June 9th, 2006

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would you marry/date someone with the same last name as you if you knew you werent related at all? what if you were so distantly related you only shared an ancestor from like the 1800's
Whitney fuck this
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Capital Punishment and Dubya

Does Bush's quote, "This man will never kill again," referring to Al-Zarqowi (sp?), a leader of Al-Quaida, mean that he is Pro-Capital Punishment?

Edit: I meant if someone knew nothing about Bush or his past, could they infer from this quote that he supports the death penalty?

Yes or no?

something else (explain in comments)
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Replies I can read at work, weee...

1. Why do dogs "butt-scoot"? My dog has been doing this an awful lot lately and I'm worried (even though it's amusing) that it might be because of a serious thing.

2. Is it casual Friday at your work today? It is for me, yay! I can feel comfortable today!
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Happy Eternal Moon


Is it a travesty for your purse to not match your outfit? I am thinking of purchasing a pink Coach Purse off eBay and I am curious if people will look at me funny because I have a pink purse and it not only doesn't match my shoes but it doesn't match anything else.
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It's a girl thing.

Why do girls pick at their boyfriends? I mean literally--like pimples and blackheads and such.

I was doing that to my pseudo-boyfriend/best friend last night and he commented on how most women he's been with did that, and how it's gross but yet girls do it anyway. I said I liked him to look good (though who's looking at his blackhead encrusted back but me, I don't know) but yeah, it is kinda gross.

Ladies, why do we do this?
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Where do you live?
What are some stereotypes you've heard about the place you live (whether city, state, or country)

[for ex, I've lived in both Canada and Texas. In texas people thought Canada was a huge ice sheet, and in Canada people thought texas was all cacti and cowboys. I WAS in elementary school then, but still.]

What do you like about where you live?
What do you dislike about where you live?

If you had a choice, where would you live? Same place or a different place? And why?
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nit pick!

are there any small, mostly-irrelevant (aka not "gay men are pedophiles"), popularly-held misconceptions that bug you?

mine is that people say it's impossible to lick your elbow. cause it's not.
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Hi I hope you can help me out on this one...

I'm in the UK and I am hoping to go on a last minute package deal at the end of the month to Greece. What I'd like to know, from any of you who have been on package deals to Europe lately...How much should I expect to pay (approximately) for day trips when I get to the resort? When I went to Greece years ago, we could book daytrips with the tour rep, pay a lump sum and that was us sorted for the length of our stay.

Andddd...How much spending money should we take? Mum and I are going, neither of us are big drinkers, and after the daytrips are paid, all we need really is money for a few meals out and your usual tourist-y gifts thingys.

I really hope someone can help me out on this, even just a rough estimate I would really appreciate it :-)


Movie Poll

What should be the next movie they turn into a motion picture?

Growing Pains
White Shadow
Life goes on
Cosby Show
Sanford and Son
Love Boat
Hillstreet Blues
Fall Guy
WKRP in Cincinnati
Buck Rogers
Mad about You

They're making a lot of traditional white shows into new black movies, like the Honeymooners, Guess who's coming to Dinner, Kojak and the upcoming Welcome Back, Kotter. What should be the next white-to-black movie be?

Three's Company
My Three Sons
Facts of Life
I Love Lucy
Fantasy Island
Who's the Boss?
Step by Step
My So-Called Life
Mork and Mindy
Punky Brewster
Rockford Files
Andy Griffith Show
Gomer Pyle

That new Adam Sandler movie, Remote (I think that's what it's called) is coming out soon. Suppose you had a magical DVD remote, but only one of the buttons on it was special. Which button would you want? What would you do with this newfound power?

Pause. You can pause one person
Fast forward. You can speed through an event
Rewind. You can play the event back, but you're unable to change what happened. You're merely an observer
Slo-mo. One person will move in slow motion
Subtitles. You can understand what one person speaking another language around you is saying
Volume. You can raise or lower the volume of one person
Info. You can use this on a person and suddely, a paragraph pops up that only you can see that details the facts about this person, including interests, crime record, flaws, aspirations and hobbies
Guide. Like the tv guide that will tell you what program will be playing in a few hours, you can use this feature to tell what a person will be doing in the near future
Stop. Use this on someone and they fall asleep. Out like a light
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When you are thinking some words to yourself, or reading silently, do you "hear" the words in your own voice, or someone else's, or a kind of nondescript brainvoice?

