June 5th, 2006

petit prince


have any of you gotten private student loans? who did you get them from? how're your interest rate and payment terms? how long did it take you to actually get the money?

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About a year ago I started having night terrors.

In the past three months they've increased in frequency and intensity. So much so that I'm losing sleep, and when I do I wake up feeling completely stressed and frightened.

Before the night terrors started I experienced sleep paralysis regularly, for about as long as I can remember...but those episodes have tapered off.

A tradeoff that comes with age (early 20s?) or signs of something deeper and/or more troubling? Or maybe I'm just an effed up sleeper?

Just looking for your thoughts, as I'm tired of stuffy medical opinions and documents.

Thanks in advance.
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Radical Edward, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

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I have a female friend that has had the same boyfriend since I met her. He has since graduated and gotten a job about a thousand miles away and doesn't plan to move to be with her, and the seemingly expected plan is that she'd move there (whether she wants to or not) to be with him. (I mention this because she sometimes seems to not want to go there.) We go out for dinner or jogging together or cook food or go out to movies (more commonly some combination of those) 2-3 times per week.

We mostly didn't talk about it before, but topics relating to sex come up more and more often, and I'm usually not the one to bring them up. It's to the point now that I've even burned her copies of Japanese adult videos, and we've even discussed trends in the videos and which types of things she likes or doesn't like in the videos.

Should I be reading more into this? And, at the very least, stop talking around her about other girls I ask out? (I do that because I still see her as having a boyfriend, and I wouldn't try to break them up just for my benefit.) I have once "made a move", if in a dorky way, and she turned me down because of her boyfriend. Should I do something to test whether the relationship has changed? Is there anything I can try that minimizes the risk of losing her as a friend if I do try something?

Edit -- Why do sabbath observers (Saturday or Sunday is mostly irrelevant) sometimes patronize restaurants or other businesses on their observed sabbath? Since they believe that working on the sabbath is bad, wouldn't they be condemned to their hell or hell-equivalant for encouraging others to work on the sabbath?

Things I regret

1.What is the meanest/most hurtful thing you have ever said to someone else?

2.Do you often say something stupid or insensative and then regret it afterwards? How long do you think about it/how long does it bother you?

3.If you dated someone who was abusive, do you have an obligation to warn others that may date them of what happened to you? What would you think if a person who had been abused by your significant other and didn't tell you? If someone you knew told you they had been abused by your significant other in the past, how would you react?

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(no subject)

(Sorry for asking fifty billion questions as of late, but I've yet another).

What Christian denominations have ordained homosexuals?

My Google-fu is pitiful, and some douchebag member of the Christian Right made a comment on a friend's xanga saying, "just gotta keep a watch out for those lefty denominations ordaining homosexuals...that certainly won't solve any problems." I want to know which denominations are the "lefty" ones.
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Anyone have a Ford Focus? I am potentially buying a 2003 Focus tomorrow, and I was just hoping to get a few opinions on the car...

So, if you have one, how has it been as a car? Any major trouble with it? How do you like the car overall?


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What's your most embarrassing fart related story?

What 'group' would you say that you most fit in with? Yes, we all know that labels are for soup cans and yada yada, but humor me. Let's be stereotypical for a moment.

What are the 'requirements' one must fit if they were to be a part of your 'group'? For example, what bands are generally worshiped, what phrases are common, what clothing/hair style is popular, etc.
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Einstein quote

I really need some input

Let me set this up for the question. Sorry about the length.
My closest friend just let me know that he is about to do something stupid. He really needs time to be without a gf or so until he can get through some things and really know himself. He has basically been going from one relationship to another. He admits that he needs to be by himself for a while. He knows what is best for him and has said it numerous times. That is one of the things about him that I really respect. He has been with a woman for a while that makes him happier than he has ever been in his life. She knows that he is moving to another state at the end of the week and that when he leaves they are only friends. She fully supports him finding himself. They are nearly perfect together.
Last night he told me that even though this woman is the woman that he wants in his life more than anything, that he has allowed himself to get into an emotional relationship with a woman that he works with. There hasn't been anything physical yet. He says that he doesn't think he deserves a woman like the one he is with. He is willing to jeopardize numerous things because of the woman he works with. Even though he knows that he needs to be by himself, he admits that he is probably going to go straight to this woman when he moves. I have told him that I think he should give himself some time, especially considering his feelings for the woman he is with. That he should be alone and find out what he really wants.

