June 6th, 2006

lactose intolerant

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i'm going away to work at a camp all summer for a few months
and i was wondering if you had any suggestions for good books to buy to read all summer long?

i'm going to barnes & noble to load up soon
anddd the used book store. i like to gamble.

(my favorite authors include kerouac, salinger, vonnegut, thoreau, palahniuk, & dave eggers,
and i really enjoy most beat writers to an absurd extent)

i know it's a bit trite but since it is summer camp and all, i think i'd be in the mood for some fresh coming-of-age type stories.

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Is it better to make someone leave before everything goes wrong and hurt them or wait till it does and let them find out for themselves but 'waste their time'?

I'm not talking about if I wasn't interested in them, but if I know they're going to leave but they don't.
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My partner's out of town for another week and a half. He's been away for almost a month already. His phone almost never has a signal, so the internet (when he can connect) is pretty much the only way we get to talk to each other right now.

What we're going to do is have an online "date," where we meet and play games together. What are your favorite two-player games on the internet?

(I like the online version of Settlers of Catan.)
Pon and Zi 7

NES Emulator games

Hey everyone, this is for you gaming people. I have an NES emulator but no games for it yet. Any idea where I can find games that I can download for it on the net? thanks!
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I responded to an ad for a job last night. The person wrote back at 2:30 am telling me to call them. I have no idea if this is the number to the restaurant or their personal cell phone. Considering they were up at 2:30 I'm not sure when I should call back. Should I wait until this afternoon? I'm afraid of waking this person up, who was obviously up really late last night.
flame on

Adobe tutorials

I need to give myself a crash course in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Can anyone recommend to me some good on-line tutorials for those programs? Free is preferable; quickly available is essential.
Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA

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Got your attention, didn't I?

I am in a commedia d'elle arte show this August. In this show, I play the part of Franchescina, a servant. In one scene, I am to attempt to seduce Capitano Spavento, an extremely drunk Spanish captain. It fails.

So the first rehersal is tonight, and until this morning, I had no idea how to go about doing this. I have a few ideas now... but want brianstroming/inspiration/ideas I can blatantly steal. (Riffs where I can play along a theme like war, or nautical stuff is good, but I am looking for help in brainstroming)

Just taking my clothes off is not an option.

Any ideas?

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When you see people you vaguely know on myspace do you friend them?  Do you leave them a message and then wait for them to friend you?

My situation is:  I play on this coed soccer team and there is this guy that sometime plays with my team.  I've talked to him a bit on the team and he knows my name and everything.  One day I happened across his myspace page.  Now, he's kinda cute and all and i'm always interested in getting to know more people so i kinda want to friend him on myspace...but for some reason i feel like i'm over stepping the boundaries of the relationship or i don't know.  Something is holding me back from doing it.  So, should I??  Sometimes i feel all Carpe Diem and want to take more chances and crap like that...but then other times i feel very insecure about what he might think...blah..blah..blah.    I think my head blows these sorta situation in to huge montrosities when really it is such a small insignificant thing.  Anyone else have the problem?

So, yeah, anyone have any stories similar where you did friend them and it blossomed into a relationship?  Or crashed and burned??

Dancing Bunny

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Had to resetup Mediacom cable internet today since my roomate moved out and the interenet was in his name. They told me I had to get a new cable modem because this one was tied to my roomate. That sounds like complete and utter bullshit to me. Anyone know if its true or if they're just screwing with me?

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Why isn't my key going into the ignition?

Is anyone here in either medical or dental school? My close friend begins dental school in the fall, and for her graduation gift- I wanted to put in a doctor's valise a bunch of "essentials" to help get her through. I have the sentimental stuff down and am going to personalize scrubs for her, but what about some funny medical/dental gag gifts? Any recommendations or websites that would help me out?

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Is night-time sweat different from day-time sweat?

because, if I get all sweaty during the day, I feel all sticky and I feel like I need to shower -now-.
when I sleep and sweat becuase i have no AC, I just feel kinda damp in the morning... but not sticky.

is there an actual difference?

And what's the point of salt in sweat, anyway?

Laser Eye Surgery?

Have you had LASIK, LASEK, or PRK?

