June 7th, 2006

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I'm trying to remember what movie this scene is from. I am pretty sure the movie was French and the director may have possibly been Bunuel.

A family comes to visit another, they pull down their pants simultaneously (child included) and sit on the toilet. When ready, they excuse themselves, and eat in private.

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What was the last anonymous thing that somebody did for you?

Did you ever try to find out who it was?

What was the last anonymous thing that you did for someone else?

Do you ever feel the urge to tell them that it was you?

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Ok so my brother and I were having a conversation on AIM and it came to my attention that I don't have nearly enough Zombie movies. I mean come on those are the life blood here people, an extensive collection is so definetly needed. Poor me only has four little movies; Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Land of the Dead, & Night of the Living Dead [original version]. I'm so neededing more can't you tell. Not to say those aren't awesome, but I need a bit of variety right? So come on and leave me some comments of some other Zombie movies for me to check out in the future. I know right now I can't afford to buy any more, but still having a list on hand would be much prefered when the time does come.
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It's just a jump to the left...

For those who have attended a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, what was your "initiation" your first time going?
I may be attending my first midnight show this weekend, and I'm curious as to what kinds of crazy stuff happens to "virgins" (at the theatre I'm going to, virgin auctions and banana deep-throating contests have been known to occur. haha).

Edit: By the way, the showing is in Indianapolis, Indiana. :)
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My best friend has no health insurance (as she works part-time as a waitress). Are there any options for her? She doesn't really make enough to get her own private insurance. She is 24, unmarried, and has no kids or serious diseases (that I know about, anyway). I want to help her but I don't know much about this stuff.
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I'm going to be asking my student loan company to lower my payments because they are way too high for what I make. I'm thinking the company will ask me to make out a budget for them, but can they request I send proof of the things I pay? Like, a copy of a bill or something? I'm worried because I live with roommates and my name isn't officially on a lot of the bills I contribute towards.

Any other general advice when asking to lower payments?
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If you have detention and you don't go to school that day, what happens?
I'm sure it varies from school to school.

Could they keep you from graduating because you missed the only detention you've ever had?

EDIT:Detention is 2 hours long, do you think they would let me divide it and go for 1 hour two times so I wouldn't be late to work?

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Two questions. Both annoying

1) Is there a way on Myspace to change/add more options for your marital status? Seriously what about all of us who are in fucking up quasi relationships?

2) My boy was supposed to come see me this weekend, plans fell through because he wasn't funding it and ya ya ya. Ive been quite upset (I dont handle the Long Distance thing very well) So, should I spend $500 on a flight to houston from Vegas AND a hotel room for 4 nights? I can afford it sorta, that money was going to go to paying off credit cards and various debts. Im not in trouble and I would have enough money to pay a little on everything and then just pay em all off next pay period. and I really want to see him...So, should I be spontaneous?

Oh one more.

3) I adore my therapist but she is back where I used to live (Michigan, Im now in Utah) so maybe about every month I have a phone session with her, basically when I snap and cant take things anymore. Only problem with this is I cant get immediate contact with her because she needs a check from my father before the session (he didnt pay her for about a year $2000 in debt and a year later we now have to have a payment before the session) And since obviously my father is a bit of a flake sometimes it can take weeks to get her the check and then try to schedule. Im beginning to think that once every now and again isnt going to cut it anymore for me. Pressures of school and the aforementioned relationship have been taking their toll. So, should I try to find a new therapist here? If I have Blue Cross Blue Shield, is there a way for me to look them up online? And also, would it be awkward for you to have your therapist be your old prof. one whose class sealed the deal on you becoming a psychologist?

Sore Throat


My throat killls :(!!! I've had this on/off sore-ish throat for a few days now. Sometimes I'd wake up and my throat'd be a bit sore.... It usually went away by the end of the day though. But last night I started to feel the pain coming back..... Then this morning I woke up twice because my throat friggin HURTS. I don't even have to swallow and I'm in pain. But - it's only the left side of it that is hurting. My neck hurts.....it hurts to touch it but nothing looks swollen....

Does anyone know if this could be something worth worrying about, or do you think it'll go away? And what can I do to ease the pain?? :(



I hate how when you have a sore throat, you seem to want to swallow ever fucking 5 seconds. Grr.

