June 4th, 2006

bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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Do your boobs get bigger going on the Pill? Or eating string beans? (Someone just told me...but I had to ask TQC cause I think it sounds ridiculous.)

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Im a 20 year old guy and im loosing my hair! I still have some time left . . . anyone have any suggestions on possible solutions to my problem or at the very least have a suggestion on how to prolong it?!

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Dear TQC Members,

Have any of you ever tried the Haime Munoz 3-month hair straightener product thingy? How did it work for you? What type of hair did you have before?

<3 evilinchw0rm
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In a lingerie bridal shower, does the lingerie have to be white? (Frederick's seems to showcase white lingerie.)

And um, how do you go about picking it out? Do you ask the groom what he digs?
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So my uncle is having a wedding, and I'm unsure what to wear but most of all what to buy him. Him and I are not close whatsoever. He has a huge sum of money, so he has everything in the world. Not to mention his wedding seems entirely informal, no wedding invitations or anything, just a simple phone call saying, "hey I'm getting married. Check with your schedule and see if you can come. I'm trying to get a head count." The wedding is also coming very fast. He planned it less then one month away. So the entire thing seems rushed and informal.

So I'm wondering if just buying him a card or something would be unacceptable, or rude? Keep in mind I'm twenty-two, paying tuition, helping my fiance pay off her debt, helping my mother pay off her debt, among many other things that continuously make my wallet empty. So I don't plan to buy him some amazing gift or anything.

I also don't plan to go rent a tux or anything. I think just some nice slacks and a button up shirt with a tie would suffice. I've only been to one wedding in my life and that was Hawaii orientated so we all wore leis with Hawaiian shirts.

So anyways, am I in the wrong for just going to his wedding like this with a card, or is this acceptable given the circumstances?

(Apologies if this appears twice on your friends list. Posted it in two communities.)
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iTunes question

I bought an audiobook on iTunes without realizing that instead of being in several small chapters it's broken up into three long parts. The longest part is two hours and 26 minutes.

I can't burn that to a cd unless I can break it up, but I can't break up an iTunes protected mp4 (or whatever filetype it is). What can I do?

Can I burn it to a dvd the same way I would an audio cd? It's not like I want to get the iTunes protection off to share it, I just want to burn it to a cd!
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- Do you or someone you know have a severe phobia?
- If so, what is it, and how has it affected your/someone-you-know's life?
- Have you or someone you know ever had hypnotherapy to cure a phobia? Did it work?
- What other cures are there for phobias aside from hynotherapy? Just looked at the wikipedia article on phobias and found the treatment section. So instead I'll ask, have you or someone you know ever undergone treatment for a phobia using a method other than hypnotherepy? Did it work?

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Opinion needed

Should I call in sick today?

I'm signed up to do overtime from 10-6, so it'd be double time, but I really have a lot of things I should be doing today instead and I'm still feeling a bit sick.

EDIT: I have one of those jobs where there are literally 100 other people also doing my job at the same time. My absence would not directly effect the company or any individual.

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My husband just left me a note the other day letting me know he wants a divorce, and has been staying in a hotel the entire weekend. He'll be home to talk to me about the divorce today. I don't want this relationship to die. I'm going to fight for it.

My question is - If I don't sign the papers, how long do I have before I'm pretty much forced to be divorced? I need time to talk this out with him.. which is something he doesn't wish to do.. and seems to have his mind made up.
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Inspired by a conversation with friend.

If you were in a monogamous, heterosexual relationship, and your significant other had a best friend of the opposite sex, would it bother you? What if they were very close - held hands, slept in the same bed when one of them visited the other, said "I love you" to each other, and always picked up each other's calls even though they had a tendency to ignore calls from other friends. Both parties claim that it is purely platonic, and you have no reason not to believe them. How much would their relationship bother you, on a scale of 1 - 10? 1 being "Not At All" and 10 being "A Lot".
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I just found out today that I'm not going to be seeing the boyfriend for 3 months this summer while he's in Cali and I'm on the East Coast. And I'm in school/he's working, so we probably won't be visiting each other.

We've only been dating for ~3 months and I'm really bad at talking / keeping in contact with people on the phone... but we want to definitely make this work.

