June 10th, 2006

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Who lives?

So here's the situation. You have the chance to ressurect one of three dead people.
Aside from manner of death, they're all equally deserving. They're all the same age, say early twenties. They come back physically healthy, with all their memories intact, and no knowledge of the afterlife.

a. Someone who committed suicide.
b. Someone who was murdered.
c. A woman who died of pregnancy complications. (note: Only the woman, the baby stays dead)

Who do you choose?

Would it change your answer if the murdered person was killed by poison over a period of several months?
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is yoga a better workout than kickboxing/taebo?

I am pretty skinny and I am trying to build muscle.
The yoga class I am taking is 4 days a week. I am really only feeling soreness in my glutes, besides the spiritual aspect-nothing.
 I am also trying to work out with weighted machines as well..2 time a week.
I will probably take kickboxing next semester which will be 4 days as well.

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anyone think I should say more?
I think I need to say 'sorry' or good luck moving or something?

oh, no worries.
till then.


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Date: Jun 10, 2006 12:29 AM

I am currently moving, and do not have my own computer set up. Talk to ya soon!


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Date: Jun 8, 2006 8:09 PM

If it's easier...
download myspaceim.
chicken legs
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brace yourself - it's another sex question.

When reading reviews in Babeland the other day, I noticed that a lot of virgins expressed their worry that using a vibrator would spoil the real thing for them - that it wouldn't be as good. Which inspires the following question:

Do you feel that using a vibrator makes actual-sex

  • Pale in comparison.
  • Better: My body has learned to have more interesting sensations and reactions during sex.
  • No different. (Explain. Maybe nothing compares to the real thing for you.)
  • (Other - Please explain.)
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    Chemistry Help!

    i was revising for my exams just now and i don't understand this part. there's no one around to help and the usual chemistry websites i visit has no answer to it!

    hopefully anyone with a chem background can help me out.

    The Standard Enthalpy Change of neutralisation (SECON) is defined as the heat change when an amount of acid or alkali is neutralised to form 1 mole of water at standard conditions.

    So why is the SECON for this reaction
    KOH + HCl -> KCl + H2O (-57.0kJ/mol)

    the same as

    2KOH + H2SO4 -> K2SO4 + 2H2O

    when the first reaction produces one mole of water but the second reaction produces 2 moles of water as seen from the equation. According to the definition, the 2nd reaction should produce twice as much heat.

    please help. thank you :D
    mental pain
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    converting knitting patterns.

    I've googled and searched knitting LJs and haven't found a blessed thing about this.

    Circular knitting on double-pointed needles eludes me, no matter how hard I try. I can cast on without issue, join without issue, but something always seems to screw up during the actual knitting. Using a circular needle would be the answer, but I don't have a set and won't be able to get any for a while yet.

    And so, my question: how does one go about converting a pattern for DPNs to straight needles? Do you cast on an extra stitch or two to allow for the seam? Is it just knit with the same number of stitches?
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    is anyone else high?

    i'm watching emril lagasse and they have an itialan person singing for the band... and he just serenaded a table for what seamed like an awkwardly long time... like the people looked uncomfortable. pretty funny?

    (no subject)

    ok i've heard of this one lj community where you like, write an entry to someone who may or may not see it. i guess it's just a community where people can vent or let out all their feelings toward someone without actually writing something to give to them. does anybody know the name of it?
    Ethan MyPassions, MyPassions Ethan
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    Text for a banner

    Okay, I'm about to make a banner with a guy watching his ex-girlfriend kissing his friend in an attempt to make him jealous. What's a good phrase or word to use on it?

    (Just in case anyone watches Passions, it is Fancy and Luis kissing with Noah watching.)
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    (no subject)

    1.....What are some "Canadian" songs? Interpret that as you will....(eg. canadian artists, songs that make you think of canada...)

    2.....What are some feel good summer songs?

    3.....Why do boys make jokes about a woman's place being in the kitchen, and also brag about some of the best chefs in the world being male? It's completely illogical guys! PICK ONE!!

    4.....Have you ever had your license taken away? What for? For how long?

    5.....How many speeding tickets and other such penalties do you have against you?

    6.....What's the "banner" on your cell phone, and what does it mean?

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    I'm up early.

    1. I'm determined to get a job at Dunkin Donuts. I applied on Wednesday and called the manager yesterday (Friday) to ask if he'd had a chance to review my application. He asked my name and grabbed my application. He told me he hadn't yet, but he looked over it right then. He asked me about school; I told him I'm in night school. He asked what nights, and I said I don't start until September, but most likely Monday and Thursday. It seemed to please him that I don't start until September. He then said, "Okay, just give me a few days, and I'll get back to you." He seemed really nice and asked questions; he didn't just say "I'll look" and try to get me off the phone.