Edit: I take it back....I think I do feel a small bump on my left side. WAH!  I'm scared!!!!!!!

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Manual Transmission

I have a question that I have always been curious about.

Here in the United States, since we sit on the left side of the car while driving, our shift pattern in a manual transmission looks like this:

1 3 5
|_ |_ |
| | |
2 4 R

For those who sit on the right side of the car while driving, is your shift pattern the same or does it look like this?

5 3 1
|_ |_ |
| | |
R 4 2

Photo organizing PROBLEM

Ok so I am an avid photographer. I've entered a few contests and got honorable mentions. It's just a hobby but I'd like to start entering more contests and generally doing "more" with my photography.

I have about 25,456 photo albums (not really, but you get the idea). I have TOO many. I need to have a better system.

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Also. Does anyone know of a good LJ community regarding photography I could post this to? Not one where you mainly post photos for critique, but like a general Q&A community about photography, developing, etc.
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Do you have any pets?
What are their names?
Do you favor cats over dogs or vice versa?
What are some of their quirks?


My fiance and I have two cats, their names are Tiger and Little One. Tiger is eight and Little One is more than a year old.

I usually favor dogs over cats, but I love both. I really want to get a dog once we get married and hopefully rescue one from a local animal shelter.

Tiger can roll over once in a while, she's also a fatty and ALWAYS begs to be let into the garage to explore. Little One gets SUPER hyper in the morning and runs around acting crazy and makes *growling* noises until she gets it out of her system. She also stretches a lot.
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This comes from a discussion a friend and I had the other day. When you dream, is it in black & white or colour? I've heard many times that most people dream in black & white, but most people I know dream in colour. Any thoughts?
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Drinking Games

1. What's your favorite Drinking Game and what are the rules?
2. If someone brought up a drinking game called "Truth or Karaoke" what do you think the rules would be?

EDIT: What do you think of the rules as follows.
You get to pick Truth or Karaoke. If you refuse to answer the truth then you have to chug and sing at least 30 sec of a song of your challengers choosing. If you choose Karaoke then you get to choose your song but you have to take a shot or chug when you mess up.

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Due to circumstnaces beyond my control, I have to buy a house. ASAP.

Does anyone have advice as far as financing, things to look for, things to ask about, finer details of the contracts?

Background: I'm 23, the daughter of a a Vet (since passed away, last month), first time home buyer, student and I can put down 20%
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internet + workplace

For those of you that have access to the internet at work:

Do you only LJ? Do you surf? Do you check your email? Are you too paranoid to do so? What about your co-workers?

Did you have to sign an internet use agreement with your employer? How stringent was it? Have you been following the rules?

If you are too paranoid to access the internet for reasons other than work, why? Does your IT service monitor you? How closely?

How long have you been working there? Did you begin to surf more and more without fear the longer you were there? How long did that take you?

Basically, what's your workplace internetting experience been like?
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Yay, the Senate struck down the gay marriage amendment! How will you be celebrating?

How's your day been so far? Absolute shit for me, until I saw that.

What have you got to do this week? I've got to do 4 papers and an entire quarter's worth of math homework. This shall serve as a lesson to never procrastinate ever again.
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does anyone know if there's a website to go to that will change the battery on an HP iPod? I tried going to Apple, but they said that they don't handle HP iPods...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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WASHINGTON — The Senate voted 49 to 48 today to defeat the Federal Marriage Amendment, a measure that would have denied marriage to same-sex couples and seriously threatened civil unions and domestic partnerships. Seven Republicans joined 41 Democrats in voting down the measure, which opponents said was a politically motivated distraction from real challenges facing the country.

Does that upset anyone else, how close that is?
We need to do something about this.

What the fuck happened to "seperation of church and state" ?
What happened to the constitution protecting our rights, and not eliminating them?
What happened to America?