Any advice, esp from people in LDRs? (what not to do/things that would make me miss him less/how to not grow apart, etc.)?
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A friend of mine is being comment-spammed in his LJ by one of his friends (we know it's a friend because he moved journals and only told his close friends about it, but the spammer attacked the new journal too) and I'm trying to help him find out.
The spammer is using a proxy/IP masker and makes a new account every time he bans another one. What can I do to catch the culprit?
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google earth and nail polish

1. What does your house look like on Google Earth?
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2. Can you bring your own nail polish to a pedicure?
Mine went okay but they didn't have any fun colors of nail polish, only pinks & reds. I ended up with an ugly pink when I really wanted a nice aqua-ish one to match these flip flops.

3. I want to get a pedicure at the same place again before graduation. When I call to make an appointment can I specify that I don't want the same lady I had last time? Would that be a bad idea?
The lady knew it was my first time and she just seemed very impatient and expected me to know exactly what I should be doing. She pretty much ignored me and talked to the woman next to me. The only reason I'd go back to the same place is because it's a really nice.
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Sweet dreams

1. How often do you make your bed?
2. How often do you change your sheets?
3. How many pillows do you sleep with?
4. Do you have any other things that are necessary at bedtime for you to sleep well?
5. If you have pets, do you allow them in your bedroom while you sleep?

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Are there any good etiquette guides online for teens or young adults? I don't need anything about weddings, or anything. Just classroom etiquette, job etiquette, dating and driving etiquette... you know, the average things that modern day college students face. All I can find is really outdated, gloves with skirts '50s etiquette.

What should I wear to my actual graduation? Do I wear a cute dress under the gown, or does it matter?

How many of you actually went to your graduation ceremony? Can you just go to the main office or something and get your diploma, I really rather not sit for 3+ hours and listen to my classmates give speeches.

I want to start buying good quality, well cut clothing but I don't want to spend $$$ for Brooks Brothers or Jcrew. I heard that Target has some well made clothing, but are there any guidelines to tell if a shirt or a pair of pants are well made? What are some wardrobe staples for a "professional student" [I want to look like I want to excel- but I don't want to keep buying shirts because they start sagging or fit oddly]

Can you buy unlocked prepaid cell phones? Can you unlock a regular cell phone to be able to use prepaid service?

And, finally, there are two teachers in my school who have really helped me out in school [one sort of taught me that I was not some useless slacker and showed me that I was funny- and he also inspired me to become a history teacher; and the other advocated for me and helped me get tested for dycalculia] Would it be too strange to get them gifts to thank them? Or should I just write a card? What gifts should I get them? Something generic like a mug, or something funny like a Pat Sajak sculpture?


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A) if you have heard "wont let you fall" by Fergie from the movie Poseidon, can you possibly recommed to me songs that sound similar to it?


B) Whats your favorite slow, love song?
bonus points if they are R&B
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Microsoft Word Question

I'm working on my honors thesis and have to follow certain guidelines regarding page numbers. I need to start on my table contents page as page 1, which is like six pages into the thesis. I know how to do automatic page numbers but for some reason it's not allowing me to pick a page to start automatic page numbering. Does anyone know how to get around this?

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Anyone have any idea about when the next iPod is coming out?

Think it'll be before school starts, or more like right before christmas?


Also, recs for good ultra-thin cameras?
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Can anyone name a few chain salons? I'd like to buy someone a manicure or pedicure but as we don't live in the same city, I can't just take them myself. So I need to buy a gift certificate for them.
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computer not booting?

I got up this morning, and my computer was on, but not doing anything. I turned it off at the power strip, turned it back on, and nothing. I let it sit off for a while, and tried it again. It booted up to the desktop, then froze. I let it sit even longer, took off the panel and cleaned inside with a can of air to be sure, and turned it on, but it got to the desktop again and wouldn't go any further.

Any idea what is wrong with my computer??? My car is broken, I sure didn't need this to happen too.