My questions are 1) what would you do if it was your best friend? 2) should I have told him what I told him? 3)Do you think that emotionally cheating on someone you love is any better than physical cheating? 4) should I just sit back and be there for him when he realizes what he has done? 5) if you saw someone you love doing something stupid (in your opinion) would you try to talk some sense into them?

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TODAY IS THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIRST AIDS CASE. Take out the time to remember those we have lost, those who struggle with this disease, take the time to educate yourself and remove stereo types you may have about who has this disease and why. And while you're at it, take the time to go down to the local Planned Parenthood and get yourself and HIV test. Make an appointment with your dr and be a responsible adult. Just bc you only have one partener right now, who knows how many they have had and they have had and they have had. Protect yourself and be informed. This IS NOT a gay disease. EVERYONE who is sexually active IS AT RISK.


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1. If a person has an unverified paypal account with a positive balance, does a sending limit of $0.00 mean they can't pay for eBay auctions with that balance?
2. What would you do for a Klondike bar?
3. If you've ever had a tooth extracted, how much did it cost [single tooth/per tooth, full price, pre-insurance]?

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I applied to go back to college. I have previously attended this college a couple years ago. The program I was enrolled in did not require a mature math credit. The program I have applied to has mature math as a requirement. I do not have my grade 12 math. Is there any chance they might still accept me? Has anyone been accepted into a college program without all of the requirements?
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1. So I was with my friend and she mentioned her mum was coming into the city. I asked why, just for conversation and she said, "Oh, she needs to pick up surgical masks and she wants to stock up on food." Buh? So I asked why and she replies, "Because in Indonesia the Avian Flu has become spreadable person to person." I was a bit shocked since I hadn't heard anything about that and she also said her mum wasn't being overdramatic but that she was following what the World Health Organization was recommending.
Do you think that's a bit extreme?
Or do you think I'm naive?
Are you doing anything to prepare for the bird flu?
I feel bad because I didn't even know that and now I'm a little worried. Lazy, too, so I doubt I will get any masks OR stock up on food, ha.

Note: Her mum was an RN for many, many years so maybe she knows something we don't?

2. How do you tell someone it is time to leave your house without being mean or forceful? I went out for lunch with said friend above and I really do love this girl a lot but she has a tendancy to come over and not leave. Yesterday she spent 9 hours at my house and I wasn't sure how to entertain her anymore. How I got her to leave was by saying that I had to go to bed soon, which was true, because I didn't want to lie to her or make up a lame excuse. It's really not that I don't enjoy her company but I was so tired and it was Sunday and I just wanted to be lazy without feeling like I was boring her or anything. :/
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Poll #742549 Catch that piggie!

Your significant other reveals to your their greatest fetish is that they like having their toes sucked on. Some people would have reservations about going to town on another person's piggies and let's say, for intents and purposes, your partner has icky feet. Would you use some sauce or condiment to better perform your S.O.- sucking duties? What would you use?

Chocolate syrup
Peanut butter
Tobasco/hot sauce
Strawberry/berry syrup/jam
Pixie Stix
Tuna fish
Thousand Island or other salad dressing
BBQ sauce
None of the above. I don't mind the taste of foot
None of the above. Below is the additive or condiment I would use
I would never do such a vile, disgusting thing

In some alternate universe, you were pregnant at this time, and your baby's due date was 6/6/06. For some people, that's a vile, unholy day. Would you petition your doctor to have the baby taken out a day early to avoid such a birthdate?