If you know, what was your eye prescription beforehand?
How do you feel about your experience? Are you happy with the results?
What made you decide to get it?

Or, if you have poor eyesight and haven't had it, what's stopping you?

I've done a lot of research on this but I'm looking for more personal experiences here.
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My gmail did something weird, and I wondered if it had ever happened to anyone else.

Last night I received a message from myself that I did not send. The subject line was "57657" and the body of the message read "5556". I sent a message to the Gmail people but havent heard back from them yet. Has this ever happened to anyone? I suppose it might mean that someone has hacked into my account?

gmail chat vs. firefox

so, i tried using the chat function for gmail while using firefox and it doesn't seem to work. i've tried unchecking the "pop-up blocker" in the options menu, but it still doesn't work. does anyone have this issue or maybe know how to fix it?

**edit: it's working now. don't know what was wrong before, but thanks for all the advice everyone!**
petit prince

dip de doooo

1. how's everyone doing today?

2. what're you up to?

3. how do you pronounce jewelry/jewellery?
i say "joo'-ler-ee" but this is apparently weird

EDIT! why on earth do people pay above retail price for things they can buy elsewhere online for retail? ex: MAC eyeshadows sell on ebay for several dollars above the price of their online and retail stores. i don't get it.
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I'm going to see Blondie and The Cars tonight, and I have no idea what to wear. I'm debating whether to wear one of my Blondie shirts. So my question is:
What do you wear to a Blondie/The Cars concert?
rhinestone lips

MySpace refusal

Has anyone ever tried to sign up for MySpace only to be told you are "ineligible" and they won't allow it? Since they don't give a reason, what reasons do you suppose they would have for refusing your membership?

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Does anyone here watch Mystery! on PBS? When is the next Miss Marple: Sleeping Murder on?

Favorite Mystery novel/show?

Does anyone play a non-tradition sport [such as trail running, or mountain boarding, or something not traditionally offered in high schools- even crew would work]?

Is anyone on a sports team/league outside of high school or college? How old are you? How much does it cost? What sport is it?

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What is the best way to find a hole in an air mattress?

What do you do when you're REALLY excited about something?
(My roommates and I are going camping all weekend for a DMB show in Pittsburgh.  We are seeing 4 shows in 5 days!! And we have kept a running count down for over 3 months. Yesterday we bought everything we needed - over $230 worth of crap. I think we shop when we are excited haha)

Is the skin on your hands really sensitive?
(My skin is apparently...yesterday, I tore skin off of 2 fingers while trying to start a weed eater. Not much skin was tore off but the spot is really uncomfortable.  Each finger has a wound at the second nuckle. It's such an annoying pain.  Then, I have an open blister on my thumb from raking).

Meta - Berries

video game and dvd rental in Canada through the Internet

Have any Canadians here in TQC used Zip.ca before? If so, could you tell me your experiences please? :)

Also, I stumbled upon the concept of video game rental through the net today when someone mentioned GameFly.com... a quick google found me the Canadian equivalents: GetGames.ca and GameAccess.ca. Of course I've never heard of either, so if you have used either service before, please tell me how it's like!

To be more specific, I have a Nintendo Gamecube and *hope* to purchase a Nintendo DS in the future so a site with a good library of those games would be really nice.

(Is it better to just go out to the local Rogers and rent games the old way? :P)

And any tips regarding renting video games and DVDs online in general would also be appreciated. Thanks. ^_^
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1] What do you think of this article on global warming? [or lack of global warming actually]

2] Is it generally more helpful to donate time or money to a charity?

3] here is a bonehead question: does SPF in sunscreen stack? Like if you apply a SPF 15 and an SPF 30 you'd have a total of SPF 45? [this is coming from someone who rarely ventures outside on purpose during the daylight except for to get freckles, so I don't know much about sunblock]
Mara Jade

Exchange programs?

Does anyone know of a good program for high school students looking to visit a foreign country over the summer? Something like an exchange student program, and specifically to a francophone country. I've found a few online, but I'm looking more for personal experiences or maybe something I've overlooked.