ETA: I tried it in safe mode, and got a little further before it froze up. I tried running Ad Aware but I can try AVG too, if need be.
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Movie Scenes

I just finished watching Fandango. Again. There's this scene towards the end that's simply beautiful. A wedding in the park at night, no dialogue, beautiful instrumental, everything lit by tree lights and candles, choice editing. The song in particular captures the poignant scene. The visual and the audio work magic together. I find the whole scene moving, and I replayed it 5 times.

So I'll throw this question on the floor. What movie scenes have a similar effect on you? Where the visuals and the music come together to transport you, that move you? It can be a movie scene that inspires you, pumps your addrenalin, makes you cry, or triggers some strong emotion in you.

Me again

What do you know me as in this community?

That person who makes those strange polls
That person who asks those weird hypothetical questions
Person who thought of rolling up boneless cows like carpet
All of the above
The first two
That asshat who keeps making those smartass comments
I haven't really noticed you at all really. You're a member of this community?
You're the father of my illegitimate child
I know where you live. And that you're vulnerable to fire!
I know you in the biblical sense

Stupid kids!

What is something that happened when you were a kid that just went WAY over your head? Something that, when you look back on it, you think "That was SO obvious! Why didn't I realize?"

For example, my 2 responses to this (one of which just happened recently, which spurred this post):

1. When I was a kid, my Dad was a bit of a drinker (he's been sober over 12 years now, though). Once, we were at a family reuinion, and it started to rain. As one of the only groups with a tent, as opposed to a motorhome or trailer, we had to go to a motel for the night. Dad backed into a pole while parking in the motel lot. It took us (my brothers & I) nearly 10 years to realize he was drunk when that happened.

2.My Grade 2 teacher was gay. And I mean your stereotypical flaming homosexual. (Not that there's anything wrong with that). Looking back on it now, I can see it. My brother saw a picture of him in a photo album and asked when my parents had a gay friend - it was that obvious. But I had no idea until we were talking about Will & Grace one day, and my Mom said, "Yeah, that Jack guy always reminds me of your Grade 2 teacher." And before anyone gets offended by this, let me say that I don't care that he was, it didn't change my impression of him as the best teacher I had at that school. I just think its funny that it was so obvious to everyone now, but I didn't think he was... different, for lack of a better word, until my Mom mentioned that a couple weeks ago.

EDIT: I just remebered another question I thought of this morning, and didn't want to make a whole different post for it, even though the topic has absolutely nothing to do with the first one: What is the most romantic NON-SEXUAL thing you can think of? By non-sexual, I mean no kissing or "petting", either. Back massages, holding hands, they're OK. But nothing involving erogenous zones (or at least the widely recognized ones, I'm aware some people consider the brain, ear lobes, etc. as such, but I'm talking the "Big 3")

My answer: slow dancing. Especially if my partner sings the song to me quietly in my ear while doing so.

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I'm a security guard for an upscale-ish (it's not really, but the people that live here like to think they're rich) gated housing community. I'm basically just a gate sentry.

Anyway, I talk to a lot of people, all day long. Guests coming in, vendors, realtors, whatever. A lot of people. From these experiences, spawn my questions.

1. When someone calls you "hon," or "sweetie," or "baby," do you find that offensive?
    I get a lot of people that call me those things, and it's only really offensive when the person is being blatantly bitchy and using it to patronize me, or when they're obviously years younger than I am. When a 17 year old girl drives up and gives me a fake smile and says "Heyyy huuun!" I really want to slap them.

2. Do you honor the Mister/Misses/Sir/Ma'am rule when you meet people? If it's an older man, do you call him Sir? If it's a younger girl, do you still call her Miss or Ma'am?
    I still do, all the time. Mostly because I'm paid to be polite, but also because I think it's a terrible thing to talk down to a child or teenager. Even if the boy is obviously a lot younger than I am, I'll still speak like I'm talking to an adult, but usually with a bigger smile and little more friendly (not that I'm rude to people).

3. Like I mentioned before, I basically get paid to be nice to people. I know at least a good percent of people here have to work with the public, so this question is more directed to you. If someone is being obviously rude or trying to get a rise out of you (yelling, cursing, personally insulting you), whats your tactic for dealing with that situation?
    The meaner they are, the nicer I get. Sometimes, it's enough to defuse their anger, and other times it's a "legal" way to patronize them (legal meaning I can't get fired for being nice) when they're being absolute assholes.