    It does seem like he's interested, right? I'm just paranoid because he didn't tell me to come in for an interview. Do you think he's just going to schedule them all at once? Anddd... would it be a bad idea to call again in a few days? Just to tell him I'm really interested and that I wanna know if he's decided on interviews yet. Or should I wait?

    2. Do other people think you look younger, older, or about your age? Most people think I look younger than 19; some have thought I was 16.

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    Einstein quote

    for the guys

    You are in a relationship and your sex life is amazing. You start cheating (physical and/or emotional) and your sex life goes downhill. You find yourself unable to perform at times even though you really want to be with your gf. Why can't you get it up and/or keep it up?

    Ladies, if you would like to put in your 2 cents, feel free
    Text - best is yet to come

    (no subject)

    What "white noise" drives you insane? You know, the sort of noises you're supposed to be able to ignore.

    Mine is the noise that TVs make when they're on mute or when they've just been shut off. It makes me want to crawl out of my skin.
    once upon a time

    grocery cart

    Which stores sell grocery carts?

    I need to buy a grocery cart to cut down on trips from the garage to my apartment on the 4th floor.


    Edit: Oops! I meant the ones that fold and can be stored in your trunk until you need to use them.

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    I keep forgetting the answer to this, but can film and picture cards (of digital cameras) go through the x-ray crap at airports without getting screwed up? I think 800 speed film can't (I have 400) and I've been hearing conflicting opinions on the picture cards.. anyone know for sure?

    Also, does my bank have euros lying around? Like, can I go there and take out 100 euro so I don't have to exchange money for a cab ride at the airport, etc.?

    (no subject)

    a few quick ones:

    1) What's the best whitening toothpaste that ACTUALLY whitens?  I've used tons that don't do anything except, hopefully, clean my teeth.

    2) And the best at-the-drugstore face wash for acne prone skin?

    and finally...

    3) Is there anywhere online that I can enter my address and get results for all the cell phone companies whose service reaches my house?  I live in kind of a dead area and, as far as I know only nextel works here and weakly, but perhaps other companies have improved since we got the nextels 2 years ago.



    Anyone using the new Windows Vista? If you are, do you have any virus protection that works on it yet? :p I'm thinking about installing it, but my McAffee doesn't work.
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    ATTENTION all cops or crimial justice majors

    OK, I'll keep this short. Or try to at least...

    I was driving home yesterday and I was finishing my veggie burger from Burger King. I threw the trash out my window (stupid- yes I know... don’t worry I pay for it in a second ten fold) and proceed to drive the next block to get to my house. I pull up and park and all of a sudden I have this guy banging on my window like a mad man telling me he will call the cops if I don’t go pick up the trash.

    I was startled, so I said ok I will, your right- profusely. But seeing as how he wasn’t listening to me and just still screaming, I tell him that he needs to apologize to me for being so rude. He didn’t like that very much- he opens my car door and tries to pull me out- I react and try to get away. Then he gets in my face ... shoulders rolled back looking down on me, like a man in a bar trying to start a fight... and then says fine i'm calling the cops on you.

    Now it needs to be said that he didn’t leave marks on me... but he followed me to my house, tried to pull me out of my car, kept getting in my face to intidimate me, and putting his hands out in front of me touching my chest pushing me around and egging me on. But all I did was start freaking out, scared.. the man was psycho- he followed me home. SO I start crying...

    I called the cops, cause I was scared- but the cops wont (couldn’t) do anything for me. And actually tried to talk me out of filing charges. They tried to tell me that if they file a report they willahve to file the report one me littering... and I told them I dont care- its not the point. 80% of assualts on women go unfiled because of fear, lack of support, and the woman feeling like it was her fault. I cant be quiet- this guy was wrong. Even if nothing comes of it... I need to do it for myself.

    SOOOO my question is- what can I file charges on him for? I realize that this is a minor thing.... BUT coming from past experience with abuse.... you shouldn’t stay quiet. Someone knocks you down... stand up for yourself....

    What... if anything can I file against him.

    P.s. - I picked up the trash. Lesson learned.
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    Give a dog a home

    (no subject)

    So everyone is always talking about World of Warcraft and how amazingly addictive it is.

    Can someone tell me the basics of this? What do I need to play it? Is it difficult? I'm not very good with video games, the best I can do is Katamari Damacy.

