June 8th, 2006

Disney - I <3 Mickey


A couple weeks ago I saw this guy wear a t-shirt that said "May dog be with you" with a little drawing of a dog and on the back it said "Year of the dog" with the Chinese character for dog.  Has anybody else seen a shirt like this?  I was thinking it'd make a good gift for a friend (who loves dogs and was also born in the year of the dog) and wondered where I could find it...
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Radical Edward, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

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Hopefully this is the right time for a question being read quickly...

For those of you with experience with toenails falling off after injury, or perhaps even a medical degree, should I or shouldn't I assist the nail in coming off?

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what's that song?

My google-fu is weak like not strong thing.

There's a song about the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. It's not Li'l Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. This one has a techno sound. There's a guy and a girl singing it in parts. Also, I think it may have been on the animix or on of the amv hells.

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be happy for me cuz the usual painfully boring twice a month general staff meeting has been cancelled!!
i could not be any happier...

what did you do to entertain yourself while sitting thru some boring times/meetings/conferences/etc..?
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Sexual Hypothetical

Say you had a friend who was a high-paid escort. You guys have talked shop, and she/he charges $3,000 for 2 hours, of which she/he keeps $2,000. In one day, they have 5 calls. They make $10,000 per day. She/he works for an agency that sets everything up, and this agency has a strong reputation for punctuality and discretion.

One day, your friend calls you up, upset, and says that she/he is very sick and can't work that night, but because of the specific reputation of the business, they can't call in sick, for they'd be fired. She/he is already on the bubble for flaking out so much and if they left clients waiting again, your friend would be out of work. She/he has an enormous favor. Take her/his place. The next day, show up and take the 5 calls. Have sex with the clients. The clients don't necessarily pay for looks, it's for guarranteed sex and discretion afterwards, so if you're not proud of your looks, it's not a factor here. Before you could say a word, the friend gives you the rundown of those clients

If you're female,
-actor from That 70s Show
-son of a millionaire
-player from the Maple Leafs (hockey team)
-French entrepreneur

If you're male
-actress from Sex and the City
-desperate housewife of a Fortune 500 president
-retired model
-Iraqi widow
-college student

All the clients have been screened, understand the rules and won't demand anything more than conventional sex, and they all wish to be discreet, so they won't be blabbing about this experience. You can keep the $10,000 as reward for allowing your friend to keep their job. It's a one-day slutty day, and your friend promises to never bring this up again, and no one will know except you and him/her and your friend vows to never say a word. The day in question is a Saturday, so for most of you, you're off this day so there's no conflict with your regular work.

Also, consider any relationship you're in now. How would that factor in? Would you still do it? Would you tell your SO?

Would you agree to take your friend's place?

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I've tried google for this and can't find anything.

What are some good rap/r&b/dance music songs? Songs similar to Bad Girl (black buttafly), Me & You (Cassie), etc etc... or similar artists to search for?

please help! thanks!

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Inspired by this article.

Summary: People get small rare-earth magnets implanted in their ring finger in order to feel electromagnetic fields, live electric wires, magnetized speakers and spinning hard drives. A sixth sense.

If you could get it done by an actual surgeon, not some guy from BMEZine, with anesthetic and no chance of infection or the the magnet coming out of the protective silicon sheath, would you get the implant? Why or why not?

Are there any other body mods that impart a new sense? Do you have any significant body mods?

What sixth sense would you undergo surgery to obtain?
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Three old friends named Dick, Bertha, and Molly have been reunited recently. They have a past; Bertha and Molly have always competed for Dick's sexual attention, and each of them has slept with him on several occasions. At the reunion, Bertha and Molly both intend to hook up with Dick again at some point during the reunion, and, as is their habit, they defer to Dick to choose which of them it will be. As they get drunk, Dick starts making advances on both of them separately, but also makes it clear that he's feeling adventurous and states he would like to do both of them at once. Bertha is all for an exciting threesome, but Molly is horrified at the idea of Bertha being there and wants Dick to herself. Bertha and Molly both know that if one of them leaves, the other will get to be with Dick despite his threesome idea.