And yes, I realize it's a bit late to be signing up, but I'm just going to see what happens, and possibly scout out for next year . . .

Thanks for any help in advance.

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I vaguely remember hearing about about some tribe or group of people (ahhh, I'm not sure) and they didn't watch TV, read magazines, or have entertainment like that (I think) but then some group of people showed them TV and girls started worrying about their looks and stuff like that. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Is this at all familiar? If you know what sort of thing I am talking about or something similar can you tell me the name of the project or give me a website? Thanks.
The Receptionist Classic

Baby... You know I love you, right?

Oh no! The elevator in the Maury Show building just crashed and Maury and his staff are in the hospital. But the show must go on! You have been chosen to get the next show ready.

Remember, you have to keep it wacky and if possible, at least three of your guests must flip out and run off stage.

What topic do you pick?
You have to give the show a horrible title, too (today's was "I'm only 13... But I know you're my baby's daddy!"). So, what's your title?
And what the hell, tell us a little something about your guests.

While we're on the subject, what are some cliche phrases used on these trashy talk shows? "Baby, you know I love you" and "I am one-THOUSAND percent sure" are two I can think of. I need more.
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what would noel edmunds do?

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what would you do if you woke up one day and you were a bird?

we all like to look at a fire, but which part do you watch?

do you allow other people to rule your moods. what do you do for yourself that makes you really happy?

what animal do you think you are most like, and what animal would you like to be the most?

do you mind people correcting your spelling in comments?

and more importantly, since i have seen a few relationshippy type questions. if you have been forced to give someone an ultimation over text how would you do it? i'm stressing the forced here! i am on the other side of the country for a month. it will do us no favours to speak over the phone. its a difficult relationship but im not ready to be the sensible one to call it quits. he's on his last chance but he doesnt know and the ultimation is pretty much. decide what you want. now.

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there are some hilarious commercials out there - i know there are...i like the one w/the business man in the white room w/all those people in lab coats talking on the phone
he tells his daughter
"honey, if the boogeyman were living under your bed, i'd be charging him rent"

do you have any favourite commercials?
ones you can't stand?
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I put on lotion with an SPF of 15 everymorning before I put on my make up, and then use a powder with another 15 SPF. Do I need to reapply it if I'm outside for like an hour everyday? I try to stay in the shade or wear a hat. I just don't want to get super burnt.
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What's that smell?!

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 Would you rather:
1. Whenever people spoke to you, they would sing out song lyrics (sometimes directly related, or sometimes irrelevant)...and remember that all people aren't blessed with a beautiful voice.


2. Whenever people spoke to you, they spoke in poetry.  They could make it up on the spot, but it always rhymed and flowed nicely...

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1. Have you tried this new Coke Blak stuff? I detest the taste of coffee, and coke, but somehow together....mmmm, it's good. and probably terrible for you. Actually, I don't think I'll ever have another one. Now I feel rather jittery. I'm not used to caffeine.

2. Do you ever get mail? No one sends good old fashioned letters anymore. My cousin did send me a book the other day, and my grandma sent me a picture of an elephant playing soccer, but no letters in almost a year.

3. If you're still in school, have you gotten your yearbooks yet? How are they? We get ours tomorrow! I'm very excited. Our yearbooks are always excellent. We actually hold a record for biggest yearbook. Last year's was five pounds. :D

4. Have you ever read Johnny the Homicidal Maniac? My friend was reading one in class and he showed it to me. It's just sick. Why do people read comics about deranged murderers?! Actually, it was kind of funny, but still, twisted and sick all the same.

5. So, say you're putting on a show with middle school students, what show do you choose? My friends are directing a musical at the middle school but can't choose a show that is appropriate and still interesting.
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Would you ever take naked photos of yourself and have them developed at your local CVS?

Why do you think the same guy keeps doing it at my CVS?

Why do girls let guys take pictures of their butts and then get it developed at CVS?

Can you tell I got hired as a photo tech at CVS?

Have you tried the new white chocolate m&ms? They're fantastic! Do they still sell crunchy crispy m&ms anywhere? I didn't like them that much, but I haven't seen them in forever, so now I miss them.

riddle me this...

What has being a member of The Question Club taught you about people in general?