    (no subject)

    I left my status as "annoyed by my roommates" on Facebook, and apparently, my old bitchy roommate saw it and told my current roommates. Sooo my current roommate (whose boyfriend lives here illegally), who's very nonconfrontational, just "poked" me--just made me aware that she saw my status. I know this sounds petty and was immature of me to do, since it's gonna cause a bit of drama, but step should I take now, when they come back from a week vacation?
    Red head

    (no subject)

    There was a TV show I used to watch when I was little. All I remember is that they were puppets (not muppets though) and it was very PC. All races were represented (as far as I remember) and there were people with disabilities. They might have been in a treehouse? Clubhouse? The only character I remember was Sky, the native american.
    Does anybody know what show I'm talking about?
    Thank you la_petite_singe! It's The Puzzle Place
    lulu guinness clutch

    (no subject)

    Poll #745579 tie dyed graduation dress

    Wearing a tie dyed dress to your high school graduation: cool or stupid?


    What is the best method of tie dying?

    Where do they have the tie dying stuff in craft stores? I can never find it.

    Where else could I get tie dying stuff?
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    (no subject)

    I'm making Kraft Dinner, but I don't have any milk and I'm too hungry NOW to go out and buy some.

    Will it taste okay without the milk? Is there anything I could use instead?
    luna by heimweh26
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    (no subject)

    What are necessities when you first move into an apartment?

    What some things that are often forgotten about?

    What's one thing you splurged on on bought even though you didn't need it?

    In Your Town

    1. What chain grocery stores are in your town?

    2. What gas stations are in your area?

    3. What bookstores are near you?

    4. How big is the movie theater in your town?

    5. Where do you live?

    My answers:
    1. HyVee and Price Chopper
    2. Sinclair, (something) 66, Shell, KwikStop
    3. Borders and Hastings
    4. I think it has 12 theaters
    5. northwest Missouri
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    The Receptionist Classic

    Lights! Camera! Action!

    When you go to see a movie in the theater, do you bail when the credits start to roll or do you stick around to the very end?

    I stay to the end. You know a lot of the times they throw stuff in at the end. Drives me nuts when I'm with people and they jump up to leave as soon as the credits roll.
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    NO NO NO!!!
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    (no subject)

    I noticed a question about Windows Vista on here, and I remembered I have my own question for any beta testers.

    I don't like a bulky OS, in fact I declined to upgrade to XP, because I prefer the trimmed down footprint of windows 2000

    Just how "strippable" is Vista?

    Can the fancy new interface be fully stripped away?

    Can logging be fully disabled

    Can IE and Media Player be removed completely, or at least prevented from loading?

    What is the absolute minimum memory/cpu footprint you can strip it down to.

    Even if I choose not to use most of the features, will it clog up my hard drive with them anyway?

    I saw that there will be an "N" version for europe with Media Player removed. Will this version be available/usable in the US, and will this also be available in the stripped down home basic version without the "Aero" interface?

    Even when I have an up-to date system I don't use system sounds, backgrounds, any sort of window transitions or effects, and I try to keep background processes to an absolute minimum. I find that with all the new bells and whistles they keep adding to Windows, computers get SLOWER at doing day to day tasks like web browsing and the like even as CPU speed goes up.

    I'd love to use the Vista kernel, as I'm planning to go 64 bit for my next computer, but I don't want to use all that power to just support my OS.

    (no subject)

    Today, I turned 21. :)

    Alas, my question: being sung to in a restaurant by waiters, complete with obnoxious clapping and cheesy verses. Love it or hate it?

    Your most memorable experiences with it?

    (no subject)

    For women who have been pregnant (or anyone else who might know this):

    How far along in a pregnancy can you start feeling baby movement? Not like someone putting their hand on you and feeling a kick. Smaller, "inside" movement, if that makes sense? Some sites have described this as "little fluttering feelings". But I was curious when some women actually started feeling things like this?

    And bonus points to anyone who can better describe what this felt like, when and how often they felt it?

    I hope this made sense, thanks in advance :)

    (no subject)

    I'm a bookworm. I usually stick to what I know best though, horror/crime/thrillers etc. But I'm looking for a change. I want to read some 'classics' or something that 'changed your life'

    Books! I need books people!!!!

    So basically, what do you think are some 'classics' that everyone should read?

    And is there a book that 'changed your life'? or at least, your outlook on life?
    right now I am reading Memoirs Of A Geisha and I'm planning on reading Catcher in The Rye.

    sidekick 3

    does anyone have any information about the sidekick 3?
    my plan is up july 2nd and i want one. some people say it's coming out the 10th, but i don't know if that's reliable.

    post any info you have.