What do you say to the girls now, if you're Dick? (you're a sex addict one way or another)
What do you do if you're Molly or Bertha (remember, you're both obsessed with him)
What would you guess ultimately happened that night?

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How hard is it to move to Canada? does it depend on what country you're originally from? Does it depend on whether or not you have a job or place to live lined up? how old you are? is there a waiting period? lots of paperwork? how does one find these things out?

Inspection time!

Lets say someone was coming to inspect your home. For mess, clutter, cleanliness, and they would be back every 6 months. If you don't pass, you are kicked out.

Would your home pass the inspection?

You have two weeks to prepare. Go.
Now would you pass?

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Can anyone else not stomach One A Day Weight Smart? Each time I take it, I end up extremely nauseated and waiting by the toilet. Weird, because I've taken the generic CVS version many-a-time.

Are there any vitamins or medications you just cannot handle?

Oh, you pretty thing, David Bowie!

I am thinking of a song...well, two songs actually.

Has anyone ever heard the remix of Phillip Glass' "Hero Symphony" with David Bowies "Heroes" overlapped on to it?  Ive heard it and it was really, really cool.  But I cannot remember what it was called, so I can't find it.  I keep searching on Google.  Alas, it keeps telling me about Phillip Glass and David Bowie, not the two combined.  Hmm...

chicken legs
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I'm potentially looking for a new place to live, solely based on finding out what nearby state schools have a good mathematics program. I don't have the most amazing academic record at present, so picking an overall awesome yuppie school isn't an option.

The question is, how would I go about choosing a school based on a major alone?

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are you for or against banning certain "vicious" dog breeds, like pit bulls, doberman pinschers, german shepherds, chow chows, rottweilers, etc.
why or why not?
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Have you ever had an aloe vera drink? Good/bad?
edit: I got one from the carneceria down the street because I was feeling brave [i like to try something new there every week]...it was grape flavored with "pulp" [pulp meaning "large slimy chunks of matter"], a bit pricey for an eight ounce drink [$1.39] but actually quite good. I suggest you try one sometime!

I want music! *sob sob* Where do you buy mp3s from?

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Can anyone tell me how to use the shortcuts for special characters in Microsoft Word when I'm on my laptop?
I'm writing a French essay and am getting awfully sick of going into the insert special character thing, but for the life of me I can't work out how to use the shortcuts without a number pad.
If I hold down the Fn button to use the number pad that's on the same keys as the letters of my keyboard (if that makes any sense!) the cursor just jumps all over the document.
Quinn Twin

Animal Crossing : Wild World

I recently got a DS and AC:WW! I was a big OG AC fan for the Cube, so I pretty much wanted the DS just for the new version. Anyways, since I am just starting out, I only have one friend I can go see/have visit via WFC. Does anyone want to exchange info so we can be super lame cool and be WiFi BFF? I have peaches in my town if anyone needs those! Let me know!

Unrelated Bonus Q! - WTF happened to the journal Title and Subtitle feature?! I checked the new info page. but didn't see anything about it (but I'm not wearing my glasses, either, so who knows). I thought of something witty that I'd like to change mine to and I can't figure out if it's gone or if I'm just dumb! UH?!
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Gypsy name

I'm trying to write something and I need a name for a Gypsy woman. The few sites I can find that list any Gypsy names list all men so that isn't helpful. I've tried looking up Roma names (thank you Wikipedia) but all I get is Roman stuff!

Can anyone help me out?
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1. If a parent buys something for their child that the child never asked for, is it fair to bring it up as a 'I did this for you, so now you have to do this for me' kind of thing repeatedly? 

2. Which would you think less of - a parent who cared about their child's happiness but did not pay for their basic needs because the kid has a job, or a parent who pays for their child's needs but disregards their child's happiness as irrelivant? 