Russian weblog

Has anyone ever heard of a blogging/journaling website about depression that is written in Russian?
I really need to find one for a project I'm working on.
Or could you suggest how I could find one online?
The Receptionist Classic

NOT related to 6/6/06

In an effort to get myself exercising, I am getting my hands on a bike. Hooray!

I've already got a helmet and a lock and I'm thinking of getting a water bottle holder thingy (if the bike doesn't already have one, that is). Other than that, I have no idea. What other things would I need for my new bike?
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Eddie McDowd

Student Loan Consolidation

For the past two months, I've been getting mail offers regarding my student loan consolidation, since the rates are expected to increase to 6.54% from 4.1% on the Stafford Loans on July 1.

My current situation:
I'm still in school.
I will graduate in Spring of 2007.
I've taken out about $14K in Stafford Subsidized loans. (No other loans like Perkins, etc.)
My lender is just my bank.
I DO NOT plan on taking out more loans to finish off the 2006-2007 school year.
I'm a Texas resident.

Even though I've only borrowed from Stafford loans through one lender (my bank) and do not intend to borrow anymore, would it still help to consolidate my loans?

The other thing is, I just got a letter in the mail regarding this, but the fine print on the back said, "If you are only working with one lender, then we cannot help you."

And someone helped point out right now-- I'm mostly interested in getting my loan rate locked at one level instead of having it increase.
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at seven

(no subject)

1. What's your favorite smoothie recipe? We just got a new blender and I want to have a moderately healthy and filling snack option.

Please include all ingredients-- like ice, yogurt, etc-- and not just your favorite fruits or whatever I'm a smoothie newbie. :)

2. Has anyone played Dance Dance Revolution- Mario Mix for GameCube? Would you recommend it? I want a Dance Dance type game that will make me occasionally get my ass up off the couch, but it sounds kind of lame that it only has 20 songs...

3. This has been asked before surely, but let's do it again. What is the perfect amount of sex to have, in an ideal universe? Times per day or week, for example.

4. If you could pick one food item that would suddenly have the nutritional content of water or air, i.e. no calories or carbs or fats or anything, but it would still taste exactly the same so you could indulge it in ALL the time, what would you pick?
Mr. Game and Watch

2 Questions

Q: Does Houston suck?

My answer: Dallas sucks more. Very bland.


Q2: I am going to be 17 soon, and I need to find a place to start a banking account. Any suggestions?
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Earlier I wrote something about a form of torture in which the skin and flesh is pulled off slowly by rings attached to the body. (Think Clive Barker's Hellraiser.)

What would that be called?

Mary Kay Letourneau in reverse

I'm looking for a documented case of a man who went to jail for having sex with an underaged teen girl. The two were in love and eventually married when he got out. I remember reading about this but my attempts to Google it have not turned up anything. I'm probably just using the wrong words in my search. Anyone know where I can find this?
fakey mcfakelson


1. Do you know anyone who is really worried about tomorrow because it's 6/6/06?
Yes, a girl I work with. She's afraid of coming to work tomorrow and having to leave work in the dark. She thinks it's highly likely we'll be dead before work though.

2. Are you worried about tomorrow because it's 6/6/06?
I'm a Quitter

(no subject)

Earlier today I ran a virus scan and an ad-aware/spyware scan. They both found some things but they were deleted or quarantined. After that I got two errors from windows. Two yellow yield signs with !'s on them appeared in my toolbar. One warned me of spyware and the other warned me of popup adware. I clicked on the yellow signs and it attempted to open up three internet explorer windows and then they froze. Then I started getting this popup.

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I clicked on that and it brought me to a window to download a program called spyware quake, but I didn't download it. Where is this popup coming from? Should I trust it?

I'm currently running a more in depth virus scan and running a spyware scan again. How do I get rid of that popup? Is there a good free program to use to prevent this from happening again? I currently use Symantec Antivirus and Ad-Aware SE.

computer trouble

My laptop that was given to me recently (pretty used) is having some unexplainable trouble. Last time I tried to turn it on, it started making an indescribably loud ringing/fire alarm type noise as though it was going to explode. It was a long very loud piercing tone, which would go for about 30-60seconds and then stop only to start again a few seconds later. It only stopped when i got the computer to shut down.