Sleep problems

I have been having problems sleeping the past few days, I am using this method to get myself to sleep, but once asleep I am not really staying asleep, I had to call in sick to work today as I feel like crap as a result. I cannot figure out what is keeping me from sleeping, other than maybe my bed being in a different place or the heat, I'm defiantly tired enough, so I will ask this;

Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep myself asleep?
[other than knocking myself out with drugs, alcohol or a big mallet]

End of the quarter headaches

So, lets say that I am writing a research paper and I quote a source.  However, the source I quote uses footnotes within the quote.  For example, this is what is written in my source:

“This is due, in part, to (1) his use of the dialectical system which has been primarily credited to Hegel;33 (2) Hegel’s concept of Absolute Spirit, in which he included Art, and in which music attained a high rank in the hierarchy of the arts; 34(3) and Hegel’s own approach to the polaristic understanding of major and minor triads, a concept which is quite similar to some of Hauptmann’s methodology in dealing with the triad.35

Do I maintain the author's foot notes AND footnote it myself to credit the actual quote?  Do I remove the author's footnotes and just add one on the end of the quote and credit the author?  I'm searching Google, but I cant find anything specific to this situation...

This paper BLOWS. 
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Ok, so, I'm new to actually bidding on things on ebay.  Right now I'm highest bid on an item that I really want.  The auction ends in about 5 hours.  There was only one other bidder on the item I want to buy.  I put my bid in for $10.02 and right now it is at $6.50.  

What are some ebay strategies that I could use to not be outbid...without having to pay a lot more than I've already bidded?  The only "strategy" i've ever really heard was to bid not on a whole dollar so that's why i bid $10.02.  Any other strategies or tips for me??


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Septum piercings

I've been set on getting my septum pierced for awhile, but now everyone I know is regaling me with horror stories about how much it (apparently) hurts. Bear in mind none of them actually have one themselves. I did some reading on BME, and it sounds like most people have HEARD that it hurts the worst, but then it ends up being... not so bad.

To those with a septum piercing: what was your experience like?

I've had my ears and lip pierced with no problem... will I most likely be able to handle the septum?

Damn friends and their horror stories... heh. :)

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this has been happening for awhile. please save the "go see a doctor" responses, because i have and he has no idea what's going on. i just hope that maybe someone here has an idea of what might be wrong.
i'll put it under the cut for all of those tl;dr commenters.

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does this sound right to you?
have you ever experienced or known someone who experienced these symptoms?
why would this happen around people i'm the MOST comfortable with, like my longterm boyfriend?
any suggestions of what i can do? (i use tums & pepto bismol, but neither helps that much)

thank you so much in advance. it's really putting a damper on my entire life.
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My eyes burn


What's the longest you've had a webpage up for?

I'm pretty far in this online game, so I haven't been closing out of it so I can play at my own leisure haha. I've had it open for about a week.

Cancer sticks.

1. If you were a parent who smoked and your teenage child asked you to stop - would you? 

2. What would you think of a parent who said, point blank, no?

3. If the child tried a compromise with their parent and asked them to only smoke outside, would you find that reasonable?

4. Would you be able to justify not quitting by taking extra precautions around the house to keep the air "clean" (leaving windows open, changing the air filters more often then neccisary, etc.)?

5. Is there any situation in which it is okay for a parent to yell and mock their child for asking them to quit smoking?

6. Hypothetical situation time. There's a parent who refuses to quit smoking when their child asks. This parent is also a caregiver to a spouse with MS who has quit smoking for going on 10 years. The caregiver gets their spouse hooked back onto cigarettes. The only time the two parents and child spend together is primarily spent eating, making small talk, and smoking - the last of which, the child has made very clear they are opposed to. What would you think of such a parent?

7. What are some ways to help get rid of the smell and presence of smoke? It's everywhere in our house and I'm constantly sniffling and rubbing my eyes. My friends always say I smell like smoke. It is extremely irritating, in more ways than one. Any help is appreciated.
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"Because I'm A Lady!" Marie

YAY first questions! :) :P

1. What are your favorite "comfort" foods?

2. Does anyone else have a morbid fascination with things they shouldn't? Like mine is Jack the Ripper, but more the mystery element than anything, obviously. I think the situation is disgusting and scary, of course.

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I'm going to begin working for my father soon, as a receptionist in a busy office. Does anyone here do reception? Anything I should know? Certainly they will get me acquainted with the system, but any tips for dealing with the occasional bitchy patient?