3. What are some signs that a parent is being emotionally/verbally abusive?

4. Hypothetical situation time, everyone's favorite. You have a kid. This is a stretch for some of you, but go with it. Your kid is not graduating high school on time. When your child was in 7th grade, they asked not to be put in accelorated math class, but because they tested well and the school reccomended it, you signed them up for it anyway. They took calculus early and failed. Due to their accelorated math courses, they were forced to repeat calculus because there were no other maths to take and they needed one more math credit to graduate. They fail it again. Who do you blame - your child, the school, or yourself?

5. If your children became celebrities with millions to their name, would you expect them to give you a lot of nice gifts and whatnot?

Acne Remedies

What remedies - medicinal, herbal, or otherwise - have you (or someone you know) used to treat acne, and which have you found to be the most successful?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.
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is it ok to cook chicken without defrosting it?

i am going to make enchiladas, and first i'd boil the chicken in broth until it's fully cooked and shreddable, and then bake it with the tortillas, cheese and sauce. is there some reason other than it maybe not cooking consistently all the way through to not cook frozen chicken?

I promise I have a life outside my boyfriend

My boyfriend loves coca-cola blak. I want to have some sent to his house in bulk. I've tried the coke website. I've tried google. How do I go about doing this??

Does anyone have any experience with skin cancer?? I just got a biopsy back and now,I have to see a specialist. It's not cancerous,but it's atypical.
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Okay, going on holiday soon and it looks like I'll have to fly from London Gatwick. My nearest airport is Glasgow (Scotland) so....

I can get a coach down that takes me to London Victoria. From there, can I get a train/coach to Gatwick?

Or....can I do the same from Stansted?

(yup, you'd think it would be easy as getting a flight from Glasgow straight to Gatwick but thats almost impossible if I don't want to spend a fortune.)

Help me?!!

Also, i would fly from Glasgow straght to Greece but the package hollidays are kinda limited going from Glasgow.
petit prince


could you go for a cheesesteak right now?

cause i sure as hell could.

where're your favorite cheesesteaks from?
campus deli, semple and bates, south oakland, pittsbugh, pa 15213
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You know how photographers always take photos of people (strangers) doing interesting things on the street/elsewhere in public? I always want to do that, but I'm scared people will get mad at me.

Do they all ask people for permission? I don't see how they could, considering then the people would no longer be acting naturally and the photos would be staged.

Do you think I can just take photos of people going about their daily lives? Are there any times when you think I should definitely NOT do it? If someone did get mad and confront me, what should I say?

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my goddamn ears itch so bad i want to stick a piece of barbed wire in them and scratch until my brain bleeds...
and the pen cap i am using isn't all that much help...

worse place that you've had an itch that you couldn't reach to scratch?
weirdest thing you've used to scratch with?
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leon/stuffed animals/snuggle/cute

Because I'm bored, that's why!

1) It's summer time!  Do you have any fun plans for the summer months?

2) If you could be a fictional/mythical person/creature who/what would you be? (for instance you could pick your favorite tv show character like, Gregory House from House M.D. or some mythical creature, like a werewolf - something like that.  Go wild.)

3) What's your favorite summer time drink?!

4) You are going on a picnic with anyone in the world.  
a)  Who would you go with, 
b)  where would you go, 
c)  and what would you eat?

5) What is one song you absolutely have to have on the soundtrack to your life?!
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Does anyone know the URL for a streaming music site where you type in artists you like and it plays other stuff you might like as well? It had a popup window where you could skip past songs if you wanted. I think you could also rate the music and tell it to never play something again if you really hated something it played.

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Any way to determine if sunglass lenses are polarized?

I bought an out-of-season pair of ray bans today.. and they didn't have a sticker on them that said they could be polarized, but all of the same models I've found online (RB 4014 Raiders) are polarized. Unfortunately, they're not even on the ray ban website anymore.


Okay, so I made a profile on a Myspace-esque site last year. I changed my e-mail address on the site because I deleted the e-mail account I signed up with. Apparently, the confirmation e-mail was sent to my old (deleted) address. The site doesn't mention that, so I had no way of knowing beforehand. The site doesn't have a "Forgot password?" page, nor is there any contact e-mail address or help section/FAQ. I made a new account to send a message to the creator of the site. He read the message (I checked), and no response. Soooo, now I have pictures on that site, and personal information. I didn't mind that information being on the site in the first place, obviously. However, I don't like the idea of having that information public if I have no control over it.