Does that sound like it's the hard drive? or something else? if it is, is it likely to be salvageable?
is it really expensive to get a new harddrive?
btw, the computer is a dell inspiron notebook (about 3-4 years old).

Online shopping

Are there any online stores that you DON'T need a credit card for (ie: ones that accept cheque/banking information instead?) I don't have a credit card, and don't think I ever will have one, but living in a small to medium sized city, I don't have a lot of nearby shopping options.

EDIT: Thanks to all of you suggesting alternate ways to get a credit card, but I'm not that interested. I know that there are online stores where you can use alternate payment options, I just haven't been able to find any. THAT'S what I'm looking for - not ways to get a credit card.

Thanks again for the suggestions, though!

This is driving me mad so I thought I'd try my luck here

1. I'm looking for a freeware/demoware game that I used to be completely obsessed with. Basically you were this small m & m creature that bounced around smashing blocks that were the same colour than you. Once you got all the blocks that were the same colour as you bounced into the colour changer and smashed the blocks that corresponded with your body colour. You did this until you got all the blocks and moved on to the next level. It was a simplistic game but extremely addictive. So would anyone know what I’m talking about? Oh! Important note the ball creature has limbs and eyes so it’s not Crillion or one of those replicas.

2. I can't remember the name of the sweet that the kids in Enid Blyton's 'Magic Faraway Tree' series used to eat. I think it used to burst/melt in their mouths. And was filled with syrup.

Thank you!
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(no subject)

1) Can you guys think of any famous cases where the punishment did not fit the crime? Any involving a drug seller going to jail longer than a man put in for assult, ect. Im not exactly sure how to search google for this, but Ill be sitting here doing it for the next 6 hours. Thanks!

2) Can you guys think of any music that goes with the ocean, or an old man and a fish, or, more specifically, The Old Man and the Sea? I have to make a sort-of soundtrack for it, so anything you think would be good like, in a movie-version haha. Thanks :)
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(no subject)

Do you listen to scottish music/bands? As in bagpipes ["celtic" is fine, as long as there is plenty of bagpipe to be heard]. I neeeeed more. A good example of what I like is Molly's Revenge. Ideally, there would be no singing though. So.
once upon a time

phone service

I recently moved into an apartment two weeks ago and my roommates and I decided we needed a landline.

So the questions are:

What phone service do you have [AT&T, MCI, Vonage, etc.]?

How much do you pay a month?

What features does that include?


Which phone service should I avoid?
tick tock

chains, bedding, jobs, dinner, suckage

What are some chain stores that are in both California and Iowa? Places like K-mart, not food chains like McDonalds. Also, not places that are only found in malls. Sorry, it's a weird question.

I'm going to try and buy a down comforter online. Ikea has good prices, and of course, overstock.com is amazing. Any suggestions on how to buy a good one?

Any places to buy really cool, modern, un-fancy bedding online? I like places like Urban Outfitters, Ikea, Potty Barn... simple, cool, comfortable stuff. Also, I need good prices. I'm thinking I may just buy at Macy's.

I just got a job. As I've been doing lots of interviews and turning in lots of applications, I may be offered more than one job. What's the etiquette with this? How do I turn down one job? Both jobs are part time and might not give a lot of hours... do you think it's possible to do more than one job? The one that I've already been accepting at is American Eagle Outfitters, and the Apple store looks promising. I think I'd like both of these jobs equally, though I know AE won't give me a lot of hours, at least at first, and pays less.

I have beef ramen, beef soup, an avocado, baby carrots, frozen peas, eggs, pasta, milk, noodles, canned pinapple and mandarins, breaded chicken patties and bread. What the hell can I make for dinner?

Anything else you want to tell me, besides that my questions suck?

