page research paper on this and any input would help a ton! Thanks in advance!
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Someone told me a while ago that football (real football, not American) and soccer are different games. But I see a lot of people using soccer instead of football - mostly Americans, I'd assume so people don't get confused about what you're actually talking about.
Which one is it? Are they actually different games or are they just different words for the same thing?
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A few years ago, I flew from London Heathrow to JFK. It was a trip organised by the college for a few days. Anyways, much to our delight, all the drinks were free! This meant a LOT of drunken students.

Is this normal?

I'm flying to Greece soon from Glasgow or London Stansted (don't know yet, nothing's booked) what are the chances of it happening this time round?


ETA - I flew with Brittish Airways

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Are there any hotel reservation sites besides expedia, priceline, traveloity and hotels.com? I'm trying to find the best rate for a hotel..I got a good one from priceline.com.

Halloween 2008

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I'm thinking of taking 12 credits or so of General Ed stuff through an online college. Any you would recommend?

I'm looking for affordable, and quick for the most part, but still thorough. I've put off college for several years, and would like to graduate in the next two or three years rather than wait for Fall 2007 to start. I have nine credits at a community college if it helps any, and I live in Virginia.

EDIT: I've only lived in VA for five months, and don't have the money to pay for a CC's online courses when I'm still considered a resident of another state. I'm looking for something that doesnt charge extra for out-of-state residents, then.
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How do I stop these talking ads in AIM!?!?!? I press the little "stop" and "speaker" buttons to turn off the sound, but five minutes later another ad comes on and scares the crap out of me.
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i posted a question sometime last week. the situation was: everytime i go out with someone (whether it's someone i'm extremely comfortable with or a mere acquaintance), i start feeling very nauseous and sick. i think almost everyone who commented on my post believed that it was some sort of social anxiety rather than a stomach disorder. relating to that question..i have another...

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Does anybody know of a nice pond in the vicinity of Sacramento, California where one can go and feed ducks?

My girlfriend and I have always wanted to go and do that but we aren't sure where to go.

I vaguely remember a nice duck pond. I think it was downtown kind of near Sutter's Fort. Does anybody have any vague clue what I'm talking about?
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for 65redroses :)

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Let's say you haven't read the news in a long time, or at least not enough to feel that you can argue topics with others, or make a really informed opinion. Can you name any websites where you felt you'd get a simple, informed story behind the story explaination?