I strain the muscles in my shoulders quite a bit, because they suck from scoliosis, but this time I did quite a number on my neck and shoulder. I cannot take any pain medications as my stomach has been quite ill lately, what are some at home remedies to help alleviate the pain? I have a heating pad, but are there any creams that help muscle pain?

Also, what's a good product to help weak nails? Mine used to be so strong, but now they are constantly peeling and refuse to grow.
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Ice cream

Does anyone know if there's a site out there with the blurbs about Ben and Jerry's ice cream on it? I don't mean the descriptors / ingredients... I mean the blurb that they customize for each flavor of ice cream.

I've been Googling with no luck. Thanks!
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I want something that will help my laptop to better connect to a wireless network. When I search for something along the lines of "wireless range extender," I get products that improve the range/signal of a network that you yourself set up. But I'm not setting up a network on my computer; I'm trying to get better connectivity to another network.

Is there a product that will do this, and if so, what should I be looking for exactly?
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1. How old were you when you went to your first funeral? What year was it? Whose funeral was it?
2. When was the last one you went to?
3. How many funerals have you been to in your lifetime?

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Some other unrelated questions:

- Do you know what could cause the water pressure in my shower to act funny? My tub/shower normally has very strong water pressure -- but when I took a shower tonight, it was acting funny. Normally, when I turn on the water, a strong stream of water comes out of the facuet. Then, I pull up the lever to reroute the water to the shower head. The water pressure was pretty weak when I turned on the water, and not very much water came out of the shower head at all. I stopped the water for a few minutes, left the bathroom and came back. The pressure was back to normal, and then when I was shampooing my hair in the shower, the water pressure changed again, to the point where almost no water came out...then it went back to normal again and stayed that way for the rest of my shower. @_@ Yes, we're going to figure something out tomorrow. I just wanted to see if any of you guys has ever had that happen to you. I was not running water in any other room in the house at that time, and the only thing water-related I had done recently was flush the toilet, but that doesn't change the pressure; that changes the temperature. I'm thinking something -might- have happened when the tree guys came by earlier in the last week to dig up the stumps in our yard. But, why would only the pressure in the tub/shower be affected and not the rest of the house? (The bathroom sink, toilet, kitchen sink and dishwasher all run like they should.) I'm baffled.

- What is your EARLIEST memory? What year was it, and how old were you?
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Which mask do you like better? I'm just buying one for someone who collects masks, and I can't pick. I don't know anything about this crap..

The first one: http://www.maskmaker.com/samples/grnman.html

The second one: (scroll to middle of the page, center, "full greenman")


Poll #744015 Stupid expensive masks...

Which mask do you like more?

First one
Second one

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anyone know how to find lowest common denominator?

my teacher said it if the number is 15


and the lcd would be 2x3x5.
but he also said that if there are two or more of the same number, you would use that twice.
but the example I have up there disagrees with that statement.

any help would be great.
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odd situation...

Yesterday I was walking home from campus, and I happened to meet a girl named Sara. We started talking and hit it off fairly well. She is in the ROTC and leaving for camp in a month, and we sat around her place and shot the shit. She mentioned that she was selling her car, and I mentioned I had looked at one.

Later that night, I went and looked at this car with my best friend, and concluded that I didn't think my mom (who is helping me get the car, thanks to my crummy credit) would swing that high. (it's actually 6k)

So then today this Sara makes me an offer to sell her car for 3k, her dad is a mechanic and needs to replace the alternator, he can take my old car, etc. Her car is also a Saturn, but very basic--no power anything, and the other car is loaded. I told her I was interested but I'd have to see, and left it at that.

Well then tonight I talked to my mom and she's willing to (to my surprise) to help me get the more expensive car, which I'd really rather want as it's quite nice and newer.

Granted, I just met this girl, but I liked her well enough...I had mentioned I had looked at the other car last night but didn't really mention a lot else. What do you think I should tell her if I don't buy her car? I don't want to lie if we end up being decent enough friends, but I guess if we don't hit it off, no loss. Any suggestions?
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Okay, I played a game on the computer when I was younger, and I'm trying to find it, or just get the name.  It had a mouse, a cat, and blocks, and there might have been some cheese involved.  The blocks were 1 unit large, and were a light aqua/teal color.  To block the cat, you pushed the blocks.

Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? 
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