    What is the name of the site where AIM chats are posted? There's a rating system, and a randomizer. I used to read that all the time when I was bored at work, but I got a new computer a while ago, and forgot to re-bookmark everything.

    ETA: Answered, thanks! To keep this post alive: what funny/interesting sites do you frequent? And to make it different than the million other "funny websites" posts, I specifically mean those that have reader-posted stories or anecdotes, like bitterwaitress.com, or the unintentionally funny (but pretty amusing, none the less) planetfeedback.com?

    (no subject)

    If you took all the junk you didn't want anymore, priced it and put it out in front of your house to sell would you call this a tag sale, a yard sale, a garage sale or something else?
    Where are you from?

    Do you shop at these sales? What do do buy?
    What is the best thing you've ever bought at one of these sales?

    Have you ever had one of these sales?
    Do you have any good weird people stories?

    The best thing i ever bought was this folder of Boy George magazine cutouts some pre-teen had kept in the 1980s. It was 10 cents and very very funny. Lots of lipstick kisses all over his pictures and angry notes to her friends about how "He's not gay! OMG! You are such a braT!"
    Also I bought a ring that turned out to have a real sapphire for 15 cents.

    Last garage sale I had, someone tried to hit on my friend by buying some pants of hers and stroking them in front of her. (Ooo. Your sexy ass was in these....)
    Also, at a garage sale we had when I was a kid, someone broke into our house and wanted to buy our beds and food out of our frige and things like that.
    That was weird.
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    Me--State Fair

    fuzzy fonts?

    I got my computer worked on this week, and now that I have it back, I noticed when I use any font in my messenger programs, it looks sort of fuzzy around the edges. Any clues as to why this might be?
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    lifts in water

    (no subject)

    Are there any words in English that start with "ce" where the c doesn't sound like s? The only one I know of is Celtic.

    What are some names of people that are used multiple times in your city/town to name things? Like in Pittsburgh everything is Carnegie this or Frick that or Benedum something-or-other or Schenley whatsit or Mellon your mom.

    moun of tunis

    who has eaten at the moun of tunis restaurant on gardner and sunset in los angeles, CA??

    i read a few reviews online, it seems ok. i want to have my birthday party there, i understadn they have a bellydancer there- is she anygood?? half of the guests will be bellydancers themselves so its imperetive that the bellydancer performing be good.

    Hard drive question...

    My boyfriend and I built a PC and everything went smoothly, except when we installed XP. It recognized the 300 gig hard drive as 130 gigs. Someone on newegg.com commented that they had this same problem and simply went to Disk Management and formatted the remaining space as a separate partition, except on this computer it only shows the 130 gig partition and nothing else.

    Any tips??

    EDIT- Problem solved, we installed SP1 and the unallocated space appeared. Thanks for all of your help!

    (no subject)

    Im horrible with fractions, and I need to do well in this class Im taking.

    So does anyone know of any tips/tricks to help out, reducing, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing...anything.

    Also, is there a way to work with fractions on the TI-84 plus?

    urinal etiquette

    What really happens if a guy breaks urinal etiquette? My friends say that everyone just packs up and leaves.

    Girls, how much do you know about urinal etiquette? (Start here if, like me, you are clueless!)

    Also for the girls, what are the unbreakable rules of girlsroom etiquette?

    I need help within the next hour, please!

    So, I'm trying to impress tonight. I'm going out to a "Girl's Night" at a club, and I've got to put on the glitz.

    So, tell me, dear TQCers. I have a pair of dark brown, slightly checkered pants. They're fairly formal-looking.

    I want to wear this dressy black tank with it.

    However, I'm not sure if the combination works.

    Do brown and black work well together?
    The Receptionist Classic

    You're Never There

    I'm being subjected to audio recordings of tonight's Cake concert. Recorded on a cell phone and played back on a cell phone. (This is the 2nd time I've heard these tonight. At least I'm not in the same room this time.)

    That's my annoyance. What's bugging you right now?
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    (no subject)

    Poll #745857 Which way?

    Ladies, when you use the bathroom to pee which way do you wipe?

    front to back
    back to front
    I don't wipe

    EDIT: Yes, MOM, I know that wiping back to front is bad for you. People do dangerous things everyday. We don't need the lecture to go along with your vote.

    Second question: If you could go anywhere for a long weekend, but you had to go by yourself, where would you go? What would you do?