4. Whats your opinion on the raising/lowering of cars or trucks? I know all of you have seen at least one ricer lowered so much the bumper drags, or a truck lifted so high there's a clear two feet of space between the tire and the wheel well.
    It's stupid and looks awful.

5. Generally, what has been your experience with police? Have they been nice, or rude? Helpful or not? Also, what city did you experience them in?
    All the cops here are extremely rude. I'm supposed to ask to see a badge or ID if they're not in a marked cruiser, and most of them give me a really hard time about it. I've had more than one threaten to fine me for "abstructing justice" because I repeatedly asked to see a badge or ID of a PLAIN CLOTHES officer. I've never met a nice one, either here in Discovery Bay, California, or in Beaufort, South Carolina.
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Pomp and what?

I had a totally great idea for a graduation gift for my roomate, and now... I can't remember what it was. Um, she graduates from high school next week. Way to push it off til the last minute, huh? Yeah. But I kind of need some interesting ideas.

She's going to be going away to college in the fall (not that far - just to SFSU).

I usually get her Target and/or Borders gift cards for her birthday and Christmas, so maybe something different...

Alright, TQC, what crazy ideas have you got? (She's a drama gal, like me, and likes all kinds of music, and I already tried to get Johnny Depp but he bites and wouldn't stay in the box.)
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I am such a bad theatre kid.

What should I sing for my upcoming (eta: Godspell) audition? I can sing anything from one C below middle to two above (Alto II to Soprano I). I'd prefer something on the lower end, but anything within that range is fine.

It shouldn't be from any of the following shows:
-You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
-Beauty and the Beast
-Schoolhouse Rock
-Bye Bye Birdie
-Avenue Q
-Little Shop of Horrors.

and I'd rather it not be "On My Own" from Les Miz or "Mabel's Prayer" from Fame, but if I don't come up with anything else then I'll do one of those because I can rock them ;p (I just don't want to do them because I've worked with the director before and she has heard me audition with those pieces)

thanks :)
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1. Do you kiss relatives (excluding your spouse) on the lips?
2. When making a pizza...do you put the pepperoni (or whatever topping) on top of the cheese or put the cheese on top?
3. Have you ever played the card game "Dutch Blitz" www.dutchblitz.com?
4. What is your favorite card game?
5. Are you going on a vacation this year? Where (if you are)?

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Have you even been on a vacation and hated it? I don't mean hate it because you had to go with your family and couldn't bring your boyfriend, but the location just really sucked?

Where was it?
Why was it so bad?

Two Computer Questions

I am not very computer literate, so I hope I can explain this properly.

1. My computer is loud. It starts off quiet, then gets louder during the day. I'm in Arizona and it's very hot - is this a significant factor?

2. Also, when I check the Windows Task Manager, and look at the Performance tab, it shows 100% CPU Usage even when I have no windows open. The Processes tab shows 37 processes running with no windows open. Now, I already said I wasn't computer literate, but what does this mean?

Thank you.


I have cleaned the fan and the entire back of the computer. I also ran Ad-Aware and removed some nasty buggers. Already I can tell the difference in the computer's performance. Quieter, and with significantly less CPU usage.

Thank you all very much!!!

Victorias Secret Employees...!

or just people who work the floor as sales associates in clothing retail stores.

Tomorrow I have a 15 minute "test" thing with Victoria's Secret to see how well I do on the sales floor to see if I'm qualified for the job. I've never done anything like this before (and the manager knows that), so I'm just wondering what to expect. What does one usually do while on the sales floor?

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For the parents of the group -->

My son now wants to pee standing up (he's 3).. and you can imagine the mess he makes
with that hose.

I've heard there are such things as targets we can throw into the toilet so he'll pee on them then we can flush it all.

Thoughts? Ever heard of such a thing?
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Jr Kindergarten

My daughter is finishing JK in a few weeks.

I want to have flowers delivered to her in school.. or cookies, or something..

What should I send? She's 5 years old.

Should I send cookies for the whole class? Flowers for the teacher?
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