Edit: At first it didn't occur to me that a lot of people probably don't 'hear' things. Some of us are visual, some auditory, or verbal, so yeah, apologies. I guess I'm asking the people that do have a little speaker in their brain (or can understand what I'm trying to describe, at least)
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Does anyone know of any books similar to The Da Vinci Code and The Rule of Four?

I mean a novel where some real historical artifact leads to clues of a treasure of some kind. I've already read the two books mentioned above as well as Angels and Demons. I'm wondering if anyone knows of others that are similar that I could read.

LJ and sex

There's this one person on my friends' list. When they post about sex it really creeps me out. This person is nice and smart and not unattractive, but I just hate reading about it. Their partner's not the sexiest, and neither of them are very experienced, so the descriptions are kind of gross.

-Do you have someone on your list whose sexual posts gross you out? Why do you think it is?
-Do you post about sex a lot?
-Are you in a relationship?

I used to post about sex more when I was single and well, not getting as much. I just don't want to share about mine and the boyfriend's nookie. It's nobody else's business.
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Yay football!

So I'm going to the pub tomorrow to watch the England game. I have bought myself a nice shiny England flag to carry around, but I would much rather WEAR it than carry it around since I'm a strange one.
So, other than wearing it as a cape, how can I wear my flag? I don't want to cut it up or anything, since I want to be able to fly it after some point and I'm a big girl, so it doesn't wrap fully around me.
And to other England fans, how will YOU be watching the game tomorrow?
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About how much is your typical electric bill? Where do you live?

Our bill was $170 for May. I live in east Texas. It should go down since our roommate who likes to put the AC at 72 is gone for the summer. :)

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what defines "going out" as compared to like, "dating" and "seeing each other" and all the other relationship terms?how do you know when you`re "going out with him" and is "going out" different from "seeing each other" or "dating" or being "in a relationship?" i`ve always been confused about this and i feel really stupid. haha

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Worst breakup...

1) How long were you in the relationship for?
2) Why did it end?
3) Did you end it, did he/she end it, or was it mutual?
4) If they ended it, were you mad at your SO?
5) Explain how you felt, in detail?

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Hello gentlefolks.

I know a lot of you out there have countdown banners on your info pages ([X] many days until my baby is born, [this much] time until I graduate, etc). For the life of me, I can't google any of the sites that do that.

Links/suggestions? I just want one for counting down the days until my vacation. Thanks. :)

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So. I just graduated from a pretty good USA liberal arts college with a BA in Theatre and Politics and a pretty good GPA.

My dream in life is to start my own theatre company. I'd also like to live in a big or at least big-ish city, and I figure that in order to get going on the Dream, I should move first, since I don't like where I am; start earning money in a possibly unrelated job if necessary, get a feel for the place and accumulate contacts and all of that.

The problem is, I really have no idea which cities I should be looking at. I'm even thinking of leaving the country, depending on how hard it would be to swing it and what I'm looking at. Of course it would probably have to be an english speaking country, but otherwise there are no boundaries to the imagination, I'm just trying to do some goal-setting, no matter how far-fetched the goals might seem.

So I'm wondering: what are your favorite cities and why? what is the live theatre scene like there? public transportation? places to live? cost of living there? job market? politics? weather (I prefer temperate places and/or places with seasons, i.e. I would like to avoid living in a desert)? possible grad school options nearby? anything else you think I should know or be keeping in mind?
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Have you ever been on AIM when some random person messages you? And their reason is because "your screenname randomly appeared on my buddy list"?

This annoys the hell out of me. Why does this happen? I've talked to these people and none of them know each other.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Unfortunately, I am working on Saturday (I usually have them off) because my dumb coworker never wrote on the calendar what days he needed off for his boy scout thing. I'm too nice so I switched shifts with him. Tonight, I'm going to go see Thank You For Smoking (I hope it's good!), and I'll probably hang out with my mom on Sunday.
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1) What's your favorite type of candy?  (This can be anything sweet, from a chocolate bar to gummie bears.)

2) What are you craving right now?

3) Whats your favorite tv show?

4) If you watched Charmed, did you think it was better with Prue [Shannon Doherty] or after, with Pagie [Rose McGowan]?

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moving woes

Near the end of this year I'm moving from southern California to Savannah, GA. One of my favorite places to shop here is Trader Joes. They've got good prices and a large selection of healthy/organic foods. Is there anything comperable to this in Georgia?