My question is, any other suggestions? Should I check the whois of the domain and e-mail that e-mail address? Is there anything else I can do? Or am I screwed and just gonna have to wait until that crappy site dies out? :\

ETA: The site is Vainspace.com

computer question

my computer says I am missing 2 ndis2drivers.
Does anyone know where I can find updated version of these drivers?
I tried updating from the add hardware section, but it requires a disk I don't have.
The Receptionist Classic

She works hard for her money

Numero Uno: Anyone know if the folks that work at Jamba Juice are allowed to wear jeans? I cannot remember for the life of me.

Numero Dos: When they say "team lead" do you think that is pretty much the same as a "shift supervisor"?

Numero Dos-B: Say for a sec you're me. You're 26, you already work a full time desk job that pays the bills. You're going to interview at your most favoritest smoothie place tomorrow (new location! 5 minutes from work! yay!) for a part time job to build the savings back up and fund a trip to Budapest. You've worked retail/customer service for -gulp- 10 years now and you've been in a supervising position for over half of that time. Do you apply for "team member" or "team lead"?

Numero Tres: One last one. I worked for Company A starting in 2001. Company A operated and maintained a retail website. Company A decided that they no longer wanted to deal with the website and sold it to Boss. Boss formed company B and hired me (and another employee from Company A) to come work for him and run the site. I have been with Company B since 2002.
Question is this: Do I list my current employment as being with the website (2001-current) or Company B (2002-current)?

(Can you tell it's been a while since I've had to do this application/interview thing? I never even interviewed at Company A.)
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If a certain TV series had its season finale a few weeks ago, approximately when will the season come out on DVD?

I'm not saying which one because I'm terrified of spoilers. :P

I tried to look it up online and it only said "not yet released."

Stacker 2

Have any of you ever used Stacker 2 or any other product from the same company (Stacker 3, etc.)? If so, for how long, what sort of results did you get, and did you experience any negative effects?
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tipping at the Dunkin' Donuts drive through

Say you went through the drive through at Dunkin' Donuts, ordered a few donuts, and your total was $3.02 and you paid with a $5. Would you give them a $1.98 tip? What if you were waiting for your change and they finally opened the window and said with your change in hand "oh, you want back?" Would you just let them keep it?
Maybe I'm just a bitch but I really don't think sticking a few donuts in a bag makes you deserving of $2 extra dollars. Dunkin' Donuts employees would all be fairly well off if everyone tipped nearly 40%. This happened to me today and I had planned on taking my dollar and putting the 98 cents in the tip cup, but the lady opened the window and said "oh, you want back?" and I said yes. she gave me the dollar(and a dirty look) but kept my change. The thing is I was going to leave the change anyway, I just think it was kind of rude to assume I didn't want all of my change. In general I'm a chronic overtipper, but not when it comes to putting donuts in a bag.
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What was the movie where the girl wanted that "feeling" the butterflies, but the guy wasn't giving them to her so she decided to do something and make them for herself?

Im not describing this well. but does anyone know it?
confused//2-D "???"

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It seems that while I was out tonight my boyfriend cleared the history on my laptop. How would this be beneficial? I know the first thought is snooping but here are other things to consider:

1. It's my work laptop and we work for the same company so he knows how serious it is if we look at "bad" websites. I already know he's been on gun forums and stuff on mine and he hasn't cleared the history then.

2. If he was snooping then wouldn't he just be in sites that were already in my history? So how would I know he was snooping?

3. I checked on his computer and he seems to keep his history fairly clean but like I said I know in the past he hasn't cleared mine.

Come to think of it not long ago it was cleared but I didn't really think anything of it at the time. I know it says to keep pages for ten days but doesn't that mean that if I go to a page every day then it should never really leave? Or does that mean every ten days it's wiped clean completely? It was all there when I was at work today, now it's gone.

(This is really bugging me to the point where I've considered waking him up to ask why he did it. I'm hoping there's a logical reason.)
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