(no subject)

When I was a child I remember watching a Snow White movie that I absolutely loved. I just cannot remember which specific one it was because I never actually owned it. All I know about it is that it features real people (as opposed to being a cartoon), and I think it opened with the death of Snow White's mother. If not opened, that was in the beginning (and I remember something about a garden, and the mother being in a glass coffin maybe with rose petals around her perhaps). The movie would have to be over 10 years old.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I really really really want to own this film and I've searched online for it but so far I haven't found it. Any help is really appreciated.
Food Glorious Food

(no subject)

Hi folks,

Can I make a request for some recipe ideas?

In the past I've either lived on my own and haven't cared much about what I eat, or lived with pasta lovers (my wife isn't too fond of pasta everyday) and eaten out a lot.


PS. Fancy ingredients can be tricky to find here in Brazil (for me at least) so somewhat simpler ideas are better :-)
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(no subject)

1. My google skills are terrible. Can anyone find me a current, clear map of both the morey's piers in wildwood, nj [like where the rides are] and a map of the wild wood board walk? I'll be your best friend if you do.

2. Speaking of which: three days, summery wild wood, walking the boardwalk, spending three plus hours on the bus, and going to six flags. What should I pack? Thus far I have one pair of jeans, three tshirts, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of capris, 1 hoodie, 1 pair of flip flops, 1 pair of sneakers, sunscreen, pajamas, aspirin and water bottle, digital camera, mp3 player, makeup, 3 pairs of underwear, 2 bras, razor , mini vials of shampoo, soap, tweezers, deodorant, and toothbrush+toothpaste. What am I forgetting?

3. Do your write in cursive or print?

4. Is Avenue D in NYC really THAT bad? What about the Bronx?

5. Does the Roosevelt Island Tram away run over the Hudson or the East?

6. What are some good websites for college [off campus] or life tips? If it helps any, I'm a minor living in an rented room in a new city. I don't really know anyone there, and I've never really live on my own before.

7. Favorite poet?

8. Favorite optimist novel? [None of this Catcher in the Rye crap]

EDIT: What's that webiste with all the free/reduced fee college applications?

Road manners

Lets say your drive back from an 8 or 9 hour workday involves getting on a big highway but the 2-lane ramp to the highway always has a huge line extending 40-50 cars at any point during the evening commute (and there is no other way from your area to get onto the highway). Lets say you wait in line every day waiting your turn to stop at each of the three traffic lights and inch your way onto the highway. This usually lasts between 20-25 minutes. What would you do if every day random cars got into a 3rd lane and right before your turn to get onto the highway, forced their way into the lane right in front of you?

Would you tailgate the car in front of you leaving barely an inch of space and refuse to let such erring drivers in because they should've waited their turn just like you did, or would you just sigh and let them in because either you're afraid that the one car you refuse one day might have some crazy person with a gun in the car who will turn around and shoot you through the windshield if you piss him/her off, or because this might be some person new to the area who didn't realize that s/he had to wait in the line to get onto the highway? This happens every day without fail - whether you leave 30 mins early or an hour late.
[spn] let the bobby!wookiee win

(no subject)

Peoples who had/are having gap years! How was/is it? What did you do?

Peoples who are going to have gap years! What are your plans?

It’s still all very vague for me (still have a year left of college), but I intend to spend the best part of the year working, so as to at least have some money before I hop on off to uni. Then, in the summer, I want to go to Mexico for a few weeks.

Like I said, vague.

(no subject)

Anyone ever get a custom picture put on a dairy queen cake? Do you think they'd put a picture of a penis on an ice cream cake? Haha, it's going to be his birthday wednesday, if we make it through the apocalypse.
she blinded me with science!

(no subject)

1. Whenever I run, work out, or hike long distances, my muscles get really sore and stiff. The worst pain is usually not the next day, but the day after that. Why is the second day so much worse than the first, and is there anything I can do about it?

2. Does anyone else ever look around and wonder: if everyone in this room were suddenly transported back to prehistoric times, could we survive? Could we even get along? What roles would we take? Who would be the leader? Etc.


I was talking to a friend of mine today who was irritated because she knew her ex was reading her public entries.