What has being a member of The Question Club taught you about yourself?

Any revelations to share? (serious or funny...ga'head)
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If you could bring one celebrity back from the dead (with no evil zombie Pet Sematary type side effects), who would it be?

Mine would probably have to be jerry orbach, the marx brothers, john lennon, george harrison to name a few...
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Eduard Hill smile

First question!

I am going to the Download Festival at Donington Park tomorrow to watch and listen to some great bands. I'll be camping there with 3 friends from Wednesday through to the Monday.

I was just wondering if there's anything anyone would recommend taking. Essentials and non-essentials included.

I have the obvious: Tent, sleeping bags, spare clothes, water bottles, money for food, sunscreen, cheap cameras, torch/flashlight, toilet roll + babywipes/wetwipes, tickets (always useful).

I have the less obvious (and non-essential, but useful): Glowsticks to mark our tent so we can find it more easily in the dark.

Weather forecasts for the week is set to be very dry and temperatures in the 60-80F (18-28C) during the day, and a little cooler at night.

What else would you recommend taking to make the week as enjoyable as possible?

Thank you ^^
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I have a really cool braclet from a street fair this weekend. It's woven, coloured textiley material. It's awesome BUT...it smells like a sheep. Well, kind of like a sheep anyway. Kind of like rawhide. Or cow. Anyhow it smells funky. How might I get the smell out without damaging it? I've tried plain old soap and water.

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I was looking over my online bank stuff and noticed a couple of weird transactions when I've used my (brand new) visa debit card recently. The amount was deducted from my checking account twice, then one sale amount was credited back so that the balance was returned to the pre-second-debit total. If that makes any sense...

What I'm wondering is... why? Is this typical? Do I need to ensure in the future that I have double the amount to cover each sale before I use my card?
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This one's for all the people who live in colder countries, but I'm specifically talking about England here.

Anyway, does it bother you when you say to someone online "Oh, it was 26 degrees celcuis outside today, the heat is killing me" and people reply with "that's nothing, you pussy!" or something along those lines?
I cannot explain why, but I'm always annoyed to a great level when people do this. BECAUSE EVERYONE IS LIKE, TOTALLY USED TO 40 DEGREE HEAT EVERY SUMMER. Grr.
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I'm going to be on TV tommorrow night on a local news station for a special forum on Racism in the city.

Not a small town, and I'm male, 27.

What should I wear?

I don't have any real details on the forum. So I'm not sure if its a small group of 5 people, or a larger group of 20.
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Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom?

Most of the girls I see at school just go, then walk out the door.

I think it's kind of gross. But I don't really know how unsanitary it actually is.

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two q's:

1.  can you read sent bulletin replies on myspace?
2. if so..how can you unsend them?

I would have asked this in a my space community but no one ever updates in them.
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I'm going to write my very first resume in a couple of days, and i'm not altogether sure what to put on it. I know the whole education and job experience thing, but what about:

- I did an archaeology program over the summer where I went on a real dig. It was through school, should I put it under school, or what? Should I describe the kind of things I did?

- I helped out at the state museum cleaning and catalouging bones. it was only for a week, and i don't have the contact information for the woman i worked under. should i put that down?

- I did a radio contest where I lived on a bus for 22 days. I learned a lot about how radio stations work and marketing and whatnot (is it any surprise that radio people like to talk even when they're not on the air?) I also learned how to be civil and answer the SAME QUESTIONS OVER AND OVER even when tired, hungry, and irritated. is that too silly to put on a resume?

- I had a job for only a week or two (it was a small place and I was only getting 4 hours a week) but I rearranged a whole wall of the store and did a few displays. The job I want has some creativity involved, but I don't know if I want to list this job at all because it was so short and I think the management has changed and nobody working there would remember me.

In a job interview, I know they are going to ask me why i'm leaving my current job. Is 'they don't pay me enough' appropriate?

What other interview questions can I expect and what should I NOT say and do??

EDIT: i called for a job of printing/graphics clerk, and the woman said she would interview me and see where she thought i would fit best in the company (i think it might be somewhat large and they might have many openings, one of which she thought i might be more suited for)