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So Im depressed because my plans to see the Boy fell through so now I have nothing to do all weekend that I took off work. Should I call into work tomorrow and say I can work, I told my boss I may not be going anywhere and she said she could use me Sat if I dont, but I was still kinda holding out hope that I would get to see him until today. My boss has already left for the day today but should I call in the morning?

Or should I stay home, veg out and be depressed while I have the time?

*edit* also, I had plans on going to see him in aug, which would also be scoping out the city (houston) and schools and deciding whether or not I should move there but since I didnt see him this month I would like to see him in July. Problem being I work weekends and the easiest thing for him to get time off work is to just take his weekends in a row ending one week starting another. (fri,sat,sun, mon) or something like that. I can easily get the weekdays off but the weekends may be more difficult

Spare change?

You visit a coffee shop and make a purchase. After receiving your change, you drop a couple of quarters in the tip jar. Half an hour or so later, you come back to the shop and want to make a purchase that costs $1.25. You have several $1 bills and no change, and you don't want to break any of your small bills, so your thoughts immediately go back to the change you left in the jar earlier.

(I'll respond with my motivation for this poll in the comments.)

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Shrimp stuff

Has anybody else ever had the sensation of biting on a sprinkling of sand when they eat something with shrimp in it? I don't get it all the time, but a few times in the past I've eaten a shrimp or a meal with shrimp in it, and every now and then I get really tiny crispy sandy crunches. It's really, really unpleasant.

Anybody ever had anything similar? eugh.
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What's an informative and thorough sex-ed book I can give my 11 year old sister? Our school's sex ed is shit and my parents are unlikely to tell her anything. I want it to be very positive, not "your body is a dirty thing and you should remain a pure, virginal flower until marriage!" If it covered menstruation too, that'd be great.

While we're talking about sex, how was sex ed in your school? Did you put condoms on bananas or somesuch?

the right attire

I am planning on eating at the Mesa Grill (chef Bobby Flay's) restaurant. If anyone has been there, was is the attire worn from the patrons? I thought maybe it would be a dress up kinda thing, but im not really sure. Does anyone know because I can't find it on the website or in searches. Thank you.
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what needs to go into a 30 or 45 day notice to your leasing office telling them that you won't be renewing your lease (besides basics like dates, names, addresses, etc)? just, "hey, we're not renewing, thanks ttyl" or what? haha...
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When/if you put dividers in a 3-ring binder to separate things (like notes by subject for school), do you put the corresponding pages in front of the divider (so you can reach for that divider and have the pages above it) or do you put the corresponding pages behind the divider (so you reach for the divider and the pages follow it)? I mean you personally, not what you're "supposed to" do. I'm just curious.

Music video help?

I'm trying to recall the name & artist of a music video I saw a few months back. I think it is a reasonably recent one, but I could be wrong on that - I don't tend to watch all that much tv..

Anyway, I think it may have been a band like Queens of the Stone Age, that sort of music I think. The video features a mostly naked long haired Asian guy dancing crazily around his room, and I think he has a sock over his bits (or maybe I'm getting really confused with really old RHCPs stuff..). He's possibly playing air guitar, jumping on his bed, then I think he runs outside. Absolutely hilarious video & I really want to find it again because it reminds me of someone I know & I want him to see it.

Thanks for any help!
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What brand has a logo that's shaped like a "V" in a circle (or oval... i'm not sure). The bottom of the "V" does not touch the circle, it looks somewhat like a Nike sign, but fatter.
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Soo I was going through my closet and found a sweater that I haven't worn for just about a month and it smells terrible! Like....a box, or closet, or whatever. And I put it away clean. Actually all my clothes that I leave in a drawer or in the closet and don't wear them for a while [between season, whatever] start to pick up some strange smell.

What can I do to prevent it?

Hair removal?

What are some effective, PERMANENT methods of hair removal? I've absolutely hated the hair on my arms as far back as 5th grade, and this summer I'm looking to get rid of it forever. It would look far too weird if I bleached it, shaving doesn't help, and I'm not even going to start with Nair or Veet. Or waxing, ugh.

Hs anybody gotten hair removal treatments? Which did you get? How much did it cost? How effective was it?

Where should I start in getting one of these procedures done? Where's a good resource for finiding a reliable person to do it?

Thank you :D


do you guys know of anything other than tea, aloe vera, and aspirin that can help sunburn? i was at the pool at my apartment for a long time today, and even though i used sunscreen, i am very badly burned. i look like a lobster and feel rather feverish. do you guys have any suggestions?