So, help me out, here. I know a lot of people check in on their ex boyfriends and girlfriends in LJ-land, themselves, and don't think they're doing anything wrong. I'm seeing a double standard.

WHY is it considered 'stalking'? If the entries are for public view, and why get pissed when someone -even someone you don't care for anymore- views it?

Seriously confused on this one.
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Money, money, money, money! Money!

So...a couple of weeks ago I worked a two-day temporary job through a job agency. They paid me what they were supposed to, but they also paid me an extra $200.89 (Canadian) that they shouldn't have in a second electronic transfer.

As an new grad who is unemployed at the moment, I could really use the money, but I ended up calling in and leaving them a message telling them about the error. I also mentioned that I wouldn't complain if they were giving away free money for the heck of it. Grr...I think maybe I'm too moral for my own good.

Anyway, would you have done the same? Or just kept the money and then acted surprised if they called?

This is assuming that you won't have future dealings with them (though as of now I'm not sure if that's the case).

oh no!

Okay so apparently The Apprentice was 1.5 hours tonight? That means I missed the first half hour! Argh!!

What was wrong with Andrea, did we find out why she was sick? And anything else I might have missed in the first half hour...


(no subject)

What are your biggest problems right now?

What are your greatest sources of hope and inspiration?

What scares you the most about your future?

Are you living the life you always wanted?

What would make your situation better?
cat tea

A few questions.

1. Will you internet hate me if I post a poll but it's in a link to my journal? I didn't feel like making the same thing over again and I don't know. I'm lazy. Will you take my money poll?.

2. Do you get post-vacation depression? After vacations, I hate going back to work more than anything and just fantasize about moving to wherever I came from.

3. When you take vacations, what kind do you like them to be?
-Active where you're doing a lot of activities and sight-seeing
-relaxing in the sun with drinks
-A combination of the two... relaxing but doing some sightseeing.

4. When you're in another country, do you prefer to try new things or try what is familiar and comfortable to you?

5. Is there a website that will list when the peak / slow times are to fly to certain parts of the world? I have signed up for the Fare Alert thingie from Travelocity but I'd like to go to a website and see it list for example: April is the cheapest month to fly to Namibia but September is the most expensive (or something similar). Anyone know of a website like this?
lead me

A fitting, yet random, six questions for you.

1. I start teaching six new piano students tomorrow. (How did I do that?) I'm a second year education major in college. What are some things I can do to make my new students more comfortable and communicative?

2. I'm surprised to find that nobody in this community owns or maintains a pool. So how many of you have never been in a pool?

3. What would you do if you woke up tomorrow morning and your refrigerator was MIA?

4. My mom works at a car dealership and deals a lot with warranties, shop work, and fleets. She was checking in cars today that had just arrived and a lot of the VIN numbers had 666 in them. Would that creep you out if every other car you checked in had a, uh, creepy VIN number?

5. All of a sudden there's more controversy about gay marriage. Have we ever done a poll on that in TQC -- "do you support gay marriage?" I'm not looking for discussion and would rather not spark debates, but I'm curious to see if the majority of questionclubbers support gay marriage or don't support it. And for the fun of it, what do you think the majority would be?
*I think the majority would support it.

6. Would you like to ask me a question? (in other words, hit me with your best shot. the stranger the better.)
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Hooray for bandwagons!

As it's obviously the end of the world tomorrow (49 minutes away!).

What to you say to St. Peter to make you worthy to enter heaven?

My answer:
"Every rose has its thorn
Just like every night has its dawn
Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song
Every rose has its thorn."
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(no subject)

i'm going to be teaching english 101 in the fall. this will be the first class i have ever taught. (i'm still a grad student). i'm kind of freaked out over the responsibility of this.
sooo...my questions are: did you like your english comp teacher? if so, why? what's one thing i can do NOT to freak these kids out?

(no subject)

 this is a new post

why won't my sound work?
I'm on my regular computer and not on a laptop.
I had downloaded myspaceim and deleted it figuring that may be  the problem.
The media controller is on here and at full blast and nothing.

any ideas?